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Full text of "A genealogical and heraldic history of the colonial gentry .."

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]?>v'  t>i:J*  iC'  /<j.r  C* 

ilartiarb  College  Xtiirarp 

nunc  THB 


One  half  the  income  from  thii  Legacy,  which  vas  re- 
ceived in  1880  under  the  will  of 

of  Waltham,  MaMachntetu,  Sm  to  be  expended  for  books 
for  the  College  Library.    The  other  half  of  the  income 
is  devoted  to  scholarahips  in  Harrard  UniTertity  for  the 
benefit  of  descendants  of 

who  died  at  Watertown,  Massachosettt,  in  1686.  In  the 
absence  of  such  descendants,  other  persons  are  eligible 
to  the  scholanhips.  The  will  requires  that  this  announce- 
ment shall  be  made  in  every  book  added  to  the  Library 
under  its  provisions. 




SIR    BERNARD    BURKE,    C.B.,    LL.D., 


gentry"     "the    history    of    the    extinct     and    dormant    PEERAGES," 
"reminiscences   ANCESTRAL   AND   ANECDOTAL,"    &C. 

Vol.  ir. 



c.  ■' 

HARRISON    &    SONS,    59,    Pall    Mall,    London,    S.W. 


ST.   HABTIN's  lANB. 

A    -i 




The    compilation  of  the   pedigrees  in  this,  the  second  volume  of    the 

CoiX)NTAL  Gentry,  has  proved  a  pleasant  task  to  the  Editor,  and  the  result 

of  his  labours  will,  it  is  hoped,  be  found  by  the  reader  both  useful  to  consult 

and  interesting  to  peruse.    It  is  surely  unnecessary  to  dwell  on  the  utility 

of  a  work  which  preserves  in  a  convenient  and  permanent  manner  the 

records  of  the  leading  families  in  the  Colonies,  and  serves  to  show  to  those 

at  home  and  abroad  the  close  bonds  of  kinship  that  unite  the  Sister  Colonies 

to  one  another  and  to  the  Mother  Countiy.    All  classes  in  these  Colonies 

most  entertain  some  interest  in  a  work  concerning  their  relations,  friends, 

and  neighbours.    It  was  a  happy  thought  of  the  late  author  to  extend  the 

area  of  his  labours,  which  had  already  produced  works  found  indispensable 

in  every  library,  and  to  undertake  the  Colonial  Gentry  at  a  time  when  it 

was  still  possible  to  collect  full  and  reliable  infonnation  concerning  the 

origin   and   ancestry  of   the   pioneers  of  colonisation  in  Her  Majesty's 

more  distant  possessions.     The  subject  cannot  fail  to  attract  the  attention 

of    the  present  generation  and  will   be  of  absorbing  interest  to  their 


To  every  student  of  family  history  it  will  be  pleasant  to  note  that  so 
many  well-known  and  distinguished  families  at  home  have  sent  their 
younger  sons  to  win  their  spurs  in  the  Colonies  and  to  add  new  lustre  to 
the  family  renown.  Many  names  suggest  themselves  in  this  connexion, 
but  to  instance  a  few,  mentioned  in  this  second  volume,  we  find  England 
represented  by  cadets  of  the  houses  of  Onslow,  Montagu,  Wollaston, 
Eawson,  Towushend,  CLLflFord,  Amherst,  Cayley,  and  Weld;  Scotland  by 
Graham,  Balfour,  Chisholm,  Campbell,  Dennistoun,  Graeme,  Macdonell, 
and  Ogilvie;  Ireland,  by  Martin,  Hamilton,  Wolfe,  McCartney,  D'Arcy, 
Blake,  Orpen,  Perceval,  Aylmer,  and  Grey ;  and  Wales,  by  Powys,  Lloyd, 
and  Williams  ;  wliile  such  names  as  Sturt,  Featherston,  Learmonth, 
Youl,  Grey,  Duffy,  Samuel,  Jennings,  Brodribb,  de  Labilli^re,  Angas, 
Horrocks,  Macdonald,  Archer,  and  Eidotit,  cannot  fail  to  interest  every 
student  of  the  history  of  Colonial  enterprise  and  progress. 

No  labour  has  been  spared  on  my  part  in  the  preparation  of  this  volume ; 
every  source  of  information  has  been  exhausted  within  the  limits  of  time  at 
my  command,  and  a  correspondence  carried  on  which  has  secured  many 
thousand  communications  from  those  most  competent  to  improve  and  correct 
the  pedigrees  that  have  been  compiled.  My  great  aim  has  been  to  arrive  at 
accuracy,  but  the  time  of  no  individual,  however  painstaking,  would  be 
sufficient  for  a  work  of  this  extent,  were  it  to  depend  solely  upon  his  own 
knowledge  and  research.  I  have  therefore  taken  advantage,  as,  of  old,  did 
the  heralds  in  their  visitations,  of  information  that  has  been  freely  and 
courteously  given  me  by  the  chiefs  and  scions  of  families,  derived  from  their 
private  papers,  traditions,  and  genealogies.  The  law  of  England  admits  as 
evidence  the  declarations  of  members  of  a  family  regarding  their  near  rela- 
tions, and  here  we  have  that  evidence  most  largely  contributed.  Occasionally 
inaccurate  information  may  be  furnished ;  but  this  exception  to  the  general 
rule  is  not  of  frequent  occurrence.  The  statements  of  pedigree  thus  sub- 
jected to  the  public  eye  challenge  inquiry,  and  if  there  be  error,  either 
inadvertent  or  wilful,  that  error  will  be  sure  some  day  or  other  to  be 
detected  and  set  right.  The  result  of  such  criticism  which,  indeed,  I  invite, 
cannot  but  enhance  in  the  future  the  value  of  the  work. 

With  respect  to  the  arms  attached  to  the  memoirs,  those  only  that  I  can 
vouch  for  are  printed  in  ordinary  type ;  the  remainder  of  the  arms,  printed 
in  italics,  though  actually  in  use,  are,  I  regret  to  say,  borne  without  authority, 
and  are  for  the  most  part  mere  assumptions  of  the  armorial  bearings  of 
families  resident  in  England,  Ireland,  and  Scotland,  with  whom  no 
relationship  is  proved. 

I  venture  to  call  the  special  attention  of  my  readers  to  the  very  com- 
plete index  of  both  volumes  which  I  have  placed  at  the  end  of  this  book. 
It  contains  the  names  and  addresses  of  those  Colonial  gentlemen  to  whom 
reference  is  made  or  whose  pedigrees  are  given. 

May  I  acknowledge  my  deep  debt  of  gratitude  to  all  those,  including 
Mr.  A.  A.  Heron,  who  have  helped  in  my  task  ?  I  wish  I  could  tender  to 
each  one  my  thanks,  but  the  list  is  so  formidable  as  to  preclude  the  possi- 
bility of  this.  My  first  thanks  are,  however,  due  to  the  heads  of  families, 
who  have  one  and  all  given  me  every  assistance  in  their  power.  To  none 
of  the  able  genealogists  who  have  collaborated  with  me,  am  I  more  indebted 
than  to  Mr.  E.  M.  Chadwick,  of  Toronto,  who  has  so  generously  allowed  me 
to  make  full  use  of  his  indefatigable  researches  concerning  Ontarian 

I  should  not  have  been  able,  however,  to  carry  this  undertaking  to  a 
successful  issue,  were  it  not   for  the  heraldic  and  genealogical  skill  and 


knowledge  of  my  brother,  Mr.  H.  Farnham  Burke,  the  Somerset  Herald,, 
of  Her  Majesty's  College  of  Arms,  whom  I  have  consulted  on  every  point 
of  difficulty. 

Many  pedigrees,  which  have  not  been  completed  in  time  for  insertion 
in  these  pages,  will  be  included  in  a  future  volume,  upon  which  I  am  now 
engaged.  Need  I  add  how  happy  I  shall  be  to  give  my  best  attention  to 
all  communications  and  letters  relating  to  family  story  in  the  Colonies, 
and  to  afford  my  correspondents  every  assistance  in  my  power  in  the 
further  elucidation  of  their  pedigrees  ? 


121,  Victoria  Street,  S.W., 
let  January^  1895. 


COKEIGENDA    OF    VOL.    1.* 

A  Beckett  (p.  145). —Ethel  Beatrice 
Y»obel,  youngest  daughter  of  the  Hod.  W.  A. 
C.  k  Beckett,  J.P.,  m.  16th  June,  1891, 
Ciiarles  Henry  Chomley,  barrister-at-law,  of 
Warrnambool.  The  Hon.  T.  T.  k  Beckett, 
m.  first,  £liza  Stuckey  (who  d.  1854,  and 
secondly,  Jane  Stuckey,  cousin  of  his  first 
wife)  and  d.  Isl  July,  1892,  leaving  issue 
three  sons  and  two  daoghteiB,  of  whom  his 
eldest  SOD,  Hon.  Thomas,  m.  and  has  issue, 
Thomas  Archibald ;  Gilbert ;  Dorothy ;  and 
Edith.  Albert,  second  son  of  Gilbert  Abbott 
a  Beckett,  m,  1864,  Susannah  Emily,  daugh- 
ter of  the  late  Benjamin  Eccleston. 

AosEW  (p.  591). — The  Hon.  James  Will- 
eon  Agnew,  ^-as  created  K.C.M.G.,  1st  Jan- 
uary, 1895. 

AiEixs  (p.  200). — J.  C.  Aikins,  eldest  son 
of  J.  A.  M.  Aikins,  and  grandson  of  the  Hon. 
J.  C.  Aikins,  d.  1891. 

Abcheb  (p.  188). — The  eldest  daughter  of 
W.  H.  D.  Archer,  is  Joan  Gertrude  Gierke, 
and  tlie  second  son  of  John  Archer,  by  Mary 
Bazell,  his  wife,  is  Henry  Waldegrave.  Wil- 
liam  Archer,  of  Woolmers,  Longford,  had  by 
Martha  Kensey,  his  wife,  a  fifth  son,  Daniel, 
M.D.  of  the  H.E.I.C.S.,  a  most  talented 
surgeon,  who  d.  at  Khadakoor,  India,  8th  Sep- 
tember, 1831.  There  is  a  monument  to  his 
memory  erected  at  that  place,  and  his  elder 
brother  William,  was  of  Brickendon,  Saun- 
dridge,  Munden,  and  Falmerston,  Tasmania. 

Baillib  (p.  162). — William,  third  and 
youngest  son  of  Thomas  Baillie,  of  Ognez, 
Toorak,  m.  at  St.  John's  Church,  Toorak, 
27th  April,  1892,  Mary  (May),  eldest  daugh- 
ter of  the  Rev.  Walter  Fellows,  M.A.,  incum- 
bent of  Toorak. 

Baillie  (p.  182).— The  Hon.  W.  D.  H. 
Bailhe's  paternal  grandmother  was  the 
daughter  of  Colonel  Combe  (not  Comber)  of 
CO.  Sussex,  and  it  is  claimed  that  his  maternal 
grandfather,  Major  Townshend  Monckton 
Hall,  was  lineally  descended  from  Sir  William 
de  Montalt  Hall,  of  Skelton  Castle,  in  Tork- 
shire,  living  temp.  Henby  VIII. 

Bakeb    (p.    lOO).— Hon. 
C.M.G.,  J.P.,  is  also  M.A. 

R.    C.    Baker, 

Baldwix  (p.  295). — Captain  William 
Baldwin  is  now  proprietor  of  the  Nem  Zea- 
land  Times,  and  the  jS'etc  Zealand  Mail, 

Blaxland  (p.  287).— In  a  pamphlet  en- 
titled A  Journal  of  a  Tour  of  Discocerg 
across  i he  Blue  Mountains,  N.S.W.,  in  the 
year  tSl3,  published  in  London,  1823,  and 
reprinted  in  January,  1870,  there  is  a  copy  of 
a  letter  from  Mr.  E.  T.  Blaxland's  great 
grand-uncle  Gregory  Bhixland,  the  disooreivr 
of  the  pass  over  the  Blue  Mountains  (where 
now  runs  the  zig-zag  railway),  dated  London, 
10th  February,  1823,  to  the  writer's  uncle, 
John  Oxley  Parker,  of  Chelmsford,  co.  Essex, 
whose  father  was  also  named  John  Oxley 

The  aforesaid  Gregory  Blaxland  was  b.  at 
Fordwich,  near  Canterbury,  co.  Kent,  in  1779 
(not  1771),  and  with  his  three  brothers  was 
educated  at  King's  College,  Canterbury.  His 
famous  expedition  started  on  Tuesday,  lltli 
May,  1818,  and  returned  on  Sunday,  6th 
Juiie,  following.  The  members  comprising 
it,  viz.,  Gregory  Blaxland,  William  Charles 
Went  worth,  and  Lieutenant  William  Lawson, 
of  the  Royal  Veteran  Company,  were  each 
rewarded  with  a  grant  of  1,000  acres  of  land. 

Gregory  Bhixland's  father  John  Blaxland 
was  a  justice  of  the  peace  for  Fordwich  and 
Sturry,  and  lay  rector  of  Newington  next 
Sittingbourne,  all  co.  Kent.  Gregory's  eldest 
brother,  the  Hon.  John  Blaxland,  embarked 
for  Sydney,  17th  July,  1806,  with  a  large 
convoy,  and  arrived  at  Port  Jackson,  3rd 
April,  1807.  His  brother  Samuel  Blax« 
land  was  a  rich  merchant  at  Antwer]).  Ho 
was  taken  prisoner  by  Napoleon  and  his 
property  confiscated,  and  after  having  been 
m  captivity  for  seven  years  eventually  suc- 
ceeded in  making  his  escape  back  to  England. 

Blyth  (p.  40).— Sir  Arthur  Bljth  d. 
at  Eastbourne,  co.  Sussex,  December,  1891, 
and  was  buried  there. 

BoNYTHoy  (p.  91). — Richard  Bonython, 
who  acquired  the  estate  of  Carclew,  jure 
nxoris,  was  the  "second"  son  of  Simon 
Bonjthon.  Thomas  Bonython,  d.  at  Laun- 
ceston,  Tasmania,  20th  September,  1894. 

BoTD  (p.  209) . — Lucy  de  Guzman,  the  elder 
daughter  of  the  late  Captain  John  Theodore. 

*  In  continuation  of  the  "  Corrigenda  "  in  that  volume.  There  have  been  added  two  or 
three  notifications  of  events  which  occurred  while  Vol.  II.  was  going  through  the  pi'ess, 
concerning  famiUes  in  the  latter  volume. 



Thomas  Boyd,  m.  at  All  Saints*  Church, 
St.  Kiida,  December,  1891,  John  A.  Gurner, 
second  son  of  the  late  JSenry  T.  Gurner, 
crown  solicitor,  of  Princes  Street,  St.  Kilda. 

Bttet  (p.  601).— In  first  line  of  lineage   j 
for  "Mr.  Burt  tn,  a  Miss  Muegrave,"   read 
"Thomas  Burt,   «.  Catherine,  daughter  of 
William    Musgrave,    of    Montserrat,    "West 
Indies  (see  p.  811). 

Calvebt  (p.  53).— Ethel  Watson,  only 
daughter  of  John  Jackson  Calvebt,  m.  at 
Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  26th  July,  1892, 
her  cousin  german,  Reginald  Houblon  Cal- 
Tert,  eldest  son  of  the  late  Major  OaWert,  of 
Owlstone  Croft,  Cambridge. 

CocKBUBN  -  Campbell  (p.  108).—  Sir 
Thomas  Cockburn-Campbell,  Bart.,  rf.  27th 
September,  1892. 

Campbell  (p.  48).— Frederick  Campbell, 
of  Yarralumla,  was  b.  in  the  colony  of  New 
South  Wales.  He  sailed  for  England  in  his 
ninth  year,  and  was  educated  at  Grosvenor 
College,  Bath,  and  the  Cholmley  School, 
Highgate.  He  is  a  justice  of  peace  for  the 
colony  of  New  South  Wales. 

Frederick  Campbell  m.  secondly,  at  Sydney, 
25th  April,  1889,  Christina,  youngest  daugh- 
ter of  John  Macphee,  of  Lochaber,  who  was 
descended  from  the  Macphees  (formerly 
called  Macduffiee),  of  the  Isle  of  Colonsay, 
and  by  her  has  issue,  Charles  Bruce,  b.  29th 
March,  1890. 

The  Hon.  Robert  Campbell,  grandfather 
of  Fi-ederick  Campbell,  was  the  third 
(not  the  second)  son  of  his  father.  His 
eldest  brother  was  William,  from  whom  are 
descended  the  Campbells,  late  of  Buscot, 
Faringdon,  oo.  BerKs;  and  the  second 
brother  was  John,  a  merchant  of  Calcutta, 
who  d.  unm. 

The  progenitor  of  the  Campbells  of  Dun- 
troon,  from  whom  Frederick  Campbell  is 
descended,  viz.,  Duncan  Campbell,  desig- 
nated "Sliochd  Dhonochjr  Mor,"  i.e.,  Great 
Duncan's  offspring,  lived  in  the  early  part  of 
the  fifteenth  century.  His  son,  Duncan 
Campbell,  of  Duntroon,  and  his  immediate 
descendants,  we  learn  from  the  Origines 
Parochiales  ScoticB,  vol.  ii,  p.  93,  occupied 
prominent  positions  of  trust  under  their 
cliieftain  Argyll.  In  the  year  1448,  one  of 
the  stewards  of  Ardskoduiche,  under  Sir 
Duncan  Campbell  of  Lochow,  was  "  Duncan 
YoNO  Campbell  of  Duntrone"  (Argyll 
Charters).  In  1511,  "  Donald  Campbell  of 
Downtron,"  was  ooe  of  the  local  bailies  of 
Archibald,  Earl  of  Argyll  (Argyll  Charters), 
and  again  in  1531,  "John  Campbell  of 
Duntrewn,"  was  one  of  several  to  whose 
arbitnition  all  disputes  between  Archibald, 
Earl  of  Argyll,  and  Duncan  Campbell,  of 
Glenorchy,  were  submitted  by  the  parties 
(Breadalbane  Charters).  In  the  Rolls  of  the 
Landloi-ds  (Register  at  Taymouth),  attached 
to  two  Acts  of  the  Scottish  Parliament,  dated 
1587  and  1594,  will  be  found  with  his  chieftain 
Archibald,  seventh  Earl  of  Argyll,  and  eleven 
other  ancient  families  of  the  name,  "John 

Campbell,  Laird  of  Duntrune.**  His  grand- 
son was  Duncan  Campbell,  the  first  Laird 
of  Ashfield,  a  favourite  captain  of  Archibald, 
eighth  Earl  and  first  Marquess  of  Argyll. 
He  d.  in  1680,  and  from  him  Frederick 
Campbell  is  lineally  descended. 

Clarke  (p.  18).— Sir  W.  J.  CUirke's  arms 
were  granted  to  him  and  his  descendants, 
Ist  December,  1882. 

CooPEB  (p.  54). — Sir  Daniel  Cooper's  arms 
and  crest  were  granted  to  him  and  his 
descendants,  8th  December,  1857.  Supporters 
as  follows  were  exemplified  to  him  and  the 
heirs  male  of  his  body  upon  whom  the  dig- 
nity of  a  baronet  shall  descend,  2nd  April, 
1889,  viz.,  On  either  side  a  female  figure 
ppr.,  vested  arg.,  the  dexter  supporting  with 
the  exterior  hand  a  passion  cross  also  ppr., 
flowing  therefrom  a  streamer  az.,  and  holding 
in  the  sinister  hand  a  star  of  eight  points  or ; 
the  sinister  holding  in  the  dexter  hand  a  like 
star,  and  resting  the  exterior  hand  on  an 
anchor  ppr. 

Cotton  (p.  76).— The  Hon.  George  With- 
erage  Cotton,  d,  January,  1893. 

Dangab  (p.  21).— The  Hon.  Henry  Carey 
Dangar,  should  be  described  as  The  Hon. 
Henry  Carey  Dangar,  of  Grantham,  Sydne}^ 
and  of  Neotsfield,  Singleton  (not  The  Grove, 
Camden),  New  South  Wales.  He  is  M.A.  of 
Trinity  College,  Cambridge.  His  daughters 
arc  as  follows,  viz.,  i.  Mabel,  deceased ;  ii. 
Lucy  Beatrice;  ill.  Elinor;  iv.  Ruth;  v. 
Nora;  VI.  Muriel  Ethel;  vii.  Dorothy  Maria. 

The  Hon.  H.  C.  Dangar's  brother,  Fred- 
erick Holkham  Dangar,  should  be  described 
as  formerly  of  "  Greenknowe,"  not  "  Grun- 
knowe."  His  daughter  Ada,  w.  Matthew 
Hcn'cy,  of  Beavor  House,  Hammersmith, 
London,  and  his  son  Han'y  is  in  the  13tli 

DbakiN  (p.  270).— The  Hon.  Alfred  Dea- 
kin's  elder  daughter  is  named  *'  Ivy,"  not 

Dickey  (p.  382). — A.  R.  Dickey,  second 
son  of  Hon.  R.  B.  Dickey,  Q.C.,  is  a  Q.C, 
and  a  member  of  the  Canadian  Parliament. 

Dickson  (p.  166).— R.  W.  Dickson,  m. 
secondly,  10th  October,  1891,  Anne  Mary, 
daughter  of  Rev.  S.  Russell-Davics,  vicar  of 
St.  Stephen's,  Lewisham,  Kent,  and  widow  of 
Colonel  R.  M.  Borthwick,  Cameron  High- 
landers, and  had  a  daughter,  b.  at  his  resi- 
dence, Goodrest,  South  Yarra,  12th  October, 

Dixon  (p.  242). — Marmaduke  Dixon's 
younger  daughter,  Catherine  Amelia  Mary 
Elizabeth,  m.  at  St.  James's,  Cust,  Canter- 
bury, New  Zealand,  24th  February,  1892, 
Percy  Hawkins  Johnson,  fourth  ion  of  M. 
Walton  Johnson,  of  Claridge  House,  Seven- 
oaks,  CO.  Kent,  England. 

DOBSON  (p.  32).— The  Hon.  Sii*  William 
Lambert  Dobson's  half-brother,  the  Hon. 
Alfred  Dobson,  m.  17th  September,  1891, 
Alice  Ramsay,  youngest  surviving  daughter  of 


Right  BcT.  Daniel  Fox  Sandford,  Bishop  of 
Durham  (we  Bdbkb*8  Peerage,  Sansfobo, 
B.),  and  had  a  son,  b,  at  Hohart,  Tasmania, 
13th  Octoher,  1892. 

BowTAva  (p.  166). — Tho  roeidence  of  V. 
J.  Dowling  should  be  Lue,  Bjrlstone,  N.8.W. 

DrFFY  (p.  462). — Hon.  John  €hiTan 
Duffy's  address  is  Karrara,  Alma  Boad,  St. 

Wbst-Ebsxine  (p.  267).— The  Hon. 
William  Alexander  Erskine  West-Brskine,  d. 
at  St.  Anne's,  co.  Cork,  Ireland,  22nd  October, 

FoBBBST  (p.  244).— The  Hon.  John  For- 
rest  was  b.  in  the  colony  of  Western  Aus- 

FoBTB  (p.  436). — Nathaniel  Forte,  second 
■on  of  Nathaniel,  late  Captain  9th  and  52nd 
Regiments ;  m.  11th  December,  1894,  Ada 
Maud,  third  daughter  of  Major-General  F. 
AUen,  of  Bedford. 

Obifpith  (p.  348).— Sir  Samuel  Walker 
Griffith's  father,  the  Rer.  Edward  Griffith, 
d.  at  Brisbane,  September,  1891,  aged  73. 
Marj  Eveline,  eldest  daughter  of  Sir  S.  W. 
Griffith,  m.  in  Brisbane,  28th  November, 
1894,  Thomas  Herl>ert  Brown.  Sir  S.  W. 
Griffith,  E.C.M.G.,  was  promoted  to  the 
Grand  Cross  of  his  order,  1st  January,  1895. 

Hall  (p.  52). — Sir  John  Hall's  arms  were 
granted  to  him  and  his  descendants  and  to 
the  other  descendants  of  his  father  George 
Hall,  late  of  Kingston-upon-Hull,  E.R.,  co. 
York,  an  elder  brother  of  the  Trinity  House 
of  that  borough,  15th  July,  1884.  John 
Dryden,  second  sen  of  Sir  John  Hall, 
K.C.M.G.,  m.  10th  October,  1894,  Helen 
Tarburton,  eldest  daughter  of  William  Patten 
Cowlisbaw,  of  Christchurch,  N.Z. 

Hawkbb  (p.  777). — Katrine  Amy,  fourth 
daughter  of  Hon.  G.  C.  Hawker,  m.  4th 
December,  1894,  Rev.  Frederick  Tower, 
second  son  of  the  late  Rev.  F.  E.  Tower,  of 
Guildford,  Surrey. 

Hbabn  (p.  106).— Dr.  William  Edward 
Le  Fanu  Heam,  d.  April,  1893,  being  at  the 
time  of  his  death,  Medical  Officer  at  Carnar- 
von. His  great-grandfather,  Robert  Thomas 
Heam,  m.  "  Miss  Cookscy,"  not  "  Miss  Col- 

HoLBOTD  (p.  25).— The  Hon.  Edward 
Dundas  Holroyd's  residence,  Fernacres,  Alma 
Road,  is  in  St.  Kilda,  and  not  in  Caulfield. 

Wintbb-Ibvino  (p.  165).— Charlotte,  a 
niece  of  the  Hon.  William  Irving  Winter- 
Irving,  m.  at  Coonil,  Malvern,  Melbourne, 
19th  August,  1891,  01i7er  Harry  Taylor, 
youngest  son  of  W.  D.  Taylor. 

Jackson  (p.  158). — Francis  Arthur  Jack- 
son's nephew,  Edward  Rayney  Jackson,  third 
and  youngest  son  of  Freeman  Rayney  Jackson, 
of  Wanganui,  New  Zealand,  m.  at  Hillside, 
near  Wanganui,  18th  August,  1892,  Bertha, 
fourth  daughter  of  David  Feat,  of  Hillside^ 
near  Wanganui,  New  Zealand. 

I       Francis  Arthur  Jackson  was  one  of  the 

Sioneer  settlers  of  the  province  of  Canterburr, 
lew  Zealand,   having  left  England  with  his 
'  mother  (who,  before  sailing,  had  purchased  in 
I   London  the  estate  of  Merevalo,  near  Christ- 
'  church,  Canterbury,  New  Zealand),  brothers 
and  sisters  in  the  year  1851,  on  board  the  •*  Sir 
'   George  Pollock,"  the  sixth  ship  of  the  Canter- 
•  bury  Association.     At  that   time   the    then 
I  Archbishop  of  Canterbury  and  Lord  Lyttleton 
I  were  two  of  the  most  active  members  of  the 
I  Canterbury  Association,  as  was   also   Henry 
j  Selfe  Selfe,  afterwards  agent-general  in  Lon- 
don.   Part  of  the  estate  of  Merevale,  pur- 
I  chased  by  Mrs.   Jackson,  is  now  owned   b^ 
I  John  Studholme  (vide  Studholmb,   vol.  i, 
p.  170).     Francis  Arthur  Jackson,  who  set- 
tled in  the  colony  of  Fiji  in  1868,  was  formerly 
of  the  Mount   Beaumont   sheep  station,   in 
the  Province  of  Southland,  New  Zealand. 

It  is  stated  in  vol.  i  that  *'  This  family  of 
Jackson  were  formerly  owners  of  Fairbum 
Manor,  and  of  Rossington  Grange,  co.  York." 
Fairbum  Manor  only  was  freehold ;  Rossing- 
ton Grange  was  copyhold  property. 

Francis  Arthur  Jackson  s  father,  the  Rev. 
Francis  Arthur  Jackson,  was  formerly  curate 
of  Clarborough  (not  Charborough),  co.  Notts. 
Francis  Arthur  Jackson's  sister,  Henrietta 
Priscilla,  m.  secondly,  Edward  Horatio  de 
Courcy  Martelli,  not  Edward  Harold  de 
Courcy  Martelli.  Her  son  by  her  first  mar- 
riage should  be  named  George  Harold  Wool- 
laston  Dyson-Holland,  not  Thomas  George 
Harold  Woollaston  Dyson -Hoi  land.  Mr. 
Dyson  Holland  is  m.  and  has  issue.  The 
issue  now  living  of  Henrietta  Priscilla,  by 
her  second  husband,  the  late  Edward 
Horatio  de  Courcy  Martelli,  are: — 1.  Hora- 
tio de  Courcy,  b.  in  New  Zealand,  22nd 
August,  1876;  1.  Ritade  Courcy,  b.  in  Fiji 
in  1870 ;  2.  Ethel  de  Courcy,  b.  in  Fiji  in 
1871.  Henrietta  Priscilla  is  owner  of  Wel- 
ham  Grange,  co.  Kingsboro ugh,  Tasmania, 
of  the  Yanua  Kula  Estate,  Fiji,  and  of  the 
Cottage,  Gloucester  Street  East,  in  the  city  of 
Christchurch,  Canterbury,  New  Zealand. 

Francis  Arthur  Jackson's  uncle,  the  Rev. 
John  Edward  Jackson,  F.S.A.,  d.  6th  March, 
1891,  at  his  rectory  of  Leigh  Delamere,  co. 
Wilts,  and  was  buried  at  Leigh  Delamere. 
He  was  one  of  the  founders  of  the  Wiltshire 
Archaeological  Society,  and  he  edited  for  the 
Roxburghe  Club  the  Glastonbury  Inquisition 
of  1189.  He  was  one  of  the  oldest  members 
of  the  Bath  Royal  Literary  and  Scientific 
Institution,  his  connection  with  it  extending 
over  half  a  century. 

Francis  Arthur  Jackson's  uncle,  Lieuten- 
ant-Qeneral  George  Jackson,  d.  2€th  April, 
1889,  aged  76. 

Jackson  (p.  163).— Henry  Bower  Jackson 
has  another  son,  Francis  Arthur,  b.  at  Telau, 
Fiji,  17th  January,  1898. 

Henry  Bower  Jackson's  estates  are  Tcl&u  ; 
Na  Yiri  Yiri ;  and  Na  Nanu  Island,  Fiji. 

Johnson  (p.  344). — James  Woodbine  John- 
son was  educated  at  Rugby,  and  graduated 
B.A.  of  Trinity  College,  Cambridge,  1865. 


Kennedy  (p.  279). — William  McLaughlin 
Kennedy's  son  ia  named  Keuel  Gershom,  not. 
Renel  Gerahorn.  His  aunt  Mary  Jano,  w. 
William  Boyd  of  Ghwrragh,  not  Garragh. 

Kino-  (p.  185). — The  first-mentioned 
Pbilipp  King  in  the  "Lineage"  did  not 
marry  Tlior  Belhywin.  The  following  in- 
scription copiixl  from  a  tablet  in  the  church 
of  St.  Mary  Magdalene,  Launceston,  co. 
Cornwall,  shows  that  his  wife's  name  was 
"  Marye,"  fiz.,  "  Heero  under  lie  ye  bodies 
of  Philip  King,  gent.,  and  Marye  his  wife  ;  he 
was  many  yeeres  towne  clarke  of  this 
borough  and  died  14th  day  of  June,  1636,  in 
the  79th  yeere  of  his  age.  She  died  the  29lh 
day  of  June,  1626,  in  the  57th  yeere  of  her 

Kino  (p.  188).— John  King's  second  sou, 
John  Henry  King,  m.  12th  August,  1891, 
Rachel,  daughter  of  Thomas  Thompson,  of 
Bayswater,  (Jnion  Street,  Malvern,  Mel- 

KiBKPATTiiCK  (p.  350). — Lieutenant-Col- 
onel G.  A.  Kirkpatrick,  Q.C.,  was  appointed  a 
member  of  the  Queen's  Privy  Council,  1891. 

DE  Labilliebe  (p.  418).— The  Rev.  C.  E. 
D.  de  Labilli^re,  m.  Ist  January,  1895, 
Evelyn  Georgina,  younger  daughter  of 
Charles  Bowater  Harrington,  of  Twickenham. 

LiTTNG  stone-Lb ABMONTH  (p.664)  .—Wini- 
fred Josephine  Reid,  youngest  daughter  of 
the  late  SomervilleLivingBtone-Leannonth,9». 
12th  January,  1895,  Norman  Craig  Palmer, 
Lieutenant  R.N. 

Leoge  (p.  264).— R.  V.  Legge,  of  CuUens- 
wood  House,  St.  Mary's,  d.  June,  1891. 

Lewin  (p.  273).— The  Hon.  James  Davies 
Lewin's  brother,  James  Edward  Lewin, 
resides  at  18,  New  Croxted  Road,  West  Dul- 
wich,  London.  He  m.  at  Finningham,  near 
Stowmarket,  oo.  Suffolk,  2nd  January,  1873, 
and  has  one  son,  Hugh  James,  b.  at  Turnham 
Green,  co.  MidcUescx,  24th  June,  1874. 

Lillet  (p.  92). — Sir  Charles  Lilley's  fourth 
sou,  Harold  Bedell,  m.  at  All  Saints,  Wickham 
Terrace,  Brisbane,  2nd  December,  1891,  Tho- 
masina  (Kna),  eldest  daughter  of  Thomas  Fin- 
ney, of  Sidney  House,  Toowong,  Queensland. 

Ltne  (p.  262). — John  Lyne's  third  son, 
Charles,  m.  at  Christ  Church,  South  Yarra, 
Melbourne,  7th  July,  1891,  Maud  Mary,  thircl 
daughter  of  the  late  William  Kennedy,  of 
Nuntherungie  Station,  New  South  Wales. 

MACABTHrs  (p.  223). — The  Rev.  George 
Fairfowl  Macarthur  d.  Slst  May,  1890,  aged 
65.  His  nephew  Arthur  Herbert,  eldest  son  of 
the  late  Arthur  Hannibal  Macarthur,  m.  at 
St.  George's  Church,  Queenscliff,  30th  Sep- 
tsmber,  1891 ,  Blanche  Lilian,  second  daugh- 
ter of  Captain  Daveney,  late  of  the  6th  Innis- 
killing  Dragoons. 

MacBatn  (p.  260).— Sir  James  MacBain 
d.  in  1892,  aged  64,  and  was  buried  in  the 
Boorondara  Cemetery. 

He  had  two  brothers,  David,  who  was  father 
of  James  j  and  William,  who  was  father  of 

Smith  MacBnin,  all  of  whom  are  mentioned 
in  his  will,  in  which  he  also  leaves  legacies  to 
his  niece,  Christina  Ross  Lawrence  (wife  of 
Alexander  Ross,  of  Canally  Station),  and  his 
nephew  Smith  M'Donald. 

Sir  James  MacBain's  nieco,  Mary  Alice 
Graham,  second  daughter  ot  the  late  Charles 
Ross,  of  Glendevon,  Perthshire,  Scotland,  m. 
at  the  Presbyterian  Church,  Swan  Hill,  20th 
March,  1891,  James  Urquliart,  sixth  son  of 
the  late  Alexander  Urquhart,  of  Moray  Park, 
Fowes,  Scotland. 

McClblan  (p.  202).— Hon.  A.  R.  McClelan 
was  chief  commissioner  of  public  works  from 
April,  1866,  until  the  union. 

McKellab  (p.  14).— Thomas  McKeUar's 
youngest  daughter,  Mary  Jane  Granee,  m.  at 
the  Scots  Church,  Collins  Street,  M^boume, 
16th  March,  1892,  Arthur  E.  Ronald,  M.B., 
M.R.C.S.,  second  son  of  Robert-  Bruce  Ronald, 
of  Pembury  Grange,  co.  Kent.  {Vide 
Ronald,  p.  610.) 

Thomas  McKellar's  brother,  David,  d.  29th 
July,  1892. 

MacDonald  (p.  114).— Hon.  A.  A.  Mac- 
donald,  is  a  senator  of  the  Dominion  of  Can- 
ada, and  was  lieutenant-governor  of  Prince 
Edward  Island  from  1884  to  1889. 

Manning  (p.280).— The  Hon.  Sir  William 
Montagu  Manning  was  created  K.C.M.G.,  in 

Mbin  (p.  13).— Dr.  George  Augustus  Mein's 
eldest  daughter,  Beatrice  Helena,  had  also 
issue,  a  daughter,  Beatrice  Annie.  The 
following  is  a  more  correct  account  of  the 
lineage  of  this  family. 

The  Rbv.  Nicol  Mbin,  a  minister 
of  the  Church  of  Scotland,  ninth  son  of 
Andbew  Mein,  of  Morrison,  near  New- 
stead,  was  father  of, 

I       Andbew  Mbin,  who  was  factor  for  Sir 
j  William    Pulteney's    Hertfordshire    estates. 
I  Ho  was  b.  in  1723,  and  at  his  death  left  three 
sons,  viz., 

I.  Pulteney,  Surgeon  of  the  73rd  Regi- 
ment of  Foot. 

II.  Nicol     Albxakdbb     (Lieutenant- 
I               Colonel),  of  whom  presently. 

III.  William,    C.B.,   Lieutenant-Colonel 
I               52nd   Regiment,   participated   in  the 

action  at  the  River  Nive. 
The  second  son, 

Lieutenant-Colonel  Nicol  Alexander 
Mein,  of  the  43rd  Regiment,  was  b.  in  1777. 
He  purchased  a  lieutenancy  in  1799,  and  was 
present  at  the  siege  of  Seringapatam.  He 
left  three  sons,  viz., 

I.  Geobob  ArausTUS,  of  St.  Kilda  and 

II.  Pult«ney. 

III.  William  Henry. 

Miller  (p.  151).— The  Hon.  W.  Miller, 
Q.C.,  was  appointed  to  the  Queen's  Privy 
Council  for  Canada,  May,  1891.  His  resi- 
dence should  be  Arichat,  Cape  Breton, 


MoLSBWOBTH  (p.  G4). — SuT  Bobort  Molos- 
vorth  d.  19th  October,  1890,  aged  74. 
'   MowAT  (p.  1 1 0)  .—The  Hon.  Oliver  Mowat 
was  created  KC.M.a.,  in  1892. 

O'Haixobaw  (p.  81)-— Mr.  Joseph  Sylvci- 
ter  0'Halloran*B  cousin,  Thomas  Joseph 
8huldham  O'llalloran,  eldest  son  of  Major 
Thomas  Shuldham  O'Halloran,  is  a  8tip<»n- 
diary  magistrate,  at  Wallaroo,  South 
ikttstralia,  and  has  had  issue,  1.  Thomas 
Shuldham.  h,  23pd  February,  1865;  2.  John 
Woodforde,  b.  1st  February,  1867;  3. 
Frederick  George,  b.  10th  March,  1872 ;  4. 
Arthur  Waring,  b.  21st  September,  1876.  d. 
11th  June,  1884;  6.  Henry  Moyle,  b.  18th 
July,  1884,  d.  20th  Februaiy,  1887;  1.  Annie 
I.,  b.  27  April,  1863,  m.  W.  A.  Koss;  2. 
Franees  C,  b.  30th  December,  1868;  3. 
Florence  J.,  b.  8tii  June,  1874;  4.  Meliora,  b, 
7th  June,  1882. 

Major  Thomas  Shuldham  0*HalLoran's 
second  son,  Gheorge  Waring,  was  for  17  years 
(1853-1870)  in  the  Civil  Service  of  South 
Australia.  He  m.  4tb  November,  1882,  Eliza 
Franees,  daughter  of  the  late  Bev.  John 
Hand,  rector  of  Handsworth,  co.  York. 

Major  T.  8.  O'Halloran's  third  son,  Henry 
Dunkin,  m.  1873,  Mona  J.,  daughter  of  the 
late  S.  P.  H.  Wright,  of  Glenorchy,  Tasmania, 
and  formerly  of  Adelai'le,  South  Australia. 

Major  T.  S.  0*HalloTan*B  only  daughter, 
Frances  Jane,  m.  6th  January,  1860,  Fred- 
crick  Wright,  of  Adelaide,  and  has  had  issue, 

1.  Francis  Frederick,  b,  April,  1861,  d.  1871; 

2.  Henry  Waring,  b.  1862,  d,  an  infant ;  3. 
Arthur  0*HaUoran,  b.  1868,  d.  1871 ;  4. 
George  Victor,  b.  20th  January,  1867;  6. 
Cecil  Frederick,  b,  27th  February,  1876  ;  6. 
Norman  Waring,  b.  3rd  January,  1880  ;  7. 
Allen  O'Halloran,  b.  27th  April,  1886 ;  1. 
Annie  Waring,  b.  23rd  March,  1865  ;  w.  H. 
P.  Gill,  of  Adelaide,  South  Australia;  2. 
Francis  Maud.  b.  27th  March,  1868  ;  3.  Helen 
Lucy,  b.  19th  August,  1873. 

Major  T.  S.  O'Halloran's  brother  John 
Nicboks  d.  30th  November,  1886. 

The  youngest  daughter  of  Major  T.  S. 
O'llalloran's  youngest  sister,  Maria  Nugent, 
was  Margaret  P.  (not  May),  vrho  d.  1884. 

Hugh  Carbery,  the  second  son  of  Mr.  J.  S. 
0*HaUoran*8  brother,  Edward  White,  was  b. 
17th  June,  1887.  The  said  Hugh  Carbery 
has  another  brother,  Roy  Edward  Gordon,  b. 
27th  September,  1888,  and  their  youngest 
sister  is  named  Marjoiy  Gwendoline. 

Palmbb  (p.  47). — Sir  Arthur  Hunter 
Palmer's  eldest  son,  William  Dangar  Hunter, 
is  now  Commandant  of  the  Constabulary 
in  British  New  Guinea. 

Paynb  (p.  180).— Thomas  Budds  Payne 
was  b.  at  Leighlin  Bridge,  co.  Carlow,  and 
has  a  third  daughter,  vi2.,  Rosa  Adeline. 

Peabsoit  (p.  87).— The  Hon.  Charles 
HenzT  Pearson  s  wife,  Edith  Lucilla,  daugh- 
ter 01  Philip  Butter,  was  granddaughter  of 
CV&ptain  Roe,  R.N.,  and  grandnieoe  of  Admiral 
Lord  Lyons. 

Mitbrat-Pbtor  (p.  49).— ThoHon.Tliomns 
If  odge  Murray-Prior,  d.  31st  December,  1802, 
aged  73.  His  eldest  daughter,  Rosa  Caroline,  is 
the  celebrated  authoress  Mrs.  Campbell  Pnunl. 
I  She  was  b.  at  Brometton  Station,  Logan 
I  River,  Queensland.  Her  husband  is  a  nep- 
hew of  the  poet  William  Mackworth  Praed. 

'       ProsLEY     (p.     158). — William     Pugsley, 
,  M.P.,    is    now    solicitor-general    for    New 

I       Shith-Kbwsb    (p.  11).— The  arms   were 

!  exemplified,  21st  September,  1889,  to  H'».nry 

Stinton    Smith,   afterwards    Henry    Stint  on 

Smith-Rewse,  to   the   Rev.   Gilbert  Flesher 

Smith,  afterwards  the  Bev.  Gilbert  Flesher 

Smith-Rewse,  and  to  Eustace  Alfred  Smith, 

afterwards  Eustace  Alfred  Smith-Rewse,  and 

I  to  their  descendants  respectively,  they  being 

I  the  only  sons  of  Henry  Gilbert  Smith,  whose 

,  brother's  grandson,  Henry  Whistler  Smith, 

I  afterwards  Henry  Whistler  Smith-Rewse  (*«« 

'  vol.  i,  p.  9),  only  surviving  son  of  Thomas 

Whistler  Smith,  had  the  same  arms  exempU- 

[  fied  to  him  in  a  separate  patent,  on  the  same 

[  date,  viz.,  21st  September,  1889,  to  be  borne 

by  him  and  liis  descendants. 

Ross  (p.  177).— Hon.  D.  A.  Boss,  was 
attorney-general  from  1878-1891,  and  his 
address  is  Westfield  House,  St.  Foy  Road,  in 
the  Banlieu  of  the  city  of  Quebec. 

RuTLBDGE  (p.  142). — ^William  Rupert 
Rutledge  was  m.  at  Toorak,  20th  March,  1877. 

RuTLBDGB  (p.  189).— George,  son  of  Hon. 
E.  Knox,  of  Svdney,  (w)io  m.  Martha,  second 
daughter  of  James  Rutledge),  m.  1876,  Jane 
de  Winton,  daughter  of  tfohn  Price,  fourth 
son  of  the  late  Sir  Rose  Price,  Bart.,  of  Tren- 

By  AN  (p.  191). — Charles  Ryan's  son-in-law. 
Captain  Frederic  Charles  Rowan,  d.  at  Mel- 
bourne, 11th  December,  1892,  aged  47.  He 
was  a  nephew  of  Field-Marshal  Sir  William 

Charles  Ryan's  mother  was  the  daughter 
(not  godchild)  of  the  Countess  of  Brandon 
(by  Geobgb  IV),  and  his  father,  Henry  Ryan, 
was  of  Eilfera,  not  Kilgera. 

Sanpoed  (p.  266). — The  residence  of  the 
Hon.  W.  E.  Sanford,  should  be  Hamilton, 
and  Wesanford,  Muskoka,  Canada. 

Sargood  (p.  129).^-Sir  Frederick  Thomas 
Sargood's  second  son,  Percy  Rolfe,  m.  at  St. 
Matthew's  Church,  Dunedin,  New  Zealand, 
14th  March,  1893,  Lucy  Constance,  youngest 
daughter  of  Frederick  Francis  Ormond, 
M.R.C.S.,  of  Hawke's  Bay,  New  Zealand. 

Smith  (p.  210). — The  arms  should  be — 
Per  pale  gu.  and  az.  on  a  chev.  nebuly  or, 
between  two  bezants  in  chief,  and  a  cross 
crosslet  fitch^e  in  base  of  the  third,  a  pellet 
between  two  cross  erosslets  fitch^e  of  the 

Smith  (p.  172).— J.  H.  Smith,  of 
Brougham  Place,  North  Adelaide,  South 
Austmia,  is  a  J.P. 


Stappobd  (p.  36).— Sir  Edward  William 
Stafford's  eldest  daughter,  Anne  Isabella,  m. 
at  St.  Peter*8,  Eaton  Square,  London,  8tli 
November,  1892,  Captain  William  Staveley 
Gordon,  B.E. 

Stebbb  (p.  4).— Sir  James  George  Lee 
Steere's  second  daughter,  Louisa  E[ate,  m.  at 
St.  George's  Cathedral,  Perth,  Western 
Australia,  28th  April,  1892,  Frederick  Charles 
Faulkner,  M.A.,  Trinity  College,  Cambridge, 
Head  Master  of  the  Perth  High  School. 

Stbnhottsb  (p.  300). — Anthony  Maitland 
Stenhouse  is  of  Comox,  British  Columbia, 
and  of  Cardston,  Alberta,  both  in  the  Domin- 
ion of  Canada. 

In  the  first  paragraph  of  the  "  Lineage,*' 
Badley  is  stated  to  be  in  Kent.  It  is  in  co. 

A.  M.  Stenhouse's  grandfather,  James  Sten- 
house, acquired  the  estate  of  Cromley  Park  by 
purchase,  14th  February,  1786. 

A.  M.  Stenhouse's  uncle  John  waa  a 
Captain  in  the  3rd  Fifeshire  Militia,  and  was 
afterwards  of  Headwell.  He  was  b.  1784,  m, 
11th  November,  1805,  Mary,  daughter  and 
heiress  of  Thomas  Anderson,  of  Headwell, 
and  d.  1863,  having  had  issue,  1.  Eliza,  m. 
August,  1844,  Major  John  Wilson,  Deputy- 
Adjutant- General  Royal  Marine  Artillery, 
and  2.  Wilhehnina,  m.  1874,  Thomas  Alex- 
ander, of  Abbey  Park  Place,  J.P. 

A.  M.  Stenhouse*B  uncle  James  was 
Surgeon,  3rd  Fifeshire  Militia. 

His  father,  Robert  Talbot  Stenhouse,  was 
sometime  a  Lieutenant  in  the  3rd  Fifeshire 
Militia,  and  afterwards  a  commiasioner  of  H.M. 
Customs  in  the  Ionian  Islands.  He  m.  1836. 
His  wife  was  b,  1807,  and  d.  1893. 

A.  M.  Stenhouse  ia  a  member  of  the 
Scottish  Club,  London,  and  of  the  University 
Club,  Edinburgh. 

Stbphbn  (p.  42). — Sir  Alfred  Stephen 
resigned  the  office  of  Lieutenant-Governor  of 
New  South  Wales  in  1891,  in  which  he  was 
succeeded  by  Sir  Frederick  Darley.  Sir 
Alfred  d.  1894. 

TiLLBY  (p.  35). — Louisa,  eldest  daughter  of 
Hon.  Sir  8.  L.  Tilley,  C.B.,  K.C.M.G.,  m. 
A.  F.  Street  (not  Strut),  and  her  sister  Annie, 
m.  Thomas  Burpee  (not  Burper). 

Tbaxomab  (p.  366). — Mr.  James  Trang- 
mar's  brothers,  William  resided  in  Russell 
Streel,  Brighton,  co.  Sussex,  and  Charles 
Marshall  Trangmar,  of  Portland,  who  had 
with  other  issue,  an  elder  daughter,  m,  11th 
November,  1890,  Percy  Allan,  youngest  son  of 
the  late  Maxwell  Rennie  Allan,  under  secre- 
tary of  state  for  New  South  Wales. 

Tbipp  (p.  237).— p.  238,  second  column, 
James,  who  m.  first,  Miss  Buckle,  had  issue   i 
by  her  one  daughter,  Fanny,  and  by  his   | 
second  wife,  Miss  Harvey,  he  had  another   | 
daughter,  Sophia  Susan,  who  m.  1846,  the    { 
Rev.  William  Sinclair,  rector  of  Pulborough, 
fifth  son  of  the  Right  Hon.  Sir  John  Sinclair, 
privy   councillor,  and    by    him    had    issue, 
1.  William  (Ven.),  Archdeacon  of  London, 
and  Canon  of  St.  Paul's;  2.  John  (ReT.)| 

I  3.  Hugh    Montgomerie,    Captain    R.A.;    1. 
Helen,  wi.  the  Rev.  G.  Haacl ;  2.  Janet  Mary. 
'       Charles  George  Tripp's  uncle,  Lieutenant- 
i  Colonel  Peter  Tripp,  m.  twice.     He  m.  first, 
j   1825,    Charlotte    Fry,   and  secondly,   1828, 
j  Frances  Mary  White.    By  hia  first  wife  he 
had  a  son,  John  Peter,  of  Goolwa,  South 
Australia,  who  m.  at  Adelaide,  South  Aus- 
traUa,   16th    October,   1848,  Julia  Georgina, 
I  daughter   of  Henir  Landseer,  uncle  of  Sir 
Edwin  Henry  Landseer,  and  by  her  has  issue, 
1.  Henry  Landseer  Walter,  of  Yerata,  Rewa 
River,  Viti  Levu,  Fiji,   Consul  for  Sweden 
and  Norway,  formerly  a  stipendiary  magis- 
trate in  H.M.  Civil  Service  for  the  Crown 
Colony  of  Fiji,  b.  in  South  Australia,  1850  ; 
m.  21st  August,  1877,  SulaMay,  daughter  of 
Robert  Sherson  Swanston,  formerly  in  H.M. 
Civil  Service  for  Fiji,  and  sometime  resident 
British  Commissioner  at  Samoa,  and  by  her 
has  issue,  1.  Robert  Henry  Landseer,  b.  Ist 
September,  1888;   2.  Howard  Swanston,  b, 
28th  January,  1891 ;   ii.  Frank  John  Land- 
seer, unm. ;     III.  Herbert   Landseer,  «nm. ; 
I.  Lavesin  Ellen  Landseer,  m. ;  ii.  Kathleen 
Emily  Landseer,  unm. ;  in.  Jessie  Ada  Land- 
seer, i». ;  lY.  Florence  Julia  Landseer,  unm. 

TrppBB  (p.  85).— James  Stewart,  eldest 
son  of  Hon.  Sir  C.  Tupper,  Bart.,  is  a  Q.C., 
and  his  second  wife  was  daughter  of  Sir 
Thomas  Gait,  chief  justice  of  the  Common 
Pleas  of  Ontario. 

TUBNBB  (p.  275).— Hon.  J.  Turner,  d. 
1890.  His  eldest  son,  J.  Turner,  d.  trniw., 
December,  1891,  and  his  eldest  daughter, 
Catherine  Lucy,  d.  unm.,  and  his  second 
daughter,  Caroline  Elizabeth,  is  m. 

Walkbb  (p.  240).  —  Arthur  George 
Walker's  brother,  Frederic  Thomas  Walker, 
formerly  of  Rhodes,  Tasmania,  and  Quia- 
rama,  Otago,  New  Zealand,  first  member  of 
the  Provincial  Council  for  the  Lindis,  J.P., 
F.RS.,  m.  at  St.  Mark's,  Leamington,  26th 
October,  1891,  Adela  Russell,  daughter  of 
Major-  General  Cumberland,  late  commanding 
96tU  Regiment. 

p.  241,  first  paragraph  of  "Lineage,"  for 
"Norton,  co.  Lincoln,"  read  "Nocton,  co. 

Wbntwobth  (p.  95).— Fitz William  Went- 
worth's  aunt,  Elizabeth  Went  worth,  of  20, 
Cambridge  Terrace,  Hyde  Park,  London, 
widow  of  Major  Darcy  Wentworth,  d.  8th 
April,  1893.  Will  dated  17th  September, 
1891,-  codicil  dated  31st  May,  1802. 

Williams  (p.  283).— The  Hon.  Henry 
Williams'  grandfather,  Thomas  WlUianiB,  was 
of  Plumtre  Hall,  Nottingliam,  and  d.  6th 
January,  1804.  Mary  Marsh,  bis  wife,  was  b. 
1757,  and  d.  November,  1831. 

The  Hon.  Heniy  Williams'  father,  the  Rev. 
Henry  Williams,  was  b.  11th  February,  1792, 
and  his  mother  was  b.  12th  December,  1793, 
whose  father,  Wright  Coldham,  was  of  Not- 
tingham. They  had  issue,  i.  Edward  Marsh,  b. 
2nd  November,  1818 ;  m.  February,  1843,  Jane 
Davies ;  ii.  Samuel,  b.  17th  January,  1822 ; 
III.  Hbkby  (Hon.)  ;  IT.  Thomas  Coldham,  of 

GjchwiUan,  WeUington,  h.  18th  July,  1825  ; 
m.  20th  October,  1868,  Annie  Palmer,  daughter 
of  William  Beetham,  of  Danum,  and  their 
joangcst  eon  is  Erl  Temple,  b,  7th  Februarj, 
1885,  and  theiryoungest  daughter,  Enid  Githa, 
was  h,  9f«h  August,  1881 ;  v.  John  William,  b, 
6th  April,  1827  ;  m.  May,  1854,  Sarah  Busby ; 
VI.  Joseph  Marsden,  5.  5th  March,  1837, 
vnm. ;  I.  Marianne,  b.  28th  April,  1820 ;  m. 
Februaiy,  1843,  the  Rct.  Christopher  Pearson 
Davies;  ii.  Sarah,  b,  26th  Februaiy,  1829; 
m.  April,  1840,  the  Ber.  Thomas  Biddulph 
Hutton,  and  d,  6th  April,  1866;  in.  Cather- 
ine, b,  24Xh.  February,  1831 ;  m.  May,  1852 ; 
IT.  Caroline  Elizabeth,  b.  18th  November, 
1832 ;  m.  December,  1858,  Samuel  Ludbrook ; 
V.  Lydia  Jane,  b.  December,  1834;  m.  Noyem- 
ber,  1869,  Hugh  Francis  Carleton. 

WiLSOK  (p.  60).— Sir  Samuel  Wilson's 
eldest  son,  Gordon  Chesney,  of  the  Boyal 
Horse  Guards,  m.  at  St.  George's,  Hanorer 
Square,  London,  2l8t  November,  1891,  Lady 
Sarah  Spencer-Churchill,  youngest  daughter 

of  the  seventh  Duke  of  Marlborough,  and 
sister  of  Lord  Bandolph  Churchill. 

Sir  Samuel  Wilson's  second  daughter, 
Maud  Margaret,  m.  at  St.  George's,  Hanover 
Square,  London,  11th  June,  1892,  the  Earl 
of  Huntingdon,  and  has  issue. 

WiNDBTBB  (p.  93). — Mary  Emily,  second 
daughter  of  Hon.  W.  C.  Windeyer  (who 
received  the  honour  of  knighthood  1891), 
LL.D.,  m.  Alexander  G.  Balston  (not  Archi- 
bald G.  Balston  as  stated). 

Wise  (p.  177).— George  Foster  Wise's 
sister-in-law,  Maria  Bate,  widow  of  the  Hon* 
Edward  Wise,  d.  at  Sydney,  7th  November, 
1892,  aged  65. 

WOOLLCOMBE  (p.  354) .— Belfleld  WooU- 
combe,  of  Ashbury,  near  Timaru,  N.Z.,  d. 
22nd  July,  1891. 

Weixok  (p.  142).— The  Hon.  Henry  John 
Wrixon  was  created  K.O.M.G.  in  1892. 

lurk's  Cfllnnial  (S^ittrj. 

yoL  11. 


CHARLES  EDWARD  HERBERT  ORPEN,  of  the  Capo  of  Good  Hope, 
South  Africa,  J.P.,  Cape  Civil  Service,  b.  25th  August,  385G. 


The  family  of  Obpbk  claims  great 

KoBBKT  Obpbk  fsoD,  it  Is  Stated,  of 
RiCHA&D  Obpbn,  a  Royalist,  who  fell  at 
Kaseby), appears  by  an  inquisition  dated  1661, 
to  have  resided  at  KeBaherolin  ^now  named 
Killorglin),  co.  Kerry.  He  m.  Lucy 
CH1CHB8TBB,  and  had  issue, 

I.  BiCHABD,  his  heir. 

II.  Bobert,  who  returned  to  England, 
and  d.  there. 

I.  Bachel,  m.  John  Matbbbbt. 

II.  Dorcas,  m.  Francis  CBrMPB. 

III.  Margaret,  «i.  Bobert  BowBN. 
The  eldest  son, 

BiCHABi>  Obpbn,  of  the  White  House,  oo. 
Kerry,  was  the  first  of  the  family  who  set- 
tled on  the  Biver  Kenmare.  In  1688,  after 
the  abdication  of  the  English  throne  by 
Jambs  II,  Mr.  Orpen  garrisoned  his  house 
at  Killowen,  and  received  into  it  all  the 
neighbouring  Protestant  families  ;  but  Capt. 
Phelim  M'Carthy,  with  three  thousand  Irish 
soldiers,  appearing  before  the  gates  of  the 
garrison,  the  besieged,  after  some  time,  and 
when  no  hope  remained  of  succour,  surren- 
dered. Mr.  Orpen  effected  his  escape  to 
England,  and  returned  the  following  year  as 
a  Commissary,  with  the  rank  of  Captain  in 
the  army  of  William  III.  He  fought  at  the 
Boyne,  and  soon  after  retired  with  his  family 
to  Killowen,  having  been  appointed  a  magis- 
trate for  Kerry.  He  m.  ItabeUa,  daughter 
of  the  Hey.  Thomas  Palmbb,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas  (Bev.),  his  heir. 

II.  Bichard,  of  ArdtuUy,  co.  Kerry,  m. 
Grace,  daughter  of  John  Biggb,  co. 
Cork,  and  had  issue, 

(a)  Bichard,  of  Ardtully,  «i.  first 
YOL.  II. 

1766,  Anna,  daughter  of  Horace 
T0WN8BN1>,  of  Bridgemount ; 
secondly,  Miss  Laplant  ;  and 
thirdly,  I7d4,  Alice,  daughter  of 
John  Kyves  Nkttlbs,  of  Nettle- 
ville,  CO.  Cork.  By  the  first  wife 
oidy  be  had  issue,  five  sons  and 
two  daughters, 

1.  Bichard,  of  Ardtully,  who 
assumed  the  additional  sur- 
name of  TowxBKKD.  He  m. 
1811,  The  Hon.  Anna 
Mullinb,  daughter  of  Wil- 
liam, second  Lord  Ventry, 
and  had  a  daughter,  Anna 
Sarah,  m.  Adrian  Tailob. 

2.  Horace  Towusend,  «n.  Eliza- 
beth KiTR,  and  bad  a  daugh- 
ter Anna,  who  d.  young. 

3.  Edward,  m.  Maria,  daughter 
of  Daniel  Cbumpb,  and  had 

(1)  Bichard,  m.  Miss 

(2)  Samuel,  m.  a  daughter 
of  William  Fobbtbb,  of 
Stoughton,  CO.  Kerry. 

(3)  Daniel. 

(4)  Johu  Wood. 

(1)  Grace,  m.  John  Wood. 

(2)  Mary. 

(3)  Anne. 

(4)  Lucinda. 

4.  Samuel,  of  WoodviUe,  m. 
5th  August,  1805,  Sophia, 
daughter  of  Thomas  HuN- 
GEBFOBD,  ot  The  Island,  and 
by  hir  (who  d. October,  1830) 
had  issue, 

2  D 



(1)  Richard  Hungerford, 
of  Brewsterfield,  Kiil- 
arnej,  and  Woodville, 
Kilgurvan,  co.  Kerry, 
J.P..  B.A.  Trin.  Coll., 
Dublin,  b.  11th  April, 
1807  ;  f».  16th  August, 
1832,  Frances  Diana, 
daughter  of  Rev.  Bas- 
table  Herbs  BT,  of 
Brewsterfield,  and  had 

1.  Arthur  Herbert,  b, 
8th  September,    | 
1833  ;  m.  5th  June,    : 

1862,  Jane  Sophia,   | 
daughter  of  Colonel    ' 
Henry       Spbncbb, 
and  has  issue, 

(1)  Arthur  Cecil 
Herbert,  b.  3rd 
December,  1871. 

(1)  Mary  Frances 

(2)  Jane  Sophia 

2.  Kichard  Hunger- 
ford,  b.  15th  Aug- 
ust, 1844,  m.  lOih 
September,  18^57, 
Maria  Martha  Tay- 
lor, and  has  issue, 

(1)  Bastablo  Her- 
bert, b.  5th  June, 

(1)  Adriana  Mary. 

(2)  Rose  Oliyia 

(3)  Frances  Diana. 

(4)  Mary  Geral- 

(5)  leme  Cornelia 

1.  Mary,  m.  11th 
August,  1859,  H. 
Wheatlbt,  and  d. 
12lh        NoTember, 

1863,  leaving  issue. 

(2)  Thomas  Hungerford, 
M.D.,  b.  13th  June, 
1810,  m.  18th  August, 
1836,  Margaret  Augusta 
Owen,  and  had,  Mary 
Elizabeth;  Frances Ger- 
aldine,  m.  L.  BoLXoy, 
M.D.  ;  Sophie,  m.  A. 
Court;  and  Thomasine, 
w.  Dr.  Allen,  R.N. 

(1)    Sophia  Anne     Maria 

Cmr.field  Hungerford, m. 

1830,  George  Beamish. 

6.    Henry,    of     Gortagas,    co. 

Keny,  Captain  in  the  army, 

m.    Letitia    Beecueb,    and 

had  issue, 

(1)  Richard  Beecher,  m. 
and  had  issue,  one 

(2)  Thomas  Allen  Beecher, 
d.  9.  p. 

(3)  Edward,  m. — Heatley, 
and  had  issue. 

(4)  Henry,  of  BridgeTille 
Park,  CO.  Kerry,  m. 
Rachel  Herman. 

(1)  Mary  Anne. 

(2)  Letitia  Amelia. 

1.  Anne,  m.  Richard  Rye,  of 

2.  Alice,    m.    William    Mere- 
dith and  had  issue. 

(a)  Grace,  wi.  Daniel  Crumpb. 

(b)  Agnef,  m.  Thomas  Wright,  of 
GlengarifF,  co.  Cork. 

(c)  Margaret. 

III.  Robert,  m.  Eliza  Smith,  and  had  two 
sons  and  two  daughters  :  1.  Richard ; 

2.  Lovel,  wlio  went  abroad  ;  1.  Mary, 
d.  unm.  ;  and  2.  Sarah,  m.  Biajor 
Kino,  of  Killamey. 

IF.  George. 

T.  Abram,  Port  Surveyor,  of  Kenmare. 
VI.  Raymond,  d.  unm.  1774.  This  gentle- 
man,   an     indefatigable    genealogist, 
compiled,  about  17^5,  a  most  extensive 
pedigree  of  his  family. 
Mr.  Orpen  was  s.  at  his  decease  by  his  eldest 

Rbt.  Thomas  Orpen,  of  Killowen,  Rector 
of  Konmare,  and  the  adjoining  parishes,  m. 
Agnes,  daughter  of  Arthur  Herbert,  of 
Currens,  ana  had  issue, 

I.  Richard  (Rev.),  M.A.,  Killowen,  co. 
Kerry,  and  ITrankfort,  co.  Cork,  Rector 
of  Valentia,  m.  Mary,  daughter  of 
Matthew  Hutchinson,  and  relict  of 
James  French,  by  whom  (who  d. 
180  i)  he  left  at  his  decease,  at 
Bordeaux,  1770,  one  son  and  three 
daughters :  L.  Richurd  Thomas,  High 
Sheriff,  co.  Cork,  d.unm. ;  1.  Mary,  m. 
first,  Captain  John  Traters,  of  Fir 
Grove,  co.  Cork,  and  secondly,  General 
the  Hon.  William  Mordaunt  Mait- 
LAND,  and  had  issue  (gee  Burke's 
Peerage f  Lauderdale,  K.)  ;  2.  Char- 
lotte, «i.  1790,  Thomas  Quin,  K.C. ; 

3.  Sophia,  m.  1797,  Philip  Oliver 
Ellard,  Captain  Fencible  Regiment. 

II.  Arthur,  lost  at  sea,  with  his  wife  and 
only  child. 

III.  Thomas,  d.  in  Trinity  College,  Dublin. 

IV.  George,  a  Military  Officer,  severely 
wounded  at  the  battle  of  Minden. 
He  m.  Lucy,  daughter  of  Nathaniel 
Bland,  of  Derryquin  Castle,  and  had 
issue :  1.  Thomas,  Captain  Kerry 
Mililia,  d.  unm.  1829;  &.  Henry 
Francis,  Major  6i  th  Regiment,  killed 
at  Talavera,  unm. ;  1.  Lucy,  m. 
Alexander  Strange,  Captain  of 
Dragoons,  and  had  issue. 

y.  Edward,  b.  1741,  who  resided  at  the 
family  mansion  of  Killowen,  and  was 
Major  in  a  Volunteer  Regiment;  m. 
Eleanor  Connor,  and  d.  L817,  having 
by  her  (whotf.  22nd  March,  1839)  had 



1.  Henrj,  d.  nnm.  about  1836. 

2.  Abram  £dward,  M.D.,  of  Cork, 
«k  Martha,  aeoond  d»iugliter  of 
Sir  James  Chattbbton,  Bart.,  of 
Caatle  Mahon,  oo.  Cork,  and  d, 
1836,  having  by  her  (who  d.  1857) 
bad  issue, 

(a)  Edwabd  Chatterton 
(Rev.),  M.A.,  of  Exeleigh, 
Starcross,  co.  DeTon,  the 
present  head  of  the  family, 
b.  1831,  m,  first,  MarceUa 
Carew,  daughter  of  Octa- 
▼ius  Palmbb,  H.E.I.U.S., 
and  niece  of  Sir  John  Lewis 
BcJirrzE,  Bart.,  of  Exeleigh, 
CO.  Devon,  and  has  had  issue, 

(1)  Edward  Chatterton 
Lewis,  b.  1857,  d.  unm, 

(2)  Charles  Henry,  Lieu, 
tenant  Royal  Irish 
Eifles,  b.  1862,  m.  1890, 
the  daughter  of  Captain 
He^keth,  and  d.  «.  p,, 
31st  October,  1891. 

(3)  Herbert,  b.  1863, 
Lieutenant,  B.N. 

(1)  Edith  Frances  Eosa- 
mund,  6.1859,  m.  Charles 
Carlos  Clabeb,  and  has 

(2)  AUce  Mildred,  b. 

(8)  Marcella  Bthel,  b. 
1864,  d.  1889. 

(4)  EmUy  Maud,  b.  1866, 
m.  Jasper  FitzGerald 
Badclivfb,  Lieutenant, 
Devonshire  Regiment. 

Mr.  E.  C.  Orpen  s.  his  mother 
as  oo-heir  of  the  Chatterton 
property  in    1874,    and    on 
Lady  Duntze's  death  in  1892, 
to  Exeleigh,  co.  Devon. 
(a)  Rebecca      Dulcibella,      of 
Baddesley  Clinton,  co.  War- 
wick, m.  first,  18th  July,  1867, 
Marmion  Edward  Fbbbbks, 
of    Baddesliey    Clinton,    co. 
Warwick,  D.L.,  who  d.s.p. 
24th     August,      1819     {see 
Bubke's    Landed     Gentry), 
She       m.      secondly,     21st 
September,     1885,     Edward 
Heneage  DBSiifG,  late  Cold- 
stream Guards,  who  d.  s.  p, 
22nd    November,   1892    (see 
B ubeb's  Peerage) . 
Ti.  John    Herbert,  M.D.,  an    eminent 
physician    of    the    city  of  Cork,  m. 
Hannah,     daughter      of      Emanuel 
HUTOHIKBON,  barrister  •  at  -  law,  and 
d.  April,  1799,  leaving  by  Her  (who  d, 

1.  Thomas  Herbert,  M.D.,  of  Dub- 
lin, m.  Penelope,  daughter  of 
David  Thokson,  of  Oatlands, 
CO.  Meath,  and  had  issue, 

(a)  John    Herbert,    of    St. 

Stephen's  Green,  Dublin, 
barrister  -  at  •  law,  MA., 
LL.D.,  6.  1806,  m.  2nd 
September,  1840,  Ellen 
Susanna  Gertrude,  daughter 
of  Rev.  John  Richabos,  of 
Grange,  co,  Wexford,  and  d. 
8rd  September,  1888,  having 
by  her  (who  d,  1855)  had 

1.  John  Richards,  B.A., 
barrister-at-law,  b.  23rd 
April,  1844,  m.  4th  July, 
18U7,  Sarah  Constance, 
daughter  of  Henry 
Lbadbb,  of  Dronmneen, 
CO.  Cork,  and  R  easeheath, 
Nantwich,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  2nd  October, 
1884)  had  issue, 

(1)  John  Herbert,  6. 
ISth  September, 

(2)  Henry  Stewart, 
b.  Slst  August, 

(3)  Charles  Hutchin- 
son,  b,  17th  July, 

(4)  Hugh  Massey, 
b,  5th  April,  1877, 
d.  30th  June,  1880. 

(1)  Ethel  Constance, 
b.  8th  February, 

2.  Thomas  Herbert  (Rev.), 
Fellow  of  Pembroke 
College,  Cambridge,  b^ 
18th  September,  1847, 
m.  1869,  Amy  Octavia, 
daughter  and  co-heir  of 
Rev.  J.  H.  A.  Gwyther 
Phillips,  Vicar  of  St. 
Mary's,  Haverfordwest, 
CO.  Pembroke,  and  has 

(1)  Theodore      Cecil, 

5.  24th  June,  1880. 

(2)  John  Hugh,  b 
19th  July,  1882. 

(3)  James  Denys,  5. 
1st  August,  1883. 

8.  Richard  Theodore, 

Major     R.E.,     6.     4th 
March,  1849. 

4.  Goddard  Henry,  B.A., 
barrister-at-law,  b.  8th 
May,  1852;  m.  18th 
August,  1880,  Adela 
Elizabeth,  only  child  of 
Edward  Moore 
RiCHABDB,  of  Gnwge, 
CO.  Wexford,  and  has, 
(1)  Edward  Richanls, 

6.  1884. 

(1)  Lilian     Iris,      b, 
13th         February, 
1.  Penelope  Jane. 

2  D  2 



2.  Ellen  Elizabeth,  m.lGfch 
September,  1873,  Davys 
TucKBY,  bamster-at- 
law,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Charles  Orpen. 

2.  Ellen  Marguerite, 
(ft)  Henry,  d.  g.  p. 

(a)  ^una    Sophia,    m.     1834, 

John  Thompson  Yofng,  of 

Philpotstown,  co.  Meath. 

2.  John     Emanuel,     of     Kanturk 

(Rev.) I  M.A.,  b.  1779 ;  m.  Frances, 

daughter  of  Richard  Ashe,  and 

by  her  (who  d.  1839),  had  issue, 

(a)  John  Herbert,  of  Lisheens, 
CO.  Cork,  M.D.,  J.P.,  m.  1834, 
his  cousin,  Margaret  Leabbb, 
and  d.  s.  p.  1862. 

(b)  Richard  Ashe. 

(c)  Emanuel,  d.  unm. 

(d)  Robert,  d.  unm. 

{a)  Fanny  Sophia,  m.  1834, 
William  S.\iith,  of  Cork, 
and  had  issue. 

(b)  Eliza,  deceased. 

(c)  Hannah,  deceased. 

(d)  Margaret  Lucy,  m.  Thomas 

(e)  Alice,  m.  Richard  Ashe, 
of  Coolehane,  co.  Cork. 

8.  Emanuel  Hutchinson,  of  Mount 
Tallant,  m.  1831,  Letitia,  daughter 
of  Rowland  Batehan,  of  Oak 
Park,  CO.  Kerry,  and  d.  *.  p. 

1.  Hannah  Agnes,  d.  unm. 

2.  Frances,  d.  unm. 
8.  Sophia,  d.  unm. 

4.  Margaret     Lucy,     m.     Captain 
Henry    Odlum    (who    d.   1840), 
and  d.  g.  p.  1862. 
Til.  Fbancis       (Rev.),       of       whom 

I.  Cherry,  m.  James,  son  of  Nathaniel 
Bland,  of  Derryquin  Castle. 

II.  Margaret  Lucy,  d.  unm. 

III.  Lu'y,  m.  Conway  Blennebh AS- 

IV.  Agnes,  m.  Rev.  Walter  Stewaet. 
The  seventh  son. 

Rev.  Fbancis  Oepbn,  B.A.,  Vicar  of 
Kilgarven,  co.  Kerry,  Rector  of  Dungoumey, 
CO.  Cork,  and  incumbent  of  Douglas,  near 
Cork.  He  m.  21st  March,  1780,  Susanna, 
daughter  and  co-heir  of  Hugh  Millebd,  of 
Monard,  Alderman  of  Cork;  she  d.  13th 
March,  1830,  and  he  d.  1805,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Arthur  George,  barrister-at-law, 
d.  g.  p.  at  Edinburgh,  1813. 

II.  Richard  John  Theodore  (Sir),  knight, 
of  Ardtully,  co.  Kerry,  b.  6th  Novem- 
ber, 1788;  m.  17th  May,  1819,  Eliza, 
eldest  daughter  of  Rev.  Richard 
Stage,  D.D.,  Fellow  of  Trinity  College, 
Dublin,  and  d.  4th  May,  1876,  having 
had  issue, 

1.  Francis  Fitz-Ricbard,  B.A., 
barrister-at-law,  b.  16th  July, 
1827;  d.  unm.  25th  January, 

2.  Richard      Hugh      MUlerd,      of 

Ardtully,  co.  Keny,  M.A.,  b.  7th 
November,  1829,  m.  5th  January, 
1871,  Amy  Noble,  eldest  daughter 
of  Thomas  Ho  R wood,  of  St. 
Anne's  Road,  Stamford  Hill, 
London,  and  has  issue, 

(1)  Richard  Hugli  Horwood, 
b.  22nd  September,  1873. 

(2)  Raymund  William,  ft.  29th 
November,  1875. 

(1)  Amy  Eliza,  ft.  I7th 
November,  1874. 

(2)  Constance  Marion,  ft.  10th 
July,  1877. 

(3)  Nora  Edith,  ft.  20tb  Sep- 
tember, 1878. 

(4)  Olive  Mabel,  ft.  lOtb  June, 

(5)  Mary  Winifred,  ft.  20th 
August,  1884. 

(6)  Ida  Grace  Victoria,  ft.  Slst 
March,  1887. 

3.  Arthur  Herbert,  of  Gortagas,  co. 
Kerry,  M.A.  of  Trinity  College, 
Dublin,  ft.  29th  December,  1830 ; 
m.  3rd  October,  1861,  Anne, 
eldest  daughter  of  Right  Rev. 
Charles  Caulfield,  Bishop  of 
Nassau,  and  has  issue, 

(1)  Richard  Francis  Caulfield, 
ft.  24th  December,  1863. 

(2)  Charles  St.  George,  ft.  12th 
December,  1864. 

(3)  Arthur  Herbert  Stack,  ft. 
27th  July,  1872. 

(4)  William  Newenham  Mon 
tagu,  ft.  27th  November,  1878. 

(1)  Grace  Mary,  ft.  5th 
February,  1870* 

(2)  Elizabeth  Ida,  ft.  26th 
March,  1875;  d.  16th  Octo- 
her,  1879. 

4.  Charles  William  de  Erpingham, 
B.A.,  barrist/cr-at-law,  ft.  21st 
September,  1833,  d.  unm.  10th 
October,  1807. 

6.  William  Newenham  Morris,  ft. 
3l8t  January,  1835,  Major  77th 
Foot;  d.  unm.  26th  November, 

6.  Raymond  d'Audemar  (Rev.), 
M.  A.,  Archdeacon  of  Ardfert,  and 
Rector  of  Tralee,  oo.  Kerry,  ft. 
31st  August,  1837;  m.  Ist  October, 
1867,  Sarah,  daughter  of  Daniel 
de  Courcy  MacGilltcuddy,  of 
Day  Place,  Tralee,  and  has  issue, 

(1)  Richard  Theodore,  ft.  13th 
October,  1869. 

(2)  Charles  William  MacGilli- 
cuddy,  ft.  11th  June,  1871. 

(3)  Henrv  Arthur  Herbert,  ft. 
12th  May,  1874. 

(1)  Lucinda  Elizabeth,  ft.  14th 
June,  1877. 

1.  Mary,  m.  12th  February,  1846, 
George  Hall  Stack,  of  MuUagh- 
more,  Omagh,  and  d.  March, 
1880,  leaving  issue. 

2.  Theodora    Elizabeth,    m.     14th 



January,  1851,  Key.  James 
GoiNa,  Vicar  of  Eilgarran,  co. 
Kerry,  and  d,  s.p.  17th  September, 

3.  Exnilj  Georgiana,  m.  26th 
November,  1859,  William  Plun- 
ket  Stack,  C.E.,  and  d.  25th 
Alaj,  1861,  leaving  isBue. 

•4.  Cornelia  Susanna  Sarah. 

5.  Elizabeth  Ida  Rebecca,  tn. 
Captain  John  B.  £la.C£BB,  of 
the  J  8th  Rojal  Irish  Regiment, 
and  had  issue,  one  son,  John 
Richard,  m.  Mabel  Bvrsb,  and 
has  issue. 
III.  Chasleb  Edwabd,  of  whom 

I.  Susannah  Maria  Frances,  d,  6th 
February,  1853. 

II.  Smilia  Grace  CaroliYie,  m.  1816, 
John  GoBDON,  M.D.,  of  JDublin,  and 
d.  9.p, 

III.  Rebecca  Newenham  Miilerd,  m.  31  st 
January,  1805,  Rear-Admiral  Henry 
G^e  MoBBis,  R.N.,  and  bad  issue 
{see  BuBKB^B  Landed  Gentry y  Mobbis, 
of  York). 

IT.  Cornelia,  d.  ifftm. 
The  third  son, 

'Rw.  Chables  Edwabd  Hebbebt  Obphn, 
M.D.,  member  of  yarious  literary  societies,  the 
philanthropic  founder  of  the  National  Insti- 
tution for  the  Deaf  and  Dumb  at  Claremont, 
GlasneTui,  near  Dublin;  h.  in  Cork,  81st 
October,  1791,  afterwards  took  orders  and 
emigrated  to  the  colony  of  the  Cape  of  Good 
Hope,  landed  at  Cape  Town,  11th  March, 
1848,  and  went  to  Port  Elizabeth,  26th  April, 
1848,  and  was  the  first  Rector  of  Christ 
Church,  Colesburg.  He  m.  10th  December, 
1823,  Alicia  Frances,  widow  of  Rev.  Conolly 
Coavb,  of  Bath,  eldest  daughter  of  Major 
Henry  Charles  Sibb,  Town  Maior  of  the  City 
of  Dublin,  and  d.  at  Port  Elizabeth,  20th 
April,  1856^,  having  by  her  (who  was  h.  18th 
March,  1796,  and  d.  at  Grahamstown,  4th 
December,  1869)  i'ad  issue, 

I.  Fbancbs  Hbkby  Samubl,  of  whom 

II.  Charles  Sirr,  of  Smithfield,  Orange 
Free  State,  J.P.,  b.  29th  April,  1826  ; 
m.  17th  March,  1854,  Rosetta  {b.  24th 
December,  1832 ;  d.  17th  September, 
1873),  eldest  daughter  of  William 
LrcAS,  of  Grahamstown,  and  d,  4th 
AuguH,  1887,  leaving  issue, 

1.  Conolly  D'Arcy  D'Erpingham,  h. 
15th  September,  1858. 

2.  Emanuel  Isidore,  h.  22nd  July,  d. 
loth  August,  1864. 

3.  Charles  Evelyn  Claremont,  h.  14th 
October,  1865;  m.  17th  August, 
1892,  Jessie,  daughter  of  Cum- 
berland John  UiLL,  of  Smithfield, 
Orange  Free  State,  and  has 

Frank,  h.  4th  July,  1893. 

4.  Arthur  Beverly  Morris,  b.  30th 
September,  18G8 ;  rf.  6th  June, 

6.  Lionel  Edward,  b.  23rd  February, 
1871 ;  d.  12th  October,  1871. 

1.  Alicia  Louisa  Herbert,  b.  80th 
December,  1855  ;  m.  80th  Novem- 
ber, 1878,  George  Gough  Wal- 
lace, of  Smithfield,  Orange  Free 
State,  and  has  issue, 

(1)  Vivienne  Rose  Maud. 

(2)  Alicia  Eulalie. 

(3)  Madeline,  d.  young,  22nd 
July,  1889. 

(4)  Helen  Agnes. 

2.  Eulalie  Theodora  Ida,  b.  17th  Sep- 
tember, I860;  »i.  25th  July,  1883, 
Hermann  Wilhelm  Wohlebs, 
M.D.,  of  Smithfield,  Orange  Free 
State,  and  <f.  16th  May,  1889, 
leaving  issue, 

(1)  RoseWfthlers. 

(2)  WUhelmina  Ida,  b.  28th 
September,  1887,  d.  5th 
March,  188a 

8.  Rosa  Isidore  Evangeline,  6.  24th 
June,  d.  3rd  Ju'y,  1S63. 
III.  Arthur  Richard,  J.P.,  Cape  Civil 
Service,  b.  Ist  July,  1827,  m.  first,  26th 
November,  1866,  Emma  Haddon, 
eldest  daughter  of  John  Gbicb,  of 
Durban,  Natal,  and  by  her,  who  <f  18th 
July,  18C8,  had  issue, 

1.  Robert  Moriartv,  b.  19th  May, 

2.  Edward  Grice,  b.  6th  June,  1865, 
Cape  Civil  Service. 

3.  Alfred  Richard,  5.  80th  January, 

4.  Arthur  Francis,  b.  23rd  March, 
1868,  f».  4th  January,  1894,  Edith 
Annie,  daughter  of  Isaac  SnoBT,  of 
Wellsdale,  Albany,  Cape  Colony. 

1.  Marian  May. 

He  m.  secondly,  23rd  October,  1878, 
Alice  Louisa,  youngest  daughter  of 
James  Attwbll,  ol  Battlesden,  Vic- 
toria, Cape  Colony,  and  has  further 

5.  James  Havelock,  b.  8th  August, 

0.  WUliam  Hugh,  b.  11th  June, 

7.  Harold  Gill,  b.  16th  December, 
1886,  d.  27th  June,  1889. 

8.  Thomas  Herbert,  b,  7th  Septem- 
ber, 1890. 

0.  Leo  Grahajn,  b.  IStli  October, 

2.  Muriel  Louisa. 

3.  Gladys  Fielding. 

4.  Florence  Angela. 

IT.  Joseph  Miilerd,  J.P.,  M.LA.  of 
Avoca  and  Snowdon,  Cape  Colony,  6. 
6th  November,  1828;  m.  Slst  March, 
1859,  Elise  Pauline,  second  daughter 
of  Rev.  Samuel  Holland,  of  the  Paris 
Evangelical  Missionary  Society  of 
Beersheba,  Basutoiand,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Raymond  Hugh  Miilerd,  b.  5th 
March,  1861 ;  d.  26th  September, 

2.  Reginald  Joseph  Eugene,  b.  24th 



December,  1864;  m.  3rd  May, 
1887,  Grace  Sophia,  daughter  of 
Edward  Richard  C&hlislx,  and 
has  issue, 

(1)  Bernard  George  Orerion,  J. 
23rd  June,  1888. 

(1)  Violet  Madeline. 

(2)  Iris  Vivienne. 

3.  Hope  Holland,  h.  13th  Decem- 
ber, 1867. 

4.  Claude  Emile,  h.  7th  January, 
1871,  m.  28th  December,  1893, 
Caroline  lanthe,  daughter  of 
EdwHrd  Kichard  Caeliblb. 

5.  Lcander  Joseph  John,  b.  27th 
February,  1877. 

1.  Emily  Minna  Cedle,  d.  young, 
23rd  October,  1861. 

2.  Helen  ^gncs  Josephine,  m.  11th 
July,  1887,  Charles  Preston 
Crew  b,  J.P.,  son  of  Captain  Frede- 
rick C»EWB,  7th  Madras  Infantry, 
and  has  had  issue,  John  Frede- 
rick Preston,  h,  23rd  February, 
1 894,  and  Leila  Pauline,  d,  young, 
2oth  June,  1892. 

3.  Madeline  EHse  Emily. 

T,  Kichard  John  Newenham,  J.P.,  of 
Holdemess,  b.  28th  January,  1830. 

Ti.  Henry  Martyn  Herbert.  J.  P.,  Cape 
Ciyil  Service,  b.  24th  January,  1831  ; 
m.  8th  September,  1857,  Harriott 
Eloise  (b,  25tli  June,  1832),  daughter 
of  George  Edward  Joseph,  of  Pavo 
Pork,  Somerset,  Cape  Colony,  J. P., 
and  by  her  (who  d.  at  Cape  Town, 
29th  March,  1877)  has  had  issue, 

1.  Herbert  Edward  Kichard,  b,  10th 
June,  1858,  d.  19th  May,  1869. 

2.  Ernest  Charles  Henry,  b,  5th 
NoTember,  1859,  m.  2l6t  January, 
1889,  Mary  Luttig,  daughter  of 
jBmes  Michael  Cbosbt,  resident 
Magistrate,  Cape  Town,  and  has 

Cyril  Herbert,  b.  18th  Decem- 
ber, 1890. 

3.  Arthur  George  Francis,  b.  5th 
April,  1862,  d,  20th  ^'oTcmber, 

4.  Hcnrv  Millerd  Erpinghnm,  b. 
25th  June,  1863;  m.  2Uh  Sep- 
tember, 1891,  Elizabeth  Susan, 
daugliter  of  Peter  LA^'GE,  of 
ritenhage,  and  widow  of  Robert 
ScHOLTZ,  Resident  Magistrate  of 
Beaconsfield,  and  has  issue, 

Irene  Erpingham. 
6.  Tlieodore  0  eorge  Herbert,  b.  15th 
November,  1870. 

6.  Lionel  Emanuel,  b.  27th  April, 

7.  Gerald  Edward  D'Arcy,  b.  2nd 
January,  1875. 

1.  Zaidee  Eli;  a,  m.  4th  January, 
1883,  Norris  Edmund  Wallace, 
B.^.,  T.C.P.,  barrisler-at-hiw  (rf. 
19th  May,  1883),  second  son  of 
Kev.  Ihomas  M'alt.ace,  of  Bel- 
field,  CO.  Dublin. 

2.  Agnes  Maud,  m.  22nd  December, 
1891,  Joshua  Andreas  Joubebt, 
B.A.,  barrister- at-law,  and  haa 
issue,  Herbert  John,  b.  80th  Octo- 
ber, 1892,  and  Noel  Francis,  b, 
15lh  April,  1894. 

3.  Eloise  Harriott,  m.  10th  May, 
1894,  Captain  William  Alexander 
Babnett,  64th  Begiment. 

4  Edith  Alice. 
VII.  Theodore  Robert  Morrison,  J.P., 
Cape  Civil  Service,  b.  12th  September, 
1835;  drowned  29th  January,  1863, 
in  Orange  Biver,  by  the  upsetting  of 
his  boat. 

I.  Susannah  Alicia  Mary,  d.  young,  8th 
April,  1837. 

II.  Alicia  Emily  Catherine,  m.  22nd  Janu- 
ary, 1862,  Lieutenant-Colonel  Owen 
11  enry  Stbono,  10th  Regiment  of  Foot, 
only  son  of  Captain  Heniy  Stbong, 
of  Iffley,  CO.  Oxford,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Henry,  Royal  Naval  Reserve,  b. 
16th  November,  1862. 

2.  Owen  Charles  Herbert,  Cape 
Civil  Service,  b.  24th  December, 

3.  Edgar  Hugh,  J.P.,of  Calitzdorp, 
*.  8lh  February,  1867. 

4.  Samuel,  b.  20th  December,  1874, 
d.  16th  February,  1876. 

1.  Ethel    Alice    Emily,   d.  young, 
27th  March,  1876. 
The  eldest  son, 

Fbancis  Hexbt  Samuel  Okpbn,  of  St. 
Clair,  M.L.A.,  J. P.,  and  Surveyor-Gisneral  of 
Griqualand  West.  b.  22nd  October,  1824;  m. 
2Srd  October,  1855,  Sarah  Ann,  eldest  daugh- 
ter of  Alexander  Hugh  Muhbay,  of  Colesberg, 
and  d.  22nd  February,  1893,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Chables  Edwabd  Hbbbbbt,  the 
subject  of  this  memoir. 

II.  Francis  Hugh  Raymond,  b.  7th  No- 
vember, 1861. 

III.  Arthur  Edward,  b,  22nd  May,  1863 ; 
d.  11th  June,  1863. 

IT.  Redmond  Newenham  Morris,  b.  22nd 
May,  186*. 

I.  Alicia  Frances  Charlotte,  m.  8th 
August,  1882,  Rev.  Robert  Herbert 
OoDWiy,  M.A.  Oxon,  Provost  of  St. 
John's,  Umtata,  Tembuland,  and 
Rector  of  Barkly,  youngest  son  of 
B.  C.  GoDwiif,  of  Winchester,  and 
has  had  issue, 

1.  Anthony  Herbert  Orpen,  b.  17th 
January,  d.  10th  -February,  1884. 

2.  John  Charles  Raymond,  &.  18th 
July,  1888. 

1.  Constance  Mary  Geraldine. 
IT.  Emily  Grace  Gordon,  d,  u»m,  16th 
August,  1861. 

III.  Lilian  Grace  Ida. 

IV.  Florence  Rose  Mary,  d.  ttnm,  Ist 
September,  1870. 

T.  Katharine  Irene  Theodora. 

VI.  Mary   Grace    Geraldine,   d,  young, 

10th  January,  1875. 
TIT.    Geraldine    Grace    Mnrv,   d.   uttm, 

29th  April,  1892. 


Arm* — Per  pale  az.  and  or,  a  lion  rampant  coanierchanged,  in  the  dexter  chief  point  a 
cross  croeslet  of  the  second. 

Crewt — A  demi-lion  rampant  or,  charged  on  the  shoulder  ^rith  a  cross-crosslet  sa. 

Motto — Veritas  yincet. 

JZc*trf«»o€— Cape  of  Good  Hope,  Soath  Africa. 


SIR  ARTHUR  HODGSON,  K.C.M.G.,  of  Clopton  House,  Sfcratford-on- 
Avon,  CO.  Warwick,  and  of  Eton  Vale,  Darling  Downs,  Queensland ,  J.P. 
and  D.L.  co.  Warwick  (Ligh  sberifF,  1881),  and  J.P.  for  the  borough  of 
Stratford -on  Avon ;  fc.  29th  June,  1818 ;  educated  at  Eton  and  Cambridge ; 
m.  30th  March,  1842,  Eliza,  eldest  surviving  daughter  of  the  Hon.  Sir  James 
DowLiNG,  Knt.,  chief  justice  of  New  South  Wales  {see  Dowling  of  Sydney^ 
▼ol.  i,  p.  166),  and  has  issue. 

I.  Francis  Henry  (Rev.)  M.A.,  Rector  of  Little  Gtiddesden,  co.  Herts ; 

h.  1848 ;  educated  at  Eton,  and  Trinitj  College,  Cambridge ;  m. 
July,  1881,  Mary,  second  daughter  of  the  late  Hammond  Sollt,  of 
Serge  Hill,  Herts ;  she  d.  December,  1888. 

II.  Edward  Dowling,  of   Eton  Vale,   Cambooya,  Qaeensland,  m.  1886, 

Catherine,  eldest  daughter  of  the  late  Rev.  John  Constable,  M.A., 
Rector  of  Marston-Bigott,  Frome,  co.  Somerset. 

III.  Perceval  Septimus,  m.  1884,  Florence,  third  daughter  of  John 
Charles  Blackett,  of  Thorpe  Lea,  Egham,  co.  SuiTey  (by  Emily 
Jane,  his  second  wife,  second  daughter  of  Colonel  Cockcraft,  of 
the  68th  Regiment),  second  son  of  Sir  William  Blackett,  fifth 
bart.,  of  Matfen  Hall,  Stamfordham,  Northumberland  (see  Burke's 
Peerage  and  Baronetage). 

I.  Annie  Frances,  m.  4th  July,  18G7,  James  Wilfrid  (Hewitt),  fifth  and 

present  Viscount  Lifford,  and  Baron  Lifford,  of  LifFord,  co.  Donegal, 
in  Ireland  {see  Bueke*s  Peerage). 

II.  Emily  Frances,  m.  Cardross  Grant,  who  d,  1875. 
ni.  Eliza  Pemberton. 

IV.  Charlotte  Maria,  m,  20th  April,  1876,  as  his  second  wife.  Rev.  John 

Kendall  Rashleigh,  M.A.,  Rector  of  St.  Stephen-in-Brannell, 
Cornwall  (who  m.  first,  11th  July,  1871,  Charlotte  Jane,  only 
daughter  of  Charles  Edward  Rasleigh,  of  Farningliam,  Kent, 
and  by  that  lady,  who  d.  2oth  December,  1872,  has  one  son,  John 
Kendall,  late  Lieutenant,  Cornwall  and  Devon  Miners*  Artillery,  h. 
December,  1872),  second  son  of  Sir  Colman  Rasleigh,  C.B.,  second 
and  present  baronet,  of  Prideaux,  co.  Cornwall  (see  Burke's 
Peerage  and  Baronetage),  and  by  him  (who  was  b.  12th  March, 
1847)  has  issue, 

1.  Edward  Colman,  h,  1877. 
I.  Emily,  b.  1879. 
Sir  Arthur  emigrated  to  New   South  Wales,  and  arrived  in  Sydney  in 
1839;    represented  Darling   Downs   and   Newcastle    for  some   time  in   the 
Legislative  Assembly    of   Nt^w    South   Wales,  and   after  the   separation    of 



Qneensland,  sat  for  the  Warrego  in  the  Parliament  of  the  latter  Colony; 
was  sometime  Minister  of  public  works,  and  Colonial  Secretary  of  Qaeens- 
land  ;  was  appointed  Genei-al  Superintendent  of  the  Australian  Agricultural 
Company  in  1856,  and  in  1861  returned  to  England.  He  was  representative 
for  Queensland  at  the  Exhibition  held  in  London,  1862 ;  Executive  Com- 
missioner for  the  same  colony  at  the  Paris  Exhibition  of  1867  and  1878,  and 
at  Vienna  in  1874;  Royal  Commissioner,  etc.,  Colonial  and  Indian  Exhibition, 
1886 ;  was  for  five  years  mayor  of  Stratford-on-Avon,  from  1884  to  1889 : 
and  is  a  Member  of  the  Council  of  the  Royal  Colonial  Institute.  He  was 
created  C.M.G.  in  1878,  anda  K.C.M.G.,  1886. 


Bktax  Hodgson,  of  Ashbourne,  co.  Derby, 
i%-ho8e  full-length  portrait,  painted  by  Van- 
dermin,  in  1727,  is  in  the  possession  of  Sir 
Arthur  Hod, 'son,  was  h.  1706,  d.  12th  De- 
cember, 1781,  flped  75,  and  was  buried  at 
Ashbourne  (morumental  inscription),  having 
had,  by  Elizabeth,  his  wife,  who  d.  29th  No- 
Tember,  1806,  nped  90,  with  otlier  issue,  three 
children :  1.  Brian,  of  wliom  presently  ;  2. 
Robert,  wbo  was  father  of  the  Etv.  Robert 
Hodgson,  Dean  of  Carlisle,  Rector  of  St. 
George's,  Hanover  Square,  and  Vicar  of  Hil- 
lingdon,  whose  eldest  son,  1  he  Rev.  Beilby  Por- 
tous  Hodgson,  m.  Frances,  daughter  of  George 
John  Lech,  of  High  Legh  ;  and  1.  Margaret, 
«;/.  13th  Mny,  I7(;r),  to  the  Right  Rev.  Doctor 
Beilby  Portkus,  Bishop  of  London,  and 
formerly  Bisho]>  of  Chester,  who  wao  b. 
at  York,  1731,  and  d.  at  the  Episcopal 
Palace  at  Fulhani,  14th  Mny,  1809,  aged 
78.  {See  account  of  him  in  the  Oentle- 
mans  Ma(jazine,  vol.  Ixxix,  part  i,  1809, 
p.  485.)     The  son, 

Brian  Hodgson,  who  was  h.  1741  ;  m. 
17fi6 ;  d.  at  Uttoxcter,  co.  Stafford,  8rd  Nov- 
ember, 1827,  aged  85,  and  is  buried  with  his 
wife,  Ellen,  in  Ashbourne  church,  co.  Derby 
(M.I.),  wlio  d.  11th  April,  1830,  aged  91. 
He  was  father  of. 

Rev.  Edward  Hodgson.  M.A.,  Ticar  (for 
48  years)  of  Rickmansworth,  co.  Herts,  and 
Rector  of  Laindon-cum- Basildon,  co.  Ej«8ex, 
/;.  19th  Mny,  1776  ;  m.  first,  Miss  Ffllkr- 
TON;  secondly.  Miss  Franks,  of  Woodhill, 
Herts,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

I.  Edward    Franks     (Rev.),     d.    vnm. 
March,  1882. 

He  m.  as  his  third  wife,  September,  \^1\ 
at  St.  George's,  Hanover  Square,  co.  Middle- 
f.ex,  Charlotte,  only  daughter  of  Francis 
"William  Pemberton,  of  Bombay,  East 
Indies  (by  Mary,  his  wife,  daughter  of  Cap- 
tain Price,  of  the  Hon.  E  .1.  Co/s  Naval 
Service),  and  only  sister  of  Colonel  Francis 
Charles  Pembkhton,  of  Trumpington  Hall, 
fo.  Cambridge  (who  d.  18th  October,  1849). 
The  Rev.  E.  Hodgson  d.  4th  September,  1854, 
nped  78,  and  was  buried  at  Rickmansworth 
(ills  widow  surviving  till  1864),  leaving 

II.  Arthur  (Sir),  K.C.M.G.,  the  subject 
of  this  nien.oir. 

III.  Henry  Williams,  of  Trumpington 
Hall,  CO.  Cambridge,  J.  P.,  and  D.L. 
for  that  CO.,  barrister-at-law  of  the 
Inner  Temple  (called  1814),  M.A.  of 
Trinity  College,  Cambridge ;  6.  29th 
September,  1819;  m.  at  the  British 
Embassy,  Paris,  1st  November,  1855, 
(on  which  occasion  he  was  authorised 
to  take  and  use  the  surname  and  arms 
of  Pemberton  only,  pursuant  to  a 
royal  licence  dated  13th  October,  pre- 
ceding), as  her  second  husband,  his 
cousin.  Frances  Maria  Sophia  (who  m, 
first,  11th  April,  1836,  Captain  Wil- 
liam  Huntly  Campbell,  of  the  20th 
Regiment  of  Foot,  who  d,  13th  Decem- 
ber, 1844,  and  was  buried  at  Bruspels, 
leaving  issue :  1.  Francis  Pemberton, 
late  Lieutenant-Colonel  14th  Hussars, 
h.  23rd  May,  1837,  d.  in  India;  2. 
Robert  Huntly,  M.A.  of  Caius  Col- 
lege, Cambridge,  a  magietrate  for  co. 
Cambridge,  h.  6th  October,  1843;  1. 
Patience  F^rances  Sophia,  b.  28th  Nov- 
ember, 1844,  m.  1870,  Canon  Hudson, 
Rector  of  Gilling,  Yorks),  only  child 
and  heir  of  Colonel  Francis  Charles 
James  Pemberton,  of  Trumpington 
Hall,  CO.  Cambridge  (who  d,  18th 
October,  1849),  by  Frances,  his  wife, 
daughter  of  Benjamin  Kbene,  of 
Swincombe  House,  co.  Oxford.  Mr. 
H.  W.  Pemberton  has  one  son,  Arthur 
Ralph,  Major,  Rifle  Brigade,  b.  6th 
January,  1857. 

IT.  Christopher  Pemberton,  late  H.M. 
Consul  at  Hakodadi,  Japan;  d.  11th 
October,  )865. 

V.  Francis  George,  retired  Major-Gen- 
eral,  Indian  Army. 

VI.  Cecil,  b.  1826. 

VII.  Perceval,  Major,  Indian  Army,  b, 
1826 ;  d.  in  India  1870. 

I.  Jean  Oeorgiana,  m.  W.  H.  Sutton, 
and  d.  in  1867. 

II.  Mary,  m.  1848.  Rev.  Abraham  Ver- 
non Huohes-Hallett,  M.A.  Cam- 
bridge, late  Chaplain  at  Bruges, 
Belgium,  who  d,  1893. 

III.  Charlotte,  m.  1864,  Rev.  Mr. 
Nbvile,  Rwtor  of  Wicken»>y,  co, 
Lincoln,  who  </.  1882. 



Residence — Clopton  House,  8tratford-on-ATon,  co.  Warwick, 

Estate — Eton  Vale,  Darlinfir  Downs,  Queensland. 

Club* — ^Windham,  St.  James's  Square,  S.W.,  and  Australian,  Sydney. 


ROBERT  BARCLAY-ALLARDICE,  of  Broadville,  Canada,  h.  at 
Hamilton,  Canada,  19th  May,  1841,  assamed,  by  royal  licence,  the 
surname  and  arms  of  Barclay-Allardice,  in  lieu  of  his  patronymic, 
2nd  July,  1883.  He  is  twentieth  in  lineal  descent  from  Robert  II,  King 
of  Scotland. 


BoBEBT  n,  King  of  Scotland  (ancestor  of 
(he  Royal  Stuart  line  by  his  first  marriage  with 
Elizabeth  Mfbb),  m.  secondly,  in  1356,  his 
cousin,  Lady  Eupiiekta  Ross,*  daughter  of 
Hugh,  sixth  Earl  of  Ross,  by  L»dy  M  atilda 
Bhuce,  (daughter  of  Robert  Bruce,  Earl  of 
Carrick,  sister  of  King  Kobbbt  I,  and 
widow  of  John  Randolph,  Earl  of  Moray), 
and  d,  19th  April,  1390,  having  by  her  (who 
d.  1376)  had  issue, 

I.  David,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Walter,  Earl  of  Athol,  who  was  exe- 
cuted with  his  grandson,  Sir  Robert 
Stewart,  for  the  murder  of  King 
Jambs  I. 

The  elder  son, 

David,  Eabl  Palatine  op  Stbathebn,+ 
(eo  created  1371,  to  him  and  to  his  heirs),  h. 
between  1356  and  1360,  m.  a  sister  of  Sir 
David  LijTDBSAY,  of  dlenesk  (sfterwards 
first  Earl  of  Crawford)  and  d.  before  1389, 
leaving  an  only  daughter  and  sole  heiress, 

EuPHBuiA,  Countess  Palatinb  ob 
Stbathbbn,  in  her  own  right,  b.  1375,  m.  Sir 
Patbick  Gbahak,  Knt.,  second  eon  of  Sir 
Patbice  Gbaham,  of  Kircardine,  ancestor 
of  the  Duke  of  Montrose  and  immediate 
elder  brother  of  Sir  Robbbt  Gbaham,  who 
had  with  his  own  hands  murdered  King 
James  I.  Sir  Patrick  became  fvre  vxorig 
Earl  of  Strathern,  and  was  murdered  by  his 
brother-in-law,  Sir  John  Dbummond,  lOth 
August,  1439,  having  by  his  wife,  who  d. 
before  24th  August,  1420,  had  issue, 
I.  Malise,  of  whom  preoently. 

I.  Euphemia,  m.  first,  Archibald,  fifth 
Pari  of  Douglas,  Duke  of  Touraine; 
and  secondly,  James,  first  Lord  Hamil- 

II.  Elizabeth,  m.  Sir  John  Lyon,  of 

Tlie  only  son, 

Malisb  (a  minor  in  1421)  *.  his  mother 
as  Earl  Palatine  of  Strathern,  but  was  de- 
p*ived  of  the  Earldom  by  Jambs  f,  in  1427, 
under  pretence  that  it  was  a  mnle  fief.     The 

King  then  conferred  it  on  his  aged  uncle, 
Walter,  Earl  of  Athol,  by  charter,  22nd  July, 
1427,  and  on  6th  September,  1427,  erected 
the  lands  of  Craynis,  etc.,  into  the  Earldom 
of  Menteth  (or  Monteith),  and  gave  it  to 
Malise,  and  the  heirs  male  of  his  body, 
failing  which  to  return  to  the  Crown.  The  « 
Earl  went  to  England,  9th  December,  1427, 
as  a  supplementary  hostage  in  place  of 
Robert  Erskine,  and  was  not  released  till 
17th  June,  1453,  when  he  was  ordered  to  be 
liberated  out  of  the  Castle  of  Pontefract, 
Alexander,  his  son  and  heir,  surrendering 
himself  as  a  hostage  in  his  stead,  and  the 
Earl  of  Douglas  and  Lord  Hamilton  be- 
coming sureties  for  his  return  in  the  event  of 
Alexander  dying  or  escaping.  Malise,  Earl 
of  Menteth,  d.  before  17th  May,  1491,  when 
Marioun,  Countess  of  Menteth,  John  of 
Drummond,  her  spouse,  and  John,  Lord 
Drummond,  appeared  as  pursuers  in  a  civil 
cause,  and  the  deceased  Malise,  Earl  of  Men- 
teth, is  mentioned,  also  Alexander,  then  Esrl 
of  Menteth.  Malise,  Earl  of  Menteth,  m.  first. 
Lady  Annr  Vbbs,  daughter  of  Henry,  Earl  of 
Oxford,  or  Jane  Rochford,  and  had  four  sons, 

I.  Alexander,  son  and  heir,  17th  June, 
1453,  a  prisoner  at  Poutefract,  as  hos- 
tage for  his  father. 

II.  John,  of  Kilbryde,  was  son  and  heir, 
6th  April,  1649  ;  he  was  called  ''  Sir 
John  with  the  Bright  Sword,"  from 
whom  the  Gbahams,  Viscounts  of 
Preston  (extinct  1738)  ;  the  Gbahams 
of  Qartmore;  the  Gbahams  of 
^^eth(rby ;  the  Gbahams  of  Norton 
Conyert ;  and  other  illustrious  fami- 
lies claim  descent,  but  of  this  there  ii 
no  proof. 

III.  Patrick,  son  and  heir,  1478. 

IV.  Walter,  first  of  the  Gbahams  of 

His  successor, 

Albzandeb  Gbaham,  second  Eabl  of 
Menteth,  was  served  heir  to  his  "grantscyr," 
Mulise,  6th  May,  1493,1  m.  Margaret,  daugliter 

•  This  lady  being  the  first  cousin  of  King  Robbbt  II's  mother,  dispensation  for  the 
marriage  was  obtained  from  Pove  Innocent  VI,  at  Avignon,  2nd  Mav,  1355. 

t  David,  Earl  of  Strathern,  was  created  Earl  of  Caithness  to  him  and  his  heirs,  before 
November,  1375,  and  his  daughter  Euphemia  resigned  the  Earldom  before  1406. 

J  It  has  not  been  proved  whom  Alexander  *.  his  "  grantschyr,"  Malise,  and  it  is 
not  certain  whether  it  was  by  male  or  female  descent. 



of  Walter  Buchanan,  of  Buchanan,  and  d, 
between  1531  and  1540,  having  had  two  sons, 

I.  William,  third  Earl. 

II.  Walter,  of  Gartur,  of  which  he  had 
a  charter  from  the  Abbot  of  Inehma- 
homo  in  1553,  and  was  ancestor  of  the 
Gbahams  of  Qariur. 

The  elder  son, 

William  Graham,  thibd  Earl  or  Men- 
TETH,  m.  Sffargaret,  daughter  of  John  Mow- 
bray of  Barnboug)e,  and  d.  before  June, 
15  i5,  leaving  issue, 

I.  John,  fourth  Earl. 

II.  Eobert,  of  Gartmore,  who  d.  s.  p. 

II f.  Gilbert,  of  Gartmore,  whose   male 

line  is  extinct. 
I.  Margaret,  m.  Archibald,  fourth  Earl 
of  Argyll,  and  had  issue. 
The  eldest  son, 

John  Graham,  fourth  Earl  of  Mbn- 
TBTH,  was  one  of  the  prisoners  taken  at  the 
rout  of  Sol  way,  1542,  and  ransomed  for  200 
marks,  1st  July,  1543,  being  designed  in 
•  Rymer,  Lord  Monke»"eth.  He  m.  Marion, 
eldest  daughter  of  Georpe,  fifth  Lord  Seton, 
and  was  killed  in  a  scuffle  with  the  tutor  of 
Appin  in  October,  1547,*  having  by  her  ^  who 
m.  secondly,  John,  tenth  Earl  of  Sutherland) 
had  issue, 

I.  William,  fifih  Earl. 

II.  George,  of  Rednoch,  whose  son, 

James,  had  a  charter  of  tlie  King's 
lands  of  Easter  Rednoch,  in 
Perthshire,  12th  June,  1598,  and 
left  a  daughter,  Marian,  who 
brought  tJiat  estate  to  lier  hus- 
band, John  Graham,  of  Duch- 

I.  Mary,  m.  John  Buchanan,  of 

II.  Christian  m.  Sir  William  Living- 
ston, of  Kilsyth. 

The  elder  son, 

William  Graham,  fifth  Earl  of  Mkn- 
TVTH,  m.  Margaret,  eldest  daughter  of  Sir 
James  Douglas,  of  Drumlanrig,  and  widow 
of  Edward,  Lord  Crichton,  of  Sanquhar,  and 
d.  before  October,  1587,  having  by  h#r  (who 
m.  thirdly,  Wauchope  of  Niddry)  had  a 

John  Graham,  sixth  Earl  of  Men- 
TETH,  was  served  heir  to  his  fatlier,  2l8t 
October,  1587,  m.  Mary,  third  daughter  of 
Sir  Colin  Campbbll,  of  Glenorchy,  and  d. 
in  December,  1598,  leaving  issue, 

I.  William,  seventh  Earl. 

II.  James,  m.  Lady  IVlargaret  Erskine, 
second  daughter  of  James,  Earl  of 
Buchar,  but  d.  without  male  issue. 
His  daughter, 

Marion,   m,    Walter    Graham,   of 
I.  Christian,  m.  Sir  John  Blaceadder, 
of  Tulliallan. 
The  elder  son, 

William  Graham,  seventh  Earl  op 
Menteth,  or  Menteith,    h.   1580,   t.   his 

father  in  December,  1508,  and  was  served 
heir  to  him  7th  -August,  1610.  He  m.  1611 
(contract  dated  30th  January,  1610-1 1)  Agnes, 
daughter  of  Patrick,  seventh  f^rd  Gray.  He 
was  constituted  in  August,  1628,  Chief  Justice 
General  of  Scotland,  and  in  the  November 
following,  an  extraordinary  lord  of  session ; 
and  in  1629,  was  appointed  President  of  the 
Privy  Council.  On  the  25th  May,  1630,  be 
was  served  heir  of  David  Stewart,  Earl  of 
Strathern,  of  Patrick  Graham,  Earl  of 
Strath ern,  and  of  Malise,  Earl  of  Menteith. 
Standing  high  in  <he  royal  favour  of 
Charles  I,  he  had  charters  of  various  lands 
and  baronies  from  1626  to  1632,  amongst 
which  was  a  charter  of  the  lands  and 
baronies  of  Airth.  He  obtained  the  title  of 
Earl  of  Strathern  by  patent,  July,  1631,  being 
styled  Earl  of  Strathern  and  Afenteith,  Ac. 
The  f*ble,  generally  credited  at  the  time,  but 
clearly  disproved  by  the  actual  dispensation 
found  at  the  Vatican,  concerning  the  validity 
of  the  first  marriage  of  King  Robert  II  and 
Elizabeth  Mure  caused  King  Charles  land 
his  ministers  considerable  uneasiness,  en- 
hanced by  the  Earl's  pretensions,  for  in  his 
service  for  the  Earldom  of  Strathern,  while 
solemnly  renouncing  his  claim  to  the  Crown, 
he  reserved  the  right  of  his  blood,  which  he 
incautiously  asserted  to  bo  **  the  reddest  in 
Scotland."  The  King,  on  the  strong  remon- 
strances of  his  ministers  and  Sir  William 
Drummond,  of  Hawthornden,  ordered  a  law 
form  to  be  gone  through  to  cancel  the  Earl's 
retour  and  patent,  ana  the  Court  did  accor- 
dingly set  them  aside,  and  deprived  him  of  his 
patent  not  only  of  the  Earldom  of  Strathern, 
but  al*o  that  of  Menteith,  22nd  March,  1633. 
Thus  stripped  of  his  honours,  the  King  was 
pleased  to  confer  by  patent  (dated  21st 
January,  sealed  28th  March,  1633)  the  title 
of  Earl  of  Airih,  annexing  to  the  same 
the  Earldom  of  Menteith,  with  precedence 
from  the  date  of  the  original  patent  of  that 
honour,  namely  6th  September,  1428,  to  him 
and  to  his  heirs.  His  lordship  was  about  the 
same  time  deprived  of  his  public  offices  and 
retired  to  his  castle  in  the  Loch  of  Menteith, 
where  he  d.  before  26th  September,  1662, 
having  had  with  other  issue, 

I.  John,  Lord   Graham  of  Kilpont 
and  Kilbrtdb,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  James. 

III.  Robert. 

IV.  Patrick. 

V.  Charles. 

VI.  Archibald. 

I.  Margaret  (second  daughter),  m.  Lord 
Gar  LIES. 

II.  Anne  (third  daughter). 

III.  Jane  (fourth  daughter). 
The  son, 

John  Graham,  Lord  Graham  of  Kil- 
pont AND  KiLBRYDE  (who  d.  in  the  lifetime 
of  his  father,  and  was  commonly  called  Lord 
Kilpont.  or  Kinpont,  to  distinguish  him  from 
Lord  Graham,   eldest  son    of   the  Earl  of 

•  According  to  "Wood's  Douglas  Peerage,"  vo^  ii,  p.  228,  but  John,  Earl  of  Menteith, 
was  present  in  Parliament  in  August,  1560  (Acts  of  Parliament,  vol.  ii,  p.  606). 



Montrose),  m.  AprD,  1632,  Ladj  Ifarj 
£btth,  eldest  danghter  of  William,  sixth  Earl 
Ifarischal,  and  joined  the  great  Montrose, 
with  four  hundred  rojalists,  in  August,  164 1-, 
just  before  the  battle  of  Tippermuir,  but  was 
murdered  with  "  two  Irish  rebels  at  the  Kirk 
of  Collace,"  three  or  four  days  afterwards,  in 
Settember  of  that  year,  by  his  fnend  and 
companion,  James  Stewart,  of  Ardyoirlich. 
The  melancholy  fate  of  this  gallant  young 
eaTalier,  and  the  singular  circumstances 
attending  the  birth  and  history  of  his  mur- 
derer (who  was  pardoned  by  Parliament  in 
1645),are  the  facts  on  which  Sir  Walter  Scott 
has  founded  his  beautiful  "  Legend  of  Mont- 
rose." Lord  Eilpont,  thus  dying  in  the  life- 
time of  his  father,  left  issue, 

I.  William,  who  t.  his  grandfather  as 
second  Earl  of  Airth  and  eighth  Earl  of 
Monteith,  h.  before  January,  1644,  m. 
first,  Anne  Hbwbs,  and  secondly,  Cathe- 
rine, second  daughter  of  Thomas 
Bbfcb.  of  Blairhail,  which  lady  d. 
in  1693.  Being  without  issue,  he  dis- 
posed of  his  property  to  his  kinsman, 
the  Marquess  oi  Montrose,  and  his 
nephews  Sir  George  AUardice  and  Sir 
John  G^rahani,  of  Gartmore.  He 
d,  it,  p.  12th  September,  169  k  since 
when  his  titles  have  remained  dor- 

I.  SIabt,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Elizabeth,  m,  1663,  her  kinsman,  Sir 
William  Gba.ham,  of  Gartmore,  first 
Baronet,  and  d.  1672,  having  by  him, 
who  d,  in  December,  1684,  had  issue, 
now  extinct  (see  Bubkb's  Baronetage). 

The  elder  daugliter, 

Ladt  Masy  G  bah  am,  m.  at  Arbuthnot, 
8th  October,  1662  (contract  dated  26th  Sep- 
tember), Sir  JoHW  Allabdicx,  of  AUardice, 
knight,  chief  of  an  ancient  family  (which 
had  been  proprietors  of  the  barony  of  AUar- 
dice, in  Kincardineshire,  since  the  reign  of 
King  William  the  Lion,  in  the  twelfth  cen- 
tury), and  d.  1720  (buried  2nd  December  in 
that  year),  having  by  him,  who  d.  April,  1676 
(wiU  dated  27th  January,  1676)  had  issue, 

I.  John,  of  AUardice,  baptised  at  Arbuth- 
not, 6th  August,  1667,  m.  23rd  or  28th 
October,  1690,  at  the  same  pl«ce  (con- 
tract dated  17th  October),  Elizabeth, 
daughter  of  William  Babclay,  laird 
of  Balmakewan,  and  rf.  Dec(mber, 
1690,  leaving  no  issue  by  her  (wbo  m. 
secondly  —  Wood,  of  Drumlagair,  and 
by  him  had  three  daughters). 

II.  Grobob  (Sir),  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Mary,  m.  Sir  Alexander  Ooilvt, 
Baronet,  of  Forglen. 

II.  Helen,  who  d.  unm.  in  1748. 

III.  Anna,  m.  John  Gobdon,  of  Breakley. 

IV.  Margaret,  b.  1673. 
The  younger  eon. 

Sir  Geobob  Aliabdicb,  of  AUardice, 
knight,  b.  17th  August,  and  baptised  at 
Arbuthnot,   27th    August,    1672,   M.P.   for 

Kintore,  and  Master  of  the  Mint,  was  served 
heir  to  his  father  and  brother  14th  October, 
1697,  m.  Lady  Ann  Ogilvie,  eldest  daughter 
of  James,  third  Earl  of  Findlater,  and  d.  in 
his  mother's  lifetime,  and  was  buried  at 
Arbuthnot,  17ih  October,  1709,  leaxiug  issue, 

I.  James,  hiff  heir. 

II.  William,  b.  17th  December,  1700,  d. 

ni.  John,  baptised  11th  December,  1701. 

I.  Anna,  b.  1695. 

II.  Helen,  b.  1697. 

III.  Katherine,  b.  16lh  October,  1699. 

IV.  Elizabeth,  b.  5th  October,  1703; 
buried  81  h  May,  1705. 

V.  Mary,  m.  Andrew  Hat,  of  Mount 
Blairy,  and  had  issue. 

The  eldest  son. 

Jambs  Allakbtce,  of  AUardice,  b.  and 
baptised  at  Arbuthnot,  25th  July,  1693.  had 
a  charter  of  resignation,  27lh  July,  1719,  m. 
(contract  dated  3lst  May)  1720,  Mary,  daugh- 
ter of  Robert  Milnk,  of  Balwyllie,  and  was 
buried  21st  May,  1728,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Jambs,  his  heir. 

II.  Mary,  m.  James  Macdonald,  sheriff 
substitute  of  Kincardineshire,  and  d. 
in  1802  or  1803,  leaving  issue,  from 
whom  descend  the  family  of  Ooilvy  of 
Ineheican,  co.  Forfar  {see  Bus  if  E*  a 
Landed  Qentrif). 

The  son, 

James  Allabdice,  of  AUardice,  b.  29th 
January,  1727,  at  Arbuthnot,  had  a  charier 
of  the  barony  of  AUardice,  as  only  son,  2ath 
July,  1748.  Hem.  (contnwit  dated  7th  April, 
1756)  Anne,  only  d>ii:?hter  of  James  Bab- 
CLAV,  of  London,  banker,  and  d.  14ih  July, 
1765,  havinjy  by  her,  who  d.  1757,  had  issue 
an  only  child, 

Sabah  Allabdice,  of  AUardice,  6. 
13th  July,  1757,  m.  first  (as  his  second  wife), 
December,  1776,  RoBhBT  Babclat,  of  Urie, 
CO.  Kincardine,  M.P.  (see  Bubke's  Landed 
Oentry).  She  had  a  charter  as  sole  issue 
of  her  father,  8rd  July,  1777,  and  was  26th 
February,  1785,*  served  nearest  and  lawful 
eldest  heir  portioner  in  general  of  Wili  'm, 
Karl  of  Airth  and  Ment'oif.h,  &c.  Her  hus- 
band assumed  the  additional  surname  of 
Allabdice  on  his  marriage ;  and  by  him, 
who  was  b.  1731-2  aud  d.  8th  April,  1797,  she 
had  issue, 

I.  Kobebt,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  James  AUardice,  b.  3rd  July,  1784, 
d.  unm.  in  Ceylon,  3rvl  March, '1804. 

III.  David  Stuart,  Major  28th  Foot,  *. 
3rd  March,  1787,  d.  unm.  1826. 

I.  Anne,*  13th September,  1777, <f. «iim. 
29tli  October,  1782. 

II.  Une  Cameron,  b.  13th  September, 
1778,  m.  25th  July,  1800,  John  Iknbs, 
of  Cowie,  CO.  Kincardine,  and  d,  Se)»- 
tember,  1809,  having  by  him,  who  d. 
April,  1832,  had  issue  (eee  Bubke's 
Landed  Oenlry), 

III.  Margaret,  5.' 14th  October,  1780,  m. 

*  The  existence  and  limitation  of  the  Airth  patent  were  unknown  to  the  Allardice  family 
tiil  the  year  1784,  when  it  was  discovered  in  the  Montrose  charter  chest. 



1809,  Hudion  Gurnet,  of  Kes^yick, 
CO.  Norfolk,  M.P.,  and  d,  16th  Decem- 
ber, 1855 ;  her  husband  surviving  till 
November,  1864.  (See  Landed  Gen- 
IT.  Mary,  twin  -with  Margaret,  d.  unm, 

June,  1799. 
V.  Rodney,  h.  29th  April,  1782,  d.  unm. 
Mrs.  Barclay  Allardice  was  divorced  from  her 
husband  in  September,  1793,  and  m.  5th 
August,  1795,  at  Christ  Church,  Surrey,  John 
NuDD,  of  that  par^h.  She  d.  7th  July, 
1833,  and  was  buried  at  Sprowston,  co.  Nor- 
folk.    The  eldest  surviving  son, 

BoBEBT  Babclay  Allabdicb,  of  Allar- 
dice and  IJrie,  Captain  28rd  Eegiment,  a 
celebrated  amateur  pedestrian,  h.  25th  August, 
1779,  was  served  heir  male  to  his  father,  17th 
December,  1799,  and  to  his  mother,  9th 
November,  18H3,  and  had  a  charter  of  the 
barony  of  Allardice,  &c.,  2nd  June,  1800. 
He  being  heir  general,  and  of  line,  of  William, 
first  Earl  of  Airtb,  claimed  the  earldoms  of 
Strathem,  Monteith  and  Airth,  as  sole  heir 
of  Prince  David,  son  of  Bobebt  II,  King  of 
Scotland,  but  the  House  of  Lords  came  to  no 
decision.  He  m.  1815,  Mary,  daughter  of 
Alexander  Dalgabno,  of  Aberdeen,  and  d. 
1st  May,  1854,  having  by  her,  who  rf.  1820, 
had  an  only  child, 

Maboabbt  Babclay  Allabdice,  heiress 
of  line,  who  claimed  as  such  the  earldoms  of 
Strathem,  Monteith  and  Airth,  before  the 
House  of  Lords,  in  1870.  She  was  served 
heir  general  to  her  lather,  1859,  in  the  Sheriff 
Court  of  Kincardineshire.  She  was  h.  4th 
July,  1816,  m.  first,  at  St.  Mary's  Parish 
Church,  Kensington,  Middlesex,  2nd  April, 
1840,  Samuel  Bitchie,  son  of  Duncan 
BiTCHiE  (and  May  Hay,  his  wife),  and  by 

him,  who  was  bom  13th  August^  1813,  and  d, 
17th  September,  1845,  has  issue, 

I.  Bobebt  Babclay,  the  subject  of  this 

II.  Samuel  Frederick,  h.  at  Aberdeen, 
15th  October,  1843,  d.  unm.  at  Brook- 
lyn, New  York,  U.S.A.,  14th  April, 

III.  David  Stuart,  of  44,  Belmont 
Avenue,  Providence,  Bhode  Island, 
U.S.A.,  h,  2l8t  November,  1845,  at 
Duddingston,  Midlothian,  m.  at  West 
Brattleboro*,  Vermont,  U.S.A.,  15th 
October,  1868,  Fannie  Foster,  daugh- 
ter of  Edwin  Day  Elliot,  of  West 
Brattleboro*,  and  has  itsue, 

1.  Bobert,  h.  18th  October,  1869. 

2.  Elliot  Bitchie,  h,  10th  October, 

3.  David  Graham,  cadet  H.M.S. 
"Conway,"  5.  11th  December, 

4.  Clinton,  5.  1st  August,  1882. 

1.  Margaret  Anna,  h,  21st  Decem- 
ber, 1871,  w.  at  Providence,  14th 
June,  1898,  William  Howard 
BiOELOW,  of  West  Brattleboro', 
and  Tarpan  Springs,  Florida,  and 
has  issue,  Helen  Janette,  b.  14th 
March,  1894. 

2.  Augusta  Standish,  h.  18th 
August,  1886,  d,  unm.  24th  Sep- 
tember, 1890. 

8.  Amelia,  6.  3rd  October.  1889. 

I.  Mary  Hay,  h.  7th  September,  1842,  d. 
unm.  30th  September,  1849. 

She  m.  secondly  at  Boonton,  NewJerseVjU.S.A., 
30th  July,  1854,  James  Tannbb,  and  by  him, 
who  d.  21st  January,  1866,  she  had  issue, 

II.  Augusts  Graham,  h.  12th  August, 
1859,  d.  unm.  21st  December,  1874. 

Arma — Quarterly,  first  and  fourth  grand  quarters  :  arg.  a  fess  wavy  gu.  between  three 
boars*  heads  erased  sa.  armed  and  langued  of  the  second  (/or  Allardice)  ;  second,  az.  a  chevron, 
and  in  chief  three  crosses  pat^  arg.  {for  Babclay)  ;  third,  grand-quarter,  quarterly  first  and 
fourth,  arg.  on  a  chief  sa.  three  escallops  or ;  second  and  third,  or  a  fess  chequy  az.  and  arg.  in 
chief  a  chevronel  gu.  (for  Gbaham,  SarU  of  Airth  and  Monteith). 

Crests^!.  A  naked  man  from  the  middle,  in  hi«  dexter  hand  a  scimitar  ppr.  (for  Allab- 
2.  A  bishop's  mitre  or  {for  Babclay). 
Mottoes — Over  the  first  crest  "  In  defence  of  the  distressed  "  ;  over  the  second  "  In  cruce 


Residence — 127,  Prince's  Street,  Edinburgh. 
Club — Unirersity  (Edinburgh). 

tain-. General  and  Go vemor-in- Chief  of  Jamaica  aud  its  dependencies, 
h.  IStli  January,  1840,  m.  first,  1862,  Jeannie,  daughter  of  Andrew  Irwin,  of 
Ballyniore,  Boyle,  co.  Roscommon,  and  by  her,  who  d.  18G6,  has  issue, 

I.  Harry  Irwin,  h.  September,  1866. 
He  m.  secondly,  7th  February,  1874,  Edith,  elder  daughter  and  co-heiress 
(with  her  sister  Grace,  who  m.  3rd  January,  1874,  William  Amelius  Aubrey 



de  Vere,  tenth  Duke  of  St.  Albans)  of  the  late  Ralph  Bernal,  M.P.  (who 
assumed  by  royal  licence  the  surname  of  Osborne,  12th  August,  1844),  and 
Catherine  Isabella,  his  wife,  daughter  and  eventually  sole  heir  of  Sir  Thomas 
Osborne,  ninth  Bart,  {see  Burke*s  Peerage  and  Baronetage),  and  has  issue, 

II.  Arthur,  h,  1877. 

III.  Maurice. 
I.  Olive. 

Sir  Henry  entered  the  Royal  Irish  Constabulary  1859,  and  was  appointed 
resident  magistrate  in  Ireland  in  February,  1876.  In  January,  1882,  he  was 
selected  by  government  to  be  one  of  the  five  special  resident  magistrates 
to  carry  out  the  measures  necessary  for  the  pacification  of  Ireland.  In 
January,  1884,  he  was  appointed  Governor  of  the  Bahamas,  and  in  1887, 
Governor  of  Newfoundland,  in  which  year  he  was  made  a  C.M.G.  In 
November,  1888,  he  was  nominated  Governor  of  Queensland,  but  did  not 
proceed  to  that  colony,  and  in  December  of  that  year  was  appointed  Captain- 
General  and  Governor-in-Chiof  of  Jamaica  and  its  dependencies.  He  was 
promoted  K.C.M.G.  in  1888. 


The  founder  of  this  family  waa  Richabd 
Caddbll,  called  Niger  (from  iivhich  the  sar- 
name  of  Bulk  or  Blakb),  who  was  Poitreve 
(bailiff)  of  the  town  of  Gal  way  in  1290,  and 
again  in  1312.  He  was  Sheriff  of  Connaught, 
from  1303  to  1306,  and  got  a  grant  of  Kilton- 
lagh  from  Thomas  de  Holbrigge,  in  1315. 
By  £mmeline  Lynch,  his  wife,  he  had  four 
suns,  the  eldest  of  whom, 

Waltbb  Blaeb,  alicu  Oaddlb,  fitz 
Richard,  was  a  burgess  of  Galway,  and  got  a 
gmnt  of  the  customs  of  the  town  of  Galway 
in  1346.  His  will  was  dated  March,  1357 
(31  Edward  111).  He  m.  Mary,  daughter 
of  Stephen  Bbownb,  fitz  Dayid,  and  by  her 
bad  issue, 

I.  John,  provost  of  Athenry  in  1394,  m. 
Margaret,  daughter  of  Lb  Bbun,  of 
Athenry,  and  made  his  will  1420 ;  his 

Henry,  fitz  John,  burgess  of  Gal- 
way, made  his  will  1450.  By 
Mary,  daughter  of  Bibmikoham, 
of  Athenry,  he  had  five  sons,  of 

John,  fitz    Hennr,  burgess  of 

Galway,  made  his  will  1468, 

and       left,       by       Juliana 

TFBBNCH  his  wife,  two  sons, 

and   two  daughters,   of  the 


Valentine      (Vadyn),     fitz 

John,     was     bailiff    of 

Galway    1496.     He    m. 

Julian,      daughter      cf 

Geoffrey     Lynch,    atd 

made     his     will     1499, 

leaving    with      another 

son  and  a  daughter, 

1.  John,   fitz    Vadyn, 

ancestor      of      the 

Blake s  of  Lehinch 
and  Rentyyle. 

2.  Valentine  (Ose). 

8.  Thomas,  fitz  Vadyn, 
ancestor  of  Blakb, 
baronet,  of  Men- 
lough;  Blakb,  of 
Drum:  Blakb,  of 
Mfrlin  Park,  and 
Blakb,^/'  TowerhiUf 
CO.  Mayo. 

II.  Henry,  left  an  only  child,  Sille,  Cille, 
or  Gylle. 

III.  Gbopfbby,  fitz  Walter,  of  whom 

IT.  Thomas   (Niger),  who  left    a  son, 

V.  Wiluam. 

I.  Cille  or  Lily,  w.  Philip  Lb  Bbun,  of 
The  third  son, 
Gbofpbbt  Blakb  (fitz  Walter)  left  a  son, 
William  Blakb  (fitz  Geoffrey),  who  was 
living  in  1445,  and  had  a  son, 

John  Blakb  (fitz  William),  was  mayor  of 
Ghklway  in  14S8.  He  was  one  of  the  executors 
of  the  will  dated  1468,  of  John  Blake,  fitz 
Henry  (»ee  above).     Ho  left  issue, 

I.  Geoffrey,  bailiff  of  Galway  in  1486; 
he  had  a  son,  Kichard,  mayor  of  GtsX- 
way  in  1533,  who  d.  1565,  leaving  a 
son,  John,  who  was  mayor  of  Galway 
in  1578,  and  d.  in  1586. 

II.  Walter,  bishop  of  Glonmacnoise,  in 

III.  Andbbw,  of  whom  presently. 

IV.  Peter. 
The  third  son, 

Akdbbw  Blake,  had  three  sons,  of  whom 
Patrick  was  ancestor  of  Blakb  of  Or  an 
CastlCf  Galway,  and  the  youngest  was, 



Waltkb  Blakk  (fitz  Andrew),  who  left  at 
hii  decease  two  sons, 

I.  BoBBBT,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Marcus,  d.  1629,  having  been  elected 
mayor  of  Gal  way,  leaving  a  son, 
Walter,  whose  son,  Marcus  (Oge)  or 
Maurice  Blake,  was  ancestor  of  Blakb, 
of  Baliinafad,  oo.  Mayo. 

The  elder  son, 

BOBEET  JiLAKE  (fitz  Walter  fitz  Andrew), 
got  a  grant  by  patent  I2th  May,  1612,  of 
Ballynacourt  {now  Wallscourt)  ;  of  Ardfry ; 
and  of  lands  in  co.  Mayo.  He  m.  Catherine, 
daughter  of  Richard  D'Aecy,  and  d.  1616, 
leaving  issue, 

I.  RiCHABD,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Peter,  of  Cloonbaneen. 

III.  Nicholas,  of  Gronilea,  d.  1682, 
leaving  Peter ;  S^atherine ;  and  Mary, 
«i.  Sir  Ilenry  Lynch,  third  Baronet, 
of  Castlecarra,  and  d.  1712. 

The  eldest  son, 

SiB  RiCHAED  Blake,  Knt.,  M.P.,  of  Ard- 
fry, CO.  Galway,  mayor  of  Q«lway  1627,  and 
Speaker  of  the  Supreme  Council  of  co.  Kil- 
kenny, 1648,  m.  Gyles,  daughter  of  Alderman 
Andrew  Eibwan  (ancestor  of  Xibwax  of 
Creg),  and  d.  1666,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Robert,  of  Ardfry  and  Wallsconrl, 
ancestor  of  Lord  Wallscoubt  {tee 
Bubeb'b  Peerage). 

II.  Andrew. 

III.  Pktee,  of  whom  we  treat. 

I.  Bridget,  m.  Edmund,  son  and  heir  of 
John  Dillon. 
The  youngest  son, 

Pbtbb  Blakb,  of  Coroally,  who  got  a 
grant  of  those  lands  by  patent  in  1679  (dated 
15th  July,  31  C'HABLBd  II,  enrolled  20th 
December,  1679).  He  d.  1712,  leaving  by 
Magdalen  Mabtin,  his  wife. 

I.  Patbiok,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Sibella,  m.  Anthony  Deanb. 

II.  SwiKA,  m.  Hyacinth  Bfbbnoh. 

III.  A  daughter  m.  Qeoftrej  Bbowitb, 
of  Casthemacgarret. 

The  only  son, 

Pateick  Blakb,  of  Corbally,  d.  19th  June, 
1753,  leaving  by  Margaret  his  wife,  six  sons, 
ond  three  daughters  (Magdalen,  Agneta, 
and  Maria).     His  second  son, 

Pbtbb  Blaeb,  of  Corbally,  who  s.  to  these 
estates  on  19th  June,  1753,  d.  27th  June 
following,  leaving  an  only  son,  and  heir, 

Pateick  Blakb,  of  Corbally,  m.  July, 
1757,  Mary,  daughter  of  Mobgak,  of  Monks« 
field,  and  left  a  son, 

Pbteb  Blakb,  of  Corbally,  m.  14th  May, 
1800,  Mary,  daughter  of  Hon.  John  Beowkb, 
sixth  son  of  John,  drst  Earl  of  Altamont^  and 
d.  1842,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Patrick,  Captain  87th  and  12th  Regis., 
who  d.  leaving  an  only  son, 

H  enry  Arthur,  d.  *.  p. 

II.  Pbtbb,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Henry,  accompanied  his  kinsman, 
the  Marquess  of  Sligo,  to  Jamaica  in 
1834,  as  private  secretary.  He  was 
afterwards  stipendiary  magistrate,  and 
d.  of  yellow  fever  in  1836,  unm. 

The  second  son, 

Pbtbb  Blakb,  county  inspector  of  the 
Royal  Irish  Constabulary,  oo.  Kilkenny,  m. 
Jane,  daughter  of  John  Lake,  of  Lanes  Park, 
and  d.  1851,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Hbnby  Abthue  (Sir),  the  subject  of 
this  memoir. 

II.  Peter,  agent.  Bank  of  Ireland,  Gal- 
way, m.  and  has  issue. 

III.  John  Lane,  d.  1883. 
lY.  Francis  Ambrose. 

V.  Vere  William  Lane. 

Arme — Arg.  a  fret  gu. 

Creat — A  cat-a-mountain  passant  guardant,  ppr. 

Motto — Virtus  sola  nobilitat. 

£esidence — King's  House,  Jamaica. 

Club — Marlborough,  Pall  Mall,  London. 


EEV.  ARTHUR  JOHN  BEANLANDS,  of  the  Rectory,  Victoria,  British 
Columbia,  M.A.,  Rector  and  Canon  Residentiary  of  Christchurch 
Cathedral,  Victoria,  British  Colombia,  h.  1867,  m,  1884,  Laura  Maud, 
eldest  daughter  of  Walter  Alfred  Hills,  barrister-at-law,  of  Ramsgate, 
England  (second  son  of  Walter  Hills,  barrister-at-law,  by  Sarah  Elizabeth, 
his  wife,  daughter  and  heir  of  William  Jeffreys,  of  Chatham,  co.  Kent),  by 
Mary  Anne,  his  wife,  daughter  of  William  Morley  Stubbs,  of  Knaresboro*, 
England,  and  sister  of  the  Bishop  of  Oxford,  and  has  had  is^ue, 

L  Dorothy  Garnett,  h  1886. 

II.  Alison  Henlock,  b.  1891. 

III.  Michael  Lawrance,  h.  and  d.  1893. 



The  Rev.  Mr.  Beanlanda  takes  a  great  interest  in  all  qaestions  relating  to 
the  colonies  and  emigration,  and  has  written  several  pamphlets  on  Briti»h 
Columbia,  published  by  the  Government,  and  delivered  an  address  in  1892 
in  the  Royal  Colonial  Institute  on  the  same  subject. 


This  is  an  old  yeoman  family  owning  land  at 
Morton  in  Craren,  oo.  York,  since  1530,  and 
tnej  still  retain  a  small  freehold  property  there 
which  justifies  their  claim  to  a  TOte  in  the 
West  Riding  of  Yorkshire  for  nearly  four 
hundred  years.  John  Beanlande  was  a  land- 
owner, near  Wynchcombe,  temp.  Hexut  III. 
The  last  of  his  name,  Matthew  Beanlande,  held 
a  knight's  fee,  in  Perschenet  and  Herkede- 
stone,co.  Hereford,  temp.  Hbmby  VI.  It  is 
presumed  that  a  membtr  of  the  family  re- 
moved to  Yorkshire  during  the  Wars  of  t]ie 
Koses,  and  settled  in  Crarcn.  Matthew 
Beanlande  had  two  sons, 

I.  JoHK,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Henry,  who  fought  with  the  Craven 
men  at  f  lodden,  1516. 

The  eldest  son, 

Jouir  Beanlakde,  living  at  Ketghley, 
temp.  Henby  Vill,  when  the  name  first 
occurs  in  Yorkshire,  purchased  land  of  the 
Paslews  at  Ryecroft,  in  Bingley,  which  he  left 
by  will  to  his  youngest  son.  He  d,  1544, 
learing  issue, 

I.  John,  of  Keighley. 

II.  Alan,  of  whom  presently. 

in.  Robert,  of  Ryecroft,  d.  1585,  leaving 
by  Jane  his  wife,  two  sons, 

3 .  Henry,  of  Ryecroft,  yeoman,  «i. 
Ellen  Beanb,  of  Gilstead,  co. 
York,  and  had  issue, 

(a)  RobeH,  of  Gillgrange. 

(b)  George,  of  Ryecroft,  d. 
1B67,  possessed  of  lands  at 
Rjecroft,  Little  Esbolt 
Fields,  Lands  End  Lane 
and  Smithey  Croft,  and  by 
Alice,  his  wife,  had  issue, 
two  daus. 

2.  George. 
The  second  son, 

Alan  Bbanlands,  of  Morton,  where  he  d. 
1664,  possessed  of  landed  property  theie, 
which  he  settled  on  his  eldest  son ;  his  will 
was  proved  same-  year.  He  left  issue  by 
Isabel,  his  wife,  two  sons  and  three  daugh- 

I.  Chbistopheb,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  John,  m.  Elizabeth  Mylneb,  and 
left  issue,  Edward,  Erancis,  and 

I.  Elizabeth. 

II.  Margaret. 

III.  Janet,  m.  John  Stayneclipfe. 
The  eldest  son, 

Chbistopheb  Beanlands,  of  Morton, 
yeoman,  *.  to  his  father's  property  there, 
on  the  death  of  his  mother.  He  d.  1589, 
leaving  by  Margaret  his  wife,  three  eons  and 
one  daughter,  viz., 

X.  AiAN,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Robert,  of  Micklethwaite,  m.  Janet 
Whtttinohame,  and  had  issue, 

1.  John,  m,  Isabel  Ropeb. 

2.  Robert,  of  Micklethwaite,  m. 
Grace,  daughter  of  James  MuB- 
OATBoyn,  of  Bingley,  and  d. 
leaving  issue,  two  daughters. 

8.  WiUiam,  of  Ilkley,  m.  Mary 
Stead,  and  had  with  other  usue, 

(a)  Christopher,  of  llkley,  d. 

(h)  Benjamin,  of  Ilkley,  m, 
Mary,  daughter  of  Captain 
Thomas  Hebeb,  of  HoUing 
Hall,  by  Mury,  his  wife, 
daughter  of  Edward  Pabebb, 
of  Browsholme,  and  d,  1736, 
leaving  is»ue. 

III.  Henry,  d.  in  iufancy. 
I.  Elizabeth. 

The  eldest  son, 

Alan  Beanlands,  of  Morton,  yeoman, 
m.  Isabel  Dobson,  and  d.  1611,  leaving 

I.  John,  d.  1601. 

II.  Chbistopheb,  of  whom  presently. 
I.  Jane,  d.  16j7. 

The  only  surviving  child, 

Chbistopheb  Beanlands,  of  Morton, 
yeoman,  b.  1597,  m.  1619,  Grace  Wilkin- 
son, and  d.  1622,  leaving  issue,  with  a  daugh- 
ter, Isabel,  an  only  son, 

Chbistopheb  Beanlands,  of  Morton, 
yeoman,  b.  1620,  and  d.  1684,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Christopher,  b.  163^,  d.  in  infancy. 

II.  William,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Jonathan,  b.  1647,  d.  in  infancy. 

IV.  Joseph,  of  Skyroicks,  b.  1662,  pos- 
sessed of  lands  in  Exley,  Ogden, 
Lothersdale,  Gargrave,  Esbton,  Stee* 
ton,  Thorleby,  Flashy,  and  Skipton, 
and  d.  1719,  leaving  three  daughters 
(who  ».  to  his  property),  Mary,  Susan, 
and  Martha. 

Y.  George,  of  Brockenbank,  b.  1653,  m. 
and  had  a  son,  Joseph,  of  Brocken- 
bank, who  also  m.  and  had  two  sons, 

1.  George,  BA.  St.  John's  College, 
Cambridge,  Master  of  Eeighley 
Grammar  School,  and  legatee  of 
his  grand-uncle,  Joseph  of  Sky- 
roicks ;  he  d.  1724. 

2.  John,  d.  1720  (M.I.  in  Keigh- 
ley Church),  also  a  legatee  of  his 
grand -uncle. 

Yi.  Jeremiah,  administered  to  his 
father's  estates,  1684,  and  d.  $.  p.  1686. 

I.  Mary. 

II.  Anne. 

III.  Isabel. 

IV.  Grace. 



The  eldest  Burviving  son, 

William  Bbanlands,  of  Morton,  b.  1644, 
d.  1683,  loaving  by  Elizabeth,  his  wife,  two 

I.  William,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Jonathan,  b.  1678,  d.  1681. 
The  eldest  son, 

William  Branlands,  #.  his  grandfather 
at  Morton,  b.  1673,  possessed  of  lands  in 
Morton,  Lothersdale,  Keighley,  and  Burley, 
m.  Margaret,  daughter  of  Josoph  Gill, 
of  Burley-wood-head,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

I.  William,  of  whom  we  treat. 

II.  Joseph,  m.  1733,  Elizabeth,  daughter 
of  John  MUBOATBOYD,  of  Lees,  and 
had  issue,  a  son,  Joseph,  b.  1736, 
d.  8.  p.  1831,  aged  95. 

III.  John,  b.  1708,  m.  daughter  and  heir 
of  Fell  of  Fell  Lane,  and  had  issue, 
a  son,  Joseph,  of  Fell  Lane,  who  m. 

Anne,  daughter  of Gbkenwood, 

of  Keighlej. 

Mr.  Beanlands  d.  1757.     His  eldest  son, 

William  Beanlands,  m.  Jane,  daughter 
of  James  Houghton,  and  by  her,  who  d. 
1753,  aged  53,  had  issue  a  son, 

John  Beanlands,  of  Morton  Bunks,  who 
eventually  *.  to  all  the  property  of  his 
grandfather,  was  b.  1725,  m.  Mary,  daughter 
of  Charles  Pullryn,  and  d.  VJll,  hav- 
ing by  her,  who  d,  1800,  had,  with  other 

I.  William,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  John,  of  Elm  Tree  Hill,  Bingley, 
d.  ».  p.y  owned  land  at  Micklethwaite ; 
Beckfoot ;  Elm  Tree ;  Lothersdaile ; 
and  Burley-wood-head. 

III.  Benjamin,  merchant  of  Bradford, 
d.  8.  jp. 

IV.  Josoph,  of  Bingley,  d.  s.  p. 
The  eldest  son, 

William  Beanlands,  of  Cottingley 
Grange,  a  merchant  of  Bradford,  b.  1761,  m. 
Martha,  daughter  of  William  Haigh,  of 
Bradford,  and  d,  at  Altona,  Denmark,  1815, 

having  by  her,  who  d.  1843,  ajed  79,  liad 
with  three  daughters,  an  only  son, 

John  Beanlands,  of  Bingley,  co.  York, 
b.  1785,  a  Commissioner  of  Requests,  m.  1815, 
Ann,  daughter  of  William  Gabnbtt,  of 
Otley,  in  Wharfedale,  sister  of  the  Rev. 
Richard  Q-abnbtt,  of  the  British  Museum, 
the  eminent  philologist,  by  Mary,  daughter 
of  William  Rhodes,  of  Otley  {fee  Bubkb's 
Landed  Gentry^  Rhodes,  of  Creskeld)^  and 
d.  1862,  having  by  her,  who  was  b.  1784,  and 
d.  1872,"  had  issue, 

I.  William,  of  Elm  Tree,  m.  Sarah, 
daughter  of  William  Oddie,  and 
d.  8.  p.  1886,  aged  72. 

II.  Benjamin,  of  Lincoln's  Inn,  London, 
d.  8.  p.  1866. 

III.  Abthub,  of  whom  presently. 

IV.  Charles,  M.A.,Ticar  of  St.  Michael's, 

Mr.  Beanlands  sold  the  Burley-woods  estate 
to  his  cousin,  T.  Horsfall,  J.P.,  of  Hawks- 
worth  Hall,  CO.  York.     His  third  son, 

Abthub  Beanlands,  of  the  Palace  Green, 
Durham,  England,  M.A.  and  J.P.,  w.  1850, 
Jane,  daughter  and  co-heir  of  Thomas 
JowETT,  of  Ashfield  House,  Bingley,  Yorks, 
by  Mary,  daughter  of  William  Bbiggs,  of 
Wilsden,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Abthub.  of  British  Columbia,  the  sub- 
ject of  this  memoir. 

I.  Mary  Garnett. 

II.  Margaret  Frances,  m.  Frederick 
Horsfall  HowsoN,  M.A.,  of  Ilkley, 
Y'orks,  eldest  son  of  Frederick  How- 
BON,  J.  P.  of  CO.  Huntingdon,  by 
the  daughter  of  Timothy  Hobsfall, 
of  HawkswortI),  co.  York,  and  has 
had  it- sue  four  sons,  Wilfrid,  Philip, 
d.  1891,  Noel,  and  Herbert. 

III.  Anne,  m.  William  Borlase  Tbb- 
MENHERBE,  M.A.,  Yicar  of  Pallion, 
Sunderland,  co.  Burham,  second  son 
of  Lieutenant- General  William  Tbe- 


Arms — Ar.  a  tressure flory  vert  over  all  a  8altier  yu. 

Crest — A  leopard's  head  erased  or. 

Eesidence'^The  Rectory,  Victoria,  British  Columbia. 


HON.  SIR  SAUL  SAMUEL,  K.C.M.G.,  C.B.,  of  Sopbienburgb,  Liver- 
pool,  New  South  Wales,  and  of  15,  Courtfield  Gardens,  Sonth 
Kensington,  London,  agent-general  in  London  for  New  Sonth  Wales ;  h.  in 
London,  2nd  November,  1820;  m.  first,  IGtb  December,  1857,  Henrietta 
Matilda,  daughter  of  Benjamin  Goldsmith  Levien,  of  Geelong,  Victoria,  and 
by  her  has  had  issue, 

I.  Louis,  of    Sydney,  engineer,   6.  6th  January,   1861,  educated  at  the 

Sydney  Grammar  School,  m.  2ud  March,  1886,  Mary  Ruth,  daughter 

of  Captain  Fowler,  and  d.  in  Sydney,  29th  November,  1887,  aged  26, 

leaving  issue  two  daughters. 

I.  Edward  Levien,  of    Spring   Street,   Sydney,  engineer,  h.  28th  April, 


1862,  edacated  at  the  Sydney  Grammar  School;  m.  at  Hampstead, 
CO.  Middlesejc,  England,  30th  September,  1891,  Ray,  youngest 
daaghter  of  Abraham  Cohen,  of  Hampstead. 

III.  Henri  Saul,  Lieutenant  Royal  Munster  Fusiliers,  h.  28th  May,  1864. 

I.  Lydia  Eliza,  h,  Ist  October,  1858  9  w,  4th  November,  1884,  Walter  E, 


II.  Florence  Fanny,  b.  15th  December,  1869. 

iSir  Saul  w,  secondly,  Slst  October,  1877,  Sara  Louise,  daughter  of  Edward 
Isaacs,  of  Auckland,  New  Zealand,  J.P.,  and  by  her  (who  d.  20th  August, 
1891)  has  issue, 

IV.  Randolph  John,  h.  25th  August,  1878. 

Sir  Saul  went  to  New  South  Wales  iu  1832  ;  was  appointed  a  magistrate 
of  the  territory  for  that  colony,  1846 ;  first  elected  to  the  old  Legislative 
Council  for  Roxburgh  and  Wellington,  in  October,  1854,  before  the  introduc- 
tion of  responsible  government;  was  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Assembly, 
1857-72;  in  1872,  he  was  nominated  to  a  seat  in  the  Legislative  Council, 
in  which  chamber,  as  vice-president  of  the  Executive  Council,  he  represented 
the  Government ;  was  minister  for  finance  and  trade  in  1859,  1860,  1865, 
1866,  1868,  1869,  and  1870,  and  postmaster-general,  1872-75,  1877,  and 
1878-80  ;  since  when  he  has  been  agent-general  for  New  South  Wales  in 
England  ;  represented  in  1870  at  Melbourne,  and  in  1878  at  Sydney,  the 
colony  of  New  South  Wales  at  conferences  of  delegates  from  all  the 
Australasian  colonies  to  consider  matters  of  common  interest;  while 
postmaster-general,  in  1873,  as  special  commissioner,  visited  New  Zealand, 
England  and  the  United  States  of  America  to  arrange  for  establishing  a 
mail  service  between  the  United  Kingdom  and  the  Australasian  colonies,  by 
way  of  United  States  of  America,  and  in  the  same  year  made  a  postal 
convention  with  the  United  States  Government ;  was  executive  commissioner 
for  New  South  Wales  to  the  Amsterdam  Exhibition  in  1873  ;  royal  com- 
missioner, Indian  and  Colonial  Exhibition,  1886,  and  for  a  time  acting  executive 
commissioner  for  New  South  Wales ;  delegate  from  New  South  Wales  to 
colonial  conference  held  in  London,  1887 ;  and  representative  for  the 
Governments  of  New  South  Wales  and  Queensland  at  the  Vienna  Postal 
Convention  in  1891.  Sir  Saul,  who  was  created  C.M.G.  1874,  K.C.M.G. 
1882,  and  C.B.  1886,  is  a  member  of  the  Council  of  the  Royal  Colonial 
Institute,  a  member  of  the  Executive  Council  of  the  Imperial  Institute, 
and  one  of  the  vice-presidents  of  the  Council  of  the  Society  of  Arts. 


Edwabd  Samttbl,  m.  in  March,  1780, 
and  d.  15th  May,  1810,  leaving  by  Hannah 
liis  wife  (who  d.  SUt  December,  1821),  a 

Sampson  Samubl,  of  London,  who  d.  2nd 

Oclober,  1820,  haying  had,  by  Lydia  his  wife 
(who  d.  3l8t  March,  1865), 

I.  Saul  (Sir),  agent-general  in  London  for 
New  South  Wales. 

II.  Louis,  d.  unm.  27th  February,  1867. 

-^nw*— Per  chev.  arg.  and  gu.,  two  wolves'  heads  erased  in  chief  sa.  and  in  base  as 
many  squirrels  sejant  addorsed  and  each  cracking  a  nut  of  the  first. 

CrMt — Upon  a  rock  ppr.  in  front  of  three  spears  one  in  pale  and  two  in  ealtire  arg.  a  wolf 
courant  sa.  pierced  in  the  breast  by  an  arrow  of  the  second  flighted  or. 

Motto — A  pledge  of  better  times. 

Residence — 15,  Courtfield  Gardens,  South  Kensington,  London. 

VOL.  II.  2  K 


Official  5e#t<i^»5«— Westminster  Chambers,  9,  Victoria  Street,  S.W. 
Seat — Sophienburgh,  Liverpoal,  New  South  Wales. 
C/tt6— Whitehall,  London. 

FRANCIS  PETER  DE  LABILLIERE,  of  Harrow-on-the  Hill,  co. 
Middlesex,  England,  and  late  of  Victoria,  h.  in  Melbonrne  I3th  Angost, 
1840,  m.  at  St.  Saviour's,  Paddingfcon,  9fcli  October,  1867,  Adelaide,  eldest 
daughter  of  the  late  Rev.  Edward  Ravenshaw,  M.A.,  rector  of  West  Kington, 
CO.  Wilis,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Chaeles  Edgar  Delacour  (Rev.),  B.A.,  Exeter  College,  Oxon,  curate 

of  Walcot,  Bath,  h.  20fch  August,  1869. 
II.  Edward  Gardiole  Delacour,  2nd  lieutenant  Indian  Staff  Corps,  h.  lOfch 

July,  1872. 
III.  Paul  Fulcrand  Delacour,  h.  25th  March,  1879. 

I.  Blanche  Charlotte  Delacour. 

II.  Maud  Hannah  Delacour. 

III.  Adeline  May  Delacour. 

Mr.  F.  P.  de  Labilli^re  was  called  to  the  Bar  at  the  Middle  Temple,  June, 
1863.  He  was  one  of  the  earliest  advocates  of  Imperial  Federation,  and  was 
Hon.  Secretary  to  the  conference  on  Colonial  questions  in  1871 ,  and  to  the 
Imperial  Federation  League,  the  formation  of  which  lie  was  the  first  to 
suggest.  From  1874  to  1881,  as  a  member  of  the  council  of  the  Royal 
Colonial  Institute,  he  assisted  Sir  Frederick  Young  in  his  work  of  Honorary 
Secretary  to  the  society  before  it  was  in  a  position  to  maintain  a  paid  stafiF. 
He  was  the  first  to  propose  the  annexation  of  Eastern  New  Guinea  in  a  letter 
addressed  to  the  Secretary  of  State  for  the  Colonies  in  1874.  Besides  many 
papers  and  articles  he  published  in  1878,  his  Early  History  of  the  Colony  of 
Victoria^  in  two  vols.,  and  in  1894,  Federal  Britaiii,  or  the  Unity  and  Federation 
of  the  Empire, 


This  family  is  of  Huguenot  origin,  and 
can  be  traced  amongst  the  nobility  of 
Languedoc,  as  far  back  as  the  twelfth  cen- 
tury. It  was  the  senior  and  is  now  the 
only  branch  represented  in  the  male  line,  of 
the  very  ancient  family  of  "De   la   Cour,'^ 

Jean  de  la  Coub,  who  in  1480  proved  the 
nobility  of  his  ancestors,  m.  (wife  called  Noble 
Aurable)  and  d.  (will  dated  24th  October, 
1614)  leaving  a  son, 

Andb£  db  la  Coub,  Seigneur  de  la  Bil- 
li^re,  first  so  styled,  m.  Jeanne,  daughter  of 

originally    "  de    Curia"    of    the    Cevennes.  j  Jean  de  M!abdajob3,  Seigneur  d'Aleyrac  et 

Dalmace  de  la  Cour,  or  Dalmacius  de  Curia  j  Desplanti^re,  and  d,  (will  dated  13th  July, 
is  mentioned  in  1113.    Q-uillaume  de  la  Cour       1578),  leaving  a  son, 

lived  at  the  Chateau  d'PJsparon,  on  a  com-  '       Fulceand  de  la  Coub  m.  17th  June,  1582, 

mending   eminence,    near    Aulas     in    1264.  i   Liette  de  Tarbox,  and  d.  (will  dated  30th 

Only  one  link  is  wanting  in  the  chain  of 
pedigree  between  him  and  Bernard,  with 
whom  the  unbroken  line  begins. 

Guillacmb  de  la  Cocb,  of  ancient  and 
noble  lineage  in  the  province  of  Languedoc 
(son  of  Bebnahd  de  la  Coub,  of  Le  Plan, 
near  Aulas,  by  his  wife  Sauxie,  and  whose 
will  is  dated  2nd  January,  1460),  m.  23rd 
January,  1466,  Flora  R^al,  and  d.  (will  dated 
2nd  April,  1502)  leaving  a  son, 

March,  1637,  in  which  he  declared  himself  a 
Protestant)  leaving  with  other  issue  [from 
one  of  wliom  Pierre,  sprang  a  junior  branch 
(now  extinct),  of  Montcamp,  in  France],  a 

Andb^.  db  la  Coub,  m.  9th  January,  1611, 
Jeanne  db  Bilax sbs,  and  had  (with  a  younger 
son,  Pierre,  Seigneur  de  la  G^ardiolle ;  h.  29th 
November,  162  A,  who  d.  a  Huguenot  refugee, 
in    England),   Paul,    of    whom    presently. 



Andre  de  U  Cour's  will  U  dated  30tli  August, 
1661.     Hitfson, 

Pafl  db  la  Cous,  styled  Seigneur  de  la 
Oardiolle,  m.  22nd  Noyemher,  1642,  Claude, 
daughter  of  Henri  de  VissBC,  Sieur  de  Pra- 
dines,  d.  in  the  camp  before  Lerida,  in  1646, 
learing  a  son, 

Chaslbs  be  la  Com,  Seigneur  de  la  Bil- 
liire,  IS.  7th  November,  1664,  Fran^oise, 
daughter  of  Etienne  de  Quatrepaobs,  of 
Breau,  ne^r  Aulas,  from  whidi  familj  was 
descended  the  eminent  French  naturalist, 
now  deoeftsed.  Charles  and  his  uncle,  Pierre 
de  la  O&TdioUe,  obtained  27th  September, 
1680,  a  judgment,  confirmed  by  Lop  is  XIV, 
declaring  them  to  be  of  noble  birth.  They 
had  to  furnish  proofs  that  the  family  had 
b^cn  noble  for  two  hundred  years.  The 
original  judgment  is  t-t  Montpellier  in  the 
A  rehires  of  the  Department  of  Herault, 
Serie  B.,  Begister  No.  50,  fol.  143.  Charles 
and  his  uncle  were  members  of  the  General 
Assemblj  of  the  Reformed  Churches  of  the 
Cevennee,  at  Colognac,  in  1683,  but  on  the 
revocation  of  the  Edict  of  Nantes,  the 
former  abjured,  and  having  taken  part 
against  his  former  co-religionists  in  the  war 
of  the  Camisards,  was  shot  by  an  assassin, 
22nd  April,  1704,  near  his  house  at  Aulas. 
His  uncle  Pierre  fled  soon  after  the  revoca- 
tion of  the  Edict,  to  England,  and  d.  in 
London  #.  p.  3rd  October,  1705,  having  #». 
Susanne  DB  Boubbbt.  Charles  at  his  decease 
left  four  sous, 

I.  Paul,  b.  8th  October,  1667,  Lieutenant 
in  Marton's  Begiment,  1696,  fought 
under  William  111  in  Ireland  and 
the  Netherlands,  went  out  to  the 
Mediterranean  in  Sir  Cloudesley 
Shovel's  Fleet  in  1708,  and  took  part 
in  an  attempt  to  communicate  with 
the  persecuted  Cevennois  who  were  in 
arms.  He  was  Captain  in  Colonel 
Palzell's  regiment,  1709,  serving  with 
it  and  being  wounded  at  Tortosa  in 
Spain.  He  retired  as  a  Major  with  a 
pension,  and  d.  unm.  1736. 

II.  Pierbb,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Francois,  b.  1672,  a  French  officer, 
highlv  distinguished  himself,  and  was 
killed  at  the  siege  of  Turin  in  August, 

IT.  Charles,  b.  1676,  d.  at  the  siege  of 
Mantua  in  1 702.     He  and  his  brother 
had  fought  under  Marshal  Yillray,  in 
the  regiment  of  Brisse. 
The  second  son, 

PiBUBE  BE  LA  CouB,  b.  in  France,  29th 
June,  1669,  was  the  first  English  member 
of  the  family,  being  naturalized  by  Act  of 
Parliament,  1701.  He  fought  under  WiL- 
LIAX  III,  in  Ireland  and  the  Netherlands, 
and  was  Ensign  in  Marton's  Begiment, 
and  in  1708  he  was  chosen  by  the  Duke  of 
Schomberg  as  a  Comet  in  his  proposed  regi- 
ment of  Dragoons,  for  service  in  Portugal, 
which  was  partially  raised  and  then  coimter- 
manded  by  Queen  Anne's  G-overnment.  In 
1705,  he  obtained  a  Commission  now  in  pos- 
session of  his  descendants,  signed  by  Anne 

and  Ruvigny,  Earl  of  Gall  way,  the  famous 
Huguenot  General,  as  Captain  in  Viscount 
Mountjoy's  Begiment  of  Foot,  with  which  he 
served  in  jSpain,  also  another  in  the  same  offieer*s 
regiment  of  Dragoons,  dated  1715-16.  He 
m.  at  St.  Benet's,  Paul's  Wharf,  Srd  February, 
1708, Marque  Fran^oiee  BBYNAUD,of  a  Hugue- 
not family,  and  d.  (will  proved  1746)  leaving 
by  her,  who  d.  1748,  with  other  issue,  two  sons, 

I.  Paul,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Peter,  b.  30th  May,  1725,  Major 
92nd  Regiment,  d.  unm.  4th  June, 

The  elder  son, 

Paulde  Ladillikre,  b.  15th  June,  1715; 
a  letter  of  his  father's  dated  8th  January, 
1745,  mentions  that  he  harl  been  for  a  time 
a  colonist  at  Charleston,  Carolina,  bad  been 
prisoner  of  war  at  Barcelona,  and  had  visite<.l 
his  cousin  in  the  old  family  home  in  the 
Cevennes.  He  m.  in  London,  5th  March, 
1753,  Martha  BRUoriiRE,  who  survived  till 
1818,  and  d.  leaving  wiih  several  other  chil- 
dren, a  son, 

Pbtek  de  LABiLLiiRB,  b.  25th  July,  1766, 
m  31st  August,  1793,  Susanna  Boakb,  and 
d.  in  Victoria  24th  February,  1847,  having 
by  her  (who  d,  28th  November,  1837),  had 
with  other  issue,  none  of  whom  married,  a  son, 

CHABLEd  Edoab  DB  Labelli^rb,  m.  at 
St.  Murk's,  Dublin,  4th  July,  1839,  Hannah, 
daughter  of  John  Hamilton  Bali^,  whose 
father,  Captnin  Samuel  Balle,  B.N.,  was  a 
junior  officer  in  the  "  Monmouth,"  in  the 
famous  sea-fight  of  1758,  when  she  captured 
the  "  Foudroyant."  They  went  to  Australia, 
accompanied  by  his  father  in  "  the  West- 
minster," the  second  ship  that  ever  sailed 
direct  to  Port  Phillip  from  England,  and 
arrived  there  in  December,  1839.  He  bought 
the  sheep  station  called  "Lovely  Banks," 
but  changed  its  name  to  "  Yallock  Vale."  It 
was  on  tlie  Parwan  Creek,  about  ten  miles 
from  Bacchus'  Marsh  and  Ballan,  and  be- 
longed to  Messrs.  Hawkey, and  had,  since  the 
foundation  of  Port  Pliillip  settlement  in 
1 835,  had  two  owners.  Captain  Blackney  and 
James  Simpson,  the  first  police  magistrate 
appointed  to  Melbourne.  Charles  Edgar  de 
Labilliere  was  made  a  magistrate  of  New 
South  Wales,  when  Victoria  was  only  the 
Port  Phillip  District  of  that  colony,  and  was 
present,  when  Mr.  Latrobe  was  sworn  as  its 
first  Governor,  also  at  the  dinner  given  to 
him  on  that  occasion  at  the  Melbourne  Club, 
of  which  Mr.  C.  E.  de  Labilliere  was  for 
many  years  a  member.  He  was,  for  some 
time  before  the  appointment  of  a  paid  magis- 
trate, Chairman  of  the  Bench  at  Bacchus 
Marsh,  and  was  returning  officer  for  the 
West  Bourke,  at  the  first  General  Election, 
under  responsible  Government  in  1856.  In 
1859  he  sold  the  sheep  run  at  Yallock  Vale 
and  the  land  he  had  purchased  there,  and  re- 
turned to  England,  for  a  time,  travelling 
about,  and  finally  settled  in  London,  where 
he  d.  2nd  November,  1870,  leaving  by  his 
wife,  who  d.  23rd  October,  1880,  an  only  child, 
Fbancis  Peter  de  Labilliere,  the  sub- 
ject of  this  memoir. 

2  h:  2 


Anns — (Confirmed  to  Charles  do  la  Cour,  Seigneur  de  Labillifere,*  4fch  December,  1696,  in 
the  official  register  of  Montpellier-Montauban.)  Gu.  an  eagle  displayed  or  crowned  az.  langued 
and  armed  arg. 

Retidence — Harrow-on-the-Hill. 


HON.  SIR  JOSEPH  PALMER  ABBOTT,  Knight,  of  Tarella,  Sfc. 
Leonards,  Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  J.P.,  Speaker  of  the  Legislative 
Assembly  of  that  Colony,  6.  at  Muswellbrook,  New  South  Wales,  29th 
September,  1842 ;  m.  firstly,  23rd  December,  1873,  Matilda  Elizabeth,  eldest 
daughter  of  the  late  I>r.  Macartney,  of  West  Maitland,  New  South  Wales,  and 
by  her  has  issue, 

I.  John  Henry  Macartney,  6.  25th  December,  1874. 

II.  Macartney,  6.  3rd  July,  1877. 

I.  Frances  Amanda,  6.  28th  March,  1876. 

He   m.   secondly,   1st    March,    1883,   Edith,  youngest  daughter  of  the  late 
James  Solomon,  of  West  Maitland,  by  whom  he  has  issue, 

III.  Joseph  Palmer,  h.  18th  October,  1891. 

II.  Lydia  Abbott,  6,  27th  June,  1884. 

III.  Blanche  Edith,  6.  10th  September,  1885. 

IV.  Eleanor  Kingsmill,  6.  15th  August,  1887. 

Sir  Joseph  first  entered  the  Assejibly  of  New  South  Wales  in  1880 ;  was 
secretary  for  mines  from  7th  January,  1883,  to  7th  October,  1885;  and 
secretary  for  lands  from  7th  November  to  22nd  December,  1885.  He  was  a 
member  of  the  New  South  Wales  Commission  for  the  Melbourne  Centennial 
Exhibition  of  1888;  and  was  elected  Speaker  of  the  Legislative  Assembly 
in  October,  1890 ;  and  was  one  of  the  delegates  of  New  South  Wales  to  the 

•  Note. — This  notice  of  the  English  line  of  the  family  would  be  incomplete  without 
further  mention  of  the  French  branches.  The  junior  ones  of  de  Montcsmp  and  du  Viala 
{see  their  pedigree  in  D'Hozier's  Armorial  Oenerafy  Beg.,  VI)  became  extinct  in  the 
male  line  many  years  ago.  On  the  death  of  Charles  de  la  Cour,  Seigneur  de  Labilli^re,  his 
two  eldest  sons,  being  Huguenot  refugees  in  England,  his  third  son  Francis  de  la  Cour  de  la 
Gardiolle,  became  h«ad  of  the  family  in  Franco  and  possessed  of  the  land,  held  from  time 
immemorial  to  the  present  day,  by  them  at  Aulas,  from  which  place  their  residence  was,  about 
the  time  of  his  death,  remoTed  to  their  present  house  at  Yigan,  about  a  mile  distant.  Separa- 
tion, difiPerence  of  religion,  arid  the  fact  of  fighting  on  opposite  sides,  never  interfered  with  the 
affection  of  the  four  brothers.  On  the  pe*«ce  of  Ripwick,  the  two  who  were  with  the  English 
Army  and  the  two  in  the  French  Army  passed  two  or  three  days  at  Brussels  ;  this,  their  only 
meeting,  being  touchingly  recorded  in  their  letters,  which  still  exist.  When  killed  at  the  siege 
of  Turin  in  1706,  Francis  loft  a  young  widow,  Fran95i8e  d*Aiglepierre,  of  Saline,  and  an 
infant  son,  Charles  Desir^,  whose  son  Charles  Philibert,  was  Lieutenant  in  the  regiment  of 
Dauphin^  at  the  battle  of  Bosback,  about  which  he  wrot«  some  letters,  which  have  been 
printed  for  private  circulation  (Copy,  British  Museum).  He  rose  to  be  a  Colonel  of  his  regi- 
ment, which  became  known  as  the  38th ;  at  the  Revolution,  the  family  lost  the  pension 
which  had  been  conferred  on  his  grandfather  for  his  services.  His  son,  I.ouis  Marie  de  la 
Cour  de  la  Gardiolle  was  the  last  man  of  the  family  in  France.  His  career  in  the  French 
Navy  was  closed  when  he  was  a  young  officer,  by  his  being  made  a  prisoner  of  war  on  his 
ship  "La  S^rieuse"  being  captured  at  the  Battle  of  the  Nile.  He  wrote  some  letters  des- 
cribing the  movements  of  the  French  Fleet,  from  its  departure  from  Toulon  to  its  destruction 
by  Nelson,  which  have  been  printed  for  private  circulation  (Copy,  British  Museum).  He  lived 
at  Vigan,  and  d,  leaving  by  his  wife  an  only  daughter  Marie  Amelie  (who  d.  7th  March,  1888), 
the  only  representative  of  the  de  la  Gardiolle  branch,  m,  Charles  Louis  Auguste,  Baron  de 
CabiroD,  who  d.  22nd  April,  1891.  Their  only  daughter,  Marie  de  Cabiron,  is  now  the  only 
descendant  of  this  branch  of  the  family  in  France. 


Federation  ConventioD,  held  in  Sydney  in  1891.     He  received  the  honoar  of 
knighthood  25th  May,  1892- 

Thomas  Abbott  m.  IGth  October,  1803,   |  of  the  Legislatire  Assembly  of  New 

Eleanor     Kinosmill     (who   d,   at   Sydney,  South  Wales. 

28th  September,  1873),  and  d.  at  Sydney  9th 
May,  1854.     His  son, 

John  Kinosmill  Abbott,  of  Glengarry, 

II.  William  Edward. 

III.  Thomas      Kingsmill,     m.     Marion 
Lydiard,  and  d.  6th  August,  1891, 

Wingen,    New    South    Wales,    «.    Frances  learing  issue  two  sons  andoneclaughter. 

Amanda  Bsadt,  and  d.  duiing  his  father's 
lifetime,  11th  November,  1847,  leaving 

I.  JossFH  Palmes  (Hon.  Sir),  Speaker 

IT.  John  Heniy,  d.  unm,  2nd  February, 

I.  Lydia,  m.  J.  J.  Shaw,  who  d.  leaving 

one  son,  John  Abbott  Kingsmill. 

Be*idence — Tarella,  St.  Leonards,  Sydney,  New  South  Wales* 
Cluh — TJnioik 

of  Anderson's  Bay,  Dunedin,  Otago,  New  Zealand,  Jndge  of  the 
Sapreme  Conrt  of  New  Zealand,  and  Chancellor  of  the  University  of  Otago, 
h.  19th  September,  1837;  educated  at  Harrow  and  Trinity  College,  Cambridge 
(B,A,  1859,  M.A.  1862,  LL.M.  3868)  ;  called  to  the  bar  at  Lincoln's  Inn, 
November,  1859 ;  arrived  in  New  Zealand  in  1851 ;  district  land  registrar, 
Canterbury,  New  Zealand^  1871-72  ;  registrar-general  of  land  under  the  Land 
Transfer  Act,  1872-75 ;  and  appointed  puisne  jndge  of  the  supreme  court  of 
New  Zealand,  March,  1875;  m.  first  26th  July,  1864,  Caroline  Helen, 
daughter  of  the  late  Thomas  Sanctuary,  of  Horsham,  Sussex,  England,  and  by 
her  (who  d.  20th  June,  1875)  has  had  issue, 

I.  Joshua  SANCTtfARY,  6,  8th  March,  1870, 

ii.  Beauclerc,  K  23rd  February,  1872, 

III.  Norman,  h.  30th  March,  1873, 

IV.  Cecil,  5.  30th  January,  1875. 

I.  Helen  Lucy,  h.  10th  December,  1865, 
ii.  Lilian,  d.  in  infancy, 

III.  Mary,  6.  13th  March,  18G9, 

He  m.  secondly,  15th  February,  1877,  Amelia  Durant,  daughter  of  Thomas 
Wesley  Jago,  of  Dunedin,  New  Zealand,  and  by  her  has  issue, 

IV.  Theodora,  h.  Ist  January,  1878. 

V.  Constance,  h.  9th  January,  1879, 

VI.  Gwenda,  h.  11th  July,  1880, 


The  most  remote  ancestor  of  this  family 
that  can  be  traced  with  certainty  is  John 
Williams  of  Coate,  in  the  parish  of  Bamp> 
ton,  CO.  Oxford,  and  formerly  of  Aston,  in 
the  same  parish,  who  was  living  1642.  There 
were,  however,  persons  of  the  name  of  \\'il- 
LIAM8  living  in  the  parish  of  Bampton,  in 

the  reign  of  Elizabeth,  as  appears  from  the 
records  of  the  Consistory  Court,  at  Oxford. 
The  family  tradition  is  that  they  came  from 
the  county  of  Brecon,  and  settled  in  Oxford- 
shire, having  been  driven  from  Wuks  by 
religious  persecution.  If  this  is  true  it  would 
probably  refer  to  suuic  earlier  period   than 



Laud's  persecution  of  the  Puritans,  as  it 
seems  certain  that  the  family  were  settled  in 
Oxfordshire  before  that  time.  John  Wil- 
LIAMS)  the  South  Sea  Missionary  and  ex- 
plorer who  was  martyrel  at  Erromanga,  and 
Mr.  Leadek,  the  Rojal  Academician  (who 
changed  his  name  from  Williams  to 
Leader),  trace  a  common  origin  with  Mr. 
Justice  WiUiams. 

John  Williams,  of  Coate,  in  the 
parish  of  Bampton,  co.  Oxford,  purchased 
leasehold  land  at  Coate  by  indenture  dated 
1st  May,  1670 ;  was  referred  to  as  '*  Black 
Williams"  in  a  public  book  called  "the  Book 
of  the  Sixteen?,"  belonging  to  the  land- 
owners of  Aston  and  Coate  in  16fi8,  and  was 
stated  to  bj  (ommonly  called  "  Black  John 
Williams,"  in  a  lease  dated  28th  September, 
1670.  (Ad-innistration  of  his  estate  was 
granted  to  his  widow,  Anne  Williams,  7th 
November,  1'78,  by  the  Consistory  Court  at 
Oxford).     He  Iia<l  issue,  a  son, 

John  Williams,  of  Coate  and  sometime 
of  Aston,  both  in  the  parish  of  Bampton,  co. 
Oxford,  who  purchased  freehold  lands  in 
1654,  and  was  buried  at  Bump  ton,  25th 
October,  1693.  His  will,  dated  20th  October, 
1693,  was  proved  at  Oxford,  6th  November 
olio  wing.  By  Martha,  his  wife  (who  «t. 
before  1670),  he  had  issue,* 

I.  John,  of  Coate,  m.  at  Bampton,  7th 
November,  1700,  Mary,  daughter  of 
Thomas  Dale,  of  Coate,  by  Deborah, 
his  wife,  and  had  issue. 

II.  Richard,  m.  Deborah  Danceb,  of 
Risboro',  co.  Bucks  (who  d.  25th 
April,  1 758,  aged  60,  and  was  buried 
in  the  Meeting  House  burial  ground  at 
Coate),  and  d.  16th  August,  1740, 
nged  69,  having  had  amongst  other 

1.  Richard,  aged  12  years  in  1728. 

2.  John,  of  Coate,  aforeshid  and 
afterwards  of  Old  ShifFord,  in  the 
parish  of  Bampton,  b.  14th  Au- 
gust, 1725,  m.  first.  Hannah  CoL- 
LETT;  secondly,  Mary  Selman  j 
and  thirdly,  at  Bampton,  26th 
September,  1775,  Mary,  daughter 
of  John  RiDOE,  of'  Bampton, 
and  d.  vist  January,  1801,  hav- 
ing by  his  third  wife  (who  d.  9th 
November,  1837,  aged  92,  and 
was  buried  in  the  Meeting  House 
burial  ground  at  Coate)  had  with 
other  issue, 

Yioletta,  who  was  b.  16th  June, 
1776;  m.  at  Old  Shifford, 
24th  March,  1800,  her  first 
cousin,  Thomas  Williams. 
sometime  of  Camden  Hill, 
Kensington,  London,  and 
afterwards  of  Cowley  Grove, 
Ilillingdon,    grandfather     of 

the  Hon.  J.  S.  Williaiiia,  of 

New  Zealand. 
III.  Jambs,  of  whom  presently. 
The  third  son, 

Jambs  Williams,  of  Aston,  pariah  of 
Bampton,  co.  Oxford,  baptised  at  Bampton, 
Ist  January,  1674;  tn  in  1700,  Marr, 
youngest  daughter  of  John  Williams,  the 
younger,  of  Ooate  (whose  will,  dated  lOtK 
May,  1687,  was  proved  ait  Oxford,  16th  June, 
following,  by  Hannah,  his  widow),  and 
granddaughter  of  John  Williams,  the  elder, 
of  Coate  (whose  will,  dated  6th  October, 
1682,  was  proved  at  Oxford,  2l8t  May, 
1685) ;  and  d.  1728,  having  by  her  had 

I.  John,  b.  30th  August,  1701 ;  d.  s.  p. 

II.  James,  b.  1710. 

HI.  Benjamin,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Mary,  b.  6th  December,  1702 ;  living 
unm.  1728. 

II.  Hannah,  b.  7tb  January,  1704;  m. 
John  HuTT. 

III.  Anna,  m.  Robert  Sparsowhakb. 

IV.  A  daughter,  m.  Francis  RiCKBrrs. 
T.  Martha. 

VI.  Ljdia. 

VII.  Lois. 

The  tliird  and  youngest  son, 

Benjamin  Williams,  of  Coate,  b,  1718; 
m.  first,  Mary  HcNr,  of  High  Wycombe,  co. 
Bucks,  and  by  her  (who  d.  19th  August, 
1760)  had 

I,  Samuel,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  James,  d.  in  Now  York. 

I.  Elizabeth,  b.  July,  1741 ;  tn.  Thomas 
CooMBE,  of  Coate  (who  d.  17th  Feb- 
ruary, 1819,  aged  87), and  d.  8. p.  17th 
January,  1828,  aged  87. 

II.  Mary,  m.  William  Petty,  and  d, 
8th  October,  1778.  He  d.  27th  Sep- 
tember, 17P4. 

III.  Ann,  m.  John  Hughes,  of  Bristol, 
(whorf.  ]7tb  October,  1808),  rf.  3rd 
and  was  buried  at  the  burial  ground 
Brunswick  Square,  Bristol,  9th  Oc- 
tober, 1828^  aged  83,  having  had  issue. 

IV.  Martha,  unm.  1783. 

V.  Rebecca,  d.  an  infant. 

He  m.  secondly,  24th  September,  1761,  Re- 
bekah  RofiERTS  (who  d.  October,  1791),  and 
d.  27th  Januarj',  1792,  aged  74.  His  eldest  son, 
Samuel  Williams,  of  Bampton,  co.  Ox- 
ford, and  afterwards  of  Reading,  co.  Berks, 
b.  1749,  m.  5th  April,  1768,  Mary,  daughter 
of  Thomas  Fletcher,  of  Abingdon,  co. 
Berks ;  a)id  was  buried  2oth  December,  1788, 
at  the  Baptist  Chapel,  King's  Road,  Beading, 
having  by  Mary,  his  wife  (who  •  d.  Ist  June, 
1819,  aged  74),  had  issue, 

I.  Benjamin,  of  Reading,  h.  29th  May, 
1770;  m.  first,  Elizabeth  Buckla>^d 
(who  d.  February,  1800) ;  and 
secondly,  23rd  December,  1800,  Sarah 

*  In  a  lease,  dated  17th  April,  1658,  John  Williams  mentions  Richard  John  and  Margerj-, 
his  sons  and  daugliter,  who  must  have  been  children  of  the  lessee  by  a  marriage  prcrious  to 
that  referred  to  in  the  pedigree,  and  who  must  have  died  prior  to  the  births  of  John  Williauis 
and  Richard  M  iliiums,  sous  of  the  lessee,  John  Williams,  by  Maitha,  his  wife. 



Edgiktok  (who  d.  at  Norwich,  19th 
December,  1848,  aged  69)  ;  and  d.  Ist 
December,  1846,  aged  75,  leaving 

II.  Thomas,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Ebenezer,  d.  on  infant. 

I.  Elisabeth  Coombe,  m.  June,  1795, 
Edward  Leader,  ^lio  d.  s.  p.  27th 
October,  1833,  aged  61. 

II.  Mary,  m.  first,  Eichard  Francis 
(who  d.  28th  March,  1822,  aged  66)  ; 
and  secondlv,  June,  1824,  Eichard 
Kendal  (who  d.  1828) ;  and  d.  s.  p. 
29th  October,  1852. 

V.  Hannah,  m.  at  Beading,  co.  Berks, 
William  Carey,  formerly  of  Pough- 
leepeie.  New  York,  and  afterwards  of 
Utica,  in  co.  Oneida,  U.S.A.,  and  had 
Ti.  Martha,  tn.  May,  1824,  James  Col- 
lier, who  d.  8th  May,  1849*  leaving 
The  second  son, 

Thovas  Williams,  sometime  of  Camden 
Hill,  in  the  parish  of  St.  Mary  Abbots, 
Kensington,  co.  Middlesex,  and  aftcmards  of 
Cowley  Grove,  Hillingdon,  in  the  same  co.,  b. 
12th  December,  1773:  m.  24th  Marcli,  18C0, 
his  first  cousin,  Violetta,  daugliter  of  John 
Williams,  formerly  of  Coate,  and  afterwards 
of  Old  ShifTord,  Bampton,  and  d.  3rd  Janu- 
ary, 1852,  aged  78,  haying  by  her  (who  was 
6.  16th  June,  1776 ;  and  d.  1870,  aged  94)  had 

I.  Thomas  Coombe,  b,  21st  February, 
1801  yd.  29th  October,  1804. 

II.  Benjamin,  of  The  Lodge,  Hillingdon, 
CO.  Middlesex,  J.P.  for  that  co.,  and 
Captain  in  the  Oxfordshire  Militia,  5. 
13th  January,  1803 ;  mi.  first,  26th  Oc- 
tober, 1826,  Matilda  Sarah,  daughter 
of  William  Datis,  of  Millfields,  co. 
Pembroke,  and  bf  her  (who  d,  13th 
February,  1840)  had, 

1.  Benjamin,  b.  5th  April,  1828  ;  d. 
26th  September,  1831. 

2.  Frederick,  Lieutenant  E.N.,  b. 
28th  December,  1829;  m.  26th 
April,  1856,  Anne,  third  daugliter 
of  Thomas  Sanctuary,  of  Spring- 
field,  Horsham,  co.  Sussex. 

8.  Benjamin,  b.  22nd  August,  1836, 
C.B.,  Colonel  Bengal  Staff"  Cori)s, 
Director  of  Eemounts  in  Bengal ; 
served  in  the  Indian  Mutiny,  the 
Frontier  Campaigns,  and  the 
Afghan  War,  d.  1890. 

1.  Matilda,  b.  23rd  August,  1831. 

2.  Mary  Violetta,  b.  29th  April, 

8.   Emily,  b.  6th  August,  1834. 
Mr.  Benjamin  Williams  m.  secondly, 
22nd  April,  1864,  Catherine  Amelia, 
daughter  of  Spencer  Hogan   Fobde, 
of   &lanmyre,  co.  Cork,  Ireland. 

III.  Thomas* Coombe  (Rev.),  LL.B.,  b. 
16th  January,  1807;  im.  3rd  Decem- 
ber, 1846,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  John 

NiCHOLSOK,  of  Stramore  House,  co. 

Down,  Ireland,  and  had  issue, 

1.  Thomas  Bellingham  Coombe,  b, 
at  Geneva,  Switzerland,  4th  Oc- 
tober, 1847. 

1.  Emily  Violetta  Elizabeth,  b.  in 
Edinburgh,  3rd  October,  1849; 
d.  there  8th  January,  1853. 

2.  Gertrude  Mary  Elizabeth,  b. 
in  Edinburgh,  17th  November, 

IV.  Caleb  (Rev.)  M.A.,  rector  of  New- 
haven,  CO.  Sussex,  b.  3]6t  July,  1811; 
m.  6th  February,  18i4,  Frances  Eliza- 
beth (6.  l£th  March,  1822),daughter  of 
the  Rev.  Thomas  Hkathcotb,  of  Shaw 
Hill,,  Wilts,  and  d.  8.p.6th 
May,  1856. 

v.  Joshua,  of  whom  presently. 

VI,  Josiah  Dore,  of  Pierce  Williams, 
Hatfield  Broad  Oak,  co.  Essex,  and  of 
12,  Cavendish  Place,  Bath,  co.  Somer- 
set, J.P.,  CO.  Essex,  b.  I7th  April, 
1816;  m.  first,  11th  October,  1843, 
Sophia  Simonds,  daughter  of  William 
Smith,  of  Brighton,  co.  Sussex.  She 
d.  15th  May,  1848.  Hem.  secondly, 
29th  May,  1849,  Emma  Mary,  daugh- 
ter of  the  Rev.  Henry  Budd,  MA., 
rector  of  White  Roothing.  co.  Essex. 

I.  Violetta,  b.  21st  January,1805,  m.  28th 
October,  1834,  Rev.  iRussell  Skin- 
KER,  M.A.,  rector  of  Sweffling,  co. 
Suffolk  (who  was  b.  3rd  June,  1802), 
and  had  issue, 

1.  Russell  Walton,  b.  14th  June, 

1.  Violetta  Mary,  b.  4th  August, 

2.  Lucy  Judith,  b,  3rd  December, 

II.  Rebecca,  b,  15th  May,  1809 ;  m.  13th 
August,  1839,  Rev.  Theyre  Town- 
send  Smith,  M.A.,  vicar  of  Wymond- 
ham,  CO.  Norfolk,  and  honorary  canon 
of  Norwich.  He  rf.  4th  May,  1852, 
leaving  issu?, 

1.  Walter  Theyre,  b.  2nd  July, 

2.  Russell,  b.  15th  March,  1848. 

1.  Violetta,  b.  19th  May,  1840. 

2.  Clara,  b.  22nd  October,  1841. 

III.  Esther  Phillips,  b.  80th  March, 
1820;  m.  2Ut  April,  1816,  Rev. 
Richard  Cox  Hales,  M.A ,  one  of 
the  lecturers  of  St.  Martin's,  and  rec- 
tor of  Carfax  in  the  city  of  Oxford, 
and  had  an  only  child, 

Esther  Elliott  Cox,  b.  14th  Febru- 
ary,  1847. 
The  fifth  son, 

Joshua  Williams,  of  Lincoln's  Inn,  co. 
Middlesex,  barrister-at-law,  Q.C.,  author  of 
Williams  on  lieal  Froperiy  and  other 
well-known  legal  works,  b.  23rd  May,  1813, 
m.  first,  4th  May,  1836,  Lucy,  only  daughter 
of  William  Strange,  of  Upton,  VVe^t  11am, 
CO.  Essex,  and  by  her  (who  d.  20th  Novem- 
ber, 1841,  aged  38)  had  ijjsue, 

1.  JosuiA  SStkanue   (Hon.),   ji.dge  of 



the  supreme  coart  of  New  Zealand, 
the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

II.  William    Strange,    h,    10th    March, 
1841 ;  d.  next  day. 

Mr.  Joshua  Williams  m.  secondly,  18th  April, 
1843,  Elvira  Anna,  second  daughter  of  Lieu- 
tenant Colonel  PowDoU  Phipps,  H.E.I.C.S., 
of  Oaklands,  near  Clonmel,  co.  Tipperary,  and 
hy  her  (who  d.  14th  July,  1850,  aged  34)  had 

III.  George  Phipps,  h.  15ib  November, 

IV.  Pownoll  Toker,  h.  12th  May,  1849. 

I.  Elvira  Sophia,  h.  9th  July,  1844. 

II.  Alice  Miatilda,   h.    16th  September, 

III.  Isabella  Frances,  h.  4th  February, 

He  in.  thirdly,  12th  August,  1851,  Martha, 
secondly  daughter  of  the  Rev.  Cyprian 
Thompson,  incumbent  of  Fazeley,  Tamworth, 
CO.  Stafford,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

y.  Thomas    Cyprian,   h.    4ith    January, 
Mr.  Williams  m,  a  fourth  time,  and  d.  Octo- 
ber, 1881,  aged  68. 

Arms — Arg.  two  chevronels  engr.  sa.  between  three  cocks  gu.  on  a  chief  dancetteo  of 
the  second  three  spearheads  of  the  first. 

Crett — A  cubit  arm  vested  or  charged  with  a  pile  sa.  thereon  throe  spearheads  arg.  the 
Iruff  also  or  the  hand  holding  an  oak  branch  shpped  and  fructed  ppr. 

Motto— Deo  adjuvante  non  timendum. 

Resfdnnce — Anderson's  Bay,  Dunedin,  Ota  go,  New  Zealand. 

Clnb — Oxford  and  Cambridge,  London. 


EIGHT  REV.  SAMUEL  THORNTON,  D.D.  (Oxon),  M.A.  (Melbourae), 
of  Bisliopsconrt,  Ballarat,  Victoria,  Cburcli  of  England  Bishop  of  the 
diocese  of  ?allarat,  h.  16th  April,  1835;  m.  24th  July,  1866,  Emily, 
daughter  of  the  late  Henry  Thornton,  of  H.M.  Customs,  London,  by 
Penelope  his  wife,  and  has  issue, 

Henry  Samuel  Robinson,  B.A.  (Trinity  College,  Oxford),  b.  13th  July, 
1867,  educated  at  Harrow. 
The  Right  Rev.  Dr.  Thornton  was  educated  at  Merchant  Taylors'  School, 
London,  and  at  Queen's  College,  Oxford,  where  he  graduated  B.A.  in  1856, 
and  M.A.  in  1858  ;  was  sometime  Michel  Fellow  at  Queen's,  and  received  the 
honorary  degree  of  D.D.  in  1 874  ;  was  ordained  in  1858  appointed  incumbent 
of  St.  Jnde's,  Whitechapel,  in  1859,  and  rector  of  St.  George's,  Birmingham,  in 
1861;,  which  living  he  held  until  selected  to  fill  the  new  bishopric  of  Ballai*at 
in  1875. 


Thouas  Thoenton,  sometime  of  North- 
amptonshire, and  afterwards  of  London,  d. 
ahout  1768,  having  had  a  son, 

Thomas  THOByTON,  who  d.  v.  p.  in  1766, 
aged  22,  leaving  a  son, 

Thomas  TnoanTON,  who  m.  1784,  Sarah, 
daughter  of  Jt.  Kitchemeb,  of  Lakenheath, 
CO.  Suffolk,  and  d.  eirea  1825,  haying  had  by 
her  (who  d.  1841,  aged  84),  a  «on, 

Thomas  Thornton,  of  London,  M.R.A.S., 
who  «i.  15th  July,  1823,  Elizabeth,  only  child 
of  H.  Robinson,  of  Bagshot,  co.  Surrey, 
formerly  of  Bury  St.  Edmunds,  co.  Suffolk, 
by  Elizabetli,  his  wife,  daughter  of  Thomas 
KiTCHENBB,  of  Bufv  St.  Edmuuds^  great- 
grandfather of  lirigadier-General  Sir  llerbert 
Kitchener,  K.C.M.G.,  C.B.,  R.E  ,  Sirdar  of 
the  Egyptian  arii  y.  She  d.  23r'i  November, 
1860,  having  survixed  her  husband  who  d. 
25th  March,  1866.  having  issue, 

.  Robinson  (Ven.),  D.D.  (Oxon), 
F.R.H.S.,  of  St.  John's  Vicarage,  63, 
Ladbroke  Grove,  London,  W.,  Vicar 
of  St.  John's,  Notting  Hill,  arch- 
deacon of  Middlesex,  prebendary  of 
St.  Paul's,  and  examining  chaplain  to 
the  bishop  of  London,  formerly  fellow 
and  lecturer  of  St.  John's  College, 
Oxford,  b.  22nd  August,  1824 :  m.  9th 
August,  1855,  Elizabeth,  eldest  daugh- 
ter of  the  late  John  Gidlky,  town 
derk  of  Exeter,  and  has  had  issue, 

1.  John  Gidloy,  M.A.,  b.  26th  Jan- 
uary, 1867. 

2.  Robert  Gidley,  B.A.,  h.  20th 
July,  1868. 

] .  Elizabeth  Caroline,  b.  9th  October, 
1856;  m.  27th  March,  1882,  John 
Sidney  Malcolm  Hastings, 
ri&tcr-at-law,  but  has  no  i^bue. 



2.  Beatrice  Mary  Bobinson,  h.  5tli 
August,  1861|  d,  unm.  29th  Decem- 
ber, 1889. 

3.  Dorothea  Frances,  h.  17th  August, 
1863,  d.  27th  August,  1864. 

ArchdeacoQ  Thornton  is  a  member  of 
the  Junior  Conservatiye  Club,  and  of 
Sion  College. 

II.  Thomas  Henry,  C.S.I.,  D.C.L., 
F.R.G.S.,  M.R.A.S.,  &c.,  of  23. 
Bramham  Ghkrdens,  South  Kensington, 
8.W.,  and  formerly  of  Leigham  Holme, 
Streatham,  co.  Surrey,  J. P.  for  Surrey 
and  London,  chairman  of  the  Wands- 
worth  board  of  magistrates,  and  mem- 
ber of  the  standing  joint  committee 
of  the  London  County  Council ;  fellow 
of  St.  John's  College,  Oxford,  1855- 
62;  of  Her  Majesty's  Bengal  Civil 
Sen-ice,  1856-81 :  secretary  to  the 
Funjaub  government,  1861-76  :  acting 
foreign  secretary  to  the  government  of 
India,  1876-77 ;  judge  of  the  Chief 
Court  of  the  Punjaub,  and  member  of 
the  Legislative  Council  of  India,  1877- 
81 ;  b.  31st  October,  1832 ;  m.  30th  Sep- 
tember, 1862,  A^lfreda,  second  daughter 
of  J.  Cottle  Spexdbb,  of  Bath  and 
Engliphcombe,  co.  Somerset,  by  Caro- 
line, his  wife,  daughter  of  William 
KsifT,  of  Bath,  and  has  issue. 

Alfred  Henry  Bobinson,  B.A.  (Trin. 
Coll.    Camb),    b.   25th    August, 
1862  ;  educated  at  Harrow. 
Mr.  T.  H.  Thornton  is  a  member  of  the 
Travellers'  and  Magistrates'  Clubs. 

III.  SAMrEL  (Right  Kev.),  Bishop  of 

I.  Martha,  b.  7th  June,  1827  {Residence, 
70,  Elsham  Koad,  Kensington). 

II.  Elizabeth,  b.  23rd  March,  1829  ;  m. 
1871,  Robert  Jacomb  Hood,  and 
d.  s.  p.  1875. 

HI.  Lastitia,  b.  13th  February.  1831 ;  m. 
10th  June,  1858,  Rev.  William  E. 
Littlewood,  who  d.  3rd  September, 
1886,  having  had  issue, 

1.  Edward  Thornton,  M.A.  (Cam- 
bridge), head  master  of  Wynberg 
College,  Cape  Colony. 

2.  Thomas  Henry.  M.A  (Oxon). 

3.  I<!^elson,  deceased. 

4.  William,  engineer,  R.N. 

5.  Francis,  drowned  in  tlie  ''Bou- 
niania,"  27th  October,  1892. 

6.  Robinson. 

1.  Emmn,  m.  Edward  Slatbb,  of 

2.  Lcetitia  Mary. 

3.  Elizabeth  Jane  Penelope. 

IV.  Emma  Jemina,  b.  11th  Januory, 
1839 ;  d.  unm.  23rd  November,  1858. 

Residence — Bishopscourt-,  Ballarat,  Victoria. 


CHARLES  COLLINSON  RAWSON,  of  the  Hollow,  Mackay,  Queensland, 
a  justice  of  the  peace  for  that  colony,  and  formerly  chairman  of  the 
local  branch  of  the  North  Queensland  Separation  League,  6.  at  Boldon 
Rectorj,  Durham,  England,  13th  December,  1840,  and  .  went  to  Sydney, 
arriving  there  in  December,  1857;  m.  30th  August,  1870,  Winifred,  daughter 
of  the  late  Rev.  W.  G.  Harrison,  of  Easington  Rectory,  Durham,  and  has  had 

I.  Charles  Stansfeld,  h.  17th  March,  1872. 

II.  Harry,  6.  17th  February,  1874,  d,  23rd  July,  1876. 

III.  Lionel  Reginald,  h.  23rd  December,  1875. 

IV.  Geoffrey  Edmund,  h.  18feh  September,  1879. 


The  Rawsonb  are  a  very  ancient  family 
for  many  generations  settled  in  Yorkshire,  in 
the  Herald's  Visitations  of  which  county  their 
pedigree  is  amply  set  forth. 

John  Rawbon,  of  Ingrow,  b,  in  1505,  son 
of  John  Raw  son,  and  a  scion  of  the  Y(  r\- 
shire  family  of  the  name,  d.  in  Noven.her, 
15C4,  learing  a  son  and  heir, 

John  Rawson,  of  Ingrow,  b.  in  1585,  had 
hy  Agnes  his  wife,  who  rf.  Itt  December,  1389, 
two  sons, 

I.  Anthony,  hia  heir. 

II.  William,  6.  in  1568;  m.  February, 
1596,  Isabel  Fowlbe,  of  Utley,  and 
lefl  four  daughters, 

1.  Margaret,  m.  Robert  Weight. 

2.  Mary,  m.  Joshua  Field. 

8.  Isabella,  m.  John  Rawson. 

4.  Klizabelh,  m,  WiUiam   Midob* 


The  elder  son, 

Anthony  Rawson,  m,   Margaret  Bean, 
of  Gilstead,  and  by  her  who  d.  in  1609,  had 




I.  John,  his  heir. 

I.  Maud,    m.    in    1610,   George    Faie- 


The  son, 

John  Rawson,  m.  Ehzabeth  Oldfield, 
of  Bingley,  and  by  her,  who  d,  7th  May,  1624, 
had  issue, 

I.  Anthony,  who  d.  young. 

II.  William,  went  lo  Belfast,  and  m. 
1680,  Catherine,  widow  of  William 
Skeit,  of  Coleraine. 

III.  John,  of  whom  presently. 

IV.  Matthew,  m.  1636,  Martha,  daughter 
of  Thomas  Walters. 

V.  Thomas,  d.  1642. 

I.  Mary. 

II.  Lydia,  m.  John  Wilkinson. 
The  third  son, 

John  Bawson,  h,  1606,  «i.  his  cousin, 
Isabella,  daughter  of  William  Bawson,  of 
Brackenbank,  and  had  issue, 

I.  John  of  Beckfoot,  Cottingley,  York- 
shire, h,  10th  July,  1631 ;  m.  Jane 
Bean,  of  Gilstead',  and  d,  in  1685, 
leaving  a  son, 

.  Jerimiah,  of  Beckfoot,  who  d,  1736, 
leaving  issue, 

(1)  John,  of  Beckfoot,  h.  Sept- 
ember, 1687,  «.  Sarah  Dob- 
son,  of  the  Vicarage,  Bing- 
ley,  and  by  her,  who  d.  1726, ' 
had  a  daughter  and  event- 
ual heiress, 

Grace,     «i.     her     cousin, 
Christopher  Bawson, 
of  Stony  royd. 
(1)  Mary,   m.  Joshua  SifiTH, 
of  Bingley. 

II.  William,  of  whom  we  treat. 
The  younger  son, 

William  Bawson,  m.  ilbigail,  daughter  of 
George  Feild,   of   Shipley,  and  widow  of 
Joshua  Feilt),  of  Selby,  and  had  issue, 
I.  John,  his  heir. 

I.  Mary. 

II.  Mei*cy. 
The  son, 

John  Bawson,  of  Bolton,  m.  Catherine 
Lister,  of  Bipon,  and  by  lier  (who  m.  secondly, 
John  CuossLEY,  of  Kershaw  House,  and  d.  6th 
October,  1750)  had  issue, 

I.  John  (Bev.),  of  Bradford,  m.  Eliza- 
beth Bowers,  of  Manchester,  and 
d.  8.  p.  1750. 

II.  William,  of  Bradford,  b,  1710;  m. 
Miss  Jretll,  of  London,  and  d.  7frh 
August,  1780,  leaving  a  son,  Tliomas 

III.  Christopher,  of  whom  we  treat. 
The  third  son, 

Christophbr  Bawson,  of  Stonyroyd,  h. 
1712;  m.  Grace,  daughter  of  John  Bawson, 
of  Beckfoot,  in  Cottingley,  Yorkshire,  and 
had  issue  (with  several  other  sons,  who  all  d. 

I.  John,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  William  (fourth  son),  of  Mill  House, 
Halifax,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  *.  1740;  d. 

I.  Catherine,  d,  unnu 

II.  Elizabeth,  m,   Philip   Saltmarshe, 
of  Saltmarshe  (see  Buree's  Landed 
The  «on, 

John  Bawson,  of  Stonyroyd,  h.  1st  Decem- 
ber, 1744 ;  m.  Nelly,  daughter  of  David  Stans- 
fbld,  of  Hope  House,  Halifax,  and  d.  8th 
July,  1815,  having  by  her,  who  d.  28rd  No- 
vember. 1827,  had  issue, 

I.  Christopher,  of  Hope  House,  Halifax, 
Yorkshire,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  h.  17th  De- 
cember, 1777;  m.  25th  January,  1807, 
Mary  Anne,  daughter  of  Thomas 
Brooks,  of  Great  George  Street, 
Westminster,  and  d.  6th  May,  1849  ; 
she  d.  8.  p.  29th  July,  1836. 

II.  Stanbfeld,  of  whom  we  treat. 

III.  WiUiam  Henry,  of  Haugh  End  and 
Mill  House,  Yorkshire,  b.  2l8t  October, 
1781  ;  «i.  30th  October,  1806,  Mar/, 
daughter  of  John  Priestley,  of 
Thorpe,  near  Halifax,  and  d.  5th  Jon- 
uary,  1866,  having  by  her,  who  d.  18tli 
February,  1870,  had  issue, 

1.  William  Henry,  of  Mill  House, 
J.P.andD.L.,ft.  4th  August,  1812  ; 
m.  22nd  April,  1847,  Ellen  Louisa, 
daughter  of  Amaziali  Empson, 
of  Spellow  Hill,  Knaresborough, 
and  d.  8th  July,  1892,  having  by 
her,  who  d.  20th  April,  1890,  had 

(1)  William  Henry,  of  Mill 
House,  Yorkshire,  and  Bnim- 
hope,  Torquay,  J.P.,  b.  17ih 
September,  1848 ;  m.  4th 
November,  1874,  Frances 
Jane,  eldest  daughter  of 
John  William  Brooks,  of 
Sibton  Park,  Suffolk,  and 
rf.  *.  p.  1st  December,  1893. 

(1)  Constance  Ellen. 

2.  John,  of  Brockwell,  Yorkshire, 
and  Fallbarrow,  Westmorland,  b, 
21st  November,  1813 ;  m.  2nd  July, 
1840,  Elizabeth  Marianne,  daugh- 
ter of  John  Priestlbt,  of  Thorpe, 
and  by  her,  who  d.  16th  May, 
1879,  had  issue,  an  onlydaughter, 

Gertrude  Elizabeth,  b.  19th 
June,  1845,  and  d.  23rd 
December,  1659. 

3.  Arthur  (Bev.),  b.  17th  September, 
1818;  *n.  19th  October,  1848, 
Charlotte  Elizabeth,  only  daugh- 
ter of  Castel  William  Clay, 
of  Liverpool,  by  Elizabeth,  his 
wife,  daughter  of  Bichard  Daw- 
fON,  and  (with  three  other  daugh- 
ters, who  d.  young),  had  issue, 

(1)  Arthur  Pelham,  b,  2nd  Octo- 
ber, 1849. 

(2)  Herbert  Evelyn,  b.  12th 
June,  1852. 

(3)  Henry  Ernest,  b.  13th  April, 

(4)  Charles  Selwyn,  ft.  25th 
June,  1855. 

(5)  Sherai-d,  ft.  1 9th  November, 



(1)  MarySibiUa. 

(2)  Emily  Frances. 
(8)  Charlotte  Arabella. 

(4)  Ellen  Beatrice. 

(5)  Ethel. 

4.  Fw^erick  Edward,  of  Thorpe,  co. 
Yorkshire,  b.  25th  July,  1821 ;  m. 
12th  October,  1843,  Harriet  Su- 
sanoa,  daug'.ter  of  John  Pbibst- 
iJt  Y,  by  Marianne  hia  wife,  d.'iugh- 
ler  of  Thomas  Lloyd,  of  King 
thorpe  House,  co.  Yorkshire  and 
had  issue, 

(1)  Frederick  Gerald  Selwyn, 
*.  10th  August,  1851. 

(2)  John  Selwyn,  of  Haugh 
End  and  Mill  House,  #.  his 
cousin  1893,  b.  20th  March, 
1858;  m.  6th  June,  1888, 
Annie  Constance,  daughter  of 
KoF.  Philip  DwvES,  M.A.. 
sometime  rect4>r  of  Ennisand 
canon  of  Killaloe  (by  Anne 
Stather  Crowe,  his  wife),  and 
has  issue, 

(a)  Frederick  William  Sel- 
wyn, b.  14th  March,  1891. 

(a)  Constance  Priestley,  *. 
29th  March  1889. 

(b)  Dorothy   Florence,    b. 
30th  January,  1893. 

(1)  Florence  Harriet  Marianne, 
d.  unm,  21st  October,  1861. 

1.  Mary  Elizabeth,  d.  April,  1882. 

2.  Ellen  Susanna,  m.  19th  February, 
1867,  Rer,  Alexander  Louis 
Wellington  Bean,  incumbent  of 
Sowerby,  Halifax,  and  d.  January, 
1876.  •^' 

8.  Anne  Catherine,  m.  27th  August, 
1834,  Key.  Edward  James  New- 
BLL,  vicar  of  Bromley,  Kent,  and 
d.  May,  1893. 
4.  Caroline,  d.  May,  1891. 
6.  Emily  Frances,  m.  Rev.  William 
Henry  Empson,  vicar  of  Wellow, 
Hants,  and  d.  26th  October,  1857, 
leaving  issue. 
6.  Henrietta,  d.  May,  1892. 
IV.  John,  of  Ash  Grove,  Halifax,  York- 
shire, J.P.  and  D.L.,  *.  24th  August, 
1783:  m.   first,   30th   October,    1806, 
Klizabeth,  daughter  of  Edward  Mabk- 
lAwr,  of  Leeds,  and  by  her  (who  d.  9th 
October,  1821)  had  issue, 

1.  John  Markland,  B.N.,  b.  SJst 
August,  1807,  drowned  off  the 
Cape  of  Good  Hope  1826. 

2.  Edward,  of  the  Breck,  Halifax, 
b.  19th  February,  1809 ;  m.  22nd 
Jnne,  1831,  Elizabeth  Sarah, 
daughter  of  John  Clabk  and 
Maria  Kenny,  bis  wife,  of  Will- 
field,  CO.  Dublin,  and  d.  26th  May, 
1884,  having  had  issue, 

(1)  John,  b.  6th  June,  1833,  d, 

(2)  Edward  Markland,  b.  14tli 
^'ovember,  1834,  d.  young. 

(3)  Edward  Markland,  b,  21st 
May,  1845,  d.  unm, 

(4)  Courtney  Clarke,  colonel 
R.E.,  b.  21st  January,  1849  ; 
m.  12th  March,  1881,  Rosa 
Stevens,  daughter  of  —  Tip- 
pets, and  has  had  issue, 

(a)  Arthur    Courtney,    *. 

20th  September,  1884,  d. 

{b)  Charles  Ed  ward  Court-, 

ney,*.  26th  March,  1887, 

d.  young. 

(1)  Frances  Esther,  b.  7th  June, 
1838  J  d.  unm.  5th  March, 

(2)  Maria  Louisa  Markland, 
d.  unm.  27th  November,  1843. 

3.  William,  b.  18th  March,  1815 ;  m. 
but  d.  ».  p.  in  Australia,  1867. 

4.  Christopher,  b.  20th  October, 
1818,  d.  young. 

5.  Samuel,  Major  (ret.),  b.  loth 
November,  1819;  m.  1850, 
EUjiabeth,  daughter  of  William 
PouoALL,  R.N.,  and  d.  liSth 
August,  1882,  having  by  her,  who 
d.  28th  June,  1890,  had  issue, 

(1)  Samuel,  b.  20th  January, 
1858;  m.  20th  July,  1876, 
Vescina,  daughter  of  Edward 
Newell  Harrison,  paymas- 
ter R.N.,  and  has  issue, 

(a)  Vescina  Edith  Mary, 
b.  26th  August,  1877. 

(b)  Elianor  Mary  St. 
Clare  de  Vesci,  b,  12th 
August,  1883. 

(r)  Dorothy  Margaret 

Mary,  b.  23rd  May,  1886. 

(2)  Gilbert  Ingrow,*.  2nd  July, 

1858 ;  d.  unm.  7th  February. 

1891.  ^' 

(1)  Edith,  b.  17th  January. 
1856.  ^' 

(2)  Eligabeth,  b.  14th  Septem- 
ber, 1856. 

(8)  Mabel   Alberta  Markland, 
b.  9th  January,  1864. 
6.  Thomas,  b.  20th  September,  1820, 
d.  young. 

1.  Sophia,  *.  30th  October,  1810 ;  m. 
Rev.  John  Pemberton  Simpson, 
rector  of  Crofton,  Yorkshire,  and 
d.  21st  June,  1850. 

2.  Marianne,  b.  27th  March,  1812; 
d.  unm.  8th  March,  1887. 

3.  Helen  Elizabeth,  b.  2l8t  October, 
1813;  m.  14th  November,  1844, 
Rev.  William  Smith,  of  Halifax, 
and  d.  1892. 

4.  Ellin,  b.  1st  August,  1817;  m. 
Rev.  Williain  F.  Oakes,  rector 
of  Tibberton,  co.  Saloi ,  and  d.  20th 
July,  1890. 

Mr.  John  Rawson  m.  secondly,  12th 
June,  1823,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of 
Thomas  Preston,  of  Greenroyd,  Hali- 
iax,and  d.  19th  December,  1852,  having 
no  issue  by  her,  who  d.  4th  July,  1862. 



V.  Jeremiah,  of  the  Shay,  Halifax,  b. 
28th  March,  1787  ;  m.  25th  January, 
1810,  Hannah,  daughter  of  Thomas 
Pkestok,  of  Greenrojd,  and  d.  6th 
September,  1839,  haTine  by  her  (who 
d.  20th  April,  1861)  had  issue, 

1.  Thomas  William,  of  Greenroyd, 
b.  Ist  March,  1814;  m.  15th  Jan- 
uary, 1840,  Octavia,  daughter  of 
Currer  Fothergill  Busfbild,  of 
CJottingley  Bridge,  Yorkshire,  and 
d.  4th  October,  1864,  having  by  her, 
■who  d.  21st  July,  1865,  haid  issue, 

(1)  Thomas  Preston,  b.  23rd 
June,  1841 ;  d.  24th  January, 

(2)  Jeremiah  Stansfeld,  b.  6th 
March,  1847;  d.  13th  April, 

(3)  Currer  Benjamin,  b.  6th 
October,  1849;  d.  6th  Feb- 
ruary, 1856. 

(4)  Benjamin  Currer,  twin  with 
his  brother  Currer  Benjamin, 
m.  first,  15th  August,  1876, 
Emily,  second  daughter  of 
George  Holdswoeth,  of 
Elm  Wood,  Halifax,  and  by 
her,  who  d.  28th  July,  1883, 
has  issue, 

(a)  John  Busfeild,  b.  10th 
July,  1877. 

{a)  Emily    Mary,   b,    6th 
October,  187«. 
He  m.  secondly,  Anne  Wood, 
dau.   of   Alfred    Sussmann, 
Bradford,  and  has  issue, 

(b)  Olive    Evelyn,   b.  3rd 
January,  1894. 

(5)  William  Busfeild,  b.  26th 
September,  1853. 

(1)  Elizabeth  Hannah,  b,  27th 
September,  1843;  d.  16th 
July,  1858. 

(2)  Sarah  Ferrand,  b.  17th  July, 
X845  ;  m.  30th  January,  1868, 
George  Lonqbotham:,  of 
Beaton  Carew,  co.  Durham. 

(3)  Emily  Jane,  b.  22nd  Feb- 
ruary, d.  29lh  June,  1848. 

(4)  Octavia  Victoria,  b.  24th 
May,  1851;  d.  15th  April,1865. 

2.  Jeremiah  Stansfeld,  of  Bawdon 
Grange,  co.  Yorkshire,  b.  10th 
March,  1817 ;  w.  first,  17th  August, 
1841,  Sarah,  daughter  of  Samuel 
Stead,  of  Halifax,  and  by  her 
(who  d,  23rd  August,  1845),  had 

(1)  Clara  Louisa,  b.  26th  June, 
1842  ;  d.  9th  Februarv,  1843. 

(2)  Harriet  Hannah,  'b.  9th 
July,  1843,  d.  vnm.  24th 
October,  1872. 

He  m.  secondly,  8th  September, 
1853,  Mary,  daughter  of  R.  N.  San- 
KET,  of  Ludlow,  and  by  her  (who 
d.  11th  October,  1872)  had  issue, 
(1)  Philip  St^insfeld,  b.  16th 
December,  1858. 

(3)  Eleanor  Stansfeld,  b,  4th 
October,  1854. 
8.  John,  d.  unm.  1849. 

1.  Mary  Hannah,  d.  vnm.  1839. 

2.  Harriet,  d.  young,  1828. 

3.  Ellen  Elizabeth,  d.  young,  1823. 

4.  Emma  Sophia. 

6.  Christiana,  m.  27th  July,  1871, 
Captain  Bobert  Hilars  Bablow, 
68th  Light  Infantry. 

6.  Loiiisa,  m.  James  Inglis,  M.D., 
and  bv  him,  who  d.  9th  March, 
1851,  nad  issue,  two  sons  and  one 

7.  Sophia  Preston,  d.  young  1828. 
VI.  Thomas  Samuel,  of  Bridgen  Place, 

Kent,  b.  20th  January,  1792-3 ;  m.  26th 
October,  1814,  Sarah  Coldbeck,  daugh- 
ter of  John  HoLDSWOBTH,  of  West 
House,  Otley,  taidd.  16th  April,  1869, 
having  by  htr  (who  was  b.  13tli  July, 
1792,  and  d.  3rd  March,  1871)  had 

1.  Christopher,  of  Woolwich,  J.P. 
CO.  Surrey,  late  Captain  and  Dis- 
trict Paymaster  of  Lower  Canada, 
ft.  26th  November,  1816  5  m.  19th 
November,  1840,  Ellen  Frances, 
daughter  of  John  Nay  lor  Wright, 
of  Liverpool  and  Beaumaris,  and 
Frances  KoB  his  wife,  and  had 

(1)  Christopher  S.  Wright 
(Rev.),  ft.  20th  October,  1842 ; 
m.  28th  December,  1865,  Janie 

Forsythe,  daughter  of 

GRAjfT,  of  Sherbrooke,  Can- 
ada, and  had  issue, 

Mabel,  ft.  Ist  November, 

(2)  HanrHoldsworth,  Admiral 
E.N.,  C.B.,  ft.  5th  November, 
1843 ;  m,  19th  October,  1871, 
Florence  Alice  Stewart, 
daughter  of  John  Balph 
Shaw,  of  Arrowe  Park, 
Cheshire  {see  Bubke's  Lan- 
ded Oeniry)^  and  has  issue, 

(a)  Harry  Hugh,  ft.  18th 
January ;  d.  21st  July, 

(ft)  Henry  Christopher 
Shaw,  ft.  2l8t  February, 

(c)  Hugh  Wyatt  Hay, 
ft.  11th  September,  1887. 

(«)  Alice  Evelyn,  ft.  22nd 
Julv,  1872. 

(ft)  Muriel  Edith  Flor- 
ence, ft.  19th  July,  1881  j 
d,  24th  September,  1882. 

(3)  Wyatt,  Comuiander  B.N., 
ft.  17th  August,  1858,  was  the 
distinguished  naval  officer 
who  directed  the  advance  of 
the  British  Army  by  the 
stars,  in  the  celebrated  night 
niarfh  across  the  desert, 
preliminary  to  the  Battle  of 
lel-el-kebir,  in  which  he  was 



the  first  kUled.  He  m.  22iid 
June,  1880,  Maud  Emily, 
daughter  of  John  Heg-an,  of 
20,  Queen's  Gate,  London, 
and  was  killed  as  before 
mentioned  in  Egypt,  leaying 
two  daughters, 

(a)  Margaretlsabel,5.26th 

July,  1881. 
(6)  Victoria       Alexandria 
Wyatt   (for  whom  Her 
Majesty  the  Qvbbn  was 
sponsor),  b.  posthumous, 
(4)  Colbeck    Schmidt,  b.   13th 
May,   1868;   d.   20th  June, 

(1)  Frances  Emily,  6.  14th  Au- 
gust, 1841;  m.  10th  Decem- 
ber, 1863,  Dudley  Baikes  db 
Chatb,  of  Dover  and  Wool- 
wich, second  son  of  the  Rev. 
Frederick  BlackettDB  Chair, 
of  East  Langdon,  Kent,  and 
Manton,  oo.  Lincoln,  and  has 
surviving  issue,  three  sons  and 
a  daughter. 

(2)  Evelyn,  *.  22ud  September, 
1846 ;  m.  9th  June,  1864,  Sir 
Francis  Walter  db  Winton, 
K.C.M.a.,  C.B.,  R.A.  (see 
Bubke's  Landed  Gentry ^  ^^ 
WiNTON,  of  MaesUwch  Cos- 
tU)y  and  has  issue. 

(3)  Ellen  Kate,  b.  9th  March, 
1848;  d.  16th  January,  1849. 

(4)  Blanche,  b.  7th  August, 
1849,»i.  3rd  April,187l,Ernest 
Edmund  Molyneux  IlOYi>B, 
and  has  issue,  two  sons  and 
two  daughters  {see  Bubkb's 
Landed  Q entry ^  Bebwicee- 
RoTDS,  ofFahnge  and  Pyke 

(5)  Ella,  b.  13th  December, 
1856,  «•.  24th  September,  1879, 
Frederick  Finch  Mackenzie, 
son  of  Dr.  William  Macken- 
zie, of  Stawell  House,  Rich- 
mond, and  has  had  issue, 

Heneage    Warren,  ft.    6th 

May,  1893. 
Bhona,  b.  21st  and  d,  dlst 
October,  1887. 
2.  Samuel,  b.  5th  April,  1819;    m. 
2lBt  August,  1847,  Frances  Anne, 
daughter  of  Rev.  Charles  Smelt, 
rector  of  Gedling,  co.  Notts,  and 
Ellen  Buckley,  his  wife,  and  has 

(1)  Charles,  b.  5th  August,  1849, 
m.  13th  July,  1872,  Kather- 
ine,  daughter  of  William 
HByfiCRT,  of  Winchester, 
and  has  issue,  a  daughter, 

May,  6.  11th  May,  1873. 

(2)  Tom  Holdsworth,  b,  30th 
January,  1851. 

(3)  Harry  Stanhope,  b,  6th 
AprU,  1864. 

(4)  Sam,  R.N.,  b.  2Ut  Septem- 
ber. 1865. 

(5)  Frank,   6.  16th  December 

(6)  Edward   Cresswell,   b.    1st 
April,  1859. 

(7)  Frederick  William,  b.  16th 
December,  1866. 

(1)  Sarah  EUen,  b.   6th  July, 

(2)  Fanny  G-eorgina,  b.  8th  Au- 
gust, 1863. 

1.  Emily,  w.  1837,  James  Palmer 
BuDD,  of  Tstlyfera,  Swansea,  J.P. 
and  D.L. 

2.  Catherine  Anne. 

3.  Henrietta. 

4.  Julia,  m.  1866,  Rev.  William 
Henry  Colbeck  Luke,  rector  of 
Elmswell,  co.  Su£folk,  and  had 
issue,  two  daughters. 

5.  Eliza  Sarah,  m.  1857,  Rev.  John 
William  Holdsworth,  rector  of 
Lynton,  Kent,  who  d.  6th  Novem- 
ber, 1858. 

I.  Grace  Elizabeth,  m.  17th  October, 
1806,  John  Watebhousb,  of  Wellhead, 
Halifax  (whocf.  21st  January,  1847)  and 
rf.  19th  February,  1849,  leaving  issue. 

II.  Mary  Anne,  d.  unm.  21st  July,  1804. 

III.  Ellen,  m.  15th  December,  1814, 
Amaziah  Empson,  of  Spellow  Hill, 
Knaresborough,  and  d.  21st  May,  1864, 
leaving  issue  (see  Bubke's  Landed 
Gentry) . 

IV.  Catherine,^.  young,9th  August,  1803. 

V.  Delia,  d.  unm.  28th  March,  1818. 

VI.  Emma,  m.  3rd  June,  1817,  Christo- 
pher Saltmabshe,  of  Saltmarslie,  and 
d.  15th  July,  183 1-,  having  by  him,  who 
d.  14th  October,  1852,  had  issue  {see 
Bubkb's  Landed  Gentry), 

The  second  son, 

Stansfeld  Rawson,  of  Gledholt,  near 
Huddersfield,  D.L.,  b.  23rd  December,  1778 ; 
m.  5th  May,  1802,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of 
Timothy  Leaok,  of  Clapham,  and  d.  27th 
November,  1856,  having  by  her,  who  d.  2nd 
September,  1866,  had  issue, 

I.  Francis  William,  of  Stonyroyd,  Hali- 
fax, b.  8th  January,  1808 ;  m.  26th  May, 
1836,  Sarah,  daughter  of  Ingham  Beau- 
mont, of  Huddersfield,  and  d,  3rd 
August,  1859,  leaving  an  only  daugh- 
ter, who  d  unm.  3rd  August,  1860. 
ir.  Edmund  Slansfeld,  d.  in  infancy. 
III.  Charles  Stansfeld,  of  whom  pre- 

I.  Catherine,  m.  20th  June,  1843,  Rev. 
Thomas  Worsley,  Master  of  Downing 
College,  Cambridge. 

II.  Delia  Elizabeth,  d.  unm.  18th  July, 

III.  Mary  Ann,  m.  30th  May,  1838,  Rev. 
Benjamin  Hutchinsoit,  of  White- 
church,  and  had  issue,  three  sons  and 
three  daughters. 

IV.  Emma  Sarah,  m.  20th  March,  1839, 
Matthew  Rhodes,  of  Eardestone 
House,    CO.    Worcester,    and  d.  6th 



Januaiy,    1854,    learing    iesue,     two 

The  third  son, 

Chakles  Staksfeld  Bawson,  of  Stonj- 
royd,  Halifax,  and  of  Wostdale  Hall,  co. 
Cumberland,  b.  20th  December,  1812  ;  m.  first, 
I8tb  February,  1840,  Oetavia,  daughter  of  the 
Rev.  John  Collinson,  of  Boldon  Rectory, 
CO.  Durham,  and  by  her  (who  d.  2l8t  October, 
1850)  had  issue, 

I.  Charles  Coli.i>^80N,  the  subject  of 
this  memoir. 

II.  Lancelot  Bernard,  b.  20th  Noyember, 
1843  ;  «i.  at  Sydney,  N.S.W.,  26th 
June,  1872,  Wilhelmina  Frances 
Cahill,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Francis  Edmund,  b,  14th  April, 

2.  Lancelot  Guy,  b,  11th  January, 

1.  Una  Belle,   b,   11th  September, 

2.  Winifred  Grace,  b.  June,  1880. 

III.  Edmund  Stansfeld,  b.  24th  April, 
1845;  m.  5th  May,  1875,  Margaret 
Decima  Crauford,  daughter  of  the  late 
Rey.    W.  G.  Habbison,  of  Easing- 

ton    Rectory,  co.  Durham,    and  has 

1.  Beatrice  Octayia,  &.  September, 

2.  Sybil  SUnsfeld,  b.  15th  October, 

8.  Dorothy    Winifred    Meynell,  b. 
22nd  January,  1884. 
lY.  Francis  Richard,  b.  17th  March,  d, 
26th  April,  1847. 

I.  Charlotte  Elizabeth,  6. 15th  May,  1842; 
m.  16th  May,  1863,  Reginald  Freke 
Williams,  of  Llangattoch  Court, 
Crickhowell,  and  has  issue,  two 

II.  Ealherino  Emily,  6.  22nd  June,  1840, 
m.  December,  1871,  her  cousin,  Ernest 
Rhodes  HrTCiUNSON,  son  of  Rev. 
Benjamin  Hutchinson,  of  White- 
church,  and  Mary  Ann,  his  wife, 
daughter  of  St«nsfeld  RAW80N,of  Gled- 
holt,  and  has  issue,  two  sons  and  three 

Mr.  Charles  Stansfeld  Rawson  m.  secondly, 
29th  April,  1854,  Eleanor  Charlotte  Berke- 
ley, second  daughter  of  Sir  Joseph  Edward 
Leeds,  Bart.,  and  d.  2nd  June,  1863. 

Arms — Per  fejtse  wary  »a.  and  ar.  a  castle  of  four  iowers  arg. 

Crexi — A  raven's  head  erased  sa,  guttee  d'or  holding  in  Hs  beak  an  annulet  gold. 

Motto^-Laus  virtvtis  actw, 

Jiesidence— The  Hollow,  Mackay,  Queensland,  and  14,  Bisham  Gardens,  Highgate,  N. 





HON.  ALEXANDER  WALKER  OGILVIE,  of  Airlie,  City  of  Montreal, 
Canada,  J. P.,  and  Senator  of  the  Dominion  of  Canada  for  the  Alma 
Division,  h.  at  St.  Michel,  near  Montreal,  29th  May,  1829 ;  m.  13th  September, 
1854,  at  Long  Point,  Montreal,  Sarah,  daughter  of  William  Leney,  of  Long 
Point,  and  has  had  issue, 

Alexander,  h.  31st  October,  1860 ;  d,  22nd  April,  1863. 
Shirley,  of  Winnipeg,  Manitoba,  h,  20th  October,  1864 
Florence   Nightingale,   h.   11th  May,  1855;    m.  8th  December,  1874, 
Samuel    Arthur   McMurtey,  of  Lindsay,  Ontario,  banker,  and  has 
six  children. 
Emily  Helen,  h.  20th  January,  1857;  m.  24th  October,  1883,  John 
Alexander  Gemmtll,  of   Ottawa,  Ontario,  barrister,  and   has   four 
III.  Sarah  Charlotte,  h.  12th  December,  1858. 
Mr.  Ogilvie  founded  the  firm  of   A.  W.  Ogilvie  and  Company  in  1864. 
They  have  been  for  many  years  largely  engaged  in  the  grain  trade,  and  ai*e 
tlie  proprietors  of  the  Glenora  Mills.     He  remained  at  the  head  of  the  firm 
until  1874,  when  he  retired,  the  business  continuing  under  the  same  name, 
and  extending  their  operations  to  Manitoba.     Mr.  Ogilvie  is  President  of  the 
St.  Andrew's  Society,  Director  of  the  Exchange  Bank,  of  the  Sun  Mutual 
Insurance  Company,  and  the  Loan  and  Mortgage  Company,  and  is  also  con- 
nected  with   many  other  commercial   enterprises.     He  is  Chairman  of  the 
Montreal  Turnpike  Trust,  President  of  the  St.  Michel  Road  Company,  has  been 



an  alderman  for  the  city  of  Moatreal,  and  is  a  lieatenant-colonel  of  the 
Montreal  Cavalry  (retired  list).  He  was  first  returned  to  the  Legislative 
Assembly  of  the  Province  of  Qnehec  for  the  constituency  of  Montreal  West 
in  18G7y  and  retained  that  seat  until  1871,  when  he  declined  re-nomination ; 
was  re-elected  for  Montreal  centre  in  July,  1875,  and  retired  at  the  expiration 
of  the  term  of  the  Parliament  then  elected.  He  was  called  to  the  Senate  of 
the  Dominion  of  Canada,  24th  Decemher,  1881. 


This  family  claims  descent  from  a  common 
ancestor  with  the  Ogilrys  of  Ogilvy. 

Mr.  A.  W.   Ogilvie's  grandfather  was  of 
Stirling,  Scotland,  and  left  issue  at  his  decease, 
Albx  ANDES,  of  whom  presently. 

James.  William. 

Helen,  m.  James  G-oitdib. 
The  SOD, 
AuiXAXDBB   OoiLYiB  was  h.  in  Stirling- 

shire, Scotland,  went  to  Canada  in  1800,  and 
served  during  the  war  of  1812,  and  also  dur- 
ing the  rebellion  of  1837,  as  a  volunteer 
cavalry  officer.  He  m.  at  Montreal,  26th 
July,  1817,  Helen  Watson  (who  d.  in  1863) 
and  d.  in  1863,  having  had  eleven  children, 
eight  of  whom  survive,  viz.,  three  sons  and 
five  daughters,  of  whom  Alexandbb 
Walkbb,  is  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

ReHdence — Airlie,  City  of  Montreal,  Canada. 


VERY  REV.  CHARLES  MARRYAT,  M.A.  (Oxon),  of  Christ  Church 
Parsonage,  North  Adelaide,  South  Australia,  Dean  of  Adelaide,  Incum- 
bent of  Christ  Church,  North  Adelaide,  and  Vicar-General  and  Examining 
Chaplain  to  the  Bishop,  h.  in  London,  26th  June,  1827 ;  m.  8th  August,  1854, 
Grace  Montgomery,  daughter  of  the  Rev.  Charles  Beaumont  Howard,  M.A., 
first  colonial  chaplain  of  Sonth  Australia,  and  incumbent  of  Trinity  Church, 
Adelaide,  by  Grace  Montgomery  Neyille,  his  wife,  and  has  had  issue, 

I.  Charles  Howard,  6.  5th  May,  1855. 

IT.  Ernest  Neville,  6.  16th  September,  1869. 

III.  Cyril  Beaumont,  6.  11th  September,  1873. 

I.  Grace  Caroline,  d,  in  infancy. 

II.  Ethel,  6.  7th  January,  1860  ;  i.  21st  January,  1865. 

III.  Grace,  w.  the  Rev.  Herbert  Thomas  Hughes,  M.A.  (Oxon),  vicar  of 

Chrint  Church,  Emery  Down,  Lyndhurst,  Hants. 

IV.  Mabel. 

V.  Isabel. 

VI.  Kate  Augusta. 

Dean  Marrjat  was  educated  at  Queen's  College,  Oxford,  where  he 
graduated  B. A.  in  1851  (obtained  the  Ellerton  Theological  Prize  that  year), 
and  M.A.  in  1854;  was  ordained  deacon  in  1850,  and  priest  in  1851 ;  went  oot 
to  New  South  Wales,  December,  1852,  and  removed  to  South  Australia,  April, 
1853  ;  was  curate  of  Trinity  Church,  Adelaide,  from  1853  to  1857,  incumbent 
of  St.  Paul's,  Port  Adelaide,  from  1857  to  1868,  in  which  year  he  was 
appoint-ed  incumbent  of  Christ  Church,  North  Adelaide,  and  archdeacon  of 
Adelaide,  and  became  dean  in  1887. 




The  Mabbyat  family  trace  their  descent 
from  one  of  three  knights,  who  came  out 
of  Brittany  at  the  period  of  the  Conquest, 
and  settled  in  England,  where  their  name  is 
frequently  to  be  found  mentioned,  spelt  in 
many  various  ways  since  that  time. 

Thomas  db  Mabbyat,  who,  under  John 
Champernon,  joined  a  band  of  one  hundred 
gentlemen,  raised  by  permission  of  Queen 
Elizabeth,  to  serve  i^ith  the  Huguenots 
under  Admiral  Coligny.  lie  escaped  the 
massacre  of  St.  BHrtholomew,  24th  August, 
1572,  by  taking  refuge  in  the  house  of  Lord 
Whitworth,  the  English  Ambassador. 
Thomas  de  Mabbyat  fought  in  the  battle  of 
Ivry,  1590,  which  destroyed  the  Catholic 
League,  and  on  this  occasion  Henby  IY  of 
France  allowed  all  the  officers  who  fought 
that  day  under  his  banner  the  right  to  bear 
on  their  arms — a  canton  charged  with  a  fleur- 
de-lis.  On  his  return  to  England,  Thomas 
de  Marryat  settled  in  Suffolk.  He  m.  Anne, 
daughter  of  Daniel  Lake,  by  whom  he  had 
a  son, 

John  Mabbyat,  who  m.  a  daughter  of  Sir 
Thomas  Style  and  left  a  son, 

Obadiah  Mabbyat,  barrister-at-law  and 
Q-overnment  Commissioner,  who  was  b.  in 
1651,  and  d.  in  1709,  leaving  issue, 

Zephaniah  Mabbyat,  D.D.,  who  was  h. 
in  1685,  and  d.  in  1754.     His  son, 

Thomas  Mabbyat,  M.D.,  was  b.  in  1730, 
and  d.  in  1792.  He  practised  in  Lothbury, 
London,  and  at  Bristol,  and  was  the  author  of 
a  work  entitled  Therapeutics^  or  the  Art  of 
Healing.  He  had  issue,  Samuel,  King's 
Counsel,  and 

Joseph  Mabbyat,  of  Wimbledon  House, 
CO.  Surrey,  M.P.  for  the  borough  of  Sand- 
wich, chairman  of  the  committee  at  Lloyd's, 
chief  in  the  banking-house  of  Marryat,  Kaye, 
Price  and  Co.,  and  colonial  agent  for  the 
Islands  of  Grenada  and  Trinidad,  who  was  b. 
1757;  m.  1789,  Charlotte,  third  daughter  of 
Frederic  vox  Gbyeb,  of  Boston,  U.S.,  a 
distinguished  American  loyalist,  who  suffered 
severely  in  tlie  great  struggle  which  ended  in 
the  establishment  of  American  independence, 
nnd  by  her  (who  d.  in  1854)  left  nine  children, 
of  whom  were, 

I.  Joseph,  M.P.  for  Sandwich,  b.  1789, 
author  of  a  popular  Treatise  on  Pottery 
and  Porcelainey  m.  Mary,  daughter  of 
Lindsay,  of  Balcarres. 

II.  Frederick,  post  captain  E.N.,  C.B., 
F.R.S.,  F.L.S.,  (second  son),  b.  in 
London,  10th  July,  1792;  entered  the 
navy  23rd  September,  1806,  as  a 
volunteer,  on  board  the  '*  Imperieuse  "  ; 
promoted  to  the  rank  of  lieutenant, 
26th  December,  1812;  commander, 
13th  June,  1815;  and  post  captain 
25th  July,  1825.  This  distinguished 
officer  was  particularly  mentioned  for 
liis  conduct  at  the  defence  of  Trini- 
dad Castle,  attached  to  the  fortress  of 
Kosas,  againet  a  wliole  French  army, 
1,000  of  whose  picked  men  were  com- 

pletely repulsed  by  eighty  of  the 
British,  supported  by  an  equal  number 
of  Spaniards,  on  the  occasion  of  an 
assault  made  by  the  former,  30th 
November,  1808  (vide  Gazette,  1809, 
p.  307).  He  was  present  in  the 
memorable  attack  made  upon  the 
French  shipping  in  Aix  Roads,  11th 
April,  1809.  On  30th  September, 
1811,  we  find  him  earning  the  general 
admiration  of  the  ship's  company,  and 
the  high  approval  of  his  captain,  for 
his  courageous  conduct,  when  no  other 
person  would  attempt  it,  in  leading  the 
way  aloft  during  a  tremendous  gale 
from  the  south-east,  which  had  laid 
his  vessel,  the  "  Jiolus,"  on  her  beam- 
ends,  and  had  literally  blown  away 
her  topmasts  and  mizen-mast,  for  the 
purpose  of  cutting  away  the  main- 
yard,  as  the  only  means  left  of  saving 
the  mainmast  and  righting  the  ship. 
On  the  morning  after  the  decease  of 
the  Emperor  Napoleon,  at  St.  Helena, 
6th  May,  1821,  he  formed  one  of  the 
three  naval  captains  admitted  to  view 
the  body  of  that  monarch.  In  May, 
1824,  Captain  Marryat  joined  in  the 
hostUities  against  Ava,  and  for  a  time 
officiated  as  senior  naval  officer  in  co- 
operation with  the  expedition  under 
Major- General  Sir  Archibald  Camp- 
bell,  K.C.B.,  and  in  1825  he  com- 
manded an  armament  sent  in  conjunc- 
tion with  a  military  force  under  Major 
Sale  up  the  Baseein  River.  His  con- 
duct from  first  to  last  was  sucli  that  it 
procured  for  him  the  repeated  acknow- 
ledgments of  the  Supreme  Govern- 
ment and  other  high  authorities  in 
India,  and  was  the  means  of  his  being 
included  in  a  vote  of  thanks  from 
both  Houses  of  Parliament.  No  less 
than  five  times  between  1807  and  1813 
did  Captain  Mtirryat  hazard  his 
existt^nce  for  the  preservation  of 
others  from  drowning.  His  gallant 
exertions  elicited  the  warmest  thanks 
of  the  Royal  Humane  Society,  with 
whose  medal  he  was  subsequently  pre- 
set, ted  for  his  invention  of  a  lifeboat, 
described  in  that  Society's  47th  report. 
In  addition  to  the  productions  wnich 
have  rendered  him  famous  as  a 
novelist.  Captain  Mftrryat  was  the 
author  of  a  work,  published  in  1822, 
entitled  Suggestions  for  the  Abolition 
of  the  Present  System  of  Impressment 
in  the  Naval  Service.  He  had  pre- 
viously invented  a  code  of  signals  for 
vessels  in  the  merchant  service,  includ- 
ing a  cipher  for  secret  correspondence, 
now  in  general  use  by  our  own  and  all 
foreign  navies.  On  their  being  trans- 
lated into  French,  and  supplied  by 
ordonnance  to  the  French  marine  and 
merchant  service,  the  king  of  the 
French  sent  him  the  Croix  d'Officier  of 



the  L^on  d'Honneur.  He  was  nomi- 
nated a  C.B.,  26th  December,  1826. 
CaptMin  Marrjat  obtained  a  grant  of 
the  following  coat  of  arms  from  H.M. 
College  of  Arms,  201  h  December,  1827, 
to  be  borne  by  lum  and  his  descen- 
dants :  Barry  of  six  or  and  oa.,  on  a 
chief  waTj  as.  the  representation  of  a 
Burmese  gilt  warboat  and  over  it,  in 
letters  of  goiJ,  the  word  Ava,  on  a 
canton  arg.  a  fleur-de-lis  gu.  Crest 
~0n  a  mount  vert,  in  front  of  a  ram's 
head  arg.,  the  sun  rising  or. 
Additumal  crett — A  naval  crown  or, 
thereon  a  flagstaff  with  a  Burmese 
naval  pennon  flowing  therefrom  ppr. 
and  an  anchor  in  saltire  sa.,  united  in 
the  centre  bj  a  riband  az.,  and  pen- 
dent therefrom  a  representation  of  the 
gold  medal  presented  by  the  Bojal 
Humane  Society  of  London  to  the 
said  Captain  Marrjat.  He  m.  2lBt 
January,  1819,  Catherine,  youngest 
daughter  of  Sir  Stephen  Shairp, 
of  Russell  Place,  London,  formerly 
charg6  d'affaires  at  the  court  of  Russia, 
and  by  her  had,  with  other  issue,  a 
daughter  (Florence  Marrtat,  a  well- 
known  authoress,  afterwards  Mrs.  Ross- 
CuuRCH,  who  was  h.  at  Brighton,  co. 
Sussex,  9th  July,  1837,  and  was 
appointed  editor  of  London  Society 
in  June,  1872)  and  two  sons,  both  in 
the  royal  navy.  The  elder  son,  Frede- 
rick, entered  the  navy  in  1830,  and 
was  promoted  to  the  rank  of  lieutenant, 
1st  September,  1845.  Like  his  father. 
Lieutenant  Marrjat,  on  two  occasions, 
risked  his  life  by  jumping  overboard  to 
save  others.  (O'Byme's  Naval  Bio- 
ffraphfi^  pp.  726-7.)  He  was  lost  in 
H.M.S.  "Avenger"  on  the  Sorelli 

III.  Charles,  of  whom  presently. 

lY.  George,  of  the  12th  Lancers,  m. 
Q-eorgina,  daughter  of  Townsend  Sel- 
WYir,  of  Kilmington,  Somerset. 

y.  Horatio,  m.  9th  August,  1842, 
Matilda  Elizabeth,  fourth  daughter  of 
General  Lord  Robert  Edward  Henry 
Somerset,  G.C.B.,K.T.S.(«fe  Burke's 
Feeragey  Beaufort,  D.).  Their  only 
daughter,  Ida  Horatio  Charlotte,  m. 
19th  September,  1863,  Gustaf  Frede- 
rick, Count  Blonde,  of  Biorno. 

I.  Charlotte. 

II.  Maria,  m.  Rev.  Henry  Lindsay,  Rec- 
tor of  Croydon  and  Sundridge,  Kent, 
son  of  James  Lindsay,  of  Balcarres. 

III.  Fanny,  authoress  of  Conversed  ions 
on  Nature  and  Art  ;  Foliiical 
Speaker ;  Histortf  of  Lace^  &c. ;  m. 
Richard  Palliser,  of  the  lObh  Regi- 
ment and  12th  Lancers. 

IV.  Ellen. 

Mr.  Joseph  Marryat  d.  suddenly  12th  Janu- 
ary, 1824,  aged  67  {Oentleman*8  Magazine^ 
vol.  xciv,  part  i,  1824,  p.  372).  His  third  son, 
Charles  Marryat,  of  Park-field,  Potter's 
Bar,  CO.  Middlesex,  merchant  of  London,  m. 

VOL.  II. 

2?th  June,  1826,  Caroline,  daughter  of 
Charles  Short,  of  Woodlands,  WarblinK- 
ton,  Hants,  barrister-at-law  of  the  Middle 
Temple,  and  siuter  of  the  Right  Rev.  Augus- 
tus Short,  D.I).,  first  Cliurch  of  England 
Bishop  of  Adelaide,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1865) 
had  issue, 

I.  Charles  (Very  Rev.),  M.A.,  dean  of 
Adelaide,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

II.  Joseph  Henry,  rear-admiral  R.N., 
C.B.,  distinguished  himself  in  the 
Crimean  War  at  Kinbum  in  the  gun- 
boat "Cracker,"  Admiral  Lyons  sig- 
nalling "  We  all  admire  your  perform- 
ance"; m.  firstly,  Anne  Cranmer, 
daughter  of  the  Rev.  Marwood  Tucker, 
of  Wid worthy,  Honiton,  co.  Devon, 
but  she  d.  s.  p.  1872.  Hem.  secondly, 
17th  September,  1874,  Frances, 
daughter  of  Francis  Baring  Short, 
of  Bickham  House,  Exeter,  co.  Devon, 
J.P.,  late  R.N.  (see  Short  of  Bick- 
Aam,  Burke's  Landed  Q entry),  Ka&d. 
29lh  November.  1881,  leaving,  by  his 
second  wiTe,  three  sons, 

1.  Gerald. 

2.  Neville. 

3.  Donald. 

III.  Arthur,  «.  Jessie,  daughter  of  J. 
Jackson,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Reginald. 

2.  Frederick. 

1.  Nina. 

2.  Florence. 

3.  Mabel. 

rv.  Albert  Palliser,  m.  Quita,  daughter 
of  V.  Farfan,  of  Trinidad,  and  has 
had  issue,  ^ith  twins,  who  d.  in  in- 

1.  Vicenti. 

1.  Lucy. 

2.  Marie  Gertrude. 

Y.  Ernest  Lindsay,  colonel  R.E.,  m. 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Major-General 
Edward  Patrick  Lynch,  H.M.  Indian 
Army,  Knight  of  the  Lion  and  Sun, 
J.P.,  of  Partry  House,  Ballinrobe,  oo. 
Majo  (see  Lynch  of  Partry y  Burke's 
Landed  Gentry)  y  and  has  issue, 

1.  Patrick. 

2.  Rupert. 

3.  Hugh  Dennis. 

4.  Rudolph. 

5.  Ulrich. 

1.  Irene. 

2.  Norah. 

3.  Beryl. 

4.  Gladys. 

5.  Dorothy. 

6.  Leila. 

Yi.  Cyril  Augustus,  d.  in  infancy. 

I.  Augusta  SophiH,  of  96,  Cromwell  Road, 
Loudon,  m.  1848,  Sir  Henry  Edward 
Fox  You  no,  knight,  C.B.,  governor  of 
South  Australia,  1848-54,  and  of  Tas- 
mania, 1855-61,  who  d.  1870.  She 
has  issue, 

1.  Aretas  William  Charles. 

2.  CarmichaeJ. 
1.  Augusta. 

2    F 



2.  lola. 
8.  Selira. 
4.  Ethel. 
6.  Beatrice. 

II.  Selina  Charlotte,  m.  Major  Frede- 
rick BiBcoe  Tritton,  5th  depdt  batta- 
lion, and  d.  1863,  leaving  issue  a  eon, 

III.  Caroline  Matilda,  m.  Lewis  Hill 
Bliss,  merchant  of  London,  and  has 

1.  Wilfred. 

2.  Cyril. 
8.  Bernard. 
4.  Cuthbert. 
6.  Raymond. 
1.  Violet. 

Jrms — Barry  of  six  or  and  sa.  a  chief  wavy 
Crest — On  a  mount  vert,  in  front  of  a  ram's 
Residence — Christ  Church  Parsonage,  North 

2.  Hilda. 

3.  Muriel. 

4.  Winifred. 

ir.  Gertrude  Emily,  sister  of  the  Com- 
munity of  St.  John  the  Baptist, 
Clewer,  Windsor,  co.  Berks,  now  at 
St.  Margaret's  Home,  Calcutta. 

Y.  Ellen  Adelaide,  m.  Charles  Fbbnch, 
deceased,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Henry. 

2.  Albert. 

3.  Thomas. 

1.  Mary. 

2.  Edith. 

3.  Nora. 

4.  Gertrude. 

Mr.  Charles  Marryat  d.  7th  October,  18S4. 

az.  on  a  canton  arg.  a  fie ur-de« Us  ga. 
head  arg.,  the  sun  rising  or. 
Adelaide,  South  Australia. 


WILLIAM  HENRY  JACKSON,  of  Laurel  Lodge,  Toowong,  Brisbane, 
and  of  Beach  wood,  Hnmpybong,  Queensland,  merchant  of  London  and 
Brisbane,  J.P.  for  the  colony  of   Queensland,  h.  19th  February,   1835 ;  went 
to  Brisbane  in  1870 ;  m.  24th  April,  1872,  Jane  Eleanor,  only  child  of  Daniel 
Stead,  of  Belfast,  Ireland,  by  Elizabeth,  his  wife,  and  has  issue, 
I.  William  Thomas  Isles,  b.  in  Brisbane,  21st  March,  1874. 
u.  Lewis  Henry,  6.  in  Toowong,  30th  April,  1880. 

I.  Maude  Isabel,  6.  in  Brisbane,  28th  July,  1875. 

II.  Henrietta  Gertrude,  b.  in  Brisbane,  28th  March,  1877,  d.  19th  February, 

Mr.  W.  H.  Jackson  received  an  appointment  in  the  Civil  Service  from 
Viscount  Canning  in  June,  1854,  and  was  for  ten  years  in  the  Marine  Post 
OflBce  Service  between  Kingstown  and  Holyhead.     He  resigned  in  January 
1870,  and  left  for  Brisbane,  where  he  arrived  28th  April  in  that  year. 


Daniel  Jackson  came  of  a  Scotch  family 
which  settled  at  Kilmore,  co.  Monaghan  in  the 
middle  of  the  17th  century,  and  were  landed 
proprietors  there  for  many  years.  He  m. 
1811,  Sarah  Wkight,  by  whom  he  had  a  son, 

Henby  Jackson,  of  Kilmore  and  Mama- 
harin,  co.  Monaghan,  Ireland,  who  m.  at 
Kilcrow  Church,  near  Rockcurry,  co.  Mona- 
ghan, 13th  October,  1833,  Mary  Anne,  eldest 
daughter  of  William  White,  of  Drumga- 
vey,  in  the  same  co.,  and  d.  in  Rockcurry, 
Ireland,  Tth  August,  1857,  haying  predeceased 
his  wife,  who  Insulae,  Clayfield,  Queens- 
land, 19th  November,  1891.  Thej  had 

I.  William  Henry,  of  Toowong  and 
Humpybong,  the  subject  of  this 

II.  John  Godfrey,  ft.  15th  May,  1837  j 
d.  February,  1889. 

III.  Arthur  Lewis,  6.  6th  October,  1838; 
m.  Henrietta  J.  Maxwell,  of  Baly- 
borough,  CO.  Caran,  Ireland. 

IV.  James,  ft.  19th  January,  1842;  killed 
in  the  battle  of  Getty sburgh,  U.S.A., 
1st  July,  1863. 

Y.  Robert  Alexander,  ft.  25th  December, 

Ti.  Francis  Daniel,  ft.  17th  April,  1851. 
VII.  Albert     Joseph,    ft.    Srd    January, 

d.  13th  June,  1857. 

I.  Isabella  Jane,  ft.  2nd  May,  1840  ;  m. 
James  Isles,  of  New  Scone,  PertI  - 
shire,  Scotland,  and  has  issue  five  souf. 

II.  Sidney  Anne,  ft.  8th  April,  1844;  m. 
Thomas  Finney,  of  Sidney  House, 
Toowong,  Brisbane,  formerly  of  Curra 
Kreen,co.  Oolway,  and  rf.  at  Toowong, 
13th  October,  1883,  leaving  insue  one 
son  and  three  daughters. 


HI.  Sarah  Rebecca,  b.  29th  July,  1846  j   I  Abbey,  co.  Wicklow,  Ireland,  and  has 

m.   Bichard     Whalby,    of     Whaley   !  issue  two  daughters. 

Arm* — Barry  of  ten  arg.  and  az.  a  lion  ramp.  gu.  holding  between  the  paws  an  eagle's 
head  erased  or ;  two  flaunchee  sa.,  each  charged  with  a  mullet  of  six  points  of  the  fourth. 

Crest — In  front  of  a  mount  vert  a  mullet  of  six  points  or  thereon  an  eagle  close  ppr. 

Motto — Confide  recte  agens. 

Setidences —lAurel  L<xige,  Toowong,  Brisbane ;  and  Beach  wood,  Humpjboug,  Queens- 


CiOMMANDER  GEORGE  POYNTER  HEATH,  R.N.,  of  Han  worth, 
J  Brisbane,  Queensland,  formerlj  chairman  of  the  marine  board  and 
port;  master  of  Queensland,  b.  at  Hanworth,  co.  Norfolk,  llHh  June,  1830; 
TO.  at  Trinity  Church,  Bayswater,  London,  23rd  February,  1860,  Elizabeth 
Jane  Long,  eldest  daughter  of  Captain  Joseph  Long  Innes,  of  the  39th  Regi* 
ment,  and  sister  of  the  Hon.  Sir  Joseph  George  Long  Innes,  Knt.,  puisne 
judge  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  New  South  Wales  (see  Innes  of  Sydney) ^  and 
hj  her,  who  d.  19th  January,  1893,  has  had  issue, 
I.  George  Reginald  Innes,  h.  23rd  July,  1866. 
If.  Charles  Edward  Innes,  b.  23rd  July,  1866 ;  d,  23rd  July,  1867. 

III.  Herbert  Charles  Selwyu,  Lieutenant  Essex  Regiment,  h.  2nd  October, 


I.  Celia  Georgiana,  m.  April,  1886,  John  Locke  Maux,  Commander  R.N., 

younger  son  of  the  late  Francis  J.  P.  Marx,  of  Arlebury,  Hants. 

II.  Eihel  Mary,  m.  23rd  February,  1893,  John  Garnet  Armstrong,  Lieu- 

tenant R.N.,  second  son  of  the  late  Deputy  Surgeon- General  Arm- 
II T.  Isabel  Clara. 

IV.  Beatrice  Gertrude. 

V.  Evelyn  Elizabeth  Lester, 
vj.  Vivien  Alice  Marie. 

Commander  Heath  was  educated  at  Cheltenham  College  ;  entered  the  navy 
as  a  cadet  in  1845 ;  was  employed  on  the  survey  of  the  north-east  coasts  of 
Australia  and  New  Guinea,  under  the  late  Captain  Owen  Stanley,  F.R.S., 
F.R.A.S.,  of  H.M.S.  *'  Rattlesnake,"  1846-53,  and  served  afterwards  on  H.M.S. 
**  Fantome  *'  and  "  Calliope  "  on  that  station.  He  retired  as  a  commander  in 
1869 ;  aud  was  appointed  chairman  of  the  marine  board  and  port  master  of 
Queensland,  from  which  posts  he  retired  on  a  pension  in  July,  1890,  after 
thirty  years'  service  in  that  colony.  During  that  period  he  established  thirty- 
five  lighthouses  on  the  coast  of  Queensland,  besides  some  150  smaller  lights, 
marking  the  reefs  and  dangers  in  the  Inner  Route  and  Torres  Straits,  and 
opened  the  route  for  the  steam  mail  service  and  general  traffic.  He  was  also 
for  many  years  chairman  of  Committees  of  Synod  of  the  Church  of  England  in 

This  family  migrated  westwards  to  Exeter,  I  city  of  Exeter  in  1655,  and  was  warden  to 
and  was  settled  tber 3  for  Boine  generations.       I  the  Corporation  of  Weavers  1678-80.     His 
Thokas  Heath  was  made  a  freeman  of  the  |  fourth  son, 

2  F  2 



Bbnjamin  Heath,  a  merchant  of  Exeter, 
b.  1672,  was  also  warden  of  the  Weavers  Cor- 
poration.    He  had  issue, 

I.  Benjamin,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Thomas,  mayor  of  Exeter  1738  and 
1749,  left  an  eldest  son, 

John,  who  was  made  a  judge  of  the 
Court  of  Common  Pleas  1780. 
The  eldest  son, 

Benjamin  Heath,  D.C.L.,  for  some  years 
town  clerk  of  Exeter,  was  a  well-known 
classical  scholar  in  his  day,  and  in  1752  th.e 
University  of  Oxford  conferred  upon  him, 
the  honorary  degree  of  D.C.L.  in  recognition 
of  his  classical  attainments  and  the  literary 
Talue  of  his  work  on  the  great  tragic  poets. 
He  had  issue, 

I.  Benjamin,  headmaster  of  Harrow, 
1771  to  1785. 

II.  George,  of  whom  we  treat. 

III.  Another  son,  the  father  of  Baron 
Heath,  the  first  Consul-General  for  the 
kingdom  of  Italy. 

The  second  son, 

Rev.  Geoboe  Heath,  D.D.,  headmaster  of 

1776,  Mary  Keen,   and   d.  20th   February, 
1822,  haying  had  with  other  issue, 

I.  John  (fourth  son),  fellow  of  King's 
College,  and  a  distinguished  linguist. 

II.  Chables  (youngest  son),  of  whom  we 

The  youngest  son, 

Rev.  Chables  Heath,  vicar  of  Hanworth, 
CO.  Norfolk,  rector  of  Gunton  and  Suffield,  in 
the  same  county,  rural  dean,  and  J.P.,  m.  17th 
December,  1822,  Marianne  Poynteb  (wlio  d. 
5th  April,  1870),  and  d.  15th  February,  1864, 
having  had  issue, 

I.  Charles  Harbord  (Rev.),  M.A. 
(Camb.),  m.  28th  April,  1853,  Mary 
Anne,  eldest  daughter  of  John  Tongb, 
of  Starborough  Castle,  co.  Surrey,  and 
has  issue, 

1.  Charles  Ernest,  major,  Army 
Service  Corps,  ft.  20th  September, 

1.  «iHelen  Margaret,  m.  Perceval 

II.  Geobge  Poynteb,  the  subject  of  this 

I.  Georgiana  Susan. 

II.  Frances  Maria. 

Eton  and  canon  of  Windsor,  m.  6th  August, 

Arms — Pffr  chevron  sa.  and  or  in  chief  two  mullets  pierced,  of  the  Inst,  and  in  base  a 
heathcocJc  of  the  first,  combed  and  wattled  gu. 

Crest — A  heathcock's  head  erased  sa.,  combed  and  wattled  gu.^  holding  in  the  beak  a 
mullet  pierced  or. 

Motto — Franc  et  loyal. 

Residences —^diWNOTth.,  Brisbane,  Queensland  ;  10,  Barkston  Gardens,  South  Kensington, 
London,  S.W. 

C/tfft— Grosvenor,  in  London. 


lyrATHANIEL  FORTE,  of  Barbados,  formerly  a  member  of  Her  Majesty's 
Jwl  Council  of  the  Islatid  of  Barbados,  Lieutenant- Colonel  of  the  St. 
Thomas  Regiment  of  Militia,  h,  15th  July,  1816,  m.  first,  13th  October,  1840, 
Arabella  Chavasse,  daughter  of  John  Millard,  formerly  of  the  Indian  Navy, 
and  by  her  (who  d.  3rd  April,  1851)  had  issue, 

I.  Nathaniel,  late  Captain  9th  and  52nd  Regiments,  h.  19th  August,  1841, 

m.  28th  August,  1866,  Edith  Margaret,  eldest  daughter  of  the  late 
Thomas  Nurse,  M.D.,  of  the  Island  of  Barbados,  and  has  had  issue, 

1.  Herbert  Augustus  Nourse,  lieutenant  15th  Regiment,  h.  14th 

December,  1868. 

2.  Nathaniel,  h.  14tli  July,  1872. 

3.  Philip  Leslie,  h.  Hrd  May,  1876. 

1.  Ethel  Margaret,  m.  December,  1893,  H.  H.  Cox. 

II.  Cockburn,  Major  (retired)  late  77th  Regiment,  h.  11th  December,  1842. 
iiT.  Bryan,  6.  26th  March,  1844,  d,  7th  November,  1870. 

IV.  Joseph,  h.  27th  March,  1847. 

I.  Sophia  Jane. 

II.  Frances  Arabella. 

III.  Arabella  Chavasse. 


He  m.  secondly,  11th  November,  1838,  Margaret  Mauger,  daughter  of  Joseph 
CoLLiNGS,  of  the  Island  of  Gaernsey,  and  widow  of  the  late  Thomas  Nurse,  of 
the  Island  of  Barbados. 


Samuel  Forte,  a  member  of  the  Somereet- 
fthire  family  who  were  settled  there  during 
the  16th  and  17th  centuries,  went  <o  Barba- 
dos about  the  year  1680,  and  by  Ursula,  his 
first  wife,  who  d.  in  Barbados  in  1700,  he 
had  issue, 

I.  Samuel,  of  whom  presently, 

II.  Francis,  h,  1672,  m.  W.  Colltmobe, 
and  d.  1718. 

I.  Thomasin,     6.     1680,     m.     Colonel 
William  Leslie,  and  had  issue. 

II.  Ursula,  h,  1680,   «.   1«  99,    Captain 
John  Todd,  and  had  issue. 

He  m.  secondly,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of 
Kichard  Ebtwicke,  but  hy  her,  who  d,  1739, 
he  had  no  issue.     His  eldest  son, 

Samuel  Fokte.  a  member  of  the  House  of 
Asfrembly,  J.P.  and  Lieutenant-Colonel  of  the 
St.  John's  Begiment  of  Militia,  h.  1685,  m, 
first,  Anne,  second  daughter  of  Richard 
FsTWiCKE,  of  the  Island  of  Barbados,  and  by 
her,  who  d.  in  1720,  had  issue, 

I.  Samuel,  h,  1704,  m.  Mercy,  daughter 
of  James  £a6TM0>'D,  and  d.s.p.  1745. 

II.  Bichard,  b.  1707,  d.  s.p.  1763. 

III.  Chbistopher,  of  whom  presently. 

IV.  Thomas,  h,  1714. 

I.  Elizabeth,  m.  1720,  E.  Gbetton. 

II.  Annie,  d.  1736. 

III.  Trsula,  f».  1733,  Samuel  Leslie. 

IV.  Mercy. 

T.  Thomasine. 
Colonel  Forte  m.  secondly,  1721,  Elizabeth, 
daughter  of  E.  Gbetton,  and  by  her  had  a 
ton,  who  d,  in  Barbados,  1728.     His  third 

Chbistopheb  Fobte,  m.  Thomasine, 
daughter  of  Colonel  William  Leslie,  a 
member  oi  the  Council  of  the  Island  of  Bar- 
bados, and  by  her  (who  d,  1769)  had 

I.  Samuel,  Colonel  of  Militia,  and  mem- 
ber of  the  House  of  Assembly,  m.  first. 

1763,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Henry 
Leslie,  member  of  the  Council  of  Bar- 
bados,      and      seoondiy,     Elizabeth, 

daughter    of    Saunders,    and 

dying  1809,  left  no  issue. 

II.  William,  m.  1767,  Margaret,  daughter 
of  Henry  Leslie,  member  of  the 
Council  of  Barbados,  and  left  iesue, 
whose  descendants  are  now  lirlng  in 

III.  Christopher,  of  whom  prestLtly. 

I.  Anne  Estwicke. 

II.  Elizabeth. 

Mr.  Forte,  d.  1753.     His  third  son, 

Christopher  Forte,  m.  27th  October, 
1764,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Balph  Weekes, 
President  of  the  CouncQ  of  the  Island  of 
Barbados,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Samuel,    ft.    1766,    m.     1787,    Jane, 

daughter   of Niblett,   and   d. 

1839,  leaving  descendants  who  are 
living  in  Cape  Colony. 

II.  Nathaniel  Weekes,  of  whom 

III.  Christopher,  d.  s.  p.  1830. 

Mr.  Forte   and  his  wife  were  killed  in  the 
hurricane  of  1780.     Their  second  son, 

Nathaniel  Weekes  Forte,  Speaker  of 
the  House  of  Assembly,  J.P.,  and  Colmel  of 
the  Militia,  ft.  29th  August,  1767,  m.  21st 
November,  1801,  Jane,  daughter  of  George 
Adamson,  of  the  Island  of  Barbados,  and 
had  issue, 

I.  Samuel   Eastmond,   ft.  1802,  d,  9.  p 

II.  Nathaniel,  of  Barbados,  the  subject 
of  this  memoir. 

I.  Anne,  d,  1805. 

II.  Caroline     Leslie,    ft.    1805,    d,    7th 
November,  1889. 

III.  Anna  Chiistophera,  ft.  1807. 

IV.  Nathan. 

V.  Amelia. 
Mr.  Forte  d.  12th  September,  1836. 

jK«»rfe»c**— Malvern,  Barbados  ;  and  14,  The  Paragon,  Clifton,  Bristol,  England. 


ROBERT  DENNISTOUN,  of  Inverlea,  co.  Peterborough,  Q.C.,  County 
Judge  of  Peterborough,  one  of  the  Benchers  of  the  Law  Society  of 
Upper  Canada,  6.  at  Camis  Esken,  Scotland,  13th  January,  1815;  m,  24th 
December,  1839,  Maxwell,  daughter  of  Major  Hamilton,  of  the  79th  High- 
landers, and  has  issue, 

1.  James  Frederick  Dennistoun,  Q.C.,  of  Castleknock,  co.  Peterbarough, 
h.  at  Peterborough,  Ontario,  26th  October,  1841;  m,  20th  January, 



1864,  Katberine  Adele,  daughter  of  Stafford  Kirkpatrick,  Q.C, 
county  judge  of  Frontenac,  Canada,  and  d.  25th  November,  1886, 
leaving  issue, 

1.  Robert  Maxwell,  of  Castleknock,  co.  Peterborough,  barrister- 
at-law,  6.  at  Peterborough,  24th  December,  1864,  w.  6th 
September,  1892,  Mary  Mildred  Louise,  daughter  of  the 
Rev.  J,  W.  R.  Beck,  late  rector  of  Peterborough,  Canada^ 
and  has  issne, 

(a)  James  Alexander,  h.  17th  July,  1893. 
(6)  James  Frederick,  deceased, 
(c)  James  Oswald,  deceased. 

1 .  Henrietta  Eleanor,  m.  Charles  Selby  Haultain,  M.D. 

2.  Margaret  Elizabeth,  m.  James  Robert  J  ones,  M.D. 

3.  Catherine  Mary,  deceased. 

4.  Mary  Lydia. 

5.  Annie  Camilla. 

6.  Helen  Grant. 

7.  Jessie. 

8.  Louisa  Octavia. 

9.  Georgiana  Nona, 
ir.  Robert  Hamilton,  deceased. 
III.  George  Alexander^  deceased. 

I.  Margaret,  m.  R^v.  Prof.  John  H.  Mackerras,  of  Queen's  University, 

ir.  Mary  Maxwell,  deceased. 
III.  Elizabeth  Oswald. 


The  Lords  de  Danzielstown  may  be  traced 
from  a  very  early  period  in  our  records,  and 
from  them  directly  descends  the  family  of 
Dennistoun,  of  Dennixtaun.  Sie  Hugh 
Danzielstoun,  of  that  ilk,  accorded  a  reluc- 
tant submission  to  Edwabd  I,  1296.  He 
had  iosue,  John  (Sir)  his  successor,  and 
Joanna,  or  Janet,  m.  Sir  Adam  Mube,  of 
Bowallan,  and  was  mother  of  Elizabeth 
Mure,  m.  King  Kobebt  II,  and  was 
ancestress  of  the  long  line  of  Stuart  Kings. 
Sir  Huffh  waB  s.  by  his  son,  SiB  John  be 
Danziblstoun,  of  that  ilk,  for  many  years 
sheriff  of  co.  Dumbarton,  and  governor  of 
Dumbarton  Castle,  one  of  the  Lords  of 
Parliament  who  concurred  in  the  settlement 
of  the  Crown  upon  the  descendanta  of  his 
niece,  Elizabeth  Mure.  He  m.  Mary,  daughter 
of  Malcolm,  first  Earl  of  Wigton,  and  had 
(with  one  daughter  Janet,  wife  of  Sir  Adam 
Mttbe,  of  Bowallan)  five  sons,  Robert,  his 
heir;  Walter,  a  bold  and  turbulent  church- 
man, made  Bishop  of  St.  Andrews  by 
Bobebt  III;  William  (Sir),  of  Colgrain; 
Hugh,  and  Malcolm.  The  eldest  son  and 
heir,  SiB  Robebt  de  Danzielstoun,  of  that 
ilk,  was  keeper  of  the  Castle  of  Dumbarton. 
His  daughters,  ai  d  co-heirs  were,  Margaret, 
m.  Sir  William  Cunninqhamb,  of  Kil- 
iiiaurs,    and    Elizabeth,     m.     Sir      Bobcrt 

Maxwell,  of  Calderwood.  Sir  Bobert  de 
Danzielstoun*8  brother.  Sib  William  de 
Danzielstoun,  of  Colgrain  and  Camis 
Esken,  co.  Dumbarton,  acquired  those 
estales  before  1877.     His  direct  descendant, 

Bobebt  Danziblstoun,  of  Colgrain, 
m.  Katherine,  daughter  of  David  Semplb, 
of  Noblestoun,  by  Marion,  daughter  of 
Sir  William  Edmowstok,  of  Duntreath, 
and  left,  with  other  issue,  Bobbbt,  his 
heir;  and  John,  living  1560,  father,  by 
his  wife,  Euphemia  Bontynb,  of  Waltbb 
D.4NZIELST0UN,  who,  like  his  predecessor, 
resided  at  Colgrain.  He  d.  1618,  leaving, 
with  several  younger  children,  John  Dbn- 
NiSTOUN,  who,  by  Margaret,  daughter  and 
eventual  heiress  of  the  ancient  family  of 
Spbeull,  of  Dalchum,  had  a  son,  Abchibald 
Dennistouw,  of  Dalchurn,  minister  of 
Campsie,  who  m.  first,  Jane,  daughter  of 
Humphry  Noble,  of  FoTre  and  Ardardan; 
and  secondly,  Katherine,  daughter  of  James 
Stibling,  of  Auchyle.  By  the  former  he 
had  a  son,  William,  of  whom  in  the  sequel, 
as  heir-male  of  the  family,  and  husband 
of  the  heiress  of  Colgrain.  The  son  and 

Bobbbt  Danzielstoun,  of  Colgrain,  m. 
Margaret,  daughter  of  John  Hamilton,  of 
Ferguslie,  and,  among  other  children,  who 



left  no  issue,  had  Elizabeth,  the  wife  of  John 
CoLQUHorir,  of  CtimstTaddan  ;  Catherine,  m. 
John  Macgbegob,  of  Ardenconnal;  and  his 

Jambs  Penwistoun,  of  Colgrain,  who 
inToked  the  family  inheritance  to  a  con- 
eiderable  extent.     His  son  and  heir, 

Waltkb  DENNisTorN,  of  Colgrain,in.  first, 
Sarah,  daughter  of  Sir  Patrick  HorsTOK, 
of  Houston,  by  his  vife  the  Lady  Janet 
CrKiriifGHAME;  and  secondly,  Grace,  daughter 
of  John  Bhisbanb,  of  Brisbane;  by  the 
former  he  had  James,  who  d.  unm.  s  and  an 
elder  son,  his  successor, 

JowK  DEHNiSTorN,  of  ColgTain,  a  zealous 
and  steady  adherent  of  the  royal  cause. 
He  m.  Jean,  daughter  of  WilHam  Semple, 
of  ITulwood,  and  had  three  daughters, 

Margaret,  who  s.  to  the  estates  in  yirtue 
of  an  entail  made  by  her  father,  under 
condition  of  marrying  the  heir  male  of 
the  family. 

Janet,  m.  William  Sehplb,  of  Ful- 
On  the  decease  of  Colonel  Dennistoun,  the 
male  representation  deToWed  upon  the  elder 
son  and  heir  of  Mr.  Abcbibald  Dennis- 
Torir,  of  Dalchurn,  minister  of  Campsie, 

William  Dennistoun,  who,  under  the 
settlement  of  Colonel  Dennistoun,  became  the 
husband  of  his  eldest  daughter,  Margaret, 
heiress  of  Colgrain.  Of  sixteen  children,  one 
only  survived  his  parents, 

JoBN  Dennistoun,  of  Colgrain,  who,  by 
Jane,  his  wife,  heiress  of  Moses  Buchanan, 
of  Glins,  had,  with  several  daughters, 

Javeb   Dennistoun,  of   Colgrain.    This 
laird  m.  first,  Janet,  daughter  of  John  Baibd, 
of  Craigtown,  and  by  her  bad  issue, 
I.  Jambs,  his  successor. 

I.  Jean,     m.    Andrew    Buchanan,    of 

He  m.   secondly,   Mary,   daughter  of  John 

Lyon,  of  Parklee,  and  had  issue, 

n.  Robert,  m.  Anne  Penelope,  daughter 
of  Archibald  Campbell,  of  Jura, 
and  had  issue. 
III.  Bichard,  of  Kehin  GroTe,co.  Lanark, 
m.  Christian,  daughter  of  James 
Alston,  merchant  in  Glasgow,  heir 
to  the  estate  of  Westerton,  co.  Dum- 
barton, and  dying  May,  1834,  left 
surviving  issue, 

1.  Bichard,  formerly  of  Kelvin 
Q-rove,  Glasgow,  afterwards  resi- 
dent at  Pinnacle  Hill,  near  Eelso, 
b.  7lh  March,  1797 ;  m.  2l8t  March, 
1839,  Frances  Elizabeth,  youngest 
daughter  of  Thomas  Bishton 
Saitebthwaite,  of  Lancaster, 
and  had  issue,  Bichard  Campbell, 
b.  24th  August,  1841 ;  and  Francis 
Douglas,  b.  8th  January,  1848. 

2.  William,  d.  vnm. 

1 .  Isabella,  m.  Colin  Campbell,  of 

2.  Mary,  m.  Archibald  Buchanan, 
of  Auchentorlie,  co.  Dumbarton. 

II.  Mary,  w.  John  Alston,  of  Westerton. 

James  Colgrain  d.  1796,  and  was  «.  by  his 
eldest  son, 

James  Dennistoun,  of  Colgrain,  convener 
of  the  CO.  of  Dumbarton,  Vice-Lieutenant 
and  Commandant  of  the  local  Militia  of  that 
shire.  By  Margaret,  his  first  wife,  daughter 
of  James  Dokald,  of  Geilstoim,  he  left 
Jaubs,  his  heir ;  and  by  Mirgaret,  his  second 
wife,  daughter  of  Allan  Dbbghobn,  of 
Blochaim,  he  left  four  daughters,  co  heirs  to 
their  mother's  large  fortune, 

I.  Isabella  Bryson,  m.  Gubriel  Hamil- 
ton DuNDAS,  of  Westburn  and  Dud- 

II.  Janet  Baird,  m.  Hugh  Maclean,  of 

III.  Elizabeth  Dreghorn,  m.  22nd  Feb- 
ruary, 1815,  Sir  Duncan  CAsiFBtLX, 
Bart.,  of  Barcaldine. 

IV.  Mary  Lyon,  m.  Sir  William 
Baillik,  Bart.,  of  Polkemmet. 

He  was  s.  at  his  decease,  1816,  by  his  only 

Jameb  Dennistoun,  of  Dennistoun,  m. 
1801,  Mary  Bamsay,  daughter  of  George 
Oswald,  of  Auchincruive  and  Scotstoun, 
and  had,  with  other  issue, 

I.  Jamps,  of  Dennistoun,  b.  1803;  J.P. 
and  D.L.,  member  of  the  Faculty  of 
Advocates ;  m.  1835,  Isabella  Katha- 
rine, eldest  daughter  of  Hon.  James 
Woolfe  MuPBAr,  of  Cringletie,  one 
of  the  senators  of  the  Colle^  of 
Justice,  Scotland,  but  had  no  issue. 
Mr.  Dennistoun  sold  in  1835  his 
estate    in    Dumbartonshire,    and    ac- 

?[uired  a  portion  of  the  original 
amily  property  in  the  Barony  of 
Danzielstown,  Renfrewshire.  He  was 
autlior  of  Memoirs  of  the  Dukes  of 
V rhino  ^  Memoirs  of  Sir  Robert 
Strange,  and  other  works.  He  d, 

II.  George,  a  merchant  in  Glasgow, 
b.  1806;  m.  1837,  Margaret  Helen, 
daughter  of  Henry  Wallis,  of 
Drishane,  Maryborough,  and  dying 
25th  April,  1849,  left  a  son, 

James  Wallis,  of  Dennistoun,  co. 
Eenfrew,  late  Lieutenant  B.N., 
b,  1 2th  December  1839,  *.  his  uncle 
1855  ;  w.  2nd  July,  1868,  Caroline 
Joanna,  daughter  of  Henry 
Gore  Booth,  son  of  Sir  Bobert 
Newcomen  Gore  Booth,  Bart., 
and  has  issue, 

James       George,      Lieutenant 

R.A.,  6.  24th  May,  1871. 
Isabella  Caroline,  b,  10th  May, 

III.  BoBEBT,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

IV.  Richard  d,  yoimg. 

V.  Alexant^er,  m.  Margaret,  daughter 
of  Peter  Bbdpath,  of  Montreal, 

I.  Margaret,  deceased. 

II.  Isabella  (deceased),  m.  Rer.  John 
VV  iLSON,  D.D. 


VI.  Janet  (deceased),   m.  William    Gil- 
lespie Mitchell,  of  Garwood. 
Mr.  Jamed  Denniatoan  d.  let  Junei  1884. 

III.  Mm  y,  de  eased. 
IT.  £liz<tuetli.  deceased, 
y.  Larilla,  deceased. 

Arms — Arff.,  a  bend  »a. 

Crest — A  dexter  arm  iti  pale  ppr.  clothed  gu.^  holding  an  antique  shield  sa.  charged  with 
a  mullet  or. 

Supporters — Dexter^  a  lionf  gu.^  armed  and  langued  az.,  sinister  an  antelope  arg.  unguUd 
and  homed  or. 

Motto  —Adversa  virtute  repello. 

SesidenceS'-TorontOf  and  Castleknock,  co.  Peterborough,  Canada. 

THE  LATE  HON.  WILLIAM  ADAMS  BRODRIBB,  formerly  of  Brockley, 
Brighton,  Victoria,  and  subsequently  of  Buckhurst,  Sydney,  New  South 
Wales,  J. P.,  member  of  the  Legislative  Council  of  New  South  Wales  ;  h.  in 
London,  27th  May,  1809 ;  m.  firstly,  at  Gunning,  N.S.W.,  20th  June,  1844, 
Eliza  Matilda,  daughter  of  John  Kennedy",  of  Keswycke,  Gunning,  'S.S.W, 
(see  Kennedy  aiid  Hume  article  below)  ;  and  secondly,  his  first  wife's  cousin, 
Catherine  Kennedy,  daughter  of  John  Kennedy  Hume,  by  whom  (who  d.  23rd 
October,  1888)  he  had  no  issue.  By  his  first  wife  (who  was  6.  at  Appin, 
N.S.W.,  19th  March,  1816,  and  d.  19th  October,  1868)  he  had, 

I.  William    Kennedy    (Rev.),    B.A.   (Melbourne  University),   rector  of 

Putley,  Herefordshire,  England,  formerly  of  Martinhurst,  Hawks- 
bum,  Melbourne,  Victoria ;  h.  at  Boolnemang,  Maneroo,  New  South 
Wales,  16th  October,  1847;  m.  at  St.  Martin's  Church,  Brighton, 
Sussex,  Eugland,  13th  January,  1880,  Anna  Montgomery,  only 
daughter  of  the  late  Major  Owen  Richard  Nathaniel  Lloyd,  of 
Rockville,  co.  Roscommon,  Ireland  {see  Landed  Gentry)^  and  by  her 
has  had  issue, 

1.  Owen  Adams  Kennedy,  6.  18th  May,  1881. 

1.  Eanswith  Alice  Kennedy,  h.  23rd  February,  1883;  d,  5th 
March,  1889. 

II.  Kenric  Edward,  of  Gamely  House,  East  Melbourne,  and  formerly  of 

Poolamacca  Station,  Broken  Hill,  New  South  Wales,  J.P.,  h.  9th 
October,  1849;  m.  Theresa,  daughter  of  C.  G.  Casey,  M.D.  ;  and  d. 
at  his  i-esideiice.  Gamely  House,  7th  July,  1889.  He  had  issue  four 
daughters,  viz., 

1.  Violet. 

2.  Marjorie. 

3.  Olive. 

4.  Noel. 

III.  Ernest  George,  6.  22nd  July,  1856. 

I.  Lavinia,  m.  the  Rev.  Horace  Tucker,  vicar  of  South  Yarra,  Melbourne. 

II.  Eliza  Emma,  m.  James  Purves,  of  Mosspenoch,  East  Melbourne,  Q.C, 


III.  Florence,  m.  Hugh  Fyffe. 

The  Hon.  W.  A.  Brodribb  emigrated  with  his  parents  to  Tasmania  in  1816, 
and  went  to  New  South  Wales  in  1836  ;  engaged  in  pastoral  pursuits  with  his 
brothers,  and  became  possessed  of  large  sheep  stations  in  New  South  Wales. 



He  and  his  brother  Albert  were  amongst  the  very  earliest  explorei's  of  the 

eastern  portion  of  the  colony  of  Vibtoria,  now  called  Gippsland,  the  Brodribb 

River  being  named  after  them.     In  1847  he  was  made  a  justice  of  the  peace 

for  the  colony  of  New  Sonth  Wales,  and  afterwards  for  the  colony  of  Victoria, 

and  sometime  represented  Brighton  in  the  Legislative  Assembly  of  the  latter 

colony.     Visiting  England,  he  was  elected  a  Fellow  of  the  Royal  Geographical 

Society,  and  a  Fellow  of  the  Royal  Colonial  Institute.     Ue  was  appointed  a 

member  of  the  New  South  Wales  Commission  at   the   Paris   International 

Exhibition  in  1877,  and  in  1879  was  appointed  a  member  of  the  Commission 

of    the   New   South   Wales   International    Exhibition.      He  was   elected  a 

member  of   the  Legislative   Assembly  of   New  Sonth  Wales,   24th   Novem- 

her,  1880,  and  on  the   22nd  August  following  took  his  seat  in  the  Upper 

House.     He  d.  at  his  residence   in    Macquarie  Street,  Sydney,  New  South 

Wales,  31st  May,  1886,  and  was  buried  beside  his  father  at  Brighton,  Victoria. 


Joseph  BaoDRrBB,  of  Barrow  Hill,  co. 
Somerset,  was  baptised  15th  June,  1726; 
inherited,  through  his  father,  property  at 
Fannborough,  co.  Somerset,  under  the  will  of 
Joseph  Babkes,  of  Fannborough,  dated  1742; 
m.  1751,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  William 
PuBKBLL,  of  Havyot  (see  Pubxell  article 
below).  She  was  baptised  at  Wrington,  co. 
Somerset.  5th  June,  1729,  and  d.  19tli  October, 
1803.  He  d.  25th  May,  1804,  and  was  buried 
at  Glutton,  beside  his  parents,  having  had 

I.  WitLiAM,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Joseph,  b.  1756  ;  m.  Miss  Palmeb  ; 
and  d.  24th  September.  1805. 

III.  Matthew,  b.  22nd  September,  1760  ; 
m.  Ann,  daughter  of  the  Rev.  J. 
Hammbt,  rector  of  Glutton ;  and 
d.  7th  March,  1831,  having  had 

1.  Frances. 

2.  Ann  Pumell. 

I.  Mary,  b.  1759 ;  d.  unm,  1839. 

II.  Ann,  b.  1763  ;  d.  unm.  1850. 

III.  Elizabeth,  b.  1765  ;  d.  unm.  1823. 
The  eldest  son, 

W11J.IAM  Bbodbibb,  of  Gamely  House, 
Gamely,  and  of  Stanton  wick,  Stantondrew, 
CO.  Somerset,  was  b.  1753  ;  m.  at  Bed  minster 
Church,  Bristol,  3rd  March,  1783,  Elizabeth, 
daughter  and  co-heiress  of  John  Adams,  of 
Chelwood  House,  son  of  John  Adams  of 
Stapleton  Gourt,  Bristol,  and  of  Wick,  co. 
Somerset,  by  Elizabeth,  his  wife,  daughter 
and  heiress  of  John  Lydb,  of  Chelwood,  co. 

be^ow)  I  and  d.  1831 ;  buried  in  Glutton 
Churchyard,  with  his  ancestors;  having  by 
her  (who  was  b.  1761,  and  d.  1800)  had 

I.  William  Apams,  of  whom  hereafter. 

II.  Samuel  Bush,  captain  14th  King's 
Light  Dragoons,  b.  1793;  d.  1846, 
leaving  issue  two  sons  and  two 
daughters.  The  elder  daughter, 
Elizabeth  Adams,  m.  23rd  June.  1869, 
as  his  second  wife  John  Edward 
Montagu  (see  Montagu  of  Fort 
Saiisburt/),  His  grand-daughter  Mary 
Brodribb  Hutchinson,  m.  Major 
William  Lloyd  (see  Landed  Oentry, 
Lloyd  of  RocJcville). 

I.  Anna  Maria,   b.  1785;     m.    Thomas 
White  Pbeston,  and  d.  1820 
The  eldest  son, 

William  Adams  Bbodbibb  was  b.  1789 ; 
was  enrolled  solicitor  of  the  Court  of  King^s 
Bench,  Westminster,  24th  January,  1811 ; 
and  of  the  High  Court  of  Chancery,  13th 
February,  1811.  Arriving  in  Hobart  Town, 
Tasmania,  in  1816,  he  first  held  the  offices 
of  clerk  to  the  judge-advocate  and  under- 
sheriff.  Subsequently  he  resided  at  Brockley, 
Tasmania,  and  afterwards  ai  Hazel  wood, 
Brighton,  Victoria,  where  he  d.  1st  July, 
1861.  He  m.  at  Horfield  Churrh,  co. 
Gloucester,  19th  September,  1808,  Prudence, 
daughter  of  George  Keene,  solicitor,  by 
Nancy,  his  wife  ;  and  by  her  (who  was  b.  1786, 
and  d.  30th  July,  1856)  had  issue  six  sons 
and  two  daughters.  His  eldeet  son  was, 
The  late  Hon.  William  Adams  Bbodbibb. 

Somerset    (see    Ltdb    and    Adams    article 

Arms — Per  chev.  gu.  and  arg.,  in  chief  two  swans  erm.,  beaked  of  the  firat,  legged  sa.  in 
base  a  mount  vert,  therefrom  springing  three  roses  of  the  first,  stalked  and  leaved  ppr. 

Crest — A  mount  vert,  therefrom  springing  three  roses  gu  ,  stalked  and  leaved  ppr.  inte»- 
laoed  by  as  many  mascles,  also  interlaced,  fesswise  or. 

Motto — Prudentia  tutus. 

Sesidenees— (of  the  late  Hon.  W.  A.  Brodribb) —Brockley  Brighton  Victoria;  Buckhurst, 
Sydney,  New  South  Wales. 



;(pamtl9  of  $umell. 

The  Pumell  family  vault  is  in  Wrington 
Church,  CO.  Somerpet. 

William  Pubnell,  of  the  manor  of 
Havyot  Green,  near  Wrington,  co.  Somerset, 
by  Sarah,  hie  wife,  liad  a  eon, 

William  PrsNELL,  of  Mavyot,  5.  1697; 
m.  1727,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  James 
Jeffbies,  of  Publow,  CO.  Somerset,  and  d. 
1781,  having  had  by  her  (who  was  b,  1710, 
and  d.  1784)  had  issue, 

T.  Tames,  b.  1740;  d.  1783,  leaving  issue  a 
daughter,  Harriot  Ford. 

I.  Elizabeth,  m.  1751,  Joseph  Bbdd- 
BiBB,  of  Barrow  Hill,  co.  Somerset, 

II.  Sarah,  b.  1731;  d.  unm.  1820,  leaving 
a  legacy  to  her  sister  Elizabeth's 
gr»nd>on,  Williav  Adams  Bbod- 
BiBB,  of  Brockley,  Tasmania. 

III.  Marr,  m.  William  Hazel,  of 
Wrington,  co.  Somerset,  solicitor. 

jpamiltes  of  Hfi&e  ani  Slliams. 

There  are  many  monuments  to  these  families 
in  the  church  of  Stantondrew,  co.  Somerset. 

William  LTDE,of  Week,  Stantondrew,  co. 
Somerset,  b.  25th  February,  1604;  m.  the 
daughter  of  Cornelius  Sage,  of  Glutton,  co. 
Somerset,  and  had  insue, 

CoBKELius  Ltde,  of  Stantonwick,  J.P.  for 
CO.  Somerset,  b.  1640;  m.  1661,  Mary  Balch 
(who  was  b.  1642,  and  d.  8th  June,  1715)  and 
d.  25th  July,  1717,  leaving  issue, 

John  Lyde,  of  Chelwood,  co.  Somerset, 
baptised  26th  January,  1673 ;  m.  Mary  Coffin, 
and  d.  in  1738,  leaving  a  daughter  and  heiress, 

Elizabeth,  b.  1700;  m.  John  Adams  of 

Stapleton  Court,  Bristol  and  of  Wick,  co. 
Somerset,  J.P.,  High  Sheriff  of  tlat  co.  in 
1761 ;  and  d.  15th  September,  1760.  Hed.  at 
Wick,  July,  1778,  leaving  a  eon, 

John  Adams,  of  Chelwood  House,  near 
Clutton  and  Stantondrew,  J.P.,  who  in- 
herited his  parents'  property.  He  was  b.  in 
1738,  and  d.  in  1788,  leaving  by  Ann,  his  wife 
(wlio  d.  May,  1778),  three  daughters  and  co- 
heiresses, one  of  whom, 

Elizabeth,  m.  William  Brodbibb,  of 
Camely  House,  Camely,  and  afterwards  of 
Stantondrew,  co.  Somerset,  and  d,  1800,  leaving 

J^amilies  of  Bcnnebs  ^^^  ?^ume. 

Rev.  John  Kennedy,  for  50  years  rector 
of  Bradley,  co.  Derby,  from  1782  to  1782,  was 
a  famous  mathematician  and  th«  author  of 
Scripture  Chrono!ogff^  The  Doctrine  of 
Commensurability,  &c.  He  was  buried  at 
Bradley,  21  »t  February,  1782,  having  had,  by 
his  wife  Catherine  (who  d.  1779),  three  sons 
and  two  daughters.     His  eldes^t  son. 

Rev.  John  Kennedy,  for  30  years  rector  of 
Teston  and  Nettlestead,  co.  Kent,  from  1789 
to  1819,  was  baptised  28th  February,  1738, 
and  was  buried  at  Teston,  2nd  November, 
18x9,  having  had  issue, 

I.  James,  of  Appin,  New  South  Wales, 
of  whom  presently. 

I.  Catherine,  (Mrs.  Dixon). 

II.  Elizabeth  Moore,  b.  1760;  went  to 
Australia  with  her  brother  James  ;  m. 
Andrew  Hamilton  Hxtme,  son  of 
the  Rev.  James  Hume,  of  Moira, 
Ireland,  by  Miss  Hamilton,  his  wife, 
of  CO.  Down  J  and  d.  1847,  leaving 

1.  Hamilton, E.R.G.S., the  Australian 
explorer,  b.  at  Parramatta,  New 
South  Whales,  1797,  and  d.  *.  p.  at 
Ya«8,  in  that  colony,  20th  June, 

2.  John  Kennedy,  b.  1802  ;  d.  1840. 
By  Elizabeth  his  wife  he  had 

(I)  John,  d.  s.  /».,   having  his 

property  to  his  nephew  John 
Hume  Kennedy,  afterwards 
John  Hume  UuME. 

(1)  Annie,  m.  James  Kennedy, 
and  had  is^ue,  John  Hume,  of 
Colling  wood.  Gunning,  New 
South  Wales,  who  assumed 
the  surname  of  Hume  in  lieu 
of  that  of  Kennedy,  on 
succeeding  to  the  Hume 

(2)  Catherine  Kennedy,  b. 
5th  October,  1837;  m.  first, 
Robert  Macphebson  (by 
whom  she  had  one  son, 
Robert  Charles  Macpherson), 
and  secondly,  as  his  second 
wife,  the  Hon.  William 
Adams  Bbodbibb,  M.L.C,  by 
whom  she  had  no  issue.  She 
d.  23rd  October,  1888. 

The  eldest  son, 

Jambs  Kennedy,  of  Appin,  New  South 
Whales,  m.  Miss  Pierce,  and  had  issue, 

John  Kennedy,  of  Keswycke,  Gunning, 
New  South  Wales,  b.  1781  ;  m.  Caroline, 
daughter  of  Perine  Catapodi,  and  d.  19th 
March,  1843,  having  had  issue  five  sons  and 
five  daughters.    His  eldest  daughter, 

Eliza  Matilda,  m.  as  his  first  wife,  the 
Hon.  William  Adams  Bbodbibb,  M.L.C, 
and  d.  19th  October,  1868,  leaving  J.^sue. 




THOMAS  GATHCART  ARCHER,  of  Woolraers,  Longford,  Tasraania, 
b.  at  Invermay,  Launceston,  SOth  November,  1862,  m.  7th  October,  18l<0, 
Eleanor  Mary,  second  daughter  of  E.  D.  Harbop,  manager  of  the  Commercial 
Bank  of  Tasmania,  at  Lannceston,  and  has  issue, 

Thomas  Edward  Cathcart,  6.  24th  November,  1892. 


This  family  descends  from  a  common 
ancestor,  with*  the  Abchebs  of  Brickendon, 
wfao9e  pedigree  is  given  in  vol.  i,  p.  188. 

Thb  Hon.  Thomas  Abcheb,  of  Woolmers, 
Longford,  Tasmania,  was  the  first  of  the 
family  to  arrire  in  that  colony.  He  was  the 
second  son  of  William  Abcheb,  who  d.  at 
Brickendon,  Longford,  Tasmania,  3rd  Jan- 
uary, 1833,  aged  79  years,  and  younger  brother 
of  the  late  William  Archer,  of  Brickendon, 
Tasmania,  J. P.  {see  that  family).  He  was  h. 
at  Hertford,  England,  1790,  and  left  for 
Sydne;^,  1811.  He  was  made  a  clerk  in  the 
Commissariat  Department  in  February,  1812. 
In  the  following  year  he  was  sworn  a 
Justice  of  the  peace,  and  sent  to  Tasmania  in 
charge  of  the  Commissariat  Department,  and 
appointed  a  magistrate  of  the  territory  in 
1816,  and  shortly  after  a  Deputy  Assistant 
Commissary  General.  At  the  time  of  the 
establishment  of  the  Legislative  Council  in 
1827,  he  was  appointed  to  a  seat  by  the 
OoTemor  and  continued  a  member  for  about 
twenty  years.  He  m.  in  1816,  Susan  Hobtlb, 
who  d,  3lBt  July,  1875.  He  d.  16th  October, 
1850,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas  William,  of  whom  presently, 

II.  William,  m.  his  cousin,  Ann  Hobtle, 
and  has  issue,  twelve  children. 

III.  Joseph,  of  Panshanger,  Longford, 
Tasmania  (tee  that  family ^  vol.  i,  p. 

I.  Martha,  m.  the  Hon.  Bobert  Q.  Ebb- 
idODB,  of  Mona  Yale,  Ross,  Tasmania 

and  has  issue,  four  sons,  viz., 
L  William. 

2.  Robert. 

3.  Louis. 

4.  Thomas. 

II.  Ellen,  m.  the  Rev.  Al^ed  Stack - 
HOUSB,  M.A.,  Incumbent  of  Longford 
and  Perth,  Tasmania,  and  has  issue, 
four  sons  and  one  daughter. 

III.  Su^an,  m.  James  Stewart  KiLGOiTB, 
M  D.,  and  had  issue  twelve  children. 

The  Hon.  Thomas  Archer  at  one  time 
owned  the  estates  of  Woolmers,  Fairfield  and 

Panshanger,  being  a  block  of  over  31,000 
acres,  and  of  Cheshunt,  near  Deloraine,  which 
consisted  of  10,000  acres.  The  following 
extract  from  a  despatch  of  Governor  SoreU'i 
to  Governor  Macquarie  testifies  to  his  eminent 
qualifications  as  a  Government  officer: — 
"  Hobart  Town,  4th  October,  1819.  I  beg 
leave  upon  this  occasion  to  notify  to  your  ex- 
cellency,  in  the  strongest  terms,  the  satisfaction 
which  I  have  felt  in  the  correct  and  careful 
performance  of  his  duties,  which  has  charac- 
terised Mr.  Archer,  during  two  years  and  a 
half  that  he  has  had  the  charge  successively  of 
the  Commissariat  Department  in  the  two  set- 
tlements under  my  authority,  the  last  twenty 
months  of  which  at  Hobart  Town."  His 
eldest  son, 

Thomas  William  Abcheb,  of  Woolmers, 
m.  Mary,  daughter  of  Major  Abbot,  Judge 
Advocate  of  llobart  Town,  and  afterwards 
Commandant  at  Launceston  and  d.  at  Wool- 
mers, 17th  January,  1844,  and  left  issue  by 
her,  w)io  d.  8th  March,  1874,  one  son  and  one 

Thomas  Chalmebs,  of  whom  presently. 
Louisa,  m.   Thomas  Reibey  Abtbub,  of 
Longford,  Tasmania. 
The  only  son, 

Thomas  Chalmebs  Abcheb,  of  Woolmers, 
Longford,  Tasmania,  J.P.,  was  h.  there  SOth 
November,  1840,  and  m.  4th  January,  1862, 
Louisa  Kate,  only  daughter  of  George 
Cathcabt,  of  Launceston,  Tasmania,  son  of 
John  Cathcart,  of  London,  merchant,  and 
cousin  of  the  late  Sir  John  Andrew  Cathcart, 
Bart.,  of  Carlton  {xee  Btibke'S  Peerage  and 
Baronetage).  Mr.  Thomas  Chalmers  Archer 
d.  4th  March,  1890,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Thomas  Cathcabt,  now  of  Woolmers. 

II.  George     Chalmers     Abbot,    b.    6th 
February,  1865. 

III.  Hugh,  b.  3rd  November,  1866. 

I.  Mary  Maude  Kate,  b.  28th  November, 

II.  Florence      Ada      Cathcart,    b.    9th 
December,  1873. 

III.  Millicent. 

Residence — Launceston,  Tasmania. 
Estates — Woolmers,  Longford,  Tasmania. 


Won  Mntlltv. 

Kingdom  of  Wurtemberg  (1871),  K.C.M.G.  (1879),  M.D.  (Rostock), 
Ph.D.  (Kiel),  LL.D.  (M'Gill  University,  Montreal,  honoris  causa,  1892), 
P.R.S.  (]86I),  of  South  Yamv,  Melbourne,  Victoria,  Government  botanist, 
Victoria  (since  1852).  The  Baron,  6.  at  Rostock,  30th  Jnne,  1825,  is  son  of 
the  late  Fredebtck  Mceller,  comptroller  of  Customs  at  Rostock,  by  Loaisa, 
his  wife,  daughter  of  George  Mertens,  of  Aschersleben,  and  grandson  of 
CHRrsTOPHER  MuELLER,  of  Rostock,  Germany.  This  distinguished  naturalist 
and  explorer  in  Australia,  is  honorary  or  corresponding  member  of  very 
numerous  scientific  associations  in  various  countries  of  the  world.  He  has, 
uninterruptedly  since  1847,  the  date  of  his  emigration  to  Australia,  devoted 
his  attention  to  the  promotion  of  geography  as  connected  with  Australia,  and 
to  the  special  studies  of  the  Australian  flora,  and  is  the  author  of  many 
valuable  works.  He  has  also  advanced  rural  industries  as  the  main  founder 
of  the  Botanic  garden  at  Melbourne,  and  as  commissioner  for  the  great  exhibi- 
tions since  1855.  In  1869,  when  the  Order  of  St.  Michael  and  St.  George  was 
extended  to  the  Colonies,  he  was  one  of  the  three  first  in  Australia  decorated 
as  C.M.G.  He  was  advanced  to  the  higher  grade  of  K.C.M.G.  in  1879.  He 
is  likewise  a  Commander  of  the  Order  of  St.  Jago  of  Portugal  and  of  Isabella 
of  Spain,  and  Philipp  Order  of  Hesse,  Grand  Cross  of  the  Christian  Order  of 
Portugal ;  Officer  of  Orders  of  Holland  and  Italy,  and  Chevalier  of  Orders  of 
France,  Austria,  Italy,  Sweden,  Denmark,  Prussia,  Wurtemberg,  Bavaria, 
Baden,  Oldenberg,  Weimar- Gotha,  Mecklenberg,  and  Hawaia.  The  dignity 
of  Baron  of  Wurtemberg  was  conferred  on  him  in  1871,  at  the  25th  anniversary 
of  the  marriage  of  the  late  King  of  Wurtemberg  with  the  sister  of  the  late 
Czar  of  Russia.     The  Baron  is  unmarried. 

Arms — Arff.  two  branches  slipped  and  conjoined  in  base  vert. 

Crest  ^  Out  of  a  coronet  three  ostrich  feathers  ppr. 

Motto-"  T  irtute  ingenioque  valemus. 

Residence — 28,  Arnold  Street,  South  Yarra,  Melbourne,  Victoria. 

THE  LATE  CHARLES  STURT,  the  Australian  explorer.  Captain  of  the 
39th  Regiment,  b.  in  India,  6th  April,  1795,  m.  20th  September,  1834, 
Charlotte  Christiana,*  daughter  of  Colonel  William  Sheppey  Greene,  Military 
Auditor-  General,  Calcutta,  and  by  her  (who  d.  5th  June,  1 887,  aged  85)  had  issue, 

I.  Napier  George,  Colonel  (retired)  R.E.,  6.  1st  November,  1836 ;  m.  5th 

December,  1876,  Beatrix  Marion,  elder  daughter  of  James  Patrick 
MuiRHEAD,  M.A.  (Oxon),  of  Haseloy  Court,  Tetsworth,  co.  Oxford, 
and  has  issue, 

1.  Geoffrey  Charles  Napier,  h.  12th  January,  1884. 

1.  Dorothy  Napier.  2.  Katharine  Mary. 

II.  Charles  Sheppey,  Major- General  H.M.  Indian  Army,  h.  21st  September, 

1838 ;  m.  firstly,  15th  August,  1865,  Louisa  Caroline,  third  daughter 

•  This  lady  was  granted  the  rank  and  precedence  of  the  widow  of  a  K.C.M.G.,  by  rojal 
warrant,  4th  August,  1870,  an'i  was  given  a  pension  on  tlie  Civil  List  in  consideration  of  her 
husband's  services  and  writings. 


of  the  late  Stephen  Lawson,  of  Longhirst,  North umherland,  of  the 
7th  (Qaeen's  Own)  Hnssars  (she  d.  1867)  ;  and  secondly,  25th  Angnst, 
1870,  Florentia,  elder  daughter   of   Colonel  Robert  Sale,  of  H.M. 
Indian  Army,  and  has  a  daughter,  Evelyn  Caroline. 
III.   Evelyn  Gawler,  lieutenant  H.M.  Indian  Army,  6.  1840 ;  d.  1864. 
I.  A  daughter,  h.  and  d.  1835.  a.  Charlotte  Eyre. 

Captain  Sturt  served  with  his  regiment  during  the  occupation  of  Paris 
after  the  battle  of  Waterloo.  He  went  with  it  to  Sydney,  where  he  was  on 
the  staff  of  H.E.  Sir  Ralph  Darling,  the  Governor  of  New  South  Wales. 
Nothing  was  then  known  of  the  interior,  by  many  supposed  to  be  an  inland 
sea,  and  Captain  Sturt  volunteered  to  lead  an  expedition,  20th  Novem- 
ber, 1828,  to  the  North- West.  Passing  through  the  marshes  of  the  Mac- 
quarrie,  he  discovered  the  Darling  River,  journeying  1,272  miles.  In  1830,  he 
led  a  second  expedition  down  the  Murrumbidgee,  discovered  its  junction  with 
a  large  river,  which  he  named  the  Murray,  and  traced  for  850  miles  to  its  sea 
mouth  in  a  small  whale  boat,  taking  only  Mr.  George  Macleay  (afterwards 
Sir  George  Macleay,  K.C.M.G.)  and  six  men.  This  daring  and  arduous 
expedition  led  to  the  colonization  of  South  Australia,  and  was  estimated  by 
Mr.  John  Arrowsmith,  the  eminent  hydrographer,  to  have  given  2,000  miles  of 
water  communication  to  Australia.  In  1844-6,  Captain  Sturt's  offer  to  explore 
the  central  parts  of  the  continent  being  accepted  by  the  Home  Government  in 
Lord  Derby's  Administration,  he  penetrated  to  within  150  miles  of  the  centre 
and  discovered  Cooper's  Creek,  but  owing  to  seasons  of  extraordinary  heat  and 
drought,  he  was  forced  to  retreat  after  enduring  great  sufferings  and  losing 
his  second  in  command.  Mr.  J.  Arrowsmith  puts  the  mileage  of  this  expedi- 
tion from  *'  careful  measurements  '*  at  3,450  miles,  and  his  previous  ones  at 
3,000  miles.  Captain  Sturt  published  accounts  of  his  travels,  with  other  useful 
information.  He  was  accompanied  on  this  last  expedition  by  Mr.  James  Poole, 
his  second  in  command  (who  died),by  Mr.  McDougall  Stuart,  draftsman,  who 
afterwards  explored  and  crossed  the  continent,  and  by  Mr.  John  Harris  Browne, 
Burgeon,  and  a  distinguished  colonist  and  landowner.  In  1838,  Captain  Sturt 
took  up  his  residence  in  the  province  of  South  Australia,  of  which  he  became 
surveyor-general  in  April,  1839,  with  a  seat  in  the  executive  and  legislative 
councils.  Ho  was  commissioner  of  lands.  South  Australia,  1839-43 ;  registrar- 
general,  1843-8  ;  and  colonial  secretary,  1848-51,  when  he  retired  on  a  pension 
granted  by  the  colony  of  South  Australia.  He  subsequently  returned  to 
England,  and  d,  at  Cheltenham  16th  June,  1869,  having  shortly  prior  to  that 
date  been  nominated  a  K.C.M.G.,  but  did  not  live  to  receive  the  honour  of 


John  Stitbt,  of  Yatcley,  co.  Southampton, 
d.  circa  1617,  leaving  issue.  His  youngest  son, 
HuMFHSEY  SxuBTjOf  Yatelej,m.  Elizabeth, 
daughter  of  John  Pucebbidge,  of  Heck  field, 
CO.  Suufchampton  (she  d,  circa  1654),  and  d. 
prca  1637,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Humphrey,  citizen  and  leather-sclSer 
of  London,  m.  first,  Elizabeth,  daugh- 
ter of Johnson,  of  London,  and 

secondly,  Mrs.  Spilsbubt  (widow),  and 

d.  January,  1643-4,haTing  had  issue  by 
liis  first  wife, 

1.  Peter,  d.  unm. 

2.  George,  of  London,  merchant, 
d.  num. 

8.  Thomas,  of  London,  merchant, 
d,  circa  1678,  leaving  two  sons, 
the  elder  named  Charlfs. 

1.  Anne,  m.  Thomas  Ellbs,  citizen 
and  haberdasher  of  London. 



II.  John,  citizen  and  leather-seller  of 
London,  w.  Frances,  daughter  of 
Thomas  Wi&GiNS,  of  Oxfordshire,  and 
d.  March,  1683,  haying  had  issue, 

1.  John,  d.  young. 

2.  John,  citizen  and  linen-draper  of 
London,  d.  unm.  May,  1683. 

8.  Joseph,  of   Ripley,   co.    Surrey, 

living  unm.  1691. 
4.  Nathaniel,  attomey-at-law,  m.  the 

daughter  of  —  Pabkhprst,  of  co. 

Surrey,    and  widow   of    Captain 


III.  Edward,  d.  unm. 

IV.  Thomas,  of  London,  m.  twice,  bat 
d.  9.  p.  m. 

T.  William,  d.  unm. 

Ti.  Anthony,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Frances,  m.  Alexander  Soasibs,  of 
Beading,  co.  Berks. 

II.  Elizabeth,  m.  Vincent  Swift,  of 

III.  Joan,  w.  Eichard  Finch,  of  co. 

IV.  Margaret,  m,  —  Johnson. 
T.  Anne,  d.  unm. 

The  sixth  and  youngest  son, 

Anthony  Stuet,  of  London,  twice  a  com- 
missioner for  yictunlling  the  Royal  Navy,  and 
twice  fined  for  Sheriff  of  London,  h.  1624, 
who  according  to  Le  Neve,  was  "  a  meal  man 
fir^it,  after  a  Commissioner  of  Excise,  fined  for 
Alderman  of  London,  gott  a  great  estat-c  and 
had  a  grant  of  arms  "  19th  October,  1691,  and 
recorded  his  pedigree  in  the  College  of  Arms, 
London,  30th  January,  1691-2.  He  m.  Mary, 
daughter  and  co-lieir  of  James  Chapkan,  of 
the  city  of  Westminster,  descended  out  of 
Buckinghamshire.  She  d.  5th  October,  1691, 
and  was  buried  at  St.  Andrew's,  Holbom,  co. 
Middlesex.  He  was  living  in  1691,  aged  67 
years,  and  had  issue. 

I.  James,  1    , 

II.  James,  }''y°"»°6- 

III.  Humphrey  (Sir),  Knl.,  standard 
bearer  to  the  royal  band  of  gentlemen 
pensioners  temp.  Cuablbs  II ;  was 
knighted  December,  1681,  and  d.  unm. 
May,1684,  at  Paris,  where  he  was  buried . 

IV.  Anthony  (Sir),  of  whom  presently. 

V.  John,  d.  young. 

I.  Mary,  d.  young. 

II.  Elizabeth,  h.  1672;  m.  John 
Jbffebys,  of  London,  merchant,  and 
Ric)imond,  Surrey,  several  times  M.P. 
for  Brecon,  Radnor  and  Marlborough  j 
he  d.  at  Richmond  20th  October,  1715, 
leaving  issue. 

The  fourth  but  only  surviving  son  and  heir, 
SiB  Anthony  Stubt,  Knt.,  of  London  and 
Heckfield,  Hants,  High  Sheriff  of  that  co.;  h. 
1664 ;  knighted  at  St.  James's  on  presenting 
tlie  address  from  the  county  of  ^Southampton 
about  the  peace,  27th  April,  1713 ;  m.  Eliza- 
beth, eldest  daughter  of  Sir  John  Pabsons, 
Knt.,  of  Rygate  Place,  Surrey,  alderman  and 
sometime  sheriff  of  London,  and  sister  of 
Uumphery  Pab-ons,  M.P.  for  London,  and 
Lord  Mayor  thereof  1730  and  1740,  and  had 

I.  Anthony,  d.  young. 

II.  Hfmphbey,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Elizabeth,  b.  1689. 

II.  Mary,  b.  1691. 
The  second  son, 

HuMPHBBY  Stubt,  of  Hort-on,  co.  Dorset, 
b.  1687;  m.  1717,  Diana,  daughter  of  Sir 
Nathaniel  Napieb,  Bart.,  of  More  Crichel, 
00.  Dorset,  M.P.  for  Dorsetshire  {temp. 
William  III  and  Anne),  by  the  Hon. 
Catherine  Alinoton,  his  wife,  sister  and 
co-heir  of  Giles,  thitd  Lord  Alington,  and 
daughter  of  William,  second  Lord  Alington, 
and  by  her  (who  eventually  became  sole  heir  of 
the  Napiebs  and  Alington s)  left  at  his  de- 
cease, Ist  February,  1739-40  (with  three 
daughters,  Diana ;  Catherine,  wife  of  R. 
Stone  ;  and  Mary,  wife  of  the  Hon.  G-. 
Shiblby)  one  son,* 

Humphrey  Stubt,  of  Horton,  who  in- 
herited, at  the  decease  of  his  first  cousin.  Sir 
Gerard  Napieb,  Bart.,  1766,  the  estate  of  his 
maternal  ancestors,  and  represented  Dorset- 
shire in  Parliament  from  1754  till  his  death, 
1786.  He  m.  1756,  Mary,  only  daughter  and 
eventual  heir  of  diaries  Pit  field,  of 
Hoxton,  by  Dorothy,  his  wife,  daughter  and 
heir  of  Solomon  Ashley,  and  had  (with  five 
daughters,  of  whom  Eliza  Bizarre,  was  m.  to 
Augustus  Butler- Dan VEB8,  brother  of  the 
Earl  of  Lanesborough  ;  and  Diana,  m.  to  Sir 
William  Mordaunt  Milneb,  Bart.),  several 
sons  of  whom  were, 

I.  Humphrey  Ashley,  of  Horton,  m.  1781, 
Mary,  daughter  of  the  Rev.  Edward 
Woodcock,  LL.D.,  rector  of  Watford, 
Herts.  He  sold  the  manor  and  estate 
of  Horton  to  the  Earl  of  Shaftesbury, 
and  d.  s,  p.  11th  June,  1825. 

II.  Charles,  M.P.  for  Bridport,  on  whom 
his  father  settled  his  unentailed  estate 
of  Crichel,  co.  Dorset,  m.  1788,  Lady 
Mary  Anne  ishley  Cooper,  daugh- 
ter of  Anthony  AsWey,  fourth  Earl  of 
Shaftesbury,  and  had  a  son  and  heir, 
Henry  Charles,  of  Crichel,  co.  Doreet, 
M.P.  for  that  co.  and  sometime 
sheriff  thereoP,  father  of  Heniy 
Gerard,  of  the  same  place,  who  was 
created  Baron  Alington,  15th  Janu- 
ary, 1876.     {See  Burke's  Peerage.) 

III.  Thomas  Lennox  Napibb,  of  whom 
we  treat. 

The  younger  son, 

Thomas  Lennox  Napieb  Stubt,  a  puisne 
judge  in  the  Hon.  E.  I.  Co.'s  service,  b.  9th 
March,  1767 ;  m.  Jannette,  daughter  of  Dr. 
Andrew  Wilson,  and  d.  13th  January,  1837, 
having  had  nine  sons  and  three  daughters,  viz., 

I.  Alexander,  d.  in  infancy. 

II.  Chables,  the  Australian  explorer,  the 
subject  of  this  memoir. 

III.  Napier  Duncan  (Rev.),  rector  of 
Edmonsham,  co.  Dorset,  m.  Anna 
Maria,  daughter  of  William  Tuetok, 
of  East  Sheen,  co.  Surrey,  but  d.  s.  p. 

IV.  William  Milner  Neville,  Lieu-" 
tenant-Colonel  in  the  Hon.  E.  I.  Co.'s 
service,  and  deputy  secretary  to 
the  government  military  department, 



Bengal,  h.  26th  May,  1800;  m.  7th 
May,  1834,  Margaret,  daughter  of 
Bear-Admiral  Robert  Ramsay,  R.N., 
C.B.  (she  d.  18th  February,  1880), 
and  d.  10th  November,  1855,  having 
bad  issue, 

1.  WUliam  Neville,  b.  13th  April, 

2.  Robert  Ramsay  Napier,  Major 
Bengal  Staff  Corps,  h.  13th  May, 
1852 ;  m.  25lh  July,  1894,  £thel 
Harriette,  youngest  daughter  of 
Major  Spence  Tubkbr,  late  Ben- 
gal Army,  of  Melbury  Lodge, 

1.  Charlotte. 

2.  Jane,  m.  6lh  September,  1864, 
Rev.  Frederic  Clement  Young, 
rector  of  Chetwynd,  co.  Salop, 
\rho  d.  8th  December,  1872,  leaving 
issue  three  sons  and  one  daughter. 

8.  Harriet  Isabella. 

4.  Margaret  Anne. 

5.  Emily. 

6.  Jessie  Elizabeth. 

T.  Richard  Roche,  Bengal  Civil  Service, 
m.  twice,  firstly,  Mary,  daughter  of 
Colonel  Whish,  by  whom  he  had  no 
issue ;  but  he  left  issue  by  his  second 

Ti.  John  Leigh  Doyle,  lieutenant  Ben- 
gal Engineers,  m.  9th  August,  1841, 
Alexandrina,  daughter  of  Sir  Robert 
Sale,  G.C.B.  (she  d.  22n(l  July,  1857;, 
and  was  killed  at  Cabul,  9th  January, 
1842,  having  had  an  only  childj 

Julia  Florentia,  who  m.  24th  January, 
1861,  Colonel  Thomas  Edmonds 
MuLOCK,  C.B.  (retired  on  f ull'pay 
as  lieutenant-colonel,  70th  Foot), 
commanded,  70th  Foot,  in  New 
Zealand,  1863-5,  and  has  had 
three  sons  and  two  daughters: 
1.  Edmund  Henry,  b.  14th  Decem- 
ber, 1861,  d.  8.  p.  1885  ;  2.  Alfred 
Sale,  b.  22nd  November,  1862, 
d.  #.  p.  1883  ;  3.  Frederick  Charles, 
b.  18th  May,  1866  ;  1.  EUeen  Flo- 
rentia ;  2.  Julie  Nina. 
Tii.  Frederick,  d.  g.  p, 

VIII.  Henry,  m.  and  d.  leaving  issue. 

IX.  Evelyn  Pitfield  Shirley,  for  many 
years  chief  police  magistrate  of  the 
city  of  Melbourne,  m.  14th  February, 
1852,  Mary  Frances,  sixth  daughter  of 
the  late  Canon  Gbtlls,  M.A.,  but 

I.  Susan,  d.  unm. 

II.  Jeannette  Eliza  Pattle,  m.  28th  Sept- 
ember, 1828,  as  his  second  wife, 
Thomas  Ykxablbs,  private  secretary 
to  Lord  Sidmouth,  Sir  Robert  Peel, 
&c.,  and  had  issue,  1.  Henry;  2. 
Cavendish,  d.  t.p. ;  3.  Evelyn,  d.  s.  p. ; 
1.  Anne. 

III.  Harriet  Emily  Cavendish,  m.  8th 
May,  1832,  Henry  William  Berke- 
ley PoETMAN,  of  Dean's  Court,  co. 
Dorset,  brother  of  the  first  Viscount 
Portman,  and  d.  23rd  August,  1890. 
He  d.  1879,  having  had  issue  {nee  under 
POBTMAX  in  Bitbeb's  Peerage). 

Arms — (G^^ranted  19th  October,  1691,  to  Anthony  Sturt,  one  of  the  commissioners  for 
Tictualling  the  Royal  Navy,  son  of  Humphrey  Sturt,  of  Yateley,  co.  Southampton  j  to  his 
nephews,  Joseph  and  Nathaniel  Sturt ;  and  to  the  other  descendants  of  his  father,  the  said 
Humphrey  Sturt)  — Yert  on  a  fess  or  between  three  colts  courant  arg.  as  many  roses  gu. 
[quartering  (for  Napibr^,  arg.  a  saltier  engrailed  between  four  roses  gu. ;  and  (for 
Pitfibld)  az.  a  bend  engrailed  between  two  cygnets,  arg.  ducally  gorged  and  chained  or]. 

CreMt — A  demi  lion  ramp.  gu.  holding  a  banner  also  gu.  charged  with  a  rose  arg.  staff 
and  fringe  or. 


DONALD  LARNACH,  F.R.G.S.,  of  Brambletye,  East  Grinstead,  co. 
Sussex,  high  sheriff  of  that  co.  in  1883  [eldest  son  of  William 
Larnach,  of  Newton,  Caithness,  Scotland  (who  d,  1829),  by  Margaret  Smjth, 
his  wife],  b.  17th  July,  1817,  m.  3rd  September,  1845,  Jane  Elizabeth,  daughter 
of  William  Walker,  of  Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  merchant,  and  by  her  has 
had  issue, 

I.  William  Walker,  &.  1846,  d.  unm.  1880. 

II.  James  Walker,  of  Alderbury  House,  Alderbury,  Banbury,  Oxfordshire, 

J.P.  CO.  Sussex,  Captain  Suffolk  Hussars,  h.  1849 ;  w.  at  St.  Peter's, 
Eaton  Square,  London,  29th  June,  1889,  Lady  Isabella  Lettice 
Theodosia  Boyle,  fifth  and  youngest  daughter  of  Richard,  ninth  and 
present  Earl  of  Cork  and  Orrery,  and  has  issue,  Isabel  Nellie,  6, 
at  12,  Upper  Berkeley  Street,  London,  5th  July,  1890. 
in.  Sydney,  b.  1852. 



IV.  Herbert  Donald,  6.  1856 ;  m.    Alice,  daughter  of  the  late  Richard 

Ansdell,  R. a.,  and  d.  1892. 
I.  Elizabeth  Walker,  m.    Colonel  Alfred  Robert  Margery,  of  Chatham 
Park,  East  Grin  stead. 
Mr.    Larnach,  who  is  chairman   of   the  Bank    of   New    South   Wales,  was 
formerly  a  merchant  and  banker  in  Australia. 

Residences  ^Brfimbletjef    East   Q-rinstead,   co.    Sussex ;    and    21,    Kensington    Palace 
Gardens,  W. 

Club — Australian,  in  Sydney. 


THE  HON.  WILLIAM  GISBORNE,  of  Allestree  Hall,  Derbyshire,  and 
Lingen,  Brampton  Bryan,  Herefordshire,  England,  and  formerly  of 
Wellington,  New  Zealand,  h.  1825,  m.  Caroline  Gertrude,  eldest  daughter  of 
che  late  Assihtant-Commissary- General  Charles  Bridqen,  and  has  issue, 

I.   Lionel  Guy,  h.  0th  January,  1866,  m,  Jessie,  eldest  daughter  of  James 
Mackintosh  Gow,  of  Edinburgh,  and  has  issue, 
Enid  May  Margaret,  h.  1894. 

I.  Mary  Gertrude,  m.  12th  December,  1893,  Edward  Rosebery  Anson,  of 

the  Civil  Service,  British  Guiana  {see  Peerage,  LionriBLD,  E.). 

II.  Edith  Clara. 

III.  Alice,  m.  1893,  Captain  Reginald  Brittan,  Sherwood  Foresters,  Derby- 

shire Regiment. 
Hon.  William  Gisborne  went  to  South  Australia,  1842,  and  to  New 
Zealand  in  1847,  and  was  commissioner  of  Crown  lands  there,  1848-53,  and 
linder-secretary  1853-69.  He  became  Colonial  Secretary  5th  July,  1869,  and 
held  that  office  till  10th  September,  1872.  He  was  Government  Insurance 
Commissioner  for  New  Zealand,  1870-5.  He  was  appointed  a  member  of  the 
Legislative  Council  18G9,  resigned  in  1871,  and  was  elected  to  the  House  of 
Representatives  in  that  year.  He  was  again  elected  to  the  House  of  Represen- 
tatives and  served  as  minister  of  lands  and  afterwards  as  minister  of  mines  and 
immigration  in  1879.  He  is  the  author  of  New  Zealand  Rulers  and  Statesmen 
and  The  Colony  of  New  Zealand.  He  is  a  justice  of  the  peace  for  Hereford- 
shire, in  England,  where  he  lias  been  residing  since  his  return  from  the  colony, 
and  s.  his  cousin  Sir  Thomas  William  Evans,  Bart.,  in  1892,  at  Allestree  Hall, 
Derbyshire.    He  is  patron  of  two  livings. 


The  GiBB0Bi?E8  originally  from  Harting- 
ton,  Derbyshire,  migrated  to  the  county 
town  of  Derby,  where  a  member  of  the 
family  for  more  than  two  hundred  years 
afterwards  almost  without  exception  filled  the 
office  of  mayor. 

John  Gisbobnb,  of  Derby,  b.  1644;  m. 
Catherine,  daughter  and  co-heiress  of  John 
FoWLEB,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

I.  John,  a  magistrate  for  the  county,  and 
twice  mayor  of  Derby,  b.  1675  j  m. 
and  had  issue, 

1.  Dorothy,  b.  1704;  m.  Thomas 
Godfrey  Ltjshinoton,  of  8it- 
tingboume,  co.  Kent,  uncle  of  Sir 
Stephen  Lushington,  fiart.,  M.P. 

2.  Catherine,  b.  1706;  m.  Cockin 
Sole,  of  Sittingboume. 

II.  Thomas,  of  whom  we  treat. 

III.  James,  in  holy  orders,  rector  of 
Staveley,  co.  Derby,  and  Prebendary 
of  Durham ;  b.  1687 ;  m.  Anne, 
daughter  of  W.  Jackson,  M.D.,  and 
d.  7th  September,  1769,  leaving  issue, 



1.  Francis  (Rev.),  rector  of  Stave- 
lejr  for  eintj  jears,  d.  unm.  29th 
July,  1821. 

2.  Thomas,  Fellow  of  St.  John's 
College,  Cambridge,  Physician  to 
the  King,  and  for  some  time 
president  of  the  College  of  Phy- 
sicians, d.  unm.  1806. 

3.  James,  general  in  the  Army, 
M.P.,  and  comnta'.der-in-chief  of 
the  forces  in  Ireland,  m,  Mary 
ATine,  daughter  and  oo-heiress  of 
John  Boyd,  and  d.  20th  February, 
1778,  leaving  issue, 

(1)  Fbkdbbick,  his  heir. 

(1)  Catherine,  «,  Hon.  Vesey 
Knox,  brother  of  Thomas, 
Karl  of  Banfurly. 

(2)  Mary  Alicia,  m.  Major 

(3)  Dorothea,  m.  Alexander 
GoBDON,  of  Florida  and 
Delamont,  co.  Down. 

1.  Dorothy,  m.  Samuel  FoXLOW, 
of  Stareley,  and  has  issue,  Francis, 
Vicar  of  Elmton. 

2.  Catherine,  m.  Bev.  Fletcher 
DiCKfiON,  LL.D.,  Vicar  of  Dry- 
field,  and  d.  1796. 

3.  Anne,  m.  Isaac  Hawkik0. 

I.  Elizabeth,  b.  1685;  m.  Nathaniel 
Edwabds,  M.D. 

II.  B&nih,  m,  1707,  William  Obtov,  of 

The  second  son, 

Thomas  Oisbobkb,  of  Derby,  J.P.,  five 
times  mayor  of  that  town,  b.  1680  ;  m. 
December,  1715,  Temperance,  daughter  of 
Robert  Pacseb,  of  Shillingford,  Berks,  and 
d,  December,  1760,  leaving  an  only  son, 

John  Gisbobne,  of  Yoxall  Lodge,  co.  Staf- 
ford, m.  Anne,  daughter  of  WiUiam  Bateman, 
of  Derby,  and  d,  16th  February,  1779,  having 
had  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  John,  of  Darley  Dale,  m,  13th 
October,  1792,  Millicent,  daughter  of 
Edward  Sacheverell  Chandos  Pole,  of 
Radborne,  co.  Derby,  and  had  with 
other  issue, 

1.  John,  his  heir. 

1.  Harriet  Millicent,  m,  22nd  July, 
1828,  Rev.  Richard  Burton  PiD- 


2.  Caroline  Anne,   m.   Rev.   T.   A. 


3.  Charlotte,  m.  20th  November,1827, 
Rev.  Edward  George  SiMCox. 

I.  Temperance,  m.  Sir  Hugh  Batbmak, 
The  eldest  son. 

The  Rev.  Thomas  Gisbobne,  of  Yoxall 
Lodge,  00.  Stafford,  Prebendary  of  Durham, 
was  the  author  of  many  works  which  obtained 
great  favour  with  the  public.  He  m.  Ist 
if  arch,  1783,  Mary,  only  daughter  of  Thomas 
Babinoton,  of  Rothley  Temple,  co.  Leicester, 
and  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  of  Horwich  House,  co.  Derby, 
and  Yoxall  Lodge,  co.  Stafford,  J.  P. 

YOn.  II. 

and  D.L.,  M.P.  successively  for  the 
borough  of  Stafford,  the  county  of 
Derby,  and  the  town  of  Carlow,  m.  first, 
Elizabeth  Fysche,  daughter  of  John 
Palmer,  of  Ickwell,  co.  Bedford,  and 
by  her,  who  d.  20th  July,  1820,  he 
had  issue, 

1.  Thomas  Guy,  of  Yoxall  Lodge, 
CO.  Stafford,  and  Horwich  House, 
CO.  Derby,  b.  7th  September, 
1812 ;  m.  7th  August,  1849,  the 
Hon.Emily  Wingfield  Twisijjton- 
WTKEHAM-FiEXNEs.eldest  daugh- 
ter of  Frederick,  thirteenth  Lord 
Saye  and  Sekj,  and  d.  *.  p.  1867. 

2.  John  Bowdler,  6. 1818  j  «i.  Susan, 
relict  of  Commander  Wauoh, 
R.N.,  and  daughter  of  E.  Horns- 
by  and  d.  t.  p.  1859. 

3.  Henry  Fvsche,  rf.  nnm. 

1.  Elizabeth  Mary,*.  1815;  m.  1885, 
the  Hon.  Sir  John  Duncan 
BuOH,  K.CB.,  second  son  of 
John,  fourth  Earl  of  Darley,  and  d. 
1887,  leaving  one  daughter,  Eliza- 
beth Mai7.  m.  18th  June,  1861, 
Walter  John,  fourth  Earl  of 

2.  Susan,  d.  young. 

Mr.  Thomas  Gisborne  w.  secondly, 
1826,  Susan,  widow  of  Francis  Duck  en - 
field  AsTiET,  of  Duckenfield,  and  d, 
20th  July,  1852. 

II.  Thomas  John,  of  whose  line  we 

III.  William,  in  the  Ceylon  Civil  Ser- 
vice, m.  1818,  Mary  Elizabeth,  only 
daughter  by  his  second  marriage  of 
the  Hon.  and  Rev.  Thomas  James 
TwiSLEToy,  D.D.,  son  of  Thomas, 
Lord  Saye  and  Sele. 

IV.  James' (Rev.),  rector  of  Croxall,  m. 
Charlotte    Tbetelyan,   and  d.  1875. 

y.  Matthew,  m.  Anne,  daughter  of  the 
Rev.  David    Browne,  M.A.,  and  d. 
1851,  leaving  an  only  son, 
Thomas  Matthew,  of  Walton  Hall, 
CO.   Derby,    J.  P.    and    D.L.    co. 
Derby,    J.  P.   cos.   Leicester  and 
Stafford,  b.  1824 ;  m,  1855,  Caro- 
line  Frances,   daughter  of  Rev. 
William       Wilberforce       Bied, 
and    d.    12th    September,    1894, 
haying  by  her,  who  d.  1888,  had 

(1)  Matthew     Babington,     b. 

(2)  Charles   Francis,  b,  1866; 
d.  1892. 

(1)  Edith  Wilberforce. 
VI.  Walter,  of  Lingen,  co.  Hereford,  b. 
1799;  m.  Mary,  daughter  of  Abraham 
Bass,  and  d,  s.  p.  1887. 

I.  Anne,  d.  in  infancy. 

II.  Mary,  m.  1820,  William  Evans,  of 
Allestree  Hall,  co.  Derby,  M.P.,  and 
d.  30th  December,  L859,  leaving  by 
him,  who  d.  8th  April,  1856,  a  sod, 
the  late  Sir  Thomas  William  Evans, 
Bart.,  of  Allestree  (^ee  below). 

2   G 


III.  Lydia,  m.  first,  20th  December,  1824, 

Rev.  Edmund   Robinson,  of   Thorp 

Green,   co.  York,   and   secondly.    Sir 

Edward  Scott,  Bart.,  of  Great  Barr 

Hall,  CO.  Warwick,  and  d.  leaying  bj 

her  first  marriage  one  son,  who  d.  unm., 

and  three  daughters. 
The  second  son, 

Thomas  John  Qisbokne,  of  Hohne  Hall, 
CO.  Derby,  m.  Sarah,  daugliter  of  J.  A. 
Krbhmbb,  of  Courland,  St.  Petersburg,  and 
d,  1869,  having  by  her  had  issue, 

I.  Lionel,  b.  1820  ;  d.  unm.  1861,  v.  p. 

II.  Francis,  of  Holme  Hall,  Bakewell, 
CO.  Derby,  b.  1822,  educated  at  King's 
College,  London,  and  St.  Peter's,  Cam- 
bridge, called  to  the  bar  1848;  m. 
1877,  Katherine  du  Vemet,  daughter 

Arms — Erminois  a  lion  rampant  sable  collared  argent,  on  a  canton  vert  a  garb  or. 
Crest — A  demi-lion  rampant  ermines  collared  dovetailed  or  and  is8uing  out  of  a  mural 
coronet  argent. 

Seats — AUestree  Hall,  co.  Derby  ;  and  Lingen,  Brampton  Bryan,  co.  Hereford. 

of  Lieutenant-Colonel  Hay  Mabtin- 
DALB,  R.E.,  and  d.  1879,  leaving  one 
III.  WiLLiAK,  heir  male  of  the  family 
and  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

I.  Mary,  m.  2l8t  May,  1846,  her  cousin 
Sir  Thomas  William  EvaN'\  Bart. 
(see  above)  of  AUestree  Hall,  who 
d.  s.  p.  1892 ;  she  d.  1889. 

II.  Clara. 

III.  Sophia:  m.  H.  F.  Gisbobnb,  of 

IV.  Susan  Eliza,  m.  1854,  Walter 
Evans,  of  Darley  Abbey,  co.  Derby, 
J.P.,  and  d.  2nd  September,  1891, 
having  had  one  son,  Arthur,  b.  1855; 
d.  1870. 


EDWARD  MILLER  GARD  EDDY,  A.I.C.E.,  of  Colebrook,  Double  Bay, 
Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  chief  commissioner  for  railways,  New 
South  Wales,  and  J.P.  for  that  colony,  6.  1851 ;  m.  first,  1874,  Gwea  Eller, 
daughter  of  the  late  Gomer  Roberts,  of  Tan-y-Clawdd,  Ruabon,  North  Wales, 
and  by  her  (who  d.  24th  September,  1882)  has  had  issue, 

I.  Edward  Gomer,  b.  21st  October,  1877. 

II.  George  Watkin,  b,  22nd  January,  1879,  d.  28th  March,  1880. 

III.  John  Montague,  b.  16th  July,  1881. 

IV.  Alexander,  b.  26th  August,  1882. 

I.  Nellie  Elizabeth,  b.  15th  September,  1876. 
He  m.  secondly,  1886,  Ellen,  daughter   of    the    late    Samuel  Wilkinson,  of 
Spring  Hall,  Walsall,  co,  Stafford. 

Residence — Colehrook,  Double  Bay,  Sydney,  New  South  Wale*. 

Clubs — Union,  in  Sydney  ;  Constitutional,  in  London ;  and  Conservative,  in  Edinburgh. 


CHARLES  EDWARD  BRIGHT,  C,M,G.,  formerly  of  Melbourne,  Victoria, 
now  resident  in  London,  b.  1829;  m.  25th  August,  1868,  Hon.  Anna 
Maria  Georgiana  Manners-Sutton,  elder  daughter  of  John  Henry  Thomas, 
third  Viscount  Canterbury,  K.C.B.,  G.C.M.G.,  governor  of  Victoria  from  186G 
to  1873,  and  has  issue, 

I.  AriFRED  Ernest,  to  whom  H.R.H.  the  Duke  of  Edinburgh  stood  sponsor, 

6.  1869 ;  educated  at  Eton. 

II.  Charles  Henry  Manners  Sutton,  b.  1870 ;  educated  at  Eton. 

III.  Richard  George  Tyndall,  lieutenant  2nd  battalion  Rifle  Brigade 
(Prince  Consort's  Own),  b.  5th  February,  1872;  educated  at  Welling- 
ton College. 

1.  Georgina  Aniye  Blanche. 



Mr.  Bright  arrived  in  Melbourne  in  Jannarj,  1854  He  was  twice  cbair- 
man  of  the  Melbonrae  Harboar  Trust,  and  was  for  a  long  period  a  trustee  of 
the  public  library,  museum,  and  National  Gallery  of  Victoria.  He  was 
commissioner  to  the  exhibition  of  Loudon,  1861-2  ;  Dublin,  1864 ;  Melbourne, 
1866-7  :  London,  1873-4  ;  Melbourne,  1880  ;  Calcutta,  1883 ;  Adelaide,  1887 ; 
and  Melbourne,  1888.  Mr.  Bright  is  one  of  the  board  of  advice  to  the  agent- 
general  of  Victoria,  and  a  paHner  in  the  firms  of  Messrs.  Antony  Gibbs  and 
Company,  and  Messrs.  Gibbs,  Bright  and  Company.  He  was  created  C.M.G., 
24th  May,  1883. 


NATHAimL  Bbtoht,  of  the  city  of  Wor- 
cester, VM  b.  in  1493,  and  was  huried  in  St. 
Peter's  Church,  Worcester,  23rd  November, 
1564,  aged  71  years,  leaving  by  Joyce,  his 
wife  (who  was  buried  at  the  same  place,  3rd 
Jane,  1552),  James ;  Q«orge ;  Joyce  ;  and 

Jambs  Bbight,  of  Worcester,  the  eldest 
son,  was  twice  married  ;  by  his  first  wife, 
Margaret,  to  whom  he  was  m.  in  1561|  he 
had  issue, 

Heitbt,  his  successor. 

Nathauiel,  baptised  at  St.  Peter's,  Wor- 
cester, September,  1565. 

Bobert,  baptised  at  St.  Peter's  aforesaid, 
January,  1568. 

Thomas,  baptised  at  St.  Peter's,  7th 
January,  1586  ;  m.  and  had  issue. 

John,  baptised  at  St.  Peter's,  30th 
December,  1592. 

James,  baptised  at  St.  Peter's,  May, 

Katherine,  baptised  at  St.  Peter's,  19th 
May,  1590. 

Alice,  baptised  at  St.  Peter's,  20th 
January,  1591. 

Johane,  baptised  at  St.  Peter's,  18th 
January,  1593 ;  m.  there  23rd  Novem- 
ber, 1613,  Kichard  Habwood. 

Mr.  Bright's  wife  dying  in  January,  1597, 
was  buried  at  St.  Peter's,  Worcester,  on  the 
31st  of  that  month.  He  m.  secondly,  at  the 
same   place,    8rd    September,    1598,    Alice, 

daughter  of Staunton,  of  Whittington, 

near  the  rity  of  Worcester,  but  had  no  issue 
by  her.  He  was  buried  with  hip  fint  wife, 
24th  December,  1599.     His  eldest  son, 

Thb  Bbt.  Hbxbt  Bbight,  the  learned  and 
accomplished  Canon  of  Worcester,  was 
baptised  at  St.  Peter's,  26th  October,  1562, 
was  Df  Balliol  College,  Oxford ;  Prebendary 
of  Worcester  Cathedral,  1619,  and  head 
master  of  King's  School,  Worcester,  for  forty 
years ;  he  is  referred  to  by  Fuller,  and  also 
by  Wood,  in  his  Fasti.  He  m.  Johanne, 
daughter  of  Rowland  BBBKELBY,of  Spetchley, 
and  Cotheridge,  co.  Worcester,  and  sister  of 
Sir  Robert  Berkeley,  Knt.,  a  judge  of  the 
King's  Ben'^h,  by  whom  (who  »n.  secondly, 
Edward  Aitkbslbt,  of  Brookend,  co.  Oxford, 
and  was  living  16th  May,  1638}  he  had  issue 
(with  two  other  daughter..), 
RoBBBT,  his  heir. 

Marv,  baptised  at  Worcester  Cathedral, 

7th  June,  1596. 
Dorothy,  m.  first,  John  Dobtns,  of  Eves- 
batch,  CO.  Hereford,  gentleman  (who 
d.  1639) ;  and  secondly,  Henry  Towx- 
8HEND,of  Elmley  Lovett,co.  Worcester 
(who  d.  1663),  and  had  issue  by  both 
Joyce,  m.   at  Elmley  Lovett,  oo.  Wor- 
cester, I6th  July,  1638,  John  Bbidgbs, 
of   Prior's   Court,   co.   Hereford,  and 
had  issue. 
Catherine,     m,     William    Clifpe,    >of 
Matherne,  co.  Hereford,  and  of  G-reat 
Whitley,  co.  Salop,  and  had  issue. 
Canon   Bright   purchased  the    manor    of 
Brockbury,    co.    Hereford,     together    with 
various  other  estates  in  the  parishes  of  Col  wall 
and  Coddington,  in  the  same  co.,  and  at  Castle 
Moreton,  co.  Worcester.     He  d,  4th  March, 
1626,   was  buried   in   Worcester  Cathedral, 
where  his  monument  with  an  epitaph  com- 
posed by  Dr.  Hall,  Dean  of  Worcester,  still 
remains,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Hbbbbbt  Bbioht,  of  Brockbury,  co.  Here- 
ford, and  of  Castle  Moreton,  co.  Worcester, 
h.  1617 ;  m.  first,  at  Cound,  co.  Salop,  4th 
June,  1638,  Mary,  daughter  of  Edward 
Cbessett,  of  Cound,  and  Upton  Cressett,  co. 
Salop,  by  whom  (who  was  buried  at  Colwall, 
9th  April,  1647)  he  had  issue, 

Henry,  baptised  at  Colwall,  22nd  August, 
1641,  and  buried  there  3rd  September 
Robbbt,  his  successor. 
Edward,  baptised  at  Colwall,  26th  June, 

1645  J  living  20th  July,  1665. 
Elizabeth,  d.  unm.j  buried  at  Colwall,  Ist 

October.  1671. 
Mary,  m.  at  Colwall,  26th  June,  1665, 
Thomas  W  ylde,  of  Ledbury,  co.  Here- 
He  m.  secondly,  at  Ludwardine,  co.  Hereford, 
5th  October,  1647,  Frances,  daughter  of 
Thomas  Walwyn,  of  Longford  in  the 
same  co.,  by  whom  (who  d.  22nd  January, 
1655,  and  was  buried  at  Colwall)  he  had 
further  issue,  Thomas ;  John ;  Henry  ; 
Francis ;  Nicholas ;  Rowland  ;  Walwyn ;  aud 
Jane.  This  latter  family  possessed  the  estate 
called  "  The  Hoar,"  in  the  parish  of  Colwall, 
which  was  settled  on  their  mother  at  her 
marriage ;  their  descendants  continued  there 
till    1765,    when    the   estate    descended   to 

2  Q  2 



Robert  Harcourt,  who  was  living  at  the  Hoar 
in  1778  ;  he  was  the  son  of  Peter  Harcourt,  of 
Colwall,  gentleman,  by  Mary,  daughter  and 
heirof  Thomas  Bright,  of  Ye  Hoar.  Mr.  Bright 

m.  thirdly,  in  1663,  Ursula,  daughter  of 

Bridges,  of  Tibberton,  co.  Hereford,  but  by 
her  (who.  was  living  at  Hereford  in  1687)  he 
had  no  issue  ;  he  was  buried  at  Colwall,  28th 
August,  1665,  aged  48  years,  when  he  was  s. 
by  his  eldest  surviving  son, 

KoBSRT  Bbioht,  of  Brockbury  and  Castle 
Moreton,  baptised  at  Colwall,  28th  February, 
1642  ;  m.  first,  1663,  Honora,  dangliter  of 
Benjamin  Mason,  of  Beauchamp-Roding, 
CO.  Essex,  by  whom  (who  d.  Ist  January, 
1672-3,  and  was  buried  at  Colwall)  he  had 

BOBEBT,  his  heir. 

Edward,  baptised  at  Colwall,  11th 
I>ecember,  1667;  m.  the  daughter  of 
Henry  Cliffb,  of  Math  erne,  co.  Here- 
ford, and  had  issue. 
Elizabeth,  bipttsed  at  Colwall,  23rd 
Decem^e^,  1665  ;  d.  vnm.  28th  Sept- 
ember, 1671,  buried  at  the  same  plaee, 
Ist  October,  following. 

Mr.  Bright,  on  his  marriage  with  Sarah, 
his  second  wife,  settled  at  Sandon,  co.  Stafford, 
where  he  was  living  26th  March,  1687.  From 
this  marriage  descend,  according  to  family 
tradition,  several  families  of  Bright  settled  in 
cos.  Stafford  and  Salop,  and  the  city  of  London. 
He  settled  his  estate  of  Brockbury  by  con- 
reyance,  dated  26th  May,  1683,  on  his  eldest 

Robert  Bright,  of  Brockbury,  barrister- 
at-law,  h.  1st  July,  and  baptised  at  Colwall, 
18th  July,  1664  ;  m.  there  4th  April,  1687, 
Joyce,  widow  of  John  Hall,  of  Matheme,  co. 
Hereford,  gentleman,  and  daughter  of  Henry 
CuPFE,  of  Matheme,  co.  Hereford,  and  Mary 
his  wife,  daughter  of  Heniy  Meredith,  of 
the  city  of  Hereford,  by  whom  (who  d.  9th 
January,  1718,  and  was  buried  at  Colwall)  he 
had  issue, 

I.  Henry,  hit  heir. 

II.  Robert,  baptised  at  Coddington,  co. 
Hereford,  20th  August,  16^ ;  d.  #.  p. 

III.  William,  baptised  at  Coddington, 
aforesaid,  12th  October,  1698;  d.unm. 
buried  at  Colwall,  24th  August,  1714. 

I.  Mary,  baptised  at  Coddington,  17th 
May,  1688  ;  to.  Thomas  Wilmot,  of 
Dymmock,  co.  Gloucester,  gentleman, 
and  had  issue. 

II.  Honora,  baptised  at  Coddington,  6th 
November,  1690;  m.  at  Colwall,  9th 
July,  1722,  Tliomas  Bright,  of  Ye 
Hoar,  gentleman. 

III.  Joyce,  baptised  at  Coddingtos,  2lBt 
October,  1696 ;  d.  unm. 

lY.  Elizabeth,  baptised  at  Coddington, 
26th  January,  1701;  to.  ut  Colwall, 
27th  December,  1718,  WQliam  MoR- 
RICE,  of  the  city  of  Worcester,  and 
had  issue. 

V.  Grace,  baptised  at  Coddington,  17th 
March,  1702;  m.  at  Colwall,  22nd 
April,  1723,  John  Hartland,  of  the 

Sly  House,  parish  of  Colwall,  and  had 

Mr.  Bright  d.  1st  December,  1749,  and  was 
buried  at  ColwalL    By  a  deed  of  conreyance, 
dated  27th  July,  1722,  he  settled  the  manor 
of  Brockbury  on  his  eldest  son  and  heir, 

Henry  B bight,  lord  of  the  manor  of 
Brockbury,  baptised  at  Coddington,  81  h 
November,  1692;  to.  at  Henlland,  co.  Here- 
ford, 6th  June,  1713,  Mary,  daughter  of 
William  Hill,  of  Wellington,  in  the  same  co., 
gentleman,  by  whom  (who  was  b.  at  Welling- 
ton, 17th  November,  1692,  d.  January,  1780, 
and  was  buried  at  St.  Nicholas  Church, 
Bristol),  he  had  issue, 

I.  Robert,  his  heir. 

II.  Henry,  of  Welland  Court,  oo.  Wor- 
cester (which  he  purchased  of  his 
brother  Allen),  merchant  in  Bristol  ; 
high  sheriff  of  Bristol  1755,  and 
mayor  thereof  in  1772,  b.  21st  March, 
1715,  baptised  at  Ledbury,  co.  Here- 
ford ;  d.  25th  November,  1777,  buried 
at  St.  Nicholas  Church,  Bristol,  having 
TO.  27th  September,  1746,  Sarah, 
daughter  and  heir  of  Ri<;hard  Mby- 
ler,  of  Bristol,  merchant,  by  whom 
(who  d.  7th  September,  1796,  and  was 
buried  at  St.  Nicholas  Church,  Bristol) 
he  had  a  son, 

Richard,  of  Ham  Green,  Somerset, 
of  whom  hereafter  as  heir  of  the 

III.  William,  sometime  a  merchant  at 
Bristol,  I.  6th  Noveuiber,  1717; 
baptised  at  LeJbury ;  to.  22nd  May, 
1737,  Rebecca,  daughter  of  Thomas 
Broome,  of  Bristol,  and  had  two  sons, 

1.  William,  living  iu  Ireland  in 
1778  ;  to.  and  had  issue. 

2.  Robert,  a  midshipman  on  board 
the  '•  Ocean  "  man-of-war,  d.  in 
the  Sandwich  Isles,  1781. 

IT.  Allen,  some  time  a  merchant  at 
Bristol,  afterwards  of  WeUand  Court, 
CO.  Worcester,  b.  12th  April,  and  bap- 
tised at  Ledbury,  12th  May,  1720; 
TO.  first,  28th  February,  1746-6,  Mary, 
daughter  of  William  Gardner,  of 
Stroud,  CO.  Gloucester;  she  d.  20th 
March,  1746-7,  and  was  buried  at  St. 
Nicholas  Church,  Bristol,  leaving  a 

1.  Allen,  h.  20th  and  baptised  24th 
March,  1746-7;  ensign  69th 
Regiment,  d.  unm.  at  Minehead, 
CO.  Somerset,  21st  October,  and 
buried  at  St.  Nicholas  25th 
October,  1790. 

Allen  Bright  to.  secondly,  2nd  July, 
1750,  Anne,  daughter  of  James  Hat, 
of  the  city  of  Worcester,  and  by  her 
(who  was  living  at  Bristol  in  1778) 
had,  with  several  others,  who  d.  iu 
infancy,  another  son  and  daughter, 

2.  Henry,  baptised  26th  March, 
1762,  mayor  of  Bristol,  1807, 
d,  unm.  that  year,  buried  at  St. 
Nicholas,  25th  November,  1807. 

1.  Anna,    baptised    25th    August, 



1754;   «.  6th  November,  1777, 
George    Roch,   boq  of   Nicholas 
Kock,  of  Pakeston,  co.  Pembroke, 
and  had  isBue. 
Allen  Bright  sold  Welland  Court  to 
his   brother  Henrj;    he  d.  in  June, 
1763,  and  was  buried  at  St.  Nicholas 
Church,  Bristol,  oa  the  16rh  of  that 
T.  Francis,    a    iiiercliant    in    tfamaica, 
baptised    at    Ledburj,  24th  October, 
1723 ;  d.  umm.  in  175-1-,  buried  in  the 
parish    of    St.    Andrew's,    Kingston, 
I.  Marj,  baptised  at  Coddington,   23Td 
October,   1726;    m.  at  Col  wall,  25th 
September,      1752,      George     Bush, 
merchant  of  Bristol,  of  Mie  familj  of 
Bush,  (»f  Beech,  co.  Q-loucester,  and 
had  i.<)sue. 
Mr.  Bright  made  his  will  25th  April,  1725 ; 
d.  in  Julj,  172t>,  and  was  buried  on  the  8th 
of  th«  same  month  at  Colwall,  and  was  «.  bj 
his  eldest  son, 

BoBBBT  Bright,  lord  of  the  manor  of 
Brockbury,  baptised  at  Ledbury,  24th  April, 
1714;  m.  at  All  Saints'  Church,  Worcester, 
17th  February,  1740,  Dorotliy,  daughter  and 
co-heir  of  Edward  Lowbsidoe,  of  the  city 
of  Worcester,  receiver- general  of  the  co.  of 
Worcester,  and  had  issue, 
LowBBiDGE,  his  heir. 
Robert,  d.  you??g,  buried  at  Colwall. 
Dorothy,  d.  unm.  1827. 
Mury,   baptised  at  Colwall,  12th  June, 
1747;  m.  at  St.  Nicholas  in  Bristol, 
6th     December,     1775,     John    Innis 
Baeeb,  second  son  of  Slade  Baker,  of 
Bristol,  and  had  issue. 
Mr.  Bright  d.  in  Jamaica,  20th  July,  1758, 
was  buried  in  the  parish  of  St.   Andrew's, 
Kingston,  in  that  island,  and  was  9.  by  his 
eldest  and  only  surviving  son, 

LowBBiDQE  Bright,  lord  of  the  manor  of 
Brockbury,  and  of  the  city  of  Bristol, 
merchant,  who  had  a  confirmation  of  the 
arms  of  Bright  from  the  College  of  Arms, 
24th  June,  1779.  He  was  b.  25th  March, 
1743,  baptised  at  All  Saints',  Worcester, 
d.  unm.  in  June,  1818,  when  his  estates 
deyolved  on  his  first  cousin,  the  heir  male  of 
the  family, 

KicnABD  Bright,  of  Ham  Green,  Somer- 
set (refer  to  issue  of  Henry,  second  son  of 
Henry  Bright,  lord  of  the  manor  of  Brock- 
bury),  b.  2  let  July,  1754,  became  heir  to  his 
cousin,  Lowbridge  Bright,  in  1818,  and  was 
also  heir  to  estates  in  Hampshire  and  else- 
where, of  his  cousin,  Richard  Meyler,  M.P. 
for  Winchester;  m.  at  St.  Thomas*  Church 
Liverpool,  Sarah,  daughter  of  Benjamin 
Hbywood,  of  Liverpool,  by  whom  (who  d. 
18th  March,  1827)  he  had  issue, 

I.  Henry,  lord  of  the  manor  of  Brock- 
bury,  b.  ISth  January,  1784,  barrister- 
at-law,  M.P.  for  Bristol  from  1820  to 
1830,  s.  his  father  in  the  Hereford  and 
Southampton  estates,  d,  unm.  26th 
March,  1869,  when  the  manor  of  Brock- 
bury    devolved    by    his    will  on  his 

nephew,  Rbt.  Jahbs  Franck  Bright, 
while  the  other  estates  of  Colwall,  co. 
Hereford,  and  Crawley,  co.  South- 
ampton, descended  to  his  eldest 
nephew  and  heir-at-law,  the  present 
bKyjAKiN  B bight,  of  Colwall. 

II.  Benjamin  Hey  wood,  tlio  well-known 
book  collector  and  Shakesperian  critic, 
whose  antiquarian  correspondence  with 
Joseph  Hunter  is  preserved  in  the 
British  Museum;  b.  14th  August, 
1787;  m.  first,  6th  November,  1818, 
his  cousin,  £lixabeth,  daughter  of 
Nathaniel  He r wood,  of  Manchester; 
she  d.  9.  p.  31st  May,  1819.  He  m. 
secondly,  20th  June,  1822,  Mary 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  the  Rev.  J, 
KowB,  by  whom  (who  d,  26th  October, 
1829)  he  left  at  his  decease,  7th 
August,  1843,  the  following  issue, 

1.  Benjamin,  of  Barton  Court, 
Colwall,  CO.  Hereford,  who  became 
heir  to  his  uncle  Henry,  and  is 
the  present  representative  of  the 
family.  He  was  b.  in  1823 ;  i». 
1857,  Frances  Mary,  daughter  of 
Fergus  J.  Gbaham,  H.B.M. 
Consul  at  Bayonne,  France,  and 
has  had  issue,  Reginald  Henry, 
d.  young,  and  Honora  Phebe 

1.  Phebe  KMza,  b,  24th  October, 
1824;  d.unm.  1860. 

2.  Mary  Sarah,  m.  8th  April,  1858, 
George  Wallace,  of  Eardiston, 
CO.  Worcester,  and  has  issue. 

III.  Richard,  F.R.S.,  M.D.  to  Her 
Majesty  the  Queen,  physician  at  Guy's 
Hospital ;  b,  29th  September,  1789  ; 
m  first,  14th  August,  1822,  Martha 
Lyndon,  daughter  of  Dr.  Babbinqtow, 
and  by  her  (who  d.  30th  December, 
1823),  had  one  son, 

1.  William  Richard  (Rev.),  *.  20th 
December,  18:f3  ;  d.  1848. 

He  m.  secondly,  27th  July,  1826, 
Kliisa,  daughter  of  Benjamin  Follbtt, 
and  sister  of  Sir  William  Foilett,  by 
whom  he  had  further  issue, 

2.  William  Webb  Foilett,  ft.  11th 
June,  1831  ;  d.  1851. 

3.  James  Franck  (Rev.),  D.D. 
(Oxon),  hon.  fellow  of  Balliol 
College,  and,  since  1881,  master 
of  University  College,  Oxford,  b. 
29th  May,  1832;  ordained  1856; 
became  lord  of  the  manor  of 
Brockbury  in  1869,  under  the 
will  of  his  uncle,  Henry  Bright ; 
m.  1864,  Emmeline  Theresa, 
daughter  of  the  Rev.  E.  D.  Wick- 
ham,  and  by  her  (who  d,  1871), 
has  issue. 

4.  Henry  Eustace,  b.  October,  1838; 
d.  1876. 

5.  George  Charles,  M.D.,  b.  Sept- 
ember, 1840  ;  m.  1869,  Emmeline, 

widow  of  Haoan,  and  has 


1.  Anna,  d.  1832. 



2.  Emily,  tn.  186S,  Kicbard  Wal- 
lace, and  has  issue. 

3.  Clara  Eliza. 

Richard  Bright  d.  16th  December, 

IT.  Robert,  of  wht»m  presently. 

T.  Samuel,  of  Sandheys,  Liverpool,  J.P. 
CO.  Lancaster,  b.  25tli  September, 
1799;  m.  10th  September,  1828,  Eliza- 
beth Anne,  daughter  of  Htigh  JoUes, 
of  Lark  Hill,  near  Liverpool ;  d.  28th 
January,  1870,  and  was  buried  at  the 
ancient  chapel,  Toxteth  Tark,  Liver- 
pool, having  had  issue, 

1.  Henry  Arthur,  of  AshfieW,  near 
Liverpool,  J.P.  co.  Lancaster,  b. 
February,  18S0;  m.  1861,  Mary 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  S.  H. 
Thompson,  of  Thingwall  Hall, 
near  Liverpool,  and  d.  51  h  May, 
1884,  leaving  issue. 

2.  Hey  wood,  of  Sandheys,  West 
Derby,  Liverpool  (dub — Reform) 
J.P.  'co.  Lancaster,  b.  1836  ;  m. 
1884,  Dorothea,  eldest  daughter 
of  Colonel  John  Ireland  Black- 
BFRNE,  of  Hale  Hall,  Lancashire. 

3.  Hugh  Meyler,  b.  1839,  rf.  1866. 

4.  Samuel,  of  Liverpool,  b.  1843. 

1.  Sarah  Elizabeth  Mesnard,  m. 
1852,  George  Mellt,  late  M.P. 
for  Stoke-upon-Tront,  and  has 

2.  Elizabeth,  m.  1853,  George 
Holt,  of  Liverpool,  and  has 

3.  Harriotte. 

4.  Anna  Maria,  m.  1874,  Archibald 
Weib,  M.D.,  of  Malvern,  and  has 

I.  Phebe,  b.  in  Queen  Square,  Bristol, 
1785  ;  d.  1875,  buried  at  Col  wall. 

II.  Sarah,  b,  26th  March,  1792;  d.  16th 
July  following. 

III.  Sarah  Anne,  b.  at  Ham  Green,  3rd 
September,  1798,  and  d.  1866,  buried 
at  Colwall. 

IT.  Mary,  b.  2nd  June,  1798  j  d.  10th 

December,  1799. 
V.  Elizabeth  Marv,   b.  at  Ham  Green, 

31st  August,  1805. 

of  Thomas  I'tndall,  of  the  Fort,  Bristol,  by 
Marianne  Schimmklfbnnick,  his  wife,  grand- 
daughter of  Count  Schimmelpennick  of 
Holland,  and  d,  19th  September,  1869,haTing 
had  issue, 

I.  Richard,  of  Stock's  House,  Tring,  co. 
Herts,  J.P.  for  cos.  Heits,  Bucks,  and 
Somerset,  and  M.P.  for  east  Somerset 
from  1868  to  1878,  b.  14th  April, 
1822 ;  tn.  1855,  Emma  Katherine, 
daughter  of  Admiral  Thomas 
WoLLSr,  and  widow  of  J.  ^dam 
GosDOVi  of  Stock's  House,  aforesaid, 
and  of  Enockespock,  co.  Aberdeen, 
and  d.  28th  FeV.niarjr,  1878. 

II.  Robert  Onesiphorus  (€kneral  Sir), 
G.C.B.  (1894) ;  K.C.B.  (1881)  ;  C.B. 
(1868)  ;  of  Normandv  Park,  Guild- 
ford, CO.  Surrey  (Clubt  —  United 
Service  and  Army  and  Navy),  colonel 
Yorkshire  Regiment,  b.  18:i8  ;  served 
in  Eastern  Campaign,  1854-5,  with 
19th  Regiment,  including  Alma,  Inker- 
man,  Sebastopol  (medal  with  three 
clasps.  Legion  of  Honour,  3rd  class  of 
the  Medjidie,  and  Turkish  medal)  ; 
commanded  as  brigadier-general  Ist 
brigade  Hazara  Fie!d  Force,  1868 
(medal  and  clasp,  thanks  of  Parliament 
and  the  Government  of  India).  He 
m.  1856,  Catherine,  daughter  of  Sir 
William  MilSs,  first  Bart.,  of  Leigh 
Court,  Somersetshire,  and  has  issue. 

III.  Tyndall,  of  Liverpool,  b.  1824;  m. 
1851,  Mary,  daughter  of  W.  Fletcher, 
of  Liverpool,  and  has  issue. 

IV.  George,  a  judge  in  India,  b.  1826; 
m.  first,  1851,  Elinor  Georgina, 
daughter  of  Marcus  McCavslajvd,  of 
Fruit  Hill,  co.  Derby,  by  whom  (who 
d.  in  India  in  1852)  be  had  one  son, 
Robert  Marcus,  b.  1868.  He  m. 
secondly,  Tempe,  daughter  of  Henry 
Raikbs,  of  the  Bengal  Ciyil  Service, 
and  has  issue  by  her. 

T.  Chables  Edward,  of  whom  we  treat. 
VI.  Artliur,    lieutenant    and     adjutant 

22nd  Regiment  Bengal  Native  Infantry, 

b.  1831,    killed     during     the     Indian 

Mutiny,  1857. 
Tii.  Reginald,   of   Melbourne,  Victoria, 

b.  1833. 

I.  Caroline  Margaret  Anna. 

II.  Isabel  Marianne,  m.  the  Rev.  John 
Lomax  Gibes,  M.A.  (Oxon),  rector 
of  Clyst  St.  George,  Topsham,  Devon, 
and  has  issue. 

III.  Constance. 

Mr.   Richard   Bright  d.   in   January,   1840. 
His  fourth  son, 

RoBSBT  Bright,  of  Bristol,  co.  Gloucester, 
and  of  Abbot's  Leish,  Somersetshire,  high 
sheriff  of  Bristol,  1852  ;  wa<  b.  12th  August, 
1795;  m.  4th  June,  1821,  Caroline,  daughter 

Arm* — (Confirmed  by  the  College  of  Arms,  24th  June,  1779,  to  Lowbridge  Bright,  of 
Brockbury,  co.  Hereford,  and  of  the  city  of  Bristol,  only  son  and  heir  of  Robert  Bright,  lord 
of  the  manor  of  Brockbury,  and  grandson  of  Henry  Bright,  to  be  borne  by  him  and  his 
descendants,  and"  by  tlie  descendants  of  his  said  grandfather,  Heni-y  Bright,  who  was  the 
great-great-grandfather  of  Charles  Edward  Bright,  C.M.G.)— Az.,  a  fess  wavy  erminois,  in 
chief  three  crescents  argent. 

CrcMt—A  crescent  as  in  the  arms,  between  the  horns  an  estoile  or. 

Motto — Post  tenebras,  lucem. 

Residence — 12,  Queen's  Gate  Gardens,  London,  S.W. 

Clubs — Windham,  Hurlingliani,  and  City. 



(UDiversity  of  Durham),  M.A.  (Durham),  of  St.  Cufchbert's,  Armidale, 
New  South  Wales,  bishop  of  the  diocese  of  Grafton  and  Armidale,  New  South 
Wales,  h.  at  Yarmouth,  co.  Norfolk,  31st  August,  1827 ;  m,  3rd  March,  1859, 
Mary,  second  daughter  of  Benjamin  Sorsbie,  of  Newcastle-on-Tyne,  but  by 
her  (who  <2.  25th  June,  1879)  had  no  issue.  His  lordship  was  educated  at 
the  Charterhouse  and  at  Darham  University,  B.A.  1851,  M.A.  1863,  aod  D.D. 
1868;  ordained  deacon  1852,  and  priest  1853 ;  chaplain  and  censor  of  Bishop 
Cosin's  Hall,  in  Darham  University,  from  1851  to  1854  ;  curate  of  Walton,  co. 
Somerset,  from  1857  to  1858 ;  rector  of  North  Tidworth,  Wilts,  from  1858  to 
1869 ;  rural  dean  of  Amesbury,  Wilts,  from  1868  to  1869 ;  and  was  conse- 
crated bishop  of  Grafton  and  Armidale,  24th  February,  1868.  He  d.  at  Rome 
27th  April,  1893. 

Kbv.  Richabd  Tubner,  B.D.,  perpetual 
curate  of  Oreat  Yarmouth,  co.  Norfolk,  (eon 
of  the  Bkv.  Fbaitcis  Tubnbb,  by  Sarah,  his 
wife,  daughter  of  James  Dawson),  m.  first, 
Miss  Kentish, who  d.s.p. ;  secondly,  Elizabeth, 
eldeat  daughter  of  Thomas  Bbde,  of  Beccles, 
CO.  Suffolk  {see  Bxdb  of  Ashmana^  Br  bee's 
Landed  Gentry ^  1847),  by  whom  (who  d. 
1805,  aged  44)  he  had  twelve  children ;  and 
thirdly,  Sarah,  daughter  of  the  Bev.  Henry 
Pabish,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1828)  had 
no  issue.  His  youngest  son  by  his  second 

Thb  Bight  Hon.  Sib  Geobob  James 
Tubneb,  P.O.,  a  lord  jubtice  of  the  Court  of 
Appeal  in  Chanceir,  6.  1798;  was  ninth 
wrangler  1819,  ana  a  fellow  of  Pembroke 
College,  Cambridge.  He  m.  19th  September, 
1828,  the  youngest  daughter  of  Edward 
Jones,  of  Brackley,  co.  Northampton,  and  by 
her  (who  d,  at  The  Molt,  near  Kingsbridge, 
South  DeTon,  1872,  aged  76)  had  issue, 

I.  George  Bichard  (Bev.),  M.A.,  Cam- 
bridge, rector  of  Kelshall,  co.  Herts, 
and  rector  of  New  Badnor,  Wales ;  m. 
Emily  Murray  Edwabds,  and  d.  aged 
50,  having  had  issue,  two  sons  and  three 
daughters,  of  whom  two  d.  s.  p. 

II.  Edmond  Bobert  (His  Hon.),  M.A. 
(Cambridge),  of  Boselrn  Villas,  Salt- 
bum-by-the-sea,  co.  York,  J.P.,  N.B. 
CO.  York,  judge  of  county  courts  (cir- 
cuit No.  16)  from  1868  ;  h.  1826 ; 
called  to  the  bar  at  Lincoln's  Inn,  27th 

Besidenee  (of  the  late  Bight  Ber.  Dr.  Turner)— St. 

January,  1852  ;  m.  1858,  Mary  Louisa 
Blachley,  second  daughter  of  the  Bct. 
W.  H.  TraifEB,  M.A.,  yicar  of  Ban- 
well,  CO.  Somerset,  son  of  the  Veir 
Bey.  Joseph  Turner,  dean  of  Norwich 
and  master  of  Pembroke  College, 
Cambridge,  and  ha^  issue,  one  son  and 
four  daughters. 

III.  Jambb  Fbancis  (Bight  Bey.),  D.I>., 
M.A.,  late  bishop  of  the  diocese  of 
Grafton  and  Armidale,  New  South 
Wales,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

IT.  Philip  Henry yd.unm.  1868. 

y.  Anselm,  m.  Katherine,  daughter  of 
the  Bey.  W.  KEMP80N,and  d.  11th  Feb- 
ruary, 1879,  having  had  five  children, 
one  of  whom  d.  t.  p. 

Yi.  Arthur  William,  captain  in  the  56th 
Begiment  of  Foot,  d.  in  India,  unm. 

I.  Louisa  Jones,  m.  the  Bey.  Thomas 
Garden  Cabteb,  M.A.  (Cambridge), 
rural  dean,  honorary  canon  of  Canter- 
bury Cathedral,  yicar  of  Linton,  Maid- 
stone, CO.  Kent,  and  commissary  for 
the  bishop  of  Grafton  and  Armidale, 
and  has  issue,  1.  George,  clerk  in  holy 
orders ;  2.  Arthur,  lieutenant  B.N. ; 
8.  Henry;  4.  Charles;  5.  Edward; 
6.  Frederick;  1.  Louisa. 

II.  Catherine  Mary. 

III.  Theophila  Maria. 
Sir  George    tfames    Turner   d.  at  23,  Park 
Crescent,  London,  June,  1867,  aged  69. 

Cuthbert's,  Armidale,  New  South 


BERNABD  SHAW,  of  Terennre,  Hobart,  Tasmania,  J.P.,  sheriff  of  the 
colony,  coroner,  police  magistrate,  Hobart,  and  permanent  head  of  the 
police  department  in  the  Civil  Service,  h.  12th  October,  1836  ;  m.  Slst  January, 



1877,  Louisa  Aognsta  Helen,  daughter  of  the  late  Richard  Theodore  Da  vies, 
of  George  Town,  Tasmania,  formerly  of  Rednich  House,  Penzance,  Cornwall, 
England,  but  has  no  issue.  Mr.  Shaw  was  deputy  clerk  of  the  peace,  Swansea, 
Tasmania,  September,  1853  ;  police  magistrate,  1866 ;  secretary  of  mines, 
1883 ;  and  sherifE  and  commissioner  of  territorial  police,  February,  1886. 


This  family  is  of  Scotch  origin,  and  was 
Bubsequentlj  settled  in  Hampshire,  Kngland. 
William  Shaw  went  to  Ireland  about 
the  year  1689,  in  the  army  of  William  III, 
being  captain  in  the  regiment  of  his  kins- 
man, General  Ponsonby,  ancestor  of  the  Earl 
of  Bedsborough.  Bis  eldest  son,  William, 
had  no  son.     His  second  son, 

Robert  Shaw,  m.  Mary,  daughter  of 
Bernard  Mabkham,  and  sister  of  the  Arch- 
bishop of  York,  and  by  her  had  six  sons  and 
two  daughters  amongst  whom  were, 

William  (eldest  son),  of  whom  pre- 
Robert  (fifth  son),  who  early  in  life  left 
the  CO.  Kilkenny,  and  became  subse- 
quently an  eminent  merchant  in 
Dublin,  and  Accountant- General  of 
the  Post  Office.  He  m.  first,  Mary, 
daughter  of  Hiuoins,  of  Higgins- 
brook,  CO.  Meath,  and  by  her  had 

I.  Robert,  created  a  Baronet,  17th 
August,  1821,  b.  29th  January, 
1774,  colonel  of  the  Royal 
Dublin  Militia,  M.P.  for  New 
Ross,  vot^d  against  the  Union; 
he  represented  Dublin  in  tlie 
Imperial  Parliament  1804  to  1820, 
m.  first,  1795,  Maria,  daughter 
and  heir  of  Abraham  Wilkinson, 
of  Bushy  Park,  co.  Dublin,  and  by 
her  (who  d.  1831)  had  issue, 

1.  Robert  (Sir)  second  Bart., 
D.L.  CO.  Dublin,  b.  28th  Sep- 
tember, 1796;  d.  unm.  19th 
February,  1869,  and  was  *.  by 
his  brother. 

2.  Frkdbbick  (Right  Hon. Sir), 
third  Bart.,  P  C,  Recorder 
of  Dublin,  M.P.  for  the  city, 
IbSO  to  1832,  and  afterwards 
for  the  University  of  Dublin, 
1882  to  1848,  b.  11th  Decem- 
ber, 1799;  m.  16th  March, 
1819,  Thomai«ine  Emily, 
daughter  of  the  Hon.  George 
Jocblyn  and  grand-daughter 
of  Robert,  first  Earl  of 
Roden,  and  by  her  (who  d. 
80th  November,  1859)  had 

(1)  ROBBBT  (Sir),  present 
Bart.,  of  Bushy  Park, 
CO.  Dublin,  J. P.  and 
D.l;.,  high  sherifp, 
1848  ;  Lieutenant- 

Colonel       late      Dublin 
Militia,     M.A.,    b.     3rd 

August,  1821;  m.  10th 
June,  1852,  Kate, 
daughter  of  the  late 
William  Barton,  of 
Grove,  co.  Tipperary, 
and  has  issue, 

Frederick  William, 
J.P.,  late  first 
(Royal)  Dragoons, 
and  now  obtain 
fifth  battalion  Royal 
Dublin  Fusiliers,  b. 
15th  March,  1858; 
m.  9th  July,  1885, 
Eleanor  Hester, 
daughter  of  Major 
F.  H.  DK  Verb, 
R.E.  {see  Baronet- 
age,  Vbrb,  Bart.), 
and  has  issue, 
Robert  de  Vere,  b, 
Anne  Kate;  Mary 
Margaret ;  Grace 
Eleanor;  and  Eily 
de  Vere. 
(2)  George  (63,  Wood 
street,  Woolwich. 

CW— United  Service), 
C.B.,  Major-General 
R.A.,  b.  21st  December, 
1822;  01.  first,  27th 
October,  1846,  Marie, 
daughter  of  E.  Des- 
FONTiNES,  of  the  Mauri- 
tius, and  by  her  (who<^. 
1871)  had  issue, 

(a)  Frederick,  b.  18th 
June,  1850 ;  m. 
1873,  Ella  Jane, 
daughter  of  J. 
Willis,  United 
States,  America, 
and  has,  1.  George 
Jocelyn,  b,  17th 
December,  1877 ;  2. 
William  Edward, 
b.  8th-  September, 
1879;  3.  Flora  AUce: 
4.  Emily  Marie, 
(i)  George  Jocelyn, 
Captain  Madras 
Staff  Corps,  b.  23rd 
January,  1857;  «. 
18&3,  Elizabeth 
Henrietta,  daughter 
of  Colonel  Horatio 
Samuel  Court,  late 
Madras  Staff  Corps, 



and  has  issue,  Percy 
Jooelyn,  b.  1893, 
and  Elsie  Marie,  b. 

(<?)  Edward  Wing- 
field,  b.  Slst  March, 

{d)  Robert  John,  b, 
10th  March,  1864. 

(a)  Emilie  Marie,  m. 
9th  August,  1870, 
Edward  Fenwick 
Bbackbvbttbt,  of 
Skendlebj  Hall,  co. 
Lincoln,  late  Cap- 
tain R.A. 

(b)  Flora  Louisa. 

(c)  Marie  Harriet. 
{d)  Alice. 

\e)  Thomasine    Caro- 
line, m.  1882,  Major 
Charles       Alojsius 
Rtaet,  B.A 
(/)  Louisa. 
(ff)  Cora  Anne,  c?.  11th 
NoTember,  1887. 
General     Gkorge    Shaw 
fR.  secondly,  1st  October, 
1872,   Ellen,   widow    of 
James  Somerrille  Litlb, 
Surgeon  -  Major      R.A., 
and    daughter    of    Rev. 
Charles    Pobteb,    D.D. 
of  St.  Leonards,  Exeter, 
and    d.    12th    October, 
(3)  Frederick,  E.I.C.C.S., 
Under      Secretary      to 
Foreign  Department   of 
Gt>Ternment    of    India, 
Bengal,     b.     1824;     m. 
1852,   Sophia,    daughter 
of  James  Johnstonb,  of 
Dromore      Lodge,      co. 
Monaghan,    and  d.  s.  p. 
13th  December,  1856. 
(I)    Edward  •  Wingfield, 
Captain     R.jV.,      Lieu- 
tenant-governor of   Ma- 
lacca, b.  1827 ;  m.  30th 
June,       1858,      Louise, 
daughter  of  Colonel  Sir 
Stephen     John      Hill, 
K.C.M.a.,  C.B.,  and  d. 
2ith  May,  1879,  having 
had,   1.    Edward  Wing- 
field,  6. 9th  June,  1867;  ]. 
Marian  Louisa ;  2.  Edith 
Constance,    m.    first    in 

1880,  Charles  Buckley 
(marriage  dissolved, 
1884) ;     and    secondly, 

1881,  Captain  Archibald 
Campbell  -  Johnston, 
the  BufFs. 

(5)  Wilkinson  Jocelyn, 
M.A.,  Lieutenant-Colo- 
nel late  102nd  Regi- 
ment, b,  1834;  m.  5th 
April,       1873,       Mary, 

daughter  of  Edward 
Barrington  db  Fon- 
blakqub,  and  has, 
Jocelvn  Frederick  de 
Fonblanque,  Lieutenant 
Rifle  Brigade,  b,  1874, 
and  Esmee. 

(1)  Tliomasine  Harriot,  m* 
to  Sir  John  Flo7D,  Bart., 
and  d.  1855. 

(2)  Maria  Jocelyn,  d.  29th 
September,  1875. 

(3)  Emily  Thomasine,  d, 

Sir  Frederick  d,  30th  June, 

3.  Beresford  William,  6th  Regi- 
ment, afterwards  Major 
Dublin  Militia,  a^.d  R.M.  co. 
Tipperary  ;  b.  3l8t  October, 
1806;  d.  20th  October,  1847. 

4.  G-eorge  Augustus,  in  holy 
orders;  b.  16th  December, 
1814;  d.  4th  September, 

5.  Charles,  Q.C.,  Chairman  of 
CO.  Monaghan;  6.  27th  July, 
1817  ;  III.  1845,  Mary,  daugh- 
ter of  William  Babtox,  of 
Grove,  and  d.  9th  December, 
1870,  leaving, 

(1)  Robert  Barton,  Major 
3rd  Volunteer  Battalion 
H  ighland  Light  Infantry, 
b.  2nd  December,  1847. 

(2)  Charles,  b.  21th  Jime, 

(3)  WUliam,  b.  5th  Janu- 
ary, 1857. 

(4)  Thomas  Barton,  Cap- 
tain, late  R.E.,  b.  27th 
May,  1858. 

(1)  Catherine. 

(2)  Caroline. 

(3)  Maria. 

(4)  Alice  Emily. 

1.  Lvdia  Cecilia,  d.  let  Novem- 
ber, 1835. 

2.  Charlotte,  m.  Augustus 
Frederick  Wtnnb,  and  d. 
1859,  leaving  issue. 

3.  Caroline,  m.  May,  1845,  Rev. 
John  Rogeraon  Cottbb,  and 
d.  9th  November,  1846. 

Sir  Robert  m.  secondly,  Amelia, 
only  daughter  of  Benjamin 
Spbncbbj  which  lady  d.  11th 
January,  1860.  Sir  Robert  d. 
10th  March,  1849,  and  was  s.  by 
his  eldest  son. 
II.  Bernard,  collector  of  Cork,  m. 
Jane,  daughter  of  Michael  Wkst- 
ROPP,  and  had,  with  two  daugh- 
ters (Cornelis,  m.  first,  Henry 
Maguibb,  of  Sunday's  Well,  co. 
Cork  ;  m.  secondly,  John  William 
Andbbson;  Jane  Bernard,  m. 
Thomas  Hackett,  of  Moor  Park, 
King's  Co.),  four  sons, 
1.  Bernard     Robert,    m.    first, 



1822,   Rebecca,   daughter  of 
Edward  Hoare    Rebyes,   of 
Balljglissane ;  and  secondly, 
1862,     Elisa,    daughter    of 
Major  James  Finucane,  and 
d.  1880,  leaving  by  his  first 
wife,     four    daughters    [(1) 
Dora,  m.  1855,  WUliam  James 
Glasgow,  of  Oldcourt;    (2) 
Cordelia,  m.   1864,    Edward 
HoABE,   of  GHenanore  ;    (3) 
Jane«  m.  Abraham  Chattee- 
TON,     Dublin  ;    (4)    Maria] 
and  four  sons, 
Bernard   Robert,    Captain 
86th  Regiment,  m.    Ka- 
therine  Malvinia,  daugh- 
ter of  James  Rob,  M.P., 
and  d.  1860,  leaving  one 
son,  Bernard  Robert,  h. 
Edward  Francis  (Rev.),  m. 
Mary   Elizabeth   Moore, 
daughter     of      Captain 
John         Villicrs        St. 
George,  and  has  issue. 
Eyre  Massey  (Sir),  K.C.B., 
captain,  I).L.,  late  chief 
officer  Metropolitan  Fire 
Brigade,     London,      m. 
1855,  Anna,  daughter  of 
Senor  Murto  Dove,   of 
Lisbon  and  Fuzeta,  in  Al^ 
garve,  and  has  issue,  Mas- 
sey,  R.N.,  in  service  of 
King  of  the  Belgians,  b, 
12th  December,    1856  ; 
Bernard  Tidal,  late  cap- 
tainRoyal  Tower  Han  •  lets 
regiment,   late  Contmis- 
sioner  of  Police,   Cape- 
town, and  now    Immi- 
gration   Agent,    Biitish 
Guiana,  h.  21st  October, 
1857;    Clarina,   h.    34th 
December,   1860;    Cecil 
O'Brien,  h.  9th  Septem- 
ber,  1862;    Anna;    and 
Zarita  de  Gattinara,  m. 
3rd    May,    1890,    Cecil 
Henry  Arthur  Lb  Bas, 
son  of  Rev.  H.   V.  Le 
Bas,    preacher     of     the 
Frederick,  R,N.,  rf.  unm. 

2.  Robert. 

3.  George. 

4.  Henry. 

III.  Ponsonby,  a  banker  in  Dublin  ; 
m.  Alice,  daughter  of  Joseph 
Eadb,  of  Stoke  Newiugton,  and 
had  issue, 

1.  Ponsonby,  lieutenant-colonel 
Madras  army,  m.  first, 
Frances,  daughter  of  Wil- 
liam Dablet,  and  secondly, 
Maria,  only  daughter  of 
Shapland  SwiNT,and  d.  11th 
September,  1880,  aged  71, 
leaving  issue, 

2.  Henry,  wi.  Mins, 
voungest  daughter  of  bir 
William  MacMahox, 

1.  Matilda,  d.  unm. 

2.  Ahce,  fit.  to  Henry 

IT.  Thomas,  Captain  25th  Light 

V.  John,  m.  Harriott,  daughter  of 
Jonathan  Eade,  and  had  issue. 

I.  Mary,  m.  John  Cathcart  Lees, 
second  son  of  Sir  John  Lees,  Bart., 
abd  had  issue. 

II.  Charlotte,  m.  (as  hisseccnd  wife) 
9th  September,  1814,  Right  Hon. 
Sir  William  M'Mahon,  Bart.,  and 
had  with  other  issue  {see  Bubee's 
Peerage  and  Baronetage)  a  son, 
Sir  John  MacMahon,  late  captain 
leth  Hussars,  h.  10th  July,  1824, 
emigrated  to  Australia,  and  was 
Speaker  of  the  Legislative  Assem- 
bly of  Victoria,  and  d.  unm.  in 
September,  1891. 

Mr.  Robert  Shaw  (jun.),  m.  secondly, 
Priscllla  Cecilia,  daughter  of  Colonel 
ABmitAGB,  of  Ross,  Herefordshire,  and 
d.  2nd  July,  1796.  having  by  her  (who 
m.  secondly,  Hugh  Moobe,  of  Eglan- 
tine, CO.  Down)  had  issue, 

VI.  George,  w.  Maria,  daughter  of 
William  Chippendale. 

VII.  Lees,  m.  Caroline,  daughter  of 
W  illiam  Chippendale. 

III.  Caroline,  m.  Sir  James  Caleb 
Andebson,  Bart.,  and  d.  24th 
December,  1859,  at  St.  Aubyn- 
sur-Mer,  France. 

IV.  Sylvia,  m.  Mon.  Vibnnot,  an 
officer  in  the  French  army. 

The  eldest  son  of  Robert  Shaw  (sen.)   and 
Mary  Markham, 

William  Shaw,  h.  20th  August,  1738 ;  m. 
a  daughter  of  the  Rev.  Mr.  English,  rector 
of  Thomas  Town,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Robert,  left  an  only  son  William,  who 
d.  unm. 

II.  William,  d.  unm. 

III.  Bebnabd,  of  whom  we  treat. 

I.  Mary,  m.  Captain  Chbistian,  R.N. 

II.  Catherine,  m.  Johnson  Petebib. 

III.  Charlotte,  m.  Rev.  George  Cabb. 
The  third  son, 

Bebnabd  Shaw,  of  Dublin,  h.  1773;  hi. 
1st  April,  1802,  Frances,  daughter  of  the  Rev. 
Edward  Cabb,  and  d.  3rd  February,  18^6, 
having  by  her  (who  d.  9th  May,.  1871)  had 

I.  William  Bernard,  ft.  12th  January, 
1811 ;  WI.  Caroline,  daughter  of  Charles 
PrTiAND,  and  d.  s.  p.  7th  January, 

II.  Edwabd  Cabb,  ot  whom  we  treat. 

III.  George  Carr,  b.  20th  December, 
1814 ;  m.  Lucinda  Elisabeth,  daugh- 
ter of  Walter  Gubley,  and  d.  lyth 
April,  1885. 

IV.  Robert,  b.  24th  April,  1816;  f». 
Mary,  daughter  of  C.  Macdebkot. 



II.  James  Fenton,  b.  30th  August,  1888  ; 
m.  first,  27th  August,  1869,  Catherine 
GLA.88FOBD,  and  bj  her  had  issue, 

1.  Margaret  Berjl  Fenton,  b.  19th 
July,  1872. 

2.  Anne  Fenton,  b.  20th  February, 

Mr.  J.  F.  Shaw  m.  secondly  17th  April, 
1879,  Elisabeth  Bbaim,  but  by  her 
had  no  issue.     He  d.  4th  May,  1882. 

III.  Frederick,  of  Red  Banks,  Glamor- 
gan, Tasmania,  J.P.  b.  28th  August, 
1847 ;  m.  21st  July,  1875,  Jane,  daugh- 
ter of  Thomas  Habbottlb,  of  Hoburt, 
and  has  issue, 

1.  Edward  Bernard,  1  twins,  ft.lSth 

2.  FroderickCharles,  J  June,  1880. 

3.  Thomas  HarbotUe,  b.  16th  Mart;h, 

1.  Mary  Emma,  b.  22nd  May,  1876. 

2.  Amy  Frances  M  artha,  b,  1 9th  May, 

ty.  Robert,  b,  18th  May,  1853 ;  m.  12th 
August,  1876,  Margaret  Eliaabeth 
Bbgant,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Bernard,  b.  12th  October,  1880. 

2.  James,  b.  1881. 

1.  Maud  Henrietta    Carr,   b.   15th 
March,  1878. 

2.  Martha    Edna     Forest,    b.    8th 
October,  1879. 

I.  Martha  Coates,  b.  22nd  June,  1848  ; 
m.  27th  June,  1870,  Hon.  William 
John  Ltnb,  of  Sydney,  New  South 
Wales,  member  of  the  ExecutiTe 
Council  and  of  the  House  of  Assem- 
bly, New  South  Wales,  eldest  son  of 
John  Ltnb,  of  Gala,  Cranbrook,  Tas- 
mania, J.P.,  member  of  Parliament, 
and  warden  of  Glamorgan,  'Ja^mania 
{see  Ltnb  of  Oala^  toI.  i,  p.  262),  and 
has  issue, 

1.  Jolm,  b.  12th  December,  1877. 

1.  AnneFenton,ft.l6thOctober,187l. 

2.  Lilias  Cross  Carmichael  Hume,  b, 
18th  November,  1873. 

8.  Victoria  Emma  Shaw,  b.  24th 
May,  1879. 
Mr.  Edward  Carr  Shaw  m.  secondly,  Emma 
Goodall,  daughter  of  Edward  Cope,  of 
Birmingham,  England,  and  by  her  (who  d, 
17th  March,  1882)  left,  at  his  decease,  16th 
December,  1885,  further  issue,  a  daughter. 

II.  Amy  Cecilia. 

Arme— {Granted  to  the  deeeendante  of  Robert  Shaw,  father  of  Sir  Robert  Shaw,  first 
Bart.)     Or  on  a  chev.  engr.  between  three  eagles  dispL  sa.  as  many  trefoils  slipped  of  the  field. 

Crest — A  hind's  head  couped  az.  the  neck  transpierced  by  an  arrow  in  bend  orfiighted 

Motto — Teipsnm  nosve. 

Residence — Terenure,  Hobart,  Tasmania. 

T.  Henry,  h.  20th  April,  1819 ;  m.  first, 
Martha,  daughter  of  Rev.  James 
CoGKAiNB,  and  secondly,  Eliza,  daugh- 
ter of  Robert  Macxitllbv,  and  d.  20th 
January,  1884. 

Ti.  Walter  Stephens,  b.  15th  November, 
1822,  emigrated  to  Australia  in  1852, 
and  entered  the  service  of  the  colony 
of  Victoria,  m.  Anna  Charlotte,  daugh- 
ter of  William  Hatbs,  and  d.  in 
Melbourne,  30th  July,  1885,  leaving 
issue  (all  resident  in  Australia),  six 
sons  and  one  daughter, 

1.  Olrick. 

2.  Edward. 

3.  Charies  M*Mahon. 

4.  Walter. 

5.  Stanley  Lowe. 

6.  Bernard  Cksil. 
1.  Carina. 

Tii.  Richard  Frederick,  b.  24th  January, 
1824  ;  M.  Georgina  Louisa,  daughter 
of  George  Watbbs. 

I.  Cecilia,  b.  6th  November,  1805  (living 

II.  Frances,  b.  10th  February,  1807 ;  m. 
Arthur  Gbbbnb,  and  d.  13th  Decem- 
ber. 1872. 

III.  Charlotte  Jane,  b.  6th  January, 
1809,  fn.  Charles  Bolton  Johxstok, 
and  d.  1892. 

IT.  Emily,  b.  30th  Aueiist,  1821  ;  m. 
Rey.  William  George  Cabboll. 

The  second  son, 

Edwabd  Cabb  Shaw,  formerly  of  Teren- 
ure, oo.  Dublin,  Ireland,  and  afterwards  of 
Red  Banks,  Glamorgan,  Tasmania,  J.P.  for 
the  territory,  coroner  and  chairman  of 
Quarter  Seeeions,  b.  6th  May,  1813 ;  emigrated 
to  West  Australia  and  subsequently  to  Tas- 
mania in  1830,  where  he  acquired  lands  by 
purchase  from  the  crown  in  the  counties  of 
Glamorgan  and  Devon.  The  ship  '*  Rocking- 
ham "  in  which  he  sailed  from  London  went 
ashore  on  the  coast  of  West  Australia  at  the 
spot  where  the  town  of  that  name  now  stands, 
the  first  rude  habitations  being  built  from  the 
wreckage.  Hem. first 22nd December,  1836, in 
Hobart,  Tasmania,  Anne,  daughter  of  James 
Fbktox,  of  Dunlavin,  co.  Wicklow,  Ireland, 
and  by  her  (who  d.  llth  March,  1856)  had 

I.  Bbbitabd,  now  of  Terenure,  Hobart, 
the  subject  of  this  memoir. 




(Cambridge),  of  Bishopscourt,  Hobart,  Tasmania,  Bishop  of  Tasmania, 
and  a  member  of  the  council  of  the  University  of  Tasmania,  b.  3rd  October, 
1847;  w.  28th  July,  1881,  Maud,  third  daughter  of  the  Ven.  Frederick 
William  Farrar,  D.D.,  F.R.S.,  archdeacon  of  Westminster,  and  chaplain  in 
ordinary  to  the  Queen,  and  has  surviving  issue, 

I.  Harold  Robert,  h.  8th  May,  1884. 

II.  Donald  Stanley,  h.  2nd  May,  188G. 

III.  Bernard  Law,  b.  17th  November,  1887. 
I.  Una,  b.  12bh  May,  1889. 

His  lordship  was  educated  at  Harrow,  and  at  Trinity  College,  Cambridge, 
where  he  grain  at  ?d  B.A.  in  1870,  and  M..\..  in  1873  ;  ordained  deacon  in  1871, 
priest  in  1872  ;  was  curate  of  Hurstpierpoint,  co.  Sussex,  from  1871  to  1874 
of  Christ  Chnrch,  Souihwark,  co.  Surrey,  from  1874  to  1870,  and  of  St. 
Margaret's,  Westminster,  co.  Middlesex,  from  1876  to  1879  ;  was  vicar  of  St. 
Mark's  and  rural  dean  of  Kennington,  co.  Surrey,  and  examining  chaplain  to 
the  Bishop  of  Rochester  from  1879  to  1889,  in  which  year  he  was  appointed 
Bishop  of  Tasmania. 


This  family  held  lands  in  Killaghter,  under 
tlie  Bishops  of  Raplioe,  co.  Donegal,  Ireland, 
early  in  the  17th  century,  but  Crom well's 
Boldiers  burnt  all  ivills  and  leases  in  the 
diocesan  registry,  and  documentary  evidence 
does  not  extend  farther  back  than  about  the 
year  1700,  when  Catherine  Montgomery 
owned  these  lands,  which  are  now  in  the 
possession  of  the  Right  ReT.  Bishop  Mont- 
gomery as  head  of  the  family. 
.  John  MoNTaoMBKr,  of  Killaghter,  said  to 
be  of  the  Lainshaw  family,  d.  after  1722,  and 
was  father  of 

David  Montoomset,  of  Killaghter  (will 
dated  20th  April,  1732),  who  m.  Mary,  sist«r 
of  Rev.  Samuel  Law,  of  Cumber,  co.  Derry, 
Olid  had  issue,  five  sons  and  one  daughter, 

I.  Jamb^,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Samubl,  who  s.  his  brotlicr. 

III.  John. 

IV.  Michael. 

V.  Alexander. 

I.  Sarah,  m.  —  Cbawfobd. 
The  eldest  son, 

Jambs  Montoomert,  d.  unm.  1st  July, 
I7fi8,  and  was  *.  by  his  brother, 

Samuel  Montoombby,  who  was  a  merchant 
in  Londonderry  and  Chamberlain  of  the  city. 
Ife  m.  Anno,  daughter  of  Marino  Poetbr, 
Surveyor  of  Qreencastle  (by  Mary  Cabt  his 
wife,  who  with  her  husband  is  buried  at 
Moville),  and  had  issue  four  sons  and  four 
daughters,  all  of  whom  died  young  except 
Anne,  who  m.  Arthur  NEWBURaH,  and 
Samuel  Law,  the  youngest  son,  of  whom 
presently.    Mr.  Samuel  Montgomery  acquired 

bj  purchase  tli©  estate  of  "  Ballynilly "  on 
wiiich  the  town  of  Moville  is  now  built,  and 
d,  20th  August,  ]  803  (buried  at  Londonderry), 
and  was  t.  by  his  only  surviving  son. 

Rev.  Samuel  Law  Mo3(tgomebt,  rector 
of  Lech  Patrick  and  Moville,  co.  Donegal, 
and  Vicar-aeneral  of  Derry,  LL.B.  (T.C.D., 
,1801),  m.  Susan  Maria,  daughter  of  James 
McClintock,  of  Trintaugh,  and  widow  of  the 
Rev.  Monsey  Albxandbs,  and  d,  in  1832. 
His  second  son, 

Sir  Robert  Montgomery,  G.CS.L  (1866) 
K.O.B.  (1859),  LL.D.,  of  Newpark,  Morille, 
CO.  Donegal,  and  of  7,  Cornwall  G-ardens, 
Queen's  Gate,  London,  a  member  of  the  Coun- 
cil of  India,  and  Lieutenant-Governor  of  the 
Punjaub  from  1869  to  1865,  was  h.  1809 ;  m. 
firer,  1834,  Frances  Mary  {d.  18*2),  daugh- 
ter of  the  Rev.  James  Thomason;  and 
secondly,  2nd  May,  1845,  Ellen  Jane,  second 
drtujrhter  of  William  Lambert,  B.C.S.  {d. 
1860),  Woodmanstone,  co.  Surrey,  by  Mary 
Anne,  his  wife  (who  d.  3874),  and  by  her 
(who  now  resides  at  5,  Rosary  Ghirdens,  South 
Kensington,  London)  had  issue, 

I.  Arthur  Samuel  Law,  d.  unm,  1865. 

II.  Henry  Hutchinson  (Right  Rev.), 
D.D.,  M.A.,  Bishop  of  Taamania,  the 
subject  of  this  memoir. 

III.  James  Alexander  Lawrence,  Major 
Bengal  Staff  Corps;  m.  first,  Jessie 
Alice,  second  daughter  of  Sir  Thomas 
Douglas  FoESYTH,  K.C.S.I.,  C.B., 
Commissioner  of  the  Fyzabad  Division, 
Bengal,  by  whom  he  has  iosue,  two 



1.  Belen    Violet,  b.  4th    October, 

2.  Winifred  Ethel,  b.  23rd  April, 

He  m.  secoudly,  Kate,  eldest  daughter 
of  Colonel  Milxab,  and  by  her  has 
issue,  one  son  and  two  daughters, 
1.  Alan  Douglas,  b.  28th  October, 

8.  Muriel    Frances,   b,  4th    April, 


4.  Lucy  Marguerite,  b.  23rd  July, 


IT.  Ferguson    John     (Rev.),    B.A.,    of 

Sialkote,   Punjab,   Indi^.,   goyemment 

chaplain   in   the    diocese   of    Lahore, 

Bishop's  Waltham,  Hants,  b.  I7th  July, 
1852;  m.  26th  June,  187^,  Edith 
Eimina,  youngest  daughter  of  Henry 
Thomas  Raises,  of  the  Bengal  Civil 
Service,  and  has  issue  two  sons  and  one 

1.  Hugh    Ferguson,   b.    8th    May, 

2.  Neville,  b.  8th  August,  1885. 

1.  Hilda  Pauline,  b.  25th  January, 
I.  Lucy,  m.  Rer.  Roger  William  Ham- 
mond Dalisox,  M.A.,  of  Stone,  Dart: 
ford,  CO.  Kent. 

Sir  Robert  Montgomery  d.  28th  December, 

Punjab,  formerly  curate  of  Swanmore, 

Arms  of  the  See  of  Tasmania  (granted  14th  September,  1842) — Az.,  a  crosier  in  bend 
dexter,  sarmounting  a  key  in  bend  sinister  or,  between  four  stars  of  eight  points  arg.,  (the 
stars  representing  the  principal  constellation  of  the  southern  hemisphere,  called  the  Crux 

Residences — Bishopscourt,  Hobart,  Tasmania;  Newpark,  Moville,  co.  Donegal,  Ireland. 

Clubs — Tasmanian,  in  Hobart ;  and  Athensuni,  in  London. 


aEORGE  WRIGHT  HAWKES,  of  Boskenna,  North  Adelaide,  South 
Australia,  J.P.,  and  member  of  the  Destitute  Board,  h.  16th  September, 
1821 ;  m.  first,  1854,  Edith  Jane  Stewart,  only  child  of  John  Bayley,  an  officer 
in  the  72nd  Highlanders  (by  Eleanora  his  wife,  daughter  of  William  Goodall, 
and  widow  of  George  Farr,  of  London,  father  of  the  Ven.  George  Henry 
Fare,  M.A.,  LL.D.,  archdeacon  of  Mount  Gambier,  and  canon  of  Adelaide 
{see  that  family),  grandson  of  Isaac  Bayley,  of  Market  Harborough,  co. 
Leicester,  w^ho  was  uncle  of  the  Right  Hon.  Sir  John  Bayley,  Bart.,  a  baron 
of  the  exchequer  {see  Burke's  Peerage)  ;  and  secondly,  1883,  Jane,  second 
daughter  of  James  Burdett  Leach,  of  Croix,  Lille,  noHh  of  France,  but  has 
no  issue.  Mr.  Hawkes  left  England  in  October,  1839,  for  New  South  Wales, 
having  been  educated  for  the  Navy  ;  but  ho  did  not  enter  the  service,  and 
became  at  the  age  of  21  accountant  at  the  Bank  of  Australia,  Sydney.  He  has 
been  in  the  Civil  Service  of  South  Australia  for  thirty  years,  having  been 
assistant  treasurer  to  the  late  Sir  Robert  Torrens,  with  charge  of  the 
department,  afterwards  police  magistrate  of  Port  Adelaide,  and  a  member  of 
the  marine  board,  finally  taking  a  circuit  of  nine  courts  in  the  country  as 
presiding  magistrate. 


Abiathab  Hawkes,  of  Dudley,  co.  Staf- 
ford, J.P.,  a  large  colliery  owner,  m.  the 
daughter  of  Dr.  Wbiqht,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Abiathas,  of  "whom  presently. 

II.  Thomaa,  of  Hemley,co.  Stafford,  M.P. 
for  Dudley,  oo.  Stafford,  and  high 
sheriff  of  Worcestershire  in  1811,  m. 
1814,  Alice  Hannah,  daughter  and 
heiress  of  John  BLACKBrsNB,  of 
Hawford  House,  near  Worcester, 
mayor  of  Liverpool  in  1788,  by  Mary, 

his  first  wife,  daughter  of  Jonathan 
Blvndbll,  of  Liverpool,  and  had  issue, 
three  sons  and  four  daughters,  of 
whom  the  third,  Eleanor  Louisa,  m. 
first,  17th  December,  1843,  the  Hon. 
Humble  Dudley  Ward,  second  son  of 
William  Humble,  tenth  Baron  Ward, 
and  brother  of  William,  first  Earl  of 
Dudley,  and  by  him,  who  d.  14th 
December,  1870,  had  issue  {»ee 
Bi'RKe's  Peerage,  Dudiey,  E.).    She 



m.  secondly,  13th  April,  1872,  John 
Gerard  Leigh,  of  Luton  Hoo,  Bed- 
fordshire, who  d.  g.  p.  1875.  She  m. 
thirdly,  1888,  M.  DB  Falbb,  Danish 
Ambassador  to  the  Court  of  St.  Jauies. 
She  *.  to  Luton  Hoo  on  the  death  of 
her  second  husband. 
III.  G-eorge,  emigrated  to  America,  and 
m.  a  daughter  of  Judge  Lawkencb, 
of  New  York,  by  whom  he  had  a  son, 
Wootton,  of  the  city  of  New  York, 
advocate.  She  m.  secondly,  Colonel 
David  Bolton,  R.E. 
The  eldest  son, 

Major  Abiathau  Hawkeb,  of  Kingswin- 
ford,  near  Dudley,  co.  Stafford,  J.P.,  formerly 
of  H.M.  21st  Light  Dragoons,  m.  1809,  Msry 
Anne,  eldest  daughter  of  William  Bobba- 
SAILB,  of  Streatham  Park,  co.  Surrey,  some- 
time high  sheriff  for  that  co.  She  d.  in 
London,  1858,  aged  70.  He  also  d.  in 
London.  1863,  aged  74,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Abiathar  (Rev.),  M.A.  (Oxon),  rector 
of  Rash  ton,  Kettering,  co.  North- 
ampton, and  domestic  chaplain  to  the 
Earl  of  Essex,  b.  1813 ;  m.  10th  May, 
1854,  Isabelle,  youngest  daughter  of 
the  Hon  and  Rev.  "William  Robert 
Capell,  M.A.,  chaplain  to  the  Queen, 
rector  of  Raine,  Essex,  and  vicar  of 
Watford,  Herts,  son  of  William 
Anne,  fourth  Earl  of  Essex  (see 
Burke's  Peerage), 

II.  Roger,  in  the  army,  m.  the  daught-er 
of  Colonel  Petlby,  and  d.  in  the  East 
Indies,  having  survived  his  wife. 

III.  Geoik^b  W  eight,  now  of  Adelaide, 
the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

IV.  William,  in  the  army,  d.  young  and 
unm.  in  the  West  Indies. 

V.  Alfred,  in  the  Gheneral  Post  Office, 
London,  deceased. 

VI.  Charles,  d.  in  infancy. 

I.  Mary  Anne,  d.  in  infancy  at  the 
Cape  of  Good  Hope. 

II.  Maria,  m.  Osborne  Bakbb,  of  Staf- 

III.  Anne  de  la  Pierre,  m.  21st  Novem- 
ber, 1846,  Miles  Gerald  Kbon.  of 
Keon  Brooke,  co.  Leitrim,  Ireland, 
only  son  of  Miles  Keon,  of  Keon 
Brooke,  by  Mary  Jane  his  wife,  fifth 
daughter  of  Patrick  Awly  Maoawly, 
of  Frankford,  King's  co,,  Ireland,  a 
count  of  the  Holy  Roman  Empire  (tee 
BuftKB's  Feerage,  under  Foreign 
Titles  of  Nobility,  Magawly-Cebati 
DE  Cat  by). 

IV.  Emma,  d.  young. 

V.  Augusta,  d.  young, 
vr.  Eliza  Borradaile. 

VII.  Fanny,  m.  J.  Downes,  C.E.,  and 
d.  leaving  issue,  one  son  and  one 

VIII.  Isabelle,  m,  R,  Case,  surveyor. 

Residence — Boskenno,  Kprtli  Adelaide,  South  Australia, 


THE  HON.  SIR  CHARLES  GAVAN  DUFFY,  K.C.M.G..  late  Premier 
of  Victoria,  h.  in  Monaghan,  1816;  m,  first,  1842,  Emily,  daughter  of  the 
late  Francis  McLauglin,  of  Belfast,  and  Frances  Macdermott,  his  wife  (of  the 
Coolavin  family)  ;  she  d,  1845 ;  he  m.  secondly,  184.6,  Susan,  daughter  cf  Philip 
Hughes,  of  Newry;  which  lady  d,  in  September,  1878;  he  ?n..  thirdly,  16th 
November,  1881,  Louise,  daaghter  of  George  Hall,  of  Rockferry,- Cheshire; 
she  d,  17th  February,  1889.     Sir  Charles  has  issue, 

I.  John  Gavan  (Hon.),  of  Vilette,  Hothan  Street,  St.  Kilda  {Clubs — 
Australian  and  Yorick),  M.L.A.  for  Dalhousie  since  1874,  was 
minister  of  lauds,  attorney-general  and  postmaster-general  in 
vanous  governments,  and  has  been  again  postmaster-general  since 
1894,  in  the  Turner  Administration.  He  was  6.  in  Dublin  15th 
October,  1844,  was  educated  at  Stonyhurst  College,  Englaud,  and  at 
the  University  of  Melbourne,  where  he  took  the  Vice-Chancellor's 
prize.  He  is  a  practising  solicitor  in  Melbourne.  He  m.  20th 
January,  1874,  Margaret,  daughter  of  the  late  John  B.  Callan,  M.D., 
and  has  issue, 

1.  Charles  Dearmaid,  h.  15th  June,  1886. 

2.  John  Leo,  h.  27th  March,  1889. 
1.  Margaret  (Margot). 


11.  Frank  GavaD,  h.  in  Febmarj,  1852,  a  successf al  barrister,  and  one  of 
the  leaders  of  the  Nisi  Prias  Bar,  educated  at  Stonjhargt,  and  the 
University  of  Melboame,  of  which  he  is  a  prizeman.  He  m.  1880, 
Ellen  Mary,  daughter  of  the  late  John  Torr,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Charles. 

2.  Guy. 

3.  Brendan. 

4.  Gerald. 

5.  Desmond. 

6.  John. 
1.  Mary, 

Id.  Charles  Gavan,  clerk  assistant  of  Parliament,  m.  at  St.  Maiy's,  Maffra, 
Gippsland,  18th  April,  1893,  Ella,  daughter  of  the  Hon.  Allan 
McLean,  of  Dnart,  Maffi*a,  Gippsland,  formerly  chief  secretary  in  the 
Shiels  Administration. 

IV.  Philip  Gavan,  h.  10th   December,   1861,  educated   at   St.    Patrick's 

College,  Melbourne,   an   engineer   in  the  service  of  the  colony   of 
Victoria.       He  m.   in   December,    1892,    Grace,    only  daughter  of 
William  Henry  Archer,  formerly  Registrar- General  of  the  colony 
of  Victoria,  and  has  issue, 

V.  George. 

VI.  Bryan. 

VII.  Thomas. 
1.  Susan. 

ii.  Harriet. 

in.  Geraldine, 

iv.  Louise, 
Charles  Gavan  Puffy  was  educated  at  the  Rev.  John  Bleekly's  school  in 
Monaghan,  and  made  his  mark  early  in  life  as  a  journalist,  whilst  still  a  law 
student  at  King's  Inn,  Dublin.  In  1836  he  was  sub- editor  of  the  Morning 
Register,  published  in  that  city,  and  contributed  articles  for  the  London 
newspapers.  In  1839,  he  became  editor  and  proprietor  of  the  Belfast 
Vindicator^  and  in  1842  established,  with  the  co-operation  of  Thomas  Davis 
and  John  fi.  Dillon,  the  Naiion,  a  journal  that  was  soon  to  become  by  the 
brilliant  talents  of  its  founders,  an  organ  of  vast  influence  and  power  not  only 
in  Ireland,  but  also  in  Europe  and  America.  In  1844,  O'Connell  and  the 
other  leaders  of  the  Bepeal  party,  including  Mr.  Gavan  Duffy,  were  tried, 
convicted,  and  imprisoned  for  a  conspiracy  to  overthi'ow  the  British  authority 
in  Ireland.  The  House  of  Lords  however  reversed  the  decision,  and  the 
prisoners  returned  to  their  homes  amid  a  scene  of  extraordinary  enthusiasm. 
In  1845  Mr.  Gavan  Duffy  was  called  to  the  bar,  but  did  not  practise.  In  1846, 
owing  to  the  differences  with  O'ConneU,  Mr.  Gavan  Duffy  and  his  friends, 
now  called  the  "  Young  Ireland  "  party,  established  the  Irish  Confederation, 
seceding  fi*om  the  Eepeal  Association.  After  the  famine  of  1847,  he  was 
imprisoned  with  many  others  of  the  young  leaders  and  tried  for  treason 
felony,  but  though  four  times  arraigned,  no  jury  could  be  found  to  convict. 
On  his  release  from  prison  he  i-evived,  in  1852,  the  Nation^  and  founded  the 


Tenant  Leagne,  "which  succeeded  in  returning  in  that  year  fiftj  members  to 
Parliament,  in  consequence  of  the  political  union  of  the  Presbyterians  of  the 
North,  and  the  Catholics  of  the  South.  Mr.  Duffy  was  elected  for  New  Ross 
in  1852  ;  and  in  concert  with  Frederick  Lucas,  and  Grorge  Henry  Moore, 
founded  the  first  independent  Irish  Party  in  the  House  of  Commons.  He 
resigned  in  1865,  owing  to  the  numerous  secessions  in  his  party.  In  November 
of  that  year,  he  sailed  for  Australia,  where  he  was  received  with  unbounded 
enthusiasm.  The  colonies  of  New  South  Wales  and  Victoria,  where  he  settled, 
joined  in  purchasing  for  him  a  freehold  for  £5,000,  which  qualified  him  for  a 
seat  in  either  hoase  of  the  Legislature.  He  was  elected  to  the  first  Victorian 
Parliament  for  the  counties  of  Villiers  and  Heytesbury.  In  the  first  session 
he  was  chairman  of  a  select  committee  on  the  federal  union  of  the  colonies 
and  subsequently  passed,  in  opposition  to  the  Government,  the  first  Act  of 
Parliament  of  Victoria,  which  abolished  the  property  qualiGcation.  In  March, 
1857,  he  became  minister  of  public  works,  and  the  chairman  of  the  central 
road  board  in  the  first  responsible  government,  and  in  1858,  minister  of 
public  lands,  but  resigned  next  year.  In  1861,  he  resumed  office  as  president 
of  the  board  of  lands  and  works,  and  the  next  year  passed  the  well-known 
Land  Act,  which  was  however  violated  by  many  of  those  whom  it  was  framed 
to  benefit.  Mr.  Duffy  revisited  Europe  for  a  year  or  so  in  1865,  and  on  his 
return  to  Australia  in  1867,  was  immediately  elected  for  Dalhousie,  and  took 
a  leading  part  in  the  Darling  Grant  controversy.  He  was  a  chairman  of  a 
Royal  Commission  on  the  payment  of  members,  and  of  one  concerning  the 
federation  of  the  Australian  colonies.  In  1871  Mr.  Duffy  became  Premier, 
having  declined  to  form  an  administration  in  1869.  His  government  threw 
open  the  colony  for  selection  by  abolishing  the  reserves,  made  in  favour  of 
pastoral  tenants,  and  the  tariff  was  made  more  protective.  He  gained  an 
important  victory  in  a  controversy  on  the  border  duties  with  the  government 
of  New  South  Wales.  In  1872  Mr.  Duffy  "was  chairman  of  a  conference  of 
Cabinet  Ministers  from  all  the  Australian  colonies,  to  press  on  the  Imperial 
Government  the  repeal  of  the  law  affecting  inter-colonial  legislation  on  fiscal 
subjects,  which  was  eventually  successful  in  its  object.  Mr.  Duffy  resigned 
the  premiership  in  June,  18^2,  in  consequence  of  an  adverse  vote.  He  was 
offered  the  companionship  of  St.  Michael  and  St.  George,  but  declined  that 
honour,  and  was  created  a  knight  by  patent  in  1873.  Sir  Charles  went  home 
to  Ireland  in  the  following  year,  and  was  invited  to  re-enter  the  House  of 
Commons,  but  not  approving  of  the  eapisting  policy  of  the  Irish  party,  he  did 
not  stand  for  election.  He  returned  to  Australia  in  1875,  and  was  elected  by 
the  important  constituency  of  North  Gippsland,  and  on  the  meeting  of 
Parliament  was'  unanimously  chosen  Speaker  of  the  Legislative  Assembly, 
and  continued  in  that  office  till  February,  1880.  He  was  created  a  K.C.M.G. 
in  1877,  and  returned  to  Europe  in  1880.  He  published  Young  Ireland  in  that 
year,  and  its  sequel  Four  Years  of  h  ish  History  in  1 883,  and  the  League  of 
North  and  South  in  1886,  and  subsequently  Thomas  Daiisy  the  Memoirs  of  an 
Irish  Patriot,  and  Conversations  tvith  Carlyle.  He  has  since  habitually  con- 
tributed to  the  leading  London  reviews  on  colonial  and  Irish  questions.  He 
is  in  receipt  of  a  pension  of  £1,000  a  year  from  the  colony  of  Victoria.  Sir 
C^harles  was  chairman  of  the  Trustees  of  the  National  Gallery  of  Victoria, 



^here  hia  bnst  has  been  placed  bj  pablic  subscription,  and  is  a  well-known 
patron  of  literature  and  art.  Sir  Charles  has  resided  in  the  soath  of  France 
since  his  retam  to  Europe  in  1860.  He  is  the  son  of  the  late  John  Duffy,  of 
Monaghan,  and  Ann,  his  wife,  daughter  of  Patrick  Gayan,  of  Latnamard. 

£esideHee—Yiii&  Quillorj,  Nice,  Alpe«  Maritimes,  France. 

EGBERT  CASSELS,  Q.C.,  barrister-at-law,  registrar  of  the  Supreme 
Court  of  Canada,  b.  27th  April,  1843,  w.  first,  Mary,  daughter  of  Rev. 
Canon  John  Muloce,  of  Kingston,  Ontario,  and  by  her  has  had,  with  three 
other  children,  who  d.  in  infancy,  a  daughter, 

I.  Mary  Macnab. 
He  m.  secondly,  Emma  Lasher,  daughter  of  J.  A.  Torrance,  and  by  her  has, 

I.  Weatcote  Lewis  Lyttleton,  6.  18th  April,  1888, 

II.  James  Kennedy,  h.  14th  May,  1894. 
II.  Madeleine  Smart,  h,  23rd  May,  I89L 


Jaubs  Cabsillis  or  CissiLLS,  b.  1624,  wm 
%  shipowner  in  Boirowstoness  or  Bo'ness, 
CO.  Linlith^w,  Scotland,  and  m.  Eupham  or 
Euphemia  Cassillis,  and  d,  1690,  having  by 
her  (who  was  b.  1623,  and  d.  1702)  had 
seven  sons,  of  whcna  the  youngest, 

ikKDBSW  Cassilus,  wtts  also  a  shipowner 
and  merchant  at  Bo'ness,  and  cliief  magistrate 
of  that  place,  b.  25th  May,  1668;  m.  4th 
Frhroary,  1696,  Hannah,  daughter  of  John 
Gib,  by  Anna  Siewibt,  his  wife,  and  by  her, 
who  was  b.  5th  March,  1673,  had  with  other 
issue,  an  elder  son, 

Jaubs  Casssls,  also  a  merchant  and 
shipowner  at  Bo'ness,  and  subsequently  of 
Flask,  in  the  same  county,  b.  17th  October, 
16i6;  fli.  first,  6th  March,  1721,  Hannah, 
daughter  of  Bobert  SpnsHs  or  Speabs,  by 
Margaret  Stewart,  his  wife,  and  by  her, 
who  was  b.  6th  December,  1697,  and  d.  5th 
XoTcmber,  1733,  had  umue,  with  three 
daughters,  three  sons,  of  whom  the  eldest 
d.  an  infant,  the  second  d.  unm.,  and  the 
tliird  was  Anpbbw,  of  whom  presently. 
He  ••.  secondlj,  J«an  STByENSON,  and  d.  13th 
March,  1760,  having  by  her,  who  was  b. 
10th  March,  1699,  and  d.  in  Norember, 
1736,  had  further  issue,  one  son  and  three 
daughters.    Tlie  eldest  surviving  son, 

Andbbw  Cassbls,  also  a  merchant  and  ship- 
owner, who  settled  at  Leith,  co.  Edinburgh, 
and  was  chief  magistrate  there  in  1800; 
b.  12th  August,  1731 ;  m.  first,  9th  February, 
1761,  Maf^^aret,  daughter  of  John  Bitghib, 
of  Bo'ness,  and  by  her  mho  was  6.  27th  July, 
1742,  and  d.  23rd  August,  1764,  had  two  sons 
and  one  daughter.  He  m.  secondly,  28th 
January,  1767,  Anne,  daughter  and  heiress 
of  Walter  Gibson,  of  Green  Knowe,  co. 
fe'drling,    by    Jean    Bbowx,  his    mife,  and 

TOL.  11. 

grand-daughter  of  Dr.  John  Gibson,  of 
Green  Knowe,  and  Catherine,  bis  wife, 
daughter  of  George  Homb,  laird  of  Bassen- 
dean,  of  the  family  of  the  £arls  of  Home. 
Andrew  Gassels,  d.  27th  May,  1814,  having  by 
his  second  wife,  who  was  b  II th  May,  174 L, 
and  d.  Mth  June,  1811,  had  issue, 

I.  Walter,  b  1767,  d.  an  infant. 

II.  Andrew,  b.  1770,  Judge  of  the 
Admiralty  Court  at  the  Cape  of 
Good  Hope,  d.  #.  p.  1809. 

III.  Waltbk  Gibson,  of  whom  pre. 

ir.  William,  b.  1779,  d.  unm.  1796. 

V.  Robert,   b.   1781,  British   Consul  at 

Honfleur,  France;  m.  Jean,  daughter 

of  John  ScoroALL,  merchant  of  Leith, 

and  d.  1877,  leaving  issue. 
Ti.  Alexander,  b.  1788,  captain  in  the 

H.E.LC.'s  Navy ;  tn.  Jessie  Gbiebson, 

but  d.  s.  p.  1818. 

I.  Jane,  m.  Thomas  Gillbsft,  and  had 

II.  Hannah,  m.  David  BaowN,  and  had 

III.  Anne,  d.  in  infancy. 

IT.  Anne,  «».   Alexander  Howdbn,  and 

had  issue, 
y.  Henrietta,  m.  Thomas  Eat,  merchant, 
of  Antwerp,  Holland,  and  had  issue. 
The  third  son  by  the  second  marriage, 

Waltbb  Gibson  Cassbls,  of  Leith,  banker, 
chief  mckgistrate  of  that  place,  b.  3rd  Novem- 
ber, 1777;  m.  27th  August,  1802,  Jnnet. 
daughter  of  John  Soouoall,  aforesaid,  of 
Leith,  and  d.  1868,  having  by  her,  who  was 
b.  5th  September,  1782,  and  d.  26th  May, 
1865,  had  i  sue, 

I.  Andrew,  m.  Ellen  Jacxson,  but  d.  9.  p, 


2   H 



II.  John  Scougall,  d.  unm.  1848. 

III.  Walter  Gibson,  banker,  of  Toronto 
and  Hamilton,  Ontario,  h.  30th  March, 
1811;  m.  17th  June,  1852,  Adelaide 
Victoria,  daughter  of  Commissary- 
Gonoral  Larratt  Smith,  of  South- 
ampton, England,  and  d.  July,  1890, 
having  by  her,  who  d.  May,  1887,  had 

1.  Walter  Allan,  h.  29th  December, 
]85l»,  d.  unm.  1886. 

2.  Larratt  Godfrey,  of  the  Dominion 
Bank,  Oshawa. 

8.  George  Cyril,  of  the  Bank  of 
Montreal,  New  York,  U.S.A. 

4.  Duncan  Sharman,  of  the  Bank  of 
Hamilton,  Toronto. 

1.  Adelaide,  h.  2nd  June,  1853,  d. 
2nd  December,  1855. 

2.  Adelaide  Isabel,  m.  Walter 
Darling,  son  of  Rev.  William 
Stewart  Dablino,  rector  of  Holy 
Trinity,  Toronto,  and  d.  5th 
December,  1892,  having  by  him, 
who  d.  in  February,  1892,  had 

a.  Walter  Stewart. 

h,  Godfrey. 

c.  Harry  Strachan,  d.  in  infancy. 

a.  Grace  Cassels. 

h.  Olive  Adelaide. 

3.  Mary  Violet,  d,  unm.  2nd  Decem- 
ber, 1893. 

4.  Janet  Scougall. 

5.  Edith. 

6.  Harriet. 

IV.  RoBBBT,  of  whom  we  treat. 

y.  Richard  Scougall,  of  Toronto,  and 
sometime  of  Quebec  and  Ottawa,  went 
to  Canada,  1842,  h.  25th  September, 
1822;  m.  3rd  November,  1851,  Jessie, 
daughter  of  John  Thompson,  of 
Quebec,  and  had  issue, 

1.  Walter  Gibson,  h.  38th  September, 
1852  ;  m.  29th  April,  1891,  Esther 
Eugenie  LowNSBOBOuaH,  and  has 

Esther  Isabel. 

2.  John  Thompson,  b,  20th  July, 

3.  Richard  Scougall,  h.  20th  Sept- 
ember, 1863. 

4.  Robert.,  b.  2nd  September,  1865. 

5.  Andrew  Henry,  b.  October,  1868. 

1.  Isabella,  m.  Bertram  Webbes, 
and  has  issue,  Richard  Scougall, 
nnd  Jessie. 

2.  Jessie,  b.  2nd  May,  1862,  d.  an 

I.  Jane  Todd,  m.  John  AiiAN,  M.D., 

II.  Anne,  b.  17th  July,  1805;  d.  unm. 
24th  December,  1876. 

III.  Janet,  b.  7th  August,  1827 ;  d.  unm. 
3ath  September,  1850. 

IV.  Margaret,  m.  Robert  Stodart  Wyld, 
of  Edinburgh,  and  had  issue. 

The  fourth  son, 

Robert  Cassels,  banker,  successiyely  in 
England,  in  Halifax,  N.S.,  in  Quebec,  in 
Montreal  and  Toronto,  Canada;  Major  of 
Militia  in  Montreal,  1857,  b.  21st  February, 
1815 ;  m.  7th  August,  1838,  Mary  Gibbens  * 
daughter  of  Hon.  James  MAcyAB,ofMacnab's 

•Mrs.  Cassels'  great-grandfather, 

Peteb  Macnab,  was  in  the  Royal  Navy,  and  served  at  the  capture  'of  Louisburgh,  N.S. 
He  settled  in  Halifax  about  1758,  and  purchased  in  I78'i,  Macnab's  Island  in  Halifax 
harbour.  He  was  b.  1735;  m.  2jth  November,  1763,  Susannah  Khun,  of  a  Swiss  family, 
and  d.  3rd  November,  1799,  having  by  her,  who  was  b.  1742,  and  d.  7th  May,  1822,  had  with 
other  issue,  a  son, 

Hon.  Peteb  Macnab,  a  member  of  the  Council  of  XII  for  Nova  Scotia,  and  afterwards  of 
the  Legislative  Council,  b,  about  1767 ;  m.  8th  February,  1781*,  Joanna  Cullbbton,  and  d. 
1  st  June,  1847,  having  by  her,  who  was  b.  1766,  and  d.  20th  May,  1827,  had  with  other 

Lieutenant-Colonel  the  Hon.  Javes  Macnab,  Receiver- General  of  Nova  Scotia,  b.  30th 
November,  1792;  m.  9th  December,  1815,  Harriot,  daughter  of  Henry  King,  and  E»ther 
Waldron,  his  wife,  and  by  her,  who  was  b.  12th  April,  1792,  had  issue, 

I.  Peter,  b.  28th  December,  1817 ;  d.  young. 

II.  John  Henry,  Provincial  A.D.C.  to  Lieutenant-Governor,  b.  15th  November,  1818 
d.  unm.f  28th  June,  1859,  drowned  in  a  yachting  accident  in  Halifax  harbour. 

III.  James,  b.  13th  June,  1827;  m.  Sophia'CoUins,  daughter  of  Snow  Parker  Fbbeman. 

IV.  Peter,  b.  11th  March,  1835  ;  m.  26th  June,  1862,  Elizabeth  Annie,  daughter  of  Rev. 
Anson  Gbeen,  T^.D.  of  Toronto,  and  by  her,  who  d.  1864,  had  an  only  son, 

John  Anson  Stewart,  of  Rochester,  New  York,  counsellor-at-law,  only  living  male 
representative  of  this  family. 

V.  Lewis  Gibbens,  b.  24th  February,  1837 ;  d.  24th  August,  1845. 

I.  Joanna,  m.  Captain  Westcote  Whitchurch  Lewis  Lyttleton,  64th  Regiment,  of  the 
family  of  the  Lyttleton s.  Barons  Cobham. 

II.  Maby  Gibbens,  m.  as  in  the  text,  Robert  Cassels. 

III.  Anne  Hunter,  d.  aged  14. 
I  v.  Louisa,  d.  aged  14. 

V.  Harriot,  m.  Roderick  Huoonin,  Lieutenant  38th  Regiment,  and  has  issue. 
TI.  Sophia  Minns,  d.  young. 



Island,  Halifax,  and  d.  18th  Februanr,  1882, 
haring  by  her  (who  was  h,  29th  October, 

I.  James  Macnab,  M.D.,  b.  2nd  August, 
1880;  m,  20th  October,  1860,  Mary, 
daughter  of  John  Stbano,  of  Quebec, 
and  by  her,  who  d.  2nd  February, 
1888,  has  had  issus, 

1.  Charles  Edmund,  b,  4th  June, 
1862,  d.  1887. 

2.  Bobert. 

1.  Mary  Adelaide  Annie. 

2.  Alice  Margaret. 

n.  Walter  Gibson,  b.  21et  April,  1841 ; 
d.  10th  September,  1843. 

III.  BoBBKT,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

ir.  Walter  Gibson  Pringle,  Q.C.,  of 
Toronto,  barrister-at-)aw,  b,  14th 
August,  1845,  m.  Susan,  daughter  of 
Bobert  Hamilton,  of  Hamwood,  Que- 
bec, and  has  issue, 

1.  Bobert  Cecil  Hamilton,  b.  2nd 
August,  1876. 

2.  George  Hamilton,  b.  17th  July, 

3.  Walter  Craigie  Hamilton,  b.  3rd 
September,  1887;  d.  22nd  Feb- 
ruary, 1892. 

1.  Isabelle  Hamilton,  d.  10th  Janu- 
aiT,  1886. 

2.  Maij  Kathleen  Hamilton. 

3.  Harriet  Frances  Hamilton. 

4.  Susie  Hamilton. 
6.  Jessie  Hamilton. 

T.  Allan,  of  Toronto,  bttrrister-at'law, 
b,  9th  March,  1847 ;  m.  29th  Decern- 
her,  1885,  Maude,  daughter  oi  Hon. 
George  William  Allak,  of  Toronto, 
Senator,  and  has  issue, 
Emmie  k  Court  Allan. 

Ti.  John   Thomson,    sugar   planter,  of 

Arms — Arg.  a  chevron  gu.  between  in  chief 
fessways,  wards  downwards  sa. 
Cref^— A  dolphin  naiant  or. 
Jfo^^o— Ayise  la  fin. 
Mendence — Ottawa,  Canada. 

Ho-ilo,  in  the  Philippine  Islands,  b. 
24th  April,  1849. 
TIi.  Hamilton,  of  Toronto,  bnrrister-at- 
\aw,  b.  2nd  April,  1854;  tn.  18tli  Sept. 
ember,  1879,  Mary  Yarwood,  daughter 
of  William  Willcocks  Baldwin,  and 
has  issue, 

1.  Robert  Baldwin,  b.  4th  February, 

1.  Agatha. 

2.  Ruth,  5.    9th   August,  1882;  d. 
9th  January,  1886. 

3.  Grace,  b.  16th  August,  1884 ;  d. 
15th  July,  1885. 

4.  Margaret. 

6.  Mary  Stuart. 

VIII.  Richard  Scougall,  of  Toronto,  bar-,  Captain  late  48th  High- 
landers, Toronto,  served  in  the 
Queen's  Own  Rifles,  1879-86,  and  was 
present  at  tbe  action  of  Cut- Knife 
(medal  with  clasp),  b.  5th  October, 
1859;  «i.  Cecil,  daughter  of  Walter 
GiLLiBPiB,  of  Toronto,  and  ban  issue, 

1.  Laura  May. 

2.  Helen  Grace. 

3.  Esther  Waldron. 

IX.  Lyttleton,  b.  30th  August,  1865;  d. 

i»  Jessie,  m.  William  Cook,  Q.C,  of 
Quebec,  and  has  had  issue,  1.  John 
Wilson;  2.  William  A irth  ;  3.  Robert 
Anthony,  d.  an  infant ;  4  Jeffrey  Hay ; 
1.  MaryCassels;  2.  Marjorie  Grant; 
and  3.  Dorothy  Graeme. 

II.  Harriot. 

III.  Margaret  Black  Stuart,  m.  Archi- 
bald Cook,  of  Quebec,  Advocate,  and 
has  issue,  1.  Archibald  Stuart;  1. 
Jean  Airth  ;  and  2.  Amy  Grant. 

IT.'  Mary,  m.  Samuel  Gbeenshiblb,  of 

Montreal,  who  d.  9.  p,  1888. 
V.  Amy  Gait. 

two  cross-crosslets  fitchee  and  in  base  a  key 


FREDERICK  GEORGE  BARTON,  late  of  Kajuligah,  Ivanhoe,  and 
Moulbong,  Booligal,  New  South  Wales,  a  justice  of  the  peace  for 
that  colony,  6.  2dth  August,  1851,  m.  28th  September,  1882,  Annie  Rachel 
Warner  Sleigh,  grand-daughter  of  the  late  Mr.  Serjeant  Sleigh,  and  has 

I.  Eyebard  Abthur  Hale,  h.  in  England,  1st  June,  1894. 

I.  Evelyn  Mary,  h,  in  Australia,  5th  October,  1883. 

II.  Winniefred  Millie,  h.  in  Australia,  14th  October,  1884. 

III.  Constance  Everard  Campbell,  h.  in  Australia,  17th  January,  1886. 

IV.  Mabel  Lilian,  h,  in  England,  23rd  July,  1892. 

2  H  2 




This  family  claims  descent  from  John 
Barton  of  Holme,  near  Newark,  co.  Notting- 
Irnrn,  who  was  a  merchmtt  of  the  Staple,  and 
the  original  probate  of  his  will  dated  1490,  is 
in  their  possession.  His  son,  Kalph  Babton, 
married  Joan,  daughter  and  sole  heiress  of 
Sir  Ralph  B:idcliffe  of  Smithills,  and  was 
ancestor  of  the  Babtons  of  Smithills. 

John  Etbbabd  Babton,  h.  23nl  August, 
1794,  m.  in  1819,  Elizabeth  Mee,  daughter  of 
Kobert  Jacqubs  of  Montreal,  and  d.  23rd 
August,  1869,  having  by  her,  who  was  h.  in 
1799,  and  d.  21st  August,  1834,  had  issue,  a 

John  EvfiRABD  Babton,  of  Astley  Hall, 
Stourport,  co.  Worcester,  ft.  4lh  March,  1825, 

25th  October,  1885,  having  by  her  who  was  h. 
10th  May,  1825,  had  issue, 

I.  Everard  William,  J.P.,  h.  8th  June, 
1849,  is  married. 

II.  Frboebick  Geobqe,  the  subject  of 
this  memoir. 

iir.  Charles  Tom,  h.  6th  March,  1853, 
is  married  and  has  two  sons  and  two 

IV.  Harry  Alexander,  late  Deputy  At- 
torney-General in  British  Columbia. 

I.  Katherine  Mary. 

IT.  Helen  Elisabeth. 

III.  Lillian  Sarah,  m.  Thomas  Needham 
Wilson,  M.A.,  barrister-at-liw,  and 
has  issue,  one  daughter. 

m.  28th  January,  1848,  Sarah  Mbbbitt,  and  d. 

Arms — Per  f»  ss  argent  and  azure  four  stags*  heads  caboshed,  two  and  twa,  within  a 
bordure  thereon  eight  crescents,  all  counterchanged. 

Crest — On  a  moimt  between  two  acorns  stalked  and  leaved  an  owl,  all  proper. 

Motto — I  bydemy  time. 

Estates — Kaju'ligah,  Ivanhoe,  and  Moolbong,  BooHgal,  New  South  Walesw 

Residence. ~A%t\ey  Hall,  Stourport.,  Worcestershire,  England. 

Clubs — Australian,  Melbourne,  and  Biojal  Colonial  Institute,  London. 


WILLIAM  KXOX  DARCY,  of  Sfcanmore  Hall,  Stanmore,  co.  Middlesex, 
formerly  of  Queensland,  h.  llth  October,  1849;  baptised  at  High- 
wick,  CO.  Devon  ;  educated  at  Westminster  Scbool ;  m.  at  Sydney,  New  Sonth 
Wales,  23rd  October,  1872,  Elena,  daughter  of  Samuel  Bradford  Blrkbbck, 
of  the  colony  of  Queensland,  and  by  her  has  issue, 

I.  William  Francis,  h.  14th  September,  1873. 

II.  Lionel  Knox,  h.  12th  February,  1876. 

I.  Gertrude  Elena  Elizabeth,  h.  24th  October,  1874. 

II.  Violet  Bertha,  h,  16th  August,  1877. 
HI.  Ethel  Anastasia,  h.  19th  March,  1883. 


This  is  a  branch  of  the  great  Anglo-Norman 
family  of  Dabcy. 

Sir  John  Dabct,  Knt.,  Lobd  Daect  op 
Knayth,  Lord  Justice  and  C  hief  Governor  of 
Ireland  1323-29,  and  in  1334  ^a«  constituted 
BO  for  life  ;  was  Constable  of  the  Tower  of 
London ;  K.G-. ;  GoTcmor  of  the  Castle  of 
Northampton  1317,  and  Governor  of  the 
Castle  of  York,  temp.  Edward  III,  Steward 
of  the  Household,  &c. ;  sheriff  of  the  cos.  of 
Nottingham,  Derby,  Lancaster,  and  York. 
He  commanded  the  armies  in  several  expedi- 
tions made  into  Fiance  and  Scotland  ;  and 
d.  30th  Mav,  1247.  He  m.  first,  Emeline, 
daughter  and  liciress  of  Walter  Heron,  of 
Uedeston,  by  Christiana,  his  wife,  daughter 
and  heir  of  Richard  de  Notton,  and  bj  her 
had  issue,  from  v  hom  the  Earls  of  Holdeniess 
descend.     He  m.  secondly,  at  Majnooth,  co. 

Eildare,  3rd  July,  1329,  Joan,  relict  of 
Thomas  Fitzgerald,  second  Earl  of  Kildaro 
and  daughter  of  Richard  de  Burgo,  Earl  of 
Ulster  and  Lord  of  Con  naught,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  12th  March,  1369)  had  issue, 

I.  William  (Sir),  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Thomas,  1 

III.  John,     >  all  d.  s.  p, 

IV.  Adam,   J 

I.  Elizabeth,    m.    to    James     Butler, 
second  iiarl  of  Ormond. 
The  eldest  son. 

Sir  William  Darct,  Knt.,  of  Flatten, 
CO.  Meath,  b.  at  Maynooth  1830;  tn.  Catherine, 
daughter  of  Sir  Robert  Fitzgerald,  of  Allen, 
CO.  Kildare,  Knt.,  and  had  issue. 

Sir  John  Darct,  of  Flatten,  1S89,  a  minor 
and  heir  to  his  grandmother  in  the  Manor  of 
X&TlyT,  in  Kildare,  36  Edward  111  j  sheriff 



of  Meath  1404  and  1415  ;  m.  Jane,  daughter 

of    Pbttit,  Baron    of    MuUingar,  by 

whom  be  had  a  son, 

WiujAM  Dabct,  of  Flatten,  who  m.  Anne, 
daughter  of  Babnewalx,  of  Cricks- 
town,  CO.  Westmeath,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

John  Dabct,  of  Flatten,  m.  Margaret 
Yleuino,  daughter  of  the  Lord  Baron  of 
Slane,  bj  whom  he  had  issue, 

I.  William  (Sir),  of  FUtten,  living  1477; 
m,  Isabel  (or  Elizabeth),  daughter  of 
Christopher  Flunkbt,  Lord  Baron  of 
Killeen,  bj  whom  he  had  issue, 

William  (Sir),  of  Flatten,  Knt., 
i».  Margaret,  daughter  of  Nicholas 
St.  Lawbencb,  Lord  Baron  of 
Howth,  and  d.  in  1540,  having 
had  issue, 

George,  of  Flattyn,  who  m. 
Jane,  daughter  and  heiress  of 
Tuite  M'RiccABo  of  Sonagh, 
and  bj  her  had  issue. 

Sir  William  Darcj,  of 
Flattyn,  whose  male 
issue  became  extinct ; 
and  Tliomas  Barcj,  of 
Dunmow,  co.  Meath, 
ancestor  of  Dabct  of 
Hjfde  Park  (see  Bubkb  s 
Landed  Oentry). 

II.  NiCHOXAS,  of  whom  we  treat. 
Tlie  second  son, 

Captaiw  Nicholas  Dabct,  of  Fartry,  co. 
Mayo,  m.  Jane,  daughter  and  heir  of 
—  DtTBBAOHT,  of  Fartry,  and  had  issue. 

Thomas  Dibct,  who  made  a  settlement 
dated  in  1484.     He  was  father  of, 

CoNTSBS  Dabct,  who  tn.  Christian, 
daughter  of  Richard  Blake,  and  had  issue, 

Nicholas  Dabct,  who  m.  Mary  Blake, 
b/  whom  he  had, 

I.  Jambs,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Richard,  whose  daughter  m.  Robert 
Blake,  of  Ardfry,  co.  Qalway,  and 
had  issue,  a  son.  Sir  Richard  Blake, 
Knt.,  Speaker  of  the  Supreme  Council 
of  the  Confederate  Catholics  at  Kil- 
kenny in  1648. 

The  elder  son, 

Jambs  Dabct,  of  Oalway,  Lord  Fresident 
of  Connaught  and  Governor  of  Gal  way,  was 
called  in  Irish  "  Riveagh  "  ;  d.  1603,  and  was 
buried  in  the  Franciscan  Abbey  at  Galway. 
By  EUiabeth  Mabtin,  his  wife,  he  had 

I.  Nicholas,  «i.  Margaret  Ltnch,  and  had 
issue,  two  sons,  1.  James,  counsellor-at- 
law  ;  who  on  failure  of  issue  to  himself 
and  his  brother  Dominiek,  settled  his 
great  estates  in  Galway,  Mayo,  Ros- 
common, and  Clare,  and  town  of 
Galway,  on  his  first  cousin,  Jambs 
Dabct,  of  Eiltolla,  which  estate  was 
mostly  lost  in  the  civil  war  of  1641 } 
and  2.  Dominiek. 

II.  Martin,  high  sheriff  of  co.  Gulway  ; 
suffered  much  persecution  from 
Thomas  Went  worth.  Earl  of  Stafford, 
and  d.  in  prison  in  Dublin,  in  1636, 
and  was  buriedatSt.Dominick's  Abbey, 

Galway.  By  his  wife,  Christick 
daughter  of  Richard  Mabtiit,  alder- 
man of  Galway,  he  had  issue, 

1.  Richard,  who  «•.  Ma]7,  daughter 
of  Nicholas  (or  Richard)  Bbowke, 
of  Galway,  and  had  issue  {see 
Biteke'b  Landed  Gentry ,  D'Abct 
of  New  Forest), 

2.  Feter,  m.  Elizabeth,  daughter  of 
Nicholas  Mabtix,  of  Galway, 

3.  James,  m.  Ellis,  daughter  of  — 
Dillon,  of  Clonbrock,  co.  Galway. 

1.  Elisabeth. 

2.  Mary. 

8.  Margaret. 

III.  James,  of  whom  we  treat. 

IV.  Anthony,  m.  a  daughter  of  Robert 
Bbowit,  and  had  a  son,  Francis,  m, 
Anne  EEATiira. 

V.  Mark. 

VI.  Andrew,  m. 

Yii.  Fatrick,  the  celebrated  leader  of  the 
Confederate  Catholics  of  Ireland,  b.  at 
Galway,  1598,  counsellor-at-1  w;  M.F. 
from  1640;  m.  Ma^,  daughter  and  co- 
heir of  Sir  Feter  Fbekch,  of  Galway, 
and  d.  in  Dublin,  1668,  having  had 

1.  James,  of  Kiltullagh,  co.  Galway, 
b.  1633 ;  m.  Frances,  daugliter  of 
—  Tbubhot,  captain  of  a  man- 
of-war  to  Louis  XIII,  by  his  wife, 
Anne  Keatikg,  maid-of-honour 
to  Henrietta  Maria,  queen-consort 
to  Chablbs  I;  and  d.  1692, 
having  by  her  had  issue,  four 
daughters,  Anne,  m.  to  Charles 
Dalt,  of  Calla,  co.  Galway ; 
Frances,  m.  first  to  Captain  Ulick 
Bubkb,  who  was  killed  at  the 
battle  of  Aughrim,  12t)i  July,  1691; 
she  m.  secondly  Lieutenant  Francis 
D'Abct,  son  of  John  D'Abct,  of 
Gorteen  ;  Bridget,  m.  Councillor 
Dillon  ;  Clare,  d.  unm. ;  and  a 
son  and  heir.  Hyacinth,  of  Kil- 
tullagh, ancestor  of  D'Abct,  of 
Gle/i  lerne  (see  Bubke's  Landed 

1.  Brigid,  m.  John  Nolan,  of  Bal- 
linrobe,  co.  Mayo. 

2.  Clare,  «.  Captain  Hahilton,  of 
Fahy,  co.  Galway. 

I.  Anastace,m.  to  Sir  Dominiek  Bbowne, 
of  Carrow  Browne,  co.  Galway,  Knt., 
and  had  issue. 

The  third  son, 

Jame4  Dabct,  of  Lisbon,  m.  Mary  Skeb- 
BBTT,:by  wh'>m  he  had  issue, 
r.  John,  of  whom  we  treat. 

II.  Stephen,  of  Bally bocock,  co.  Mayo, 
m.  Mary,  daughter  of  Robert  Fbbnch, 
of  Monivca,  co.  Galway,  and  had 

III.  Mathew,  m.  and  had  issue. 

IV.  Mark. 
The  eldest  son, 

John   Dabct,  of  Gorteen,  Kilmaine,  co. 
Mayo,    m.    Anastace,    daughter   of    Walter 



Blake,  of  Dunmenure,  co.  Maju,  and  bj  her 
had  issue, 

I.  Patbick,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  James,  captain  in  the  army  of  Jakes 
II  in  1691;  killed  at  the  siege  of 
Athlone,  unm. 

III.  Francis,  a  lieutenant  in  James  II's 
army ;  m,  first,  Frances,  daughter 
of  James  Dabcy,  of  KiltoUa,  and 
relict  of  Capt«in  Ulick  Bubke 
(of  the  family  of  Derrymaclog- 
line),  and  liad  issue;  secondly, 
Lynch,  daughter  of  Maurice  Lynch, 
of  Ballycori'en,  co.  Gkilway,  and  had 

I.  Jane,  m.  Dominick  Blake,  of  Tarti- 
gare,  co.  Ghilway,  and  had  issue. 

II.  Anastace,  m.  Maurice  Blake,  of 
Ballynafad,  oo.  Mayo,  and  had 

II  r.  Catherine,  m.  Captain  Hyacinth 
Dabct,  of  Kiltolla,  only  son  o^  Cap- 
tain James  Dabcy,  and  grandson  of 
Councillor  Patrick  Dabcy  ;  and  by 
him  (who  d.  1743)  had  issue.  She  d, 
in  1750. 

The  eldest  son, 

Patbiok  Dabcy,  of  Gorteen,  m.  Margery, 

daughter  of  Nicholas  Fbench,  of  Abbert,  co. 

Galway,  by  whom  he  had  istue, 

I.  John,  of  Gorteen. 

II.  Nicholas,  counsellor -at-law,  m.  Mary 
Kirwan,  grand-daughter  to  Sir  John 
EiBWAK,  Knt. 

III.  James. 

IV.  Walter. 

I.  Mary,  m.  Peter  Blake,  of  Corbally, 
00.  Galway. 

II.  Anastace,  m.  Martin  Browne,  of  Kill- 
skeagh,  co.  G^way. 

The  eldest  son, 

John  Dabcy,  of  Gorteen,  m.  Anastace, 
daughter  of  Charles  Daly,  of  Calla,  co. 
Galway,  and  Moyroe,  King's  co.,  and  (by  his 
will  dated  1743,  proved  1748,  he  desired  to 
be  buried  in  the  Abbey  of  St.  Francis,  Galway) 
d.  27th  October,  1747,  having  by  her  (who  was 
livmg  at  Dublin,  18th  March,  1756)  had 

I.  Patrick,  of  Gorteen,  b.  1706,  living 
1752 ;  m.  Catherine  Fbench,  of  Mon- 
serallan,  an  heiress.  He  was  buried 
in  the  family  vault  in  the  Abbey  of 

II.  Chsrles,  M.D.,  d.  umn.  1752. 

III.  Fbancis,  of  whom  presently. 

IV.  Nicholas,  m. ;  and  d.  before  1780, 
leaving  issue. 

I.  Marcella  (or  Margery). 

II.  Anne,  m.  Dominick  Bbowvb,  of 
Breafleld,  co.  Mavo,  and  had  issue. 

in.  Anastace,  m.  Walter  Daboy. 

IV.  Margaret,  liTing  1786. 

V.  Catherine,  d.  1781-6. 

Ti.  Mary,  will  dated    29th  December, 
1781,  proved  in  Dublin  8th  May,  1784. 
The  third  son, 

Fbancis  Dabcy,  of  Baymore,  eo.  Meath, 
and  Loftus  Hill,  oo.  Dublin,  formerly  of 
Gorteen,  m.  before  12th  October,  1768,  Lucy, 
daughter  of  William  Knox,  of  St.  Mary's 
Abbey,  Dublin,  and  Cartron  Bath,  co.  Boe- 
common.  His  will,  dated  26th  April,  1771, 
was  proved  17th  June,  1783.  He  had  issue, 
I.  William,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Maiy,     "I 

II.  Luoy,     V  untn.  in  1771. 

III.  Elinor,  J 
The  son, 

Willi  AH  Dabcy,  of  Gravesend,  co.  Kent, 
formerly  of  Gorteen,  Lieutenant  13th  Light 
Dragoons,  and  afterwards  a  lieutenant  on  the 
retired  full-pay  list  of  the  1st  Boyal  Veteran 
Battalion  ;  b.  1780;  m.  18th  January,  1810, 
Mary  Babtlbt,  of  Modbux^,  co.  Devon,  and 
by  her  had  issue, 

I.  William  Fbancis,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  John,  for  many  years  British  Vice- 
Consul  at  St.  Yalery,  and  afterwards 
y ice-Consul  at  Dunkerque,  where  he 
died.  He  m.  6r8t,  Maria  Byvbs  ; 
secondly,  to  a  Belgian  lady,  by  whom 
he  had  a  daughter,  Lucy. 

I.  Lucy   Virginia,   m.   to  Thomas  Holt 
Oliveb,  a  captain  in  the  army,  and 
had  issue. 
Mr.  Darcy  d.  6th  August,  1842,  aged  62. 
His  elder  son, 

William  Fbancis  Dabcy,  of  Newton 
Abbot,  oo.  Devon,  and  afterwards  of  Rock- 
hampton,  in  the  colony  of  Queensland, 
Australia,  b.  9th  November,  1810;  m.  at 
Hampstead,  co.  Middlesex,  Elizabeth  Baker, 
daughter  of  Ber.  Robert  Bbadfobd,  rector 
of  Wolborough,  oo.  Devon,  and  by  her  (who 
d.  17th  October,  1881 ;  buried  at  Little- 
hampton,  Sussex)  had  issue, 

I.  William  Kirox,  the  subject  of  this 

I.  Maria  Rvves,  b.  12th  June,  1887. 

II.  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  16th  September, 

III.  Lucy  Knox,  b.  13th  June,  1841 ;  m. 
2nd  January,  1871,  to  Archibald 
John  RicHABosoK,  of  Roekhampton, 
Queensland,  and  has  issue. 

IV.  Bertha,  b.  14th  August,  1844;  m. 
24th  December,  1866,  John  Robinson 
Benson,  of  Gjmpie,  iu  Queensland, 
M.D.,  who  d.  August,  1885. 

y.  Anastasia,  b.  12th  January,  1846 ;  m. 
at  Roekhampton,  2nd  February,  1869. 
Edward  Goldsmith,  of  Hambledon, 
Hants,  and  has  issue. 
TI.  Frances    Julia,   b.   16th  Ifovember, 
Mr.   Darcy  d,   1st    March,   1870,  and  was 
buried  at  the  Cemeteiy,  Roekhampton. 

Arms — Az.  sem^e  of  cross-crosslets  and  three  cinquefoils  arg. 

Cre«t^— On  a  chapeau  gu.  turned  up  erm.  a  bull  passant  sa.  armed  or. 

Motto — Un  Dieu,  un  Roy. 

JSen'cfence— Staumore  Uall,  Stanmore,  co.  Middlesex. 

Clubs — Carlton,  Junior  Carlton,  Garrick,  and  the  Queensland  Club,  Brisbane. 



CLAUDE  GEORGE  IRONSIDE  CURRIE,  of  The  Antlers,  Pipestone 
Creek,  Moosomin,  Assiniboia,  North  West  Territory,  Canada,  h,  at 
Ferozepore,  India,  27th  March,  1871 ;  m.  29th  May,  1890,  Geraldine  Mabel, 
eldest  danghtor  of  Captain  Alfred  Price,  late  67th  (Hampshire)  Regiment, 
and  has  issae, 

I.  Gladys  Margaret,  h,  30th  April,  1891. 

II.  Muriel  Adina,  h.  2nd  December,  1892. 


Pb.  Clauds  CrBBis,  of  Lanarkshire,  Soot- 
land,  one  of  four  children,  Tvas  b.  in  Glasgow, 
1789.  His  father,  Claude  Cuerie,  of  Glas- 
gow, d.  there  shortly  after  his  birth,  and  his 
mother  (nee  Baillie)  re-m.  a  Mr.  Jabdike. 
Br.  Claude  Currie  went  out  to  the  Madras 
Presidency,  and  after  his  retirement  resided 
at  8-{,  Westboume  Terrace,  London.  Ue  m. 
1810,  Caroline  Marie  Augustine,  daughter  of 
Dr.  Eugene  Laidet,  wlio  was  physician  on 
the  staff' of  his  father-in-law,  General  Caroape, 
a  distinguished  French  general,  and  on  his 
retirement,  after  much  serTice,  took  up  his 
residence  at  Qailon,  Malabar  coast,  Madras, 
India.  Dr.  Claude  Currie  d.  in  1854,  having 
had  issue, 

I.  Claude,  b.  1812  ;  d.  1840. 

II.  William  Frederick,  of  the  Madras 
Medical  Serrice,  b,  1816 ;  «i.  and  d. 

ni.  Charles  David,  sargeon-major  in  the 
Madras  Medical  Servire,  b.  1817 ;  m. 
to  a  daughter  of  Dr.  Good  all,  of  the 
Madras  Service,  and  d.  1860. 

IT.  BoBBBT  Hamilton  (Major-General), 
of  whom  presently. 

T.  Augustus  Octavius,  surgeon  in  the 
Madras  Medical  Service,  b,  1820;  d. 
unm.  1853. 

Ti.  Eugene,  b.  1824 :  d.  unm.  1857,  from 
wounds  received  at  the  taking  of 
Cawnpore,  while  in  command  of  a 
portion  of  Her  Majesty's  84th  Regi- 

Tii.  George  Vernon,  brigade- surgeon  in 
the  Bengal  Army,  b.  1828 ;  m.  Jane 
Isabel,  daughter  of  General  Babstow, 
of  the  Bengal  Army. 

nil.  Henry,  b.  1834;  served  in  Her 
Majesty's  84th  Begiment,  and  in  the 
74th  and  79th  Higliland  Regiments. 
He  Ml  Pauline,  daughter  of  Colonel 
Hatblock,  14th  Dragoons,  and  d. 

IX.  Bicbard,  an  officer  in  the  Bengal 
Artillery,  5.  1835  ;  killed  at  Fyzabad 
in  the  Indian  Mutiny ;  unm. 

I.  Caroline   Mary  Jane,    b.    1811 ;     m. 

Ret'tdence — The  Antlers,  Pipestone  Creek, 

General  BichardBuDD,  of  tlie  Madras 
Army,  and  d.  1870. 

II.  Margaret,  b.  1813 ;  m.  Major  John 
Dew  AwDBT,  judge  advocate  Madras 
Army,  and  d.  1865. 

III.  Virginia,  b.  1814 ;  m.  Henry  Dickbn- 
SON,  Madras  Civil  Service  and  member 
of  Council,  and  d.  1888. 

IT.  Eugenie,  b.  1822 ;  d.  1823. 
T.  Eugenie,  b.  1826 ;  d.  unm.  1848. 
TI.  Cecilia  Cadogan,  b.  1831. 
The  fourth  son, 

MaJOB  -  GenEBAL       RoBBBT       HAyiLTOV 

CuBBiB,   b.  27th  April,    1819,   at    Velloro, 
Madras,     India,     was    for    thirteen    years 
Lieutenant-Colonel  of  the  39th  (Dorsetshire) 
Begiment,  in  which  he  served  for  forty  years ; 
present  at  the  action  of  Maharajpore,  29th 
December,  1843,  and  served  throughout  the 
Crimean     War.       He    received     the     Dia- 
tinsuished  Service  Beward,  and  many  medals, 
and  had  conferred  upon  him  the  fifth  class 
of   the   Order  of  the  Medjidie ;  retired  in 
1877,  with  the  rank  of  major-general,  m.  14th 
January,  18f-9,  Augusta  Ellen,  daughter  of  the 
late   Bev.  WiUiam   Money,   of  Barrington, 
Avenue     Boad,     Eastbourne,     co.     Sussex, 
England  (by  Julia  Ibonside,  his  wife,  whose 
family  were  of  Houghton-le-Spring,  co.  Dur- 
liam),  who  was  son  of  William  Taylor  Money, 
of  Walthamstow,  Essex,  Knt.  of  the  Guel- 
phio  Order,  M.P.,  and  subsequently  H.B.M. 
Consid- General   at  Venice,    and  Milan ;   by 
Eugenia,  his  wife,  third  daughter  of  William 
Money,  of  Uomme    House,   co.    Hereford; 
Whetham,  Wilts ;  and  Pitsford,  co.  Northamp- 
ton  {9ee  Bubee'b  Landed  Gentry^  MoNBY- 
Ktble,  of  Homme  Mcu9e).     Major-Geueral 
Currie  d.  13th  September,  1886,  leaving  issue, 
I.  Bobert    Henry     Money,    Lieutenant 
76th  (West  Biding)  Begiment,  b.  on 
board  H.M.S.  "  Crocodib,"  8th  Oct- 
ober, 1869 ;  was  killed  whilst  playing 
polo  at  Kohat,  Punjaub,  5th  November, 
1893,  unm. 
u.  Claude  Geobge  Ibonside,  now  of 

The  Antlers,  Mo?somin. 
I.  Augusta  Julia,  b.  at  Eussowlie,  Pun- 
jaub, India,  6th  May,  1872. 

Moosomin,  AMiniboia,  North  West  Territory, 




SIR  JOHN  MACARTNEY,  Bart.,  of  Lisb,  co.  Armagh,  Ireland,  and 
Forest  Hill,  Mackay,  Qaeensland,  Anstralia,  b.  1833 ;  m.  Ist  September, 
1865,  Catherine,  second  daughter  of  the  late  Alexander  Miller,  of  Mcrindini, 
Victoria,  and  has  issae, 

I.  William  Isaac,  h.  13th  October,  1867. 

II.  Alexander  Miller,  b.  24th  Jaly,  1869. 

III.  John  Barrington,  b.  26th  October,  1873. 

IV.  Herbert  Charles,  6.  1 1th  March,  1876. 

T.  Robert  Graham,  b.  7th  December,  1878 ;   d.  20th  August,  1879. 

VI.  David  Edwin,  b.  5th  July,  1880. 

VII.  Harold  Eric  Joseph,  b.  1882. 

VIII.  Victor  Allan,  b.  1887. 


The  family  of  Macabtnby  is  said  by 
Platfaib  to  have  sprang  from  the  youngest 
son  of  McCabthy  Mobb,  of  the  co.  Cork 
(see  McCabtht,  of  CarHgnavar^in  Bubkb's 
Landed  Gentry)^  but  when  or  why  his  des- 
cendants moved  to  the  co.  Down  (where  we 
find  them  in  the  earlj  part  of  the  14th 
century)  is  not  known.  Edward  Bruce, 
brother  of  the  famous  Robert,  King  of  Scot- 
land, was  invited  by  some  of  the  Irish  chief- 
tains to  come  over  to  help  them  to  cast  off 
the  English  yoke  and  to  be  himself  their 
king.  The  expedition  failed,  Edward  was 
killed  in  a  duel,  and  the  chieftains  who  had 
taken  part  with  him  were  naturally  objects 
of  displeasure  to  England  and  some  of  them 
escaped  to  Scotland,  among  whom  was  Mac- 
ABTNET  of  Mourne^  in  Downshire.  Robert 
Bruce  rewarded  this  supporter  of  his  brother 
with  lands  in  Argyleshire.  The  Macartneys 
subsequently  moved  to  Ghklloway  to  lands 
still  called  by  their  name.  There  the  family 
divided  into  three  branches,  Maoabtnby  of 
Leatket ;  of  Blacket  (from  whom  the 
present  baronet)  ;  and  of  Auchinleck.  The 
Leathes  branch  ended  in  James  Macartney, 
who  had  four  daughters,  one  of  whom  was 
Frances,  the  celebrated  authoress  of  the 
Ode  to  Indifference,  who  m.  Fulke,  son  of 
the  Hon.  Algernon  G-bbyillb,  and  was  by 
this  marriage,  ancestress  of  the  present  Lord 
Gbeyille,  who  is  now  the  representative  of 
the  eldest  branch  of  the  Macabtnby  family 
(jr^tfBirBEB'B  Peerage,  sub  Babon  Gbbyillb, 
and  the  Eabl  of  Wabwice).  The  Auchin. 
leek  or  youngest  branch,  ended  in  Gboboe 
Macabtnby,  of  Lissanoure  Castle,  co. 
Antrim,  grandson  of  Gbobge  Macabtkry, 
of  Auchinle'.'k,  who  settled  in  Ireland  1649. 
This  George,  of  Lissanoure,  was  b.  1737,  and 
sent  1754,  as  envoy  extraordinary  to  the 
Empress  of  Russia  and  knighted  on  his 
return.  He  was  M.F.  for  Armagh  and  Chief 
Secretary  (1769)  to  Lord  Townshend,  the 
Lord  Lieutciant  of  Ireland;  in  1772,  was 

installed  a  Knight  of  the  Bath,  was  Governor 
of  the  Cartbbee  Islands,  in  1775;  and  on 
19th  July,  1776,  was  raised  to  the  Irish 
Peerage  as  Lobd  Macabtxbt,  Baron  of  Lis- 
sanouro,  co.  Antrim.  He  was  Ambassador 
Extraordinary  and  Plenipotentiary  to  the 
Emperor  of  China  in  1792,  and  was  advanced 
19th  July,  of  that  yeir,  to  be  VisoorsT 
Macabtnby,  of  Dervoch,  oo.  Antrim,  and 
was  on  his  return  to  England  in  1794,  created 
Eabl  Macabtnbt.  He  was  created  on  8th 
June,  1796,  Baron  Macartney,  of  Parkhurst 
in  Surrey  and  of  Auchinleck,  in  the  st«wartry 
of  Kirkcudbright,  in  the  Peerage  of  England, 
for  important  services  in  Italy  in  the  previous 
year.  His  last  office  was  the  Governorship  of 
the  Cape  of  Good  Hope,  to  which  c  )lony  he 
sailed  in  January,  1797,  and  from  which  he 
came  back  in  1799.  He  m.  1st  February,  1768, 
Lady  Jane  Stu  a bt,  second  daughter  of  John, 
Earl  of  Bute,  but  d.  without  issue  31  st  March, 
1806,  when  all  his  honours  became  extinct. 

The  Blackett  branch  of  the  Macartneys, 
referred  to  above,  removed  from  Scotland  to 
Ireland  in  1630. 

Gboboe  Macabtnbt  (son  of  Gboboe 
Macabtnby,  the  last  of  the  Macartneys  of 
Blacket,  who  resided  in  Scotland),  settled  at 
Belfast  about  the  year  1680.  He  m.  Martha 
Davies,  of  the  family  of  Sir  John  Davies, 
Knt.,  attomev  -  general  for  Ireland  temp. 
James  I,  and  had  two  sons, 

George,  who  served  under  the  Duke  of 
Marlborough  and  Prince  Eugene,  had 
the  misfortune  to  act  as  second  to 
Lord  Mohun  when  the  latter  fought 
the  celehrat'Cd  duel  with  the  Duke 
of  Hamilton  in  which  both  the  Duke 
and  Lord  Mohun  lost  their  lives. 
At  the  time  of  his  death  he  was  a 
lieutenant-general  in  the  army,  Com- 
mander-in-Chief of  the  Forces  in 
Ireland,  Governor  of  Portsmouth, 
and  Colonel  of  the  Carabiniers.  His 
line  is  now  extinct. 



TsAVC,  of  whom  we  treat. 
The  Moond  aon, 

I8A.AC  Macabtnit,  possessed  a  large 
estate  in  the  north  of  IreUknd,  and  served  as 
high  sheriff  of  co.  Antrim  1690.  He  m. 
Anne,  sister  and  co-  heir  (with  her  sister  the 
wife  of  John  Macdowai.,  of  Freugh,  from 
whom  the  Marquesj  of  Bute)  of  John 
Haltbidqb,  of  Dromore,  Downside,  M.P. 
for  Killjleaghy  and  had  issue, 

I.  George,  high  sheriff  of  Antrim,  1740, 
whose  son  Key.  Asthub  Macaetkbt, 
ricar  of  Templepatrick  and  Belfast, 
was  formerly  Captain  R.A.,  m.  1816, 
Catherine,  daughter  of  Merton  Wool- 
LBTT,  and  d.  1843,  leiving  by  her  (who 
d.  1851)  two  sons  and  one  daughter, 

1.  Arthur,  b.  1817  ;  d.  unm.  1875. 

2.  William  Merton, 6. 1819;  barrister- 
at-law,  m.  1817,  Henrietta,  elder 
daughter  of  John  Hitchcock, 
J.  P.  of  Antrim  House,  Antrim, 
and  d.  1860,  having  by  her  (who 
d.  1862)  had  issue,  1.  John  Mer- 
ton, Major  Dorset  Regiment,  m. 
1884,  Ethel,  daughter  of  Clolonel 
Frank  Cbossman,  Bengal  Cav- 
alry, and  by  her  (who  d.  1887) 
has  issue  (Frank  Alan  George,  b. 

1884,  Kenneth     Chichester,     b. 

1885,  and  Beryl  Violet  Kathleen); 

2.  William  Merton,  d.  *.  p.  1887 ; 

3.  Henry  Frederick,  Captain  Ben- 
gal Cavalry,  b.  1857  ;  1.  Rosina 
Catherine ;  2.  Florence  Violet. 

3.  Louisa,  m.  Rev.  R.  Oulton. 

II.  William,  of  whom  hereafter. 

I.  Grace,  m.   Sir    Robert  Blackwood, 
Bart.,  from   whom  the  Marquess  of 
Dufferin  and  Ava. 
The  second  son,  i 

William  Macabtkey,  M.P.  for  Belfast  | 
for  forty  years,  m.  Catherine,  daughter  (by  i 
Elizabeth  Montoombrt  his  wife)  of  Thomas  j 
Bankes,  of  the  family  of  Bankes,  of  Cor/e  ' 
Castle,  Dorsetshire,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Arthur  Chichester,  of  Murlough,  co. 
Down,  m.  Anna,  daughter  of  8amuel 
Lindsay,  of  Turin,  co.  Mayo  j  and 
left  with  three  other  daughters, 

1.  WiUiam  George  (Rev.),  MA.,  of 
Murlough,  CO.  Down,  who  d.  *.  p. 

1.  Frances,  m.  W.  Hitband. 

2.  Catherine,  m.  Rev.  Thomas 
Ellison,  and  had  a  son,  John 
William,  of  the  Palace,  Clogher, 
M.P.,  who  inherited  his  uncle's 
property  and  took  the  name  of 

II.  John,  of  whom  we  treat. 

I.  Catherine,  d.  unm, 

II.  Anne,  d.  unm. 

III.  Julia,  d.  unm. 

IV.  Jane,  m.  Simon  Lanoly,  and  d.  a.  p. 
T.  Margaret,  m.  Lieutenant  Harbis,  and 

d.  9.  p. 
The  second  son, 

Sir   John  Macartney,  of   Lish,  M.P., 
having  received  the  honour  of  knightho.^d 

for  his  exertions  in  promoting  the  inland 
navigation  of  li-eland,  was  crejited  a  Baronet 
of  that  kingdom,  4th  January,  1799.  Sir 
John,  b.  yth  March,  1747,  m.  first,  Anne, 
daughter  of  Edward  8crivbn,  descended  from 
the  Barclays  of  Urie,  in  Scotland,  and  by 
her  had  i^sue, 

I.  William  Isaac,  second  Baronet. 

II.  Edward,  lost  at  sea,  3rd  December. 

III.  John,  L'eutenant  E.I.C.S. ;  d.  2nd 
August,  1814. 

IV.  Arthur,  Lieutenant  14th  Dragoons  • 
d.  4th  October,  1816. 

I.  Elizabeth,  m.  Robert  (or  John) 
j  Kerruish,  of  the  Isle  of  Man,  and 
'               d.  s.  p.  18th  December,  1 862. 

II.  Maria  Catherine,  m.  her  cousin, 
Joseph  Macartney,  and  d.  3rd  June, 
1869,  leaving  issue, 

1.  George  Augustus  Chichester,  m. 
Millie  Graham,  and  has  issue. 

2.  John,  Colonel  in  the  army,  b. 
1814,  d.  unm.  December,  1891. 

3.  William,  Chief  Commiasioner  of 
Police,  iu  Ceylon,  m.  Henrietta, 
dauglifer  of  Richard  Dare,  of 
Fermanagh,     and     had      issue; 

1.  Edward,  of  Brisbane,  Queens, 
land;  1.  Emily,  m.  Duncan,  of 
Wellington,  N.Z.,  and  has  issue; 

2.  Ethel,  m.  1886,  John  Darley  j 

3.  Jemima,  m.  2l8t  April,  ]89o! 
Harry  Miller  Boehmer. 

6.  Arthur,  A.D  C.  to  Sliah  Sujah, 
killed  in  the  retreat  from  Cabul 
1882,  d.  *.  p. 

6.  Edward,  d.  *.  p,  in  Western 

1.  Anna,  d.  unm. 

2.  Maria,  m.  Robert  Coflson, 
Resident  Magistrate,  co.  Sligo, 
d.  May,  189  i,  leaving  two  sons  and 
two  daughters.  Arthur  Chichester, 
Robert  Northland,  Ruby  Ge^rgina 
and  Myra  Louisa. 

3.  Georgiana  Mildred,  m.  1839,  Sir 
Arthur  Kennedy,  K.C.B.,  late 
Governor  of  Queensland,  and  d. 
leaving  issue ;  1.  Arthur  Herbert  j 
1.  Elizabeth,  m.  16th  June,  1867, 
Richard  James,  fourth  Earl  of 
Clan  WILLIAM  ;  and  2.  Georgiana. 

4.  Jane. 

III.  Anna,  m.  3rd  January,  1815,  Rev. 
John  Browne,  and  d.  s.  p.  1839. 

Sir  John  m.  secondly,  4th  November,  1794 
Catherine,  daughter  of  the  Right  Hon' 
Walter  Hussey  Burgh,  Lord  Chief  Baron 
of  the  Coui-t  of  Exchequer  in  Ireland,  M.P. 
for  Dublin  University,  and  by  her,  who  d 
10th  September,  1840,  left  a  son  and  a 

V.  Hussey  Buroh,  D.D.,  Dean  cf  Mel- 
bourne  {see  next  article). 

IV.  Catherine  Anna  Mona,  b.  24th 
November,  1804,  m.  16th  May,  1826, 
Rev.  Henry  Brouoham  (*g<?  Burke's 
Peerage,  Brougham,  B.),  and  d.  5th 



January,  1692,  haviDg  by  him,  who  d. 
«iOth  Januarr,  1831,  had  issue, 

1.  Henry  William  (Very  Eev.),D.D. 
Dean  of  Liemore,  h.  27th  February, 
1827,  m,  5th  April,  1851,  Lucy, 
eldest  daughter  of  Henry  Becheb, 
of  Aughadown,  co.  Cork,  and  has 

(1)  Henry  William,  MA.,  h. 
1852,  m.  1887,  Alwyn  Ross, 
daughter  of  Chief  Justice 
Hebmence,  of  Crefeld,  Ger- 
many, and  has  issue  ;  Henry, 
5.  1888,  and  John,  i.  1890. 

(2)  John  Bichard,  h.  1863. 

(3)  Bohind  Yaux,  of  Queens- 
land, h.  18G0,  m.  1891,  Anna 

(1)  Catherine  Anna  Mona,  m. 
25th  June,  1885,  William 
Whitklocke-L  l  o  t  d,  of 
Strancally  Castle,  co.  Water- 
ford,  and  has  issue  {jtee 
Burke's  Landed  O entry). 

(2)  Lucy  Ellen,  m.  1883,  Chet- 
wode  H.  CuRBT,  of  Lismore, 
who  d.  1889,  leaving  issue. 

(3)  Edith  Alice. 

2.  John   Bichard  (Bev.),  rector   of 
CO.  Cork,  and  Canon 

of   Chriatchurch,  Dublin,  h.  4th 
August,  1829,  m.  12th  July,  1865, 
Frances,    daughter    of    Bichard 
BoTHWBLL,    of     Bockfield,    co. 
Meath,  and  has  is^ue, 
Bichard   Hrnry  Vaux,  ft.  14th 
March,  1870. 
Sir  John  d.  29th  May,  1812,  and  wat  «.  by 
his  eldest  son. 

The  Bev.  Sib  William  Isaac  Macabt- 
NET,  rector  of  Desertegiiy,  in  the  diocese  of 
Derry,  who  was  h.  25th  October,  178C,  and 
m.  2'8th  May,  1818,  Ellen,  daughter  of  Sir 
John  Babbinoton,  Bart.,  and  by  her  (who 
d.  7th  September,  1875)  liad  issue, 

I.  John  (Sir),  present  Baronet. 

II.  William  George,  h.  1835;  m.  1872, 
Bessie,  daughter  of  Bobert  Bayley 
Tyseb,  of  Wellington,  New  Zealand, 
and  had  issue, 

1.  Henry  Tjser,  ft.  1872. 

2.  Ernest  George,  h,  1880. 

1.  Edith  Isabel. 

2.  Eileen  Agnes. 

I.  Anna  Maria. 

II.  Eliza  Georgina. 

III.  Frances  Catherine, 
iv.  Maria  Louisa. 

The  Eev.  Sir  William  d.  Slat  July,  1867. 


Creation — 4th  January,  1799. 

j4rtnx — Or,  a  stag  trippant,  within  a  bordure,  gu. 

Crest — A  hand,  holding  a  slip  of  a  rose  tree,  with  three  roses  thereon,  all  ppr. 

Motto — Stimulat  eed  omat. 

Residence — Forest  Hill,  South  Kennedy,  Mackay,  Queensland,  Australia. 


Dean  of  Melbourne,  Victoria,  Australia,  6.  in  Dublin,  lOih  April,  179S, 
m.  7tb  March,  1833,  Jane,  daughter  of   Edward  Harbman,  by  Rebecca,  his 
wife,    daughter   of    John    McClintock,   of    Drumcar   {see  Landed    Geiitry), 
and  d.  7th  October,  1894,  having  by  her  who  d.  lOlh  January,  1885,  had  iBsne, 
I.  John    Arthur,  of  Waverley,  Queensland,  b,  5th  April,  1834,  m.  15th 
January,    1861,   Annie    Flora,    daughter    of    Alexander     Wallace 
DuNLOF,  of  an  Ayrshire  family,  and  bas  issue, 

1.  HuFsey  Burgh  John  Arthur,  h.  1st  August,  1873. 

2.  Alexander  Wallace  Dunlop,  6.  8th  January,  1875. 

3.  Arthur  John  Edward  McClintock,  d.  young. 

4.  Henry  Dundas  Keith,  b.  let  February,  1880. 

1.  Constance    Madeline    Frances,    m.    23rd    September,    1884, 

William  Mounteford  Longfield  (see  Burke's  Landid 
Gentry),  and  has  issue,  William  Brinkley  Macartney,  b, 
26th  November,  1886. 

2.  Jane  Catherine,  m.  1890,  James  Snape,  and  has  issue,  Philip 

Arthur  Macartney,  b.  16th  October,  1891. 

3.  Flora  Charlotte  Antonia. 

4.  Vans  Anna  Mabel. 


II.  Edward  Hardman,  of  Manflfield,  Victoria.,  h.  I9ih  May,  1835,  m.  6th 
May,  1862,  Georgina  Henrietta,  daughter  of  James  Moa&B,  of 
Melbonme,  son  of  the  late  James  Moob£,  M.P.  for  co.  Dablin,  and 
has  issue, 

1.  Edward  Hassej  Bargh,  h.  25th  December,  1867. 

2.  James  Moore,  6.  20bh  September,  1671. 

3.  Charles  Perry,  5.  3rd  November,  1880. 

1.  Harriet  Maria,  m.  14th  March,  1894,  Charles  Cuninohah. 

2.  Georgina  Mande,  m.  1887,  William  Cuntngham,  of  Winder- 

mere, N.S.W.,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Hussey  Bargh,  b,  1891. 

2.  William  Alan,  6.  1893. 

3.  Georgina  Maade. 

3.  Jane  Catherine. 

4.  Agues  Henrietta. 

5.  Anne  Constance. 

6.  Charlotte  Mary. 

III.  Hussey  Burgh,  M.A.,  Trinity  College,   Dublin,  and   of   Melbourne 

University,  h.  30th  September,  1840,  ordained  by  Dr.  Perry,  Bishop 
of  Melbourne,  23rd  December,  1866,  priest,  22nd  December,  1867, 
appointed  to  the  Incumbency  of  Caulfield,  Victoria,  December, 
1868,  m.  7th  March,  1872,  Emily,  daughter  of  Henry  Aj)denbkook£, 
and  widow  of  Hon.  Robert  Ksrmgde,  of  Tasmania,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Hussey  Burgh  George,  6.  10th  February,  1875. 

2.  Jane  Elizabeth  Catherine. 

I.  Henrietta  Rebecca. 

II.  Anna  Catherine,  d.  unm.,  17th  September,  1852. 

ni.  Jane  Frances,  m.  11th  August,  1868,  William  Watson,  of  Pitz- 
William  Place,  Dublin,  and  d,  15th  October,  1876,  having  had 

1.  William  Arthur  Macartney,  d.   22nd  December,   1871,   in 


2.  Edward  John  Macartney,  &.  22ad  November,  1872. 
1.  Janet  Agnes  Violet. 

IV.  Charlotte  Elizabeth  Caroline. 

V.  Frances  Marianne,  d.  unm,  29th  May,  1885. 

The  Dean  of  Melbourne  was  educated  at  Trinity  College,  Dublin  (B.A. 
1B21),  ordained  2l8t  September,  1822,  by  Dr.  Elrington,  Bishop  of  Limerick  ; 
reeeived  priest's  orders,  14th  September,  1823,  from  Dr.  Alexander,  Bishop 
of  Meath.  He  was  curate  of  Banagher,  King's  county,  Ireland,  from  10th 
October,  1822,  to  28rd  January,  1824,  curate  of  Killoe,  co.  Lougfonl,  from 
January,  1824,  to  1828,  curate  of  Killashee,  same  county,  from  1828  to 
January,  1631.  In  March,  1831,  he  was  appointed  to  the  living  of  Creagh, 
00.  Cork,  which  he  held  till  June,  1843,  when  he  removed  to  Kilcock,  co. 
Kildare.  In  September,  1847,  he  left  Ireland  and  sailed  with  the  first  Bishop 
of  Melbourne  (Dr.  Perry)  in  the  "  Stag  "  for  Port  PLillip,  in  Australia,  where 
he  landed  25th  January,  1648,  and  soon  afterwards  took  charge  of  Heidel- 


berg,  where  he  remained  till  Isfc  October,  when  he  was  appointed  Archdeacon 
of  Greelong.  In  1852  he  was  given  the  Deanery  of  Melbourne  and  the 
Incumbency  of  St.  James*  parish,  in  that  town,  and  soon  afterwards  accepted 
the  Archdeaconry  of  Melbourne,  which  involved  the  oversight  of  all  those 
parts  of  the  diocese  which  had  not  a  settled  minister.  In  1860,  finding  the 
duties  of  a  parish  minister  incompatible  with  the  Archdeaconry,  he  resigned 
St.  James.  In  1883  the  parish  of  St.  James  was  again  united  to  the 
deanery,  but  under  different  arrangements.  Soon  after  the  arrival  of 
Dr.  Goe,  the  present  Bishop  of  Melbourne  in  1877,  the  Dean  resigned 
the  Archdeaconry,  the  duties  of  which  he  was  no  longer  able  to  fulfil. 
He  was  four  times  Vicar- General,  during  the  absence  of  the  Bishops  of 
Melbourne,  viz. :— 1855-6,  1863-4,  1874-7,  1886-7.  The  Dean  was  son  of 
the  late  Sir  John  Macartney,  Bart.,  M.P.,  by  his  second  wife,  Catherine, 
daughter  of  Right  Hon.  Walter  Hussey  Burgh,  Lord  Chief  Baron  of  the 
Exchequer,  M.P.  for  Dublin  University. 

LiNBAQB,  Abms,  etc.  (see  preceding  memoir). 
i?c*i«fe»ctf— Deanery,  Melbourne,  Australia. 


JOSEPH  ANDERSON  PANTON,  of  Carranya,  East  St.  Kilda,  Melbourne, 
Victoria,  first  metropolitan  police  magistrate,  Melbourne,  6.  at  Knockie- 
mill,  parish  of  TurrifF,  Aberdeenshire,  Scotland,  2nd  June,  1831 ;  m.  at 
Inverness,  5th  December,  1860,  Eleanor  Margaret,  dar.ghter  of  the  late 
Colonel  John  Fqlton,  of  the  5th  Bengal  Native  Infantry,  and  has  two 

I.  Eleanor  Mary,   m,   April,  1890,  Reginald    Grossman,  and   has  issue, 
Natalie  Gordon. 

IT.  Alice  Julie. 
Mr.  Panton  was  educated  at  the  Scottish  Naval  and  Military  Academy, 
Edinburgh,  and  at  Edinburgh  University.  He  emigrated  to  the  Australian 
colonies  in  December,  1850,  and  in  May,  1852,  was  appointed  commissioner 
of  Crown  Lands  and  commissioner  of  Gold  Fields  at  Bendigo,  and  senior 
commissioner  there  in  1853,  and  in  1854,  resident  commissioner  of  the  district 
now  comprising  the  counties  of  Bendigo,  Gunbower,  Rodney,  Dalhousie 
and  Anglesey ;  and  subsequently  on  the  abolition  of  that  office,  was  appointed 
a  police  magistrate,  being  first  stationed  at  Heidelberg,  afterwards  at 
Geelong,  and  finally  at  Melbourne.  He  hns  held  the  position  of  President 
of  the  Military  Court  under  the  Defences  Act,  and  is  Chairman  of  the  Court 
of  Marine  Inquiry.  He  was  President  of  the  Bendigo  Exhibition,  1854, 
I  he  first  Industrial  Exhibition  held  in  Australia ;  a  commissioner  for  the 
Melbourne  Exhibition  of  1854,  and  for  the  Melbourne  and  Paris  Exhibition 
of  1855;  executive  commissioner  for  Melbourne  Exhibition,  1880,  and  has 
been  prominently  associated  with  the  Victorian  Artists*  Association  since 
the  establishment  of  that  institution,  having  been  president  in  the  year 
of     the    opening   of    the   New    Galleries.      He  is   a   Fellow  of    the   Royal 



Geographical  Society,  and  a  vice-president  of  the  Royal  Geographical  Society 
of  Aastralasia. 

The  family  of  PAJfToy  or  Ap  Axtox, 
origiiuilly  from  Anglesey,  Wales,  migrated 
into  the  north  of  Scotland.  In  1445  Pitme- 
then,  now  Pitmedden,  was  held  bj  Jambs 
Paittov,  and  remained  in  the  possession  of 
the  Panton  familj  until  1619,  when  it  passed 
to  the  Seton  family.  Cadets  held  TuUjmade, 
Blackhousie,  Craig,  Wester  Corse,  Norham, 
and  Hilton;  and  at  the  early  part  of  the 
l€th  century  the  lands  of  Uaddo  were  held 
b?  the  Pan  tons  on  wadset.  In  the  17th 
and  18th  centuries  the  few  remaining 
members  of  the  family  held  leased  farm  lands 
in  Aberdeeaahire  and  Banffshire,  and  others 
migrated  to  America. 

William  Pant  n  m.  Ann  Lbith,  of 
Bumside,  Aberdeenshire,  and  had  issue,  John 
and  Jane,     llie  son, 

John  Panton,  of  Bogs  of  Montblairy,  m. 
Anne  Sbakd,  and  had  issue, 

Patrick  Panton,  of  Edenbank,  Kelso, 
who  m.  bis  cousin,  Janet  Panton,  and  had 

I.  William,    of     Edenbank,    Physician 
Oeneral,  H.E.I.C.S. 

II.  John,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Hugh. 
I.  Anne. 

Ihe  second  son, 

John  Panton,  for  some  time  in  the  service 
of  the  Hudson's  Bay  Company,  afterwards 
retired  to  Scotland,  and  occupied  Knock iemill 
farm,  {.arish  of    Turriff,  Aberdeenshire;  m. 

Sesidenee — Carranya,  East  St. 
C/«f6— Melbourne. 

first,  Agnes  Mubbat,  and  by  her  had  a 

I.  Patrick,  of  Bodmersham,  co.  Kent, 
and  Edenbank,  Kelso,  N.B.,  who  fn.  as 
his  second  wife,  Elizabeth  Josephine, 
daughter  of  Thomas  J.  Fitzobbalp, 
D.L.,  and  d,  1885  baring  had  issue, 

1.  John  Gerald,  of  Bodmersham 
and  Edenbank,  aforesaid,  patron 
of  Bodmersham,  and  Captain 
Boyal  Sussex  Begiment,  b.  12th 
June,  1861 ;  m.  1^86,  Ethel  Mary, 
youngest  daughter  of  Major- 
General  Samuel  Black,  C.S.I. 

2.  Henry  Paul  Vivian  (Ber.),  B.A., 
rector  of  St.  Edmund,  Exeter. 

1.  Mary. 

2.  EHzabeth. 

He  fn.  secondly,  at  Turriff,  Alexina  McKay, 
daughter  of  J.  Andbbson,  of  Bispbond,  by 
Fairlie  Gobdon,  his  wife,  of  Clarkhill, 
Sutherlendshire,  ond  by  her  had  issue, 

II.  John,  deceased. 

III.  Joseph  Andbbson,  police  magis- 
trate, Melbourne,  the  subject  of  this 

I.  Mary,  deceased. 

II.  Williamina,  m.  George  Milne,  of 
Westwood,  Aberdeen,  and  has  issue, 

1.  George  Francis,  Lieutenant  B.A.,  b. 
5th  November,  1866;  1.  Edilh  Alexa, 
m.  Captain  Geoboes,  of  H.M.  Army  j 

2.  Elizabeth  Mary. 

Kilda,  Melbourne,  Victoria. 


THOMAS  ROBERTSON,  of  Mount  Mitchell,  Ballarat,  Victoria,  h,  23i-d 
October,  1857. 


Thomas  Bobbbtson,  of  Mount  Mitchell, 
Ballarat,  Victoria,  formerly  of  Glenmuick, 
Aberdeenshire,  Scotland,  m.  Annie  Lauch- 
LAN,  and  d.  at  Mount  Mitchell,  5th  June, 
1872,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Jambs,  of  Mount  Mitchell,  of  whom 

II.  John,  m.  Mary  Cabtbb. 

III.  Thomas,  m.  Grace  Duncan. 

I.  Jane,  b.  5th  July,  1816;  m.  6th  July, 
1843,  Hon.  William  Sbbnb,  of  Skene, 
Hamilton,  Victoria,  member  of  the 
Legislative  Council  for  the  Western 
Province  of  that  colony,  and  d.  25th 
March,  1877,  having;  had  issue  (see 
Skene  of  Mamoo^  vol.  i,  p.  315). 

II.  Margaret,  m.  John  Philip. 

The  eldest  son, 

Jambs  Bobebtson,  of  Mount  Mitchell, 
Ballartt,  Victoria,  J.P.,  b,  18th  May,  1818; 
i».  15th  March,  1852,  Margaret,  fifth  daughter 
of  James  Gobdon,  of  Glenmuick,  Aberdeen- 
shire, Scotland,  by  Mary,  his  wife,  and  rf.  28th 
May,  1893,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

II.  James  Gordon,  6.  10th  August,  1859. 

III.  John  Gordon,  b.  5th  June,  1861. 

IV.  Francis  Bobert  Gordon,  b.  17th 
December,  1862;  m.  Emma  Ochil- 
TBBE,  and  has  three  sons, 

1.  James  Ochiltree. 

2.  Francis  Ochiltree. 

3.  Gordon. 



V.  Claude,  h.  27t;h  December,  1865 ;  d. 

28rd  February,  1866. 
I.  Maiy,   h.  24th    December,  1852;   d. 

30th  March,  1872. 

II.  Annie. 

III.  Christina  G-ordon,  m.  8th  December, 
1887,  Robert  Hugh  Muir  MosKisov. 

IV.  Margaret  G-ordon. 

Hesidsnce — Mount  Mit<>helt,  Ballarat,  Victoria. 


CHARLES  GRANT  TINDAL,  of  Bonshaw,  Inverell,  and  Ramomie, 
New  South  Wales,  now  residing  at  Fir  Grove,  Winchfield,  Hants,  b. 
31  st  July,  1823;  m.  14th  August,  1856,  Anne  Amory,  daughter  of  John 
Tbavers,  of  London,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Charles  Frederick,  of   Ramomie,  N.S.W.,  h.  19th  November,  1857, 

m.  1885,  Caroline  Edith,  daughter  of  Rev.  Henry  Tindal,  and  has 

1.  Charles  Henry,  6.  26th  September,  1887. 

2.  Archibald  Arthur,  6.  30th  August,  1888. 

3.  Travers  Grant,  h.  26th  November,  1892.' 

II.  John  Travers^  of  Karrabil,  N.S.W.,  5.  4th  June,  I860;  m.  20th  Jtine, 

1888,  Mary  Isabella,  daughter  of  Hon.  E.  D.  Ooilvie,  M.L.C,  and 
has  issue, 

1.  John  Humphery,  h,  26th  May,  1889.  , 

1.  Dorothy  Anne  Travers,  h.  August,  1890. 

I.  Anne  Grant. 

II.  Maria  Louisa. 

III.  Jane  Emilia. 

IV.  Elizabeth  Grant;  w.  17th  May,  1893,  Geoffrey  Holt  Stilwell,  eldest 

son  of  John  Pakenham  Stilwkll,  of  Hilfield,  Yateley,  Hants. 

V.  Esther  Kirkpatrick. 

Mp.  C.  G.  Tindal  sailed  in  the  barque  "  Hamlet "  from  England,  on  4th 
September,  1843,  and  landed  at  Sydney,  17th  December,  1843.  He  estab- 
lished in  1866,  the  industry  of  preserving  meat  on  Appert's  principle, 
and  also  the  manufacture  of  Liebig's  extract  of  meat,  both  of  which 
industries  have  been  carried  on  at  Ramomie  since  that  time,  by  the 
Australian  Meat  Company,  on  a  very-  large  scale. 


The  family  of  TvinsnALB,  Ttetdaub,  or 
TnrDAL  came,  it  is  eaid,  originally  &om 
Northumberland,  and  took  their  name  from 
a  dale  there,  near  which  the  North  Tyne  rises 
and  crossing  the  Pict*s  Wall,  joins  the  South 
Tyne  at  I/angley  Castle,  where  the  family 
resided.    A  descendant, 

Bkv.  John  Tindal,  M.A.  Exeter  College, 
Oxford,  rector  of  St.  Ires,  co.  Cornwall,  and 
ricar  of  Cornwood,  co.  Devon,  «t.  Elizabeth, 
daughter  of  Nicholas  Pkideaux,  of  St. 
Thomas,  Barbados,  President  of  Council  in 
that  island,  and  d,  1714,  learing  issue,  four 
sons  and  two  daughters.     His  son  and  heir. 

Bbv.  Nicboxab  Tikdal,  M.A  of  Exeter 

College  and  Fellow  of  Trinity  College, 
Oxfoid,  rector  of  Alverstoke,  eo.  South- 
ampton, vicar  of  Waltham,  Essex,  reotor  of 
Coleboume,  Isle  of  Wight,  chaplain  of 
G-reenwich  Hospital,  and  translator  and 
continuator  of  Bapin's  History  of  JBnglandy 
m.  29th  January,  1710,  Anne,  daughter  of 
John  Keatb,  of  Hagbome,  Berks,  and  d. 
1774,  leaving  issue, 

I.  John,  rector  of  Chelmsford,  Elsex,  «. 
Mary,  daughter  (by  his  first  marriage), 
and  CO  heir  of  the  Bev.  Oliver  Pock- 
ling  ton,  rector  of  Chelmsford,  and 



had  issue,  an  onlj  daughter,  m.  1773, 
Key.  John  iloRQXSf  rector  of  Chelms- 
ford, and  left  isaue, 

II.  Q-BOBOB,  of  whom  presentlj. 

III.  James,  a  captain  in  the  4th  Regi- 
ment of  Dragoons,  who  d.  1760,  and 
left  issue,  Letitia,  d.  unm. 

The  second  son, 

Captain  G^eoboe  Tindal,  of  Coval  Hall, 
Cheimsrord,  Captain  B  N.,  m,  Diana, 
daughter  and  co-lielr  of  Rer.  Oliver 
PooKLiNGTON,  rector  of  Chelmsford  (bj  his 
second  marriage  with  Catherine,  daughter 
and  sole  heir  of  John  BCanwood,  of  Broom- 
field,  Esssx),  and  d.  1777,  having  by  her,  who 
d.  April,  1806,  had  isme, 

I.  ROBBRT,  his  heir. 

II.  G-eorge.  d.  s.  p. 

I.  Diaxia,  d.  unm. 

II.  Ka.therine,  m.  Philip  Williams. 
His  elder  son, 

RoBBBT  Tin  DAL,  of  Coral  Hall,  Chelms* 
ford,  Kssex,  b.  June,  1750,  m.  circa  1773,  Sally 
(ft.  1756),  only  child  of  John  Pocock,  of 
G-reenwieh  Hospital,  Kent,  and  d.  1833, 
having  by^  her,  who  d.  1818,  had  issue, 

I.  Nicholas  Conyngham  (Sir),  Knt., 
M.  A.  Trinity  College,  Cambridge,  Hon. 
D.C.L.  Oxford,  was  Solicitor-Ueneral, 
1826  to  1829,  and  Chief  Justice  of  the 
Court  of  Common  Pleas,  from  1829  to 
1846.  He  was  ft.  12th  December,  1776, 
m.  2nd  September,  1809,  Merelina, 
youngest  daughter  of  Captain  Thomas 
Stmonds,  R.N..  and  d.  6th  July,  1845, 
haying  by  her  who  d.  22nd  February, 
1818,  had  i»sue, 

1.  Nicholas  (Rev.),  M.A.  Trinity 
College,  Cambridge,  vioar  of 
Sandhurst,  oo.  Gloucester,  ft.  6th 
July,  1810,  w.  9th  April,  1839, 
Anne  Frances,  daughter  of  J.  G-. 
ScHWBiTZEB  of  Southall,  Mid- 
dlesex, and  d.  25th  August,  1842, 
having  had  issue, 

(1)  Merelina  Frances,  m. 
Arthur  Stamford,  wlio 
d.  *.  p. 

(2)  Adela  Rose  Ellen,  m.  6th 
October,  1859,  James  Monat, 
M.D.,  V.C.,C.B.,and  Knight 
of  the  Legion  of  Honour, 
Inspector  of  Army  Hospitals. 

2.  Louis  Symonds,  Admiral  R.N.,  ft. 
29th  August,  1811,  m.  15th  June, 
1853,  Henrietta  Maria  O'Dowell 
Whttb,  and  d.  4th  February, 
1876,  leavinff  issue, 

(1)  Nicholas  Charles,  of  Han- 
ningfield,  Essex,  ft.  27th 
November,  1857. 

(1)  Maria  Merelina,  m, 
January,  1876,  Arthur  Mild- 
may  Qepp,  son  of  Thomas 
Morgan  Gepp,  of  Mayntrees, 

(2)  Emily  Frances. 

(3)  Katherine  Mary  Adela. 

3.  Robert  John,  d.  an  infant  3rd 
February,  1814. 

4.  C  larles  John,  d.  unm.  1853. 

1.  Mer.  lina,  ♦».  16th  May,  1840, 
James  Whatman  Bosanqubt,  of 
Claysmor<>,  near  Enfield,  Middle- 
sex, and  d.  2iid  September,  1852, 
leaving  issue. 

2.  Isabella  Juliana,  d.  unm.  18th 
February,  1818. 

II.  John  Pocock,  a  midshipman  R.N., 
killed  in  tiie  engagement  with  the 
Dutch  Fh'ct  at  Carapcrdown,  11th 
October,  1797,  aged  17. 

III.  George,  d.  unm.  1805. 

IV.  Thomas,  of  the  Prebendal  Houi^e, 
Aylesbury,  Bucks,  clerk  of  the 
peace  and  treasurer  of  that  county, 
ft.  31st  August,  1783,  m.  first,  25th 
January,  1809,  Anne,  daughter  of 
Acton  Chaplin,  of  Aylesbury,  Buck**, 
clerk  of  the  peace  and  treasurer  for 
that  county,  and  by  her,  who  d.  23rd 
May,  1812,  had  issue, 

1.  Acton,  of  the  Manor  House, 
Aylesbury,  clerk  of  the  peace  for 
Bucks,  ft.  20th  July,  1811,  «i.  30th 
July,  1846,  Henrietta  Kuphemia, 
daughter  and  heir  of  Rev.  John 
Habbisow,  M.A.,  J.P.,  of  Ramsay, 
Essex,  vicar  of  Dinton,  and  d. 
26th  October,  1880,  having  had 

(1)  Nicholas,  of  Piatt  Hall,  co. 
Lancaster,  M.A.  Pembroke 
College,  Oxford,  ft.  6th 
January,  1848,  assumed  by 
royal  licence  1878,  the 
surname  and  arms  of  Cabill- 
Wobslby,  m.  17th  April, 
1875,  Elizabeth,  daughter 
and  heir  of  Charles  Cabill- 
WoRSLEY,  of  Piatt  Hall, 
Manchester,  and  of  Winster, 
CO.  Derby,  and  great-grand- 
daughter of  Erasmus  Dab- 
win,  M.D.,  and  has  had 

(a)  Charles     Nicholas,    ft. 

20th  August,  1876. 
(ft)  John    Acton,   ft.  20th 

and  d.  2l8t  July,  1877. 

(c)  Acton,  ft.  9th  Septem- 
ber, 1878. 

(d)  Ralph,  ft.  27th  Decem- 
ber, 1881. 

(a)  Clementia,  ft.  27th  May, 

(2)  Acton  GifPord,  B.A.  King's 
College,  Cambridge,  and  of 
Lincoln's  Inn,  ft.  11th 
November,  1849. 

(3)  Charles  Harrison,  B.A., 
and  B.C.L.,  Magdalen  Col- 
lege, Oxford,  and  of  Lincoln's 
Inn,  ft.  15th  March,  1851. 

(1)  Henrietta  Diana,  d.  unm. 
18th  December,  1867. 

(2)  Margaret  Sabina,  twin  with 
her  sister. 

1.  Anne  Eliza,  m.  5th  November, 
1829,  Sir  John  db   Veuille,  of 



St.  IfeHers,  Jersey,  bailiff  of  the 
island,  who  d.  Ist  June,  1848  ; 
she  d.  19lh  February,  1851, 
leaving  issue. 

Mr.  Thomas  Tindal  m.  secondly,  12th 
December,  1S16,  Mar\  Anne,  daughter 
of  Kev.  Henry  Uhtofp,  rector  of 
Huntingfield,  Sussex,  and  cousin  of 
Joshua,  second  Lord  Huntingfield, 
and  d.  26th  July,  1850,  haying  by  her, 
vho  d.  11th  March,  1826,  had  further 

2.  Henry  (liev.),  M.A.,  Brasenose 
College,  Oxon,  Inte  rector  of 
Franckton,  co.  Warwick,  b.  7th 
March,  1820,  w.  29th  November, 
1855,  Emms,  daughter  of  James 
Haydock  Hill,  of  Elmley  Park, 
CO.  Worcester,  and  has  issue. 

3.  Thomas  William,  M.A.  Trinity 
College,  Cambridge,  of  Lincoln's 
Inn,  special  pleader,  b.  8th  S«  p- 
teniber,  1821,  m.  3rd  September, 
1864,  at  the  British  Embassv, 
Paris,  Louisa  Mathilda  (d.  1884), 
daughter  of  Thomas  Tbueman,  of 
HilL  Manchester. 

2.  Mary  Isabella,  m.  20th  January, 
1846J  Bev.  Arthur  Pearson,  M.A ., 
rector  of  Springfield,  Essex,  and 
lias  issue. 

3.  Frances,  d.  unm.  13th  Septem- 
ber, 1832. 

4.  Amelia,  w.  Rev.  John  Radcliffe 
Peetyman,  M.A„  vicar  of  Ayles- 
bury, and  d.  1884,  leaving  issue. 

5.  Cornelia  Jane,  m.  14th  August, 

1851,  Sir  William  Bbowke, 
Knt.,  C.B.,  who  d.  1884. 

V.  Chableb,  of  whom  presently. 

Ti.  Kobert,  M.D.,  of  Colchester,  Essex, 
d.  unm.  1834. 

I.  Marianne  Elizabeth,  m.  George 
PoBTER,  of  Stanshead  Bury,  Herts, 
and  d.  1845. 

II.  Jane,  m.  Bev.  Vincent  Edwabis, 
vicar  of  Broomfield,  Essex,  and  d, 

in.  Sally,    f».    Captain    John    Duncan 

IV.  Ckriana  Isabella,  m.  William  Wooi>- 

ROOFFB,  of  Lincoln's  Inn. 
Mr.  Bobert  TindaPs  fifth  son, 

CoidHANDBB     ChABLES     TiKDAL,   R.N.,    b. 

28th  October,  1786,  m.  25th  October,  1816, 
Anne  Sarah,  daughter  of  James  Gbakt,  of 
Thoby  Priory,  Essex,  and  d.  31st  October, 
1859,  having  by  her,  who  d.  January,  1879, 
had  issue, 

I.  Chables  Gbant,  the  subject  of  this 

II.  Edward  Bobert,  d.  unm.  7th  June, 

III.  Frederick  Colquhoun,  d.  unm.  22nd 
June,  1855. 

IV.  Arthur  de  Veuille,  d.  unm.  7th 
August,   1854. 

V.  Francis  Herringham,  d.  unm.  1857. 

I.  Anna. 

II.  Laura,  d.  unm.  1873. 

III.  Merelina. 

IV.  Isabella. 

T.  Harriet  Jane. 

VI.  Adelaide. 

VII.  Mary. 

Arms — Argent,  a  fesse  dancettee  gules  in  chief  a  fleur  de  lis  azure  between  two 
crescents  of  the  second,  and  in  base  a  crefoent  of  the  last,  between  two  fleurs  de  lis  of  the 

Crest^In  front  of  five  ostrich  feathers  argent,  a  fleur  de  lis  azure,  between  two 
crescents  gules. 

Motto — Nosce  te  ipsum. 

Hendence—¥ir  Grove,  Winchfield,  Hants,  England  j  Bonshaw,  Inverell,  and  Bamomie, 
New  South  Wales. 

HON.  ALEXANDER  RAFF,  of  Grangehill,  Brisbane,  and  of  Logie 
Plains,  Darling  Downs,  Queensland,  member  of  the  Legislative  Coancil 
of  Queensland,  h.  20tli  July,  1820,  at  Forres,  Elginshire,  Scotland;  m.  5th 
June,  1862,  at  Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  Elizabeth  Millar,  eldest  daughter 
of  James  Paterson,  of  Glasgow,  Scotland,  M.D.,  and  has  had  issue, 

I.  James,  b.  9th  September,  1867. 

II.  Alexander  Gumming  Gordon,  h,  4th  April,  1869.;  d.  29th  November 


III.  Geore^e  Paterson,  h.  29th  December,  1870. 

IV.  William,  6.  17th  September,  1872. 

I.  Jessie  Watson,  m.  22nd  December,  1891,  G.  S.  Mciphy. 

II.  Margaret  Gumming,  m.  2nd  August,  1893,  T.  E.  Woolnol'GH. 

III.  Elizabeth  Kelly. 



Mr.  Raff  arrived  in  New  South  Wales  in  1845,  soon  afterwards  went  to 

Victoria,  where  he  remained  five  years,  pursuing  the  occupation  of  a  squatter, 

and  arrived  in  the  colony  of  Qneensland  in  1851.     He  was  appointed  Official 

Assignee,  1865,  and  curator  of  Intestate  Estates,  1868,  and  was  appointed  to  a 

seat  in  the  Legislative  Council,  14th  Aagast,  1884.     He  has  carried  on  the 

occupation  of  a  pastoralist  since  1872. 


This  family  have  for  some  time  past  been 
resident  on  the  Altyre  Estate,  Elginshire, 

GsoBGB  Raff,  m.  Isabella  Stalkbb,  and 
had  a  son, 

Jajibs  Raff,  of  Forres,  Elginshire,  Scot- 
land, farmer,  who  m.  25th  June,  1814,  Mar- 
garet CuMMnro  (who  d.  19th  December,  1815) 
and  d.  2nd  Norember,  1868,  baring  had  issae, 
I.  George,    a    Queensland    colonist    of 
1851,  m.   first,  Harriet,   daughter  of 
Robert  Boubnb,  and  by  her  had  issue 

eight  sons  and  three  daughters,  and 
secondly,  Mrs  Mollb,  widow.  He  d. 
28th  August,  1889,  aged  74  years. 

II.  James. 

III.  Albxandeb  (Hon.),  now  of  Grange- 
hill  and  Logie  Plains. 

IT.  William,  m.  Janet,  daughter  of  Wil- 
liam Watson,  of  Glasgow,  and  has 
issue,  four  sons  and  seven  daughters. 

I.  Margaret,  m.  Jaraes  Macdonalu, 
LL.D.,  of  Glasgow,  and  has  issue^our 
sons  and  four  daughters. 

Mendence* — Grangehill,  Brisbane  ;  and  Logie  Plains,  Darling  Downs,  Queensland. 


ROBERT  MACMICKING,  of  Manus.  Tumbemmba,  Upper  Murray,  New 
South  Wales,  and  of  Cashmere,  Maranoa  River,  Queensland,  b.  12th 
August,  1826;  m.  11th  August,  1869,  Eleanor  Jane,  only  daughter  of  the  late 
Germain  Nicholson,*  of  Melrose,  Domain  Road,  South  Yarra,  Victoria,  J. P. 
(appointed  1857),  and  by  her  has  had  issue  four  sons  aud  three  daughters,  one 
of  whom.  May  Qninta  W.,  d,  at  Nice,  France,  15th  February,  1889,  aged  twelve 
years.  Mi\  MacMicking  in  earlier  life  passed  three  years  at  Manilla,  which 
he  left  on  account  of  ill-health.  His  Recollections  of  Manilla  and  the 
Fhilippinee  during  1848^  i849  and  i850^  has  been  considered  an  authority 
on  the  Philippine  Islands.  On  coming  to  Australia,  1852,  he  eugaged  in 
business  in  Melbourne  for  some  years,  and  then  purchased  Manus,  Upper 
Murray,  in  New  South  Wales,  where  he  has  continued  to  reside  until  the 
present  time.     He  also  purchased  Cashmere,  Maranoa  River,  Qneensland. 

*  Mr.  Qbbmain  Nicholson,  who  was  the  second  son  of  William  Nicholson,  of  the  oo.  of 
Cumberland,  England,  bj  Ellen  G-suMAiir,  his  wife  (whose  father  emigrated  from  Normandy  to 
Ireland),  arrived  in  Melbourne  in  the  ship  ''  Arkwright,"  7th  January,  1842.  In  1851,  he  took 
an  active  part  in  the  movement  to  stop  transportation  into  the  Colonies,  and  was  one  of  tlie 
**  Thirty  Patriots  of  Melbourne  "  (so  designated  by  the  inhabit  ants),  who  each  contributed 
their  money  and  influence  for  this  purpose.  In  1863,  in  conjunction  with  others,  he  originated 
the  Bank  of  Victoria  and  was  sometime  one  of  the  directors  of  that  institution ;  he  was  one  of 
the  originators  in  1854  of  the  Melbourne  and  Hobson's  Bay  Railway  Company,  of  which  he  was 
a  director,  and  he  was  also  .«  director  of  the  Victorian  Life  and  General  Insurance  Company. 
Mr.  Nicholson  was  h.  in  Cumberland,  England,  18th  October,  1814 ;  m,  in  1841,  Eleanor, 
second  daughter  of  Cuthbert  JoBLiwa  (baptised  at  St.  Helen's,  Auckland,  Durham,  England, 
12th  June,  1774),  son  of  Joseph  Joblino  of  West  Auckland,  Durham,  by  Jane  Bobinson,  his 
wife,  and  d,  on  board  ship,  in  the  Bed  Sea,  when  on  his  way  to  Europe,  23rd  November,  1888. 
Four  brothers  followed  Mr.  Nicholson  to  Melbonme,  all  of  whom  predeceased  him ;  one  of 
them,  Thomas  Nicholson,  m.  a  sister  of  the  Hon.  William  Nicholson,  formerly  chief  secretary 
of  the  colony  of  Victoria,  and  d.  9.  p.  His  youngest  brother,  James,  left  an  only  daughter, 
Emmsline  Elizabeth,  wlio  m.  in  1880,  Qilbert  Torrance  MacMiceino,  and  has  issue. 

VOL.  II.  2   I 




This  family  claims  to  represent  the  old 
Ayrshire  and  Wigtownshire  MacMickinqb. 
The  MaoMickinoso/  KiUanfringaH  held  one 
of  the  most  ancient  baronies  of  Ayrshire,  and 
at  rarious  epochs  of  Scottish  history  were  not 
undistinguished.  One  of  their  members  in  1427 
lo«t  his  life  through  hi»  adherence  to  the  Lord 
of  the  Isles,  in  a  rebellion  against  King  Jambs 
I  of  Scotland.  At  the  Keformation,  the 
family  took  a  prominent  part  in  Ayrshire, 
and  during  the  reign  of  Charles  II  many  of 
them  suffered  imprisonment  and  fines  in  the 
cause  of  civil  and  religious  liberty.  Ninth 
in  descent  from  Mahun  Rusid  was  Sib 
G-iLBEBT  MacMichan,  who  m.  Agnes  Mac- 
donald,  daughter  of  John,  son  of  Angus, 
Lord  of  the  Isles.  His  son,  John  MacMichan, 
was  grandfather  of  John,  who  sold  his  estate, 
and  d.  in  France,  1507,  the  last  of  that  ilk ; 
second  in  descent  from  him  was, 

Gilbert  MacMichan,  who  m.  Isabel 
Hamilton,  of  Eillantringan,  co.  Ayr.  His 
eldest  son, 

Gilbert  MacMichan,  of  Killantringan,  b. 
1647  ;  m.  1676,  Janet,  widow  of— McIlwain 
of  Miltonise,  and  purchased  Miltoniso  from 
John  Mollwain,  her  eldest  son  by  her  first 
husband.  Mr.  MacMichan  was  a  staunch 
Covenanter.  Between  1679  and  1688  he  tvas 
imder  sentence  of  death,  and  his  lands  were 
forfeited,  but  his  sentence  was  recalled,  and 
his  lands  restored  to  him  by  Act  of  Parlia- 
ment, William  and  Mart,  1690.  He  d, 
1731,  and  was  *.  by  bis  second  son, 

Thomas  McMickino,  of  Miltonise,  b. 
16S9 ;  m.  Elizabeth,  daughter  of — McHay,  of 
Drangandow,  co.  Kirkcudbright,  and  d.  1782, 
when  he  was  *.  by  his  only  son, 

Gilbert  McMickino,  of  Miltonise,  b. 
1723  ;  m.  Jane  rouQLAS,  and  d.  1800.  He 
was  *.  by  his  son, 

Thomas  McMickino  of  Miltonise,  co.  Wig- 
town, Scotland,  b.  1786,  m.  Jane,  youngest 
daughter  of  John  Morin  of  Lagan,  co.  Dum- 
fries, Scotland,  and  d.  in  1866,  having  had 

I.  Thomas,  of  Bumbrae,  Dumbartonshire, 
Scotland,  J. P.  for  cos.  Wigtown  and 
Dumbarton,  b.  1812,  wi.  first,  1847, 
Agnes,  only  daughter  of  the  late  James 
Andrew  of  Craigend,  co.  Stirling  (she 
d.  in  1867)  ;  and  secondly,  1868,  Mary, 
fourth  daughter  of  the  late  John 
Fleming  of  Clairmount,  co.  Lanark, 
and  had  issue,  one  son,  who  d.  unm.f 
and  four  daughters. 

II.  Gilbert,  of  Miltonise,  co.  Wigtown 
{Town residence^ A2^  Prince's  Gardens, 
8.W.  C/«**— Reform  and  Union),  J.P. 
for  CO.  Lancaster,  J.P.  and  D.L.  for 
CO.  Wigtown,  b.  9th  November,  1823  ; 
was  educated  at  the  High  School  and 

April,  1850j  Helen  Mary,  eldest 
daughter  of  Alexander  MacFarlanb, 
of  Thornhill,  co.  Stirling,  and  d.  1890, 
having  suryived  his  wife,  who  d.  24th 
August,  1883.     He  had  issue, 

1.  Thomas  George  Torrance,  b.  4th 
December,  1853;  m.  1890,  Mar- 
garet R.,  eldest  daughter  of  the 
lite  George  Bullock,  of  Kinloch, 

2.  Alexander,  b.  17th  January,  1857. 

8.  Gilbert,  Captain  R.A.,  of  Milton- 
ise, CO.  Wigtown,  6.  24th  March, 
1862,  m.  1st  November,  1893, 
Gertrude  Rosabel  Catherine, 
joungest  daughter  of  the  late 
Nathaniel  Gore. 

4.  Harrv,  Lieutenant  Royal  Soots,  5. 
28th  October,  1867. 

1.  Helen  Mary,  m.  first,  31st  May, 
1871,  Richard  Dbnman,  eldest  son 
of  the  Hon.  Richard  Denman,  and 
has  issue,  and  obtaining  a  divorce 
from  him  (who  rf.  5th  April,  1888) 
in  April,  1878,  she  m.  secondly, 
Anril,  1879,  J.  Montgomery 
Walker,  son  of  William  Stuart 
Walker,  C.B.,  of  Bowland,  co. 
Selkirk,  and  has  issue.  She  m. 
thirdly,  2nd  November,  1888, 
Henry  William  Primrose  {aee 
Burke's  Peerage,  Rosebbrt,  E.) 

2.  Jane  Maitland,  m.  5th  April, 
1877,  William  Henrv  Bolton, 
eldest  son  of  Joseph  Cheney  Bol- 
ton, M.P.  of  Carbrook,  co.  Stir- 

3.  Catherine,  m.  8rd  February,  1883, 
Lieutenant-Colonel  Edward  Tdf- 
nell,  Royal  Irish  Regiment, 
second  son  of  the  late  E.  Carleton 
Tufnell,  of  Lowndes  Sqiure,  Lon- 
don, and  d.  August,  1889. 

4.  Annie  Margaret,  m.  24th  Norem- 
ber,  1880,  Robert  Acheson  Cromie 
Montagu,  eldest  son  of  the  Right 
Hon.  Lord  Robert  Montagu, 
brother  of  the  seventh  Duke  of 
Manchester,  and  has  issue,  {see 
Burke's  Peerage). 

5.  Alice,  m.  Commander  James 
Startin,  R.N. 

6.  Ethel,  m.  19th  April,  1887,  Wal- 
ter Edward  Barrett,  of  Kersal, 

III.  Robert,  now  of  Tumberumba  and 

I.  Catherine,  m.  John  WiMON,  of  Hill 
Park,  CO.  Stirling. 

II.  Mary. 

III.  Maitland,  «t.    the  late    Rey.   John 

University   of    Edinburgh ;    m.    30th 

Arms — Azure  four  fleurs-de-lis  in  cross  the  tops  to  the  exterior  of  the  shield  or. 

Cr&tt — A  demi-savage  bearing  in  his  dexter  hand  an  arrow,  at  his  back  a  quiver  full  proper. 

Mottoes — "  Res  non  verba  "  and  "  We  hae  dune." 

Residence — Manus,  Upper  Murray,  New  South  W.iles. 

Estates — Manus,  aforesaid,  and  Cashmere,  Maranoa  River,  Queensland. 




ROBERT  HICHENS  HOCKIN,  of  Oak  Lake,  co.  Dennis,  Manitoba, 
Canada,  Notary  Public,  educated  at  Bumey's  Royal  Naval  Academy, 
Gosport,  England,  b.  1860 ;  m.  1890,  Rosa  Caroline  (6.  at  Myrtleford,  Victoria, 
Australia),  second  daughter  and  co-heir  of  Francis  William  Breach,  of 
Shanklin,  Isle  of  Wight,  England,  and  of  Los  Alamos,  in  the  Province  of 
Sonora,  in  the  Republic  of  Mexico,  and  has  issue, 

Francis  Treverne,  b.  at  Oak  Lake,  6fch  August,  1891. 
Mary  Dorothy,  b.  at  Oak  Lake,  Ist  April,  1893. 

JoHir  HocKnr,  h.  circa  1650,  was  possessed 
of  the  manor  of   Gk>dpevy,  in  the  parish  of 
Gwythian,  CO.  Cornwall,  and  d.  leaving  with 
four  other  sons  and  three  daughters, 
I-  JoHX,  of  whom  presently. 
II.  Thomas,  of  Anderscot,  in  the  parish 
of    Liskeard,   co.    Cornwall,   who    m. 
Marion,  daugliter  of  James  Ellis,  of 
Camborne,  co.  Cornwall,  and  d.  leav- 
ing an  only  son, 

John  (Kev.),  vicar  of  Oakhampton, 
and  rector  of  Lydford,  co.  Devon, 
who  left  with  a  daughter  an  only 

Ihomas  Fearce  (Rev.),  vicar  of 
Oakhampton,     from     whom 
descended     the    family     of 
HocKiN  of  Devon, 
The  eldest  son, 

JOHH  HocKiir,  of  Godrevy,  who  m.  and  left 
with  three  daughters  an  only  son, 

JoHW  HoCKiir,  of  Godrevy,  who  m.  Mary 
Claru,  and  left  with  one  other  son,  and  a 
daughter,  a  son, 

Rbv.  William  Hockin,  rector  of  Phillack 
and  awythian  from  1760  to  1817,  m.  Mary 
Elizabeth  Cubnow,  and  had  issue,  two  sons, 
of  whom, 

Rev.  William  HocKiy,  rector  of  Phillack 
and  Owythian,  who  m.  Peggy,  daugliter  and 
eventual  sole  heiress  of  Anthony  Williams, 
a  descendant  of  John  Williams,  of  Ilerring. 
ton,  CO.  Dorset,  who  in  the  14th  century  m, 


the  sole  heiress  of  Richard  Trbvkrne,  of 
Treverne,  co.  Cornwall,  by  which  marriage 
the  lands  of  Treverne  passed  to  the  Williams 
family.  Mr.  Ilockin  left  with  five  other  sons 
and  ibur  daughters, 

JoHw  (third  son),  of  whom  presently. 
Charlt*  (fifth   son),  Lieutenant   in   the 

Marines,  who  fell  at  Sidon  in  1840. 
Frederick  (eighth  son),  in  holy  orders, 
rector  of  Phillack  and  Gwythian,  a 
Canon  of  Truro  and  a  member  of  Con- 
vocation  for  the  Province  of  Canter- 
bury.    Ho  m.  Susan   Anne,  daughter 

and  heiress  of Petty,  of  Well  wood, 

CO.  Cumberland,  and  had  issue,  with  a 
daughter,  an  only  son, 
Thomas  Edmund,  of  Well  wood,  co. 
The  third  son, 

John  Hockin,  of  Beckenham,  co.  Kent, 
sometime  an  officer  in  H.E.l.C.  Navy,  manag- 
ing director  of  the  St.  John  del  Rcy  Gold 
Mming  Company.  He  m.  Mary,  daughter  of 
W^illiam  Michens,  of  St.  Ives,'  co.  Corn\vnll 
(the  family  of  HiCH ENS  removed  to  St.  Ives, 
CO.  Cornwall,  from  Saltash,  in  the  same  co. 
iemp.  Philip  and  Mast).  He  had  issue, 
with  four  other  sons  and  five  daughters, 

I.  George  Treverne,  of  Southport, 
Queensland,  Australia,  who  rf.  1885, 
leaving  a  son,  John  Treverne. 

II.  Robert  Hichens,  of  Oak  Lake,  the 
subject  of  this  memoir. 

CreH—On  a  rock  a  seagull  rising  all  ppr. 

Motto — Hoc  in  loco  Deus  mpes. 

Rendence—Ofik  Lake,  co.  Dennis,  Manitoba,  Canada. 


JAMES    CECIL  COLDHAM-FUSSELL,    of    Hodnet    Cottage,    Falcon 

Va         r\  ^      \  ^'^'"^'  ^"'^  ""''*'*  ^'''««'  '»''<ii''»  ^"te"-  H.M.  Customs, 
Sydney  6.  at  Paraham,  co.  Surrey,  7th  September,  18M ;  m.  9th  June,  1868, 

r„rK     r^'  '"""°«^  '^•^"S^**'^  *'*  ^^li*""  »«<!  Catherine  Wilkes. 

ftna  nag  had  issue,  ' 

2  T  2 



I.  Vernon,  6.  14th  May,  1869. 

II.  Edgar,  h.  20tli  September,  1870. 

III.  Archibald,  b.  14th  June,  1872 ;  d.  25th  May,  1873. 

IV.  James,  b.  5th  February,  1874. 

V.  Jervis,  b.  25th  September,  1882. 

VI.  Warwick,  6.  6th  June,  1889. 

I.  Nina,  6.  27th  May,  1876. 

II.  Ruby,  b.  16th  June,  1878;  d.  23rd  September,  1881. 

III.  Lynette,  b.  14th  September,  1880. 

IV.  Coldham,  6.  8th  October,  1884. 

V.  Gwendaline,  b.  13th  April,  1887. 

VI.  Genista,  b.  7th  October,  1891. 

Mr.  Fussell,  with  his  mother  and  sisters,  sailed  for  Melbourne  in  December, 
1854,  in  the  '*  Australia  "  (Captain  Robinson),  his  father  having  arrived  there 
in  the  previous  year. 


Petbb  FrssELL,  of  Wincbester,  Hants, 
5.  24th  April,  1637,  d.  6th  October,  1707, 
baving  surrived  hie  wife,  who  d.  3rd  April, 
17(  2.     His  second  son, 

William  Fussell,  b.  lltb  September, 
1666,  was  father  of, 

PxTEB  Fussell,  b.  18th  Norember,  1696, 
who,  hy  Hannah,  his  wife  (who  was  baptised 
4tb  Jnnnaij,  1697),  had  a  son, 

Pbteb  Fussell,  organist  of  Winchester 
Cathedral,  who  was  b.  17th  September, 
1728;  m.  Ann,  daughter  and  (with  her 
sister,  Mary,  wife  of  John  Knight,  of 
Famham)  eo-heiress  of  Peter  Coldham, 
son  of  George  Coldham,  of  Waverley  Abbey, 
by  Mary  his  wife,  daughter  of  Sir  George 
VERNOir,  and  d.  27th  July,  1802,  leaying  a 

Jambs  Fussell,  of  Crabb  Hall,  Owslebury, 
Hants,  and  of  All  Souls  and  Magdalen  Col- 
leges, Oxford,  who  m.  Cecilia  Jane  Jebvis, 
widow  (nSe  Vinet),  mother  of  the  late  Rear- 
Admiral  William  Henry  Jebvis,  K.N.,  and 
by  her  (who  d.  at  Brighton,  co.  Sussex,  1853, 
aged  82)  had  two  sons,  Cecil  Coldham  and 
Jambb.    He  d.  1810.     His  younger  son, 

James  Fussell,  of  Crabb  Hall,  Owsleljury, 
aforesaid,  5.  251  h  March,  1810;  sailed  for 
Melbourne  in  the  "Marco  Polo"  (Captain 
Forbes),  in  1853 ;  m.  24th  November,  1835, 
Sarah  (n^e  Mooee)  widow  of  John  Wells, 
of  Famham,  co.  Surrey  (by  whom  she  had  a 
son,  William,  of  Farnham),  and  by  her  (who 
was  6.  at  Ockham,  near  Ripley,  co.  Surrey, 
23rd  October,  1801,  and  d.  13th  August, 
1874)  had  issue  (all  b,  at  Farnham,  co. 

I.  James  Cecil,  now  of  North  Sydney. 

I.  Cecilia  Jane,  m.  first,  Sylvester 
Walsh,  by  whom  she  has  issue,  one 
son  and  four  daughters,  and  secondly, 
J.  P.  LAifOLBY,  and  by  him  has  issue 
on**  daughter. 

II.  Ellen,  m.  W.  K.  Gbaham,  and  has 
issue,  three  sons  and  two  daughters. 

III.  Sarah,  «i.  C.  T.  Wben,  but  has  no 

IV.  Ann  Coldham,  m.  William  Abm- 
STBOKO,  and  has  issue,  two  sons  and 
one  daughter. 

Mr.  James  Fussell  d.  19th  January,  1876. 

AttM — Sa.,  a  fesse  engr.  between  four  fusils  or,  on  a  chief  of  the  last  three  crosses  flory 
of  the  first  {for  Fussell,  quartering  Coldham,  Vebnon,  Atenel,  Camville,  Stackpolb, 
Peneidgb,  Pyi'b,  Ludlow,  and  others). 

Crest — Between  two  laurel  branches  ppr.  a  fnsil  or,  charged  with  a  cross  as  in  the  arms. 

Motto— Al  A. 

Bindence—'Hodiiet  Cottage,  Falcon  Street,  North  Sydney,  New  South  Wales. 


Hall  (formerly  known  as  Oaklands),  East  Tytherley,  co.  Southampion, 
J.P.,  D.L.,  and  County  Councillor  for  that  co.,  High  Sheriff  1877,  lord  of  the 
manors  and  patron  of  the  livings  of  East  Tytherley  and  Lockerly  cum  East 
Dean,  b,  at  Montreal,  Canada,  3rd  December,  1817 ;  m.  12th  December,  1856, 


Blanche  Elizabetli  Trosse,  only  daughter  of  John  Allen,  of  Coleridge  House, 
Stekenham,  co.  Devon,  by  Marianne  Catherine,  bis  wife,  daughter  of  Edmund 
Nathaniel  William  Fortescue,  of  Fallowpit,  co.  Devon,  and  by  her  (who  d. 
llth  April,  1883)  had  issno, 

I.  Frederick  John,  of  Lockerley  Hall,  Hants,  Captain  16th  (the  King's) 

Hussars,  h.  19th  November,  1866. 

II.  Henry  Barkly,  Lieutenant  7th    (the  Queen's  Own)  Hussars,  6.  15th 

August,  1868. 

III.  Charles  Gonnerman,  h.  17th  January,  1870. 

IV.  Alexander  George,  student  at  Trinity  Hall,  Cambridge,  5.  16th  March, 


V.  Robert  William,  Sub-Lieutenant  R.N.,  6.  21st  May,  1872. 

I.  Eliza  Blanche,   6.   8th  August,  1860 ;  w.  5th  August,  1879,  Herbert 

Horatio,  Viscount   Trafalgar,  eldest  son  of   the  third  Earl  Nel- 

II.  Kate  Fortescue,  h.  llth  March,  1862 ;  d.  21st  August,  1869. 

m.  Isabella  Constance,  6.  16th  January,  1864;  m.  12th  Aagust,  1884, 
the  late  Charles  William  Selwyn,  Captain  Royal  Horse  Guards, 
M.P.  for  North  Cambridgeshire,  eldest  son  of  the  late  Right  Hon. 
Sir  Charles  Jasper  Selwyn. 

rv.  Edith  Mary,  h.  19th  July,  1865. 

V.  Millicent,  b.  3rd  July,  1874;  d.  15th  July  following. 

VI.  Gladys  Violet,  5.  12th  April,  1877. 

VII.  Dorothy  Maud,  h,  27th  May,  1879, 

Mr.  F.  G.  Dalgety  emigrated  to  Sydney  in  1834,  being  then  sixteen  years 
of  age,  and  entered  the  office  of  Messrs.  Joseph  Barrow,  Montefiore  and  Company, 
merchants  in  Sydney,  where  he  received  his  mercantile  education.  In  1842, 
he  went  to  Melbourne  and  opened  a  mercantile  firm  under  the  style  of  Griffiths, 
Borradaile  and  Company,  and  on  the  retirement  of  Mr.  G,  R.  Griffiths  in 
1845,  he  became  the  senior  partner,  when  the  style  of  the  firm  became  Dalgety, 
Borradaile  and  Gx)ll.  In  1854,  in  conjunction  with  Mr.  F.  A.  Du  Croa,  he 
opened  a  house  in  London,  in  connection  with  branches  in  Australia,  New 
Zealand  and  Tasmania,  under  the  style  of  Dalgety  and  Company,  which  firms 
were  converted  into  a  limited  liability  company  in  April,  1884,  under  the 
style  of  Dalgety  and  Company,  Limited,  of  which  company  Mr.  F.  G.  Dalgety 
was  chairman.  He  was  also  chairman  of  the  British  and  Australasian  Trust 
and  Loan  Company,  deputy  chairman  of  the  New  Zealand  Trust  and  Loan 
Company,  and  a  director  of  the  Union  Bank  of  Australia.  Mr.  Dalgety  d, 
20th  March,  1894. 

ThiB  family  is  of  Scottish  origin. 

John  Dalobtt,  of  Mildens,  in  the  parish 
of  Bescobie,  co.  Forfar,  N.B.,  m.  Elizabeth 
MosBis,  and  had  a  son, 

Captaik  Alexaot)!*  Dalobtt,  lOlst  Eegi« 
ment  of  Foot,  of  Fort  Pitt,  in  the  parish  of 
St.  Margaret,  Rochester,  co.  Kent,  sometime 
deputy  assistant  quartermaster-general  of  the 
army,  who  was  b.  March,  1761  j  «i.  first, 
at  Montreal,  Canada,   15th  January,  1785, 


Dorothy  Jahe  Gonnbbman,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  at  Grenada,  10th  May,  1795)  had 

I.  James,  ft.  llth,  and  d.  27th  February, 

II.  Charl^,  b.  3rd,  and  d,  7th  September, 

III.  Albxavbbb,  of  whom  hereafter. 

IV.  Frederick,  b.  9th  May,  1794,  d.  llth 
July,  1795. 



I.  Eliza,  h.  lltli  Janimrj,  1792,  d.  2n  d 
July,  1795. 

Captain   Dalgeiy   m.  secondly,  at    Bideford, 

CO.  Devon,  3rd  May,  1797,  Eliza,  daughter  of 

Edmund   Smale,  of  Bideford,   and   by  her 

(who  d.  11th  November,  1839)  had  issue, 

T.  John  Sinale,  Provost-Marshal-General 

of  Honduras,  and  private  secretary  to 

Major-General  Sir  Francis  Cockburn, 

h.  12th  Julv,  1798,  d.  unm.  let  July, 

1832,  aged  34. 

Ti.  Frederick  Henry,  major  in  the  army 

and  paymaster  of  depdts  and  battalions, 

Chatham,  b.  18th  March,  1803 ;  d.  unm. 

13th  August,  1856. 

Tii.  James  William,  lieutenant-colonel, 

b.  I4th  January,  1805  ;  m.  28th  April, 

1810,  Charlotte,  daughter  of  Edmund 

Nathaniel  William  Foetescue,  of  Fal- 

lowpit,  before  mentioned,  and  d.  28th 

November,  1869,  having  by  her,  who 

d.  13th  June,  188*s,  had  issue,  a  son. 

Colonel  Koginald  Williim  Dalgety, 

C.B.,  m.  1877,  Kate,  widow  of  W.  S. 


VIII.  Samuel  Gonnerman,  Lieutenant  in 
the  45th  Regimint  of  Foot,  ft.  2nd 
March,  1807 ;  m.  in  New  South 
Wales,  Elizabeth  Wiseman,  of  Wise- 
man's Ferry,  Hawkesbury  River,  New 
South  Wales  (who  d.  at  Sydney,  8th 
February,  1878),  and  d.  at  Sydney, 
15th  July,  1852,  having  had  issue, 
four  daughters. 

IX.  Edmund  Augustus,  Lieutenant  17th 
Regiment  of  Foot,  ft.  29tli  December, 
1810,  d.  unm.  9th  October,  1886. 

II.  Eliza  Morrison,  ft.  4th  June,  1800; 
m.  Lieutenant-Colonel  Henry  SiM- 
HONDS,  of  the  St.  Helena  Regiment 
(who  d.  27th  July,  1869),  and  d.  7th 
November,  1871. 

III.  Dorothy  Mary  Jnne,  ft.  17th  October, 
1808;  m.  4th  October,  1833,  Samuel 

Moore,  of  Bond's  Glen,  co.  London- 
derry, fourth  eon  of  Joseph  Moobb,  of 
the  same   plane,   by   Anne,   his    first 

wife,  the  daujjhter  of  Flktchkb, 

merchant  of  the  city  of  London,  and 
d.   Ist  November,  1877,  having  long 
survived    her    husband,    who    d.    at 
Oakover,  Swan   River,  Weslem  Aus- 
tralia,  4th    July,   18i9.      They    had 
issue  (see  MoOBE  of  FremantU). 
IV.  Mary  Smale,  ft.  2nd  October,  1812 ; 
d.  27th  January,  1815,  and  was  buried 
in  the  Tower  of  London. 
Captain   Dalgety    d.    17th   May,   1827,  and 
was    buned    at    Bidtford,   co.   Devon.     His 
eldest  surviving  son, 

LiErTEWAXT  Albxandeb  Dalgety,  of  the 
89th  Regiment  of  Foot,  was  ft.  23rd  September, 
1788;  m.  first,  30th  December,  1815,  Eliza 
DoBiDGB,  of  Bideford,  co.  Devon,  and  by 
her  (who  d,  19th  July,  1843,  aged  53)  had 

I.  FBEDSBICK  GoiTfiEBHAN,  late  of 
Lockerley  Hall. 

II.  Alexander,  ft.  11th  July,  1830,  d.  at 
sea,  10th  September,  18.34. 

III.  William  John,  ft.  11th  August,  1827, 
d.  23rd  November,  1834. 

IV.  Richard  Butler,  ft.  1st  August,  1833. 

V.  Edmund  Simmonds,  ft.  28th  May, 
1835,  d.  unm.  in  New  Zealand,  18th 
March,  18fi7. 

I.  Dorothy  Jane,  ft.  4th  October,  1822, 
d.  unm.  7th  December,  1842. 
He  m.  secondly,  16th  September,  1844,  Mary 
Chanter,  daughter  of  John  Cawsbf,  of  Bide- 
ford, and  by  her  had  issue, 

Yi.  Alexander  William,  of  Eensinston 
House,  Fie'son  Road,  St.  Heliers, 
Jewey,  ft.  27th  Mav,  1846. 
Lieutenant  Alexander  Daigety  d.  at  Bideford, 
18th  May,  1853,  aged  64.  His  widow  m. 
secondly,  Thomas  Huxtablb,  of  Bideford, 
and  d.  4th  July,  1888. 

Arms — Gu.  a  swan  arg.  gorged  with  a  collar  gemel  az.  within  a  bordure  of  the  second, 
charged  with  four  thistles  two  in  chief  and  two  in  base  slipped  ppr. 

Crest — A  lion  ramp,  guard,  gu.,  gorged  with  a  wreath  of  oak  or  supporting  a  shield  arg. 
thereon  a  thistle  slipped  ppr. 

Motto — Vincit  qui  patitur. 

Mes'denee — Lockerley  Hall,  East  Tytherley,  Hants. 

Clubs — Oriental,  Union,  and  City,  in  London,  and  Melbourne,  in  Slelboiirne. 


THE  LATE  HON.  JOHN  BOYD,  of  the  city  of  St.  John,  New  Bruns- 
wick, Canada,  Lieutenant-Governor  of  New  Brunswick,  6.  28th 
September,  1828,  m.  4th  September,  1852,  Annie  E.,  daughter  of  Cereno 
P.  Jones,  of  Weymouth,  Nova  Scotia,  and  d,  8.  j).  4th  December,  1893. 

Mr.  Boyd's  father  lived  at  Magherafelt,  co.  Deny,  Ireland,  and  his  grand- 
father was  an  elder  in  the  Covenanting  Church  of  Scotland.  His  family 
came  from  Argyleshire,  in  the  17th  century,  with  a  colony  of  brave  Presby- 
terians who  had  resi>ted  unto  blood  during  the  stormy  period  of  the  death  of 
the  Marquess  of  Argyll,  and  were  the  men  who  founded  the  prosperity  of  the 


province  of  Ulster,  in  Ireland,  which  it  still  enjoys.  Mr.  Boyd  emigrated  to 
New  Brunswick,  and  early  entered  into  political  life  there,  and  took  part  with 
his  friends,  Sir  Leonard  Tilley  and  the  late  Governor  Wilraot,  in  the  discussions, 
which  ended  in  i*esponsihle  government,  the  union  of  the  colony,  and  the  national 
policy  in  trade  matters,  the  latter  caused  mainly  by  the  abrogation  by  the 
United  States  of  the  Reciprocity  Treaty  between  the  States  and  Canada  in 
1866.  Mr.  Boyd  was  a  delegate  to  the  Detroit  Convention  in  June,  1865,  of 
the  boards  of  trade  in  the  United  States  and  Canada,  and  one  of  those  chosen, 
with  the  Hon.  Joseph  Howe,  of  Nova  Scotia,  and  the  Hon.  James  Skead,  of 
Ontario,  to  speak  for  Cnnada.  In  the  Senate  he  made  the  closing  speech  for 
the  Canadian  Pacific  Railway,  in  1881.  In  1858,  he  wrote  a  pamphlet  in 
favour  of  railway  extension  between  St.  John  and  Main?,  and  was  an 
earnest  advocate,  in  the  press  and  on  the  platform,  of  the  union  of  the 
provinces  in  1867.  For  sixteen  years  he  was  chairman  of  the  school  board 
in  St.  John,  and  to  his  endeavours  Catholics  and  Protestants  alike  are 
indebted  for  the  harmonious  settlement  of  their  difficulties,  and  for  this 
the  Catholic  bishop  publicly  thanked  him.  He  took  a  keen  interest  in 
emigration,  and  visited  Ireland  and  Scotland  for  the  purpose  of  pointing  out 
the  capabilities  of  his  province  for  farming.  He  has  interested  himself  much 
in  the  settlement  of  the  children  sent  from  the  industrial  schools  of  Glasgow. 
He  has  been  closely  connected  with  all  the  charitable,  literary,  commercial, 
and  national  movements  of  his  province,  and  after  the  great  fire  of  1877,  in 
which  he  lost  heavily,  he  was  foremost  in  stirring  up  the  hearts  of  the  citizens 
to  take  courage  and  to  rebuild  the  progressive  and  beautiful  city  of  St.  John. 
Mr.  Boyd  was  appointed  a  senator  of  the  Dominion  of  Canada,  10th  February, 
1880,  which  position  he  continued  to  occupy  till  22nd  September,  1893,  when 
he  was  appointed  to  the  office  of  Lieutenant-Governor  of  New  Brunswick,  as 
successor  to  the  Hon.  Sir  Samuel  Leonard  Tilley  :  this  position  he  was  only 
privileged  to  occupy  for  about  two  months  and  a  half,  having  d.  very  suddenly 
4th  December,  1893.  On  the  7th  December  the  government  of  New  Bruns- 
wick accorded  to  the  remains  of  Mr.  Boyd  a  public  funeral,  which  was  the 
largest  and  most  representative  one  ever  given  to  a  public  man  in  the  maritime 
provinces.  It  was  reckoned  that  30,000  people  witnessed  it.  Mr.  Boyd,  whose 
mother  d.  at  St.  John,  in  May,  1877,  had  one  brother,  James  Smyth  Boyd,  who 
d.  in  Australia. 

Sendence — 27,  Queen  Square,  St.  John,  New  Brunflwick. 


WILLIAM  DALGETY  MOORE,  of  Fremantle,  and  of  Oakover,  Guild- 
ford, Western  Australia,  chairman  of  the  chamber  of  commerce, 
h.  30th  August.  1835 ;  m,  firstly,  19th  July,  1860,  Susanna  Monger,  and 
secondly,  20th  February,  1879,  Annie  Gallop,  and  has  issue, 

I.  William  Dalgety,  b,  27th  July,  1864. 

II.  George  Frederick,  ft.  14th  December,  1865. 

III.  Cbarlee  Ernest,  b,  25th  April,  1870. 



IV.  Albert  William,  b.  12th  May,  1881. 

I.  Mary. 

II.  Amy  Elizabeth,  m.  Lionel  de  Courcy  Hirston. 
HI.  Violet  Hope. 

lY.  Susanna  Dora. 

V.  Annie. 

Yi.  Rose  Blanche. 
Yii.  Zoe. 
Yiii.  Dorothy. 
IX.  Iri.e. 


This  is  Baid  to  be  a  branch  of  the  Mubes  of 
CaldtceU.vfho  are  immediatelj  descended  from 
Sir  Reginald  More,  or  Mure,  of  Abercom  and 
Cowdams,  who  appears  to  have  been  Cham- 
bjrlain  of  Scotland  as  early  as  1329,  the  first 
year  of  the  reign  of  David  II.  The  name 
occurs,  written  at  various  periods,  More,  Mure, 
Muir,  Moor,  Ac.  The  arms  of  "  Muir  of 
Caldwell,"  and  "Muir  of  Rowallan,"  being 
then  the  two  chief  houses  of  the  name  in 
Scotland,  are  exhibited  on  page  46  of  the 
Scottish  Heraldry,  emblazoned  by  Sir  David 
Lindsay,  Lord  Lyon,  about  the  year  1540. 
Those  of  Caldwell  present  the  plain  shield  of 
the  Mores,  "three  mullets  on  a  bend"; 
while  on  the  shield  of  Bowallan  are  quartered 
the  Wheatsheaves  of  the  Comyns. 

The  most  ancient  of  the  name  on  record 
are  the  Mobbs  of  Polkellyy  near  Kilmarnock 
in  CO.  Ayr;  one  of  whom,  David  de  More, 
appears  as  wit  ness  to  a  charter  of  Alexander 
II.  The  direct  male  line  of  I'olkeliy  be- 
coming extinct,  the  estate  pasfed,  by  marri- 
age of  the  heir  female,  to  the  Mores  of 
Rowallan,  cadets  of  the  family  who  liad 
acquired  the  neighbouring  estate  of  Row- 
allan from  the  Comyns,  its  ancient  Lords. 

GiLCUBiST  MoBB,  youugcr  son  of  Sir 
Reginald  More,  of  Abercorn  (one  of  the 
commissioners  appointed  in  1340  to  treat  with 
the  Lords  Percy,  Mowbray,  and  Neville  on  a 
truce  between  the  two  nations),  became  the 
male  representative  of  the  House  of  Aber- 
corn at  the  of  his  elder  brother, 
William.  To  him  descended  the  property  of 
Cowdams.  The  estate  of  Caldwell,  in  the 
shires  of  Ayr  and  R(  nf  rew,  he  is  supposed 
to  have  acquired  by  marriage  with  the  heir 
of  Caldwell,  of  that  ilk,  then  a  family  of 
some  note,  having  given  a  chancellor  to 
Scotland,  1349.  From  Gilchrist,  lineally 

John  Muke,  of  Caldwdl  (eldest  son  of 
John  Muhb,  of  Caldwell,  by  his  wife  the 
Lady  Janet  Stkwabt,  daughter  of  Matthew, 
Earl  of  Lennox),  who  inherited  Caldwell, 
1539.  He  m.  firstly,  the  Lady  Isabel  Mont- 
GOMEBIE,  daughter  of  Hugh,  first  Karl  of 
Kglinton,and  secondly.  Christian,  daughter  of 
Nmian,  Lord  Ross,  of  Hawkliearl,  and  had 
(with  younger  children)  two  sons, 

I.  John    (Sir)   of    Caldwell,    m.    Janet 
Kennedy,  of  Bargeny,  and  was  slain 

10th  September,  1750,  by  the  Cunning- 
hames,  of  Aikett.  and  Raebume,  of 
that  ilk.  He  had  three  sons,  William, 
James,  and 

Robert  (Sir),  of  Caldwell,  heir  to 
liis  father ;  m.  firstly,  Elisabeth, 
daughter  of  Eincaid,  of  that 
ilk ;  and  secondly,  Barbara, 
daughter  of  Sir  George  Pbbston, 
of  Valleyfield,  and  relict  of  Robert, 
Lord  Senipill,  by  whom  be  left 
a  daughter,  m.  Sir  William 
Hamilton,  Bart.,  of  Preston. 
About  1610,  the  lands  of  Thorn- 
ton, near  Kilmarnock,  long  in 
possession  of  the  family,  were 
alienatM  to  a  cadet,  founder  of 
the  House  of  Mubb  of  Thornton^ 
the  male  line  of  which  beooming 
extinct  1701,  in  the  person  of  Sir 
Archibnld  Mure,  Lord  Provost  of 
Edinburgh,  the  estate  passed  by 
his  heir  female  to  John  Cunning- 
hame,  of  Caddel.  By  his  first 
wife.  Sir  Robert  had  two  sons, 
John,  who  d.s.p.,  and  James,  who 
m.  Margaret,  daugliter  of  Sir 
William  Mubb,  of  Rowallan,  and 
left  at  his  death,  v.  p.y  four  sons 
and  as  many  daughters;  the 
elder  son,  Robert,  successor  to  bis 
grandfather,  m.  Jean,  daughter  of 
Uchtred  Knox,  of  Ramphorlie, 
and,  it  seems,  fell  in  battle  about 
1610,  having  had  with  a  daughter 
(Euphemia,  m.  her  kinsman, 
William  Mubb,  of  Glanders- 
town),  three  sons,  successively,  of 
Caldwell,  the  youngest  of  whom, 
William,  of  Caldwell,  m.  1055, 
Barbara,  daughter  of  Sir  William 
CuNNiNOHAME,  of  Cunninghame- 
h ead .    This  laird  was  attainted  for 

i'oining  the  Covenanters,  fled  to 
lolland,  and  d.  in  exile.  His 
estates  on  forfeiture  w^ere  granted 
to  the  celebrated  General  Dalzell. 
His  lady  was  imprisoned  with  two 
of  her  daughters,  in  Blackness 
Castle,  and  underwent  much  cruel 
persecution.  Of  Caldwell's  three 
daughters,  Jane,  the  elder,  m. 
Colonel  John  Ebskinb,  of  Oar- 



nock,  but  left  no  iasue;  Anne, 
the  youngest,  d.  during  the  perse- 
cution of  the  familj ;  while 
Barbara,  the  second  daughter, 
lired  to  obtain  bj  special  Act  of 
Parliament,  19th  Julv,  1690,  a 
full  restitution  of  her  patri- 
monial estates.  She  m.  John 
Faiblib,  of  that  ilk,  but  djing 
without  issue,  was  9.  by  her  kins- 
man, Willi Atf,  fourth  Laird  of 
II.  William,  of  Glanderstown. 
John  Mure  d.  about  1544.     His  second  son, 

William  Mitbb,  of  Glanderstown,  m. 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Gkrin  Hamilton,  of 
Baploch,  and  had  with  a  daughter  (Janet, 
wife  of  John  Pollock,  of  that  ilk),  a  son 
and  hf  ir, 

William  Mubb,  of  Glanderstown,  who  m. 
Jean,  daughter  of  Rev.  Hans  Hamilton,  and 
sister  of  James,  Enrl  of  Clanbrassil,  by  whom 
he  left,  at  his  decease,  1640,  with  a  daughter 
(Janet,  wife  of  Ber.  John  Cabstaibs,  and 
mother  of  WiJ  Ham  Oarstairs,  the  patriot) ,  a  sen, 
WiLiiAM  Mubb,  of  Glanderstown,  who 
m.  his  kinswoman,  Euphemia  Mubb,  of 
Caldwell,  before-mentioned,  and  had  issue, 

I.  William,  fourth  Laird  of  Glanders- 
town, and  of  Caldwell,  to  which  latter 
estate  he  succeeded  on  the  death, 
without  issue,  of  his  kinswoman, 
Barbara,  second  daughter  of  William 
Mure,  of  Caldwell,  and  wife  of  John 
Fairlie.  He  m.  Margaret,  daughter  of 
Sir  George  Mowat,  Bart.,  but  dying 
9.  p.  was  s.  by  his  nephew,  William. 

II.  Jambs,  of  whom  we  treat, 
llie  second  son. 

Jambs  Mvbb,  of  Bhoddens,  in  Ireland,  m. 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  George  Hutchinson, 
of  Monkwood,  eo.  Ayr,  and  hcd  eighteen 
children,  of  whom  were, 

William,  elder  son  and  heir  to  his  uncle, 
William,  of  Glanderstown  and  Cald- 
well, m.  1710,  Anne,  daughter  of  Sir 
James  Stbwabt,  Bart.,  of  Goodcrees 
and  Colt  I  less,  Lord  Advocate  of  Scot- 
land, and  dying  1722,  left,  with  a 
daughter  (Agnes,  m.  the  Hon.  Patrick 
BoTLE,  of  Shewalton),  a  son  and 
successor,  William,  of  Caldwell,  M.P. 
for  CO.  Benfrew  from  1742  to  1761, 
one  of  the  Barons  of  the  Scottish 
Exchequer,  from  whom  is  descended 
William  Mubb,  of  Caldwell,  co.  Ayr 
(see  Bubkb's  Landed  Gentry,  Mubb 
of  Caldwell). 

George,  Lieutenant* Colonel  Scots  Greys, 
wounded  at  the  battle  of  Fontenoy,  m. 
Jane  Battbat,  of  Craigholl,  and 
widow  of  Sir  J.  Elphin stone,  of  Logic, 
CO.  Aberdeen,  and  had  issue  three  sons. 

Alexander  (Captain),  wounded  at  the 
battle  of  Fontenoy. 

Hutchinson,  of  Saxham  Hull,  near  Bury 
St.  Edmunds,  co.  Suffolk,  a  merchant 
in  London.  His  descendants  settled 
in  CO.  Suffolk. 

Samubl,  from  whom  William  Dalgety 

Moore,  ^    of      Fremantle,      Western 

Australia,  claims  descent. 
The  youngest  son, 

Samuel  Moobb,  of  Convoy,  co.  Donegal, 
m.  Bose  McClbnahan,  and  had  issue, 

I.  William,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Robert,  of  Londonderry,  *».  1775, 
Elizabeth  (or  Anne)  Scott,  and  d.  in 
America  in  the  early  part  of  the 
present  century,  leaving  issue, 

1.  Joseph,  m.  Miss  Mbasb,  and  hafl 
a  son,  Bartholomew,  who  d»  in 

2.  Andrew,  d.  unm, 

3.  Samuel,  m.  Miss  HuGHBS,  but 
d.  8.  p. 

4.  William,  of  Molenan,  m.  1835, 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Bobert 
Maxwbll,  of  Armagh,  and  d, 
1853,  leaving  issue, 

(1)  Robert  Lyon,  of  Molenan, 
CO.  Londonderry,  J. P.  and 
D.L.  for  that  county,  and 
J. P.  CO.  Donei^al,  high  sheriff 
CO.  Derry,  1877,  co.  Donegal, 
1886,  M.A.  Trinity  College, 
Dublin,  barrister-at-law,  b. 
1836,  m.  1867,  Mary  Eliza- 
beth  Moore,  daughter  of  the 
late  John  Munn,  J.P.,  and 
has  issue, 

(a)  Robert  Lyon,  b.  1868. 

(b)  William         MaxweU 
Scott,  b.  1870. 

(c)  Walter,  b.  1871. 

(a)  Mary  Elizabeth 

(b)  Patience  Violet  Holford. 

(2)  Samuel  Maxwell. 

(1)  Wilhelmina   Elizabeth,   m, 
Walter  Gbebn,  but  d.  9.  p. 
1.  Eliza. 
The  elder  son, 

William  Moobe,  of  LondondeiTy,  m. 
Jane  Scott,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Joseph,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  William,  d.  unm, 

III.  Samuel,  m.  Patience  Obb,  but  d.  s.p, 
IT.    *1ohn,    of    Gaiway,    m.    Margaret 


I.  Rosa,  m.  Thomas  Pbenticb. 

II.  Elizabeth,  m.  Robert  Patten,  and 
had  issue,  with  a  daughter  (Jane,  m, 
Charles  Blase,  of  Merlin  Park),  a  son, 
William  Moore,  who  m.  Charlotte 
Sti-wabt,  and  had  issue,  Bobert,  of 
Clone,  Wicklow,  m.  his  kinswoman, 
Elizabeth  Bbown,  daughter  of  Joseph 
Scott  Moobe,  of  Manor  Kilbride,  co. 
Wicklow;  William  Henry,  Lieutenant- 
Colo  )  el  R.E. ;  Anna,  d.  unm. 

III.  F^^nces,  m.  Matthew  Phibbs. 

IV.  Jane,  d.  unm. 
The  e'dest  son, 

Joseph  Moobb,  of  Bond's  Glen,  co. 
Londonderry,  m.  firstly,  Anne,  daughter  of 
George  Fletcheb,  merchant  of  the  city  of 
London,  by  whom  he  had, 

I.  Joseph  Scott,  of  Manor  Kilbride,  co. 
Wicklow;   m.  Elicabeth  Bbown  and 



liad  iBsne,  Joseph  Fletcher,  of  Manor 
Kilbride,  uho  m.  Jane  Atkinson; 
and  Elizabeth  Brown,  m.  lier  kinsman, 
Robert  Patten,  of  Clone,  Wicklow. 

II.  George  Fletcher,  advocate- general  of 
Western  Australia,  m.  Frances  Jack- 
60N,  step-daughter  of  Colonel  Andrew 
CiASKB,  governor  of  Western 
Australia  (from  February,  1846,  to 
February,  1847),  but  d.  s.p. 

IIL  William,  of  Liverpool,  m.  G-ertrude 

Hanmeb,  and  had  issue,  1.  William 

Henry»   of   Formby,   near   Liverpool, 

M.R,C.S. ;     2.    George    Fletcher,    m. 

Elizabeth  Fisheb,    but    d.  s.  p. ;     3. 

Andrew      Scott,     of      Formby ;       4. 

Frederick    Dalgety,    of    Formby,    m. 

Bachel    Martin  Hill  :  1.  Rose  Anne 

Elizabeth,  of  Beulah,  Formby. 

IV.  Samuel,  of  whom  presently. 

Mr.  Moore  m.  secondly,  Mary  Bond,  and  by 

lier  had  three  daughters, 

I.  Catherine.  ii.  Mary  Jane. 

III.  Roseanne. 

His  fourth  son, 

Samvel  Moore,  of  Bond's  Glen,  co. 
Londonderry,  emigrated  to  Western 
Australia,  having  m.  in  England,  4th 
October,  1833,  Dorothy  Mary  Jane,  third 
daughter  of  Captain  Alexander  Dalobty, 
101»t  Regiment  of  Foot,  of  Fort  Pitt,  in  the 
parish  of  St.  Margaret,  Rochester,  oo.  Kent, 
sometime  deputy  assistant  quartermaster- 
general  of  the  army  (see  Daloety),  and  by 
her  (who  d.  let  November,  1877)  had  issue, 

I.  William  Balgett,  now  of  Fremantle. 

II.  Frederick  Henry,  of  Sydney,  New 
South  Wales,  m.  and  has  issue  one 
son  and  one  daughter. 

III.  Samuel  Joseph  Fortescue,  of  Don- 
garra.  Western  Australia,  m.  and  has 
numerous  issue. 

I.  Mary  Elizabeth. 

II.  Annie  Fletcher,  m.  Charles  Wit- 
TSNOOM,  and  has  issue  a  daughter. 

Mr.   Samuel    Moore    d.   at  Oakover,  Swan 
River,  Western  Australia,  4th  July,  1849. 

Amu — Ar^.f  on  a  bend  az,  three  mullets  of  the  first  within  a  hordure  engrailed  gu. 

Crest — A  Saracen^ s  head,  ppr. 

Motto — Duris  nonfrangor. 

Residences — Cliff  Street,  Fremantle  j  Oakover,  Guildford,  Western  Australia. 


GEORGE  HENRY  HEWITT  DIXON,  of  Carlisle,  Alfred  Street,  North 
Syd-Dey,  of  the  customs  department  N.S.W.  civil  service;  formerly 
from  1864  to  1882,  in  Messrs.  Green's  service  as  chief  officer  of  sailing  and 
steamships;  h,  1847,  m.  22nd  November,  1882,  Hettie,  fifth  daughter  of 
J.  G.  Day,  of  Essex,  and  has  issue, 

Edmond  Christian  Hay,  h.  in  Sydney,  1st  October,  1884. 

Laura  Edith  Marguerite,  6.  at  North  Sydney,  15th  January,  1894. 


Chbistophbb  Dixon,  of  Edmond  Castle, 
Hajton,  Cumberland,  h.  circa  1690 ;  m.  and 
left  bflue,  a  son, 

JoHK  Dixon,  of  Edmond  Castle,  who  m. 
Frances  Allison,  and  by  ber  had  issue,  a 

Pbtbb  Dixok,  of  Edmond  Castle,  which 
estate  he  sold  to  the  Graham  family,  and 
settled  in  Whitehaven.  He  m.  2nd  Septem- 
ber, 1788,  Mary,  daughter  of  Richard  Feb- 
aUBOK,  of  Carlisle,  and  aunt  to  Joseph  Fer- 
guson, of  Morton,  M.P.,  and  by  ber,  who 
brought  the  estate  of  Knells  to  the  family,  he 
had  issue, 

I.  John,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Eichard  Ferguson,  deceased. 

III.  Peter,  m.  Sarah  Rebecca,  daughter 
of  Lieutenant  -  General  Clabke, 
E.I.C.S.,  and  had  issue, 

1.  Peter  Sydenham. 

2.  Henry  Hall,  barrister-at-law  and 

8.  Treadway  Clarke. 

4.  John. 

6.  Joseph. 

6.  Edward  George,  Major-General 
Madras  Infantry,  h.  15th  Decem- 
ber, 1837,  was  for  a  time  in  com- 
mand at  Suakim. 

1.  Sarah  Rebecca. 

2.  Augusta  Jane. 

3.  Catherine  Anne. 

ir.  George,  m.  Mary,  youngest  daughter 
of  Ker.  Jonathan  Boucheb,  ricar  of 
Epsom,  Surrey,  and  great-great-grand- 
daughter of  Ewan  Christian,  of  Ewan- 
rigg  Hall,  and  d  .  s.p. 

y.  Robert,  deceased. 

yi.  Joseph,  m.  Ann,  daughter  of  Wilson 
Pbrbt,  of  Whitehaven,  and  had  issue, 

1.  Peter  Wilson. 

2.  Henry. 

1.  Josephine. 

I.  Frances,  d.  untn.  1818. 

II.  Mary,  d.  untn,  1832. 
The  eldest  son, 



.  JoHK  Dixon,  of  XDells,  CamberUnd,  M.P., 
J.F.  and  D.L.,  high  sherifP,  1838,  and  major 
of  Carlisle,  1839  and  1840,  chairman  of 
Carlisle  Reform  Law  League,  b,  26th  October, 
1785 ;  m.  22nd  November,  1814,  Mary  Tir- 
zah,  only  child  of  Captain  Robert  Stobdy, 
SUt  Regiment  (who  fought  in  the  American 
War  of  Independence,  on  the  Loyalist  side), 
and  great-great-giand-daughter  of  £wan 
Chustiait,  of  £wanrigg  Hall,  and  d.  1857, 
leaving  issue, 

I.  Pbtsb  Javbs,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Robert  Stordy,  late  of  the  9th  Lancers, 
served  with  his  regiment  in  India,  and 
d.  unm.  1892. 

III.  Richard  Ferguson,  d.  drd  November, 

IT.  G^rge  Hodgson,  m.  8th  February, 
1864,  Ella,  third  daughter  of  Sir 
Robert  Bbisco,  Bart.,  of  Crofton 
Hall,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Wastel  George  Bridco,  fought  in 
the  Matabele  War,  b,  1868. 

1.  Mary  Ada  Gbtint. 

2.  Ella  Annie  Brisco. 

3.  Alice  Blanche. 

4.  Daisy  Roberta  Brisco. 

5.  Amy  Frances  Brisco. 

6.  Constance  Mabell  Brisco. 
T.  William  GUes,  d.  1839. 

I.  Mary  Sarah,  d.  9th  February,  1820. 

II.  Sarah,  m.  Captain  Charles  William 
Thompson,  son  of  Colonel  T.  Perron- 
nett  Thompson,  and  d.  in  India. 

III.  Jane  Eleanor,  m.  James  Robert 
Gbant,  son  of  Sir  James  Grant  (who 
was  present  at  Waterloo), and  had  issue. 

IV.  Mwy  Tirsah,  d.  Ist  April,  1827. 
T.  Elizabeth,  d.  1824. 

Ti.  Henrietta,  m,  Ist  March,  1849, 
Lieutenant  James  Faibtlough,  J.P., 
afterwards  Major  Royal  Westmor- 
land Militia,  and  had  an  only  son, 

Samuel    Gerrard,  Major    R.A.,   6. 
6th  December,  1849 ;  d.  at  Sierra 
Leone,  1894,  leaving  issue, 
vii.  Maria  Rebecca,  d.  1832. 
The  eldest  son, 

Pbtbb  James  Dixon,  J.P.  of  Knells,  oo. 
Cumberland,  which  estate  he  sold  in  1872, 
and  went  to  reside  at  Burgh  House,  Burgh- 
by -Sands,  m.  1843,  Anne,  daughter  of  George 
Henry  Hewitt-Oliphant,  of  Broadfield 
House  and  Burgh -by- Sands,  oo.  Cumberland, 
D.L.  (see  Bubkb's  Landed  Qentrtf^ 
Oi.iPHANT-FBBGU80N),and  had  issue, 

I.  John  Dixon,  B.A.,  Trinity  College, 
Cambridge,  b.  1844,  educated  at  Ros- 
sail  School,  Lancashire,  d.  unm.  1884. 

II.  Gbobgb  Hbnby  Hewitt,  the  subject 
of  this  memoir. 

III.  Peter  James  Grant,  b.  1848. 

IV.  Richard  Ferguson  (Rev.),  an  Angli- 
can clergyman  in  Canada,  m.  Bessie 
(widow),  daughter  of  —  Gbaby,  and 
has  issue  one  son,  who  d.  young,  and 
two  daugliters. 

v.  Robert  Stordy,  d.  1892. 

ri.  William  Edmund  (Rev.),  an  Anglican 

clergyman  at  Bristol. 
Tii.  Charles  Lancelot  Oliphant,   d,  an 


I.  Sarah  Maria,  m.  Rev.  John  Phblps, 
vicar  of  Houghton,  and  has  irnue,  two 
sons  and  two  daughters, 

II.  Mary  Tirzah,  d.  young. 

III.  Margaret  Giles,  m.  Rev.  Frederick 
Dixon,  nephew  of  Abram  Dixon,  of 
Chirkley  Court,  Leatherhead,  and 
George  Dixon,  M.P.  for  Edgbaaton,  co. 
Warwick,  and  has  issue,  one  son  and 
two  daughters. 

IV.  Anne  Eleanor. 

V.  Henrietta  Georgina,  d,  young. 
TI.  Augusta  Jane. 

Yii.  Agnes  Maud. 

Amu — Az.  a  dove  statant  proper,  in  chief  two  bees  volant  or  a  chief  of  the  last  thereon 
three  pallets  gules. 

Crett — In  front  of  an  anchor  in  bend  sinister  sable,  a  dexter  cubic  arm  erect  proper  in 
the  hand  an  olive  branch  also  proper. 

Motto — Peace. 

J?eM<^]ice— Carlisle,  Alfred  Street,  North  Sydney. 


beth  Baj,  Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  district  court  judge,  chairman 
of  the  quarter  sessions,  and  vice-chancellor  of  the  Sydney  University,  6.  28th 
May,  1861 ;  m.  4th  February,  1879,  Kate  Marion,  youngest  daughter  of  the 
late  Robert  Hills,  of  AUington,  Elizabeth  Bay,  Sydney,  but  has  no  issue. 


BsKJAHiir    BACEHorBB,    of    Sydney,  by 
Elizabeth  Wabnk,  his  wife,  has  issue, 

Alfb£I>  Paxion  (His  Honour),  Judge  of 
the  district  court  of  New  South  Wales. 

E'mest  Benjamin.        Clarence  Bobert. 
Frank  Herbert.  Clive  Norman. 

Maurice.  Oscar. 

KUa  Maude  (Mrs.  McCuUoch). 



Mabel  Constance  (Mrs.  Tower). 
Orace  Muriel. 

Elsie  Beatrice,   «t.  May,   1889,  Charles 
Edward  Todd,  M.D.,  son  of  Charles 

Todd,  C.M.a.,  M.A.,  F.R.S.,  of  Adel- 
aide,postmaBter-general,director  of  tele- 
grapns,  and  goTemment  asf  ronomer  of 
South  Austridia  (*ee  Todd  of  A  delaide) . 

Residence — Melita,  Elizabeth  Bay,  Sydney,  New  South  Wales. 


WILLIAM  JOHN  DALY,  of  Oaifccbambo,  Elsternwick,  Melbourne,  6. 
11th  May,  1847,  m.  27th  April,  1882,  Florence  Eleanore,  daughter  of 
Gustave  Beckx,  Consul-General  for  Belgium,  in  Ausimlia,  and  has  issue, 

I.  William  Constant  Beckx,  6.  19th  December,  1883. 

II.  Richard  Str«han,  6.  19th  June,  1885. 

in.  Clarence  Wells  Didier,  6.  5th  May,  1890. 

I.  Eleanore  Margaretta,  6.  8th  July,  1887. 

II.  Anastasia,  h.  20th  December,  1892. 


This  family  derives  from  that  of  Daly,  of 
"Raford^  itself  a  branch  of  the  very  ancient 
Irish  sept  of  O'Dalt,  now  represented    by 


Jambs  Daly,  of  Raford,  younger  son  of 
Jambs  Daly,  of  Carrownakelly,  co.  Q-alway, 
and  brother  of  Dennis  Daly,  the  great-great- 
grandfather of  James,  first  Lord  Dunsandle 
and  Clanconal,  was  f.  by  his  son, 

William  Paly,  of  Eaford,  who  m, 
Anastasia,  daughter  of  Hyacinth  D'Abcy,  of 
Kiltulla,  CO.  Galway,  and  had  with  four 
daughters,  Anstace ;  Catherine,  m,  John 
Browhe;  Margaret,  w.  John  Kirwan,  of 
Cast  le  Hacket ;  and  Bridget ;  two  sons, 

I.  Dbnis,  his  heir. 

II.  Hyacinth,  of  Daljstown,  co.  Galway, 
whose  will  dated  Ist  September,  1775, 
was  proved  26th  July,  1782.  He  m. 
the  sister  and  heiress  of  Thomas 
CoGHLAN  (styled  the  Maw)  chief  of  the 
ancient  sept  of  MacCoghlan,  Dynaste 
of  Lower  Delvin,  by  whom  he  had  a 
son  and  a  daughter, 

1.  The  Bight  Hon.  Denis  Bowes 
Daly,  of  Palystown,  M.P.  co. 
Galway,  and  a  Privy  Councillor 
in  Ireland,  m.  by  licence  dated 
26th  August,  1780,  Mary  Char- 
lotte, daughter  of  Eight  Hon. 
John  Ponsonby,  sister  of  William, 
first  Lord  Pon.«ionby,  of  Imokilly, 
and  grand-daughter  of  Brabazon, 
first  Earl  of  Bessborough,  and  d. 
17th  December,  1821,  aged  76. 
1.  Margaret,  w.  by  licence,  dated  19th 
November,  1782,  Eight  Hon.  Sir 
Skeffington  Smith,  Bart. 

Mr.  Daly,  whose  will,  dated  5th  February, 

1759,  was  proved  11th  August,  1769,  was  *.  by 

his  eldest  son, 

Denis  Daly,  of  Eaford,  m,  1735,  Lady 

Anne,  daughter  of  Michael,  tenth   £arl  of 

Clanricarde,  and  had  issue. 

I.  Denis,  ancestor  of  the  Dalyb  of 
Raford  (see  BriiKB's  Landed  Gentry). 

II.  Michael,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Anastasia,  m.  Sir  George  Bbowkb, 
sixth  Bart,  of  the  Ncale. 

II.  Letitia,  m.  Henry  Bingham,  of 

III.  Margaret,  m,  first,  Charles  Blaeb, 
and  secondly,  John  D'Aecy. 

Mr.  Daly  d,  14th  March,  1791,  aged  91.     His 
second  son, 

Michabl  Daly,  of  Loughrea  and  Mount 
Pleasant,  co.  Galway,  and  Tokay  Lodge,  co. 
Dublin,  m.  Lady  Johanna  Gobe,  daughter  of 
Arthur,  first  Earl  of  Arran,  and  widow  of 
Philip  DoYNE,  of  Wells,  oo.  Wexford,  and  d, 
23rd  October,  1808,  aged  64,  having  bad  issue, 

I.  Denis,  Lieutenant  Ghilway  Militia, 
d.  V.  p.  leaving  one  daughter  Catherine. 

II.  Hyacinth  Richabd,  of  whom 

III.  Arthur  Henry,  b.  26th  June,  1768 ; 
m.  three  times,  nnd  d.  June,  18:26, 
leaving  issue. 

I.  Anne,  m.  Gyles  Kybb,  of  Ejre  Court, 
CO.  Galway. 
The  second  son, 

Hyacinth  Eichabd  Daly,  of  Mount 
Pleasant,  co.  Galway,  Colonel  in  the  Army, 
had  by  his  first  wife,  Mary,  a  son,  Denis,  who 
d.  young,  and  by  his  second  wife,  Honoria, 
daughter  of  Anthony  Keogh,  of  Camla, 
CO.  Eoscommon,  by  his  wife  Margaret, 
daughter  of  Ignatius  FFBENCH,of  Carrea(with 
two  younger  sons,  Antbony  and  James, 
d.s.p,),  a  son, 

Eichabd  Gobe  Daly,  of  Woodview,  Eyre 
Court,  CO.  Galway,  m.  May,  1840,  Annie 
Jane,  daughter  of  Colonel  Arthur  Disnby,  of 
Bally  sax,  co.  Eildare,  and  d.  at  Melbourne, 
Australia,  31st  December,  1860,  leaving  by 
her  (who  d.  SOtli  May,  1682)  a  daughter, 
Annie  Evelyn,  b  20th  March,  1859,  and  four 



I.  Hyacinth,  of  Melbourne,  h,  20th 
Febriuurj,  1841;  m.  1868,  Linda 
Gordon,  daughter  of  Thomas  Picton 
Bbbdb,  of  Dublin,  and  has, 

1.  Gore  Picton,  ft.  July,  1870. 

2.  Mary,  b.  May,  1860. 

3.  Thomasina,  ft.  Ist  April,  1872. 

II.  Arthur  Disney  Joseph,  of  Albert  Park, 
Melbourne,  ft.  20th  August,  1845,  m. 
1876,  Laura,  daughter  of  J.  B.  Pbit- 
CHABD,  of  Melbourne,  and  has  issue, 

1 .  Arthur  Hyacinth. 

2.  Edwin  Disney. 
1.  Laura. 

III.  William  John,  of  Ouitchambo,  the 
subject  of  this  memoir. 

IV.  Anthony,  ft.  19th  May,  1853,  m.  1888, 
Isabella,  daughter  of  J.  Brakey,  of 
Tasmania,  and  has  issue, 

1.  William  Anthony,  ft.  16th  June, 

1.  Annie  Laura,  ft.  14th  August,  1889. 

Arms — Per  fcss  arg.  and  or  a  Uon  rampant  per  fess  sa.  and  gu.  in  chief  two  dexter  hands 
coaped  at  the  wrists  of  the  last. 

Cregi — In  front  of  an  oak  tree  ppr.  fructed  or  a  greyhound  courant  sa.  collared  gold. 

JioUo — ^Deo  Fidelis  et  Begi. 

J2en<f«ac0— Ouitchambo,  Elstemwick,  Melbourne. 

Club — Australian,  Melbourne. 


JAMES  RICHARDSON,  of  Gorrinn,  near  Ararat,  and  of  Hermitage  Road, 
GeeloDg,  Victoria,  J.P.,  6.  4th  May,  1827 ;  m.  14tb  April,  1859,  Fanny 
Mercer,  danghter  of  David  Fisher,  a  landed  proprietor  in  Geelong,  who 
proceeded  to  the  colony  of  Victoria  in  1834,  as  manager  of  the  Derwont 
Company,  and  has  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas  Andrew,  b.  5th  March,  1861 ;  d.  10th  July,  1869. 

II.  Francis  George,  b,  28th  December,  1862 ;  d,  10th  August,  1883. 

III.  Arthur  Herbert,  b.  9th  May,  1864. 

IV.  Robert  Walter  Homan,  b.  12th  February,  1867 ;  d.  26th  June,  1869. 

V.  James  Graham,  6.  10th  May,  1868. 

I.  Isabella  Law,  6.  2nd  February,  1860 ;  d,  12th  September,  1869. 

II.  Charlotte  Sarah,  6.  2nd  November,  1865. 

III.  Frances  Ethel  Georgiana,  6.  24th  December,  1869. 

IV.  Catherine   Jane  Beatrice,  b.  15th  September,    1872;    d,  unm.  13th 

January,  1894. 

V.  Anna  Alice,  b.  23rd  August,  1874. 

VI.  Janet  Marion,  6.  31st  August,  1877. 

Mr.  Richardson  emigrated  to  Victoria  in  1848.  He,  with  his  brother 
Robert,  bought  the  squatting  lease  of  the  run  of  Gorrinn,  at  that  time  crown 
land.     The  area  of  the  Gorrinn  estate  amounts  to  about  22,000  acres. 


BoBEBT  BiCHABDSON,  a  banker,  left  a 

Thomas  Sichabdbox,  of  Kestalrig  House, 
near  Edinburgh,  and  of  George  Street,  Edin- 
burgh, ScotUuid,  writer  to  the  siguet,  m.  in 
1818,  Isabella  Law  KsaoiB,  who  d.  at  Res- 
talrig,  22nd  February,  1866.  He  d,  at 
Bestalrig,  18th  June,  1853,  having  had 

I.  Kobert,  d.  ffiim.,  June,  1887. 

II.  Jaices,  now  of  Gorrinn,  the  subject  of 
this  memoir. 

in.  Thomas  William,  m.  Ellen  Pokter, 
and    has   issue,  five    sons    and    four 

daughters,  amongst  whom  are,  Bobert 
Lymer,  Thomas  William,  John 
Walter,  Arthur,  Caroline  Bradlej, 
Isabel,  and  Nona. 
IT.  John  Walter,  d  unm,  12th  January, 

I.  Isabella. 

II.  Sarah,  d.  uns».  6th  NcTember,  1863. 

III.  Eleanor,  d.  vrm.  27th  August, 

IV.  Janet,  m.  William  Wright,  a 
squatter,  and  d.  17th  May,  1888,  hsving 
had  ifisue,  three  sons  and  two 
daughters,    viz.,    1.   William    Robert 



Claud ;  2.  -  Thomas  James ;  3.  Douglas 

Walter ;  1.  Anna  Blargaret  Eliza ;  and 

2.  Violet  Henrietta  Isabel. 
V.  Anna,  rf.  unm.  July,  1854. 
Ti.  G-eorgiana,    m.     Frederiok      Bajne 

Tatlob,  M.D.,  and  ha?  issue,  two  sons 

and  one  daughter,  tiz.,  1.  Frederick 
Walter  ;    2.  &eorge  John ;    1.  Sarah 
Marj  Louisa. 
Tii.  Catherine   Douglas,    d.  unm,   22nd 
June,  1894, 

Setidence — Q-orrinn,  near  Ararat,  Victoria. 


ERNEST  OCTAVIUS  SMITH,  of  Sydney,  New  Sonth  V^ales,  justice  of 
the  peace  for  that  colony. 


The  family  of  Smith,  to  which  Mr.  E.  O. 
Smitli  helongs,  resided  in  the  counties  of 
Middlesex  and  Somerset,  England. 

Thomas  Smith,  hj  Sarah  JsNNiyos,  his 
wife,  had  a  son, 

Bby.  John  Jennings  Smith,  M. A.  Cam- 
bridge, who,  after  being  for  many  years  a 
minister  of  the  Church  of  England  in  G-lou- 
cestershire,  at  Chiswick,  Middlesex,  &c.,  went 
to  New  South  Wales,  and  was  appointed  first 
incumbent  of  St.  Paul's,  Paterson,  in  that 
colony.  He  m.  26th  December,  1818,  Anne 
TiMBEBLAKE,  of  a  Lincolnshire  family,  and 
d.  from  injuries  sustained  by  an  accidental 
fall  from  his  carriage,  8th  September,  1846, 
having  had  by  her  (who  d.  Ist  February, 

i.  Francis  Grey,  of  Erora,  St.  Kilda, 

Melbourne,  Victoria,  chief  manager  of 

tlie  National  Bank  of  Australasia,  h. 

23rd  February,  1827  j  m.  21st  Septem- 
ber, 1849,  Susanna  Amelia,  daughter  of 

Joseph  William  Belchbe,  of  Dublin, 

Ireland,  solicitor,  by  Elizabeth  Austin, 

his  wife,  both  deceased,  and  has  had 


1.  John  Jennings,  h.  16th  August. 
1850 ;  defeased. 

2.  Joseph  William  Belch  eb,  b. 
15th  October,  1853 ;  m.  6th  April, 
1886,  Dora,  daughter  of  the  late 
W.  TuBNEB,  and  has  issue,  John 
Essex  Grey,  and  Barbara  Grey. 

3.  Frank  Grey,  h.  4th  June,  1857 ; 
m.  8rd  July,  1883,  Sybella,  daugh- 
ter of  the  late  John  Boss,  and 
has  issue,  Mona  Grey,  and  Nan  eye 

4.  Herbert  Austin,  b.  25th  February, 

5.  Guy  Percy,  b.  6th  Noyember, 
1860;  m,  31st  March,  1887,Lalla, 
daughter  of  J.  G.  Dupfett,  and 
has  issue,  Frank  Edmund. 

Arms — Quarterly  sa.  and  arg.  a  cross  parted  and  fretty  counterchanged  between  in  the 
first  and  fourth  quarters  three  martlets  one  and  two  or  and  in  the  second  and  third  a  lion 
ramp.  gu. 

Crest — In  front  of  a  demi-lion  gu.,  charged  on  the  shoulder  with  a  passion  cross,  two 
trefoils  in  saltire  slipped  or. 

Motto — Mens  Conscia  Becfi. 

J2««trfe»ctf— Sydney,  New  South  Wales, 

6.  Leslie  Octavius,  b.  2l8t  Noyem- 
ber, 1862. 

7.  George  Frederick  Belcher,  b.  2nd 
March,  1864;  m.  1886,  and  has 
issue,  Melville  Grey. 

8.  Alfred  Ernest  Grey,  b.  5th 
October,  1867. 

1.  Elizabeth  Austin,  deceased. 

2.  Mary  Sophia,  deceased. 

3.  Laura  Grey. 

ir.  John  Sketch! ey  Bacon,  m.  but  d.  s.p, 
1  I.  Arthur  Jennings,  m.  Mary,  daughter 
of  the  late  John  Alsop,  and  has  issue 
two  sons  and  two  daughters. 
IT.  Harold  Selwyn,  m.  first,  Camilla, 
daughter  of  the  late  Hamilton  Habt, 
and  secondly,  Madeline,  daughter  of 
John  Kelly,  and  has  issue,  six  sons 
and  four  daughters, 

V,  Ebnest  Octavius,  of  Sydney,  New 
South  Wales,  the  subject  of  this 

VI.  Percy  Jennings,  m.  Mrs.  Mary 

I.  Anne  Isabel,  m.  Captain  C.  H.  HoRS- 
LEY,  of  the  Indian  Army,  and  has 
issue  four  sons  and  two  daughters. 

II.  Ellen  Augusta,  m.  W.  M.  Abnold, 
and  has  issue  two  sons  and  five  daugh- 

IIT.  Emilie  Clara,  m.  Montagu  Consett 
Stephen,  third  son  of  the  iron.  Sir 
Alfred  Stephen,  G.C.M.G.,  C.B.,  for- 
nierly  lieutenant  -  governor  of  New 
South  Wales  (see  Stephen  of  Sydney^ 
vol.  i,  p.  42).  He  d,  1872,  leaving 
issue  one  son  and  three  daughters. 

IV,  Amelia  Blanche,  m.  T.  H.  PAiOE,and 
has  issue  two  sons  and  four  daughters. 

V.  Florence,  m.  Edward  Milner  Ste- 
phen, fourth  son  of  the  Hon.  Sir 
Alfred  Stephen,  G.C.M.G.,  C.B.,  and 
has  issue  four  sons  and  two  daugh- 




JAMES  WILLIAM   MANIFOLD,  of  Carrakoorte,  Grasraere,  near  Warr- 
nambool,  Victoria,  h.  30fch  December,   1840,  m.  7th  May,  1874,  Lacy 
Reynold,  daughter  of  the  late  Mark  Nicholson. 


William  Manifold,  who  was  b.  3i*cl 
October,  1764,  at  Court  Hall,  co.  Chester,  the 
reudenee  of  his  father,  Jambs  MAyiFOLD, 
emigrated  with  his  family  to  Van  Diemen's 
Land  in  1827,  and  settled  at  Kelso,  on  the 
rirer  Tamar.  He  m.  in  1796,  Mary  Babnrs 
(who  was  b.  16th  July,  1772,  and  d.  4th 
February,  1831),  and  d.  July,  1846,  haying 
had  six  sons,  all  of  whom  d.  unm.  except 

I.  Thomas  (the  fourth  son),  of  whom  we 

II.  John  (the  fifth  son),  who  left  issue, 

1.  William  Thompson,  of  Purrum- 
bete,  Camperdown,  Victoria. 

2.  Thomas,  of  Wirridgil,    Camper- 

3.  Chester,  of  Talindert,   Camper- 

4.  Edward,  of  Danedite,    Camper- 

The  elder  surriying  son, 

Thomas  Manifold,  of  Waiora,  near  Mel- 
bourne, Victoria,  who  was  b,  at  Court  Hall, 
CO.  Chester,  29th  March,  1809.  He  removed 
from  Van  Diemen's  Land  to  Port  Phillip, 
Victoria,  in  1836,  and  with  his  two  younger 
brothers,  John  and  Peter,  explored  and  settled 
at  Purrurabete.  After  some  years  he  remoTed 
to  Grasmere,  near  Warmambool,  and  towards 
the  latter  end  of  his  life  gave  up  pastoral 
pursuits  and  lived  at  Waiora,  his  residence 
near  Melbourne,  where  he  d.  7th  ^ovembtr, 
1875.  He  m.  4th  July,  3838,  Jane  Elizabeth, 
eldest  daughter  of  the  late  Captain  Walter 
Stxnot,  661  h  Regimen^,  of  Ballintate,  co. 
Armagh,  Ireland,  second  son  of  Sir  Walter 
Syunot,  Knt.,  of  Bally moyer,  co.  Armagh 
(tee  Burke's  Landed  O entry ^  Stknot  of 
BaUymotfer)  by  Jane,  his  first  wife,  daughter 
of  John  Setok,  of  Camberwell,  and  by  her 
(who  was  b,  16th  May,  1822,  and  now  resides 
at  Katandra,  South  Yarra,  Melbourne)  had 

J?e«"«?eJM"e— Carrakoorte,  Gresmere,  Warmambool, 
CMs — Melbourne  and  Warmambool. 

James  Wiluam,  the  subject  of  this 

.  Walter  Sjnnot,  of  WoUaston.  Warr- 
nambool,  Victoria  {Clubt — Melbourne 
and  Warmambool),  J.P.  for  the 
colony  of  Queensland,  b.  30th  March, 
1849;  m,  23rd  April,  1885,  Fanny 
Maria,  third  daughter  of  Commander 
Alexander  John  Smith,  B.N.,  late 
astronomer  of  B  obart,  Tasmania,  and 
gold  field  commissioner  at  Castlemaine, 
Victoria,  by  Aubrey,  l»is  wife,  daugh- 
ter of  George  Frederick  Bead,  of 
H obart',  director  of  the  Bank  of  Van 
Diemen's  Land,  but  has  no  issue.  At 
his  father's  death  Mr.  Manifold  in- 
herited the  Wollaston  and  Motang 
properties,  subject  to  the  life  interest 
of  his  mother. 

Elisabeth  Marr  Synnot,  b.  9th  May, 
1842 ;  m.  27th  February,  1868,  Andrew 
George  Andebsox,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Claude  Alexander. 

1.  Alice  Seton. 

2.  Beatrice  Mary  Synnot. 

3.  Margaret  Lome. 

4.  Isabel  Bose. 

5.  Ethel  Dunlop. 

6.  Jessie  Caroline. 

7.  Georgina  Martha  McCall. 

.  Alice  Seton,  5.  22nd  April,  1845  ;  m. 
2nd  July,  1872,  Lieutenant  William 
Henry  Pantbb,  R.N.,  formerly  captain 
and  senior  naval  officer  of  Victoria,  and 
has  issue, 

1.  Elizabeth  Frances. 

2.  Violet  Louisa. 

3.  Mary  Grace. 

4.  Florence  Morton. 

5.  Olire  Emily  Constance. 

6.  Edith  May. 

7.  Helen  Kennedy. 



HENRY  TENNENT  DONALDSON,  of  Brooklands,  Yetholme,  near 
Bathnrst,  New  South  Wales,  J.P.,  h,  15th  July,  1847,  m.  23rd  February, 
1871,  Agnes,  daughter  of  J.  Pinkerton,  by  Anne  hiB  wife,  daughter  of  Robert 
Mabsden,  and  has  issue, 



I.  Henry  Tennent  Campbell,  6.  1878 ;  d,  young. 

II.  Augustus  Stuaet  Pinkerton,  b.  1879. 

III.  Archibald  Launcelot  Leverton,  6.  1883. 
lY.  Cecil  Harold  Dondas,  6.  1886. 

I.  Agnes  Maud  St.  Clare,  h.  1872 ;  d,  .young. 

II.  Agnes  Rosa  St.  Clare,  b.  1873. 

III.  Florence  Ethel,  b.  1874;  d,  young. 
lY.  Lilian  Mabel  Marsden,  6.  1876. 

Mr.  Donaldson  was  educated  at  University  College  School  and  at  Uppingham 
School,  where  he  was  captain  of  the  fifth  form.  He  entered  into  mercantile 
pursuits  and  arrived  in  Sydney  in  1871.  He  is  a  justice  of  the  peace  for  the 
colony  of  New  South  Wales,  and  for  several  years  has  held  the  positit)n  of 
political  secretary  to  the  protectionist  party,  and  it  is  largely  owing  to  his 
efforts  that  the  policy  has  been  adopted  in  the  colony.  He  is  much  interested 
in  the  fruit  industry,  on  which  subject  he  has  written  pamphlets.  In  1887,  he 
contested  Yass  Plains  for  a  seat  in  the  Legislative  Assembly,  but  was  beaten  by 
a  narrow  majority  by  Mr.  Thomas  Colls.  He  is  a  member  of  the  Economic 
Society  and  the  Institute  of  Bankers  of  New  South  Wales,  an  hon.  corre- 
sponding member  of  the  New  South  Wales  Insurance  Institute,  vice-president 
of  the  New  South  Wales  Church  Union,  and  for  some  years  a  lay  representa- 
tive to  the  Anglican  Synod,  Bathurst  diocese.  In  May,  1893,  he  was  appointed 
private  secretary  to  the  premier,  which  post  has  since  been  made  an  executive 
one,  so  that  Mr.  Donaldson  is  now  permanently  attached  to  the  chief  secretary's 


Jambs  Donaldson,  third  son  of  Donald, 
lA-ho  was  third  son  of  Macdonald,  Earl  of 
Kintjre,  m.  Margaret,  eldest  daughter  of 
William  Dundas,  of  Dudingston,  vrho  was 
eldest  son  ot  William  Dundas,  who  was  second 
son  of  Sir  William  Dundas,  of  Dundas.  His 

Ebv.  James  Donaldson,  of  Murrock  and 
Eaunachra,  of  the  shire  of  Dumbarton,  b. 
1641,  d.  1722,  buried  at  Dumbarton.  He  was 
Minister  of  the  Episcopal  Church,  Dumbar- 
ton, at  the  ReTolution  in  1688,  and  was 
formerly  minister  of  the  Port  of  Menteith, 
and  one  of  the  first  Episcopal  clergy  to  suffer 
at  the  hands  of  the  Presbyterians.  He  m. 
Anne,  daughter  of  S.  Stiblino,  of  oo.  Stirling, 
and  had  (with  seven  other  sons  and  five 
daughters)  issue, 

I.  Henry,  b.  1683,  d.  yoimg. 

II.  James,  b.  1686,  d.  young. 

III.  William,  of  whom  we  treat. 

The  youngest  son, 

William  Donaldson,  of  Murrock,  co. 
Dumbarton,  b.  1687,  rf.  1764.  He  m.  Eliza- 
beth, daughter  of  Archibald  MACAULEr,  of 
Ardincaple,  co.  Dumbarton,  and  had  issue,  a 

Jambs  Donaldson,  of  Baunachra,  ft,  1721, 
d.  1805.  He  sold  his  property  to  Mr. 
Buchanan,  of  Glasgow,  and  bought  the 
estates  of    Xhornhill  and  Williamshaw,  co. 

Ayr.  He  afterwards  sold  Thomhill  and 
entailed  Williamshaw  on  eldest  sons.  The 
Thomhill  estate  was  bought  by  Andrew 
Brown,  of  Stewarton,  from  whom  it 
descended  to  his  son  Andrew  Brown,  M.D., 
H.E.I.C.,  who  d.  1861 ;  he  willed  it  to  his 
niece,  Margaret  Tennent,  m.  William  Lever- 
ton  Donalason,.  grandson  of  James  Donald- 
son, of  Baunachra,  who  entailed  it  on  her 
eldcEt  son  and  his  issue,  thus  returning  (with 
other  lands)  to  the  Donaldson  family.  He 
m.  Mary,  daughter  of  John  Pattison,  of 
London,  and  had  issue  a  son, 

James  Donaldson,  architect,  ft.  1756,  m, 
Jane,  daughter  of  T.  Levbbton,  of  Wood- 
ford, CO.  Essex,  and  d.  1844,  leaving  issue, 
I.  Thomas    Leverton,    P.R.I.B.A.,   for 
twenty -three  years  professor  of  archi- 
tecture   at    London  University,   and 
autho  :of  many  architectural  works, 
Mciiiher  of  the  Institut  de  France  and 
Chevalier  of    the    Belgian    order    of 
Leopold,   ft.   1795,   d.   1885.      He  m. 
Matilda   G-eorgiana,  second  daughter 
of    Thomas    Linoham,    of    Shooters 
Hill,  CO.  Middlesex,  and  had  issue, 
1.  Thomas   Olinthus,   M.I.C.E.,   ft. 
1826,  m.  Mary,  second  daughter 
of  J.   Nbthbbsolb,  of  Jamaica, 
and  had  issue,  Marie  Leverton,  ft. 
1855.  d.  1877. 
2   Leverton,      Lieutenant      Bengal 



Kngineen,  b.  1 830,  killed  in  acfcion 
at  Rangoon,  1852. 
3.  James   Smollett,  M.B.T.B.A.,    b. 
1832,  m.  Emilj,  younger  daughter 
of  F.  Gbunixo,  of  Grore  House, 
Highbury,  London,  and  d.  1887, 
leaving  with  five  others,  Frederick 
Leverton,  Captuin  B.A.,  b.  20th 
February,  1863,  and  James  Grun- 
ing,  B.N. 
n.  William   Levebton,  of  whom  we 
The  younger  son, 

William  Levbbtok  Donaldsoit,  of  Lon- 
don, and  Williamshaw,  Ayrshire,  solicitor,  b. 
1803,  m.  Margaret,  eldest  daughter  of  John 
TBiTTfEHT,  of  Glasgow,  by  Margaret,  his  wife, 
daughter  of  Andrew  Bbown,  of  Stewarton, 
and  had  issue, 

I.  William  Lcverton,  B.A.,  barrister-at- 
law,  and  Deputy  Convener  for  Middle- 
sex, b.  1838,  m.  £llen,  younger  daugh- 
ter of  Captain  Tine  lab,  Boyal 
Marines,  and  d.  1882,  leaving  issue, 
one  son,  who  d.  young,  and  five  daugh- 

Arm* — Quarterly^  first  and  fourth  or  a  two-headed  eagle  displayed  sables  beaked  and 
memhered  gules  surmounted  on  a  lymphad  of  the  second  flagged  of  the  third  in  dexter  chief 
a  sinister  hand  oouped  of  the  last ;  second  and  thirds  gules  two  arrows  in  saltire  azure 
surmounted  of  a  fees  chequy  of  the  second  and  first  {for  Macaulbt),  all  within  a  border 
azure  charged  with  eight  buckles  or  (for  Stielino). 

Crest — A  dexter  hand  holding  a  dagger  proper. 

Motto — Autpax  out  bellum. 

Seat — Brooklands,  Yetholme,  near  Bathurst,  New  South  Wales. 

n.  Andrew  Brown,  ft.  1840,  m.  Agnes, 
youngest  daughter  of  B.  Twining,  of 
Messrs.  Twining  and  Co.,  bankers, 
Jjondon,  and  has  issue  three  sons  and 
three  daughters. 

III.  Augustus  Blair  (Bev.  Canon),  M.A. 
Oriel  College,  Oxford,  Precentor  of 
Truro  Cathedral,  and  examining  chap- 
lain to  the  Bishop  of  Truro,  b.  1841, 
tn.  Johanna  Maria,  younger  daughter 
of  W.  MACLrs,  M.D.,  and  grand- 
daughter of  Colonel  Thomas  Duff 
GoBDON,  of  the  Park,  co.  Banff,  N.B., 
and  has  issue,  seven  sons  and  two 

IV.  Heney  Tennent,  the  subject  of  this 

y.  Archibald,  solicitor,  ft.  1850,  m.  Annie, 
daughter  of  J,  Fawcett,  of  Chilwick, 
Herts,  and  has  issue,  two  sons  and  one 

VI.  John  James,  ft.  1853. 

I.  Margaret  Jane,  ft.  1842. 

II.  Alice  Mary,  ft.  1844. 

Mr.  William  Leverton  Donaldson  d.  1861. 


ANGUS  RODERICK  CHISHOLM,  of  Oak  Lake,  Manitoba,  Canada,  5. 
1838,  at  Alexandria,  co.  Glengaiiy,  Ontario,  Canada,  m.  Janet,  daughter 
of  Archibald  Macdonald  Leek,  of  St.  Andrew's,  co.  Stormonnt,  Ontario,  and 
has  issue, 

I.  Ranald  Alexander,  of  St.  Albert,  in  the  territory  of  Alberta,  b.  1866. 

I.  Sarah  Mary. 

II.  Eliza  Janet. 

Mr.  A.  R.  Chisholm  settled  in  Manitoba  in  1869. 


Alsxaitdsb  Chisholm,  of  Strathglass,  co. 
Inverness,  had  issue, 

I.  Angus. 

II.  Alexander. 

in.  CoLiK,  of  whom  presently. 
The  youngest  son, 

Colin  Chisholm,  of  Strathglass,  who  was 
father  of, 

Albxandbb    Chisholm,    of    Strathglass, 
who  was  father  of, 

Colin  Chisholm,  of  Strathglass,  who  was 
father  of, 

DirircAN   Chisholm,  of  Strathglass,  who 
with  his  family  emigrated  to  Canada,  and  d. 

VOL.    II. 

at  Alexandria,  co.  Glengarry,  Ontario,  leav- 
ing issue, 

I.  Alexander,  who  in  1810  entered  the 
Rojal  African  Corps  as  ensign,  and 
retired  in  1817,  as  lieutenant  on  half- 
pay.  He  was  a  memher  of  the  Par- 
liament of  Upper  Canada  from  1834  to 
1841,  and  was  Colonel  of  the  8rd 
Regiment  of  Glengarry  Militia,  during 
tlie  rebellion  of  1837-9.  He  left 

1.  James,  a  priest,  deceased. 

2.  Colin  Duncan,  of  Alexandria. 

3.  Angus,  of  Alexandria. 

2   K 


4.  Alexander,  of  Brisajlor  in  the 
territory  of  Saskatchewan,  m,  and 
has  issue, 
u.  jLrchibald,  who  left  issue, 

Angus,  of  Lochiel,  co.   Glengariy, 
who  m.  and  has  issue. 
III.  Angus,  d.  unm. 

IT.  John,    of     Alexandria,    who     left 

Archihald,  of  Port  Arthur,  Ontario, 
y.  BoDSBiCK,  of  whom  preseotlj. 

ArmM — €fu.  a  hoar**  head  erased  or. 

Cresl — A  dexter  hand  holding  a  dagger  erect  proper  on  the  point  a  boat's  head  couped  gu. 

Residence — Oak  Lake,  Manitoba,  Canada. 

TI.  Theodore,  of  Alexandria,  who  has  issue, 

1.  John,  of  Qu'appelle,  in   the  ter- 
ritory of  Assiniboia. 

2.  Duncan,  of  Alexandria. 
The  fifth  son, 

RoDRSiCK  Chisholm,  of  Alexandria,  m. 
Sarah,  daughter  of  Donald  Fbabbb,  of 
Williamstown.  co.  G-lengarry,  and  had  with 
three  daughters,  who  all  d.  unm.  a  son, 

Angus  Rodebick,  of  Manitoba,  the 
subject  of  this  memoir. 

CHARLES  ROBERT  BLAKISTON,  of  Cliristchnrch,  Canterbury, 
New  Zealand,  late  a  member  of  the  Legislativ^e  Conncil  of  that 
colony,  a  justice  of  the  peace,  6.  at  Okeover  Park,  co.  Stafford,  6th  July, 
1825,  m,  at  Christchurcb,  New  Zealand,  23rd  September,  1858,  Mary  Anna, 
second  daughter  of  the  late  Right  Rev.  H.  J.  Chitty  Harpee,  D.D.,  first 
Bishop  of  Chris tchurch,  and  late  Primate  of  New  2jealand  {see  that  family) ^ 
and  has  issue, 

I.  Heney  Matthew,  barrister-at-law,  of  the  Inner  Temple,  and  of  the 

Supreme  Court,  New  Zealand,  now  practising  at  Greymouth,  New 
Zealand,  6.  at  Christchurcb,  24th  August,  1860. 

II.  Arthur   John,  station  owner,  Chatham  Islands,  New  Zealand,  6.  at 

Kaiapoi,  New  Zealand,  25th  June,  1862. 

III.  Edward  Nevile  (Rev.),  h,  at  Christchurcb,  2nd  October,  1864,  vicar 

of  Banks  Peninsular,  Pigeon  Bay,  Canterbury,  New  Zealand. 

IV.  Reginald  Norman,  barrister-at-law,  Supreme  Court,  New  Zealand, 

practising  at  Danevirke,  Hawkes  Bay,  New  Zealand,  h,  at  Christ- 
churcb, New  Zealand,  15th  August,  1866. 
v.  Charles  Douglas,  member  of  the  firm  of  Maling  and  Blakiston,  stock 
and   station  agents,    Blenheim,  New   Zealand,  6.  at  Christchurcb, 
26th  June,  1868. 

I.  Rosamond  Mary,  6.  4th  November,  1871. 

II.  Lucy  Eleanor,  6.  29th  December,  1874. 

Mr.  C.  R.  Blakiston,  accompanied  by  his  brother,  Mr.  A.  F.  Blakiston, 
arrived  in  Canterbury,  New  Zealand,  by  way  of  Melbonme,  Port  Philip,  in 
April,  1852.  He  was  nominated  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Council,  1858, 
SiUd  retained  his  seat  till  1861.  In  1862,  he  was  appointed  manager  for  the 
"  Tiust  and  Agency  Company  of  Australasia." 


This  is  a  branch  of  the  family  of  Blakis- 
ton, of  Blakiston^  in  the  palatinate  of  Dur- 
ham, on  members  of  which  family  two  baron- 
etcies were  conferred,  one  by  James   I  in 

1615,  the  other  bj  Chables  I  in  1642,  but 
both  these  honours  appear  to  hare  expired  in 
1619  and  1718  respectiTely.  The  branch  of 
the  family  to  which  Mr.   C.   B.   Blakiston 



belongs   waa  honoured    by  a  baronetcy  on 
22nd  April,  1763.     Uis  imwediato  anoestor, 

Gbobob  Blakiston,  of  Houghall,  co. 
Durham,  and  Stapleton-on-Teea,  co.  York,  m. 
1654,  Mary,  daughter  of  6ir  John  Boubcbieb, 
£nt.,  of  Benningborouffh,  and  had  issue 
(with  two  other  sods,  who  d,  s.  p.  and  two 
daughters,  the  yonnger  of  whom  m.  James 
Mabu,  of  London)  a  third  son, 

Sib  Matthbw  Blakiston,  Knf.,  and 
Bart.,  h.  in  1702,  an  eminent  merchant  in 
London,  who  was  elected  alderman,  1750, 
serred  the  office  of  sheriff  1753,  and  filled 
the  dyic  chair  in  1760.  Mr.  Alderman 
Blakiston  received  the  honour  of  knight- 
hood, 8ih  June,  1759,  and  was  created  a 
Baronet.  22nd  April,  1763.  He  m.  first  a 
daughter  of  BeT.  Charles  Hall,  of  Halsay, 
CO.  JLork,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

Charles  Q^rge,  d.  nnm.  1858,  in  the 
lifetime  of  his  father. 
He  m.  secondly,  Mrs.  Mary  Blew,  of 
Chelsea,  who  d.  a.  p.  8th  January,  1864.  Sir 
Matthew  m.  thirdly,  1760,  Annabella,  daugh- 
ter of  Thomas  Baylkt,  M.P.  for  Derby,  by 
Bridget,  his  wife,  daughter  of  Sir  W.  Dixie, 
Bart,  (through  which  alliance,  Mr.  Blakis- 
ton deriyes  from  the  Plantagenets)  and 
by  her  (who  m.  secondly,  Lieut«nant-Colonel 
Hugh  Cane,  and  d.  in  1783),  he  left  an  only 

Matthew,  his  heir. 
Sir  Matthew  d.  in  1774,  and  was  «.  by  his 

tJiB  Matthew  Blaeibtoit,  second  Bart., 
b.  at  the  Mansion  House,  London,  during  the 
mayoralty  of  his  father,  m.  in  1782,  Anne, 
daughter  of  John  Bochvobt,  of  Clogrenane 
(which  lady  d,  27th  November,  1862,  in  the 
lQ2nd  year  of  her  age),  and  had  issue, 

I.  Matthew,  the  third  Bart.,  of  whom 

II.  John,  Major  27th  Begiment,  b.  8th 
February,  1785,  m.  26th  September, 
1814,  Jane,  daughter  of  Rev.  Thomas 
"W bight,  rector  of  Market  Bosworih, 
CO.  Leicester,  and  d.  4th  June,  1867, 
having  had  by  her,  who  d,  21st  June, 
1874,  had  issue, 

1.  Matthew,  b.  18th  January,  1821, 
m.  26th  September,  1849,  Anne, 
daughter  of  B.  B.  Blakistok- 
Houstok,  of  Orangefield. 

2.  Thomas  Wright,  late  Captain 
B.A.,  b.  27th  December,  1832,  m. 
1885,  Anne  Mary,  daughter  of 
James  DuK,  and  d.  15th  October, 
1891,  leaving,  Lawrence  Wright, 
b.  1889,  and  Jessie  Carmichael. 

3.  Lawrence,  in  the  Army,  slain  at 
Sebastopol,  8th  September,  1855. 

4.  John  Bochfort,  m.  14th  Septem- 
ber, 1876,  Georgiana  Helen, 
daughter  of  Bev.  Francis  WUliam 
Cdbitt,  rector  of  Fritton,  and 
has,  John  Francis,  b.  1882; 
Margaret ;  Catherine  ;  and  Mary 

1.  Eleanor  Frances,  d,  unm.  1st 
August,  1879. 

2.  Mary. 

3.  Dorothea. 

III.  Charles,  ft.  12th  April,  1876,  m.  in 
August   1820,   Harriett,   daughter  of 

NiCHOLL,  of  Watford,  and  d.  in 

June,  1843,  leaving  Anne  Plenderleath 
and  Constance  Catherine. 

IV.  Thomas,  Captain  B.N.,  ft.  December, 
1790,  m.  9th  August,  1827,  Harriet, 
fourth  daughter  of  John  Haeyet,  of 
Thorpe,  co.  Norfolk,  and  d.  1855, 
leaving  by  her  (who  d.  17th  September, 
1886)  three  daughters,  of  whom  the 
youngest,  Bertha  Harriot,  m.  IGth 
October,  1861,  Major  Frank  Astley 
Cubitt,  late  5th  Fusiliers,  eldest  son 
of  Rev.  Francis  Cubitt,  MA.,  of  Frit- 
ton  House,  S  ffolk. 

y.  Bichard  Bayley,  of  Orangefield  and 
Boddens,  co.  Down,  assumed  by 
royal  licence,  in  March,  1843,  the 
surname  of  IIoustok,  in  addition  to 
his  patronymic  Blakistoh,  ft.  13th 
May,  1793,  m.  11th  July,  1827,  Mary 
Isabella,  only  surviving  daughter  and 
heiress  of  John  Holmes  Houston,  of 
Orangefield,  and  d.  2l8t  July,  1857, 
having  by  her,  who  d.  4th  November, 
1873,  had  issue, 

1.  John,  of  Orangefield  and  Bod- 
dens, CO.  Down,  vice-lieutenant 
for  that  county  (high  sheriff 
1860),  ft.  11th  September,  1829,  m. 
16th  November,  1859,  Marian, 
second  daughter  of  the  late 
Bichard  S.  Stebatfieid,  of  the 
Bocks,  Sussex,  and  by  her,  who  d, 
1890,  has  issue, 

1.  Bichard,  late  Captain  5th 
Battalion  Boval  Iriah 
Bifles,  ft.  7th  July,  1864. 

2.  Thomas,  ft.  12th  September, 

8.  Charles,  ft.  31st  August, 

4.  James  Edward,  ft.  18th  No- 
vember, 1877. 

6.  John,  ft.  18th  April,  1881. 

1.  Mary  Charlotte,  m.  6th 
August,  1884,  Harry  Scar- 
lett, youngest  son  of  W. 
Scarlett,  of  Downland,  Uck- 

2.  Annie  Marian. 

3.  Dora. 

4.  MabeL 

5.  Isabel. 

6.  Ethel. 

7.  Hilda. 

2.  Bichard  Matthew,  d.  1847. 

8.  Thomas,  Captain  4th  Foot,  ft.  121  h 
November,  1833,  d.  1860. 

4.  Charles  William,  ft.  11th  May, 
1836,  d.  1861. 

1.  Anne,  m.  1848,  Matthew,  eLlest 
son  of  John  Blakiston,  of  Mob- 
berley  Hall,  co.  Chester. 

2.  Eliza  Houston,  d.  1847. 

Tl.  Peyton  (Bev.),  M.D.,  F.B.S.,  ft.  in 
September,  1801,     m.  August,   1826, 

2  K  2 



Frances,  eldest  daughter  of  John  Fol- 
liott  Powell,  second  son  of  Richard 
Powell,of  Stanedge,ande^.  1878,  having 
by  her,  who  d.  1858,  had  issue, 

1.  John  Richard,  M.A .,  one  of  H.M. 
Inspectors  of  Schools,  b.  1829,  m. 
June,  1857,  Marie,  widow  of  Major 
Hill,  and  daughter  of  Pierre 
Simon,  M.D.,  F.R.S.,  and  has 

1.  Ralph,  b.  1861,  m.  18th 
Apinl,  1889,  Ellen  Ann  Fell, 
dnughter  of  Rer.  Robert 
Walker,  ricar  of  "Wymes- 
wold,  Leicestershire,  and 
has  issue,  Robert  Ralph,  b. 
25th  March,  1890,  and  Anna 

2.  Aubrey,  b.  August,  1862,  m. 
July,  1881,  Lelia  Emily, 
second  daughter  of  Edmund 
Habsis,  of  Rugby,  and  has 
Eleanor  Lelia  Marie ;  Violet 
Audrey  ;  Dorothy  ;  and  Clare 

3.  Clarence,  b.  April  1864,  m. 
1888,  Clementine,  daughter 
of  J.  Lindsay,  of  Glasgow, 
and  has  a  daughter  Maria. 

1.  Maud,  m.  29th  July,  1882, 
George  Richard  Gbeenb, 
M.R.C.S.,  and  has  issue. 

2.  Minnie,  m.  1893,  Robert 

3.  Hilda. 

2.  Peyton,  Commander  R.N.,  b. 
1831,  m.  Ist  l^oTomber,  1862, 
Annie,  third  daughter  of  William 
Ford  Bally,  M.D.,  F.R.S ,  of 
Bath,  and  d,  January,  1866, 
learing  issue, 

1.  William,  b.  13th  December, 

2.  Peyton,  b.  20th  December, 
1865,  midshipman  H.M.S. 
"  Audacious,"  accidentally 
shot  at  Hong  Kong,  Slst 
March,  1883. 

1.  Evelyn  Frances,  b.  Decem- 
ber, 1864. 
8.  Douglas  Yeoman  (Rev.),  vicar 
of  East  Grinstead,  b.  1832;  m. 
11th  July,  1861,  Sophia  Mathilda, 
youngest  daughter  of  Rev.  Wil- 
liam Dent,  of  Crosby  Hall,  York- 
shire, and  has  issue, 

1.  Herbert  Edward  Dent 
(Rev.),  Fellow  of  Trinity 
College,  Oxford,  b,  5th 
September,  1862. 

2.  Charles,  b.  1863. 

8.  John  Lionel,  b.  24th  June, 

4.  William,ft.  14th  March,  1870, 
d.  6th  October,  1889. 

1.  Emily. 

2.  Mabel. 

4.  Matthew  FoUiott  (Rowley  Park, 
Stafford)  b.  22nd  September,  1835, 

m.  first,  2drd  September,  1858, 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Jb'n 
Mason,  of  Lymington,  and  by 
her,  who  d.  10th  February,  186**, 
has  issue, 

1.  Rochfort    FoUiott,   b,    25th 
November,  1860. 

2.  Matthew    Peyton,    d.    14th 
July,  1866. 

8.  Matthew,  b.  5th  May,  1867. 

1.  Mary. 

2.  Ada,    d.    20th    December, 

Mr.  M.  F.  Blakiston,  m.  secondly. 
11th   April,  1885,  Charlotte  Au- 
gusta, widow  of  Isaac  Spooneb. 
I.  Frances,  m,   April,   1859,  Dr.  Lionel 
Beale,  F.R.S. 
Sir  Matthew  d.  20th  September,  1806,  and 
was  a,  by  his  eldest  son. 

Sib  Matthew  Blakiston,  third  Bart.,  b. 
13th  May,  1783,  m.  12th  April,  1810,  Lucy, 
eldest  daughter  of  James  Mann,  of  Linton 
Place,  Kent  (by  Lucy  his  wife,  daughter  of 
Sir  Horace  Mann,  and  Lady  Lucy  Noel),  by 
whom,  who  d.  29th  December,  1871,  he  had 

I.  Matthew  (Sir),  fourth  Bart.,  b.  15th 
January,  1811,  who  d.  unm.  3rd 
December,  1883,  and  was  *.  by  his 
nephew,  Sir  Horace  Nevile  Blakiston, 
fifth  Bart. 

II.  Henry  James,  b.  19th  December,  1814, 
d.s.p.  1836. 

III.  John  Edward,  b.  14th  April,  1818, 
d.  s.  p.  22nd  September,  1822. 

IT.  Horace  Mann  (Rev.),  of  49,  Windsor 
Road,  Ealing,  b,  10th  December,  1819, 
vicar  of  Benhall,  Suffolk,  m.  26th 
June,  1860,  Charlotte,  second  daughter 
of  Rev.  W.  H.  G.  Mann,  vicar  of 
Bowden,  Cheshire,  and  d.  9th  Febru- 
ary, 1878,  having  had  issue, 

1.  HoBACB  Neyile  (Sir),  fifth  and 
present  Bart.,  b.  2nd  August,  1861. 

2.  Charles  Edward,  b,  28th  Decem- 
ber, 1862. 

3.  Frederick  Tumly,  ft.  22nd  April, 
1864 ;  m.  1888,  Eleanor  Isabella, 
daughter  of  John  Richard  Fitz- 
Gebald,  and  has  issue,  Arthur 
Frederick,  ft.  1892 ;  Edith  Mabel ; 
and  Lucv  Eleanor. 

1.  Lucy  Chariot  te,rf.  17th  May,1874. 

y.  Chables  Robbbt,  the  subject  of  this 

VI.  Augustus  Frederick  Noel,  of  Park 
Terrace,  Christchurch,  N.Z.,  ft.  15th 
January,  1829,  m.  1876,  Charity, 
daughter  of  Thomas  Conn  ell,  barris- 
ter-at-law,  Supreme  Court,  New  Zea- 
land. Mr.  A.  F.  N.  Blakiston,  after 
his  arriral  in  the  colony  in  1852,  witli 
his  brother,  was  engaged  in  pastoral 
purauits.  In  1862,  he  entered  the 
Canterbury  Provincial  Government 
Service,  and  on  the  abolition  of  the 
provincial  governments  in  1876,  be- 
came Receiver  of  Land  Revenue  for 



the  district  under  the  general  govern- 
ment and  retired  in  1889,  after  twenty- 
seven  years'  service. 

I.  Bosamund,  m.  18th  iugust,  1842,  Ber. 
Gerard  Nbtilb,  M.A.,  late  ricar  of 
Tilton,  CO.  Leicester,  third  son  of  Rev. 
H.  Nevile,  of  Cottesmore,  and  d.  1862. 

II.  Lucy,  «.  1840,  Rev.  William  Nixon 
Hooper,  M.A.,  Minor  Canon  of  Win- 

Arm9 — Arg.  two  bars  gu.  in  chief  three  cocks  of  the  last. 

Cre^t — A  cock  gu. 

Motto— Do  well  and  doubt  not. 

Residence — Armagh  Street,  Christchurch,  New  Zealand. 

iVa/e*— Ashbourne  Farms,  and  Thorpe,  near  Christchurch. 

Chester  and  perpetual  curate  of  Little- 
ton, Hants,  who  d.  1877,  leaving  issue. 

III.  Anne  Sopliia,  d.  unnu  2drd  August, 

IV.  Emily,  d.  unm.  4th  April,  1881. 
T.  Harriet  Jane,  d.  unm,  9th  July,  1848. 
VI.  Henrietta,  d.  tinm.  14th  Sept<r>mber, 

Sir  Matthew  d.  23rd  December,  1862. 


South  Wales  Artillery,  and  one  of  the  last  nominated  cadets  of  the 
Royal  Military  College,  Addiscombe ;  "was  Ensign  101st  Royal  Bengal  Fnsiliers, 
served  six  years  in  India  and  commanded  the  Fusiliers  in  Fort  Aklegnrgle, 
Dei*a  Ismail  Khan;  joined  New  South  Wales  Artillery  1877,  served  in  Egypt 
in  1885,  as  A.D.C.  to  General  Freemantle,  Coldsti^eam  Guards,  when  com- 
manding tlie  English  Aimy  in  the  advance  on  Tamai  (medal  and  clasp, 
Khedive's  Siar).  He  served  in  the  Burmese  expedition  1886-7  and  was 
sevei-ely  wounded,  and  thanked  by  the  government  of  India  (Despatches, 
London  Gazette,  2nd  September,  1887,  D.S.O.).  He  was  promoted  major  by 
brevet  for  distinguished  services  in  Burmah  by  His  Excellency  Lord  Carring- 
lon,  29th  June,  1887.  Major  Airey  was  6.3rd  August,  1843,  nu  6th  February, 
1868,  Florence  Ada,  daughter  of  A.  H.  McCulloch,  of  Sydney,  New  South 
Wales,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Charles  Francis,  h,  1st  August,  1870,  Lieutenant  2nd  Regiment,  New 

South  Wales  Forces. 

II.  George  Henry,  h.  14th  January,  1874,  midshipman,  Naval  Brigade, 

I.  Annie  Mary.  ii.  Gertrade  Florence. 

III.  Dorothea  Bessie.  iv.  Dulce. 


Hiis  family  claims  to  he  of  Norwegian 
origin,  Ari  or  Ara  being  a  personal  name 
among  the  Scandinavian  nations,  and  probably 
settled  in  Westmorland  between  the  years 
945  and  1000,  when  a  body  of  northmen  who 
had  taken  possession  of  the  Isle  of  Man  made 
a  descent  upon  the  opposite  coast  and  colonized 
Cumberland       and    Westmorland.  The 

Atb^ybs  had  Terr  early  possession  of  lands 
in  Kentmore,  of  which  place  in  1350  Thomas 
AYBATBwas  bailiff.  His  daughter m.  William 
GiLPiir  of  Kentmore  Hall,  and  there  were 
BCTeral  subsequent  intermarriages  between 
the  two  families.  Henby  Aybey,  of 
Kentmore,  who  d.  1564,  m.  Ellinor,  daughter 
of  Edwin  Gilpin  and  sister  of  the  distinguished 
Bernard  Gil  I- iK,rector  of  Houghton-le-Spring. 
One  of  their  sons,  Henby  Aibay,  was  ProTost 

of  Queen's  College,  Tice-Chancellor  of  Oxford, 
and  Prebendary  of  Canterbury.     He  d.  unm, 
1616  and  was  buried  in  the  chapel  of  Queen's 
BicHABD     Aybaib,    of     Eentmore,     m. 

Margaret and  d,   1577,    leaving   with 

other  children,  a  son, 

EwAN  Aybey,  whom.  1565,  Ellinor  Gilpiv, 
when  the  family  moved  to  Trimdon,  co. 
Durham,  ond  in  1613  was  settled  at  Bensham 
and  Killingworth,  co.  Northumberland.  One 
of  his  sons, 

Qeobob  Aibey,  of  Gateshead,  «a.  Mary 
Bedfobd  and  d.  May,  1688,  having  had 

Joseph,  who  rf.  1677. 

Geobge,  of  whom  presently. 

Mary,  m.  —  SrENDE. 



Ann,  m.  E.  Bicton. 

Buth,  m.  Haaxley  Stbvbksow. 

Margaret,  m.  1702,  William  Lkiohton, 
The  only  surviving  son, 

Geobgb  Aibet,  of  Gateshead,  merchant,  m. 
19th  July,  1688,  Anne,  daughter  of  Ambrose 
Babnbs,  alderman  of  Newcastle  -  on  -  l^ne, 
great  -  grand  -  dnuahter  maternally  of  John 
Clavbbing,  of  Aswell,  co.  Durham,  by  his 
wife  Anne,  daughter  of  Robert  Shafioe,  of 
Newcasfle-on-Tyne,  and  d.  174>,  having  had 

I.  George,  d.  in  infancy  June,  1698. 

II.  Joseph,  tn.  9th  May,  1728,  his  cousin, 
Ruth,  daughter  of  Jonathan  Hutchin- 
son, M.P.  for  Berwick-upon-Tweed, 
and  d.  s.  p.  6th  February,  1748. 

III.  George,  m.  Mary,  daughter  of  Major 
GooDYEKE,  who  was  killed  at  the  siege 
of  Poodichcrry. 

IT.  TnoMAS,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Anne,  d.  unm.  1774. 
The  youngest  son, 

Thomas  Aibet,  of  Killingworth  and 
Newcastle-on-Tyne.  m.  12th  November,  1724, 
Mary,  daughter  of  —  Mulcasteb,  and  d.  Ist 
February,  1771,  having;  had  issue  besides 
Ambrose  and  George,  who  d.  young, 

I.  Joseph,  m.  28th  May,  1767,  Frances, 
daughter  of  Captain  Milford  Hendby, 
Gi)vernor  of  the  Balearic  If^lands,  and  d. 
15th  November,  1770,  having  by  her, 
who  d.  2lBt  December,  1819,  had  issue, 

1.  Joseph,  b.  12th  December,  17^:9,  m, 
3rd  March,  1792,  Julia,  daughter 
of  Christopher  Fawcett,  bar- 
rister-at-law  and  recorder  of  New- 
rastle-upon-Tvne.  She  d.  29th 
September,  1792,  aged  30;  he 
d.  8.  p.  801  h  January,  1794,  aged  34. 

2.  George  (Sir),  b.  17C0,  Lieutenant- 
General,  K.C.H.,  Colonel  39th 
Regiment,  m.  Hon.  Catherine, 
daughter  of  Baroness  Talbot  of 
Malahide,  and,  by  her, who  d.  13th 
May,  1852,  had  a  numerous  family, 
of  whom  the  eldest  son.  General 
Sib  Richabd  Aibet,  G.C.B.,  was 
created  Babon  Aibey,  29th  No- 
vember, 1 876,  but  d.  without  sur- 
viving male  issue,  14th  Septem- 
ber, 1881  (see  Bubee's  ExHnct 
Peerage).  Sir  George  Airey  d.  in 
Paris,  18th  February,  1833. 

3.  Henry,  d.  15th  September,  1766. 

4.  Jonathan,  d.  tinm. 

1.  Frances,  m.  16th  June,  1788,  the 
Rev.  William  Haigh,  vicar  of 
Wooler,  Northumberland. 

II.  Thomas,  1st  Lieutenant  of  Captain 
Maddison's  Company  of  Mariners,  d. 
unm.  1756. 

III.  Henby,  of  whom  presently. 

IV.  Jonathan,  m.  7th  January,  1762, 
Anne,  daughter  of — Watson,  and 
d.  1796,  *.  p. 

T.  Willian, b.  1740,  m.  Elizabeth,  and  d. 

14th  Jan  no  ly,  1807. 
VI.  Gabriel,  d.  9th  August,  1751. 

I.  Ruth,  tn.  17th  May,  1758,  Nicholas 
Walton,  of  Faimachs,  near  Havens- 
worth,  CO.  Durham. 

II.  Jane,  m.  14th  November,  1765, 
Richard  Pbime,  of  London,  merchant. 

III.  Margaret,  m.  Francis  Hubbt,  of 
Howden,  co.  Northumberland. 

IV.  Anna,  d.  unm.  13th  October,  1820. 

V.  Mary,  d.  unm.  80th  January,  1821. 
The  third  son, 

Henbt  Aibey,  of  Ben  well  and  Newcastle- 
upon-Tyne,  b.  1733,  m.  30th  May,  1771,  Maria 
Henrietta,  daughter  of  the  Rev.  —  Cowpeb, 
vicar  of  Penrith,  and  by  her,  who  d,  10th 
June,  1779,  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  John,  serjeant-at-law,  d.  unm.  1827. 

III.  Henry,  d.  at  eea  unm.  1804. 

I.  Maria  Henrietta,  m.  7th  January, 
1805,  the  Rev.  Jelinger  Sykons,  rector 
of  Radnage  and  vicar  of  Monkland, 
and  d.  1833. 

II.  Anna,  m.  29th  September,  1808»  her 
cousin,  Henry  Watson. 

Mr.  Airey  d.  6th  July,  1807.  His  eldest  son, 
Thomas  Aibey,  Captain  9th  East  Norfolk 
Regiment,  b.  lUlh  March,  1775,  served  with 
the  39th  and  9th  Regiments  in  the  Peninsular 
Campaign,  was  present  at  the  battle  of  A.D.C.  to  General  Orde ;  •».  22nd 
July,  1806,  Julia,  fourth  daughter  of  Matthew 
Atkinson,  of  Temple  Sowcrby,  co.  Westmor- 
land, Receiver-General  of  the  counties  of 
Westmorland  and  Cumberland ;  and  by  her, 
who  d.  15th  January,  1869,  had  issue, 

I.  Henry,  who  d.  in  infancy. 

II.  Henby  Cookson,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Matthew,  b.  1812,  d.  unm.  20th 
January,  1876. 

IV.  George  Symons,  of  Kingston, 
Jamaica,  b.  1814,  d.  unm.  14th  October, 

V.  Thomas,  b.  1819,  d.  unm.  22nd 
January,  1859. 

VI.  John,  b.  1821,  m.  9th  August,  1872, 
Agnes  Bedfath,  and  d.  28th  March, 
1880,  having  had  issue, 

1.  George  Matthew,  b.  1873. 

2.  Thomas  Alexander,  b.  1875. 

I.  Mary,  d.  21st  October,  1881. 

II.  Julia  Maria,  m.  14th  August,  1875, 
the  Rev.  Edward  Taylob,  vicar  of 
Temple  Sowerby,  Westmorland. 

Captain  Airey  d.  March,  1826.  His  second  son, 
Henby  Cookson  Aibey,  of  Kingsthorpe 
House,  Yorkshire,  and  latterly  of  Grosvenor 
Place,  Bath,  Captain  59th  Bengal  Native 
Infantry,  b.  17th  May,  1811,  m.  20th  Decem- 
ber, 1838,  Emily,  daughter  of  William  Pabeb, 
oF  Awfield  Lodge,  Lancashire  and  Mollance, 
Kircudbrightshire,  and  by  her,  who  d.  9th 
June,  1^6t,  had  i^sue, 

I.  Thomas  William  Parle,  Lieutenant 
2l8t  R.N.B.  Fusiliers,  b.  26th  January, 
1841,  d.  unm.  27th  Februaiy,  1863. 

II.  Henby  Pabke,  the  subject  of  this 

iir.  Charles  Parke,  b.  12th  August,  1848, 

d.  in  infancy. 
IV.  George  Parke,  late  Captain  3rd  Bat- 


afterwards    ricar    of  EUacombe   and 
rector  of  St.  Leonards-on-Sea.     She  d, 
24th  June,  1876,  leading  issue. 
IV.  Mary  Parke. 

T.  Isabella  Talbot  Parke,  d,  15th  Septem- 
ber, 1863. 
Captain  Airej  d.  10th  May,  1866. 

talion  Boyal  Welsh  Fusiliers,  h.  25th 
April,  1861,  m.  25th  April,  1888,  Mary 
Florence,  daughter  of  the  late  W.  W. 
Maittoit,  and  d.  26th  December,  1891, 

I.  Jane  Parke. 

II.  £miW  Parke,  m.  7th  August,  1865, 
the    ftev.    John    Awdrj    Jamibson, 

Arm9 — Az.  on  a  chey.  arg.  between  in  chief  three  mullets  of  the  last  and  in  base  the 
battlements  of  a  tower  or  three  cinquefoils  of  the  field. 

Creai — Out  of  the  battlements  of  a  tower  or  a  dexter  and  a  sinister  arm  embowed  in 
armour  ppr.  the  hands  also  ppr.  holding  a  cinquefoil  az. 

Motio--Je  le  tiendrai. 

JddreM^YictonBk  Barracks,  Oxford  Street,  Paddington,  Sydney. 

Cluh — Union,  Sydney. 


THE  HON.  JAMES  BALFOUR,  of  TjaJla,  Toorak,  Melbourue,  and 
Ronnd  Hill,  Culcaim,  New  Soatb  Wales,  a  member  of  tbe  Legislative 
Council,  and  of  the  Executive  Council  of  Victoria,  h,  at  Edinburgh,  1 0th  May, 
1830,  m.  19tb  April,  1859,  Frances  Charlotte,  eldest  daughter  of  the  late  Hon. 
James  Hentt,  M.L.C,  of  Victoria  (see  that  family)^  and  has  issue, 

].  James  Hugh,  h,  1861,  m.  1885,  Ethel  Maud  Lucy   Scales,  and  has 

1.  James  Angus. 

2.  Ronald  Gordon. 

1.  Ethel  Frances. 

2.  Jean  Melville. 

II.  Graham    Henty,  M.A.   Melbourne    University,    B.D.    St.    Andrew's 

University,  b.  1866. 

III.  Lewis  John,  B.A.  Melbourne  University,  6.  1868. 

IV.  William  George,  h.  1871. 

V.  Robert  Melville,  6.  1873 ;  d.  1883. 

VI.  Henry  Rainy,  6.  1875. 

I.  Charlotte  Gordon. 

II.  Fanny  Robina. 

III.  Mary  Matheson,  d,  1878. 

IV.  Annie  Munro. 

V.  Chnstina  Emily  Elphinstone. 

The  Hon.  James  Balfour  went  to  Melbourne  from  London  in  1862.  From 
1866  to  1868  he  was  member  for  East  Bourke  in  the  Legislative  Assembly,  and 
was  for  three  years  one  of  the  commissioners  of  Education.  In  1874  he  was 
elected  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Council,  and  in  1890  became  a  member 
of  the  Executive  Council.  He  has  served  as  President  and  Vice-President  of 
the  Melbourne  Chamber  of  Commerce.  Before  entering  Parliament  he  was  a 
member  of  the  Volunteer  force  and  held  a  commission  as  Captain  commanding 
the  St.  Kilda  Corps  of  Royal  Victorian  Volunteer  Artillery. 




Tliis  family  is  a  cadet  branch  of  the  Balfours 
of  Pilrig,  CO.  Midlothian. 

Thi  Rev.  James  Balfour,  a  younger  son 
of  Sir  David  Balfour,  of  Powis,  co.  Clack- 
mannan, was  b.  about  1540,  entered  the 
ministry  of  the  church  of  Scotland  soon  after 
the  Eeformation,  and  subsequently  became 
one  of  the  ministers  of  Edinburgh  in  the 
rAgj[x  of  Jambs  VI.  He  m.  1575,  Barbara, 
daughter  of  Richard  Melyille,  of  Baldjwio, 
Forfarshire,  niece  of  Andrew  and  siater  of 
James  MelTille,  the  distinguished  Scottish 
reformers,  and  d.  1613.     Their  son, 

The  Rey.  Andrew  Balfour,  b.  about 
1587,  was  minister  of  tlie  parish  of  Kirk- 
newton  in  Midlothian.  He  d.  1624,  leaving  a 

James  Balfour,  who  was  called  to  the 
Scottish  bar,  and  was  appointed  one  of  the 
principal  clerks  of  the  Court  of  Session,  in  the 
time  of  the  Conn^onwealtli.  He  was  b.  about 
1620,  and  m.  B  idpet,  daughter  of  Chalmbr?, 
of  Balbritham,  Aberdeenshire,  and  d.  1693, 
leaving  a  son, 

Jambs  Balfour,  one  of  the  magistrates  of 
Edinburgh,  and  a  Governor  of  the  Darien 
Company;  b.  before  1650;  m.  1670,  Helen, 
daughter  of  Sir  John  Smith,  of  Cramond  and 
Grotehill,  Midlothian,  and  d.  about  1704, 
leaving  a  son, 

James  Balpour,  merchant  in  Edinburgh 
and  Leith,  who  purchased  the  lands  of 
Pilrig,  Midlothian,  in  1718.  He  was  b.  1681, 
m.  1704,  Louisa,  daughter  of  Robert  Hamil- 
ton, of  Airdrie,  Lanarkshire,  and  d.  1737, 
leaving  a  son, 

Jambs  Balfour,  of  Pilrig,  was  called  to  the 
Scottish  bar,  appointed  Sheriff  Substitute  of 
Midlothian  and  held  the  Chair  of  Moral 
Philosophy,  and  afterwards  of  the  Law  of 
Mature  and  Nations  in  the  Universily  of 
Edinburgh ;  b.  1705  ;  m.  1737,  Cecilia,  daugh- 
ter of  Sir  John  Elphinstone,  of  Logic,  Bart., 
and  d.  1795,  leaving  a  son, 

John  Balfour,  of  Pilrig,   merchant    in 

Leith,  b.  1740;  m.  1773,  Jean,  daughter  of 

Robert  White,  M.D.,  of  Bennochy,   Fife- 

ehire,  and  by  her,  who  d,  1833,  had  issue, 

I.  James,  of  Pilrig,  writer  to  the  Signet, 

Edinburgh,  b.  7th  January,  1774,  d. 

20th  March,  1860  ;  m.  24th  February, 

1806,  Anne,  daugbter  of  Captain  John 

Mackintosh, of  Corribrock,  Invemess- 

ehire,   and    afterwards    of    Harwood, 

Midlothian,  and  by  her,  who  d.  29th 

June,  1825,  had  issue, 

] .  John  Mackintosh,  of  Pilrig,  J.P. 
cos.  Midlothian  and  Fife,  *.  to  the 
estate  of  Strathkinness,  Fifesbire, 
as  heir  male  of  his  grandmother, 
Jean  Whyte,  on  the  death  of  his 
cousin,  John  Wliyte  Melville,  in 
1883,  and  assumed  the  name  and 
arms  of  Melville,  of  Strath- 
kinness; b.  23rd  September,  1811, 
m.  21  fit  September,  1841,  Ann, 
daughter  of  Harry  Rainy,  M.D., 
Professor  cf  Forensic  Medicine  in 

the  University  of  Glasgow,  and  d. 
23rd  September,  1894,  having  by 
her  who  d.  1891,  had  issue,  three 
daughters,  Anne  Ma(idntosh  Bal- 
four (deceased),  m.  Charles  Alex- 
ander Cunningham,  of  the  Bom- 
bay Staflf  Corps ;  Barbara  Gordon ; 
and  Margar\}t  Jane. 

2.  James,  now  of  Strathkinness, 
Fifeshire,  Writer  to  the  Signet, 
Edinburgh,  m.  Eliza  Ogilvy 
Heriot  Maitland,  daughter  of 
James  Heriot,  of  Ramomie,  Fife- 
sliire,  and  has  issue.  James  Heriot 
Balfour ;  Frederick  Maitland 
Balfour ;  Francis  Douglas  Bslfour 
(deceased)  ;  John  Elphinstone 
Balfour;  Robert  Andrew  Agnew 
Balfour ;  Leslie  Melville  Balfour; 
Elliott  Southesk  Balfour;  and 
Emma  Constance. 

8.  Robert,  of  Ed  in  burgh  (deceased), 
m.  Frances  Grace,  daughter  of 
James  Blaikie,  of  Craigiebuckler, 
Aberdeen,  and  by  her,  who  d. 
1891,  had  issue,  James  Francis 
Balfour  (deceased) ;  Robert  John 
Balfour  (deceased)  ;  William 
Alexander  Adrian  Balfour;  Jane 
Garden  Balfour;  Anne  Louisa 
Balfour;  Frances  Elizabeth  Bal- 
four; Edith  Balfour;  and  Mar- 
garet Ida  Balfour. 

1.  Margaret,  m.  Rev.  John  Paul, 
D.D.,  St.  Cuthbert's,  Edinburgh, 
and  left  issue. 

2.  Jane,  d.  unm. 

3.  Anne,  d.  unm. 

II.  Lewis  (Rev.),  D.D.,  m.  Henriett-a 
Scott,  daughter  of  George  Smith,  D.D., 
and  had  issue,  John ;  George  Smith ; 
Lewis  ;  James ;  William  Somerville ; 
George  William ;  Mackintosh ;  James 
Melville;  Marion;  Jane  Whyte;  Hen- 
rietta Louisa ;  and  Margaret  Isabella. 

III.  John,  of  whom  presently. 

IV.  Melville,  tn.  Joanna,  daughter  of 
Walter  BRUNTON,and  left  issue,  John ; 
Walter  Brunton ;  and  Helen  Brunton. 

I.  Louisa,  m.  James  Mackenzie,  of  Craig 
Park,  and  had  issue. 
Mr.  John  Balfour  d.  1814.     His  tbird  son, 

John  Balfour,  a  merchant  of  Leith,  and 
residing  at  Pilrig-street,  Edinburgh,  b.  1776; 
m.  first,  1809  or  1810,  Helen,  daughter  of 
Thomas  Buchanan,  of  Ardoch,  and  by  her 
had  issue, 

I.  John,  b.  1811 ;  m.  1841,  Agnes,  daugh- 
ter of  Captain  Robert  Boyle,  4aid 
Rogimont,  and  had  issue, 

1.  John,  b.  1843. 

2.  Robert,  b.  1845. 

3.  Thomas  Graham,  6. 1852,  d.  1874. 
I.  Mary  Alison,  i.  1841. 

,  2.  Helen  Gordon,  b.  1849,  d,  1854. 

!  3.  Louisa,  b.  1855. 

II.  Thomas  Graham,  surgeon -general,  6. 
1813,   d.   1891  ;    m.    1856,   Georgina 



Pbbnticb,  M'idow  of  Captain  AimBR- 
BOV,  and  left  issue, 

Thomas  Graham,  b.  1858. 
III.  Buchanan,  &.  1816 ;  m.  1844,  Frances 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Robert  Hazbll, 
and  had  issue, 

1.  John  Robert,  b.  1850,  d.  1857. 

2.  Buchanan,  b.  1852,  d.  1857. 

3.  Thomas  Graham,  b.  1855,  d.  1857. 

4.  Hugh  MelTille,  b.  1862,  d.  1883. 

1.  Jane  Helen  Robina,  b.  1845. 

2.  Fanny,  b.  1846. 

3.  Marion  Somervail,  b,  1848. 

4.  Ada  Craig,  b.  1860. 

He  m.  secondlj,  1825,  Bobina,  daughter  of 
Captain  Robert  Gobdon,  of  Invercarron,  and 
d.  1859,  haying  by  her,  who  d,  1879,  had 
further  issue, 

IV.  Robert  (Gordon  (Rev.),  b.  1823;  m. 
1854,   Margaret  Ewing,  daughter  of 
Campbell  Naismith,  and  has  issue, 
1.  John  Naismith,  b.  1867. 

1.  Margaret  Grace,  b.  1857. 

2.  Robina  Gordon,  b.  1860,  d.  1889. 

3.  Mary  Louisa,  b.  1861. 

4.  Helen  Jane,  b.  18({3. 

6.  Edith  Campbell,  b.  1865. 

6.  Annie  Frances,  b.  183P. 

7.  Georgina  Graham,  b.  1873. 

T.  Hugh  Melville,  M.D.,  84th  Regiment, 

b.  1828,  d,  1853. 
Ti.  James  (Hon.),  of  Tyalla,  the  subject 

of  this  memoir. 

I.  Jane    Christina,  m.   George    Rainy, 
M.D.,  and  had  issue. 

II.  Helen  Buchanan. 

Arm* — Argent  on  a  cheyron  indented  sable  between  a  rose  in  chief  gules  and  a  saltire  in 
base  azure  an  otter's  head  erased  of  the  field. 

Crest — A  dexter  hand  holding  an  olive  branch  proper. 

Motto — Adsit  Deus. 

Setidence* — Tyalla,  Toorak,  Melbourne ;  and  Round  HilJ,  Culcaim,  New  South  Wales. 

Club — Australian,  Melbourne. 


HON.  THOMAS  DALTON,  of  Wheatleigh,  North  Sydney,  New  South 
Wales,  J.  P.  and  member  of  the  Legislative  Council  of  that  colony, 
formerly  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Assembly  for  nine  years,  6.  17th 
April,  1829 ;  m.  first  in  1862,  Elizabeth  Fahy,  and  by  her,  who  d,  1877,  has 

I.  Thomas  Joseph,  h.  14th  February,  1871. 

I.  Ellen  Margaret. 

II.  Blanche  Mary. 

He  m.  secondly,  29th  January,  1880,  Mary  Anne  Josephine  Walsh,  but  by 
her  has  no  issue. 

The  Hon.  Thomas  Dalton  left  Ireland  in  early  life  for  the  United  States 
and  arrived  in  Australia  from  America  in  1856,  ever  since  which  time  he  has 
been  engaged  in  commercial  pursuits,  and  is  now  sole  partner  in  the  firm  of 
Dalton  Brothers,  one  of  the  leading  mercantile  houses  in  the  city  of  Sydney ; 
he  is  a  wharf  owner  and  largely  connected  with  the  shipping  interests.  In  1892, 
he  was  appointed  by  His  Holiness  Pope  Leo  XIII  a  Knight  Commendatore  of 
the  Order  of  St.  Gregory  the  Great. 


Jauss  Dalton  (eon  of  Thomas  Dalton), 
who  resided  in  the  cos.  of  Limeiiok  and  Tip- 
peraiy,  in  the  south  of  Ireland,  emigrated  to 
Kew  South  Wales  in  1840,  and  settled  at 
Orange.     He  m.  Eleanor  Bjan,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas  (Hon.),  M.L.C.,  J.P.,  the 
subject  of  this  memoir. 

II.  James,  of  Orange,  New  South  Wales, 
of  the  firm  of  Dalton  Brothers,  mer- 
chants, is  a  Itirge  laud-holder  and  wool- 

ReHdence — ^Wheatleigh,  Noith 

grower,  was  mayor  of  Orange,  1869, 
sometime  a  member  of  the  Town 
Council,  and  founder  of  the  Australian 
Hall,  Orange,  was  b.  at  Limericlc,  Ire- 
land, in  1884;  m.  at  Orange,  aforesaid, 
1858,  a  daughter  of  the  late  John 
Collins,  of  Orange,  and  has  issue  six 
sons  and  six  daughters. 
I.  Margaret,  m.  Mic))oel  Capbt,  and  has 
issue,  four  sons  and  one  daughter. 

Svdnoy,  New  South  Wales. 




ARCHIBALD  McDOWALL,  of  Brisbane,  Queensland,  snrveyor-general 
of  Queensland,  h.  in  Victoria,  2nd  December,  1841 ;  m.  firstly,  26th  May, 
1871,  Annie,  daughter  of  Thomas  Coutts,  by  Maria  Bloodswobth,  his  wife, 
and  by  her  (who  d.  18th  April,  1878)  has  had  issue, 

I.  Archibald  Bankton,  6.  at  West  Street,  Toowoomba,  7th  July,  1872. 

II.  St.  Andrew  William    Logan,  h,  at  Maryborough,  Queensland,  30th 

November,  1875. 
I.  Annie,  6.  at  Churchill  Street,  Maryborough,  10th  April,  1878 ;    d,  at 

Hobart,  Tasmania,  1st  March,  1879. 
He  m.  secondly,  2nd  June,  1880,  Ada  Sarah,  daughter  of  Thomas  Coutts, 
and  sister  to  his  first  wife,  and  by  her  has  issue, 

III.  Valentine,  h.  at  Waratah,  Maryborough,  14}th  February,  1881. 

Mr.  McDowall,  who  was  educated  at  Hobart  and  Campbelltown,  Tasmania, 
entered  the  Queensland  government  service  in  May,  1862,  as  staff  surveyor ; 
acted  as  staff  surveyor  and  commissioner  of  Crown  lands  in  the  Maranoa, 
Warrego,  and  Kennedy  districts  until  the  end  of  1869,  when  he  was  appointed 
commissioner  of  Crown  lands  and  district  surveyor  of  Darling  Downs;  district 
surveyor  of  the  Maryborough  and  Wide  Bay  district,  from  1875  to  1885  ;  dis- 
trict surveyor  at  Toowoomba  and  inspector  of  surveys,  from  1885  to  1891,  in 
which  year  he  succeeded  Mr.  W.  M.  Davidson  as  surveyor  general  of  Queensland. 


ThiR  is  a  branch  of  the  ancient  family  of 
McDowall,  of  Logan^  oo.  Wigton,  Scotland. 

Patbick  McDowall,  of  Edinburgh, 
banker,  livlDg  in  1695,  was  father  of, 

Jahbb  McDowall,  of  CanonmillB,  who,  in 
the  entail  of  the  estate  of  Bankton,  in  East 
Lothian,  and  certain  other  property,  executed 
in  1766,  is  a  nomination  substitute,  and  is 
therein  stated  to  be  Lord  Bankton's  cousin 
(Kay's  Portraits,  1837,  vol.  i,  pp.  225,  226). 
His  son, 

Abchibald  McDowall,  of  Korth  Bridge, 
who  figures  in  Kay's  Portraits^  was  the  first 
to  commence  the  manufacture  of  cloth  in 
Scotland.  He  was  for  many  years  a  leadioe 
member  of  the  Edinburgh  Town  Council, 
which  he  entered  in  1775,  was  several  times 
in  the  magistracy,  and,  before  his  retirement, 
was  offered  the  provost's  chair,  which  he 
declined.  He  wo.s  b.  in  1743;  m.  a  near 
relation  of  his  brother-in-law,  the  Rev.  Dr. 
John  Macfablan,  minister  of  the  Canongate 
Church,  and  d.  December,  1816,  leaving  six 
sons,  two  of  whom  obtained  appointment«  in 
the  Hon.  E.  I.  Co.'s  service,  viz.,  Bobert 
(Colonel)  and  William;  two  others  entered 
into  mercantile  pursuits,  and  the  youngest 
son,  Charles,  became  a  writer  to  the  signet. 
Colonel  Bobert  McDowall,  who  spent  nearly 
thirty  years  in  India,  was  present  at  the  siege 
of  Seringapatam  and  at  the  capture  of  Tavoy 
and  Merqni,  of  which  he  was  appointed 
governor,   and    was  subsequently   killed    in 

action.  The  other  son,  who  went  to  India, 
William,  after  being  about  twenty  yeara  in 
the  Madras  Medical  Establishment,  returned 
to  Edinburgh,  where  he  took  up  his  residence 
at  Bellevue  Crescent.  Mr.  Archibald  Mc- 
Dowall's  eldest  son, 

Abchibald  McDowall,  of  Logan,  Both- 
well,  O^ismania,  m.  1814,  Jean  Bbgbib.  Both 
d.  at  Logan,  and  their  son, 

Abchibald  McDowall,  of  Logan,  Both- 
well,  Tasmania,  has  been  a  territoriaJ  magi- 
strate of  that  colony  for  the  last  forty  years, 
and  has  been  warden,  or  chief  ma^trate,  of 
Both  well  for  nearly  thirty  years.  He  m.  8th 
February,  1841,  Charlotte  Gill,  and  has  had 

I.  Abchibald,  Surveyor-Oeneral  of 
Queensland,  the  subject  of  this 

II.  James  GKll,  deceased. 

III.  William,  of  Lake  Lucy,  North 
Queensland,  grazier. 

IV.  Frederick,  of  Logan,  Bothwell. 

V.  Robert  Grant,  staff  surveyor,  Darling 
Downs,  Queensland. 

I.  Charlotte  Jane,  «i.  George  Ibbott,  a 
landowner  in  Tasmania. 

II.  Eva  Marion. 

III.  Emma  Eugenie,  m.  the  Veiy  Bev. 
Thomas  Davenport  Wabnbb,  rural 
dean,  Toowoomba,  Queensland. 

iv.  Lime  Beid. 

Rendence — Brisbane,  Queensland. 

Clubs — Queensland  and  Johnsonian,  in  Brisbane ;  The  Downs,  in  Toowoomba. 



CHARLES  MacCARTHT  TENISON,  of  Hobart,  Tasmania,  barrister- 
at-law,  called  to  the  Irish  Bar  1879,  and  io  the  English  Bar,  Middle 
Temple,  1884,  a  member  of  the  Rojal  Irish  Academy,  a  Fellow  of  the  Royal 
Society  of  Antiquarians,  Ireland,  a  Fellow  of  the  Institnte  of  Bankers,  author 
of  the  Law  and  Practice  of  Bankifig,  Celtic  Songs  and  Song-writers,  and 
oiher  works ;  a  justice  of  the  peace  for  Hobart,  Tasmania,  and  for  the  colony 
of  Queensland,  manager  of  the  Union  Bank  of  Australia  at  Hobart.  He 
assumed  by  royal  licence,  27th  December,  1890,  the  name  of  Tenison  in  lieu 
of  Lis  patronymic  and  the  arms  of  Tenison  quarterly  with  his  paternal  arms. 
He  was  h,  30th  December,  1850,  m.  3rd  June,  1879,  Elizabeth  Isabel,  third 
daughter  of  William  Crompton  Ashlin,  of  Claughton,  Birkenhead,  and  has 
had  issue, 

I.  Julian  Tenison,  6.  22nd  June,  1885. 

I.  ETa  Mabel,  h.  31st  May,  1880. 

II.  Amy  Lilian,  twin  with  her  brother,  d.  3rd  December,  1885. 


The  TsvirrBOKS,  TKViriBOirs  or  Tsnibons, 
are  a  familj  of  great  antiqiuty  in  the  Seig- 
noiy  of  Holdemnae,  in  Yorkshire.  In  the 
jear  1343,  JoHir  Tbkhibon,  of  Paulflete, 
charged  certain  persons  with  forcibly  taking 
away  of  his  goods  and  chattels  to  tlie  value 
of  £40,  equiralent  to  about  £600  of  our 
present  money  («««  Flaxtagbkbt  HASBisoir's 
Notetfrom  the  Coram  Rege  Rolls).  In  1490, 
the  principal  person  of  the  name  in  the  seig- 
norr  was, 

William  TMrTSOW,  of  Ryhill,  whose  will 
is  dated  15th  September,  152$,  and  is  extant 
at  York.  Bj  it  he  desires  to  be  buried  at 
Skekljng  {i.e,  Burstwick),  and  leaves,  as 
was  customary  at  the  time,  bequests  to  the 
high  altar ;  to  "  Our  Lady's  "  lights  ;  to  the 
church  of  Paulflete,  the  pari<«h  his  ancestors 
dvrelt  in,  &c.  He  d,  before  30th  September, 
1528,  leaving  by  Beatrice,  his  wife,  a  son  and 
two  danghters, 
I.  John. 

I.  Ellen. 

II.  Agnes. 
The  only  son  and  beir, 

John  Tbkntson,  of 
his    father's    executors, 
sister  of  John  Thobitton,  M.P.  for  Hulf,  and 
d.  before  lOth  November,  1546  (will  dated 
drd  August,  1546),  leaving  issue  (idl  of  whom 
were  under  age  at  his  decease), 
I.  Chbistofhxs. 
u.  Kdward. 
I.  Agnes. 
The  eldest  son  and  heir, 

Chkistophbb  Tennyson,  of  Byhill,  made 
consider^le  purchases  of  landed  property  in 
Camerton,  Paule,  and  iSkeklyng.  By  Eliza- 
beth, his  wife,  he  had  issue, 

I.  John,  of  whom  presently. 

Byhill,   was  one  of 
He    m.    Margaret, 

II.  Marmaduke,  who  had  a  son  John. 

III.  Edvtard. 
I.  Katherine. 

Christopher  Tennyson  adopted  the  Protes- 
tant religion  at  the  Beformation.  He  d, 
July,  1580,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Bby.  John  Tbnison,  who  adopted  this 
mode  of  spelling  the  name,  which  has  since 
been  adhered  to  by  his  descendants.  He  was 
h.  about  1560,  was  at  Cambridge  University 
in  March,  1579,  as  stated  in  his  father's  will  i 
Fellow  of  Peterhouse  College,  1589,  and  D.D. 
Ue  was  nominated  and  recommended  in  1583, 
by  Queen  Elizabeth,  for  the  next  vacant 
Fellowship,  but  the  Fellows  deprecated  the 
restraint  put  upon  them  in  regard  to  the 
election,  objecting  to  Ttnison  on  sccount  of 
his  "  affluence,"  and  that  his  disposition  was 
''  neither  quiet  nor  humble,"  as  that  of 
Fellows  should  be.  He  was,  however,  duly 
elected,  and  admitted  9th  October,  1589.  He 
was  presented  to  the  rectory  of  Downham,  in 
the  diocese  of  Ely,  in  1596,  and  he  actively 
administered  the  parish  till  1639,  when  it 
would  appear  he  retired.  He  m.  1597,  Anne, 
daughter  of  PhUip  B  axdbbbt  (of  the  ancient 
family  of  Haldbbbt  of  Salderby),  and 
through  this  alliance  his  descendants  inherit, 
through  the  Boynton,  Strangways,  Percy,  and 
other  families,  royal  and  noble  blood.  He 
d.  September,  1644  (and  was  buried  in  Ely 
Trinity),  leaving  issue, 

I.  John  (Rev.),  B.D.,  Fellow  of  Peter- 
house,  rector  of  Mundsley,  Topcroft, 
and  Bracon  Ash,  in  the  co.  Norfolk,  b. 
1599;  tn.  Mercy,  eldest  daughter  of 
Thomas  Dowsing,  of  Cottenham,  co. 
Cambridge,  and  d,  25th  June,  1671, 
having  had  with  two  daughters  (Mrs. 
Sa1'£B,    and     Sarah,    who    m.     



Copping,    and   d.    17th    September, 

1711)  an  only  son, 
Thomas  (Right  Hon.  and  Most 
Key.),  Archbishop  of  Canterbury, 
1694--1715,  who  had  been  Bishop 
of  Lincoln  1691  to  1694.  This 
celebrated  prelate,  "who  was  b. 
2i>Hh  September,  1636,  m.  Ann, 
daughter  of  the  Key.  Richard 
loYE,  D.D.,  master  of  Corpus 
Christi  College,  anil  d.  s.  p.  14th 
December,  1716.     She  d.  1714. 

II.  RaliDh,  living  1670,  who  left  issue,  a 
son  John,  who  d.  unm.  and  a  daughter, 

III.  Philip,  of  whom  we  treat. 
The  third  son, 

Thb  Vbn.  Philip  Tenison,  after  enjoying 
many  preferments  in  the  co.  Norfolk,  was 
appointed  archdeacon  of  Norfolk,  1660.  He 
had  a  grant  of  arms  from  King  Charles  11, 
1660,  m  recognition  of  the  sufferings  he 
endured  for  the  royal  cause,  having  been 
ejected  from  his  living  of  Foulsham,  and 
imprisoned  by  the  parliamentary  "  phana- 
tiques."  He  was  baptised  at  Downham  26th 
April,  1612,  and  was  buried  at  Bawburgh, 
Norfolk,  16th  January,  1661,  having  by 
Anne  his  wife,  who  d.  December,  1669,  had 

I.  Edward,  of  Lambeth,  who  d.  vnm. 

II.  Joseph,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  John,  living  1670. 

IV.  Charles,  an  apprentice  under  age, 
1670,  was  living  unm.  1713. 

The  second  son, 

Joseph  Tenison,  of  Norwich,  m.  1672, 
Margaret,  daughter  of  Edward  Mileham,  of 
Burlinghon,  co.  Norfolk,  and  sister  of 
Dorothy,  Lady  Browne,  wife  of  the  celebrat-ed 
Sir  Thomas  Bbowne,  author  of  Eeligio 
mediciy  &c.,  and  d.  1688,  having  by  her,  who 
d.  1693,  had  surviving  issue,  an  only  son, 

The  Right  Rev.  Edward  Tenison, 
Bishop  of  Ossory,  1731-5,  domestic  chaplain 
to  George,  Prince  of  Wales  (afterwards 
George  11) ;  LL.B.  1604,  D.D.  1714,  rector 
of  Chiddington  and  Sundridge,  Kent,  and  a 
prebendary  of  Canterbury  Cathedral,  arch- 
deacon of  Carmarthen  1708.  He  was  b.  in 
Norwich  1673,  m.  1698,  Ann,  daughter  of 
—  Searle,  of  Cambridge,  and  niece  to 
Thomas  Tenison,  Archbishop  of  Canterbury. 
He  was  heir  to  his  uncle,  Edward  Tenison, 
and  d.  in  Dublin  29th  November,  1735, 
leaving  by  her,  who  d.  1750,  with  other  issue, 
an  only  son. 

Rev.  Thomas  Tenison,  LL.B.  Cantab., 
1721,  archdeacon  of  Carmarthen,  chancellor 
of  the  diocese  of  Oxford,  prebendary  of 
Canterbury ;  he  declined  an  Irish  bishopric ; 
b.  1702  ;  m.  first,  Elizabeth,  eldest  daughter 
of  the  Most  Rev.  Dr.  John  Potter,  Arch- 
bishop of  Canterbury,  which  lady  d.  *.  p.  and 
was  buried  at  St.  Margaret's,  Westminster, 
19th  March,  1729-80,  aged  18.  He  m. 
secondly,  14th  February,  1737-8,  Mary, 
eldest  dauphter  and  co-heir  of  Thomas 
Shith,   of   Broxton,    co.    Nottingham,    and 

Gaddeaby,  co.  Leicester,  high  sheriff  for 
that  shire  1717  (eldest  son  of  Thomas  Smith, 
of  Gaddesbi/f  the  founder  of  the  celebrated 
bank  in  Nottingham,  who  was  ancestor  of 
the  Smiths  of  Smith,  Payne,  and  Smiths, 
bankers,  of  London,  and  whose  third  son  was 
progenitor  of  the  Lords  Carrington).  Dr. 
Tenison  d.  at  Canterbury  7th  May,  1742, 
and  was  buried  in  the  cathedral  there.  By 
his  second  wife,  who  was  buried  at  Canter- 
bury Cathedral,  27th  May,  1749,  he  had 
issue,  with  a  daughter  Henrietta  St.  Eloy, 
who  d.  vnm.,  an  only  eon, 

Thomas  Tenison,  of  Gaddesby,  co. 
Leicester,  and  of  Rock  Hall,  co.  Kilkenny, 
was  called  to  the  Bar  in  Ireland,  1770,  but 
did  not  practise.  He  was  b.  1739 ;  m. 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  William  Hayden,  of 
Croan,  co.  Kilkenny,  J.P.  j  and  d.  1789, 
leaving  a  son. 

Rev.  Joseph  Tenison,  of  Donoughmore, 
CO.  Wicklow,  J.P.  and  deputy  governor 
of  that  county,  b.  1774;  m.  before  1793, 
Mary,  youngest  daughter  of  Rev.  Martyn 
Lucius  O'Brien,  D.D. ;  and  d,  1821,  leaving, 
with  other  issue, 

I.  Thomas  Joseph  (the  only  son),  of 
Portnelligan,  co.  Armagh,  J.P., 
barrister-at-law,  b.  7th  November, 
1800;  m.  22nd  November,  1831, 
Margaret,  daughter  and  heir  of 
Alexander  Cross,  of  Portnelligan; 
and  d.  23rd  March,  1873,  having  by 
her,  who  d.  28rd  January,  1861,  had 
issue,  an  only  child, 

William  Cross  O'Brien,  of  Port- 
nelligan, CO.  Armagh,  J.P.,  Major 
late  3rd  Battalion  Royal  Irish 
Fusiliers,  b.  20th  March,  1836; 
m.  3rd  March,  1885,  Letitia, 
daughter  of  Major  Alexander 
Perry  BoND,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  of 
Ardglass,  co.  Westmeath,  and 
widow  of  Arthur  Henry  Bond, 
of  Bondville,  co.  Armagh,  J.P., 
but  has  no  issue. 

I.  Ellen  (the  eldest  daughter),  of  whom 

II.  Henrietta,  m.  James  D.  Woods, 
Q.C.,  F.S.  A,  and  had,  with  other  issue, 

Julian  Edmond  (Rev.),  F.L.S., 
F.G.S.,  &c.,  of  Sydney,  waa 
president  of  the  L  i  n  n  le  a  n 
Society  of  New  South  Wales,  and 
author  of  A  History  of  the  DU' 
covert/  and  Exploration  of 
Avafralia,  Natural  History  of 
New  South  Wales,  and  numerous 
other  scientific  works.  He  d.  7th 
October,  1889. 
The  eldest  daughter, 

Ellen  Tenison,  ft.  1796;  m.  1811,  John 
Collins,  of  Dublin,  only  son  of  William 
Collins,  of  Lissaye^an,  co.  Galway,  and  grand- 
son of  Peter  Collins,  of  Lissayegan,  and  by 
him,  who  d.  in  Dublin,  and  was  buried  in  St. 
Mary's  Church  there,  12th  June,  1626,  had 

I.  William  Tenison  (Collins),  M.D. 
d.  s.  p. 



II.  Joseph  Tenison,  of  whom  prc8ently. 

III.  Philip   Tenison  {CoUins),  M.D ,  d. 
leaTing  issue. 

Mrs.  Collins  m.  secondly,  Rev.  Philip 
Ryak,  A.Af.,  of  Mountmellick,  Queen's 
CO.,  and  d.  15th  June,  1849,  having  by  him, 
who  d.  30th  NoTcmber,  1846,  had  issue.  Her 
eldest  surviving  son  and  heir, 

JoaEPH  Tenison  Collins,  of  Ballinasloe, 
CO.  Galway,  *.  20th  January,  1821 ;  m.  first, 
29th  January,  1844,  Mary,  daughter  of 
William  Rbjlbdon,  of  Fermoy,  co.  Cork,  and 
by  her,  who  d.  23rd  January,  1847,  had  issue. 
He  m.  secondly,  2nd  March,  1848,  Surah 
Louisa,  daughter  of  Charles  Murrough  Mac- 
Cabtht,  Lieutenant,  Tipperary  Militia  (who 

was  son  of  Charles  MacCabth  Y,  of  the  Bengal 
Navy),  and  sister  of  Rev.  Charles  F.  Mac- 
Caethy,  D.D.,  rector  of  St.  Werburgh's, 
Dublin,  and  had  by  her,  who  d.  8th  April, 
1854,  with  other  issue, 

Chables   MacCabthy    Collins,    who 
assumed    the   name   of  Tenison,    as 
above,    and    is    the   subject   of  this 
He  m.  thirdly,  8th  February,   1856,   Anna, 
daughter  of  Fierce  Poweb,  of  Dublin,  and  by 
hor,  who  d.  29th  March,  1869,  had  issue.     He 
m.   fourthly,    10th   August,  1871,  Margaret 
Frances,  daughter   of  Thomas  Watbbs,    of 
Staplestown,  co.  Carlow,  and  d,  26th  Febru- 
ary, 1894,  aged  73. 

^riMT— Quarterly  first  and  fourth,  sable  a  fess  embattled  argent  in  chief  three  doves  of 
the  last  for  Tenison  ;  second  and  third  or  a  griffin  segreant  sable  armed  and  langued  gules, 
and  in  dexter  chief  a  trefoil  slipped  vert  all  within  a  bordure  of  the  third,  for  Collins 

Cr«tt» — 1.  A  dove  arg.  in  the  beak  a  rose  gu.  slipped  and  leaved  ppr.,  for  Tenison  j 
and  2.  a  demi  griffin  secant  or  armed  and  langued  gules,  charged  on  the  shoulder  and 
wing  with  two  trefoils  slipped  fess- wise  vert, /or  Collins. 

Motto — Favente  Deo  sedulitate. 

Be*idence  Sohartf  Tasmania. 

(7/»6«  — Tasmanian,  Hobort ;  New  Trarellers,  London* 


HENRY  SCOTT,  of  Benacre,  Glen  Osmond,  near  Adelaide,  and  of 
Boode  Houso,  Monnt  Lofty,  Soath  Australia,  member  of  the  Legislative 
Conncil  for  twelve  years,  1878-90,  and  a  justice  of  the  peace  in  the  province  of 
South  Australia,  b.  29th  May,  1836,  at  Boode  Hoase,  near  Braanton,  co.  Devon, 
£ngland ;  baptised  9th  June  following,  at  Brannton ;  m.  at  Adelaide,  South 
Australia,  8bh  May,  1861,  Emily,  daughter  of  Charles  GoocH,  of  Norwood, 
near  Adelaide  (descended  from  the  family  of  GoocH  of  Benacre  Hall,  co. 
Suffolk),  but  has  no  issue. 


This  famUj  is  of  Scottish  origin.  The 
paternal  ancestor  of  the  present  represen- 
tative came  from  Scotland,  with  the  Earl 
of  Mar,  fought  at  the  battle  of  Bristol  in 
1645,  and  subsequently  settled  in  the  north  of 
Devon,  England. 

Philip  Scott,  of  Ash  Braunton,  co.  Devon, 
formerly  of  High  Bickington,  in  the  same  co., 
son  of  Thomas  Scott,  was  b.  16th  Julj, 
1741;  m.  first,  Mary,  daughter  of  William 
LAiranoir,  of  Wrafton,  in  the  parish  of 
Heanton  Punchardon,  co.  Devon,  and  had 

I.  Thomas,  h.  I7th  February,  1771. 

II.  Christian,  h,  24th  May,  1774. 

III.  Philip,  b.  4th  July,  1776. 

IV.  Thomas,  of  whom  hereafter. 

I.  Anne,  b.  27th  October,  1766. 

II.  Mary,  b.  3rd  January,  17G8. 
ni.  Elizabeth,  b.  30th  April,  1760. 

Mr.  Philip  Scott  m,  secondly,  Emma,  widow 
of  —  Shaflakd,  of  Fremington,  co.  Devon, 

but  by  her  (who  was  buried  at  Braunton) 
had  no  issue.     His  fourth  son, 

Thomas  Scott,  of  Boode  House,  near 
Braunton,  co.  Devon,  was  b.  18th  January, 
1780;  m.  first,  Elizabeth  Milton,  daughter  of 
—  PiNSBNT,  of  Pitt  House,  near  Ohumleigh, 
CO.  Devon,  and  by  her  (who  d.  about  1840, 
at  Boode  House,  and  was  buried  in  the  Con- 
gregational Chapel-yard)  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas  Prinsent,  of  Mitcham,  near 
Adelaide,  South  Australia,  b.  28th 
August,  1814 ;  m.  and  has  six  surviving 

II.  Philip,  b.  25th  June,  1816;  deceased. 

III.  Abraham,  of  Streatham  Hill,  co. 
Surrey,  England,  b.  80th  October, 
1817 ;  m.  and  has  one  surviving 

IV.  Charles,  b,  11th  November,  1823; 
d.  young. 

y.  WiUiam  (Rev.),  of  Kurrajong  Heights, 
New    South   Wales,   b.  8th  October, 



1825;  m.  and  has  two  sons  and  two 
yi.  Julius,  of  Gordon  House,  Clifton, 
near  Bristol,  co.  Gloucester,  England, 
h,  24tli  Aprilj  1832 ;  m.  and  has  two 

VII.  He  NET,  of  whom  ^e  treat. 

VIII.  Charles,  of  Gloucester,   England, 

h.  at  Boode  House,  near  Brannton, 
CO.  Devon,  10th  March,  183S ;  m,  and 
has  surviving  issue,  two  sons  and  three 
I.  Elizabeth,  deceased, 
ir.  Mary,  deceased. 
Mr.   Scott   m.    secondly,   Miss    Isbbll,    of 
Plymouth,  oo.  Devon,  and  d.  in  1867. 

Residences — Benacre,  Glen  Osmond,  near  Adelaide,  and  Boode  House,  Mount  Lofty,  near 
Adelaide,  South  Australia. 


Bowral,  New  Sontli  Wales,  J.P.,  and  a  member  of  the  Legislative 
Council  of  tlie  colony  of  New  South  Wales,  6.  10th  July,  1835 ;  m.  22nd 
September,  1853,  Susan,  daughter  of  Emanuel  Neich,  a  native  of  Genoa, 
Italy,  and  has  had  issue, 

I.  Richard  Joseph  James  Hutchinson,  6.  25th  February,  1855 ;  m.  Agnes 

MoFFiT  (deceased),  and  d.  29th  January,  1887,  leaving  a  daughter 

II.  William  Camden  Hutchinson,  6.  13th  May,  1862;  m.  Victoria  Rosina 

Cary,  and  has  issue  one  son  and  one  daughter. 

III.  Sydney  Everard,  h.  4jth  April,  1864 ;  m.  Grace  Stuart  McDonell,  and 

has  issue,  two  daughters. 

IV.  Hany  Hutchinson,  6.  31st  October,  1869. 

I.  Alice  Louise,  m.  H.  C.  Fowler,  sui'vreyor. 

II.  Fanny  Constance,  m.  R.  L.  Lyons,  of  the  Civil  Service. 

III.  Minna  August*,  m.  H.  G.  M.  Thackeray,  station  manager. 

IV.  Amy  Rubena,  w.  H.  Moysb,  of  the  Civil  Service. 


William  Eobebts  (who  resided  in  Wales) 
by  Mary,  his  wife,  had  a  son, 

Joseph  Bobbbts,  of  Albina  Villa,  Burwood, 
Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  m.  1834,  Martlia 
Anne  Drummond,  daughter  of  William 
Hutchinson,  of  London  (she  m,  secondly 
the  Hon.  John  Lackey,  member  of  the 
Legitdative  Council,  of  New  South  Wales), 
and  d.  7th  May,  1849,  having  had  issue, 

I.  EiCHABD  HuTCHiNsoir,  now  of  Rober- 
ton Park,  Bowral. 

II.  James  Joseph,  m.  and  has  issue,  one 
son  and  three  daughters. 

Residence — Boberton  Park, 

III.  Joseph  James,  m.  and  has  issue,  one 

I.  Jane,  m.  Augustus  Nbich,  and  has 
issue,  four  sons  and  one  daugh- 

II.  Fanny  Elisabeth,  m.  and  has  issue, 
one  son  and  four  daughters. 

III.  Martha  Elizabeth,  m.  G^.  J.  Robebtb, 
of  the  Civil  Service,  and  has  issue,  two 
sons  and  three  daughters. 

lY .  Mary,  m.  Bev.  Q-.  Low,  and  has  issue, 
two  sons  and  two  daughters. 

Bowral,  New  South  Wales. 


Christchnrch,  New  Zealand,  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Conncil  of 
New  Zealand,  6.  29th  August,  1830,  m.  16th  July,  1861,  Georgina  Elizabeth, 
second  daughter  of  Rev.  David  Markham,  canon  of  Windsor,  and  rector  of 



Oreat  Horkslej,  Essex  {see  Burke's  Landed  Gentry^  Makkham  of  Becca),  by 
Catherine  Frances  Nanette,  his  wife,  daughter  of  Sir  William  Mordaunt 
MiLNER,  Bart,  of  Nonappleton,  co.  York  (see  Bl'bke's  Peerage  and  Baronetage^ 
Milne B,  Bart.),  and  has  issue, 

X.  Charles  David,  6.  6th  October,  1862,  a  magistrate  in  Fei-ak,  Straits 

II.  George  Henry  Croasdaile  (Rev.),  6.  1st  February,  1868,  B.A.  (Pem- 
broke College),  Cambridge. 

in.  Lambert,  6.  13th  December,  1870. 

IV.  Gerald  Markham,  h,  8th  December,  1875. 

I.  Gertrude   Elizabeth,  6.   24th  August,  1864  ;    m.  22nd  October,  1889, 

Robert  Julian  Scott,  eldest  son  of  Rear- Admiral  Scott,  R.N. 

II.  Katharine  Georgiana,  h,  7th  May,  1866. 

III.  Lilian  Lucy,  6.  27th  July,  1872. 

The  Hon.  C.  C.  Bo  wen,  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Council  of  New 
Zealand,  was  educated  at  Rugby  and  Cambridge ;  was  private  secretary  to 
Mr.  Godley,  the  founder  of  the  Canterbury  Settlement ;  became  in  1855  pro- 
visional treasurer  ;  returned  to  England  in  1859,  and  went  oat  again  to  New 
Zealand  in  1862.  He  was  for  many  years  member  for  Kaiapoi  in  the  House 
of  Representatives,  and  was  minister  of  justice  and  education  from  1874  to 

JoHK  AP  Thokas  ap  Owbin  or  BOWBK, 
of  ancient  Welsh  descent,  as  set  forth  in  his 
pedigree,  recorded  in  the  office  of  Arms, 
i)ublin  Castle,  Ireland,  had  two  sons,  both  of 
whom  settled  in  that  oountn^  namely, 
BoBEBT,  of  whom  presently,  and  W  illiam,  of 
Gastle  Carra,  oo.  Mayo,  who  d.  without  issue 
86th  July,  1594.     The  eldest  son, 

BoBBBT  BowBir,  of  Ballyadams,  was  granted 
tbe  castle,  town  and  lands  of  Bally  Adams 
and  sereral  other  lands  in  the  Queen's 
county  by  patent  dated  Slst  August,  1578, 
ani  was  appointed  proTost  marshal  of  the 

Sorinoe  of  Leinster  and  the  counties  of  East 
eath  and  West  Meath,  2nd  June,  anno  Z^J 
QuBBX  Elizabbtu  (a.d.  1595).  He  m, 
Alice,  daughter  of  Walter  Habtfolb,  of 
Bochester,  Kent,  and  by  her,  who  d,  4th  June, 
1034,  had  issue, 

I.  John  (Sir),  his  heir. 

II.  Oliver,  took  refuge  in  the  rebellion  of 
1641,  with  his  cousin,  Philip  Bowbn, 
at  Haskard,  co.  Pembroke,  and  d, 
without  issue  there. 

ni.  Thomas,  of  Liskellen,  and  Borris- 
carra,  co.  Mayo,  *m.  Elizabeth,  daughter 
of  Gilbert  Wabteb,  of  Cullin,  co. 
Limerick,  and  by  her  had  a  son. 

I.  Margaret,  m.  Alexander  Babbington, 
of  Cullenagh,  Queen's  coimty. 

II.  Margery,  m.   Henry  Bbbbbtok,  of 
Lou^hteog,  Queen's  county. 

III.  Elizabeth,  4».  James  Fbbbmak,  of 
Gishiden,  oo.  Mayo. 

lY.  Alice,  m.  Pierce  Bvtlbb,  of  Castle 

Comer,  co.  Eilkenny. 
y.  Susan,  m.  Robert  Hoybndon,  of  Bally- 

foile,  Queen's  county. 
Yi.  Mabel,  m.  Robert  Hbthebinqton,  of 

Boheraid,  Queen's  county. 

Mr.  Robert  Bowen  d.  Slst  July,  1621,  and 
was  8.  by  his  eldest  son, 

SiB  John  Bowen,  of  Ballyadams,  knighted 
13th  Noyember,  1629,  who  had  a  re-grant  of 
Ballyadams,  &c.,  with  remainder  to  the  heirs 
male  of  the  body  of  his  grandfather,  Johk 
BowBN,  by  patent  dated  16th  April,  1636. 
He  4f».  AUce,  daughter  of  Meyler  Maobath, 
D.D.,  Archbishop  of  Cashel,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Robert,  who  d.t.p. 

II.  WiLLiAK,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Henry. 

IV.  Arthur. 
Y.  Thomas. 
VI.  George. 

Sir  John  d,  9th  February,  1641,  and  was  s, 
by  his  eldest  surriying  son, 

William  Bowen,  of  Ballyadams,  who  m, 
first,  Bridget,  daughter  of  Sir  Robert  Ttntb, 

*  This  branch  of  the  Bowen  family  was  named  in  the  list  of  proscribed  Royalists ;  and 
Osstle  Carra,  then  a  strong  place,  and  the  lands  were  confiscated  in  1650. 



Knt.,  of  Dunlavin,  co.  Wioklow,  and  by  her 
had  two  daughters, 

I.  Helena,    m.    Edward    Bberkton,   of 

II.  Katherine,    tn.    Pierce    Butlbb,   of 

He  m.  secondly,  Margaret,  daughter  of  Sir 
William  Domvilb,  Knt.,  of  Templeoge, 
attorney-general  for  Ireland,  and  M.P.  for  the 
CO.  of  Dublin  (w«  Bubkb's  Peerage  and 
Baronetage,  Domyilb,  Bart.),  and  by  her  had 

I.  John,  his  heir. 

III.  Bridget,  m.  Thomas  Cabb. 

IV.  Mary,  d.  unm. 

V.  Lucy,  «i.  William  Southwell. 

Mr.  WiUiam  Bowen  d.  11th  April,  1686,  and 
was  *.  by  his  only  son, 

John  Bowen,  of  Ballyadams,  who  d.  ».  p. 
intestate;  administration  was  granted  to  his 
mother  19th  January,  1691.  His  estates 
deToWed  eventually  on  his  sister,  Lucy,  Mrs. 

William  Bowen,  of  HoUymount,  co. 
Mayo,  descended,  it  is  said,  from  Thomas 
Bowen,  of  Lis  Killan  {see  above)  m.  Sarah 
Blaeb,  and  by  her  had  issue,  two  sons, 

I.  Chbistophbb,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  William,  m,  Ellen   Bubkb,  and  d, 
1786,  leaving  issue  by  her,  a  son, 

Chbistophbb,  of  whom  presently. 
The  eldest  son, 

Chbibtopheb  Bowen,  of  HoUymount  and 
Annefield,  co.  Mayo,  m.  Anne  Allen,  but  by 
her  had  no  male  issue.    His  daughter, 

Anne,  m.  Anthony  ELWOOD,of  Annefield, 
CO.  Mayo,  and  had  a  son,  Anthony, 
who  assumed  the  name  of  Bowen. 
Mr.  Christopher  Bowen  d.  1812.   His  nephew 
and  male  heir, 

Chbibtopheb  Bowen,  of  HoUymount,  co. 
Mayo,  J.P.,  m.  1800,  Eliza,  daughter  of 
Croasdaile  Milleb,  of  Milford,  co.  Mayo, 
and  by  her,  who  d.  January,  1815,  had 

I.   Chbibtopheb    (Rev.),  his    heir,    of 

HoUymount,   and  Heatherwood,   Isle 

of    Wight,    sometime    rector    of    St. 

Thomas,  Winchester,  h.  16th  October, 

1801, «i.  17th  January,  1834,  Catherine 

Emily,    daughter     of     Sir    Richard 

Steele,   third  Bart.,  of  Hampstead, 

and  d.  1890,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Chables    Stnqe    Chbibtopheb 

(Babon  Bowen  of  Colvood),  of 

HoUymoimt,  co.    Mayo,  and    of 

Colwood,    Supsei,    P.C.     (1882), 

Knt.  (1879),D.C.L.,r.R.S.,  created 

a  peer  for  life  as  Babon  Bowen, 

of  Colwood,  25th  September,  1893. 

His  lordship  was  h.  Ist  January, 

1835  ;  educated  at  Rueby,  and  at 

Bnlliol  College,  Oxford,  of  which 

he  became  sciiolar  and  fellow,  he 

graduated    B.A.  1856,  called   to 

the  Bar  at  Lincoln's  Inn,  1861  j 

appointed  recorder  at  Penzance, 

and    counsel    to    the    Treasury, 

1872-9 ;    a  judge  of   the    High 

Court  of  Just  ice  (Queen's  Bench 
Division),  1879-82  ;  Lord  Justice 
of  Appeal,  1882-93,  •  and  was 
appointed  a  Lord  of  Appeal  in 
ordinary  in  1893.  liord  Bowen 
m.  in  February,  1862,  Emily 
Frances,  daughter  of  James 
Meadows  Rbndal,  F.R.S.,  abd  <f. 
10th  April,  1894.  leaving  issue, 

(1)  William  Edwabd  (Rev.), 
B.A.,  of  HoUymount,  h.  in 
November,  1862,  m,  Katha- 
rine,  daughter  of  Rev.  Canon 
MoBSE  {»ee  Bubke's  Landed 
Q  entry  y  Bo  WEN  of  HoUy- 

(2)  Maxwell  Steele,  b,  in 
Oct-ober,  1865. 

(3)  B:thel  Kate,  b.  in  November, 

2.     Edward     Ernest,     M.A.,     late 
Fellow  of  Trinity  College,  Cam- 
bridge,   a    master     at     Harrow 
School,  b.  in  March,  1836. 
8.  Francis     Robert     Steele,    B.A., 
barrister-at-law,    took     the     ad- 
ditional name  of  Gbaves  on  his 
marriage  with  Frances  Elizabeth, 
daughter  of  Sir  Maxwell  Steele 
Gbaves,     Bart.,     of     Mickleton 
manor,  co.  Gloucester,  and  d,  16th 
July,  1876. 
II.  Croasdaile,  of  Milford,  who  assumed 
by  royal  licence,  Ist  February,  1812, 
the  additional  surname  and   arms  of 
Milleb,  b.   1802,  m.  22nd    October, 
1828,  Catherine  Anne,  second  daughter 
of  Thomas   Obmbbt,  of  Knockmore, 
CO.   Mayo,  and  d.  19th  April,   1837, 
leaving  issue, 

1.  Croasdaile  Charles,  of  Milford, 
J.P.  and  D.L.,  high  sheriff,  1870- 
6;  b.  1829,  and  d,  unm,  14th 
March,  1880. 

2.  Ormsby,  of  Milford,  co.  Mayo 
and  Blindwell,  co.  Gal  way,  B.A., 
J.P.  and  D.L.,  co.  Mayo,  high 
sheriff,  1893,  and  J.P.  co.  Galway, 
b.  18th  May,  1832,  m.  first  26th 
November,  1884,  Eliznbeth  flira, 
daughter  of  General  William 
Ibwine,  of  St.  Katherine's  Park, 
CO.  Kildare,  which  lady  d.  *.  p. 
14th  January,  1886.  He  m, 
secondly,  25th  April,  1890,  Monica 
Mary,  daughter  of  Oliver  Dol- 
phin, of  Turoe,  co.  Galway,  and 
widow  of  Thomas  Staunton 
KiBWAN,  of  Blindwell.  co.  Gal- 
way, D.L.  (see  Bubke's  Landed 
Gentry ,  Milleb  of  Milford). 

1.  Anne,  m.  1851,  John  Yeadon 
Obmsbt,  of  Ballinamore,  co.  Mayo, 
and  has  issue. 

2.  Elizabeth,  m.  Mark  Pbbbin,  of 
Knockdromin,  co.  Dublin,  son 
of  the  Right  Hon.  Mr.  Justice 

3.  Catherine. 

Orpen  Bitrrla^ -3IUar&ir^  'Binht 






4.     Croasdailla,     tn.     Rev.      John 
William  Bubkb,  of  Brampton,  co. 
in.  Chaxles,  of  whom  presently. 
IT.  Robert,    m.    Jane    Codrtenay,    of 
Brumselk,  co.   Down,   and    d.    1882. 
She    d.    in    the    same    year    leaving 

1.  Christopher,  d.  v»m, 

2.  Edward. 

3.  Robert. 

4.  William. 

T.  William,  d.  tinm. 

VI.  Edward  George,  d.  vnm.  1873. 

I.  Anne,  d.  untn.  1876. 

II.  Eliza  Louisa,  d.  1834. 

Mr.   Christopher  Bowen,  senior,  d,  August, 
1828.     His  third  son, 

Charles  Bowen,  b,  1 5th  May,  1804,  m.  at 
Crossboyne,  eo.  Mayo,  19th  November,  1829, 
Oeorgiana,  youngest  daughter  of  Josepli 
Lambert,  of  Brookhill,^  co.  Mayo  (see 
Burke's  Landed  Gentry)^  and  d.  at  St. 
Ijeonard's,  Sussex,  3rd  April,  1871,  having 
had  issue. 

r.  Charles  Christopher,  now  of  Mid- 
dleton.  New  Zealand,  the  subject  of 
this  memoir. 

II.  Croasdaiie  (Rev.),  B.D.,  archdeacon 
of  Christchurch,  and  incumbent  of 
Riccarton,  Ncav  Zealand,  ft.  21  st 
December,  1831,  m.  27th  May,  1880, 
Annette  Laura,  daughter  of  Henry 
Wiles,  of  Denny  Abbey,  co.  Cam- 
bridge, and  d.  3rd  January,  1890, 
having  had  issue, 

1.  Charles  Henry  Croasdaiie. 

1.  Alice  Gleorgiana. 

2.  Margaret  Letitia. 

3.  Laura  Catlierine. 

III.  Joseph  Lambert,  h.  19th  July,  1833, 
d.  16th  April,  1835. 

I.  Eleanor  Georgiana,  b.  9th  November, 
1834,  d.  25th  February,  1835. 

II.  Elizabeth  Oeorgiana,  b.  28th  May, 
1837,  d.  9th  March,  1849. 

III.  Letitia  Anne  Hannah,  b.  4th  March, 

IT.  Oeorgiana,  6.  in  September,  1843,  d* 
in  August,  1844. 

Armi — Argent  on  a  mount  vert  a  stag  lodged  gules  attired  and  unguled  or,  holding  in 
ike  mouth  a  trtfoil  slipped  of  the  second. 

Crest — On  a  mount  vert,  in  front  of  an  oak  tree  proper  acorned  or  a  stag  as  in  the 

^Residence — Middleton,  near  Christchurch,  New  Zealand. 


Edgec1i:ffe,  Sydney,  and  of  Lilianfcls,  Katoomba,  Blue  Mountains, 
New  Soath  Wales,  Chief  Justice  and  Lieutenant-Governor  of  New  South 
Wales,  h.  in  Dublin,  Ireland,  18th  September,  1830;  m.  at  Hunsdon,  co. 
Herts,  13th  December,  1860,  Lucy  Forest,  daughter  of  Sylvester  Bkowne,  of 
Melbourne,  Victoria,  and  has  issue, 

\.  Henry  Sylvester,  ft.  31st  January,  18G4. 
II.  Cecil  Bertram,  b.  7th  March,  1871. 

I.  Olivia  Lucy  Annette,  m.  at  All   Saints  Church,  Woollahi*a,  Arthur 

Whitehead,  barrister-at-law,  son  of  James  Whitehead,  of  Brindle 
Lodge,  near  Preston,  co.  Lancaster,  England,  and  has  issue,  a  son, 
Ralph,  and  two  daughters, 

II.  Corientia. 

III.  Katherine. 

IV.  Fred  erica  Sylvia. 

Sir  Frederick  was  educated  at  Dungannon  College,  co.  Tyrone,  and  at 
Trinity  College,  Dublin  (B.A.  1851) ;  became  a  barrister  of  the  King's  Inns, 
Dublin,  18th  January,  1853,  and  was  also  a  member  of  the  Inner  Temple. 
He  sailed  for  Melbourne  from  Plymouth  on  the  18th  January,  1862,  and  a  few 
days  after  his  arrival  proceeded  to  Sydney,  where  he  was  admitted  to  the  bar 
of  New  South  Wales,  2nd  June,  1862.  He  was  summoned  to  the  Legislative 
Council  of  New  South  Wales,  28th  September,  1868 ;  became  a  Q.C.  in  1878  ; 
was  vice-president  of  the  Executive  Council,  and  representative  of  the  goverii- 

VOL.    II.  2    L 



ment  in  the  Upper  House,  from  1881  to  1883 ;  was  appointed  the  executive 
commissioner  for  New  South  Wales,  at  the  Bordeaux  Exhibition  of  1882 ;  was 
sworn  in  as  Chief  Justice  of  New  South  Wales,  7th  December,  1886,  and  in 
November,  1891,  succeeded  Sir  Alfred  Stephen  as  Lieutenant-Governor.  He 
received  the  honour  of  knighthood  in  April,  1887. 

Moses  Dartjev,  of  Dublin,  whose  will, 
dated  12th  August,  1754,  was  proved  2nd 
January,  1755,  bad  issue,  bjr  Martha,  his 

I.  Henby,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  George. 

I.  Dorothy  (Mrs.  Atkinson). 

II.  Martha. 

III.  Elizabeth. 

IV.  Catherine. 

The  elder  son, 

Henry  Dabley,  of  Dublin,  made  his  will, 
Ist  September,  1797,  which  was  proved  3rd 
March,  1798.     He  had  issue, 

I.  Edward,  of  Dublin,  merchant,  whose 
will,  dated  16th  February,  1775,  was 
proved  29th  July  following.  He  m. 
Margaret,  daughter  of  Thomas  Job- 

II.  Hugh. 

III.  John,  lieutenant-colonel  in  the  army, 
m.  and  had  issue. 

IT.  Benjamin. 

V.  George. 

Ti.  Frederick,  of  whom  presently. 
Tii.  William,  m.  and  had  issue. 
Tin.    Richard,    father    of    Edward,    a 
Ueutenant-colonel  in  the  army. 

I.  Anne. 

II.  Frances. 

III.  Martha. 

IV.  Mary. 
The  sixth  son, 

Frederick  Darley,  chief  of  the  police, 
chief  magistrate,  and  alderman  of  Dublin,  m. 
Elizabeth,  sister  of  Arthur  Guinness,  of 
Beaumont,  co.  Dublin,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  grand- 
father of  Lords  Ardilaun  and  Iveagh,  and  by 
her  (wlio  d.  in  1848)  left  at  his  deceaae,  in 
1844,  a  son, 

Henry  Darley,  of  co.  Wicklow,  member 
of  the  Irish  Bar,  who  became  one  of  the  six 
clerks  on  the  Court  of  Chancery  in  Ireland  in 
1829.  He  «t.  15th  December,  1829,  Maria 
Louisa,  daughter  of  .  West,  and  d.  Oct- 
ober, 1883,  having  by  her  (who  d.  November, 
1873)  had  issue, 

The  present  Hon.  Sir  Frederick  Mat- 
thew Darley,  Knt. 

Uesidences — Quamhi,  Albert  Street,  WooUahra,   Sydney ;   Lilianfels,  Katoomba,   Blue 
Mountains,  New  South  Wales. 

Clubs — Australian  and  Union,  Sydney  ;  Carlton,  London  ;  and  University,  Dublin. 


HON.  ANDREW  INGLTS  CLARK,  of  Rosebank,  Hobart,  Tasmania, 
attomey-geDeral  of  Tasmania,  member  of  the  House  of  Assembly  of 
Tasmania,  and  member  of  the  Federal  Council  of  Australasia,  6.  at  Hobart, 
24th  February,  1848 ;  m,  at  Melbourne,  14th  January,  1878,  Grace,  daughter 
of  John  Ross,  formerly  of  Canada  and  afterwards  of  Hobart,  Tasmania, 
deceased,  by  Margaret  Paterson,  his  wife,  also  deceased,  and  by  her  has 

I.  Alexander  Inglis,  6.  14th  December,  1879. 

II.  Andrew  Inglis,  h.  6th  June,  1882. 

in.  Conway  Inglis,  h.  8th  November,  1883. 

IV.  Wendell  Inglis,  h,  22nd  July,  1885. 

V.  Carrel  Inglis,  h,  12th  January,  1888. 

I.  Esraa  Inglis,  6.  25th  October,  1878. 

II.  Ethel  Inglis,  h.  18th  September,  1889. 

Mr.  Clark  was  called  to  the  Tasmanian  Bar  30th  January,  1877,  was  first 
elected  to  the  House  of  Assembly  in  1878,  and  was  appointed  attorney- general 
29th  March,  1887,  proceeded  to  England  in  May,  1890,  to  represent  the  govern- 



ment  of  Tasmania  in  the  appeal  to  the  Privy  Conocil  in  the  case  of  the 
Tasmanian  Main  Line  Railway  Company  v.  the  Queen.  He  retired  from 
office  Augnst,  1892,  and  was  re-appointed  March,  18i)3. 


This  familj  was  settled  in  Fifeshire,  Soot- 
knd,  for  manj  generations. 

AxDRBW  Glare,  the  grandfather  of  the 
present  Hon.  Andrew^  Inglis  Clark,  m.  Janet 
Pears,  and  had  a  son, 

Albxaitdbr  Clark,  of  Ilohart,  Tasmania, 
b.  in  Kinghom,  Fifeshire,  Scotland,  Ist  Kay, 
1809 ;  emigrated  to  Tasmania ;  m.  1832,  Ann 
IvoLis  (whose  fiamily  was  settled  in  Fifesliire 
for  man  J  generations),  and  bj  her  (who  d.  in 
Hobart,  Tasmania,  11th  Maj,  1882)  has 

John,  m.  Marj  Ann  Cracker,  and  has 

issue  a  daughter. 
James,  m.  Marj  Ann  Johnsoit,  but  has 

no  issue. 
Andrew  IvaLis  (Hon.),  the  subject  of 

this  memoir. 
Ann,  m.   Samuel   Orr  Mihk,  and  has 

issue  a  sou  and  a  daughter. 
Agnes,  m.  Duncan  Barclay  McLaren, 

and    has    issue   seven   sons    and  two 


Sesidence—'SioaehKnk,  Hobart,  Tasmania. 


Darlington,  Western  Australia,  J.P.,  and  late  member  of  the  Legisla- 
live  Conncil  of  that  colony,  barrister-at-law,  of  the  Inner  Temple,  h.  7th  June, 
1846 ;  private  Secretary  to  the  Governor  of  Fiji,  June,  1881,  to  September, 
1883 ;  and  to  Sir  P.  Napier  Groome,  Governor  of  Western  Australia,  from 
March,  1885,  to  January,  1889. 


The  name  of  Ahhbsst,  or,  as  it  was 
Tariously    spelt     in     ancient     documents, 

AmHXTBST,       HAMHEaST,       HSMBHBaST,     or 

'ExHX&ST,  is  taken  from  a  place  called 
Amherst  or  Hamerst,  which  Ueth  in  Pem- 
bury  parish,  near  Tunbridge,  in  the  county 
of  Kent. 

The  first  of  the  name  that  appears  on 
record  is  Gilbert  db  Hbhhbhbrst,  who  is 
placed  on  the  Pipe  Roll  of  the  15th  Hbnry 
III,  JL.D,  1230. 

The  next  is  Boobr  db  HEKSHrrfiST,  who  is 
mentioned  in  a  deed  of  which  a  copy  is 
preserred  in  the  College  of  Arms,  London, 
and  placed  upon  the  pedigree  of  the  family  of 
Amherst,  attested  by  Camden. 

His  descendant,  Walter,  who  is  mentioned  in 
the  above  deed,  appears  upon  the  Subsidy  Boll, 
1st  EnwASD  HI,  1327,  as  Walterus  de 
Emherst ;  also  on  the  roll  of  12th  Edward 
III,  1338,  again  in  the  14th  Edward  III, 
as  WalteroB  de  Hamherst,  in  15th  Edward 
III,  as  Walter  de  Hamherst ;  again  in  the 
2l8t  Edward  HI,  1847,  as  Walierus  de 
Emherst,  and  in  the  second  moiety  of  the 
roll  as  Walterus  de  Hemher*t;  in  the  next 
year,  22ad  Edward  III,  1848,  the  name  of 
Johiinna  Hammherst,  most  probably  his 
widow,  appears,  as  his  name  does  not  occur 
upon  that  or  any  subsequent  roll. 

In  the  25th  Edward  HI,  1861,  appears 
the  name  of  Johannes  de  Amherst;  in  the 
roll  also  appears  Galfridus  Judd  and  Bobertus 
Bouregge.  With  these  families  it  appears 
the  Amhersts  afterwards  intermarried  ;  and 
the  lands  called  Juddy's  lands  are  handed 
down  by  many  of  the  early  wills,  and 
descended  to  the  East  Farleigh  branch. 

In  the  next  year,  1352,  appear  John 
Amherst  and  William  Amherst  in  connection 
with  the  heirs  of  Galfridus  Judd  and  Bobert 

In  the  46th  Edward  HI,  1872,  appears 
Isabell  Amherst,  most  probably  widow  of 
John  and  mother  of  William  Amherst.  The 
names  of  the  payers  of  the  subsidies  are  not 
entered  upon  the  subsequent  rolls,  the 
amount  for  each  district  only  being  given. 
The  pedigree  alluded  to  as  attested  by  Cam- 
den, begins  with  JoHir  Amherst,  of  Amherst, 
in  the  parish  of  Pembury,  near  Tunbridge, 
Kent  (most  probably  the  son  of  William  and 
grandson  of  John),  who  was  Uving  in  the 
22nd  Bichard  II,  1399,  and  left  a  son  and 
heir,  Thomas,  whose  son  and  heir,  Thomas, 
appears  upon  record  in  1433  as  one  of  the 
chief  persons  in  the  district;  he  d.  1460, 
possessed,  as  appears  by  his  will,  dated  1469, 
of  much  land  in  Pembury,  Capell,  and 
Hadlo,    and    of    Juddy's  lands  in  Judeley 

2  L  2 



( Amherst j's  Lane,  which  \»  still  a  road  in 
Pembury  parisli,  is  mentioned  in  the  will  of 
Thomas  Rajrne,  of  Capell,  30th  April,  1449). 
Bj  Sarah,  his  wife,  who  survived  him,  he 
left,  with  three  daughters,  Isabel,  Julian  and 
Agnes,  a  son  and  successor,  Thomas,  whose 
will  is  dated  1489,  and  who,  by  Isabel,  his 
wife,  left  two  sons,  William,  who  appears  to 
have  d.  t.  p.,  and 

Thomas  Amherst,  of  Amherst,  who  #.  to 
the  estates ;  not  21  in  1489,  as  appears  from 
the  will  of  his  father.  By  his  wife,  a  sister 
of  Thomas  Boubbgoe,  the  eider,  of  Capell, 
he  left  four  sons,  viz., 

I.  John,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Nicholas,  who  *.  to  the  property  of 
Judd's  in  Judeley,  and  d.  there  a  very 
aged  man.  (Will  dated  1599,  proved 
1600.)  He  lefl  by  Johanna,  his  wife, 
with  other  issue,  a  son,  George 
Amhurst  (name  so  spelt),  B.A.,  vicar 
of  Yalding,  Kent.  He  d.  in  the  life- 
time of  his  father,  and  left  by  Margaret, 
n4e  Eagles,  his  wife,  with  other  issue, 
a  son  and  successor,  Nicholas 
Amhebst,  the  ancestor  of  William 
Amherst  (Tyssen  Amherst),  Baron 
Amherst  of  Hackney,  co.  Mid- 
dlesex, M.P.  for  West  Norfolk, 
1880-85,  and  for  South-West  Norfolk, 
1885-92,  J.P.  for  Norfolk  (high 
sheriff,  1866),  and  J.P.  and  D.L.  for 
Middlesex  {see  Burke's  Peerage). 

III.  William  of  Pembury  (will  dated 
1560),  who,  by  Julyan  his  wife,  left 

IV.  Richard,  of  Headcom  (will  dated 
1590),  m.  and  left  issue. 

The  eldest  son, 

John  Amherst,  of  Amherst,  living  1560, 
m.  Pamell  Ratnes,  and  dying  in  1578,  left, 
inter  alios,  a  son  and  heir, 

Richard  Amherst,  of  Amherst,  who  m, 
Margaret  RixON,  and  left  three  sons,  viz., 

I.  Richard,  of  Bayhall,  Kent,  serjeant-at- 
law,  and  Serjeant  to  Queen  Elizabeth, 
whose  male  line  ended  with  his  grand- 
son, Charles  Amherst,  who  d.  unm. 

II.  William,  left  Mary,  w.  John  Champs, 
of  Tunbridge. 

III.  Jeffrey,  of  whom  presently. 
The  youngest  son, 

The  Rev.  Jeffrey  Amherst,  rector  of 
Horsmonden,  in  Kent,  m.  Joan,  daughter  of 
John  Barn  DEN,  gentleman,  and  had  with  one 
daughter,  three  sons,  viz., 

I.  Arthur,  M.D.,  d.  2nd  July,  1678,  aged 
63,  leaving  Jcffery,  of  Fish  Hall,  Tun- 
bridge ;  William ;  and  two  daughters. 

II.  Richard,  d.  before  his  father,  leaving 
a  son  and  daughter. 

III.  John,  of  whom  presently. 
The  yoimgest  son, 

John  Amherst,  barrister-at-law,  and  one 
of  the  benchers  of  Gray's  Inn,  m.  thrice,  but 
had  issue  by  his  first  wife  (Margaret,  daughter 
of  Jeffery  Kirby,  alderman  of  London)  only. 
He  d.  in  1691,  and  was  s.  by  his  only  surviving 

Jbpfery  Amhbrst,  barrister-at-law,  and 
bencher  of  G.*ay*s  Inn,  the  first  of  the  family 
seated  at  Bi  verb -ad,  Kent.  He  d.  1713,  leav- 
ing by  Elizabeth,  his  first  wife,  daughter  of 
Henry  Yate,  of  Wamham,  an  only  surviving 

Jeffbby  Amhebst,  of  Riverhead,  barrister- 
at-law,  and  a  benoher  of  Gray's  Inn,  who  w. 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Thomas  Kebbill,  of 
Hadlow,  CO.  Kent,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Sackville,  d.  unm.  in  1763. 

II.  Jeffery,  crested  Lord  Amherst. 

III.  John,  admiral  of  the  Blue,  <^.  «.  f . 

IV.  William,  lieutenant-general  in  the 
army,  aide-de-camp  to  the  king, 
lieutenant-governor  of  Portsmouth, 
governor  of  St.  John's,  Newfoundland, 
and  adjutant-general  of  His  Majesty's 
forces,  m.  Elizabeth,  daughter  of 
Thomas  Pattebson,  and  d.  in  1781, 

William  Pitt,  of  whom  presently. 
Elizabeth  Frances,  m.  to  John  Halb, 
and  d.  in  1826. 

I.  Elizabeth,  wife  of  the  Rev.  John 
Thomas,  d.  in  1779.  This  lady  was 
celebrat-ed  for  her  poetic  talents. 

II.  Margaret,  d.  unm.  in  1785. 
The  second  son, 

Jeffery  Amherst,  having  acquired  high 
military  reputation  as  commander-in-chief  of 
the  British  army  in  North  America,  from 
1758  to  1764<,  was  made  a  Knight  of  the 
Bath  in  1761,  and  elevated  to  the  peerage 
20th  May,  1776,  as  Babon  Amherst,  of 
Holmesdale,  co.  Kent.  His  lordship  was  con- 
stituted in  1778  commander-in-chief  of  His 
Majesty's  land  forces  in  Great  Britain  ;  and 
he  was  created,  30th  August,  1788,  Baron 
Amherst,  of  Montreal,  co.  Kent,  with 
remainder  to  his  nephew,  W^illiam  Pitt 
Amherst.  He  m.  first,  Jane,  only  daughter 
of  Thomas  Dalison,  of  Hamptons,  in  Kent ; 
and  secondly,  Elizabeth,  eldest  daughter 
of  General  the  Hon.  George  Cary,  but 
had  no  issue.  Lord  Amherst  received  a 
field-marshal's  baton  in  1796.  He  d,  8rd 
August,  1797,  aged  81,  when  the  first  barony 
expired,  but  the  second  devolved,  according 
to  the  limitation  of  the  patent,  upon  his 

William  Pitt  Amherst,  second  baron,  b. 
14th  January,  1773,  who  was  at  one  time 
ambassador  to  China,  and  subsequently 
governor-general  of  India,  and  who  was 
created  Viscount  Holmesdale  and  Earl 
i^MHERST,  2nd  Dfcember,  1826.  He  m. 
firstly,  24th  July,  1800,  Sarah,  relict  of  Other 
Hickman,  fifth  Earl  of  Plymouth,  and 
daughter  and  co-heir  of  Andrew,  Lord 
Archer,  by  whom  (who  d.  27th  May,  1838)  he 
had  issue, 

I.  JefPery,  h.  19th  August,  1802;  d.  unm. 
at  Barrackpore,  2nd  August,  1826. 

II.  William  Pitt,  second  earl. 

III.  Frederick  Campbell,  b.  10th  March, 
1807 ;  d.  unm.  12th  October,  1829. 

I.  Sarah  Elizabeth  Pitt,  m.  in  1842,  to 
the  late  Sir  John  Hay  Williams,  of 



Bcdeliryddan,  Bart.  ,ar  d  d.  8tb  August, 
Bib  lordship  m.  Becondly,  25th  May,  1839, 
Mary,  relict  of  Other  Archer,  sixth  Earl  of 
Plymouth,  and  eldest  daughter  and  co-heir  of 
John  Frederick  Sackville,  third  Duke  of 
Dorset,  which  lady  d.  s.  p.  20th  July,  1864. 
The  earl  d,  13th  March,  1857,  and  was  «.  by 
his  son, 

WiLLTAM  Pitt,  second  Eabl  Amhebst,  of 
Montreal,  near  Sevenoaks,  co.  Kent,  J. P.  and 
D.L.foreo.  Kent,  and  patron  of  one  living,  was 
M.P.  for  Kent  1831-2 ;  b.  3rd  September,  1 805 ; 
educated  at  Westminster  and  Christ  Cliurch, 
Oxford  (B.A.  1828):  m.  12th  July,  1834, 
Geitrude,  sixth  daughter  of  the  Hon.  and 
Right  Ber.  Hugh  Pbbcy,  D.D.,  bishop  of 
Carlisle,  and  by  her  {whod.  27th  April,  1890) 
had  i<0tie, 

I.  William  Archer,  third  Eabl  Am hebst, 
of  Araean,  East  Indies,  Viscount 
Holmesdale,  of  Holmesdale^  co.  Kent, 
and  Baron  Amherst,  of  Montreal, 
same  co.,  D.L.,  M.P.  for  West  Kent, 
1859  to  1868,  and  for  Mid  Kent,  1868 
to  1880,  late  captain  Coldstream 
Guards,  served  in  the  Crimea,  and  was 
wounded  at  Inkermann ;  b.  26th  March, 
1826 ;  educated  at  Eton ;  summoned 
to  the  House  of  Peers  by  writ,  17th 
April,  1880,  as  Babox  Amhebst,  of 
Montreal  J  co.  Kent.  His  lordship  m, 
first,  27th  August,  1862,  Lady  Julia, 
only  surviving  daughter  and  heir  of  the 
last  Earl  Cornwallis  (she  d.  s.  p.  1st 
September,  1883)  ;  and  secondly,  25th 
September,  1889,  Alice  D'Alton, 
Dowager  Countess  of  Lisbume,  eldest 
daughter  of  Edmund  Pbobyit,  of 
Huntly  Manor,  co.  Gloucester  (tee 
Bubkb's  Peerage). 

ir.  Frederick,  formerly  R.N.,  late  cap- 
tain 14th  Hussars,  and  sometime  Lieu- 
tenant West  Kent  Yeomanry  Cavalry, 
b.  6th  September,  1838. 

III.  Percy  Arthur  (Rev.),  B.A.,  curate 
of  Hungerford,  Berksliire,  b.  30th 
November,  1839;  m.  20th  February, 
1874,  .Agnes  Laura,  daugliter  of 
Edward  Stack.  She  d.  18th  June, 

IT.  Jeffery  Charles,  Captain,  Rifle 
Brigade,  b.  3rd  October,  1844;  d.  14th 
March,  1877. 


Holmesdale,  Darlington,  Western 
Australia,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

Ti.  Hugh,  late  Captain  and  Adjutant 
Coldstream  Guanls,  b.  30th  January, 

I.  Marv  Sarah,  m,  15th  October,  1867, 
to  Wilbraham,  second  Lord  Egebton 
of  Tatton,  andrf.  17th  December,  1892 
(s^e  Bubkb's  Peerage^  Eobbtoit  of 

ir.  Gertrude  Elizabeth,  d.  unm,  8th 
September,  1862. 

III.  Constance  Harriet,  m.  8th  November, 
1 871, to  Sir  Arthur  Edward  Middletok, 
Bart.,  M.P.,  and  d.  7th  October,  1879, 
having  had  issue  (see  Bcbke'b  Peer^ 
age  and  Baronetage). 

IV.  Margaret  Catherine. 

V.  Elinor,  m.  25th  November,  1877,  to 
Captain  W.  Evelyn  Denison,  late  M.P. 
for  Nottingham,  son  of  Lieutenant- 
General  Sir  W.  J.  Denison,  K.C.B., 
and  nephew  of  John  Evelyn,  Viscount 
Ossington,  and  has  issue  (ff^ Bubkb's 
Extinct  Peerage,  OssiNGTON,  V.). 

VI.  Charlotte  Florentia. 
The  earl  d.  26th  March,  1886. 

Arms^Qu.f  three  tilting  sprars  two  and  one  or  headed  arg. 

Crest — On  a  mount  vert  three  like  spears,  one  erect  and  two  in  saltire,  girt  with  a  wreath  of 
laurel  ppr. 

Motto — Constantia  etvirtute. 

Residence — Holmesdale,  Darlington,  W^cstem  Australia. 


M.L.A.,  of  Dolls  Point,  Kogarab,  New  South  Wales,  Minister  for  Lands, 
New  South  Wales,  1894,  solicitor  in  Sydney,  trustee  of  the  National  Park, 
New  South  Wales,  and  member  of  the  Chicago  Exposition  Commission, 
formerly  Minister  of  Public  Instruction,  6.  at  Kiama,  New  South  Wales,  21st 
December,  1856;  m.  at  Sydney,  10th  December,  1879,  Louisa  Marion, 
daughter  of  William  Roberts,  of  Sydney,  solicitor,  and  has  issue, 
Hector  John,  h.  October,  1883. 
Ida  Mary,  6.  1881. 



John  Cabkfthbbs,  of  Sydney,  and  of 
Glenbnm,  Jamberoo,  New  South  Wales, 
-whose  father  resided  in  GHasgow,  Scotland,  m. 
1834,  Charlotte  Priwce,  of  Peckham,  eo. 
Surrey,  England  (who  d.  in  1886,  aged  70), 
and  d.  in  1891,  aged  85,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Henry,  railway  occountfuot,  m.  Ellen 
Jane  Eobebts,  and  has  eight  children. 

II.  James  Ed»ard  (Ber.),  of  Armidale, 
New  South  Wales,  Wesleran  minister, 
chairman  Maitland  distnet,  m.  Mary 

Sesidence — Dolls  Point,  Kogarah,  New  South  Wales. 

McWiLUAM,  and  has  scnren  chil- 

III.  Alfred  George,  mayor  of  Bockdale, 
N.S.W.,  m.  MaTgaret  Sauexbixb,  and 
has  four  children. 

iv.  JossPH  Hectob  McNeil,  of 
Kogarah,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

I.  Sarah  Ann,  m.  Jamea  Wood,  of 
Glenbnm,  Jamberoo,  New  South 
Wales,  grazier  and  landowner,  and  has 
nine  children. 


HON.  SIR  JULIUS  VOGEL,  K.C.M.G.,  formerlj  of  Wellington,  New 
Zealand,  sometime  premier  of  that  colony,  now  residing  in  London,  b, 
in  London,  24th  February,  1835 ;  m,  I9th  March,  1867,  Mary,  eldest  daughter 
of  the  late  William  Henry  Clayton,  colonial  architect  of  New  Zealand,  and 
has  issne, 

I.  Henry  Benjamin,  h.  March,  1867. 

II.  Frank  Leon,  h.  October,  1870. 

III.  Jnlius  Leonard  Fox,  h.  1872,  killed  in  action  at  the  Shangani  River, 

Matabeleland  with  Major  Wilson's  party,  in  1894. 
I.  Phcebe  Emily  Vogel. 
Sir  Jnlins  emigrated  to  Victoria  in  1852,  and  in  1861  proceeded  to  Dunedin, 
New  Zealand.  In  1862  he  became  a  member  of  the  Proyincial  Council  of 
Otago,  and  was  head  of  the  Provincial  Gk)vemment  from  1866  to  1869,  haying 
entered  the  House  of  Representatives  in  1863.  He  was  colonial  treasurer  from 
Jane,  18G9,  to  September,  1872,  commissioner  of  stamps  from  June,  1869,  to 
September.  1872,  postmaster-general  from  August,  1869,  to  September,  1872, 
commissioner  of  customs  from  August,  1869,  to  January,  1871,  and  from 
November,  1871,  to  1872,  and  electric  telegraph  commissioner  from  July,  1869, 
to  September,  1872,  one  of  the  delegates  to  the  Intercolonial  Conference,  held 
at  Sydney  in  January,  1873,  again  colonial  treasurer  and  postmaster-general  in 
Mr.  Waterhouse's  and  Mr.  Fox's  ministries,  1872-3,  premier  (in  conjunction 
with  which  he  held  the  offices  of  colonial  treasurer,  postmaster-general,  tele- 
graph commissioner,  and  minister  for  immigration),  from  1873  to  1875,  and 
again  after  his  return  from  a  mission  to  England,  in  1876,  agent-general  for 
New  Zealand  in  London  from  1876  to  1881,  and  on  his  return  to  New  Zealand 
in  1884  became  colonial  treasurer,  postmaster-general,  telegraph  commissioner 
and  commissioner  of  customs,  in  the  Stout- Vogel  government,  from  1884  to 
1887.     He  was  created  C.M.G.  in  1872,  and  K.C.M.G.  in  1875. 


The  VoOEL  family  is  of  Dutch  origin. 

Albest  Leopold  Vogel,  of  London  and  of 
Hiitcham  Grove,  co.  Surrey,  son  of  Albert 
Julius  Vogel,  by  Frances,  his  wife,  m.  1830, 
J*h<Bbe,  eldest  daughter  of  Alexander  Isaac, 

of  Bussell  Square,  London,  and  Hatcbam 
Grove,  co.  Surrey  (she  d,  1851),  and  d.  1850, 
having  had  with  two  sons  who  d.  in  infancy, 
and  a  daughter,  Frances,  now  living  tr»m.,  the 
present  Hon.  Sib  Julius  Vogel,  K.CM.G. 

Residence — River  Bank,  Molesey,  Surrey. 
Club — Junior  Carlton. 



residing  at  Woodlands,  St.  Kilda,  Melbourne,  Victoria,  b.  2nd  Septem- 
ber, 1838,  m,  1865,  Arabella,  daughter  of  the  late  Stephen  Heelis,  of  Halton 
Bank,  Manchester,  and  Grasmere,  co.  Westmorland,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Angus  Alexander  Gregorie,  B.A.,  6.  1867. 

II.  Thomas  Gregorie,  Lieutenant  Royal  Artillery,  h.  13th  July,  1868. 

II r.  James  Bruce  Gregorie,  Lieutenant  Yorkshire  Light  Infantry  (51st 
Regiment),  h.  2Dd  September,  1870. 

IV.  Sylvester  Stephen  Gregorie,  engineer  student,  Melbourne  University, 

and  Lieutenant  Victorian  Submarine  Miners. 

V.  Richard  Murray  Gregorie,  Cadet  2nd  (Victorian)  Regiment. 
I.  Annie,  d,  young  at  St.  Kilda,  22Dd  July,  1890. 

Major-General  A.  B.  TuUoch  was  educated  at  the  Royal  Military  College, 
Sandhurst,  and  was  gazetted  Ensign  1st  Foot,  23rd  May,  1855 ;  lieutenant 
30th  July,  1857 ;  Captain  96th  Foot,  29th  March,  1864,  69th  Foot,  20th  April, 
1866 ;  brevet  major  1st  October,  1877 ;  Major  Welsh  Regiment,  1st  Jaly, 
1881  ;  brevet  lieutenant-colonel,  11th  July,  1882,  substantive,  4th  June,  1883, 
half  pay,  5th  November,  1888;  colonel  in  the  army,  11th  July,  1886,  substan- 
tive colonel,  20th  September,  1889  (with  local  rank  in  Victoria,  of  major- 
general  on  the  same  date).  Major-General  Tnlloch,  who  has  passed  through  the 
Staff  College  (1869),  has  been  employed  on  several  missions  by  the  War  Office, 
and  has  held  many  appointments  on  the  staff.  He  was  D.A.Q.M.G.  Expedi- 
tionary Force,  China,  2nd  June,  1859,  to  1st  March,  1 860 ;  garrison  instructor 
Nova  Scotia,  28th  June,  1870,  to  23ri  August,  1873  ;  instructor  of  military  sur- 
vey, Royal  Military  College,  11th  February,  1875,  to  8th  ApHl,  1876 ;  D.A.A. 
and  Q.M.G.,  Southern  District,  1st  September,  1877,  to  15th  June,  1882; 
D.A.A.  and  Q.M.G.,  Egypt,  16th  June,  1882 ;  and  A.A.  and  Q.M.G.,  Egypt,  10th 
August,  1882,  to  4th  October,  same  year,  and  on  20th  September,  1889,  was 
lent  by  the  War  Office  to  the  Victorian  Government,  to  take  up  the  post  of 
Commandant  Victorian  Military  Forces,  for  five  years.  Major-General 
Tulloch  served  in  the  Crimea  after  the  fall  of  Sevastopol  until  the  armistice 
(1855-6)  ;  was  acting  engineer  in  the  China  War  (1859-60)  with  the  gunboat 
expedition  to  Heang  Shan ;  and  present  at  the  actions  of  Sinho  and  Tangku ; 
at  the  occupation  of  Tientsin,  and  at  the  surrender  of  Pekin  (medal  with  two 
clasps).  In  the  Egyptian  expedition  of  1882,  he  was  military  staff  officer  to 
Admii*al  Sir  Beauchamp  Seymour  (afterwards  Lord  Alcester),  commander-in- 
chief  at  the  bombardment  of  the  forts  at  Alexandria;  was  afterwards  in 
charge  of  the  Intelligence  Department,  and  as  A.A.G.  to  advance  force  under 
Major-General  Graham.  He  was  present  at  the  fight  at  Magfar,  the  second 
action  of  Kassassin,  and  the  battle  of  Tel-el- Kebir.  For  these  services  he 
was  mentioned  in  despatches  on  29th  July,  8th  September,  and  2nd  November, 
1882,  received  medal  with  two  clasps,  the  bronze  star,  was  gazetted  brevet 
lieutenant-colonel,  was  created  C.B.,  and  was  given  the  3rd  class  of  the  order 
of  the  Mejidie.  Major-General  Tulloch  was  also  present  with  the  national 
forces  in  the  Carliut  war  in  Spain. 




The  tradition  is  that  John  be  Tolach  left 
his  Glenbervio  and  Forfarshire  estates  bj 
charter  to  his  son,  Walter  dk  Tolach  de 
BoNNiETON,  who  m.  Agnes,  daughter  of 
Reginald  Muir,  Lord  High  Chamberlain  of 
Scotland,  and  was  9.  \yj  his  son,  John  db 
TuLACH,  who  had  three  tons,  1.  Walter 
(d.  1459)  had  one  surviving  son,  Thomas, 
Bishop  of  Ross  and  Orkney  (rf.  1463),  and 
Dorothv,  «•.  Walter  Wood,  and  Janet,  m. 
David  Garden,  of  Lys ;  2.  William,  Bishop 
of  Ovlcney  &nd  Moray;  and  3.  John.  The 
youngest  son,  John,  ^^ho  obtained  a  fresh 
charter  of  the  lands  of  Glenbervie  erecting 
them  into  the  free  barony  of  Cniigneston. 
His  son,  Andrew  was  a.  by  his  eldest  son, 
William,  who  m.  Janeta  Strath auchin, 
and  had  a  son,  'Jhomas,  who  predeceased 
him  leaving,  1.  Alexander,  of  Craigneiton, 
whose  male  issue  became  extinct;  and  2. 
Robert,  of  Forres.     The  second  son, 

Robert  Tullocht,  of  Forres,  bought 
Tannguwhies,  near  Forres,  in  1574.  This 
properly  had  previously  belonged  to  the 
Abbey  of  Kinloss  and  lay  on  the  east  bank  of 
the  River  Findhom  and  south  bank  of  the 
Bay  of  Findhom.  Robert  d.  1608-9,  leaving 

I.  Alexander,  second  laird. 

II.  James,  who  was  outlawed. 

III.  Patrick,  b.  1580,  minister  of  Cobham, 
in  Surrey,  and  was  presented  by  James 
VI,  in  1613,  to  the  Archdeaconry  of 
Moray,  which  included  the  livings  oi 
Forres  and  Logic,  and  d.  1646. 

IV.  Thomas. 
I.  Ursula. 

The  eldest  son, 

Alexander  Toullocht,  of  Tcnnaguheis, 
who  was  nearly  outlawed  with  his  brother, 
James,  for  the  murder  of  a  Douglas,  but  was 
let  off  through  his  father's  influence  He  m. 
tlie  widowed  mother  of  Alexander  Dcnbar, 
sheriff  of  Moray.     The  third  lairl, 

Thomas  Tolloch,  of  Tannocheis,  was  in 
1643-4  one  of  the  War  Committee  for  Moray. 
He  had  issue, 

I.  Alexander,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Thomas,  of  Boyton,  whose  heir  male 
now  holds  Burgie  Castle  in  Moray,  in 
right  of  a  marriage  in  the  eighteenth 
century  Mith  Naomi  Dtnbar,  the 
heiress  of  Grange.  R.  H.  W.  Tulloh, 
of  the  51st  Foot,  was  son  of  Major 
Thomas  Tl'LLOH.  of  Ellieston,  whose 
great  uncle  came  into  Burgie. 

The  elder  son, 

Alexander  Tulloch,  fourth  laird  of 
Tannochies,  was  in  1661  appointed  by  the 
first  Parliament  of  Charles  II,  a  Govern- 
ment Commissioner  of  Excise  for  co.  Elgin. 

Alexander  Tulloch,  of  Tannochie,  was 
15th  August,  1677,  served  heir  male  to 
Alexander  Tulloch,  of  Tannochie,  his 
"avi  paterni"  (paternal  grandfather),  in 
the  town  and  lands  of  Weikle  and  Little 
Tannochies,  &c.,  in  the  barony  of  Kinloss 
(£10    5*.    4r/.),    u  th    the    lands    of    Logic 

and  right  of  common  pastnrage  in  tho 
forest  of  Dunipace.  He  w.  more  than  once 
and  had  at  last  ten  sons.  By  Iris  second 
wife,  Margaret  Stmbone,  he  had  inter  alio9^ 
a  son  Alexander,  of  whom  presently,  the 
ancestor  of  Major-General  Alexander  Bruce 
Tulloch.  C.B.,  C.M.G.  He  rf.  1696,  and  wa» 
*.  by  his  son  (by  his  first  marriage), 

Thomas  Tuiioch,  of  Tannaehie,  was  ap- 
jwinted  sheriff  of  Moray  when  the  Dunbars 
were  deprived  of  their  hereditary  right  to 
that  office.  He  m.  first,  Katrina  Duktbar, 
and  had  issue,  with  two  daughters, 

I.  Robert,  who  is  supposed  to  hare  d, 

He  wt.  secondly,  Mary,  third  daughter  of 
Alexander  Duff,  of  Krithmore,  aunt  of 
William,  first  Earl  Fife,  and  had  issue, 

II.  Alhxakdbr,  Beventh  laird. 

I.  Elizabeth,  m.  Alexander  Cumhing,  of 
Cmigmily,  and  had  five  daughters  and 
two  sons,  one  of  w^hom  was  an  officer 
in  France,  and  m,  a  French  wife. 
The  son, 

Alexander  Tulloch,  seventh  and  last 
laird  of  Tannaehie,  was  h.  30th  April,  1703. 
His  8r|X)nsors  were  Alexander  Gumming,  of 
Altyre,  Alexander,  Marquess  of  Huntly,  and 
Sir  Alexander  Innes,  of  Coxton.  He  m. 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  WilUam  Dawson,  of 
Hempriggs,  by  whom  he  had,  Andrew,  h. 
1744;  Tliomas,  h.  1746;  and  Mary,  6.  1736. 
He  sold  Logie  St.  John  (now  Goxhall)  to  Sir 
James  Grant  of  Grant.  In  1772  he  sold  with 
the  consent  of  his  trustees  (Elizabeth  Dawson, 
his  wife,  James,  Earl  Fife,  General  James 
Abercromby,  of  Glaseaugh,  and  Andrew 
Hay,  of  Raines)  to  Alexander  Urquhart,  for 
£101  18?.  \d,  "all  and  whole  of  the  lands 
of  Meikle  and  Little  Tannachies,  Mackslippet 
and  the  meadows  and  pertinents  thereof  and 
the  windmill  of  Tannncnie  with  the  multures, 
sucken  and  sequels  thereof  and  haill  part«, 
pendicles  and  pertinents  of  the  same."  He  d, 
in  August,  1776.    His  son, 

William  Tulloch,  "late  Captain  98th 
Foot,  only  lawful  son  and  apparent  heir  of 
the  now  deceased  Alexander  Tulloch,  of 
Tannachie,"  was  served  15T.h  March,  1777, 
at  Forres,  heir  to  his  late  father  "in  all 
and  haill  that  great  Lodging  Tenement  or 
Dwelling  House  "  now  called  Forres  House, 
and  which  his  trustees,  with  consent  of  his 
I  mother,  Elizabeth  Dawson,  sold,  19th  Marcli, 
1789,  to  Alexander  Penrose  Gumming,  of 
I  Altyre.  (General  Alexander  Thomas  Tulloch, 
head  of  the  Ordnance  Department,  who 
d.  s.  p.  25th  April,  1885,  at  Tannachie  Lodge, 
Malvern,  stated  that  he  was  the  last  male 
representative  of  the  last  laird  of  Tannachie. 
He  9/t.  but  left  no  issue.) 

We  now  revert  to  the  younger  son  of 
Thomas,  sixth  laird  of  Tannachie  and  Mar- 
garet Symsone,  his  wife, 

Alexander  Tulloch,  was  called  Alex- 
ander after  Sir  Alexander  Innes,  of  Goxtou, 
who  witnessed  his  registration  en  6th  October, 
1087.     He  had    four  grandsons,    of   whom 



John,  of  whom  we  treat,  was  the  eldest, 
one  d,  during  Abercrombie's  Expedition  in 
Egjpt,  another  spent  all  the  money  he  had 
in  raising  enougn  to  get  a  commission,  but 
the  regiment  was  soon  aft«r  disbanded  and  he 
(f .  of  a  broken  heart  at  the  loss  of  his  com- 
mission ;  another  brother  settled  in  America. 
Tbe  eldest  grandson. 

Captain  John  Tulloch,  was  5.  in  Inrer- 
nees  1773,  saw  much  serrice  in  Mysore  under 
Lord  Com wa His,  and  against  the  French  in 
India  and  afterwards  against  the  Dutch  in 
Ceylon,  and  retired  as  a  captain  owir.g  to  the 
after  effects  of  a  sword  cut  in  his  head.  He 
m.  1800,  Anne  Qbeoorie,  and  d.  at  Edinburgh 
1836,  having  by  her  whot^.at  Gibraltar  1812, 
had  issue, 

I.    Alexander    Murray     (Sir),    Major- 

General,    K.C.B.,    m.    1844,    Emma, 

daughter  of  Sir  William  Hyde  Fkab- 

80N,  but  d.  9.p, 
n.  Jambs  Dundas  Gbeqobib,  of  whom 

The  younger  son, 
LiBciBNAHT- Colonel     James     Dundas 

Gbeoobis  Tulloch,  of  90th  Light  Infantry, 
b.  1804 ;  m.  1832,  Anne  Stainton,  and  d, 
at  Brighton  1879,  having  had  issue, 

I.  James  Macdonald  Gregorie,  Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel,  21  Bt  Scots  Fusiliers,  d. 
1889,  leaving  an  only  daughter, 

Josephine,  m.  Lieutenant  Price 
Vaug)ian  Lewes,  B.N. 

II.  Alexander  Bbuce,  the  subject  of 
this  memoir. 

III.  John  Henrv,  Colonel  late  23rd  Boyal 
Welsh  Fusiliers,  d,  9.  p.  1893. 

I.  Louisa,  m.  Colonel  Bainbbidob,  Royal 
Artillery,  and  d.  1878,  leaving  three 

1.  Edmond  Guy  Tulloch,  Lieutenant 
the  Buffs,  East  Kent  Regiment,  b, 
11th  November,  1867. 

2.  Norman  Bruce,  second  Lieuten- 
ant West  Riding  Regiment,  b, 
22nd  October,  1869. 

1.  Ethel,  m.  1894,  Hon.  Robert 
Arthur  Handcock,  brother  of 
Albert  Edward,  present  Lord 

ArtM—Or  on  afess  between  three  croat  croatUts  fitchee  gvlea  as  many  mullets  argent. 
Motto — A  mitre  proper. 
Crest — Pietate  parentum, 
Jfesidence—Wood\&ndBy  St.  Eilda,  Melbourne. 
Clubs — United  Service,  Pull  Mall,  London. 


GEORGE  STEVENSON,  of  Larundel,  Toorak,  Melbourne,  Victoria,  b.  at 
Clapham,  co.  Surrey,  England,  22nd  October,  1831 ;  educated  at  Mill 
Hill,  CO.  Middlesex;  w.  at  Hobart,  2nd  February,  1856,  Amy,  daughter  of 
John  and  Mary  Swan,  of  Hobart,  Tasmania,  and  has  issue, 

I.  George. 

II.  Herbert,  m.  3rd  July,  1889,  Annie  Chadwick,  and  has  issue, 

1.  George  Hubert,  h.  1890. 

2.  Roy  Kenneth,  b.  1892. 
1.  Ella  Gertrude,  6.  1894. 

III.  Lionel  William. 

IV.  Merric. 

V.  Percy  Bertram. 

I.  Amy  Georgina  Mary. 

II.  Estella,  m.  14th  September,  1893,  Charles  Lorimku,  sou  of  Sir  James 

LoRiMER,  and  has  issue,  Charles  Scott,  6.  1894. 

III.  Ernestine  Viola. 

IV.  Edith  Rhoda  May. 

V.  Ethel  Clare. 

VI.  Gertrude. 

VII.  Mabel. 

VIII.  Myra. 

Mr.  Stevenson  emigrated  to  New  .*:'outh  Wales  in  ilic  "  Roman  Emperor," 


and  arrived  at  Sydney  in  1852.  He  shortly  afterwards  went  to  Hobart  Town, 
where  he  remained  nntil  1859,  when  he  visited  England,  and  on  bis  return  to 
Australia  he  settled  at  Melbourne.  He  was  appointed  vice-president  of  the 
Free  Trade  League,  was  a  member  of  tbe  Constitutional  Association,  and  in 
1872,  president  of  the  Chamber  of  Commerce.  Mr.  Stevenson  was  a  managing 
director  of  tbe  firm  of  L.  Stevenson  and  Sons,  Limited,  and  a  trustee  of  the 
Melbourne  Savings  Bank,  for  thirty  years. 


III.  Charles  Joseph,  deceased, 

I.  Alice  (Mrs.  Sturt). 

II.  Mrs.  Beazlej. 

III.  Mrs.  Soames. 

IV.  Mrs.  Betts. 

V.  Kate  (Mrs.  Sturt). 

VI.  Roche  (Mrs.  Chad). 

Leader  Stevenson,  son  of  Geobob  Ste- 
venson, of  Clapham,  co.  Surrej,  England, 
m.  Mar  J  Wbixon  (who  d.  in  1882,  aged 
85),  and  d.  in  1850,  aged  59,  haying  had 

I.  Leader  Cox,  m. 

II.  Georob,    of    Larundel,  Toorak,  the 
subject  of  this  memoir. 

Residence — Larundel,  Irving  Road,  Toorak,  Melbourne,  Yictoria. 
Club — Australian. 

THOMAS  RUSSELL,  of  Wurrook,  Rokewood,  Victoria,  Australia,  and 
Haremere,  Etchingham,  Sussex,  England,  J.P.  for  Victoria,  and  for 
Sussex,  England,  sometime  member  of  the  Legislative  Assembly  of  Victoria, 
first  president  of  Leigh  Shire,  and  Fellow  of  the  Royal  Geographical  Society, 
h.  4th  February,  1828,  m.  23rd  August,  1860,  Anna  Louisa,  daughter  of 
C.  0.  Parsons,  of  Berriedale,  Tasmania,  formerly  of  Newton  HaJl,  Monmouth- 
shire, England,  and  has  issue, 

I.  William  Cecil,  barrister-at-law,  K  25th  April,  1866. 

II.  James  Walter  Harold,  Lieutenant  Army  Service  Corps,  6. 17th  January, 


I.  Elizabeth  Maria. 

II.  Edith  Louisa. 

III.  Louise  Isabel  Mary. 

IV.  Gladys  Frances  Charlotte. 


William  Rfssbll,  of  Abercromby,  co. 
Fife,  m.  Bell  Ramsay,  and  had  a  son, 

Jambs  Bussell,  of  Kincraig,  co.  Fife,  m. 
Elizabeth  Coofeb,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  of  Wurroolr,  the  subject  of 
this  memoir, 

II.  John,  of  Stirling,  who  left  one  son 
John,  and  a  daughter  Marion. 

Uesidence — ^Wurrook,   Rokewood,  and  Yarima,  Cressy,  Victoria,   and  Haremere   Hall, 
Etchingham,  Sussex. 

Clubs — Melbourne,  and  Australian  ;  and  Reform,  London,  England; 

III.  Q^eorge,  of  Elie  Lodge,  Fife,  who  left 
two  daughters  and  two  sons,  James  and 
Andrew,  owners  of  Banmah  Plains, 

IV.  Phillip  (Hon.),  of  Camgham,  who 
resides  in  Victoria,  and  has  three  sons, 
James  ;  George ;  and  Philip. 




ARTHUR  PERRY,  of  Beverley,  Timaru,  Canterbury,  New  Zealand,  6. 
nth  February,  1840;  m.  12th  February,  1867,  Elizabeth  Rhodes, 
daughter  of  John  Wood,  of  Hodsock,  co.  Nottingham,  England,  by  Mary, 
his  wife,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Aethur  Cecil,  h.  29th  July,  1868. 

II.  Frank  Churchill,  fe.  15th  February,  1871. 

III.  Walter  Dymock,  h,  2l8t  March,  1872. 

IV.  Percy  Lyttelton,  b.  11th  December,  1874. 
I.  Ellen  Laura  Amy,  h.  26th  December,  1869. 


This  family  was  formerly  located  at 
Churchill,  Somerset,  England.  Mr.  Arthur 
Perry's  grandfather, 

William  Pebby,  oi  Churchill,  aforesaid 
hy  Mary,  his  wife,  hud  issue, 

I.  Abthub,  of  whom  presently, 
n.  John  (Rer.),  B.A.  (Oxford),  vicar  of 
Perranzahuloe,  co.  Cornwall,  and  is 
ni.  Samuel  Whitchurch,  of  Churchill, 

CO.  Somerset. 
TV.  Henry,  M.D.,  of  Bougham,  co.  Nor- 
folk, England. 
T.  Gteorge  Gresley  (Rev.),  M.A.  Oxford, 
Canon  of  Lincoln,  Rural  Dean,  Proc. 
in   Convocation,  and  rector  of   Wad- 
dington,  Lincoln. 
I.  Maiy,    m.    Rev.    William    Dtmock, 

B^.,  Oxford, 
n.  Ellen. 
III.  Caroline,  m.  Rev.  William  Tibcmins, 

M.A.  Oxford. 
IT.  Amelia. 
T.  Anne,  m.  Rev.  Frederick  Dtmock, 

M.A.  Oxford. 
Ti.  Hannah  Moore. 
The  eldest  son, 

Abthub  Pbbbt,  of  Secheron,  Hohart, 
Tasmania,  h.  18th  June,  1815,  m.  12th  Jan- 
uary, 1839,  Jane,  daughter  of  John  Swan,  of 
3eaulieu,  Hobart,  and  d.  November,  1856, 
having  had  hy  her  (who  d.  Juno,  1870), 

I.  Abthub,  of  whom  we  treat. 

II.  John  William,   of   Hobart,  h,  25th 
January,  1843. 

Cecil  Thomas  Henry,  of  Koromiko, 

3rd  March,  1846;  m.  16th  December, 
1874,  Adelia,  daughter  of  Charles 
Set^bIE-Ouiiibttb,  of  Hawkesbury, 
Ontario,  Canada,  but  has  no  issue. 

IT.  George  Cameron,  h.  2Dd  August, 
1847  ;  d.  30th  April,  1852. 

T.  Herbert  Charles  Raven,  h.  24th  March, 
1849;  d.  11th  September,  1859. 

VI.  Edmund  Frederick,  residing  in  Eng- 
land, b.  8th  October,  1850. 

VII.  James  Arthur  Cameron,  of  Dunedin, 
Otago,  New  Zealand,  b,  17th  April, 

I.  Mary,  5.  30th  August,  1841 ;  d.  2l8t 
March,  1842. 

II.  Ellen  Maria,  b,  4th  May,  1844 ;  m. 
October,  1869,  James  John  Tubnbull, 
of  Millbrook,  New  Norfolk,  Tasmania, 
and  d.  23rd  March,  1879,  leaving  issue, 

1.  James  Arthur  Perry. 

1.  Amy  Clare. 

2.  Julia  May. 

III.  Laura  Kate,  b.  13th  May,  1862 ;  d. 
18th  August,  1859. 

IT.  Amy  Jane,  b.  I7th  June,  1864;  m. 
11th  August,  1876,  Augustus  William 
Wbioht,  of  Moanvale,  Winchester, 
Canterbury,  New  Zealand,  and  has 
iiisue,  three  sons  and  four  daughters, 

1.  Cecil  Thomas  Henry. 

2.  Augustus  Vivian. 

3.  Harold. 

1.  Amy  Viola. 

2.  Rita  Maud. 

3.  Vida  May. 

4.  Laura. 

Timaru,  Canterbury,  New  Zealand,  b, 

Arm* — Ar^.,  on  a  chev.  az.,  between  three  lions  ramp,  gu.^  oJt  many  bugUhornt  or. 
Greet — A  stag's  head  ppr.,  pierced  through  the  neck  with  an  arrow  or,  feathered  arg,, 
■headed  sa, 

J2«W«ice— Beverley,  Timaru,  Canterbury,  New  Zealand. 



DENIS  O'DONOVAN,  C.M.G.,  of  Brisbane,  and  Como,  Ormiston,  Cleve- 
land, Queensland,  F.B.S.L.,  F.R.G.S.,  Ac,  b.  at  Kinsale,  co.  Cork, 
Ireland,  23rd  August,  1836  ;  m.  1st  May,  1867,  Aimee,  daughter  of  Etienne 
Leroujc  de  Grandmaison,  by  Luce,  his  wife,  daughter  of  Henri  DausindeBouKOES, 
and  widow  of  Alfred  Auguste  Bisson,  and  by  her  (who  d,  24th  June,  1892) 
has  issue, 

I.  William  de  Bourges,  b.  3rd  June,  1870. 

II.  Kathleen  Aimee. 
II.  Clairo  Denise. 

Mr.  O'Donovan  received  his  education  in  Ireland  and  at  Paris,  and  was 
for  some  time  professor  in  the  College  des  Hautes  Etudes,  afterwards  the 
Catholic  University  of  Paris,  and  in  one  of  the  colleges  of  the  University  of 
France ;  he  held  an  important  editorial  position  on  the  Press  in  Paris ;  was 
appointed  parliamentary  librarian  of  Queensland  in  1874,  which  post  he 
still  holds ;  is  the  author  of  Memories  of  Borne  and  other  works,  both  in 
French  and  English,  and  also  of  an  Analytical  Catalogue  which  is  a  remark- 
able contribution  to  Bibliography.  He  is  a  member  of  a  number  of  learned 
bodies,  and  a  corresponding  member  (causS,  honoris)  of  the  Societes  de 
Geographic  Commerciale  of  Paris  and  Havre,  and  an  honorary  member  of 
the  Society  d' Anthropologic  of  Paris.  Mr.  O'Donovan  was  created  a  C.M.G. 
in  1893. 


The  ancestor  of    this  family  in  modem  I       Conogher    O'Donovan   (whose  name  is 

times  was  Donnll  II.  O'Donovan,  of  Castle  mentioned    in    a    manuscript    at    Lambeth 

O'Donovan,  in  the  eo.  of  Cork,  by  his  first  '  Palace,  Carew  Collection,  No.  635,  fol.  151), 

wife,   Helena,   grand -dauglittr    of  Viscount  "  who  entered  the  Austrian  Army  and  fought 

Butterant.     The  following  pedigree  is  taken  at  the  battle  of  Prague,  in  which  Frederick, 

from  an  old  manuscript  which  has  been  in 
the  possession  of  this  branch  of  the  family 
for  nearly  two  hundred  years  : — 

DoNELL  II.  O'Donovan,  who  *.  to  the 
dignity  of  chief  in  1684,  inaugurated  by 
McCarthy  Reagh,  who  delivered  him  the 
White  Wand,  and  was  recognised  by  Lord 
Chancellor  Adam  Loftus,  12th  February, 
1592,  as  chieftain  lawfully  inaugurated 
according  to  the  Irish  custom.  He  surren- 
dered his  territory  of  Clan  Cathal  to  James  I, 
1608,  and  received  a  re-grant  of  the  entire  of 
it,  1615.*  He  had  eleven  sons,  of  whom  the 
eldest,  Donell  III,  was  the  ancestor  of 
General  Richard  O'Donovan,  with  whom  this 
branch  became  extinct  at  his  death  in 
November,  1829  (xee  O'Donovan  of  Clan 
Cathal  in  Bubkb's  Landed  Oentry).     The 

King  of  Bohemia,  was  totally  defeated  (1620). 
He  had  previously  m.  a  Spanish  lady,  Donna 
Juana  do  S&,  and  about  the  end  of  his  life 
removed  to  Brazil,  where  one  of  his  wife's 
relations  was  the  fir?t  governor  (Capitao  M6r) 
of  Rio  de  Janeiro.  He  was  therefore  absent 
from  Ireland  on  the  death  of  his  father  in 
1630.     His  only  son, 

EOGHAN  (or  EUGBNIO)  O'DoNOTAN,  d,  in 
South  America  about  1681.     His  eldest  son, 

Captain  Donough  (or  Dionisio)  O'Don- 
ovan, served  in  the  Brazilian  Navy.  His 
eldest  son, 

RiCHABD  O'Donovan,  was  chef  de  bat- 
aillou  in  the  French  Army,  and  fought  at 
Ramilies.  He  visited  Ireland,  and  m.  there 
Catherine  MacCaktht,  grand-daughter  of 
Connac  MacCarthy,   the  master  of  Moume. 

second  son  was  i  His  eldest  son, 

•  O'Donovan  built  Castle  Donovan  in  the  Hills,  three  miles  north  of  Dromoleague,  co. 
Cork,  in  the  north  wall  of  which  is  a  block  of  limestone,  containing  the  memorial,  "  Jns 
Makia.  ])od.  10.  1626.  doc,"  in  raised  letters  two  and  a  half  inches  long.  The  castle  is 
still  standing,  though  much  dilapidated,  and  has  ninety-two  steps  leading  to  the  battle- 



Dsyis  0*DoNOFAN,  reaideJl  for  aome  time 
in  Muinter  Vara,  co.  Cork,  but  lived  prin- 
eipall/  in  France.  He  m.  Louise  de  MoN- 
TBSQUiEr,  and  d.  in  1801.     His  eldest  son, 

John  (Jean)  O'Donovan,  was  a  lieutenant 
in  the  French  navj,  which  he  left  to  join  the 
iayasion  of  Thurot.  He  settled  in  Ireland, 
and  m  Anne  0*Hba,  dying  in  1820.  His 
eldest  son, 

Db.vis  O'Donovan,  lived  in  Muinter  Vara 
till  he  removed  to  Kinsale,  where  he  pur- 

chased a  property  called  "  The  Turrets  " ;  m. 
Ellen  O'DBidCOLL,  of  that  town.  His  eldest 
son  d.  s.  p.,  but  his  second  son, 

William  O'Donovan,  m.  AnneCsowLET, 
of  Bandon,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Dbnis,  the  present  head  of  this 
branch,  now  of  Brisbane  and  Como, 

II.  William,  M.D.,  d.  1884. 

III.  John,  d.  1889. 
I.  Anne. 

Arnu — Ar^.,  issuing  from  the  HnUter  side  of  the  shield  a  cubit  dexter  arm  vested  gu., 
cuffed  of  the  first,  the  hand  grasping  a  skean  {or  old  Irish  sword)  in  pale,  the  blade  entwined 
with  a  serpent,  all  ppr. 

Crest — On  a  chapeau  gu.,  turned  up  erm.,  an  eagle  rising  arg.,  tips  of  wings  and  tail  sa. 

Mottoes — Adjuvants  Deo  in  hostss ;  Vir  super  hostem  (a  translation  of  the  ancient 
slogan,  or  call  to  war,  of  the  sep*,  viz.,  Giolfa  ar  a-namhuid  a-bu). 

Residences — Brisbane,  and  Como,  Ortuiston,  Queensland. 

Club — The  Queensland,  Brisbane. 


JAMES  MACPARLANE,  of  Newlands,  Hobart^  Tasmania,  J.P.,  F.R.G.S., 
and  F.R.S.,  Tasmania,  6.  2nd  September,  1844  ;  m.  21st  April,  1874, 
Anna  Wilhelmina  Wibon,  only  daughter  of   the  late  John   rouNG,  general 
inspector  of  the  English,  Scottish  and  Anstralian  Bank,  and  has  issne^ 
I.  Lilias  Anne,  h.  20th  April,  1875. 
n.  Heatherbel,  fe.  15th  May,  1876. 

John  Macfablanb,  of  the  New  parish, 
and  afterwards  of  the  Middle  parish,  Green- 
ock, m.  at  the  New  parish  church,  Greenock, 
28th  NoTcmber,  18al,  Marj  Dablino,  of  the 
New  parish,  and  had,  with  other  issue,  Dun- 
can, b.  3rd  June,  1806,  baptised  at  the  Middle 
parish  church,  Greenock,  and 

Andbbw  Macpablanb,  of  Lyndoch  Street, 
Glasgow,  b.  24th  February,  1809,  baptised  at 
the    Middle   parish   church,   Greenock ;  m. 

25th  April,  1843,  Lilias,  daughter  of  James 
Alexandbb,  of  Glasgow,  and  bj  her  (who  d. 
7th  January,  1857,  aged  44  years,  and  was 
buried  in  the  new  burial  ground,  High 
Church,  Glasgow)  had  issue, 

I.  Jahbs,  DOW  of  Hobart. 

II.  John,  b.  5th  November,  1845. 

He  d.  18th  and  was  buried  18th  January, 
1850,  in  the  New  burial-ground,  High 
Church,  Glasgow. 

Residence — Newlands,  Hobart,  Tasmania. 

Clubs — ^Tasmanian,  iu  Hobart;  Oriental,  in  London. 


r^  EORGE  LAYMAN,  of  Wonnerup  House,  Sussex,  Western  Australia, 
vX  J.P.  and  formerly  member  of  the  Legislative  Council ;  6.  at  Wonnerup 
House,  9th  May,  1838 ;  m.  at  St.  Mary*s  Church,  Busselton,  28th  July,  1859, 
Amelia  Harriet,  daughter  of  Anthony  Curtis,  of  Fremantle,  Western 
Australia,  and  has  issue, 

I.  George  Wallace,  of  Willgarrup,  Blackwood;  6.  26th  August,  186u: 
m.   5th    May,    1887,   Matilda   Louisa,  second  daughter  of   Thomas 



Hatward,  of  Bunbury,  J. P.,  and  d.  22d(1  Jannary,  1892,  leaving 

1.  George. 

1.  Catherine  Amela. 

2.  Clair. 

Ti.  Anthony  Glindon,  of  Kimberley,  W.  A.,  6,  22nd  April,  1862. 

III.  Charles  Henry,  h.  4th  Jane,  1865, 

IV.  James  Fitz  Herbert,  6.  13th  November,  1880. 

I.  Amelia  Glindon,  h.  6th  February,  1864. 

II.  Kate  Bayliss,  h.  23rd  April,  1867. 

III.  Marion  St.  Clair,  h.  6th  July,  1869. 

IV.  Ida  Agnes,  6.  23rd  August,  1871. 

V.  Stella  Florence,  6.  6th  December,  1874. 

VI.  Flora  Juanita,  h.  16th  October,  1876. 

VII.  Nina  Glindon,  h,  19th  August,  1878. 


Db.  Geoege  Layman,  M.D.,  of  London, 
had  issue, 

I.  James,  M'.D.,  a  doctor  in  London. 

II.  Charles,  drowned  at  Hobart. 

III.  Gbobob,  of  whom  we  treat. 

I.  Mary,  m.  Mr.  Ba&beb,  of  Stevenage, 
Herts,  England. 

The  third  son, 

Gboboe  Layman,  h,  in  England,  1812 ;  m. 

at  Perth,  Western  Australia,  18th  April,  1832, 
Mary  Baylibb,  of  co.  Devon,  England,  who 
d.  June,  1870.  Mr.  Layman  wbs  murdered 
by  blacks,  22nd  Februaiy,  1841,  and  had 

I.  Gbobob,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

II.  Charles. 

I.  Harriet. 

II.  Mary. 

III.  Kate. 

Residence — Wonnerup  House,  Busselton,  Sussex,  Western  Australia. 


C.M.Z.S.,  of  Christchurch,  Canterbury,  New  Zealand,  professor  of 
geology  in  Canterbury  College,  University  of  New  Zealand,  late  Captain 
23rd  Royal  Welsh  Fusiliers,  h.  at  Gate  Burton,  near  Qainsborongb,  co. 
Lincoln,  16th  November,  1836 ;  m.  4th  February,  1863,  Annie  Gk)nger,  sixth 
daughter  of  Dr.  William  Montgomerie,  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Elizabeth  Graham, 
his  wife,  and  has  issue, 

T.  Gilbert  Montgomerie,  Lieutenant  R.E.,  6.  13th  June,  1865. 

II.  Hugh  Montgomerie,  h.  18th  March,  1870. 

HI.  Vernon  Montgomerie,  h.  29th  December,  1878. 

Alice  Montgomerie,  m.  2nd  April,  1891,  John  Charles  Nattle  Grigg, 
eldest  son  of  John  Grigg,  of  Finglas,  Papanui,  and  of  Longbeach, 
Canterbury,  New  Zealand,  J.P.  {see  Grigg  of  Papanui  and  Longheacky 
p.  118). 
II.  Mabel  Montgomerie,  m.  16th  May,  1888,  Maitland  Gordon  Rich, 
second  son  of  William  Gordon  Rich,  of  Toitoi,  Southland,  New 
ni.  Ethel  Montgomerie. 



Professor  Haiton  entered  the  23rd  Rojal  Welsh  Fasiliers  in  1855,  and 
served  in  the  Crimean  War,  in  the  Indian  Mutiny,  at  MaltA,  and  in  Ireland ; 
became  captain  18th  December,  18(>2,  but  sold  out  of  the  army  in  November, 
1865,  and  emigrated  to  New  Zealand.  Here  he  held  successively  the  posts 
of  assistant  geologist  to  the  Geological  Survey,  teacher  of  natural  science 
in  Wfllington  College,  in  1873 ;  provincial  geologist  of  Otago,  professor  of 
natural  science  in  the  University  of  Otago,  from  February,  1877,  and 
professor  of  geology  in  Canterbury  College,  Christchurch,  from  October, 
1879,  which  office  he  still  holds. 


The  HuTToys,  of  Oate  Burton,  co.  Lin- 
coln, to  which  fomily  Frofeisor  Hatton 
belongs,  are  descended  from  the  very  ancient 
family  of  HuTTOX,  of  Button  HaU^  Penrith, 
whose  ancestor,  Adam  de  Hoton,  accompanied 
one  of  £dwabd  I's  expeditions  to  Scotland 
in  1303. 

Thomas  Button,  1. 1690  (son  of  Thomas 
HcTTON,  of  Treswell,  Notts,  by  Mary,  his 
wife,  daughter  of  Josiah  Cowfeb,  by  Anne, 
his  wife,  daughter  of  Sir  Bichard  Huttok,  of 
Goldieborough),  m.  Elisabeth,  daughter  of 
John  Rymsb.  and  d,  1740,  haying  had  issue, 
Thomas,  of  whom  presently  ;  George  (  Rev.), 
D.D.,  rector  of  Gate  Burton,  h.  1716,  d.  unm., 
December,  1801 ;  Francis,  d.unm. ;  Elisabeth,  m, 
William  Morgan  Dab  wi  n,  M.D.  The  elder  son, 

Thomas  Huttov  purchased  Gate  Barton 
from  the  Earl  of  Abingdon.  He  was  5. 1715 ; 
m.  Elisabeth,  daughter  of  William  Moblanu, 
of  Court  Lodge,  Lamberhurst,  co.  Kent ;  and 
d.  1774,  having  had  issue, 

I.  William,  of  whom  hereafter. 

II.  John,  b.  1754;  tn.  Mary,  daughter 
and  heir  of  Francis  Stones,  of  Gains- 
borough, and  left  at  his  decease,  1789, 
an  only  child,  Frances  Mary,  m,  the 
Bight  Hon.  Charles  Tennyson  d'Etn- 
COUBT,  of  Bayons  Manor,  co.  Lincoln, 
and  d,  at  an  advanced  age. 

III.  George,  D.D.,  d.s.p.  1817. 

IV.  Henry,  b.  8th  November,  1760 ;  m. 
twice,  and  by  his  first  wife,  Mary 
Judith  Dell,  he  left  at  his  decease, 
24th  August,  1886,  two  sons  and  two 
daughters  (see  Burke*s  Landed  Qen- 
irif,  HuTTON  of  Gate  Burton), 

T.  Judith,  tn.  Ambrose  Cookson,  M.D., 
of  Lincoln. 
The  eldest  son, 

William  Hutton,  of    Gate  Burton,   b. 
1750;   m.  first,   Elisa,  daughter  of  Captain 
Carr    Scbopb,   R.N. ;    and    secondly,    1802, 
Mary  Anne,  daugliter  of  Thomas  Fyke,  of 
Baythorhe  Park,  co.  Essex,  by  Mary,  his  wife, 
daughter    of    Algernon    Massingbebd,    of 
Gunhy  Park,  co.  Lincoln.      By   his   second 
wife  (who  d,  1855,  aged  79)  he  had  issue, 
I.  William,  of  Gate  Burton,  J.P.  and 
D.L.,  high  sheriff  ItlVl,  b.  I7th  July, 
1805;  m,  9th  May,  1882,  Jane,  daugh- 
ter of  Nicholas  Bacon,  second  sun  of 
Sir  Edmund  Bacon,  Bart.,  by  Jane  his 
wife,  daughter  of  Alexander  Bowkbb^ 

of  Lynn  Regis,  co.  Norfolk,  and  d, 
6th  December,  1877,  having  had  issue, 

1.  William  Frederick,  b.  July,  1833 ; 
d,  1849. 

2.  George  Morland,  C.B.  of  Gate 
Burton  Hall,  Lincoln  {Town  reei* 
dence — 6,  Queen  Anne  Street,  W. 
C/«6— Carlton),  J.P.  and  D.L.  for 
Lincolnshire,  high  sheriff  1884, 
late  Lieutenant  46th  Regiment, 
and  Lieutenant- Colonel  (hon. 
colonel)  Ist  Lincolnshire  Artillery 
Volunteers  (W.  Div.  R.A)  from 
1868;  6.  3rd  December,  1834; 
was  in  the  Crimean  War,  and  was 
present  at  the  taking  of  Sebasto- 
pol;  m.  30th  August,  1870, 
Eusracie  Emma  Millicent,  only 
child  of  the  late  Eustace  Abk- 
weight,  of  Sprowston,  co  .Norfolk 
(youngest  son  of  Robert  Abk- 
wbioht,  of  Sutton  Scarsdale,  co. 
Derby,  see  Abkwbioht,  of  Over- 
Ion,  vol.  i,  p.  327),  and  has  issue, 

(1)  Charles  Eustace,  b.  17th 
November,  1873. 

(1)  Sybil  Constance,  m.  2nd 
April,  1891,  William  Morton, 
Baron  Auckland,  and  has 
issue  (see  Bubke's  Peerage), 

(2)  Evelyn  Lucia  Millicent. 

3  Edmund  Bacon,  (Colonel),  of 
Blid worth  Dale,  Blid worth,  Mans- 
field, Notts,  late  of  the  1st 
Dragoons,  and  formerly  A.D.C. 
ot  H.E.  Earl  Spencer,  Lord  Lieu- 
tenant of  Ireland,  b,  21st  June, 
1840;  m.  5th  June,  1873,  the 
liftdy  Katherine  A.  Beaujolois 
Bubt,  eldest  daughter  of  Charles 
William  George,  third  Earl  of 
Chibleyille  (see  Bubke's 
Extinct  Peerage)  and  has  issue, 
(1)  Edgar  William,  b.  6th 
June,  1877. 

(1)  Kathleen  Charlotte. 

(2)  Dorothy  Norah,  6. 1878. 
II.  George    Thomas   (Rev.),    rector    of 

Gate  Burton  and  rural  dean,  i.  1808  ; 
m.  Caroline,  daughter  of  Robert 
HoLDEN,  of  Nuttall  Temple,  Notts, 
and  d.  27th  October,  1878,  aged  70  j 
leaving  with  other  issue,  a  son,  George 



Holden,  of  Thorncy  Hall,  Newark, 
Notts  (C/«ft— Naval  and  Military), 
J. P.,  CO.  Lincoln,  Lieut«nant-Colonel 
late  Boyal  Welsh  Fusiliers,  who  was  5. 
Ist  November,  1845;  m.  9th  June, 
1883,  Eva  Henrietta,  second  dau(;hter 
of  the  late  Francis  Bbookb,  of  Sum- 
merton,  co.  Dublin,  and  widow  of 
Captain  the  Hon.  Cornwallis  Flebii- 
INO  (formerly  Maude),  eldest  son  of 
the  Earl  de  Montalt  (see  Burke's 
Peerage),  and  has  issue,  George  Fred- 
erick, b.  5th  April,  1884. 

III.  Hbnby  Fbederick  (Rev.),  of  whom 

I.  Sophia,  m.  Gheorge  Clayton  Atkinson, 
of  West  Benton,  near  Newcaatle-ou- 
Tyne,  and  is  deceased. 

IT.  Emily,  m.  the  Rev.  Charles  Hbnslet, 
of  G-ainsborough,  vicar  of  Cabourn, 
CO.  Lincoln,  and  is  deceased. 

III.  Maria, «».  Edward  Symgns,  of  South 
Ferriby,  Major  E.I.C.S.  Bengal  Artil- 

IT.  Caroline,  d.  untn. 
Mr.     Hutton    d,    1821.      His     third     and 
youngest  son, 

Rev.  Hbnrt  Frederick  Hutton,  rector 
of   Spridlington,  co.  Lincoln,  J.P.,  m.  25th 

September,  1834,  Louisa,  daughter  oF  the 
Rev.  Henry  John  Wollaston,  rector  of 
Scotter,  CO.  Lincoln,  by  Louian,  his  wife, 
second  daughter  of  William  Symonds,  of 
Bury  St.  Edmunds,  co.  Suffolk,  and  d,  16th 
July,  1873,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Henry  Wollaston,  (Rev.),  M.A. 
Oxon,  of  Vicar's-court,  Lincoln, 
priest  vicar  of  Lincoln  from  1861,  pro- 
vost vicar  and  sacrist  from  1875,  J.P. 
CO.  Lincoln,  h.  6th  November,  1835; 
m.  12th  April,  1860,  Frances  Annie, 
daughter  of  the  late  John  Bromhead, 
of  Lincoln,  and  has  had, 

1.  Francis  Henry,  h,  9th  May,  1875. 

1.  Isobel. 

2.  Elinor  Cicely,  d.  1878. 

n.  Frederick  Wollaston,  of  Christ- 
church,  tVe  subject  of  tliis  memoir. 

III.  Gilbert  Symonds,  deceased. 

IV.  Charles  Wollaston,  m, 

V.  Vernon  Wollaston,  deceased. 

VI.  Fi-ancis  Wollaston,  deceased. 

VII.  Arthur  Wollaston,  m. 

I.  Louisa  Maria,  m.  the  Rev.  Frederick 
BoRRADAiLE,  M.A.  Camb.,  rector  of 
Spridlington,  co.  Lincoln. 

IT.  Lucy  Caroline,  m.  Frank  Jarvis. 

III.  Laura  Josephine,  deceaseds 

Arm9-KTg.t  on  a  fesse  sa.  three  stags*  heads  cabossed  or. 

Crest— A.  stag's  head  as  in  the  arms. 

Motto — Spero. 

Residence — 263,  Armagh  Street,  Christchurch,  Canterbury,  New  Zealavd. 


Garden,  BufE  Bay,  and  Greenwich,  Cold  Spring,  Jamaica,  6.  21sfc  July, 
1843,  m.  26th  October,  1870,  Bessie  Adela  Jeannette,  elder  daughter  of 
Lieatenant-Colonol  L.  J.  A.  Armit,  R.E.,  and  Bessie,  his  wife,  daughter  of 
General  Bredin,  R.A.,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Ernest  Charles  Peter,  d,  in  infancy,  1874. 

II.  Claude  Vyvian  Armit,  6.  3rd  October,  1875. 

III.  Reginald  William  Armit,  h.  3rd  Jane,  1877. 

IV.  Louis  Arnold  Armit,  6.  11th  June,  1889. 

I.  Noemi  Marian,  6.  18th  January,  1872 ;  wi.  in  London,  26th  September, 

1894,  Clarence  Lyon  Hall,  of  Haiti,  eldest  son  of  the  late  Rev. 
Clarence  Hall,  of  Somerset  Hali,  Jamaica,  and  of  West  Bank 
House,  Cheshire,  England. 

II.  Blanche  Adela,  &.  5th  June,  1878. 

III.  Ethel  Maude,  K  31st  Mai-ch,  1880. 

Mr.  W.  B.  Espeut  was  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Council  in  Jamaica 
for  the  Portland  and  St.  Thomas  Division ;  also  a  justice  of  the  peace,  a 
Fellow  of  the  Linnean  Society,  and  a  member  of  the  Geological  Associa- 
tion. He  was  a  Governor  of  the  Jamaica  Institute  of  Science,  Arts  and 



William  Espbut,  of  Standing  Hall, 
Herts,  England,  m.  Caroline  Louisa,  daughter 
of  Sir  Francis  Mablton,  and  had  an  only 

Pbteb  Ebpeut,  who  served  with  his  regi- 
ment in  Barbados,  1779-1782,  in  Martinique 
1783-1785 ;  and  in  San  Domingo,  as  Commis- 
mry -General  t^  the  Army  of  Occupation, 
until  the  evacuation  of  the  British,  when  he 
proceeded  to  Jamaica  and  purchased  estates 
there.  He  m.  1775,  Dorcas,  daughter  of 
Admiia^  Cabteb,  and  d.  1796,  ^m  the 
effects  of  a  fiill  from  liis  horse,  and  was 
buried  in  Kingston  parish  church}  ard,  having 
by  her  (who  m.  secondly  the  Marquis  de  la 
BocHBJAQUXLiN,  and  d.  24th  August,  1817) 
had  issue  an  only  eon, 

Majob  William  Fbancis  Mabltox 
EsPEUT,  of  Fairbum  and  Hope  Hill,  Jamaica, 
J. P.;  major  in  the  Jamaica  Militia,  and 
formerly  Ensign  75th  Begiment,  b.  1776,  m. 
5th  April,  1804,  Adele  Ferine  Josephine  de 
Bressle,  daughter  of  Baron  Joseph  Duboubo, 
of  France,  and  d.  11th  July,  1846,  having  by 
her,  who  d.  in  1820,  had  issue, 

I.  William  James,  b.  23rd  March,  1806, 
d,  a  p.  2nd  July,  1854. 

II.  Louis,  1  twins,  d.  in  infancy,  4th 

III.  Augustus,  J      and  6th  June,  1810. 
IT.  Pbteb  Alexaitdeb,  of   whom  pre- 

I.  Louisa  Charlotte Dorcas,5.24th  Septem- 
ber, 1806,  m.  fir&t,  Edward  Habbison, 
of  the  United  States  of  America,  and 
secondly,  H.  de  Bbitton,  of  Virginia, 
U.S. A.,  and  d.  leaving  issue  by  both 

II.  Caroline  Louise,  b,  25th  January, 
1814,  m.  Louis  Honore  Desooutteb, 
and  has  issue. 

The  fourth  son. 

The  Hon.  Peteb  Alexakdkb  Espeut,  of 
Dover  and  Leith  Hall,  Jamaica,  Custos  Botu- 
lonim  of  St.  Thomas  and  a  member  of  the 
House  of  Assembly  in  Jamaica,  J. P.,  and 
captain  of  the  Jamaica  Militia,  b.  23rd 
August,   1816;    m.  first,    21st    July,    1837, 

Virginia  Fairfax,  only  daughter  of  Colonel 
Robert  Munroe  Habrison,  Consul-General  in 
Jamaica  for  the  United  States  of  America, 
and  by  her,  who  was  6.  28th  August,  1821, 
and  d.  5th  November,  1811,  he  had  one 

I.  Emma  Christina,  b.  8th  May,  1838 ; 
m.    10th     April,     1856,     Lieutenant- 
Colonel  William  Newcomen  Watts, 
of   the   Boyal   Scots    (Lothian   Begi- 
ment),  and  d:  11th  November,  1894, 
having  by  him,  who  d.  1882,  had  issue, 
four  sons  and  two  daughters. 
Mr.  P.  A.  Espeut  m.   secondly,  18th   Sep- 
tember,  1842,   Mananne   Augusta,   younger 
daughter  of  Dr.  E.  N.  Bancroft,  F.R.S., 
M.D.  (Camb.),  Deputy  Inspector-Q-eneral  of 
Army   Hospitals  in  Jamaica,    anl   d.    13th 
June,  1868,  having  by  her,  who  wa<j  b.  18th 
November,  1822,  and  d,  29th  May,  1891,  had 

I.  WiLLiAK  Bancroft,  the  su^^ject  of 
this  memoir. 

II.  Charles  Allen,  b,  21st  May,  1845,  d. 

II  r.  Edward  Mackenzie  Bancroft,  b.  81st 
December,  1849,  d.  6th  August,  1867. 

IT.  Augustus  Charles  Bancroft,  b.  81st 
July,  1853. 

V.  Henry  de  Burgh  Bancroft,  ft.  9th 
April,  1859. 

II.  Ella  Augusta  Bancroft,  b.  2nd  May, 

III.  Helen  Bancroft,  b.  19th  June,  1855. 
IT.  Henrietta    Alice,    b.   30th    March, 

1857,  d.  untn.  25th  February,  1894. 
V.  Julia  Ursula,  b.  17th  May,  1861,  m. 
24th  April,   1879,  Captain  John   H. 
ViDAL,  R.N.,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Frank. 

2.  William. 

3.  Charles. 

4.  Edward. 
1.  Madeline. 

YI.  Edith  Caroline,  b.  24th  February,  1864. 
Tii.  Pauline   Charlotte,   b.  3rd  August, 
1867,  d,  9th  June,  1871. 

Arms — A  Z.J  three  eMCutcheons  two  and  one  gu.  the  first  charged  with  three  lions  passant  in 
pale,  the  second  with  as  many  Catherine  wheels,  two  and  one,  and  the  third  with  as  many  water 
bougets  two  and  one,  all  arg. 

Crest — Between  two  wings  displayed  an  ostriches  head  holding  in  the  beak  a  horse-shoe. 

Motto — Absque  deo  nihil. 

Residences — Spring  G-arden,  Buff  Bay,  P.O.  and  Greenwich,  Cold  Spring,  P.O. 

Clubs — 8t.  Stephen's  and  Savage,  London,  S.W. ;  and  the  Jamaica. 


FRAKK  MacDERMOTT  BUTTON,  of  74,  Lancaster  Ga1«,  London, 
formerly  of  Adelaide,  South  Australia ;  h.  15th  July,  1850 ;  was 
educated  at  St.  Peter's  College,  Adelaide,  at  Hofwyl,  Switzerland,  and  at 
Marlborough  College. 

VOL.    11.  2   M 




Tho  family  surname  was  originally  Mbndbs, 
but  waa  changed  by  Mr.  F.  M.  Dutton's 
grandfather,  Fbedbbiok  Hugh  Hampdb^ 
Mbndbs,  to  that  of  the  family  of  tho  latter's 
grandmother,  who  was  descended  from  the 
i)uttons,  of  Dutfcon,  in  Cheshire.  According 
to  tradition,  tho  familv  of  Mbndbs  came  from 
Spain  as  religious  refugees.  They  were  for  a 
long  time  settled  in  London,  and  were  known 
as  loan  contractors  in  the  time  of  Gbobo^b  II, 
by  whom  one  of  them  was  knighted,  viz..  Sir 
Samuel  Mendes. 

Fbbdbrick  Hugh  IlA.MPDBy  Dittton, 
sometime  British  consul  at  Cuxhaven,  in  the 
kingdom  of  Hanover,  m.  80th  August,  1804, 
Mary  Ann  Pollock,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Henry. 

II.  William  Hampden,  who  proceeded  to 
South  Australia,  in  1839. 

III.  Pelham,  settled  in  Sydney,  New 
South  Wales,  prior  to  1839. 

IV.  Frederick  Hansbrow,  of  Anlaby,  cos. 
L'ght  and  Eyre,  and  Adelaide,  South 
Australia,  and  of  Dover  Street,  in  the 
parish  of  St.  George's,  Hanover  Square, 
CO.  Middlesex,  sometime  member  of  the 
Legislative  Council  of  South  Australia ; 
went  to  the  province  from  New  South 
Wales  in  1839 ;  and  d,  in  London, 
22nd  April,  1890,  aged  78. 

V.  Fbancis  Stacks^,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Louisa  Catherine,  m.  F.  Bbodbrmann. 

II.  Charlotte  Maria,  m.  R.  T.  Cankbibn. 

The  youngest  son, 

Fbanois  Stackeb  Dutton,  C.M.G., 
F.K.G.S.,  agent-general  in  London  for  South 

Australia,  from  1865  to  1877 ;  h.  at  Cuxhaven, 
in  the  Kingdom  of  Hanover,  1818  ;  emigrated 
to  Sydney  in  1839  (having  previously  spent 
five  years  in  South  America),  proceeding 
thence  to  Melbourne,  and,  finally,  in  1841,  to 
South  Australia ;  was  a  member  of  the  Legis- 
lative Council  of  South  Australia  from  1851 
to  1857,  and  of  the  Legislative  Assembly 
from  1857  to  1865  ;  minister  for  Crown  lands 
from  1857  to  1859,  and  again  in  1863  ;  com- 
missioner for  South  Australia  to  the  London 
exhibition  of  1862 ;  minister  of  Public  Works, 
1865,  which  office  he  resigned  the  same  year 
to  accept  the  post  of  agent- general  for  the 
colony  in  England,  and  was  created  C.M.G-. 
in  1872.  Mr.  Dutton  was  the  first  to  discover 
copper  in  South  Australia  in  1846,  on  a  site 
which  subsequently  became  famous  as  the 
Eapunda  Copper  Mine.  He  m.  1849,  Caro- 
line, daughter  of  Marshall  MacDermott,  and 
d.  in  London,  26th  January,  1877,  having  by 
her  (wlio  d,  in  1855)  had  issue, 

I.  Fbank  MacDbrmott,  of  whom  we 

II.  Frederick,  solicitor,  of  the  firm  of 
Wilkins,  Blyth,  Dutton,  and  •Hartley, 
and  a  member  of  the  council  of  the 
Boyal  Colonial  Institute,  m.  December, 
1883,  Beatrice  Aimee,  eldest  daughter 
of  Colonel  Charles  Bbidgeb,  of  Brigh- 
ton, CO.  Sussex,  J.P.,  and  has  issue  one 
son,  Francis  Bridger. 

I.  Caroline  Birch,  m,  1878,  Charles  T. 
MiTCHBLL,  barrister-at-law  of  Lincoln's 
Inn,  and  has  issue,  1.  MacDermott; 
1.  Dorothy  Dutton ;  2.  Margaret 
Grace ;  and  3.  May. 

Arms — Quarterly,  erm.  and  gu.,  in  the  second  and  third  quarters  a  fret  within  an  orle  or. 
Crest — A  fret  fessewise  gu.,  in  front  of  a  plume  of  five  ostrich  feathers  alternately  or 
and  arg. 

Motto — Servabo  fidem. 

Residence — 74,  Lancaster  Ghite,  London,  W, 

C/«6— Conservative,  St.  James's  Street,  S.W. 


HON.  JAMES  ALEXANDER  BONAR,  of  Kilgraston,  Hokitika, 
New  Zealand,  J.P.,  member  of  the  Legislative  Coancil  of  the 
colony  of  New  Zealand,  since  1868;  Major  Commanding  Volunteers  for 
the  Westland  District  since  1868;  chairman  of  the  Hokitika  Harbour 
Board,  visiting  justice  to  Her  Majesty's  gaol,  and  oflGLcial  visitor  to  lunatic 
asylum;  first  mayor  of  Hokitika,  chairman  of  County  Council,  1868, 
and  superintendent  of  the  province  of  Westland,  1874;  6.  in  Edinburgh, 
Scotland,  12th  June,  1840;  m.  19th  October,  1875,  Elliot  Margaret, 
daughter  of  William  Montgomerie  Bell,  merchant,  of  Melbourne,  Victoria, 
an  early  and  prominent  colonist,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Archibald  James  Merle,  h.  24th  Augusf,  1876. 

II.  William  Vivian  Montgomerie,  fe,  7th  December,  1877. 



II r.  Lorraine  Robertson,  b.  24th  May,  1S79. 

IV.  Horatius  Elliot,  b.  24th  August,  1880. 

V.  Hugh  Gordon,  b.  5th  August,  1882. 


Tub  Hon.  Jaubs  Alexander  Bonab  is  a 
descendant  of  the  family  of  Bonab,  which 
for  8«yeral  generations  posseseed  Wester 
KiJgnuton  (now  caUed  BalHndrick),  in  the 
parish  of  Dunbamej,  co.  Perth,  Scotland. 

John  Bonar,  the  first  of  that  family,  ac- 
quired Wester  Eilgraston  ante  1642.  He 
was  probably  a  jounger  son  of  Sir  Ninian 
Bonar,  Knt.,  of  Kelty,  in  the  parish  of  Dun- 
ning, CO.  Perth.  Kelty  had  been  in  the  pos- 
Fepsion  of  that  familj  of  Bonar  at  least  since 
1454.  Sir  Ninian,  it  appears  from  a  deed, 
still  in  existence,  dated  26th  April,  1514,  was 
slain  while  fighting  under  the  King  of  Root- 
land's  banner  at  Flodden  (or  in  the  words  of 
the  deed — "  under  the  Kirg's  banner  in  the 
tattle  in  Northumberland  let  ween  the  Scots 
and  the  English"),  on  the  9th  September, 
1513.     John  Bonar's  descendant, 

John  Bcnab,  proprietor  of  Wester  Kil- 
graston,  m.  circa  1634,  Agnes,  daughter  of 
Laurence  Grahaue,  of  Callander,  lie  d. 
ante  1659,  and  waa  t.  by  liis  son, 

John  Bonar,  who  sold  Wester  Kilgraston 
circa  1682.  He  m.  circa  1663,  Jean  Beid. 
His  eldest  son, 

Bev.  John  Bonar,  minister  at  Torphichen  ; 
6.  at  Wester  Kilgrafcton,  16th  January,  1671  j 
graduated  at  St.  Andrew's  25th  June,  1689  j 
ordained  minister  at  Torphicl:en,  2nd  March, 
It  93  :  m.  first,  26th  December,  1693,  Griz- 
zell,  daughter  of  Gilbert  Benkett,  of  Beath, 
by  whom  he  had,  with  three  daughters,  four 
snnp,  Tiz., 

I.  John,  of  whom  hereafter. 

II.  William,  d.  ».  p. 

III.  Andrew,  from  whom  are  descended 
the  BoNABS  of  Camden  and  Chisle- 

IT.  Gbenezer,  d.  t.  p. 
He  m.  secondly,  16th  March,  1735,  Margaret 
EwiNO  or  EwAN,  but  by  her  had  no  issue. 
He  d.  7th  August,  1747.     His  eldest  son, 

Bky.  John  Bonar,  minister  at  Fetlar,  and 
North  Yell,  Shetland;  b,  26th  July,  1696; 
graduated  at  Edinburgh,  1st  April,  1714 ; 
ordained  minister  at  Fetlar  and  North  Yell, 
Shetland,  13th  August,  1729 ;  m.  18th  October, 
1720,  Jean,  daughter  of  William  J^mith,  by 
whom  he  had  icsue,  with  four  daughters,  six 
sons,  Tiz., 

I.  John,  of  whom  hereafter. 

II.  William,  who  went  to  America. 

III.  James,  who  went  to  Jamaica. 
IT.  Ebenezer,  d.  s.  p. 

V.  Andrew,  of  Craigleith,  b.  12th  March, 
1734 ;  m.  20th  January,  1767,  Patience, 
daughter  of  Mr.  Eedman,  of  Cran- 
bourne,  and  d.  Ist  August,  1803,  lear- 
ing  issue, 

1.  James,   b.   15th   May,   1771;  m. 
23rd     December,     lb08,     Anne, 

daughter  of  ArchibaM  Laurie, 
and  rf.  11th  September,  1843, 
leaving  with  three  daughters,  one 
son,  Andrew  Redman  (Rev.),  b. 
28th  March,  1818,  ordained 
minister  at  Fogo,  in  Berwickshire, 
20th  September,  1843,  admitted 
minister  of  the  second  charge, 
Canongate  parish,  Edinburgh, 
13th  March,  1815,  and  of  the  first 
charge  of  tlie  said  parish,  28th 
NoTtmber,  1849;  rf.  25th  Febru- 
ary, 1867. 
2.  William,  b.  22nd  March,  1775 ; 
m.  12th  October,  180  J,  the  daugh- 
ter of  Giahamo  Maitland,  of 
Montrose,  and  d.  3l8t  Marc) , 
1831.  He  had  issue  seven  soi  s 
and  three  daughters. 

1.  Ann,  b.  2nd  February,  1769 ;  m. 
16th  August,  1792,  as  his  second 
wife,  her  cousin,  Rev.  Archibald 
Bonab,  minister  of  Cramond,  and 
was  the  giandmother  of  the  Hon. 
James  Alexander  Bonar.  She  <f« 
8th  May,  1S61. 

2.  Elizabeth,  b.  27th  December, 
17 — ,  d.  7th  January,  1774. 

8.  Mary  Thompson,  6.  9th  Septem- 
ber,   1778,    d.    23rd    September, 
4.  Thompson,  b.  27th  July,  d,  4th 
September,  1782. 
TI.  Thomas,  d.  s.  p. 
Rev.  John  Bonar  d.  22nd  April,  1752.    His 
eldest  son, 

Ret.  John  Bonab,  minister  at  Cockpen 
and  afterwards  at  Perth,  was  b.  4th  November, 
1722 ;  graduated  at  Edinburgh,  27th  April, 
1742;  ordained  minister  at  Cockpen,  22nd 
August,  1746;  adm  tted  minister  of  second 
charge  Perth,  29th  July,  1756;  m.  18th 
November,  174^,  Christian,  daughter  of 
Andrew  Currieb,  of  Peffemiill,  and  d.  21bt 
December,  1761,  leaving  issue, 

I.  John,  b.  22nd  August,  1747 ;  held  for 
many  years  the  office  of  first  solicitor 
of  excise  in  Scotland,  and  d.  t.  p.  8rd 
April,  1807. 

II.  Andrew,  acquired  Easter  Warriston, 
near  Edinburgh  and  Kimmerghame, 
Berwickshire;  b,  4th  October,  1748; 
m.  21st  December,  1790,  Anne,  daugh- 
ter of Caw,  of  Perth,  and  d.  5th 

August,  1825,  having  had  issue  five 
sons  and  two  daughterF,  (The  follow- 
ing coat  of  arms  was  granted  by  the 
Office  of  Arms,  Edinburgh,  28th 
December,  1824,  to  this  gentleman 
and  his  descendants  only,  viz.,  arg.,  a 
saltire  az.,  on  a  chief  t»a.  three  escallops 
or.     Crest — A  sword  erect  ppr.,  hilted 

2   M   li 



and  pommelled  or.    Motto — Denique 

III.  Alexander,  h.  22nd  Febraaiy,  1750 ; 
m.  SOth  November,  1786,  Sarah,  daugh- 
ter of  John  McCall,  of  Glasgow,  and 
d.  22nd  April,  1820.  He  had  iasue, 
two  soiiB  and  seven  daughters. 

IV.  William,  h.  and  d.  1751. 

T.  Abchibald  (Rev.),  of  whom  here- 

Ti.  Thomson,  of  the  Grove,  Fountain- 
bridge,  Edinburgh,  h.  8th  April,  1756 ; 
m.  first,  29th  November,  1792,  Eliza- 
beth, daughter  of  Andrew  Bkll, 
proprieiarof  the  original  Enci/elopitdia 
Britannica,  and  by  her  had  issue  two 
daughters,  and  three  sons,  John, 
Andrew  and  Thomson.  He  m, 
Fecondlv,  8rd  September,  1808,  Marj, 
dnughter  of  Archibald  Laubie,  tenant 
in,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 
three  daughters.  He  d,  26th  July, 

Tii.  Jam?s,  Fecond  solicitor  of  the  excise, 
Kdinbureh,  h.  29lh  September,  1757; 
m.  M  -rch,  1797,  Marfory  Maitlanp, 
and  d.  25tli  March,  1821.  He  had 
issue  four  daughters,  and  seren  sons, 
three  of  whom  became  ministers, 

1.  John  James  (Rev.),  D.D.,  h.  25th 
March,  1803 ;  ordained  minister 
of  St.  Andrew's  Church,  Greenock, 
20th  August,  1835  j  joined  the 
Free  Church  in  1843.  He  received 
the  degree  of  D.D.  from  Edin- 
burgh University,  20th  April, 
1883  ;  w.  August,  1838,  Isabella, 
daughter  of  James  Watt,  of 
Ranfurly,  and  had  issue,  five 

2.  HoratiuB  (Rev.),  D.D.,  5.  19th 
December,  1808  ;  ordained 
minister  of  North  Parish  Church, 
Kelso,  SOth  November,  1837  : 
joined  the  Free  Church  in  1843  ; 
received  the  degree  of  D.D.  from 
Aberdeen  University,  9th  April, 
1853;  admitted  'minisf-er  of 
Chalmers'  Memorial  Church, 
Edinburgh,  7th  June,  1866;  and 
chosen  moderator  of  the  general 
assembly  of  the  Free  Church, 
May,  1888.  He  m.  16th  August, 
1843,  Catherine  Jane,  daughter 
of  the  Rev.  Mr.  Lundie,  of  Kelso, 
and  d.  31st  July,  1889,  having 
Jiad  issue,  three  sons  and  six 

3.  Andrew  Alexander  (Rev.),  D.D., 
h.  2Pth  May,  1810;  ordained 
minister  of  CoUace,  20th  Sep- 
tember, 1838  ;  joined  the  Free 
Church,  1843;  admitted  minister 
of  Finnieston,  Glasgow,  4th 
December,  1856  ;  received  the 
degree  of  D.D.  from  Edinburgh 
University,  22nd  April,  1874,  and 
chosen  moderator  of  the  general 
asacnibly    of    the    Free   Church, 

May,  1878.  He  m.  4th  April, 
1848,  Isabella,  daughter  of  James 
DiCJCSON,  of  Edinburgh,  and  d. 
December,  1892,  leaving  issue, 
two  sons  and  four  daughters. 
Tin.  Ebeneier,  h.  and  d.  1761. 
Rev.  John  Bonar's  fifth  son, 

Rbv.  Abchibald  Bonar,  minister  of 
Cramond,  was  h.  23rd  February,  1753; 
ordained  minister  at  Newbum,  in  Fife,  3 Let 
March,  1779;  admitted  minister  of  Korth 
West  Church,  Glasgow,  17th  July,  1783,  and 
minister  of  Cramond,  21st  April,  1783.  He 
m.  first,  15th  August,  1782,  Bridget,  daugh- 
ter of  the  Rev.  D.  Black,  minister  at  Perth, 
by  whom  he  had  no  issue;  and  secondly, 
16th  August,  1792,  his  cousin  Ann,  daughter 
of  Andrew  Boitab,  of  Craigleith,  and  by  her 
had  issue, 

I.  John,  h.  6th  November,  1793,  d.  4th 
October,  1800. 

II.  Abchibald,  of  whom  hereafter. 

III.  John  (Rev.),  D.D.,  h.  26th  July, 
1801 ;  ordained  minister  at  Larbert 
and  Dunipace,  11th  July,  1826 ;  joined 
the  Free  Church  of  Scotland,  1843; 
admitted  minister  of  Free  South 
Church,  Aberdeen,  10th  December, 
1846  ;  in  the  same  year  appointed 
convener  of  Colonial  and  Continental 
Missions  Committee  ;  admitted 
minister  of  Renfield,  Glasgow,  16th 
March,  1848,  which  charge  he 
resigned,  22nd  June,  1854,  and  there- 
after devoted  himself  solely  to  the 
duties  of  the  said  convene rship.  He 
received  the  degree  of  D.D.  from 
Rutger's  College,  U.S.A.,  2nd  July, 
1 857 ;  m.  Margaret,  daughter  of  J. 
FuRVBS,  and  d.  SOth  December,  1863, 
leaving  two  daughters,  Margaret,  m. 
Dr.  GOBDON  and  Anne. 

I.  Elizabeth,  h.  Ist  May,  1795;  m.  13th 
May,  1827,  Rev.  John  Frs^^BS,  minister 
at  Jedburgh. 

II.  Anne,  h.  17th  June,  1799 ;  «.  1844, 
Rev.  James  Mobrison,  minister  of  the 
Free  Church  at  Port  Glasgow,  and  d. 
February,  1875. 

HI.  Bridget,  h.  8th  July,  1808,  d.  8th 
June,  1838. 

IT.  Sarah,  b.  Ist  June,  1806. 
Rev.  Archibald  Bonar,  d,  8th  April,  1816. 
His  second  son, 

Archibald  Bonab,  formerly  of  Edin- 
burgh, Scotland,  banker,  afterwards  of  Mel- 
bourne, Victoria,  and  subsequently  of  Hokitika, 
New  Zealand,  was  h,  in  1798;  m.  at  Edin- 
burgh, 12th  February,  1835,  Sophia  Robert- 
son, of  Elgin,  Scotland  (who  d,  at  Sandhurst; 
Victoria,  18th  March,  1858),  and  d.  at 
Hokitika,  29th  February,  1869,  having  had 

I.  Archibald,  m.  at  Hokitika,  Augusta 
Phipps,  of  Melbourne,  and  rf.  #.  p, 

II.  James  Alexander,  of  Kilgraston, 
Hokitika,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

I.  Maria  Theresa,  m.  at  Edinburgh 
Scotland,  Alexander  Groves  DrFP, 
M.D.,    Edinburgh,  son  of    the  Ker. 



Alexander  Du77,  D.D.,LL.D.,  and  hoa  |  n.  Annie,  m.  at  Ifelbourne,  Yictoria, 

is^ue,  Alexander,   Cecil,  Sophia  Ann  John  Crawford  llByDBRSoy,  merchant, 

Charlotte,  and  Marj  Scott.  |  and  has  i88ue,  Marion  and  Theren. 

Mgsidsnoe — Kilgraston,  Hokitika,  New  Zealand. 


THE  LATE  ALFRED  ARDEN,  of  Claude  Lorraine,  Tahara,  Victoria, 
6.  at  Sanger,  Bengal  Presidency,  India,  22nd  May,  1820;  m.  17th  April, 
1649,  Margaret,  daughter  of  James  Fulton,  J.P.,  by  Mary  Ilill,  his  wife, 
both  natives  of  Scotland,  and  d,  12tlL  January,  1892,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Alfred,  b.  13th  June,  1863. 

II.  Franklyn  Falton,        l       .       ,    «^  ,   „  ,  ,^.^ 

III.  Hamar  Shakespeare,  /  *^'^«'  ^'  ^Gth  February,  18o6. 

I.  Ruth. 

II.  Florence,  m,  Samuel  Connor,  M.D.,  M.A.,  R.U.T.,  Ac. 
in.  Edith  Cornelia, 

rv.  Mary. 


This  family,  which  is  of  Saxon  origin, 
claims  dbtinction  for  a  full  century  at  least 
before  the  Conquest,  deriving,  in  direct 
descent  from  Siwabd  db  AkDEW  (femp, 
Hbxht  1),  eldest  son  of  Turkill  do  Warwick, 
and  grandiaoii  of  Alw^e,  Earl  of  War^rick, 
temp.  Edwasd  the  Confessor.  The  senior 
line,  the  Asdbns,  of  Pari  Mall,  co.  Warwick, 
became  extinct  at  the  decease,  in  1613,  of 
Robert  Arden,  of  Park  Hall,  who  left  his 
four  8ist4*rs,  his  co-heirs,  viz.,  1.  Elisabeth,  wk 
Sir  William  Poley,  of  Boxt«d,  Suffolk ;  2, 
Goditha,  wife  of  Herbert  Paics ;  3.  Dorothea, 
in.  Colonel  Hervey  Baoot,  son  of  Sir  Hervey 
Baicot,  Bart.,  ancestor  of  the  Barons  Bagot, 
of  Bagot's  Bromlej,  co.  Stafford,  and  had  a 
daughter,  Eliza,  who  m.  first,  the  Earl  of 
Falmouth,  and  secondly,  the  Earl  of  Dorset ; 
and  4.  Anne,  m.  Sir  Charles  Addjeblby,  of  Lea. 
It  is  an  interesting  fact  that  Marj,  the 
daughter  of  fiobert  Arden,  of  Wilme?ote, 
and  grand- daughter  of  Sir  Walter  de  Arden, 
bj  her  marriage  with  John  Shakespeare,  of 
Stratford-on-Avon,  was  mother  of  William 
Shacsspxabb,  the  immortal  poet  and  drama* 

HirirPHBBY  Ajbdbv,  of  Longcrofts,  co. 
Stafford,  m.  Miss  Lascbllbs,  of  London,  and 
dying  in  1705,  at  the  age  of  74,  left  a 
daughter,  Catherine,  and  a  son, 

HbnbY  Abdbn,  of  Longcrofts,  baptised  7th 
KoTember,  1665.  This  gentleman  m.  Anne 
Alcock  (heiress  of  James  S  M  IT  H,of  Nantwi  cl  I ) , 
by  whom  (who  d.  6th  January,  1698)  he  had 
a  daughter,  Elizabeth,  buried  12th  June,  1696, 
and  a  son  and  heir, 

JoHK  Abdbn,  of  Longcrofts,  high  sheriff 
for  Staffordshire  in  1730;  baptised  1st 
January,  1693;  m.  twice,   and    by   his  first 

wife,  AnnaCatherina,  eldest  daughter  of  John 
Nrwtoit,  of  King's  Bromley,  left  at  his 
decease,  in  1734,  with  two  daughters 
(Catherine,  d,  «Mfvi.,  and  Anna  Catherina, 
wife  of  Fettiplace  Nott,  of  Lichfield),  a  son 
and  heir, 

Hbnby  AxDEy,  of  Longcrofts,  who  m. 
Alathea,  daughter  of  Robert  CoTTOir,  of 
Worcester,  by  wliom  (who  d.  1st  July,  1783) 
he  If  ft  at  his  decease,  in  1782,  with  younger 
children  (of  whom  were  Humphrey,  who  m, 
a  daughter  of  Dr.  Landor  ;  Samuel,  a  nayal 
ofiicer  ;  and  Anne,  wife  of  Benjamin  Sfils- 
BCTBY,  of  Wellington,  co.  Dublin),  a  son  and 

Tbb  Bby.  Johk  Abdbk,  of  Longcrofts 
Hall,  Burt  on-on-Trent,  CO.  St  afford,  b.  March, 
1752,  who  w.  Margaret  Elisabeth,  only  child 
of  Bear- Admiral  Joseph  Hamas,  who  accom- 
panied King  Geobob  1  from  Brunswick ; 
and  d,  10th  February,  1803,  aged  61,  haying 

I.  John,  Major  in  the  3rd  or  King's 
Own  Dragoons,  m.  Anne  Maria, 
daughter  of  John  Uodoson,  of 
Wellingborough,  co.  Northampton, 
and  d.  2nd  August,  1809,  aged  33, 
having  had, 

John     Humphrey     Cotton,    d*    in 

Margaret  Mnry  Anne,  m,  to  James 

Challan,  and  had  issue. 
Susannah  Maria,  m,  John  Bott,  of 
Coton  Hall,  co.  Stafford,  and  had 
He   was  s.  by  his  brother,  the  Rev. 
Francis  Edward  Arden. 

II.  Francis    Edward    (Re?.),  rector   of 



Greflham,  co.  Norfolk,  who  *.  his  elder 
brother,  Major  John  Arden,  waH  b.  In 
17/7;  d.  27th  December,  1855, 
having,  by  Rachel,  his  wife  (who  d. 
1852),  daughter  of  John  Pinckabd, 
had  issue, 

1.  Francis  Edward  (Rev.),  d.  unm. 

2.  Henry  Cotton  (Rev.),  rector  of 
Bessingham,  co.  Norfolk,  b.  1811 ; 
m.  Lvdia,  second  daughter  of 
Admiral  George  Hills,  by  Diana, 
his  wife,  third  daughter  of  Thomas 
HAMMEE3LEY,  and  d.  s.  p.  28th 
September,  18G5,  and  wis  s.  by 
his  brother,  George  Pinckard. 

8.  George  Pinckard,  of  Long- 
crofts,  who  *.  his  brother, 
the  Rev.  Henry  Cott-on  Arden, 
was  b.  13th  October,  1813;  m. 
13th  September,  1842,  Carohne, 
third  daughter  of  Admirnl  George 
Hills,  by  Dinna,  his  wife,  third 
daughter  of  Thomas  Hammebs- 
XEY,  and  had  issue, 

(1)  George  Edward,  b.  19th 
June,  1853. 

(2)  Alwyne  Hills  now  of 
Longcrofts  Hall,  Burton -on- 
Trent,  co.  Stafford,  b.  Ist 
April,  1859;  *.  his  uncle, 
Captain  William  Arden,  in 

(3)  William  Henry  Perceval, 
b.  20th  January,  1863. 

(1)  Caroline  Louisa. 

(2)  Emma  Fannf. 

(3)  Charlotte  Emily. 

(4)  Harriet  Maria. 

(5)  Julia  Frances. 

(6)  Mary  Georgina. 

(7)  Rachel  Mury  Cay. 

(8)  Katherino  Constance. 

4,  namar,m.  Alice  CLisBT,and  had 
i  sue. 

6.  William,  of  Longcrofts  Ho  11, 
King's  Hussars,  Captain  1st 
Staffordshire  King's  Own  Militia, 
J. P.  and  D.L.  co.  Stafford,  d.s.p. 

1 .  Rachel  Margaret,  m.  1837,  Henry 
Cooke,  of  Catton. 

2.  Emma  Jane,  d.  February,  1836, 

3.  aiarlotto  Mary,  m.  1851, 
Richard  George  *  P.  Mintt,  of 

III.  Henry,  Lieutenant  filst  Foot,  slain 
at  Toulouse. 

IV.  Samuel,  of  whom  presently. 

T.  William,  of  Barton-under-Needw<  od, 
m.  Lettice,  daughter  of  the  Rev.  John 
Watson,  of  Pre8tbury,co.  Chester,  and 
has  issue. 

VI.  George  Humphrey,  deceased. 

vii.  George,  Lieutenant  R.N.,  d.  in  the 
West  Indies. 

Tin.  Thomas  (Rev.),  m.  and  had  issue. 

I.  Eliza. 

II.  Emma  Catherine,  m.  Walter  William 
Fell,  barrister-at-law,  and  had  iasue. 

III.  Anne  Diana,  m.  Very  Rev.  Francis 
Close,  dean  of  Carlisle,  and  had 

IT.  Mary  Jane,  m.  George   Woodroofe 
Fbavelyn,  late  M.P.  for  Poole,  and 
had  isi*ue. 
Tlie  fourth  son, 

Majob  Samuel  Abdbn,  of  the  H.E.I. 
Co.'b  27th  Regiment  of  Bengal  Native 
Infantry,  m.  1812,  Jane,  daughter  of  James 
Fbankltn,  of  Bristol,  co.Gloucester,  England, 
merchant,  and  sometime  mayor  of  that  city. 
Both  d,  in  India,  about  1822-3,  having  had 

I.  Samuel,  an  officer  in  the  H.E.I.C.S., 
educated  at  Addiscombe,  oo.  Surrey, 
England ;  d.  unm. 

II.  George,  part  proprietor  and  editor  of 
the  Fori  Philip  Gazette,  Melbourne, 
Victoria,  m.  but  d.  ft.  p.  about  1854. 

III.  Alfbkd,  now  of  Claude  Lorraine. 

I.  Eliza  Jane,  m.  8th  December,  1835, 
Michael  Thomas  Bass,  of  Rangemore, 
CO.  Stafford,  M.P.  for  Derby  for  thirty- 
five  years.  J.P.  and  D.L.,  who  was  6. 
6th  July,  1799;  and  d.  29th  April, 
1884,  leaving  issue, 

1.  Michael  Arthur  (Sir),  Babon 
BuBTON,  of  Rangemore,  and 
Burton-on-Trent,  co.  Stafford, 
and  a  Baronet,  M.A.,  J.P.,  D.L., 
and  Honorary  Colonel  2nd  Volun- 
teer Battalion  North  Staffordshire 
Regiment,  b.  12th  November, 
1837  ;  educated  at  Harrow  and 
Trinity  College,  Cambridge  j  m. 
28th  October,  1869,  Harriet 
Georgina,  fourth  daughter  of 
Edward  Thobnewill,  of  Dove 
Cliff,  Staffordshire,  and  lias 

Nellie  Lisa,  b.  27th  December, 

1873 ;  m.  31st  January,  1894, 

James  Evan  Bruce  Baillie, 

of    Dochfour    {see  BuBKE*8 

Landed  Gentry). 

He  was  created  a  baronet,  17th 

May,  1882,  with  limitation  to  the 

heirs  maV.  of   his  body,  and  in 

default  of  such  issue  mile,  with 

remainder  to  his  brother,  Httmar 

Alfred    Bass,  of    Need  wood,   co. 

Stafford,  and   the  heirs  male  of 

his   body,   and    elevated   to  the 

peerage  18th  August,  1886.     He 

was   M.P.  for   Stafford    1866   lo 

1868,  and  for  East  Staffordshur 

from  1868  to  1885,  and  for  the 

Burton  Division  of   that  county 

from  1885  until  his  elevation  to 

the  peerage. 

2.  Hamar  Alfred,  of  Need  wood, 
Burton-on-Trent,  co.  Stafford, 
MP.  for  Tamwcrth  1878  to  1885, 
and  for  West  Staffordshire  since 
1885;  D.L.,  Honornrv  Colonel 
the  4th  Battalion  North  Stafford- 
shire    Regiment,    b.    30th   July, 



1842 ;  «.  22iid  February,  1879, 
Hon.  Louisa  Bagot,  daughter  of 
William,  tliird  Lord  Bagot,  and 
has  bad  issue, 

(1)  William  Arthur  Hamar,  b. 
24th  December,  1879. 

(2)  Alexander  Michael,  h. 
10th  February,  1885;  d.  9th 
March,  1801. 

(1)  Sibell  Lucia,  b.  27th  June, 

.  Emily  Frances  Anne,  m.  8rd 
September,  1862,  Sir  William 
CiiiCHELB  -  Plowdbn,  K.C.S.I. 
(1886),  of  6,  Park  Crescent, 
Portland  Place ;  and  of  Brooks*, 
Deronshire,  and  Oriental  Clubs, 
London,  b.  1832;  educated  at 
Harrow  and  at  Haiieybury  Col- 
lege, from  which  he  passed  into 
the  E.  I.  Co.'s  Service ;  he  has  held 
Beyeral  important  judicial  and 
financial  posts  in  India,  and  was 
especially  mentioned  for  his 
services  during  the  Indian  Mu- 
tiny,  in  the  G-orer nor- General's 
report.  Becently,  prior  to  his 
return  to  this  country,  he  was  of 
the  Viceroy's  Legislative  Cjuncil ; 
a  member  of  the  Boai-d  of 
Bevenue:  and  a  member  of  the 
Korth  Western  provinces ;  was 
M.P.  for  West  Wolverhampton 
1886-92.  He  is  the  elder  son  of 
William  H.  Chichblb- Plowdbn, 
of  Ewhurst  Park,  Hants,  M.P.  for 
Newport,  I*le  of  Wight,  from 
1847  to  1862,  by  his  marriage 
with  Annette,*  daughter  of 
Edward  Campbell,  and  niece  of 
Sir    Bobert  Campbell,   Bart.,   of 

Carrick-Buoy,  co.  Donegal.  They 
hare  an  only  daughter,  Margaret. 
2.  Alice  Jane,  m.  2l8t  October,  1868, 
Sir  George  Chbtwodb,  Bart.,  of 
Clietwode,  oo.  Buckingham,  and 
Oakley,  co.  Stafford,  late  Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel 8th  Hussars,  who 
was  b,  20th  July,  1323,  *.  his 
uncle  as  sixth  Baronet,  8th  Sep- 
tember, 1873  ;  second,  but  eldest 
surA'iving  eon  of  the  Bev  George 
Chbtwodb,  of  Chilton  House, 
Bucks,  M.A.,  rector  of  Ashton- 
under-Lyne,  Lancashire,  and 
perpetual  curate  of  Chilton,  who 
was  brother  to  Sir  John  Chbt- 
wodb, flfth  Baronet  (m^Bdbkb's 
Peerage).  They  have  issue, 
(1)  Philip    Walhoiise,     Lieu- 

tenant  19th  Hussars,  b.  21st 

September,  1869. 
(0  George  KnighUey,  b.  10th 

December,  1877. 

(1)  Evelyn  Hamar,  b.  18th 
November,  1870;  w.  19th 
March,  1892,  Percy  Alfred 
Le.vland  Lahino. 

(2)  Laura  Grey,  b.  Ist  July, 

(3)  Florence  Hyacinthe,  b.  llth 
December,  1876. 

Lieutenant- Colonel    Sir    George 
Chetwode  was  present,  with  the 
8th    Hussars,  at   the    battles   of 
Alma,  Balaklava,  and  Inkermann, 
and    siege    of    Sebastopol.     He 
also  saw  much  service  m  India, 
where  he  was  wounded. 
II.  Anne,  m.  Q-ilbert  Maitland,    staff- 
surgeon     in      H.M.    Indian      Militia 
Service,  and  had  issue,  a  son  and  two 
daughters ;  Pelham,  Amy  and  Clara. 

Amu — JSrm.y  a  feu  chequy  or  and  az, 

Crett—  On  a  ehapeau  a«.,  turned  trp  erwi.,  a  wild  hoar  pass.  or. 

Motto — Q^o  me  cunqme  vocat  patria. 

Uesidence — Claude  Lorraine,  Tahara,  Victoria. 


HON.  JOSEPH  HENRY  CONNOR,  of  Ballanda,  Ryrie  Street,  Geelong, 
Victoria,  member  of  the  Legislative  Oonncil  of  Victoria,  h,  at  Stouey- 
ford,  near  Lisbnrn,  co.  Antrim,  Ireland,  3rd  April,  1834 ;  m.  at  Irrewarra, 
Golac,  Victoria,  1 2th  April,  1859,  Jane,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Euphemia 
Kyle  Hill,  and  widow  of  fche  late  James  M.  Brock,  of  Ballanda  Vale 
Station,  Gisborne,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Joseph  Hekey,  fe.  17th  November,  1862,  at  Colac,  Victoria;  w.  to  Kate 

Gibson,  and  has  issue,  a  daughter,  h.  13th  January,  1889. 

II.  William,  6.  at  Geelong,  1st  March,  1866. 

III.  James  Miller  Brock,  6.  at  Geelong,  30th  December,  1871. 

IV.  George  Samuel,  6.  at  Geelong,  23rd  April,  1875. 
I.  Eliza  Jane,  m.  Hugh  Henry  Vivian. 


IT.  Jane,  h.  at  Colac,  Victoria,  llth  June,  1864. 

ITT.  Caroline  Eraser,  b.  at  Geelong,  2l8t  November,  1867. 

IV.  Margaret  McDonald,  h.  at  Geelong,  16th  September,  1869. 

V.  Alice  Beatrice,  b.  at  Geelong,  21  st  December,  1870. 

VI.  Catherine  Hill,  6.  at  Geelong,  24th  April,  1873. 

VII.  Agnes  Harper,  b.  at  Geelong,  25th  October,  1879. 

Mr.  Connor  emigrated  to  Victoria  in  1852,  sailing  from  Liverpool  in  the 
ship  **  Minnesota,"  arriving  in  Melbourne,  August,  1852,  and  in  1853  he 
settled  at  Colac.  He  was  first  elected  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Assembly 
in  1864,  for  the  electorate  district  of  Polwarth  and  South  Grenville,  which 
district  he  continued  to  represent  up  to  the  end  of  1870,  and  was  re-elected 
for  the  same  constituency  in  1873.  In  1872  he  was  elected  a  vice-president, 
and  in  the  following  year  president  of  the  Geelong  and  Western  Agricultural 
Society.  He  was  elected  a  member  of  the  Geelong  Town  Goancil  in  November, 
1872,  and  has  since  been  re-elected  ;  and  on  three  separate  occasions  was  elected 
mayor  of  the  town.  Mr.  Connor  actively  assisted  in  establishing  the  Geelong 
Free  Library,  and  has  devoted  much  time  and  money  to  the  advancement  of 
agriculture  and  the  acclimatisation  of  various  kinds  of  fish,  in  Lake  Colac 
and  other  waters  in  the  Western  District. 


John  Connob,  of  Stoney ford,  near  Lisbum. 
CO.  Antrim,  Ireland,  a  large  farmer  and  stock 
owner,  b.  17th  March,  1792 ;  m.  Eliza 
Fulton,  of  Killultagh  House,  Drumbo,  co. 

-Smrf«»rc— Bullanda,  Kyrie  Street,  Geelong,  Victoria. 

Antrim,  who  was  b.  in  April,  1798  ;  and  d. 
Februaiy,  1876.  He  d.  18th  July,  1850, 
having  had  amongst  other  issue,  the  present 
Hon.  Joseph  Hbnry  Connob. 


Balmain,  Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  J.P.  for  the  colonies  of  New 
South  Wales  and  Qaeensland  (for  the  latter  since  1877),  6.  at  Chester,  England, 
14th  January,  182G ;  m.  at  St.  PauPs  Church,  Geelong,  Victoria,  23rd  April, 
1861,  Harriette,  daughter  of  Captain  Sydney  Smith  (who  in  1840  emigrated 
to  Sydney  with  his  family  from  Dublin  in  his  own  ship  "  Alexandrina,"  and 
settled  as  a  squatter  near  Port  Fairy,  Western  Victoria),  by  his  wife,  one  of 
the  family  of  Clifford  of  Dublin,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Charles  Sydney  Clifford. 

II.  Frederick  Thomas. 

III.  Gardiner  Edmund. 

IV.  Edward  Creek. 

I.  Emily  Frances,  m.  Percy  Herbert  Small,  of  Brisbane,  Queensland. 

II.  Florence  Mabel. 
HI.  Ethel  Mary. 

Captain  Trouton  was  educated  at  the  Rev.  J.  P.  Sargent's  school  in  North 
St.  George's  Street,  Dublin,  Ireland,  and  entered  the  mercantile  marine  in 
1843.     His   first   voyage  was  to   China,  where  he  saw  the  early  efforts  in 


founding  the  colony  of  Hong  Kong.  Fortunate  as  a  navigator  he  was 
appointed  to  the  command  of  the  "Zenobia,"  of  London,  in  1851.  The 
following  year  he  proceeded  to  the  Yictonan  goldfields  on  Forest  Creek,  but 
meeting  with  little  success  returned  to  his  former  profession,  and  has  ever 
since  been  connected  with  the  mercantile  marine  of  Australia,  first  as  navigator 
round  its  great  extent  of  coast,  before  its  dangers  were  known,  or  its  head- 
lands and  reefs  lighted  or  beaconed,  and  afterwards  as  general  manager  of  the 
Australian  Steam  Navigation  Company,  which  important  office  he  held  from 
1866  to  1887. 

n.  Charles  Robert. 

Oaptain  Trouton's  father,  Chablbs  Robbbt 
Tbouxon,  formerly  resided  at  Newry  and 
Kosstreror,  both  co.  Down,  Ireland,  but 
afterwards  removed  to  Dublin,  where  he 
resided  in  Lower  Gardiner  Street.  He  m. 
2ith  Ma  J,  1813,  Miss  Cbbbk,  an  Irish  ladj 
(who  d.  3rd  March,  1870),  and  d.  about  1872, 
haTing  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  m.  Mabel,  daughter  of  the 
Key.  Mr.  Bubkb,  and  niece  of  Sir 
Arthur  Guinnbss,  and  d,  baring  had 

J.  Gkrdner. 
2.  Edmund. 
3   Frederick. 

1.  Marian. 

2.  Edith. 
8.  Marjr. 

Ruiditnce — Glifdale  House,  Balmain,  Sydney,  New  South  Wales. 

III.  William  James,  m.  Bessie,  daughter 
of  Doctor  BozwBLL,  of  Wexford  j  de- 

lY.  Gtirdner,  deceased. 

y.  Fbedbbick  Hbnbt,  of  Balmain,  the 
subject  of  this  memoir. 

Tl.  Edmund  (Rev.)»  of  Ennisoorthy, 
Ireland,  deceased. 

I.  Fanny  Frances,  m.  Robert  Campbell 
Lbb,  of  Dublin,  solicitor,  and  has  a 
daughter,  Emma  Florence. 

II.  Charlotte,  m.  George  Graham  JoHir- 
SON,  of  Edinburgh,  and  of  Summer 
Lodge,  Perthshire,  Scotland,  and  has 
issue,  1.  George  Graham ;  2.  Charles ; 
3.  Frederick;  1.  Marian;  2.  Edilhj 
3.  Charlotte. 

WILLIAM  MURRAY  ROSS,  of  The  Grange,  Rosstown,  near  Melbourne, 
Victoria,  J. P. ;  w.  first,  10th  July,  1856,  Maria  Lilela,  third  daughter 
of  Major  Hobt,  of  Kilmainbam  Hospital,  Dublin,  and  niece  of  Sir  William 
Sort,  Bart.,  of  Hortlands,  Ireland  ;  and  secondlj,  13th  February,  1889,  Con- 
stance Edith,  third  daughter  of  John  Vautin,  formerly  manager  of  the  Union 
Bank,  Adeluide,  South  Australia,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Roderick. 

ir.  Claude  Murray. 
Mr.  W.  M.  Ross  was  the  organiser  and  manager  for  many  years  of  the 
Victorian  branch  of  the  Liverpool  and  London  and  Globe  Insurance  Company. 
He  was  also  a  member  of  the  Royal  Commission  on  Friendly  Societies  and  one  of 
the  committee  of  three  who  digested  the  evidence,  and  prepared  the  Act  passed 
by  Parliament,  under  which  these  societies  are  now  administered.  He  is  also 
a  member  of  the  Board  of  Classifiers,  which  administered  that  portion  of  the 
Victorian  Public  Service  Act,  relating  to  education.  He  is  proprietor  of  the 
Rosstown  Junction  Railway,  the  Rosstown  Sugar  Works,  and  the  Rosstown 
estate,  and  is  the  pioneer  of  the  sugar  beet  industry  in  Australia.  He  is  one 
of  the  fathers  of  the  cheap  press  of  England,  having  been  editor  and  half-pro- 
prietor of  the  Liverpool  Weekly  News  newspaper,  published  in  Liverpool  in 
1S4G.  It  was  the  first  cheap  newspaper  in  England  started  after  the  London 
Laxly  News. 




EoBBBT  EosB,  of  Cromarty,  Scotland,  by 
Ann  Milne,  his  wife,  of  Findbom,  Scotland, 
Lad  a  son, 

BoBRBT  Ross,  of  Liverpool,  co.  Lancaster, 
England,  master  mariner  and  ship  o^tTier, 
"who  m.  in  1882,  Margaret,  daughter  of  John 

O'Flannaoan,  by  Jane  Dawson,  his  wife, 
of  CO.  Cumberland,  England  (who  afterwards 
m.  Robert  Allan).  He  d,  1860,  having  had 
by  her  (who  d.  1874)  besides  a  daughter 
Jane  Allan,  a  son,  the  present  Williax 
MtTBBAr  Ross. 

Sesidence — The  Grange,  Rosstown,  near  Melbourne,  Victoria. 


THE  HON.  ALEXANDER  CAMPBELL  ONSLOW,  chief  jnstice  of 
Western  Australia,  h,  17th  July,  1842,  m.  4th  February,  1878,  Madeline 
Emma,  daughter  of  the  late  Rev.  Robert  Loftus  Tottenham,  and  gi*and- 
daughter  of  Lord  Robert  Ponsonby  Tottenham,  Bishop  of  Clogher  (son  of 
Charles,  first  Marquess  of  Ely),  and  has  issue, 

I.  Rosa  Sandra  Dorothea,  h,  1878. 

II.  Lucy  Elizabeth  Madeline,  b.  1880. 

The  Hon.  A.  C.  Onslow  was  educated  at  Westminster  and  Trinity  College 
Cambridge  (B.A.  1864).  He  was  called  to  the  bar  17th  November,  1868.  He 
was  attorney-general  of  British  Honduras,  1878-80,  and  of  Western  Australia 
1880-3.  He  was  appointed  chief  justice  of  that  colony,  July,  1883,  and 
administered  the  government  during  the  absence  of  the  governor  in  England, 
1884-5,  and  again  in  1891-2. 


The  family  of  OksloW  was  anciently 
seated  in  Shropshire,  vhere  it  enjoyed  exten- 
BiTe  possessions  ;  and  in  the  reign  of  HkKby 
III  it  assumed  it«  surname  from  the  lordship 
C'f  Ondeslov  (so  styled,  in  Domesday -Book, 
hut  now  written  Onelow),  situated  within  the 
liberty  of  Shrewsbury. 

EnwABD  Onslow,  of  Onslow,  m.  Anne, 
daughter  of  Richard  Houghton,  of  Hough- 
ton, CO.  Lancat»t€r,  by  whom  he  had  four 
sons  ;  the  second  of  whom, 

Boqkh  Onslow,  of  Shrewsbury,  m.  Mar- 
garet, daught^'r  of  Tliomas  1*a"SNe,  by  whom 
he  had  tino  sons,  Fulk,  clerk  of  the  piirlia- 
ment  in  the  reign  of  Queen  Elizabeth  ; 

BiCHABD  Onslow,  barrister-at-law,  who 
was  successively  recorder  of  the  city  of 
London,  attorney-general  of  the  Duchy  of 
Lancaster,  solicitor-general  and  speaker  of 
the  House  of  Commons.  This  eminent 
person  had  a  grant  of  the  convent  of  Black - 
friars,  in  the  city  of  London,  where  he 
resided.  He  m.  Catl  arine,  daughter  and 
1  eir  uf  Bichard  Haeding,  of  Knoll,  co. 
Surrey,  and  dying  in  1571,  was  *.  by  his 
eldest  son, 

BoBEBT  Onslow,  at  whose  decease,  unm.y 
the  estates  passed  to  his  brother, 

Sib  EnwiiBD  Onslow,  Knt.,  of  Knoll,  co. 
Surrey,  who  m.  Isabel,  daughter  of  Sir 
Ihomas  SHiBLEf,  Knt.,  of  Breston  Blace, 

00.,  and  was  #.  by  bis  eldest 
in  minority, 

iu  the  same 

Thobias    Onslow,   who   d. 
when  the  next  brother, 

Sib  Bichabi)  Onblow,  Knt.,  succeeded. 
This  gentleman  served  in  three  parliamcLts 
for  the  CO.  Surrey,  and  espousing  the  party 
opposed  to  the  measures  of  Chablbs  I,  was 
one  of  the  select  committee  appo  nted,  in 
1657,  to  attend  upon  Cromwell,  and  to  receive 
his  doubts  and  scruples  touching  the  assump- 
tion of  the  regal  office.  Upon  this  occasion, 
Sir  Kichard,  in  a  very  remarkable  speech, 
urged  Cromwell  to  assume  the  royal  designa- 
tion with  the  supi*eme  authority.  Ho  con- 
tributed, however,  to  the  restoration  of  the 
exiled  monarch,  and  served  for  the  town  of 
Guildford  in  the  Convention  which  recalled 
Chables  II.  Sir  Kichard  m.  Klizabeth, 
daughter  and  heir  of  Arthur  Stbangways, 
of  the  CO.  Durham,  and  had,  inter  tUios, 

I.  Abthub,  his  heir,  of  whom  pre- 

II.  Denzil,  of  Byrford,  d.  s.  p. 

III.  Henry  (Sir),  Knt.,  of  Drangwick, 
CO.  Sussex,  m.  Jane,  daughter  of  Sir 
Francis  St  ydolph,  Knt.,  of  Mickleham, 
and  was  ancestor  of  the  Onslowb,  of 
iStoughton  Hovse,  co.  Huntingdon. 

Sir  Kichard  d.  in  1664,  and  was    s.   by  his 
eldest  son, 
SiB    Abthub    Onslow,  Bart.,    M.P.  for 



Bramber,  in  the  reign  of  Charlbb  I,  during 
the  Commonwealth,  for  co.  Surrey,  and  after 
he  Bestoration  for  the  Bauie  shire.  He  m. 
first,  Ro8e,  only  surriTing  daughter  and  lieir 
of  Nicholas  SToroHTOW,  of  Stoughton,  co. 
Surrey,  "which  lady  d.  *.  p.  Sir  Arthur  m. 
fecondly,  Mary,  second  daughter  and  co-heir 
of  Alderman  Sir  Thomas  Foot,  Ent.,  of  the 
city  of  London  (Sir  Thomas  Foot  served  the 
office  of  sheriff  in  1G46,  and  that  of  lord 
mayor  in  1649,  and  was  created  a  baronet, 
2lBt  NoYember,  1660,  with  special  remainder 
to  his  son-in-law,  Arthur  Onslow,  and  d.  in 
1687,  when  he  was  t.  by  his  said  son-in-law, 
who  thus  became  Sir  Arthur  Onslow,  Bart.). 
Sir  Arthur  had  issue, 

I.  Bichard,  member  in  the  Conrention 
Parliament,  for  co.  Surrey,  and  chosen 
speaker  of  the   House  of  Commons, 
16th  November,  1738.    He  wa*,  on  the 
accession    of    GxoBOE    I,    appointed 
chancellor  of  the  exchequer,  and  was 
elevated  to    the  peerage   as    Babok 
Okslow,  of  Onslow f  with  remainder 
in  default  of  male  is»ue,  to  his  uncle, 
Penzil   Onslow,   of   Pyrford,  and  his 
issue ;    and   afterwards  to  the    heirs 
male  of   hin   deceased   father.      His 
hardship    m.   Elizabeth,    daughter  of 
Sir  Henry  TrLSE,  Knt.,  Lord  Mayor 
of  London,  aJid  dying  December,  1717, 
wns  *.  by  his  son, 
TiioiiAS,  second   baron,  m.    Eliza- 
beth, only  daughter  and  heir  of 
Mr.  Enight,  of    Jamaica,    and 
niece  and  heir  of  Colonel  Charles 
(  Enight,  of  the  same  island,  with 

whom  he  had  a  considerable  for- 
tune. His  lordship  d.  1740,  and 
was  *.  by  his  only  child, 

EiCHABD,  third  baron,  who 
d.  #.  p.  October,  1776,  and 
V  as  *.  (owing  to  the  failure  of 
the  issue  of  the  above-men- 
tioned Denzil  Onslow)  by 
his  cousin,  Geobqb,  fourth 
n.  Foot,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Arthur,  d.  unm, 

IV.  Henry,  d.  vnm. 
Sir  Arthur's  second  son, 

Foot  Okslow,  first  Commissioner  of  Ex- 
cise, fi».  Susanna,  daughter  and  heiress  of 
Tlomas  Aklady,  of  Etton,  Yorkshire,  and 
widow  of  Arnold  Colwbll,  and  d.  10th  May, 
1710,  having  by  her,  who  d.  10th  June,  1716, 
Lad  with  five  daughters,  two  sons, 

I.  Arthur,  who  was  elected  Speaker  of 
the  House  of  Commons,  in  January, 
1726-7,  and  continued  until  March, 
1761,  when  he  received  upon  his  re- 
tirement the  unanimous  thanks  of  the 
House  over  which  he  had  so  long  and 
honourably  presided,  and  a  pension  of 
£8,000  a  yeai  from  the  Cro\in,  at  the 
Commons'  special  desire.  Mr.  S|  ealer 
Onslow  m.  Anne,  daughter  and  co- 
heir of  John  BBID0E8,  of  'Thames 
Ditton,  niece  of  Henry  Bridges,  of 
Imber  Court,  co.  Surrey,  and  d.  17  th 

February,  1768,  learing  with  a  daugh- 
ter, a  son, 
Geobob,  created  20th   May,  1776, 
Babon  Cbanlet,  and  s.  as  fourth 
Babon  Onslow,   in  October  of 
the  same  year.    His  lordship  was 
advanced   to    an    earldom,  19th 
June,  1801,  and  was  ancestor  of 
the  present    Eabl  op  Onblow, 
G.C.M.G.,  the  late  governor  and 
commander-in-chief  of  New  Zea- 
land {*f^  p.  389). 
11.  BiCHABD,  of  whom  we  treat. 
Mr.  Foot  Onslow's  second  son, 

BiCHABD  Ok  BLOW,  attained  the  rank  of 
lieutenant-general  and  was  appointed  gover- 
nor of  Plymouth,  in  1759.  He  tw.  fii-st,  Bofc, 
daughter  and  co-heir  of  Johk  Bbiboes,  but 
by  her  had  no  issue.  He  w.  seconrUy.  Pooley, 
diufthter  of  Charles  Weston,  of  Little  Bur- 
shed,  CO.  Eescx,  and  niece  and  heiress  of 
Admiral  Sir  George  Walton,  and  had 

I.  Geobge,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Richard  (Sir),  E.B.,  Vire-Admiral 
R.N.,  created  a  Baronet  80th  October, 
1797,  in  consideration  of  his  gallant 
participation,  as  second  in  command, 
in  the  victory  obtained,  by  Lord  Dun- 
can, of  Camperdown.  He  d.  27th  He- 
f ember,  1817,  and  was  ancestor  of  the 
Onslows,  ofHevgar  House,  co.  Corn- 
wall, Baronets.  (See  Bubke's  Baron- 

III.  Arthur  (Very  Bev.),  D.H.,  Dean  of 
Worcester,  b,  Slst  August,  1746; 
w,  Frances,  daughter  of  Constantino 
Phipps,  and  d,  1817,  leaving  issue, 

1.  Richard  Francis  (Ven.),  arch- 
deacon of  Worcester,  h.  1776  ;  m, 
7th  July,  1801,  Harriet  Mary, 
daughter  snd  co-heir  of  the  Hon. 
Andrew  Foley,  M.P.  of  Newport, 
and  d.  28rd  October,  1849,  having 
by  her,  who  d.  4th  May,  1860, 
had  issue, 

(1)  Richard  Foley,  of  Stardene, 
CO.  GJoucester,  h.  18th  Sep- 
tember, 1802;  «i.    5th  July, 
1826,  Catherine,  daughter  of 
Latham  Black EB,  of  Newcnt, 
and   d.   22th    Aiarch,    1879, 
having  by  her,   wlio  rf.  13th 
August,  1865,  had  issue, 
(a)  Andrew      George,     of 
Oxenhall   Newent,   J.P. 
and   D.L.,  late  Captain 
97th    and     13th    Regi- 
ments, h.  10th  October, 
1830;     fn.     18th    June, 
1861,    Mary,    youngest 
daughter    of    Sir    John 
Owen,  first  Bart.,  and 
by    her,     who    rf.    25th 
January,  1892,  has  had, 

1.  Richard  George 
William,  d,  22nd 
February,  1874. 

2.  Andrew  Richard,  h. 
9th  February,  1871. 



8.  John     Geoifry,    h, 

16th  April,  1873. 
4.  William,     b.    20th 

June,  1874. 
6.  George        Arthur, 
b.     20th      March, 
(&)  'RichfkTd,bAS36,d.s.p, 

7th  May,  1872. 
(c)  William  Arthur,  6. 
1837  ;  m.  19ih  August, 
1880,  Mary  Elizabeth, 
Bccond  daughter  of  Rct. 
Theodore  Cabtwsioht, 
of  Preston  Bagot,  Hen- 
(<0  George,   b.   1839;     d. 

6th  March,  1880. 
(a)  Mary     Charlotte,      b, 

(fi)  Anne  Theodosia,  b. 
1834;  m.  1866,  Major 
William  Hill. 
(c)  Caroline,  b.  1841,  f». 
20th  October,  1868,  Rev. 
Robert  Bubbouohbs, 
rector  of  Fencombe, 
who  d.  1890. 

(2)  Arthur  Andrew  (Rev.), 
b.  ?7th  April,  1815,  M.A., 
vicar  of  Newent;  m.  May, 
1843,  Harriet  Louisa, 
daughter  of  Simon  Mab- 
BHALL,  and  d.  20th  December, 
1861-,  having  had  issue, 

(a)  Richai*d  Francis,  b.  6th 

August,  1847. 
(6)  WUliam  Dyson,  b.  6th 

July,  1849. 

(c)  Walter  John,  b,  10th 
January,  1851. 

(d)  Augustus  Paul  Lums- 
den,  b.  25th  August, 
1853  ;  m.  9th  December, 
1886,  Alice  Maud, 
daughter  of  William 
Francis  Stbtbnioht, 
and  has  issue, 

1.  Augustus  Charles 
Albert  Foley,  b, 
14  th  February, 

2.  Frederick  Arthur 
Foley,  b.  151h 
November,  1889,  d. 
28th  March,  1890. 

(e)  Andrew  Bainbrigge,  b. 
23rd  March,  1855,  d. 
14th  March,  1866. 

(a)  Cecilia  Lou'sa,  b.  1844 ; 
m.  12th  February,  1874, 
Thomas  Gervace  Finch 
Dtson,  and  d.  his  widovr, 
16th  October,  1893. 

(3)  Thomas  Phipps,  Captain 
07th  Foot,  b.  1818;  d.  1850. 

(1)  Harriett  Frances,  b.  1803; 
m.  12th  December,  1833, 
Rev.  Thomas  Cbommeline, 
wlio  d.  in  1(  42. 

(2)  Constantia,  m.  16th  May, 
1826,  John  Fbbbxait,  of 
Gaines,  co.  Hereford. 

(3)  Anne  Cei-ilia,  m.  13th  July, 
1836,  Rev.  T.  J.  Cabt- 
WBiOHT,  and  d.  1856. 

(4)  Elizabeth,  d,  tinm,  18th 
September,  1879. 

(5)  Frances,  d.  uitm.  7th 
January,  1887,  aged  76  years. 

2.  Arthur  Cyril  (Rev.),  rector  of 
Kewington,  Surrey,  b,  1788,  m. 
1812,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Sir 
Edvrard  Winwikgton,  Bart., 
M.P.,  and  rf.  6th  February,  D<e9, 
having  by  her,  who  d.  19th 
October,  1865,  had  issue, 

(1)  Cvril  Winnington,  b.  17th 
December,  1815;  d,  24th 
July,  1866. 

(2)  Constantino  Phipps,  ft.  30th 
January,  1817,  d.  16th  No- 
vember, 1887. 

(3)  Henry,  ft.  5th  May,  1818. 

(4)  Thomas  George  (Rev.),  ft. 
13th  October,  1826  ;  m.  first, 
22nd  September,  1853,  Mar  a 
Augusta,  daughter  of  John 
Haweiks,  of  By  elands, 
Herts,  and  by  her,  who  d. 
1857,  he  had  a  daughter, 

Edith     Fanny,     m.    1882, 
Cl.arles  Constable  Cub- 


He  m.  secondly,  18th  Novem- 
ber. 1862,  Mary  Frances, 
daughter  of  Wi  liam  Fits 
William  Bubton,  of  Burton 
Hall,  CO.  Carlow,  and  has 

William    Henry,    Captain 

R.A.,  ft.  18th  September, 

(1)  Elizabeth. 

3.  Phipps  Yansitfart,  ft.  1790;  m. 
first,  2l8t  July,  1820,  Harriet., 
daughter  of  Sir  Edward  WiK- 
KiNOTON,  Bart.,  M.P.,  and  by  her, 
who  d.  5th  March,  1827,  he  had 
a  son, 

(1)  Phipps  (Rev.),  rector  of 
Upper  Sapey,  Hereford,  ft. 
9lh  March,  1823;  m.  23rd 
June,  1868,  Jane  5!ophia, 
daughter  of  C.  W.  Mabtin, 
and  has  issue, 

(a)  Hinry   Phipps,   B.A., 
ft.  2nd  April,  li569. 

(a)  Helen  Jane,  ft.  1870. 
Mr.  P.  V.  Onslow,  m.  secondly, 
20th  February,  1834,  Lucy, 
daughter  of  Walter  Michael 
MosBLBY,  of  Winterdine,  and  d. 
10th  May,  1867,  having  by  her, 
who  d.  1839,  had  issue, 

(2)  Francis  Phipps,  ft.  1835, 
barrister ;  m.  28th  April,  1868, 
Emily  Gertrude,  only  sur- 
viving daughter  of  the  late 
W.  Digby   Sbymoub,  M.P. 



and  has  issue,  Lucj  Maud,  h. 
1869,  and  Harriet  Catherine, 
b.  1872. 

(1)  Lucjr,  m.  8th  September, 
1868,  Graves  J.  Abchbb, 
who  d.  1872,  learing  issue. 

(2)  Charlotte,  d.  unm. 

(3)  Jane,  d.  «nm.  17th  March, 

1.  CharloUe. 

2.  Jane,  m.  July,  1810,  Kev.  Edward 
Winnington  liroBAX,  and  (2. 1850. 
He  d.  1851. 

I.  Elizabeth,  m.  Hon.  and  Rev.  George 
Hamilton,  canon  of  Windsor,  fourth 
son  of  the  seventh  Earl  of  Abercom. 

General    Richard    Onslow     d.    1760.      His 

eldest  son, 


of  the  Guards,  MP  for  Guildford,  b.  1781, 
m.  Jane,  daughter  of  Rev.  Thomas  Thobfe, 
and  left  issue, 

I,  George  Walton  (Rev.),  of  Dans- 
borough,  CO.  Surrey,  b.  25th  June, 
1768;  m.  1800,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of 
William  Campbell,  and  d,  Idth 
Eebruaiy,  1844,  having  bj  her,  who  d. 
26th  Juljr,  1846.  had  issue, 

1.  George  Walton,  Major  Madras 
Artillery,  b.  18th  August,  1804 : 
«i.  Mary  Murray,  daughter  of  A- 
R.  HuoHBS,  Captain  E.I.C.S., 
and  d.  80th  April,  1849,  having 
by  her,  who  d.  1839,  had  issue, 

(a)  George  Walton,  Lieutenant 
Madms  Artillery,  b.  1831,  d. 
8th  March,  1854. 

(6)  Adolphus  Byam,  Lieu- 
tenant Madras  Service,  b. 
13th  July,  1832,  d.  27th  May, 

(c)  Alexander  Lee  (Rev.), 
vicar  of  Einesbury,  co. 
Warwick,  b.  29th  December, 
1835  i  m.  11th  July,  1864, 
Helen  Elmira,  daughter  of 
John  Wabdbn,  and  has 

1.  Diana  Fumeaux,  b,  9th 
September,  1865. 

2.  Ethel  Maud,  b.  18th 
July,  1868;  m.  Uth 
July,  1891,  George 
Bridgeford  Pboctob, 

{a)  Marianna  Elizabeth. 

{b)  Rosalie  Jane,  m.  6rst,  22nd 
September,  1859,  Henry  Lee 
Fbknbll  (d.  I860);  and 
secondly,  5th  November, 
1861,  Lieutenant-Colonel 
Thomas  Elliott  Huohbs, 
Bengal  Artillery,  and  d, 

2.  Robert  Thorpe,  b.  25th  May, 

3.  Denzil,  b.  21st  January,  1812, 
d.  25th  December,  1855. 

4.  Pitcairn,  Major  Royal  Marines 
(retired),  b.  29th  May,  1813 ;  m. 

16th  August,  1843,  Adelaide, 
only  daughter  of  Captain  Saltren 
Willbtt,  and  has  issue, 

(a)    Arthur     Foot,      b.      2nd 

October,  1846. 
(6)  William  Cleveland,  b.  17th 
August,  1848 ;  m.  July,  1881, 
Mary  Louisa,  daughter  of 
Rev.  Thomas  BuBNiiroHAX, 
and  d.  29th  May,  1890, 
leaving  issue, 

1.  Guy  Cleveland,  b.  9th 
January,  1885. 

2.  Bernard  Pitcairn,  b. 
June;  d.  5th  October, 

(c)  George  Thorp,  Major 
Roval  Marine  Light  Infantry, 
b.  ITth  July,  1858  ;  tn.  1887, 
Ethel  Paul,  daughter  of  Rev. 
David  EiTCAT,  rector  of 
Westonbirt,  oo.  Gloucester, 
and  has  issue, 
Frances  Mary,  b.  12th 
June,  1888. 

(a)  Frances  Adelaide,  b.  1845. 

(b)  Edith  Rose,  b.  1850;  m. 
24th  May,  1877,  Major- 
General  Thomas  Elliots 
Hughes,  R.A.,  who  d.  1886. 

(c)  Charlotte  Jane,  b.  4th 
December,  1852. 

(d)  Marion  Campbell,  b.  15th 
July,  1856. 

5.  Edmund,  b.  12th  March,  1815 ; 
m.  28th  July,  1851,  Louisa 
Margaret,  daughter  of  C.  G. 
Stbetbll,  and  d.  26th  August, 
1875,  leaving  issue, 

(a)  Annette  Cannpbell,  b.  11th 
December,  1852 ;  m.  3rd 
June,  1871,  Leicester  Hudson 

6.  Arthur  Foot,  b.  6th  Februaiy, 

1.  Elizabeth,  d.  unm.,  2nd  August, 

2.  Jane,  m.  28th  May,  1843,  John 
James  Willan,  and  d.  1877. 

3.  Anne  Pooley  Rose,  d,  unm.  3rd 
August,  1878. 

4.  Charlotte,  m.  28rd  October,  1838, 
Rev.  W.  H.  Pabson,  of  Pir- 
bright,  Surrey,  and  d.  15th 
January,  1886.  He  d.  12th 
March,  1882. 

5.  Mary  Douglas,  tn.  9th  March, 
1852,  Charles  Hamilton  Okblow, 
Commander,  R.M.S.P.  Company's 
Service,  who  d,  11th  February, 

II.  Abthob  (Rev.),  of  whom  we  treat. 
I.  Pooley,  m.  first,  Sir  Francis  Dbake, 
Bart.,  and  secondly,  Arthur  Onslow 
serjeant-at-law,  and  d,  1810. 
Lieutenant-Colonel  G.  Onslow's  second  son. 

The  Rev.  Abthub  Onslow,  rector  of 
CYayford,  Kent,  b.  1773;  m.  first,  25th 
August,  1803,  Marianna,  second  daughter  of 



William  Campbell,  bj  whom,  who  </.  9tli 
March,  1810,  he  bad  issue, 

I.  Arthur  Poolby,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  William  Campbell,  Lieutenant- 
Colonel  Madras  Army,  b.  1806;  m. 
22nd  FcptemVer,  1834,  Anne  Moriarty, 
eldest  daughter  of  Vice- Admiral  Peter 
John  DoroLAS,  RN.,  and  d.  Ist 
November,  1880,  having  by  her,  who 
d.  6tli  January,  1802,  had  issue, 

1.  Douglas  Arthur,  A.M.I.C.K.,  ft. 
10th  November,  1835,  J.P. ;  m. 
10th  November,  1863,  Caroline 
Isabella,  second  daughter  of  the 
late  Rev.  Robert  Loftus  Totten- 
ham, and  grand-daughter  of  Lord 
Robert  Loftus  Tottenham,  Bishop 
of  Clogher  (son  of  first  Marquess 
of  Ely),  and  has  issue, 

(rt)  Arthur     Loftus,     b.    16th 

July,  J874. 
(b)  Francis  Robert  Douglas,  b. 

29th  March,  1878. 
(a)  Caroline  Annette  Tidy,   b, 

15th  August,  1864. 
(6)  Katherine   Isabella  Maud, 

b.  12th  September,  1872. 

2.  Harrington  Campbell,  Captain 
R.N.,  b.  11th  August,  1837  ;  m. 
first,  8th  December,  1864,  Hehn 
Jane,  eldest  daughter  of  W.  P. 
Allaedice,  and  by  her,  who  d. 
1871,  had  issue, 

(a)  William        George,        d, 
February,  1867. 

(b)  Douglas    Astley,    d.    2nd 
April,  1867. 

(a)  Alexandrina  Maria,  ft.  27th 
January,  1868. 
Captain  H.  C.  Onslow  m. 
secondly,  5th  April,  1873,  Elizp, 
beth  Steer,  daughter  of  Roger 
Riding,  M.D.,  and  d.  15th 
September,  1881. 

3.  George  Manners,  Colonel  late 
20tli  Hugsar?,  formerly  inspector 
of  Gymnasia,  now  Assistant 
Commandant,  Cavalry  Dep6t  and 
Superintendent  of  Riding  Estab- 
lifebment,  ft.  7th  December,  1843  ; 
m.  1871,  Louisa,  daughter  of 
George  Coosb,  and  has  had  issue, 

(a)  George   Campbell,  d.  1872, 

in  infancy. 
(a)  Ethel  Georgv  Udea,  ft.  1874. 
(ft)     Edith      Mary,      ft.      6th 

February,  1877. 

1.  Udea  Marianne  Moriarty,  m. 
19th  January,  1864,  Aslley 
Thompson,  of  Glyn  Abbey,  co. 
Carmarthen,  and  d.  9th  December, 

2.  Lydia,  d.  unm.  8th  May,  1834. 

III.  Richard,  ft.  1808,  barrister- at- law, 
m.  26th  November,  1831,  Harriet 
Sophia,  only  daughter  of  Vincent 
Eyre,  and  by  her,  who  d.  29th  August, 
1873,  has  issue, 

1.  Richard  Arthur,  ft.  4th  October, 

2.  William  Pooley,  d.  28th  January, 

3.  Walton  Edward,  d.  20th  March, 

4  Vincent  Eyre,  d.  7th  July,  1842. 
6.  Walton  Vincent,  ft.  6th  August, 
1843  ;  m.  24th  September,  1874, 
Henrietta,  daughter  of  late  Henry 
L.  Thompsok,  of  London,  On- 
6.  Albert  George,  ft.  30th  May, 
1850,  m.  13th  May,  1873,  Con- 
stance Marie,  daugliter  of  the 
late  Dr.  Frederick  Buhlkaitk,  of 
Berne,  and  has  issue, 

(a)    Isabella     Maud,    ft.     2nd 

February,  1874. 
(ft)   Mildred  Rita,  ft.  1881. 
(c)  Harriet  Mary. 

1.  Harriet  Mary  Elizabeth,  d.  4th 
April,  1835. 

2.  Edith  Campbell,  ft.  16th  March, 

IT.  Augustus,  ft.  26fch  February,  1810, 
d.  unm. 
The  Rev.  Arthur  Onslow  m.  secondly,  17th 
June,  1815,  Caroline,  daughter  of  James 
Mangles,  M.P.,  and  d.  29th  November,  1851, 
having  by  her  (who  m.  secondly,  1853,  T.  J. 
BuBTON,  M.A.)  had  issue, 

y.  John  Henry  (who  assumed  the 
Itdditional  prefix  surname,  Hughes 
and  thus  became  Hughes-Onslow), 
of  Balkissock,  co.  Ayr,  ft.  SUt  March, 
1816;  m.  8th  January,  1861,  Judith 
Charlotte,  daughter  of  William 
Bahbas,  of  Laleham,  Middlesex,  and 
d,  3 Ist  July,  1870,  leaving  issue, 

1.  Arthur,  of  Balkissock,  Captain 
lOth  Hussjirs,  ft.  21st  AugU9t,1862 ; 
m.Srd  June,  1891,  Anne  Kathleen, 
second  daughter  of  William 
Whitehead,  of  Deighton  Grove, 
CO.  York,  and  has  issue, 

(a)  A    sou,    ft.   28th    October, 

2.  Denzil,  Captain  3rd  Battalion 
Dorset  Regiment,  ft.  1863 ;  m.  1888, 
Marion,  daughter  of  George 
Oliyeb,  of  Laggan,  Ayrshire, 
and  has  had  issue, 

(a)     Oliver,    ft.    16th    March, 

(a)  Hilda,  ft.  18lh  May,  1889, 

and  d.  9th  November,  1893. 

3.  Constantino  Henry,  Lieutenant 
R.N.,  ft.  1867. 

4.  Julius  Somerset,  ft.  1869. 

5.  Henry  Douglas,  ft.  1871. 

Yi.  Charles  Hamilton,  m.  9th  March, 
1852,  Mary  Douglat*,  daughter  of 
Rev.  G.  W.  Onslow  (*«  above) ^  and 
d.  11th  February,  1866,  having  by 
her,  who  d.  1871,  had  issue, 

1.  Harry  Hamilton,  6.  15th  July, 

1.  Minnie  Hamilton,  m.  9th  May, 
1878,  Pasquale  Moxtuobt,  of 

2.  Ev^  Joan  Wiblin, 



8.  Elise  Anita  Mary,  b.  6tli  March, 

The  Her,  Arthur  Onslow'i  eldest  son, 

Abthcb  Poolky  Onslow,  of  Send  Grove, 
Kiplej,  Surrev,  b.  24th  Maj,  1804,  served  in 
the  Madras  C.S.,  ;  m.  17th  July,  1832,  Rosa 
Soherta,  daughter  ot  Alexander  MacLbat, 
F.R.S.,  Speaker  of  the  first  Legislative 
Council  of  New  South  Wales,  Australia,  and 
d.  1889,  haying  hj  her,  who  d,  4th  January, 
1854,  had  issue, 

I.  Arthur  Alexander  Walton,  of  Gam- 
den  Park,  N.S.W.,  M.L.O.,  b.  2nd 
August,  1833,  Captain  R.N.  retired ; 
m.  31st  January,  1867,  Elizabeth 
(who  assumed  the  name  of  Mac- 
AsTHUB,  1892),  daughter  of  the  Hon. 
James  MacAbthub,  of  Camden  Park, 
N.S.W.,  and  d.  30th  January,  1882, 
having  had  i^sue, 

1.  James  William,  b.  7th  November, 

2.  Arthur    John,    b.    29th    April, 

3.  George  AfacLoav,   b.  2nd   Mav, 

4.  Waiiam  Arthur,  b.  27th   May, 

5.  Francis    Arthur,    b.    7th   June, 

1.  Rosa  Sibella,  b.  1871. 

2.  Emily  Susan. 

II.  Reginald,  A.  iaS5,  d.  1836. 

iir.  Guilford  MacLeay,  b,  3rd  June, 
lS3f«,  Lieutenant  83*rd  Regiment,  d. 
unm.  June,  1878. 

lY.  Alexandbb  Campbell  (Hon.),  the 
subject  of  tliis  memoir. 

y.  Francis  Montgomery,  Lieutenant- 
Colonel  late  Madras  Cavalry,  b.  9th 
November,  1843  ;  «.  1881,  Mary 
Charlotte,  widow  of  Brigadier-General 
Frederick  W.  Jbbb. 

I.  Georgina  Isabella,  b.  1834. 

II.  Mary  Emily,  d.  8th  September,  1861. 

III.  Rosa  Eenetheena,  d.  15th  December, 

17.  Elizabeth  Harriet, 
y.  Susan  Henrietta. 

Arms — Argent  a  fesse  gules  between  six  Comisli  choughs,  proper. 
Crest — An  eagle  sable  preying  upon  a  partridge  or. 
Mottoes — Festina  lente ;  and  Semper  ndelis« 
Residence — Perth,  Western  Australia, 


HON.  SIR  WILLIAM  MILNE,  Knfc.,  of  Sunnyside,  Glen  Osmond,  and 
of  Eurilla,  Mount  Lofty,  South  Australia,  J. P.,  h.  17th  Maj,  1822;  m. 
4th  March,  1842,  Eliza,  daughter  of  John  DiSH£R,of  Byethorne,  Nairne,  South 
Australia,  and  has  had  issue, 

I.  William,  h.  6th  February,  1849;  m.  17th  March,  1870,  Emma  Sophia 

Simpson,  but  has  no  issue. 
John,  6.  3rd  November,  1854;  m.  llth  November,  1876,  Lucy  Edith 

McGeorqe,  and  has  surviving  issue,  six  sons  and  two  daughters. 
George,  6.  23rd  August,  1856 ;  m.  10th  June,  1884,  Ellen  Georgina 

SwiNDEN,  and  has  issne,  two  sons  and  one  daughter. 
James  Wilson,  6.  1st  October,  1857  ;  d.  12th  May,  1858. 
Eliza  Amelia,  6.  23rd  December,  1843 ;  m.  20th  August,  1863,  John 

Randall  Phillips,  and  d'.  s,  p.  23rd  August,  1893. 

II.  Ellen  Wardlaw,  5.  22nd  May,  1845;  m.  28th  March,  1865,  Hon. 
William  Henry  Bundey,  Q.C,  of  Zephyrside,  Molesworth  Street, 
North  Adelaide,  judge  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  South  Australia,  and 
has  one  daughter,  Ellen  Milne  {see  Bundey  of  North  Adelaide^  vol.  i, 
p.  64). 

III.  Margaret  Jane,  b.  23rd  May,  1847 ;  w.  16th  July,  1872,  Frederick 
Algernon  Price,  and  has  issue,  three  sons  and  five  daughters. 

IV.  Mary  Isabella,  6.  3rd  September,  1850;  d.  25th  September,  1869. 

V.  Barbara  Agnes,  h.  July,  1852  ;  m.  30th  April,  1878,  Arthur  Ernest 
Ayers,  and  has  issue,  two  diiughters. 






VI.  Floreuce  Marian,  h.  4th  September,  1859 ;  w.   12tli  December,  1882, 

Hon.  John  Lancelot  Stirling,  and  has  issue,  three  sons  and  two 

VII.  Blanche  Maud,  6.  21st  August,  1861  ;  m.  6th  February,  1890,  Robert 
Lomax  ScoiT,  and  has  issue,  one  son  and  two  daughters. 

Sir  William  Milne  was  educated  at  the  High  School,  Glasgow,  and 
emigrated  to  South  Australia  in  1839,'where  he  was  engaged  in  business  till 
1857.  In  this  year,  he  entered  the  South  Australian  Parliament,  of  which  he 
remained  a  member  for  twenty-three  years.  For  nearly  six  years  after  this 
time  he  was  a  member  of  the  government,  and  was  president  of  the  Legis- 
lative Council  for  eight  years,  1873-81.     Sir  William  was  knighted  in  1876. 

William  Milne,  of  Wester-Common,  near 
Glasgow,  N.B.,  merchant,  m.  Elizabeth 
McMillan,  and  had  issue, 

William  (Sir),  of  whom  we  treat. 


«,       ft 

'.        J 

Alexander,  1 

George,       y  all  deceased. 


Eliza,  m. 

Barbara,  deceased. 

Be^idences — Sunnyside,  Glen  Osmond;  Eurilla,  Mount  Lofty,  South  Australia. 
C/ni— Adelaide. 

JOSEPH  HENRY  HOOD,  of  Helenslea,  Caulfield,  Victoria,  jndge  of  the 
Supreme  Court  of  that  colony,  fe.  1st  June,  1846  ;  w.  8th  NoTembor,  1869, 
Georgina,  daughter  of  John  Miller  McKee,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Henry  Warrington,  6,  11th  April,  1871. 

II.  George  Hamilton,  6.  21st  March,  1876. 

I.  Catherine,  6. 9th  August,  1872. 

II.  Helen  Fanny,  h.  13th  September,  1874 
HI.  Lucy  Evelyn,  6.  28th  April,  1879. 

IV.  Florence,  h.  14th  October,  1880. 


This  family  has  resided  at  Mont  Hill,  near 
Lame,  co.  Antrim,  Ireland,  for  many  genera- 

James  Hood,  of  that  place,  m.  15th  Jan- 
uary, 1814,  Margaret  O'Nbil,  and  d.  3rd  July, 
1858,  having  by  her,  who  d.  17th  Norember, 
18 1 9,  had  isme,  a  son, 

Residence — Helenslea,  Caulfield,  Yictoria, 

John  Hood,  of  Melbourne,  wt.  13th  June, 
1840,  Jane  Plumheb,  and  d.  22nd  November, 
1877,  having  by  her,  who  d.  Wst  April,  1869, 
had  issue,  a  son, 

Joseph    Hbnsy,  the   subject   of    this 


FREDERIC  GREGORY  FORSYTH,  Viscount  de  Fronsac,  of  Montreal, 
Canada,  b.  there  1856.  Is  the  author  of  historical  and  poetical  works, 
among  others,  British-American  Uistcry^  Notes  on  the  Science  and  Art  of 




This  is  a  scion  of  an  ancient  Scotch  family. 

Jambs  Forsyth,  of  Njdie,  m.  in  1554,  the 
daughter  and  heireds  of  DouaLAS,  of  Djkes, 
and  had  a  son, 

Dayid  Fobstth,  of  Dykes,  commissioner 
of  reTenue  for  GhUsgow  in  1594,  had  issue, 

I.  James,  d.  unm. 

II.  William,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Bobert,  acquired  the  landd  of  Tail- 
zerton,  Ayrshire,  and  was  ancestor  of 
the  Forsayths  of  Tailzerton. 

The  second  son, 

William  Forsyth,  Lord  of  Dykes,  was 
commiaaioner  of  Parliament  for  Forrest,  in 
1621;  hehadisaue, 

I.  WiUiam,  of  Dykes, 
n.  JoHK,  of  whom  presently. 
The  second  son, 

John  Forsyth,  commissioner  to  Parlia- 
ment for  CulleD,  1652,  and  of  the  Lords 
Commissioners  appointed  to  meet  the  English 
Parliament,  m.  a  daughter  and  heir  of  Sir 
William  LiriNasTOKB,  of  Kilsyth,  and  had 

I.  James,  inherited  through  his  mother 
the  estates  of  Polmaise,  Tailzerton, 
and  Kilsyth-Easter ;  was  minister  to 
the  church  at  Stirling,  1666,  m.  the 
daughter  and  heiress  of  Brucb  of 
Cbvell,  a  cadet  of  Brucb  of  Airth, 
and  was  ancestor  of  the  Forsyth s  of 
Tailzerton,  co.  Stirling,  and  of  Eccle*- 
greig,  oo.  Kincardine  {see  Burke's 
Landed  Gentry). 
n.  Walthr,  of  whom  presently. 
The  second  son, 

Walter  Forsyth,  ProTost  of  the  Uni- 
versity of  Glasgow,  in  1687,  m.  Margaret, 
daughter  of  Captain  James  Forsayth,  of 
Tailzerton,  oo.  Ayr,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Jambs,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Alexander,  fiom  whom  Is  descended 
Dr.  Alexander  Forsyth,  the  inventor. 

TLe  elder  son, 

James  Forsayth,  inherited  Tailzerton, 
from  his  mother,  was  caplain  in  the  army  of 
William  III  at  the  Boyne,  m.  Margaret, 
daughterof  JlajorHugh  Montgombrib  (one 
of  the  petitioners  to  the  King  in  1660),  and 
had  issue, 

I.  John,  of  Tailzerton. 

II.  Matthew,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Alexander. 
The  second  son, 

Matthbw  Forsayth,  h,  at  Tailzerton, 
1700,  went  to  IreUnd,  and  m.  Esther, 
daughter  of  Bobert  Gbaham,  ancestor  of  the 
Grahams  of  Drumgoon,  co.  Fermanagh,  by 
his  wife,  Janet  Uumb,  of  Castlehume.  He 
emigrated  to  Chester,  New  Hampshire, 
America,  in  1742,  and  was  one  of  the 
wealthiest  settlers  there,  was  lay  preacher 
and  deacon,  and  in  1776,  sided  with  the 
Colonists,  and  was  chairman  of  the  Chester 
Committee  of  Public  Safety.  He  d.  1791, 
leaving  issue, 

I.  Matthew,  physician  R.N.,  b.  in  Ireland 
and  left  a  son,  Bobert,  who  settled  in 
TOL.  II. 

Yirginia,  and  was  Major  in  Lee's  Light 
Horse  in  1776,  Deputy  Quartermaster- 
General  of  the  Southern  Army  in  1778, 
First  Marshal  ot  QeorfriA  in  1787, 
having  been  A.D.C.  to  Washington. 
He  was  father  of  John  Forsyth,  Gov- 
ernor of  Georgia,  whose  son,  John 
Forsyth,  was  Commissioner  Plenipoten- 
tiary of  the  Southern  Confederacy  to 
Washington  in  1861,  Chief  of  the 
Staff  of  the  Confederate  Array  of 
Tennessee  in  1863,  and  author  of  the 
Proclamation  of  the  South  to  the  People 
of  Kentiickg, 

II.  David,  Ensign  in  Chester  Company 
1778,  was  killed  at  Ticeudroga. 

III.  Jonathan,  a  soldier  in  Chester  Com- 
pany, killed  at  Tioendroga. 

IV.  William,  of  whom  presently. 

V.  Bobert,  lieutenant  in  the  war  of  1776, 
m.  a  daughter  of  William  Tolpord,  of 
Walnut  Hill. 

YI.  Josiah,  lieutenant  in  the  war  of  1779, 
m.  Kitty,  daughter  of  Caleb  Richard- 
I.  Esther,  d.  unm. 
The  fourth  son, 

William  Forsayth,  b.  in  Ireland  1740, 
Ensign  in  the  Royal  New  Hampshire  Pro- 
vincials 1768-  5,  a  founder  of  the  Derry  (New 
Hampshire)  library;  m.  Jane,  daughter  of 
James  Wilson,  surveyor  of  the  highways  of 
Chester  (of  an  Irish  family),  and  d,  at  Deer- 
ing  in  1805,  leaving  issue, 

I.  James,  physician,  a  graduate  of  Dart- 
mouth College. 

II.  Matthew. 

III.  David,  Captain,  Deering  Rifles. 

IV.  Thomas,  of  whom  presently. 
y.  Robert,  a  captain  in  the  army. 

Ti.  Josiah,  a  graduate  of  Dartmouth 
College,  barrister  and  magistrate,  at 
Goffs  Town,  New  Hampshire. 

I.  Hannah,  «i. PAias. 

The  fourth  son, 

Thomas  Forsayth,  b.  in  the  British  Pro- 
vince of  New  Hampshire  1775,  educated  at 
the  Military  School  in  Normandy,  entered  the 
Brigade  de  Navarre,  was  captain  at  the  siege 
of  Thionville  in  1792,  was  made  Viscount  de 
Fronsac  in  1798,  by  the  Emperor  Francis  II. 
He  went  to  Savannah  in  the  United  States  of 
America  in  1802,  and  m.  Sallie,  daughter  of 
Admiral  John  Pray,  by  Mary,  liis  wife, 
daughter  of  Major  Joshua  Hamilton,  and 
grand-daughter  of  Captain  John  Pray,  by 
Mirette,  his  wife,  daugliter  of  the  Marquis 
de  St.  Vebak,  and  sister  of  the  Marquis  de 
Montcalm,  and  d.  at  Portland,  Maine,  1849, 
leaving  issue, 

I.  Cyrus  Hamilton,  b.  1810,  member  of 
the  P.R.  Rifle  Corps,  1832,  captain  on 
the  staff  of  General  Mirabeau  B. 
Lamar,  in  the  Republic  of  Texas,  1835, 
d.  unm.  at  Galviston  1839. 

II.  Frederic,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  George,  b.  1821,  member  of  the  P.R. 

2  N 



Rifle  Corps  ;  m.  Albertina,  daughter  of 
Captain  Albert  Jbwbtt,  of  Portland. 

I.  Jane,  b.  1812. 

II.  Sarah  Ann,  b.  1815  ;  tn.  William  Pitt 
Pebble,  LL.B.,  judge  of  the  Supremo 
Court  of  Maine,  founder  and  first 
president  of  the  Grand  Trunk  Railway 
of  Canada,  was  minister  to  the  Nether- 

III.  Eleanor,  b.  181 7;  m.  Samuel  Sawyer, 
of  Portland. 

IT.  Carohne  Augusta,  b.  1823  ;  m.  James 
Albert  Macnab,  of  Greenock,  Scot- 
The  second  son, 

Frederic  Forsyth,  of  Montreal  and  Port- 
land, b.  1819  (second  Viscount  do  Fronsac), 
Captain  P.R.  Rifle  Corps,  commanded  the 
guard  of  honour  of  H.R.H.  the  Prince  of 
Wales  at  Portland  1860,  was  afterwards  a 
member  of  the  Society  of  California  Pioneers ; 
m.  Harriet,  daughter  of  Major- General  Joseph 
Scott  Jbwett,  and  d.  at  Portland  1891, 
leaving  issue, 

I.  Frkdertc  Gregory,  the  subject  of 
this  memoir. 

II.  Thomas  Scott,  b.  1859,  in  the  publish- 
ing department  of  the  Natural  History 
Soci^fty  of  Boston,  1882:  journalist 
and  musician. 

Arms — Arff,  a  chevron  engrailed  gu.  between  three  griffint  segreanl  vert,  armed  and 
fnembered  of  the  second. 

Crest — A  grijffin^t  head  between  two  wings  vert. 

Motto — Loyal  <i  la  Mcrt. 

Hesidences — Montreal,  Canada;  18,  Somerset  Street,  Boston,  U.S.A. 


THOMAS  BOWLING,  of  Jellulobad,  Darlington,  Victoria,  J.P.,  member 
of  the  Legislative  Council,  and  president  of  Mortlakeshire  Council, 
h.  6th  December,  1820 ;  m.  18th  August,  1842,  Maria,  daughter  of  the  late 
Jeremiah  Ware,  of  Bosh  well,  Tasmania,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Charles  Ware,  6.  7th  July,  1848  j  m.  8th  February,  1867,  Sarah  Taspill 

DowLiNG,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Percival  Charles. 

2.  Leslie  James. 

8.  Hector  Vincent. 

4.  Edward  Arthur. 

5.  Reginald  Laws. 

1.  Mabel  Lucie. 

2.  Ruby. 

3.  Oaniet. 

II.  Joseph,  6.  12th  May,  1848;  m.  11th  November,  1890,  Rose  TuEJflCH, 

and  has  issue,  Geoffrey  Charles  Walter. 

III.  Benjamin,  6.  26th  June,  1855 ;  m.  20th  July,  1877,  Jenny  Graeme 

Thomson,  and  has  issue,  Barclay ;  Graeme ;  and  Ina  Medorrancuh. 

IV.  John  Ware,  h.  22nd  April,  1857;  m.   4th  July,  1885,  Jessie  Wylis 

DoDD,  and  has  issue,  Jack  Ware  ;  Violet  Gladys ;  and  Helen  Laura. 

V.  George  Ware,  6.  5th  March,  1861. 

I.  Selina,  m.  16th  August,  1865,  Thomas  Forest  Cummino. 
IT.  Jane  Archer,  m.  18th  March,  1874,  Andrew  M'Farland. 
II  r.  Laura  Maria. 

IV.  Elizabeth,  m.  23rd  November,  1876,  Horace  Arthur  Nevett. 

V.  Mary. 

VI.  Emily  Kate,  m.  23rd  October,  1885,  Dr.  Matthew  Barclay  Thomson. 




John  Dowliwo  (son  of  Wiluam  Dowling, 
I.  1720),  m.  Susannah  Matthews,  and  d.  9th 
])«'eember,  1832,  leaving  a  son, 

Henrt  Dowlino,  who  d.  29th  March, 
1S69,  lesTing  (by  his  wife,  Elizabeth,  who  d. 
24ih  May,  1853)  issue, 

I.  Henry,  b,  6th  Januaiy,  1810 ;  m.  Eliza 
Tatspill,  and  had  issue,  John  Tay- 
Bpill ;  Henry  Palliser  Leonard ;  Robert ; 
Thomas  Tayepill;  Edward  Jackson; 
"William  Arcncr;  Elizabeth  Anne; 
Sanh  Tayspill :  and  Susannah  Jane. 

II.  John  Leonard,  b.  4th  May,  1816; 
fli.  11th  February,  1842,  Cecilia  Lord, 
and  has  issue,  George;  Alfred  ;  Aubin ; 
Frank;  Kilner;  Waller;  William; 
Gibson ;  Cecilia  i  and  Ellen. 

in.  Thomas,  of  Jellulubad,  as  above. 

IT.  Joseph,  b.  1825,  deceased. 

T.  Benjamin,    b.    1822;    m.   1st    June, 

1837,  Ellen    Vines,   and   hod   issue, 

Benjamin;    Percy;    and  Ella   Maria 

VI.  Robert  Hawker,   b.  1827;   «.  14th 

February,  1849,  Arrabella  Dean,  and 

had  issue,  Marion  Beckford. 

I.  Mary,  b.  2nd  December,  1812;  m. 
Richard  PAixibEK,  and  has  issue, 
Benjamin ;  Marie ;  Fanny  ;  and 

II.  Maria,  b.  1818;  m.  Eilner  Walleb, 
drowned  with  her  husband  and  her 
six  children  in  the  wreck  of  the 
•'  Dunbar,"  Sydney. 

Crest  ^ A  lionet  head  erased  az.  gorged  with  two  bars  or, 
Sesidenee — Jellulubad,  Darlington,  Victoria. 
Clubs — Geelong  and  Leura. 


P.R.C.S.  (Eng.),  J.P.,  of  Melbourne,  Victoria,  cbancellw  of  the 
University  of  Melbourne,  b,  19th  January,  1817 ;  m.  first,  at  Brussels,  30th 
July,  1842,  Ellen,  second  daughter  of  the  late  William  Hawkbr,  M.D.,  of 
Charing,  oo.  Kent,  England,  and  Li^ge,  Belgium,  formerly  surgeon  in  the 
Grenadier  Guards  (descended  from  an  ancient  Kentish  family,  who  in  the 
beginning  of  the  18th  century  possessed  the  extensive  manor  of  Deal),  by  his 
-wife,  Eliza  Atkinson,  the  daughter  of  a  wealthy  London  merchant,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  24ith  February,  1846)  has  had  issne,  two  sons, 

I.  Anthony  Colling  Hawker,  6.  1844 ;  d.  3rd  February,  1853. 

II.  John  Yglesias,  of  Brangee  Lodge,  Euroa,  Victoria,  h.  16th  February, 

1846 ;  m.  at  Euroa,  30th  December,  1872,  Bridget  Theresa,  daughter 
of  Nicholas  Clusket,  of  Lalla  Rookh  Farm,  Euroa,  by  Bridget 
RoCHFOfiD,  his  wife,  and  d,  22nd  April,  188D,  having  had  issue, 

1.  Anthony  Colling  Yglesias,  twin  with  Lillian  Maude,  h.  3rd 

December,  1879. 

2.  Harold  Nicholas,  h.  23rd  October,  1883. 

1.  Helen,  h,  9th  November,  1873  ;  d,  17th  January,  1886. 

2.  Mabel  Frances  Rose,  6.  10th  July,  1875. 

3.  Jane  Alberta,  h.  12th  August,  1877. 

4.  Lillian  Maude,  twin  with  Anthony  Colling  Yglesias,  h.  3rd 

December,  1879. 
Sir  Anthony  m.  secondly,"  at  Narin,  co.  Donegal,  Ii'eland,  1st  January,  1852, 
Anne  Jane,  eldest  daughter  of  the  late  Captain  William  Hamilton,  of  the  Rifle 
Brigade,  of  Eden,  co.  Donegal  (see  Borke's  Landed  Gentry^  Hamilton,  of 
Castle  Hamilton)^  who  served  with  distinction  in  the  Peninsular  war,  by 
Maria,  his  wife,  daughter  of  Captain  John  Power,  of  the  9th  Lancers,  and  by 
her  (who  d,  14th  November,  1889)  has  had  issue, 

2  N  2 


III.  Anthony  Colling,  of  Hyde  Park,  Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  M.B., 

Ch.B.  (Melbourne),  b,  12th  Angnst,  1854;  m.  at  Sydney,  7th  July, 
1883,  Roskey  Frumey,  daughter  of  Cashriel  Aaron  Gainsborg,  of 
Ballarat,  Victoria,  merchant,  by  Rachel  Harriett  Derrett,  his  wife. 

IV.  Alfred  Oswald  Lauderdale,  of  Essen  don,  Victoria,  h,  6th  November, 

1863 ;  m.  at  Kew,  Victoria,  2nd  July,  1892,  Robertia  Jane,  youngest 
daughter  of  the  late  Robert  Lunam,  of  the  Avenue,  St.  Kilda, 
Melbourne,  and  has  issue,  Robert  Anthony,  h.  18th  August,  1893- 

V.  William  Joseph  Hamilton  Michael  Colling,  of  Yanko,  N.S.W.,  6.  30th 

April,  1866;  m.  at  Linton,  Victoria,  9th  April,  1894,  Charlotte, 
youngest  daughter  of  the  late  Ambrose  Mubrell,  of  Linton, 

I.  Maria,  h.  26th  May,  1856 ;  m.  at  St.  Patrick's,  Melbourne,  1878,  Major- 

General  Henry  Hanmer  Chalmers  Christian  Grosvenor  Wabringtox, 
of  H.M.'s  Army  (medal  for  serving  in  the  Indian  Mutiny  of  1858), 
eldest  son  of  the  late  Captain  William  Henry  Warrington,  of  the 
3rd  Dragoon  Guards  {see  Burke's  Landed  Q&iitry^  second  edition, 
p.  1527,  Warrington  of  Lancashire),  by  Emma,  his  wife,  only 
child  of  Brigadier-Major  Van  Cortlandt,  son  of  Colonel  Philip  Van 
Cortland t,  fourth  in  descent  from  the  Right  Hon.  Oliver  Stephen 
Van  Cortland t,  the  first  Dutch  Governor  of  New  York  (see  pedigree 
of  Van  Coitlandt,  given  in  Burke's  Landed  Oentry,  under  Taylor  of 
Pennington),  and  has  issue,  three  sons  and  five  daughters. 

II.  Frances  Martha   Anne,    fe.    21st  April,    1858;     w.    at    St.    Francis, 

Melbourne,  9th  July,  1879,  James  Duncan  Robertson,  of  Kingston, 
Victoria,  second  son  of  William  Robertson,  of  Wando  Vale,  Caster- 
ton,  Victoria,  by  Annie  Macpherson,  his  wife,  and  has  had  issue,  five 
sons,  three  of  whom  survive. 

III.  Annie  Jane  Maria  Hamilton  Plunkett,  6.  11th   October,  1861;    d, 


Sir  Anthony  was  educated  under  private  tuition  at  the  University  of  Lidge, 
and  at  St.  Bartholomew's  Hospital,  London,  where  he  distinguished  himself 
at  the  honour  examinations.  He  obtained  the  diploma  of  the  Royal  College 
of  Surgeons  of  England  in  March,  1841  ;  was  admitted  a  licentiate  of  the 
Society  of  Apothecaries  of  London,  in  June,  1841,  and  became  a  member  of 
the  Apothecaries  Company,  in  the  same  year,  graduated  M.D.  at  the  Univer- 
sity of  St.  Andrew's  in  1846,  and  after  having  practised  medicine  in  London, 
where  he  was  physician  to  the  Royal  General  Dispensary  and  the  Metropolitan 
Dispensary,  he  left  for  Victoria.  20th  August,  1852,  arriving  in  Melbourne  in 
the  following  December,  and  rapidly  rose  to  the  fi'ont  rank  as  a  physician 
there.  Shortly  after  his  arrival  he  was  elected  physician  to  the  Melbourne 
Benevolent  Asylum,  appointed  a  justice  of  the  peace  for  Victoria  in  1853, 
elected  physician  to  the  Melbourne  Hospital  in  1854,  an  office  which  he  held 
for  twelve  years,  and  upon  resigning  was  appointed  a  life  governor  and  con- 
sulting physician.  In  June,  1855,  he  was  appointed  a  councillor  of  the 
University  of  Melbourne,  an  office  which  he  still  holds,  having  been  for  many 
years  senior  member  of  the  council ;  was  admitted  M.D.,  Melbourne  University, 
1856,  being  the  first  upon  whom  that  University  conferred  that  degree ;   was 



e!ected  vice-chancellor  of  the  University  of  Melbourne  in  1858,  holding  that 
office  for  twenty-nine  consecutive  years,  and  on  the  4th  April,  1887,  he  was 
elected  chancellor  of  the  University,  which  office  he  has  since  continaed  to  fill. 
To  Sir  Anthony  Brownless  is  especially  due  the  honour  of  founding  the 
Medical  School  in  the  University  of  Melbourne,  and  framing  for  it,  regulations, 
which  were  at  that  time  pronounced  by  the  General  Council  of  Medical 
Education  of  Great  Britain  to  be  as  complete  as  at  any  school  of  medicine  in 
the  world.  He  has  been  a  member  of  the  senate  of  the  University  since  its 
constitution  in  1867,  and  is  the  senior  member  of  that  body.  He  is  senior 
consulting  physician  to  the  Melbourne  Hospital,  and  honorary  consulting 
physician  to  St.  Vincent's  Hospital,  honorary  vice-president  of  the  Australian 
Federation  League  of  Victoria,  medical  referee  to  the  Victoria  Life  and  General 
Insurance  Company,  and  late  government  official  visitor  of  industrial  and 
reformatory  schools,  and  was  formerly  inspector  of  the  same,  physician 
to  the  Mcjlbourne  Benevolent  Asylum,  to  the  Orphanage  of  St.  Vincent 
de  Paul,  to  the  Magdalen  Asylum,  the  Industrial  and  Reformatory  Schools 
at  Abbotsfoi"d,  and  many  other  public  institutions.  He  was  for  thirty  years 
a  member  of  the  Catholic  Committee  on  Primary  Schools,  and  has  taken  as 
deep  an  interest  in  primary  as  he  has  in  university  education.  He  has  been  a 
member  of  several  important  government  commissions.  In  1862,  he  sat  on  a 
commission  to  inquire  and  report  on  the  Yarra  Bend  Lunatic  Asylum  and 
the  treatment  of  lunatics,  which  led  to  important  reforms  in  the  management 
of  asylums,  great  amelioi  ation  in  the  treatment  of  lunatics,  and  the  erection  in 
Victoria  of  suitable  hospitals  for  the  insane.  In  1879,  he  sat  on  a  commission 
for  inquiring  into  the  condition  and  management  of  industrial  and  reformatory 
schools;  this  commission  succeeded  in  initiating  an  entirely  new  system  for 
the  treatment  of  juvenile  criminals,  which  has  proved  eminently  successful. 
He  was  also  a  commissioner  for  the  Melbourne  Centennial  International 
Exhibition  of  1888.  Sir  Anthony  has  always  been  a  warm  supporter  of 
British  manly  sports,  and  for  many  years  kept  at  his  own  expense  one 
of  the  best  and  most  beautiful  packs  of  harriers  in  Victoria.  In  1870, 
His  Holiness  Pope  Pius  IX  conferred  on  him  the  honour  of  knight- 
hood of  the  Order  of  St.  Gregory  the  Great,  and  in  1883  Pope  Leo  XIII 
created  him  a  knight  commander  of  the  Order  of  Pius.  In  1884  he  was 
elected  a  Fellow  of  the  Royal  College  of  Surgeons  of  England ;  in  1888  the 
University  of  St.  Andrew's  conferred  on  him  the  honorary  degree  of  LL.D., 
and  in  the  same  year  he  also  received  the  degree  of  LL.D.  from  the  University 
of  Melbourne;   he  was  created  C.M.G.  in  1888,  and  K.C.M.G.  in  1893. 


The  family  of  Bbownlesb  has  been  resident 
in  the  countj  of  Durham,  England,  for  a  very 
long  period,  and  this  branch  is  related  by 
marriage  to  tlie  Earls  of  Lauderdale^  the 
Stanleys  of  Cross  Hall,  oo.  Lancashire,  the 
Balfours  of  'Whittinghame,  East  Lothian,  the 
Greenwells  of   Broom  Shields,  co.  Durham, 

and  the  Maddisons  of  Hole  House  in  the 
same  countj.     A  member  of  that  famUy, 

Anthony  Bbownlesb,  m.  22nd  February, 
1779,  Ann,  dangliter  of  Michael  Colltno,  of 
Darlington,  co.  Durham,  sister  of  Michael 
CoLLiNO,Major  in  the  Light  Horse  Volunteers 
of  London  and  Westminster*  (who  was  for  a 

•  Sir  A.  C.  Brownless  holds,  as  an  heirloom,  a  Taluable  silrer  cup,  presented  to  Major 
Colling,  by  his  regiment,  on  his  retirement  after  thirty  years  important  seryiccs  to  the  corps. 



Ijng  period  heacl  of  the  foreign  deparimeDt 
of  the  General  Post  Office,  London,  and 
during  the  Gordon  Biote  in  1780,  was 
quartered  with  his  troop  in  the  Bank  of 
England,  which  he  successfully  defended 
against  the  attacks  of  the  rebels),  and 
niece  of  Anthony  Todb,  of  Low  Hall 
Manor,  co.  Essex  (descended  from  the  old 
Durham  family),  for  more  than  foity  years 
secretary  of  the  General  Post  Office.  London, 
during  the  reigns  of  George  II  and 
Gkokob  III,  wiiose  only  child  and  heir, 
Eleanor,  m.  15th  August,  17%,  James, 
eighth  Earl  of  Laudeidale  (xee  Bubke'b 
Peerage).  Mr.  Brownless  d.  in  1785  (having 
predooeased  his  wife,  who  d.  in  1815),  haring 
nad  issue, 

I.  Colling  Anthony,  d.  in  infancy. 

II.  ^NTUONf,   a    posthumous   child,   of 
wham  presently. 

1.  Eleanor,  1    , 

n.  Jane,   'H"""- 
The  younger  son, 

Anthonf  Bhownlesp,  of  Paynetts  House, 
and  Bockingfold  Manor,  Gk>udhur8t,  co.  Kent, 
on  the  death  of  his  uncle  Major  Michael 
Colling,  in  1813.  inherited  that  gentleman's 
fortune,  and  purchased  the  abore-named 
estates  and  other  freehold  property  in  the 
Weald  of  Kent,  and  resided  principally  at 
Paynetts.  Ho  was  b.  7th  February,  1786; 
m.  1816,  Martlia,  daughter  of  John  Aubtsn, 
of  Goudhurst,  co.  Kent,  and  Martha  Sivyer, 
his  wife,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1st   August, 

BeMence — The  UmYersity 

18G4),  had    issue    an    only    son    and    four 
daughters,  viz., 

I.  AwTHomr  CoLLnra  (Sii),  the  subject 
of  this  memoir. 

I.  Jane,  m.  1851,  Alfred  William  Tre- 
dennick  Hamiltoit  (second  son  of 
the  late  Captain  William  Haviltox, 
of  the  Rine  Brigade,  of  Eden,  co. 
Donegal,  Ireland),  who  d.  9.  p.  {kce 
Burke's  Landed  Qenity,  Haxiiltoit 
of  Castle  Hamilton), 

II.  Martha,  m.  1850,  James  Paumier 
Hamilton,  Q.C,  recorder  of  Cork, 
county  court  judge,  chairman  of 
quarter  sessions,  E.B.  of  co.  Cork, 
and  bencher  of  King's  Inns,  Dublin, 
eldest  son  of  the  late  Captain  William 
Hamilton,  of  Eden,  co.  Donegal,  and 
has  an  only  son,  William  John 
Paumier,  of  Moesriil,  co.  lX>negal. 
J.  P.,  Colonel  Cork  Artillery,  late  of 
the  41  st  Kegiment.  (See  Bd&ke^s 
Landed  Gentry.) 

III.  Eleanor,  d.  yonng. 

ir.  Elizabeth  Anne,  m.  Rer.  Arthur 
Parke  Ibwinb,  M.A.  Dublin,  ricar  of 
Bingley,  co.  York,  and  rural  dean,  and 
has  numerous  issue.  Their  eldest 
son  is  the  Rey.  Edward  Cfaaropneys 
Irwine,  M.D.,  British  Chaplain  in 

Mr.  Brownless  d.  1st  April,  1862,  and  was  t. 
by  his  only  son. 

of  Melbourne^  Victoria. 

Amu^A  chef>ron  »a.  between  three  cornitk  choughs  ppr. 
displayed  or.    Motto— J* aspire,  ^ 

Crest^An  eagle  wUh  wings 

CAPTAIN  WILLIAM    HORACE  LEE,  of    Ottawa,  Canada,  late  of  the 
Governor-Generars   Foot   Guards,   now  of  the  Civil  Service,  b.  12th 
February,  1844,  m.  Alice  Jane,  daughter  of  Jonathon  Slatbr,  of  Chippawa, 
CO.  Welland,  and  has  issue, 
Jessie  Eileen  Winifred. 


William  Lbk,  of  Enniscorthy,  co.  Wex- 
ford, Ireland,  was  a  military  surgeon  in 
H.M.'s  24th  Kegiment,  and  sened  in  Canada 
in  the  war  of  1812,  and  was  subsequently 
gentleman  usher  of  the  Black  Rod  to  tie 
Legislative  Council,  b.  circa  1763  j  m.  1798, 
the  daughter  of  Godfrey  King,  of  Quebec, 
and  d.  1st  July,  1833,  having  by  her,  who  d. 
1803,    had    issue,    with    two    daughters,   a 

WiLLiAH  Hktby  Leb,  clerl  of  tlie  Priry 
Council  of  Canada,  b.  1799,  served  for  fifty- 
one  years  in  the  Canadian  Civil  Service,  and 
on  his  retirement  in  1872  was  presented  by 
the  government  with  a  piece  of  plate  in 
recognition  of  his  "  faithful  and  distinguished 
services."  He  m.  1812,  Harriet  Louisa, 
sixth  daughter  of  the  late  Colonel  the  Hon. 
Sauuiel  Smith*  of  Etobicoke,  and  by  her, 
who  d.  in  October,  1803,  had  issue. 

The  family  of  Colling  possessed  freehold  property  in  the  neighbourhood  of  Hurworth  in  co. 
Durham  for  several  centuries. 

*  Thb  Hon.  Samuel  Smith,  of  Etobicoke,  Colonel  Queen^s  Rangers,  came  to  Canada 
after  the  American  Bevolution  and  obtained  a  grant  of  lands  in  the  township  of  Etobicoke. 
He  was  a  member  of  the  Eiecutive  Council  of  Upper  Canada,  and  was  twice  Administrator  ot 
the  Gtovernmsnt.    He  was  the  son  of  James  ;Smixu,  and  had  a  sister  Anne,  ta.  Hon.  Alcxaiider 



I.  William  Hosacb,  tlie  subject  of  this  Chicago,  U.S.A.,   b,   16th  NoYember, 
memoir.  1853. 

II.  Edgar,  d.  an  infant.  I.  Rosamund.  li.  Jane. 

III.  Charles     Smith,      now     liying    in  ill.  Alice. 

Arm* — Arff.  afesg  beitoeem  three  crescenit  ta. 

Creti — 0»  a  column  org,  encircled  with  a  coronet  or  an  eagle  dote  ppr,  ttanding  on  a 
birdie  leg  erased  gu. 

Motto — Fide  et  Consianiia. 
£e*idence — Ottawa. 


ARTHUR    JAMES    OGILVY,  of   Inverquharity,  Richmond,  Tasmania, 
J.P-  and  coroner,  b,  15th  April,   1834 ;    m.    8th  August,  1861,   Marj 
Camilla  Lnetitia,  eldest  daughter  of  William  Nebdhah,  of  Lenton  House,  co. 
Nottingham,  England,  by  Camilla  Anne  Bosanqukt,  his  wife,  and  by  her  (who 
d.  at  Inverquharity,  14th  May,  1891,  aged  50)  has  issue, 
I.  Kenneth  Arthur,  fc.  17th  July,  1863. 

I.  Mary  Louisa. 

II.  Bertha  Florence,   m,   at   Richmond,    Tasmania,   7th   January,   1892, 

William  Mosey,  formerly  of  Walthamstow,  co.  Essex,  and  has  issue, 
a  daughter,  Celia  Camilla. 

III.  Clara  Camilla. 


The  family  of  Ogilvt  derives  its  origin 
from  the  Mormaers  of  Angus,  one  of  the 
seTcn  great  hereditary  chiefs  of  Scotland, 
who  in  the  11th  centurj  exchanged  that  des- 
ignation for  the  title  of  earl. 

Oilibbidb,  £abl  of  Ahqvs  in  the  time  of 
Datid  I  had  with  other  issue,  three  sons, 
Akgus,  his  successor  in  that  earldom  ; 
Magnus,  who  tlirough  his  mother  s.  to  the 
earldom  of  Caithness ;  and  Gilbekt.  The 
third  son, 

OiLBBBT,  assumed  the  surname  of  Oqilyt 
from  landa  so  called  in  his  possession,  of 
which,  with  Powrie  and  E}^neithein  in 
Angus,  he  had  a  charter  in  1172.  From  him 

Sib  Patbick  Ogilty,  of  Wester  Powrie, 
who  had  from  Hobebt  I  a  charter  of  Ket- 
tins  in  Forfarshire.  He  had  two  sons,  i. 
Alexandbb,  his  heir,   a  quo  the  family  of 

Ogilvy,  ofOgilvyy  extinct ;  ii.  Patbick.  The 
younger  son, 

Patbick  Ogilvt,  of  Wester  Powrie, 
obtained  from  his  nephew.  Sir  Patrick 
Ogilry,  of  Ogilvy,  to  him  and  Marjory  his 
wife,  the  lands  of  Wester  Powrie.  By  mar- 
riage with  this  Marjory,  daughter  and  event- 
ually heiress  of  Robert  Ham  bay,  of  Auchter- 
house,  he  had  a  son, 

Waltee  Ogilvy,  of  Wester  Powrie  and 
Auchterhouse,  hereditary  sheriff  of  Forfar,  to 
which  estate  and  office  he  succeeded  on  the 
death  of  his  uncle.  Sir  Malcolm  Bamsay, 
cirva  1365.  He  had  two  sons,  Alexander, 
who  d.  unm,f  and  Walteb.    The  younger, 

Sib  Walteb  Ogilvy,  of  Auchterhouse, 
sheriff  of  Forfar,  was  a  man  of  great 
worth  and  merit,  and  lost  his  life  in  the 
following  manner :  —  Duncan  Stewart, 
natural  son  of  Alexander,  Earl  of  Buchan, 

Macdoihell.  He  m.  22ad  October,  1799,  Jane  Isabella,  daughter  of  Joseph  Clabeb,  M.D., 
and  d.  20th  October,  182(>,  having  by  her,  who  was  b.  8th  February,  1779,  and  d.  20th  September, 
1826,  had  issue,  i.  James  Alexander,  m.  April,  1844,  Nancy  Williams,  and  had  issue,  1. 
Samuel;  1.  Isabella  Ellen,  d.  uitm.  ,*  2.  Emma,  d.  unm.-,  and  3.  Sonora,  m.  B.  Lochul 
Oambbob',  of  Florida,  and  d.  *.  /?.,  being  accidentally  burnt  to  death  ;  ii.  Samuel  Boles,  d.  unw. 
July,  1882,  having  bequeathed  a  large  si.m  of  money  for  the  benefit  of  the  church  of  tlio 
i^scension,  Toronto;  i.  Ann,  b.  20th  July,  1801 ;  m.  11th  February,  1829, Henry  W.  Nelles, 
of  Grimsby,  son  of  Hon.  Abraham  Nelles,  and  had  issue,  two  sons  and  three  daughters;  ii. 
Emma,  d.  unm. ;  ill.  Isabella,  d.  unm.  ;  iv.  Catherine,  d.  unm. ;  v.  Margaret  Leah,  m,  James 
McDoNELL  {xee  that  family) ;  vi.  Habbiet  Louisa,  m.  (as  m  the  teit)  18j2, 
William  Henby  Lee  ;  vii.  Augusta,  </.  unm.\  and  viii.  Mnry  Eleanor,  m.  July,  1847, 
Frcdciick  Augustus  Ball,  and  d.  7th  June,  1890,  having  by  him,  who  d.  7th  February,  1880, 
hid  i&&\ie,  three  sons  and  two  daughters. 



having  entered  the  shire  of  Angus,  at  the 
head  of  a  lawless  gang  of  robbers,  in  order  to 
plunder  the  countrj,  the  sheriff,  accompanied 
bj  his  uterine  brother,  Walter  Lighton,  an- 
cestor of  that  family,  and  a  nmnerous  posse 
of  country  people  orertook  the  robbers  at  a 
place  callecl  G-lenbrerith.  in  Angus,  where, 
after  a  smart  skirmish,  Sir  Walter  with  his 
brother,  and  about  sixty  of  his  followers, 
were  killed  on  the  spot,  1391.  With  a 
daughter  Marjory,  m.  to  David,  third  earl  of 
Crawford,  he  left  three  sons, 

I.  Alexander,  of  Auchterbouse,  sheriff 
of  Forfar,  140Q-23,  who  had  issue, 

1.  Sir  Patrick,  of  Auchterhouse, 
shoriti'  of  Forfar  and  justiciary, 
father  of  Alexander,  of  Anchter- 
liouse,  whose  daughter  and  heir 
Margaret,  m.  James  Stuart,  Earl 
of  Biichan,  brother  utenne  of 
James  II. 

2.  Sir  Andrew,  of  Inchmartin,  an- 
cestor in  the  male  line  of  the 
second  and  subsequent  Earls  of 
Findlater,  from  whom  the  Earl 
of  Seafield  cornea  by  female  des- 

II.  Sir  Walter,  of  Lintrathen,  High 
Treasurer  of  Scotland  under  Jambs  I, 
ancestor  of  the  Eaelb  of  Aielib.  {See 
Bfbkb's  Peerage.) 

III.  John  (Sir),  of  whom  we  treat. 
The  third  son, 

SiB  JoHK  Ogilvt,  obtained  from  his 
brother,  Sir  Walter,  of  Lintrathen,  the  lands 
and  barony  of  Inverquliarity,  in  Forfarshire, 
in  1420.     He  had  three  sons, 

I.  Albxandbb,  his  heir. 

II.  Waltkr,  beir  to  his  nephew. 

III.  Thomas,  of  Clova. 
The  eldest  eon, 

Alsxandsb  Ogilvy,  second  baron  of 
Inverquharity,  who  lost  his  lile  at  the  mem- 
orable battle  of  Arbroath,  in  which  he  fought 
against  the  Lindsays,  23rd  January,  1445,  got 
a  charter  from  Alexander  Set  on.  Lord  of 
Gordon,  of  tlie  land»  of  Newton,  Herdhill, 
Kinnordie,  Balbredie,  &c.,  in  the  barony  of 
Kirriemuir,  dated  the  15th  June,  1434;  also 
a  charter  from  Nichol  Bofthwick,of  the  lands 
of  Ladinch,  &c.,dat<»d  the  15th  March,  1438  ; 
and  a  charter  from  William  Gifford,  of  Bal- 
nagarroeh,  of  the  lands  of  Little  Migrj',  Ac, 
dated  the  Ist  April,  1439;  all  of  which  are 
confirmed  by  a  charter  under  the  great  seal. 
He  had  in  1444  a  Icence  to  fortify  his  house 
and  add  an  iron  gate.  By  his  wife,  Janet, 
daughter  and  heiress  of  William  ToWBBS,  of 
Barnton,  he  had  a  son, 

AxEXAKBEB  Ogilvy,  third  baron  of  Inver- 
quharity, who  d.  young,  circa  1454,  and  was 
*.  by  his  uncle, 

Walteb  Ogilvy,  fourth  baron  of  Inver- 
quliarity, who  d.  1481,  and  was  *.  by  his 

John  Ogilvt,  the  fifth  baron  of  Inverqu- 
harity, got  a  chai'ler  from  King  James 
III  of  the  lands  of  Middleton,  Handwich, 
&c.,  to  him  and  Margaret  Rattry,  his  wife, 
dated  the  23rd  August,  1487.     By  the  said 

Margaret,  daughter  of  John  Rattbat,  of  Bat- 
tray,  he  had  a  son  and  successor, 

David  Ogilvv,  sixth  baron  of  Inverqu- 
harity. There  appear  to  have  been  disputes 
and  family  feuds  ""  betwixt  the  twa  houses  of 
Innercarritee  and  Clova  sen  the  battle  of 
Arbroath  " ;  but  these  were  all  at  last  accom- 
modated by  the  interposition  of  friends^  who 
were  mutually  chosen  as  arbitraton  by  both 
parties,  and  who  having  adjusted  all  their 
differences,  the  brothers  entered  into  a  mu- 
tual bond  of  friendship,  whereby  they  bound 
themMflves  and  their  posterity  to  Kve  in  peace 
and  amity  with  one  another,  dated  24th  May, 
1524.  He  m.  —  Nobis,  descended  of  an 
ancient  family  of  that  name  in  Dumbarton- 
shire, by  whom  he  had  a  son, 

John  Ogilvy,  his  apparent  heir,  who  «. 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Sir  Alexander 
Guthrie  (who  was  killed  at  the  betfie  of 
Flodden,  in  1513),  by  whom  he  had  a  son, 

Sra  John  Ogilvy,  of  Inverquharity,  who 
».  his  grandfather  and  m.  Elizabeth, daughter 
of  Thomas  Fothebinoham,  of  Powrie,  by 
whom  he  had  a  son,  John,  his  heir ;  and 
a  daughter  Marian,  m.  to  James  Maulb,  of 
Melgum,  son  of  Henry  Maule,  of  Innerpeffer, 
son  of  Robert  Maule,  of  Panmure.  He  sat  in 
the  Parliament  of  1560,  and  wa»  s.  by  his 

Sib  John  Ogilvt,  of  Inverquharity,  who 
m.  1 559,  Helen  Ogilvy,  sister  of  James,  fifth 
Lord  Ogilvy,  of  Airly,  and  by  her  had  two 

I.  John,  his  heir. 

II.  James,  whose  son  John  carried  on  the 
line  of  this  family  j  of  whom  after- 

I.  Janet,  m.  Donald,  progenitor  of  the 
Fabquhabsonb  ofFinxean,  by  whom 
she  had  seven  sons,  all  founders  of 
respectable  families. 

II.  Catherine,  m,  to  Psvid  Sibbald,  of 

Sir  John  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son. 

Sib  John  Ogilvy,  of  Inverquharity,  who, 
in  1580,  m.  Elizabeth  Ogilvib,  by  whom  he 
had  no  children.  He  rf.  and  was  *.  by  (the 
son  of  his  brother  James)  his  nephew. 

Sib  John  Ogilvy,  knighted  by  Eii^ 
James  VI  the  28th  June,  1600.  He  «.  hia 
cousin,  Matilda,  daughter  of  Thomas  Fothbb- 
inghaM,  of  Powrie,in  1586,  by  whcnn  he  had 
a  son,  John,  his  heir,  and  four  daughters. 
I  He  d.  in  tlie  end  of  the  reign  of  King  Jambs 
VI  and  was  *.  by  his  son. 

Sib  John  Ogilvt,  of  Inverquharity,  who 
was  created  a  baronet  of  Nova  Scotia,  witb 
remainder  to  his  heirs  male  generally  26th 
September,  1626.  Sir  John  m.  1622,  Anne, 
daughter  of  Sir  AleTandor  Trtintp,  of  Drum, 
by  the  Laily  Marion  Douglas,  his  wife,  and 
had  issue, 

I.  Alexander,  who,  at  an  early  age,  joined 
the  armies  of  Montrose,  and  fought  in 
the  tattle  of  Brechin,  Kilsyth,  and 
Philiphaugh.  He  was  taken  prisoner 
at  Philiphaugh  and  executed  with  Sir 
Philip  Nisbet,  23rd  October,  1646. 



II.  Datip,  second  baronet,  of  whom 

III.  George,  of  Lnnan. 

I.  Helen,  m,   to  Sir  William  Ooiltt, 

Bart.,  of  Barras. 
n.  Anna,    «.    to    Dayid    Ogiltt,  of 
Tlie  eldest  surviving  son, 

Sis  Dayid  Ogilyy,  represented  the  shire 
of  Angus  in  the  parliaments  of  1665  and 
1678.  This  gentleman  m.  in  1662,  Margaret, 
daughter  of  Sir  John  Ebskinb,  of  Dun,  by 
whom  he  had  four  sons  and  three  daughters, 
and  was  s.  by  the  eldest  son, 

SiB  John'Oqilyt,  who  «i.  1697,  Margaret, 
eldest  daughter  of  James  Ogilyy,  of  Cluny, 
ond  was  «.  oy  his  eldest  son. 

Sib  John  Ogilyt,  m.  first,  in  1720,  Helen, 
daughter  and  co-heir  of  Sir  Laurence 
Mbbcbb,  of  Aldie,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 

I.  John,  fifth  baronet,  of  whom  pre- 

II.  David,  brigadier-general,  fought  at 
Culloden,  d.  governor  of  the  island  of 
St.  Eustatift,  30th  May,  1781. 

III.  Thomas,  fought  at  Culloden  under 
Charles  Edward  Stewart,  and  subse- 
quently joined  the  French  service. 

Sir  John  m.  secondly,  Anne,  daughter  of 
James  Cabnbgib,  of  Finhaven,  by  whom  he 
had  a  son,  Charles,  and  two  daughters,  of 
whom  the  elder,  Anne,  m.  the  Bev.  Charles 
Bobkbts.  He  d.  1743,  and  was  «.  by  his 
eldest  son, 

SiB  John  Ogilyt,  who  w.  in  1754,  Char- 
lotte, eldest  daughter  of  Dr.  Walter  Tullie- 
SEFH,  of  Tulliedeph,  co.  Forfar,  by  whom 
he  had  (with  two  daughters,  Marv,  and 
Charlotte,  d,  22nd  February,  1844),  nine 

I.  Walteb  (Sir),  his  hfir,  who  d.  unm. 
21st  August,  1808,  and  was  g,  by  his 

II.  John  (Sir),  successor  to  his  brother, 
d.  unm,  1819,  and  was  «.  by  his 
brother,  William. 

III.  David,  Ueutenant-colonel  in  the 
army,  killed  in  Egypt  in  1801. 

lY.  William    (Sir),  who  a.  as  eighth 

baronet,  of  whom  presently. 
Y.  James,  d.  in  the  East  Indies. 
VI.  Alexander,  b.  17th  September,  1770  ; 
m.  2nd  January,  1804,  Marcia  Anne 
(who  d.  1st  April,  1861),  daughter  of 
MajoT-General  Hon.  Mark  Napieb, 
and  d.  2nd  November,  1846,  leaving 

1.  David,  b,  9th  February,  1813,  bar- 
rister-at-law ;  m.  6th  July,  1843, 
Eliza  Ann  Harris,  daughter  of 
Abercromby  Dick,  B.C.S.,  and  d. 
13th  October,  1879,  having  had 

(1)  Alexander  William,  late 
lieutenant  B.N.,  naval  knight 
of  Windsor.  1881,  b.  9th 
September,  1848  ;   deceased. 

(2)  Walter  Tulliedeph,  b.  9th 
August,  1852 ;  m.  1st  June, 
1878,      Edith      Lumley, 

daugliter  of  Edward  Lumley 
Hawobth,  and  has  issue, 
Angus  Edward,  b,  9th 
March,  1880;  David,  b,  14th 
July,  1881 ;  and  Marcia 
(3)  Angus,  b,  25th  January, 

(1)  Marcia  Napier,  m.  24th 
September,  1874,  Horace 
Bell,  and  has  issue. 

(2)  Violet  Isabel,  m.  8th 
December,  1879,  Frederick 
Collingbidgb,  of  Donapore, 
Bengal,  and  has  issue. 

1.  Charlotte,  d.  14th  April,  1883, 
having  m.  first,  3rd  January, 
1833,  William  Macfablanb,  of 
Dunavourd,  co.  Perth,  who  d, 
1838:  secondlv,  29th  December, 
1842,  Mark  N^afibb  (see  Babon 
Napieb  and  Etteick,  in 
Bubkb's  Peerage)  j  sheriff  of 
Dumfries,  by  whom  (who  d.  22nd 
November,  1869)  she  had  issue. 
Yll.  Thomas,  d.  in  India. 
Yiii.  Bamsay,  Lieutenant  44th  Begiment, 

who  fell  at  the  capture  of  St.  Lucia. 
IX.  Adam,  also  an  officer  in  the  army, 
who  d.  in  the  West  Indies. 
Sir  John  sold  the  lands  of  Inverquharitj, 
which  gives   designation  to  the   baronetcy, 
and  had  been  in  the  family  fourteen  genera- 
tions.    He  d.  in  1802,  and  was  s.  eventually 
by  his  fourth  son, 

Sib    William    Ogilyy,  eighth    baronet, 
Bear-Admiral  B.N., of  Baldovan, Forfarshire; 
entered  the  navy  in  1773,  and   saw  much 
active  service  ;  attained  post  rank,  5th  July, 
1797,  and  was  placed  on  the  list  of  super- 
annuated rear-admirals,  6th  December,  1821. 
He  m,  1802,  Sarah,  eldest  daughter  of  James 
Moblby,  Bombay  Civil  Service,  and  some- 
tiroes  of  Kempshot,  Hants,  and  dying  1828, 
left  issue  by  her,  who  d.  26th  May,  1854, 
I.  John  (Sir),  ninth  Baronet,  of  Inver- 
quharity,  co.  Forfar,  of  Baldovan,  For- 
farshire, and  of  Brooks'  and  Travel- 
lers' Clubs,  London,  M.P.  for  Dundee 
1857  to  1874,  convener  of  the  co.  of 
Forfar  1855  to  1889,  J.P.  and  D.L. ; 
late  vice -lieutenant  of  co.  Forfar,  and 
Honorary  Colonel  1st  Volunteer  Bat- 
talion   the     Black    Watch,    b,    I7ih 
March,  1803  ;     educated   at   Harrow 
and  Christ  Church,  Oxford ;  m.  firstly, 
7th    July,    1831,    Juliana     Barbara, 
youngest  daughter   of   the  late  Lord 
Henry  Howaed,  and  br  her  (who  d, 
27th  December,  1838)  had  issue, 
1.  Beoinald  Uowabd  Alexandeb 
(Sir),  tenth  and  present  baronet, 
of  BHldovan,  near  Dundee,  N.B., 
and  of  the  Athenroum  and  New 
Clubs,    B.A.    of    Oriel    College, 
Oxford,    J.P.    and    D.L.  for   co. 
Forfar,  and  Honorary  Colonel  5th 
Brigade  Scottish    Division    B.A., 
A.D.C.    to    the    Queen,   b.    29th 
May,  1832 ;    m.  27th  July,  1859, 



Olivia  Barbara,  only  daughter  of 
George  William  Fox,  ninth  Lord 
KiNNAiRD,  K.T.,  and  has  by  Ler 
(who  d,  6tli  August,  1871), 

(1)  Antius  Howard  Beginald, 
Captain  13th  Hussars,  and 
Adjutant  Royal  £ast  Kent 
Yeomanry  Caralry,  b.  12th 
August,  I860;  «i.  15th  Octo- 
ber, 1890,  Isabel  Louisa, 
daughter  of  the  Hon.  Balph 
Nevill  (*e«  Marquess  op 
Aberoavenvy,  in  Burke's 
Peerage)  ;  and  baa  issue. 
Gilchrist  Nevill,  *.  6th  Sep- 
tember, 1892,  and  Olivia 
Frances  Isabel. 

(2)  Herbert  Kinnaird,  b.  18t>5. 

(3)  Frederick  Charles  Ashley, 
Lieutenant  R.N.,  b.  1866. 

(4)  Gilbert  Francis  Molyneux, 
B.A.  Oxford,  b,  1868. 

(1)  Violet  Olivia  Juliana. 

1.  Juliana,  m.  27th  July,  1858,  to 
Sir  Nelson  Rtcroft,  Bart,  (see 
Bureb's  Peerage), 

Sir  John  m.  secondly,  5th  April,  1836, 
Lady  Jane  Elizabeth  Howard,  third 
daugliter  of  Thomas,  sixteenth  Earl  of 
Suffolk,  and  by  her  (who  d.  28th  July, 
1861)  had  further  issue, 

2.  Henry  Thomas,  barrister-at-lav, 
D.L.  CO.  Haddington,  b.  Srd  May, 
1837;  tn.  lllh  September,  1888, 
Mary  Georgina  Constance,  only 
daughter  of  the  Right  Hon. 
Robert  Christopher  Hamilton 
NiSBET  and  Lady  Mary  Hamilton 
Nisbet,  of  Belhaven  and  Dirleton 
{see  Earl  op  Elgin,  in  Burke's 
Peerage) . 

8.  Charles  William  Norman  (Rev.), 
M.A.,  rector  of  Hanbury,  Wor- 
cestersliire,  b.  6th  October,  1839 ; 
m.  2nd  June,  1870,  the  Hon. 
Emily  Friscilla  Maria,  daughter 
of  Lord  DB  Mauley,  and  has 
issue,  twin  daujihters,  Alice  Jane 
Mnrion,  and  Diana  Elizabeth 
Maria,  b,  17th  March,  1871. 

2.  Fanny  Henrietta.. 

3.  M  ary  Margaret,  d.  17th  October, 

4.  Edith  Isabel,  d.  ttnm.  8th  October, 

5.  Eveline  Constance  Maud. 
Sir  John  d.  29th  March,  3890. 

II.  Wulter,  Major  69th  Regiment,  b. 
1804;  m.  26th  September,  1861, 
Caroline,  eldest  surviving  daughter 
of  Rev.  George  Tomline  Pretyman, 
chancellor  of  Lincoln  Cathedral,  and 
canon  of  Winchester,  and  d.  21st 
May,  1879. 

III.  William,  Bengal  Civil  Service,  d. 

IT.  Jahes  Balfour,  of  whom  pre- 

V.  David,  in  the  Bengal  army,  m.  Caro- 
line, daugliter  of  Lieutenant-Colonel 
Carter,  of  the  16th  Regiment ;  d.  8th 
October,  1876. 

VI.  George  Eeith,  commander  R.N., 
entered  the  navy  3l8t  May,  1824,  and 
obtained  his  first  commission  Ist  Mny, 
1834.  He  attained  the  rank  of  com- 
mander 23rd  November,  1841,  and  d. 
20th  September,  1846,  at  Wyndham 

VII.  Thomas,  Bombay  Civil  Service,  m. 
16th  April,  1846,  Georgiana  (who  d. 
May,  1884),  third  daughter  of  Samuel 
BosANQUET,  of  Dingestow  Court,  co. 
Monmouth,  and  d.  16th  June,  1871. 

VIII.  Alexander  Charles. 
I.  Charlotte. 

The  fourth  son, 

James  Balfour  Ooilvt,  Bengal  Civil 
Service,  m  1833,  Anne,  only  daughter  of 
Thomas  Kinloch,  of  Kilrie,  co,  Forfar,  and 
dying  14th  July,  1848,  left  issue, 

I.  Arthur  Jaubs,  now  of  Inverqu- 
harity,  Richmond,  Tasmania,  tiie 
subject  of  this  memoir. 

II.  William  Lewie  Einloch,  C.B.,  assis- 
tant adjutant-general  Cork  district, 
Ireland,  from  1888,  late  Colonel  2nd 
Battalion  Royal  Rifle  Corps  (formerly 
the  60th  Rifles)  ;  6.  30th  April,  1840. 
He  was  appointed  ensign,  18th  June, 
1857;  lieutenant,  15th  June,  1858; 
captain,  lllh  December;  1866,  major, 
2l8t  August,  1878 ;  lieutenant-colonel, 
Ist  July,  1881 ;  and  colonel,  1st  July, 
1885.  He  served  in  the  Zulu  war  of 
1879;  with  the  Srd  Battalion  60th 
Rifles  in  the  Boer  war  of  1881 ;  and 
in  the  Egj  ptian  war  of  1882  with  the 
same  battalion ;  was  present  in  the 
engagement  at  Tel-el- Mabula,  at 
Kassassin,  and  was  in  command  of 
the  battalion  at  the  battle  of  Tel-eU 
Eebir  (medal  with  clasp,  fourth  class 
of  the  Osmanieh,  and  Khedive's  star)  ; 
served  with  the  Srd  Battalion  King's 
Royal  Rifle  Corps  in  the  Soudban 
expedition  under  Sir  Gerald  Graham 
in  1884,  was  appointed  commandant 
of  the  base  at  Trinkitat,  and  was 
present  in  the  action  at  Temai*  (men- 
tioned in  despatches,  third  class  of 
the  Medjidie,  and  two  clasps).  Colo- 
nel Ogilvy  m.  22nd  October,  1889, 
Lucy,  elder  daughter  of  William 
Wickham,  of  Binstead  Wyck,  Alton, 
Hants,  and  has  issue,  Charlotte 
Helen,  b.  22nd  August,  18U3. 

I.  Anne. 

Arms — Quarterly  :  first  and  fourth,  arg.  a  lion,  pass.,  guard,  gn.,  gorged  with  an  open 
crown,  and  crowned  with  a  close  imperial  one  or,  for  Ogilvy  j  second  and  third  uig.,  un 
ougle  di8)>l.  sii.,  IcMkrd  and  menibi-red  gu., /or  Eamsay,  of  Awhterhouse, 

Crest — A  dcmi  lion  i-anip.  gu.,  armed  az. 



Mottoes — Oyer  the  creet,  "  Forward"  ;  under  tlie  shield  *'  Terrona  pericula  aperno." 

JSad,ge — A  sprig  of  hawthorn. 

JUsidence — Inverquhu'ityi  Richmond,  Tasmania. 


HUGH  PEROT  MURRAY- AYNSLEY,  of  Riverlaw,  Ghristchnrch,  New 
Zealand,  formerly  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Council,  Trinidad,  and 
member  of  the  House  of  feepresentatives  of  New  Zealand,  6.  in  1828  ;  m.  9th 
June,  1859,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Thomas  Campbell,  and  by  her  (who  d.  in 
1893)  has  had  issue, 

I.  John  Henry,  h,  24th  July,   1860,  M.R.C.S.  and  L.R.C.P.  London,  late 
Captain  7th  Battalion  Rifle  Brigade  ;   m.  27th  April,  1891,  Elizabeth 
Anderson,  only  daughter  of  Andrew  Key,  M.D.  of  Montrose,  N.B. 
IT.  Charles  Percy,  b.  9th  January,  1862. 

III.  Archibald  Cruger,  h.  23rd  July,  1864. 

IV.  George,  b.  19th  November,  1865. 

I.  Agnes  Athoie,  b.  1863. 

II.  Emma  Mary,  6.  1867. 

III.  Helen  Elizabeth,  6.  1868. 


This  family  is  a  cadet  branch  of  the  great 
ducal  house  of  AtboU  and  springs  from, 

JOHF,  THIBD  DUKB  OF  AtUOLL,  K.T.,  who 

m.  his  cousin,  the  Lady  Charlotte,  sole  heiress 
of  her  father,  James,  second  Duke  of  Atholl. 
Her  Grace  succeeded  her  father  in  the  barony 
of  Strange  and  the  sovereignty  of  the  Isle  of 
Man  J  but  in  1765,  their  graces  disposed  of 
this  sovereignty,  which  they  had  derived  from 
Sir  John  Stanley,  Knt.  (tj  whom  it  bad  been 
granted  in  1406  by  Heney  IV),  to  the 
iiritish  Government  for  £70,000,  reseiTing, 
however,  their  landed  interest  on  payment 
of  £101  lbs.  lld.j  annually,  and  rendering  two 
falcons  to  the  Kings  and  Queens  of  England 
upon  their  coronation,  llieir  graces  had,  with 
other  issue, 

I.  John,  fourth  Duke,  from  whom  the 
present  Duke  of  Atholl  desc0.ids. 

II.  Charlbb,  the  youngest  son,  from 
whom  descend  the  Muksat-Aynslet 

The  youngest  son. 

The  Vgby  Key.  Losd  Chaslbs  Mcrbay, 
h,  in  1771,  was  installed  m  1803,  Dean  of 
Booking  in  Essex,  where  he  entertained  Louis 
XYIII  of  France  and  his  suite.  His  lordship 
m.  18th  June,  1793,  Alice,  daughter  of 
George  Mitpobd,  and  beires:»  of  her  grrat 
uncle  Qawen  Aynsley,  ujx)n  which  marriage 
he  assumed  by  sign  mauual,  the  surname  of 
Aynsxey  only  and  the  arms  of  that  family 
quarterly  with  his  own.  He  d.  in  May,  1808, 
having  by  her,  who  d,  ISlh  June,  1813,  had 

I.  John,  his  Leir. 

I.  Atholl  Eeturah,  h.  22nd  July,  1801,  m, 
5th  June,  1826,  tlie  Bev.  Sir  Herbert 
Oakelby,  Bart.,  and  d.  26th  January, 

II.  Charlotte,  m.  28th  January,  1812, 
General  Sir  John  Oswald,  G.C.B.,and 
d.  27th  February,  1827.  He  d.  6th 
June,  1840. 

in.  Elizabeth  Anne,  d.  unm.  7th  June, 
His  only  son, 

John  Mubbay  Aynslby,  of  Underdown, 
CO.  Hereford,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  b.  2nd  June, 
1795,  m.  24th  June,  1820,  Emma  Sarah, 
daughter  of  Samuel  Pbach,  of  Toclcington 
House,  CO.  Gloucester,  ami  d.  25th  March, 
1870,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Charles,  his  heir,  of  Hall  Court, 
Hants,  J.P.,  C.B.,  admiral  (retired) 
S .  N.,  a  Knight  of  the  Legion  of  Honour, 
and  of  the  Order  of  the  Medjidie,  b, 
21st  September,  1821;  m.  9th 
December,  1861,  Augusta  Judith, 
daughter  of  WLUiam  Gilbert  Camfion, 
of  Calcutta,  and  has  issue, 

1.  John   Francis,  lieutenant    B.N., 

b.  27th  October,  1866. 
1.  Alicia  Harriett,  m.  15th  January, 

1891,  Rev.  Alfrai  Evans  Vinteb, 

Principal   of    Lichfield    Training 


II.  James  Murray,  captain  in  the  army, 
b.  18th  June,  1823 ;  m.  23rd  October, 
1855,  Hannah  Maria  Justin,  of 
Ledbury,  co.  Hereford,  anil  d.  28th 
March,  1869,  leaving  a  daughter,  Clara 



Adelaide,  b.  1867,  m.  1888,  Kev.   T. 
Young,  M.  k. 

III.  Jobn  Cruger  Murray  (ReT.), 
formerly  recror  of  "Walton  and 
Weston,  b.  2l8t  February,  1825,  m. 
6th  July,  1852,  Harriet  Georgina 
Maria,  daughter  of  Rev.  Frederick 

IV.  G-eorge  Herbert  Murray,  Major- 
General  Madras  Staff  Corps,  b.  4th 
September,  1826,  m.  12th  February, 
1843,  Emily,  youngest  daughter  of 
Robert  Hand,  and  d.  10th  December, 
1887,  having  by  her  (who  d.  18th 
August,  1H94)  had  issue, 

1.  Charles  Edward,  b.  81st  January, 
1851,  m.  2Cth  October,  1880, 
Fanny,  daughter  of  Rev.  A. 
Fen  NELL. 

2.  John  Percy,  b.  6th  June,  1853. 

1.  Emma,  m.  8th  October,  1867, 
Major  Charles  Bateman  Pbust, 
of  Tenby,  J.P.,  late  60th  Rifles, 
and  has  issue. 

2.  Clara  Emily  Stewart,  m.  5th 
October,  1889,  Owen  Abmstbono, 
of  32,  Elgin  Road.  Dublin,  and  d. 
3rd  September,  1894. 

3.  Maud,  m.  24th  December,  1881, 
Major  Charles  Maximilian  Thomas 
Wkstebn,  Rojal  Artillery,  a.  A.G., 
India,  and  has  issue. 

4.  Alice  Elizabeth,  tn.  15th  April, 
1882,  Major  Gilbert  Frederick 
Allan  NoBTON,  R.A.,  and  has 

T.  Hugh  Pebct  Mubbay,  of  New  Zea- 
land, the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

I.  Emma  AthoU  Murray,  d,  19tli  Decem- 
ber, 1843. 

jpamflB  of  agnrfeB. 

RoBEBT  Aynsley,  of  West  Shaftoe,  m.  a 
daughter  of  Fbnwick  of  Little  Harle,  and  had 
a  son  and  heir, 

William  Aynsley,  of  West  Shaftoe,  who 
i».  Dorothy,  daughter  of  Guy  Dblatal,  of 
Horton,  and  had  two  sons, 

I.  Guy,  of  West  Shaftoe,  who  m.  Grace, 
daughter  of  William  Shaftoe,  of 
Bavington,  and  was  father  of 

William  Aynslev,  who  m.  Marian, 
daughter  of  Thomas  Swinbubne, 
of  Caplieaton,  and  had  issue, 
William,  who  d.  s.  p.  in  1616. 
Marian,  who  compounded  with 
Gwen  Aynsley  for  her  right 
of  inheritance.     She  tn.  Wil- 
liam Tempest,  of  Thomly, 
CO.  Durham. 

II.  Gawen,  of  whom  we  treat. 
The  younger  son, 

Gawen  Aynsley,  the  heir  male  of  his 
house,  was  living  in  1615.  He  m,  Isabella, 
daughter  of  G«wen  Ritthebfobd,  of  Roch- 
ester, and  had,  inter  alios ^  a  son, 

Gawen  Aynsley,  styled  "of  Aynsley 
Hall"  in  1628,  the  father  of, 

Gawen  Aynsley,  of  Hamham,  who  m.  in 
1663,  Margaret,  daughter  of  Bartholomew 
Atkinson,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Bartholomew,  who  d.  unm.  in  1669, 
in  tlie  lifetime  of  his  father. 

II.  Gawen,  his  heir. 

I.  Margaret,  m.  a  Yauohan. 

II.  Jane,  d.  unm, 

III.  Elizabeth. 

Mr.  Aynsley  is  described  as  of  "Little 
Harle"  in  his  will,  which  was  proved  13th 
October,  1671,  in  which  he  directs  his  body 
to  be  buried  in  Hartbum  Church.  His  eldest 
surviving  son, 

Gawen  Aynsley,  b.  in  1669,  had,  by  his 
father's  will.  Little  Harle,  Harelaw,  Harn- 

ham,  and  the  mortgage  of  a  house  in  New- 
castle. He  m.  first,  Jane,  daughter  of 
William  Ogle,  of  Causey  Park,  and  had  by 
her  an  only  daughter, 

Jane,    who   m.  John    Thibelkeld,  of 
Trittington,  and  dying  in  1743,  left  a 
Mary.  m.  1764,   George  Mityobd, 
and  was  mother  of, 
Alicia    Mitfobd,    devisee   of 
her  great-uncle.   This  lady  m. 
LoBD  Chableb  Mubbay,  as 
before  stated. 
Mr.  Aynsley  m.  secondly,  Elizabeth,  daughter 
of  Roger  Fenwice,  of  Stanton,  and  relict  of 
William  Fenwick,  of  By  well,  by  whom  he  had 
no  issue.     He  m.  thirdly,  Mary,  daughter  of 
Nicholas  Ridley,  of  Newcastle  and  Heaton, 
and  by  her  had  issue, 

I.  Nicholas,  who  predeceased  his  father. 

II.  Gawen,  the  heir. 

III.  John,  b.  1712,  in  holy  orders,  M.A. 
and  Fellow  of  University  College, 
Oxford,  and  chaplain  to  Lord  Talbot. 
He  d.  unm.  1744. 

IV.  William,  b.  1715,  who  d.  chief  justice 
of  Jersey,  1758. 

III.  Mary,  m.  John  Bebd,  of  Chepchase. 
Mr.  Aynsley  d.  1750,  aged  80,  having  been 
for  sixty  years  in  the  commission  of  the 
peace.     His  eldest  son  and  heir, 

Gawen  Aynsley,  of  Little  Harle  Tower, 
CO.  Northumberland,  baptised  in  1710,  was 
high  sheriff  for  Nortliumberland  in  1749,  an 
active  magislrate,  and  many  years  chairman 
of  the  Quarter  Sessions  of  the  county.  He  rf. 
in  1792.  leaving  no  issue  by  his  wife,  Alicia, 
daughter  of  James  Ibbebtson,  of  Leeds,  when 
he  devised  his  estates  to  his  great-niece,  Alicia 
Mitfobd,  the  wifeofLoBDCHABLES  Mubbay. 

.4r»i*— Quarterly,  first  and  fourth,  gules  on  a  bend  ermine,  between  two  quatrefoils  or 
three  mullets  of  s.x  points  azure,  for  Aynsley  ;  second  and  third,  azure,  three  mullets  and  in 
chief  an  annulet  argint,  within  a  double  tressurc  fiury  counter  flory  or,  for  Mubbay. 



CreH — A  man  in  armour  liolding  in  the  dexter  hand  a  sword  erect  proper,  pommel 
and  hilt  or,  on  his  breast  a  shield,  thereon  the  arms  of  Ayksley. 
Motto — Futh  fortune  and  fill  the  fetters. 
Residence — BiTerlaw,  Christchurch,  New  Zealand. 


XTTILLTAM  OSWALD  GILCHRIST,  formerly  of  Sydney,  New  South 
V  ?  Wales,  I,  in  Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  17th  March,  1843 ;  m.  20th 
December,  1876,  Clara  Elizabeth,  eldest  daughter  of  the  Hon.  Edward  Kifox, 
of  Fiona,  Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  member  of  the  Legislative  Goancii  of 
that  colony,  by  Martha,  his  wife,  daughter  of  James  Rutledob,  squire  of 
Bally  magirl,  Cay  an,  Ireland  {see  Butlbdgb  of  Werronggurtj  vol.  i,  p.  139), 
and  has  issue, 

I   Thomas  Edwakd,  6.  30th  September,  1878. 

I.  Helen  Mary. 

II.  Vera  Colville. 

III.  Isabel  Margaret. 

IV.  Clara  Evelyn. 


William  Gilchsist,  m.  27tb  February, 
1797,  Isabella  Wilson  (who  d.  12th  June, 
1845),  and  d,  26th  May,  1814,  ieaying  a  son, 

JoHK  GiLCHBiST,  of  Sydney,  New  South 
Wales,  and  afterwards  of  48,  Forchester 
Terrace,  London;  b,  at  Falkirk,  K.B.,  26th 
December,  1808 ;  m.  14th  June,  1842,  Helen 
Warden  AifDBEW  (who  d.  18th  December, 
1873),  and  d.  14th  Norember,  1866,  leaving 

I.  William  Oswald,  of  whom  aboye. 
n.  Thomas,  b.  Ist  June,  1844,  d,  23rd 

May,  1869. 
hi.  John,  of  Sydney,  New  South  Wales, 
b.  in  New  South  Wales,  80th  Septem- 
ber, 1847 ;  at  the  age  of  six  went  to 
England,  and  returned  to  the  colony 
in  1807  ;  m.  2l8t  AprU,  1875,  Emily 
Clara  CHisHOLii,  and  has  five  children, 

1.  John  Harold. 

2.  William  Eric. 
8.  Douglas. 

1.  Helen  Marion. 

2.  Edith  CUre. 

IV.  Sydney  James  Learmonth,  b,  20th 
NoTember,  1865;  m.  11th  April,  1886, 
Amy  Margaret  Young,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Warden  Sydney  Learmonth. 

1.  Ernestine  Colville  Learmonth. 

2.  Noel  Sophie  Learmonth. 

V.  Ernest  Watt,  b.  16th  May,  1859. 

I.  Helen  Clementina,  m,  first,  6th 
October,  1870,  Colin  Alexander 
Fbaseb,  and  by  him  has  had  issue,  1. 
William  Douglas  Campbell ;  and  1. 
Helen  Maud.  She  m.  secondly,  iiOth 
September,  1886,  Captain  bamuel 
Phillips,  and  by  him  has  three 
children,  2.  Bichard  Ernest  Gilchrist ; 
2.  Moiru  Sydney  j  and  3.  Aileen  t'usie. 

II.  Susan  Margaret  CoWille,  m.  20th 
September,  18:51,  Hamilton  Osbobnb, 
of  iiangaroo  Cowra,  New  South  Wales, 
youngest  son  of  the  late  Henry 
08BOBNB,of  Marshall  Mount,Illawarra, 
New  South  Wales  (see  Osbobnb,  of 
Bunffendore),  and  has  three  children, 
Claude  Hamilton,  Bex  Hamilton,  and 
Eileen  Hamilton. 

Mr.  John  Gilchrist  emigrated  to  the  colony 
of  New  South  Wales  in  1828  ;  established 
the  mercantile  business  of  the  existing  firm  of 
Gilchrist,  Watt,  &  Co.,  in  1834,  and  returned 
to  England  in  May,  1854. 

JResidences — Oakley  Hall,  Basingstoke,  Hants  j  and  200,  Queen's  Gate,  London,  SW. 
Clubs — Union  Sydney ;  Conserviitire,  Oriental,  and  City  of  London. 


ALEXANDER    SLOANE,  of    Mnlwala    and    Savemake,    co.    Deiiison, 
Mnrrnmbidgee  district,  New  South  Wales,  justice  of  the  peace,  a  com- 
missioner for  taking  affidavits  for  the  colony  of  New  South  Wales,  and  a  life 



iTKTnber  of  the  Royal  Colonial  Institute,  h.  29th  May,  1829;  sailed  for 
Australia,  with  his  brother  William,  in  the  barque  "  Victory,"  3rd  April,  1849, 
and  landed  at  Melbourne  on  the  19th  July  following;  m.  20ch  March,  185G, 
Annabella  Helen,  daughter  of  Thomas  Gibson,  of  Ayr,  Scotland,  banker  (by 
Annabella  Hamilton,  his  wife),  who  was  the  son  of  Peter  Gibson,  of  Ayr,  and 
has  had  issne, 

I.  James,  of  Bemarra,  J.P.  for  New  South  Wales,  h,  14th  Jannary,  1857  ; 

w.  30th  October,  1884,  Amy  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  the  Rev.  J.  D. 
Robertson,  of  Yarrawonga,  Victoria,  by  whom  he  has  issne, 

1.  Alexander  James,  b.  25th  September,  1886. 

2.  Hnme  Robertson,  h.  19th  June,  1888. 

3.  William  Douglas,  b.  4th  June,  1890. 

II.  Thomas  Gibson,  member  of  the  Linnean  Society  of  New  South  Wales, 

and  author  of  Studies  in  Australian  Entomology,  h.  20th  April,  1858 ; 
m.  28th  October,  1891,  Eliza  S.,  daughter  of  A.  Woolfret. 

III.  William,  h.  22nd  August,  1860. 

IV.  Alexander  Turner,  h,  11  th  November,  1871,  d.  in  infancy. 

V.  Hugh  Gibson  Gemmell,  h.  14th  February,  1875. 

VI.  John  Alexander,  h.  27th  November,  1877. 

I.  Janet  Turner  Gemmell. 

II.  Annabella  Helen. 

III.  Lucy  Jane. 

TV.  Lavinia  Gibson. 

V.  Margaret  Octavia,  m.  at  Mulwala,  New  South  Wales,  2nd  June,  1892, 
Walter  Maurice  Grove,  of  Merton,  New  South  Wales,  eldest  son  of 
Sir  George  Grove,  of  Sydenham,  co.  Kent,  England,  and  d,  s.  p,  5th 
June,  1894. 


Ebekezer  Sloane,  of  Kirkcudbrightshire, 
Scotland,  b.  1750 ;  m,  1772,  Jane  Betdson, 
and  d.  in  1830,  leaving  a  son, 

JAHE8  Sloans,  merchant  of  Glasgow, 
where  he  resided  for  over  forty  years,  and 
was  repeatedly  elected  president  of  the 
Galloway  Brotherly  Society  of  Glasgow.  He 
was  bom  14th  December,  1775 ;  m.  2nd 
April,  1810,  Janet,  third  daughter  of  Duncan 
TuRNEB,  of  Castles,  Glenorchy,  Scothind, 
by  Lucy  Leitch,  his  wife  {see  Turner  of 
Highfield,  vol.  i,  p.  275),  and  by  her  (who 
was  b.  14th  May,  1787,  and  d.  18th  June, 
1874)  had  issue, 

I.  Ebenezer,  b.  13th  September,  1812; 
d.  28rd  May,  1842. 

II.  Duncan  Turner,  5.  17th  November, 
1819 ;  d.  12th  August,  1842. 

III.  James,  b.  28th  July,  1821 ;  d.  11th 
November,  1841. 

IT.  John,  5.  12th  May,  1823 ;  m.  Flora, 
daughter  of  the  Rev.  D.  Maclean,  of 
Glenorchy,  N.B.,  and  d.  25th  April, 
1 880,  leaving  one  daughter. 

V.  William,  ft.  7th  May,  1827 ;  educated 
at  the  High  School  and  ihe  University 
of  Glasgow  ;  sailed  for  Australia,  with 

his  brother,  Alexander,  in  the  barque 
"Victory,"  3rd  April,  1849,  and 
landed  at  Melbourne  on  the  19fh 
July  following,  where  he  was  for 
about  twenty  years  senior  partner  in 
the  firm  of  William  Sloane  &  Co.,  his 
firm  being  some  years  since  merged 
in  the  Union  Mortgage  and  Agency 
Co.  of  Australia,  Ltd. 
Ti.  Albxandeb,  of  Mulwala  and  Saver- 
nake,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

I.  Lucy,  b.  26th  January,  1811 ;  «. 
William  McCaul,  of  Glasgow,  West 
Indian  merchant,  and  d.  10th  Novem- 
ber, 1890,  having  had  four  sons  and  two 

II.  Jane,  b.  7th  May,  1814;  m,  Alex- 
ander Ftfe,  of  Glasgow  and  Ardgare, 
CO.  Dumbarton,  and  d,  Slst  Januaiy, 
1881,  having  had  five  sons  and  four 

III.  Janet,  b.  12th  April,  1816. 

lY.  Mary,  b,  20th  December,  1817;  m, 
Samuel  WiLBON,of  Glasgow,  merchant, 
but  d,  s.  p.  22nd  March,  1846. 

V.  -Ann,  b.  8th  June,  1825;  m.  Walter 
Wabdlaw,    of    Glasgow,    merchant, 



nephew  of  the  late  Rev.  Ralph  Ward- 
law,  D.D.,  and  has  four  aom  and  one 

VT.  Helen,  h.  8th  Fehruarv,  1833,  d.  I7th 
April,  1847. 
Mr.  James  Sloane  d.  2nd  May,  1847. 

Rfindences — Mulwala  and  Savemake,  co.  Denison,  Murrumhidgee  district,  New  South 

Club — Australian,  in  Melbourne. 


HON.  HENRY  EMANUEL  COHEN,  of  Hopes,  DarlinghurBt  Road, 
Sydney,  New  Sonth  Wales,  barrister-at-law,  5.  at  Port  Macqnarie, 
New  South  Wales,  1st  December,  1840 ;  ni.  I5th  July,  1884,  Sophie, 
daughter  of  Leo  and  Emelie  Frank,  of  Hildesheim,  Hanover,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Edgar  Henry,  6.  4th  November,  1885. 

II.  Cecil  Hope,  6.  5th  July,  1888. 

Ifr.  Cohen  was  called  to  the  bar  at  the  Middle  Temple,  London,  6th  Jane, 
1871,  and  on  his  return  to  Sydney,  in  the  same  year,  was  admitted  to  the 
New  South  Wales  bar,  and  became  member  of  the  Legislative  Assembly  for 
West  Maitland  in  December,  1874;  was  colonial  treasurer  in  the  Famell 
administration,  from  December,  1877,  to  December,  1878,  and  minister  of 
justice  in  the  Stuart  administration,  from  5th  January,  1883,  to  8th  October, 
1885,  having  held  for  a  period  of  about  eleven  months  in  1881-2,  the  post  of 
district  court  judge  and  cbairman  of  quarter  sessions  for  the  Metropolitan 
and  Hunter  districts.  Mr.  Cohen  had  been  invited,  before  becoming  a 
member  of  the  Farnell  Government,  by  Sir  Henry  Parkes,  to  accept  o£Bce 
with  him,  and  was  recently  offered  a  seat  in  the  Legislative  Council  of 
New  South  Wales  by  the  Dibbs  administration,  but  declined  both  invitations. 


EvivUBL  Cohen,  of  Brighton,  co.  Sussex, 
by  Hannah  his  wife,  had  with  other  issue, 
LeTy  Emanuel,  eldest  son,  proprietor  of  the 
Brighton  Guardian  newspaper,  and  Abra- 
ham, of  whom  we  treat.     The  younger  son, 

Abraham  Ck)HBN,  of  Sydney,  who  m.  there, 
in  1837,  Sophia  Cohen,  who  d.  26tli  Decem- 
ber, 1882.  He  d.  2ord  January,  1874,  haring 
had  issue, 

I.  Frederick  Sydney,  m.  and  has  issue, 

three  sons  and  fiye  daughters, 
n.  Hbnrt  Emanuel  (Hon.),  barrister- 

at-law,  the  subject  of  this  memoir, 
ni.  George,  in.  and  has  issue,  four  sons 

and  two  daughters. 
IT.  Nathan,  m.  and  has  issue,  three  sons 

and  four  daughters. 
I.  Fanny,  m.  1857,  Sir  Benjamin  Benja- 

MeHdence — Hopes,  Darlinghurst  Koad,  Sydney, 

MiN,  Knt.  (so created  18S9),of  Canally, 
George  Street,  East  Melbourne, 
Victoria,  J.P.,  mayor  of  Melbourne, 
from  1887  to  1889,  and  sometime 
member  of  the  Legislative  Council  of 
Victoria,  eldest  son  of  Moses  Benjamin, 
of  Melbourne,  J.  P.  (who  d,  1886),  and 
has  issue  seven  sons  and  seven 

II.  Caroline  (Mrs.  Joseph),  has  issue 
three  sons  and  three  daughters. 

in.  Hannah  (Mrs.  Samuel),  has  no 

IV.  Sarah. 

T.  Jenny  (Mrs.  Mares),  has  issue  three 
sons  and  two  daughters. 

VI.  Minnie  (Mrs.  Benjamin),  has  issue 
two  sons  and  one  daughter. 

New  South  Wales. 




HON.  WILLIAM  HILSON  PIGOTT,  of  Tahlee,  Liverpool  Road, 
Burwood,  near  Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  member  of  the  Le^sla- 
tiye  Council  and  President  of  the  Incorporated  Law  Institute  of  that  colony, 
h.  10th  March,  1839  ;  emigrated  to  New  South  Wales,  with  his  parents,  in  1841 ; 
m.  firstly,  28th  August,  1863,  Laura  Jane  West,  and  by  her  (who  d.  Ist 
November,  1877)  has  issue, 

I.  William  Henry,  h,  28th  September,  1864. 

II.  Richard  Granville,  6.  16th  August,  1869. 

Mr.  Pigott  m.  secondly,  9th  January,  1883,  Louisa  Matilda,  daughter  of  the 
late  William  David  Jones,  and  by  her  has  issue, 
I.  Ethel  Louise. 


William  Pigott,  of  co.  Cambridge  (whose 
sister  m.  Dr.  Kitchener),  m.  Sarah  Lamb, 
and  d.  22nd  July,  1798,  having  by  her,  who 
d,  29th  October,  1783,  had  issue  a  son, 

William  Pigott,  who  formerly  practised 
as  a  doctor  at  St.  Ives,  afterwards  became  a 
surgeon  in  the  navy,  and  finally  an  army 
surgeon  in  India.  He  m.  firstly,  Ann  Fox, 
by  whom  he  had  no  issue,  and  secondly,  1st 
May,  1800,  Sarah  Allpebss  (who  d.  25th 
April,  1837),  and  by  her  had  with  other 

I.  William  (Captain),  served  in  the  navy, 
was  afterwards  in  the  Hon.  E.  1. 
Company's  Service,  and  was  an  elder 
brother,  and  for  several  years  deputy 
master  of  the  Hon.  Corporation  of  the 
Trinity  House  (when  H.B.H.  the  late 
Prince  Consort  was  Master),  m.  Geor- 
gina  Frances  Gb  Ay  tills,  and  d.  s,p. 

III.  Sichard,  of  Temple  Court,  Beigate, 
CO.  Surrey,  d.  ».p.  10th  October,  1890. 

IT.  JoHK  Allfbbss,  of  whom  presently. 
Mr.  William  Pigott  rf.  at  Cuttack,  India,  12th 
December,  1818.     His  fourth  son, 

John  Allpbbss  Pigott,  served  in  the 
navy  on  the  West  Coast  of  Africa,  and 
afterwards  resided  first  at  London,  then  at 
Edinburgh,  and  finally  at  Sydney,  l^ew  South 
Wales,  whither  he  emigrated  in  1841.  He 
m,  16th  May,  1838,  Margaret  Hilson,  and  by 
her  (who  d,  27th  May,  1875)  had  issue, 

I.  William  Hilson  (Hon.),  member  of 
the  Legislative  Council  of  New  South 
Wales,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

I.  Anna  Kitchener,  m.  9th  September, 
1864,  and  has  ten  children. 

II.  Charlotte,  m.  26th  January,  1867,  but 
d.  9.  p. 

III.  Margaret,  m.  26th  March,  1876,  but 
has  no  issue. 

Mr.  J.  A.  Pigott  d.  24th  December,  1857. 

4th  May,  1870. 
n.  Granado,  d.  unm.,  having  served  in 
the  navy  during  the  war  with  France. 

Arms — Sa.  three  pick  axes,  two  and  one  within  a  hordure  org. 

Crest — A  greyhound  pass.  sa. 

Residence — Tahlee,  Liverpool  Koad,  Burwood,  near  Sydney,  New  South  Wales. 

Club — Australian. 


HENRY  WHATLEY  ESTRIDGE,  of  the  Estridge  Estates,  St.  Kitts, 
West  Indies,  and  of  Minety  Honse,  Malmesbury,  Wilts,  6.  1837,  m. 
25th  October,  1879,  Selina  Elizabeth  Pye,  only  daughter  and  heiress  of  the 
late  Lieutenant- Colonel  Frances  Wemyss,  of  the  Bombay  Engineers  (see 
Burke's  Peerage^  Wemyss  and  March,  E.),  and  Selina,  his  wife,  daughter  of 
the  late  George  Pye,  of  Boconion,  Bodmin.  Mr.  H.  W.  Estridge  was  a 
midshipman  in  the  Indian  Navy  from  1855-9,  and  served  through  the 
Persfan  war,  including  Mohumsa,  for  which  he  received  the  medal  and 
clasp.     He  was  afterwards  in  the  46th  Regiment. 




This  family  settled  in  St,  EiUs  before  1660, 
and  has  held  the  same  estates  ever  since. 

John  Estbidob,  b.  about  1640,  and  d.  1701, 
leaving  two  sons,  1.  Joseph,  b.  1671,  d.  1749, 
leaving  a  son,  John,  who  m.  1734,  Miss  Patnb 
and  d,  «.  p. ;  and  2.  Benjamin,  of  whom  we 
treat     The  second  son, 

Benjamin  Estridos,  who  held  lands  at 
Wich,  Somersetshire,  England,  and  gave  a 
site  at  St.  John's,  Oapisterre,  St.  Eitts,  W.I., 
for  a  church,  m.  Frances  Bbspridob,  and  b^- 
ber  had,  with  other  issue,  a  second  son, 

John  Ebtridgb,  b.  1702,  m.  Elizabeth, 
daughter  of  William  Phipps  (by  Lady  Cath- 
erine Annxslet,  his  wife,  only  daughter  and 
heir  of  James,  third  Earl  op  Anolksey),  and 
sister  of  Constantine  Phipps,  first  Lord  Mul- 
GRA7B  (#6«  BvRKB'a  Feeroffe,  Normanbt, 
M.),  and  by  her  had  issue,  a  son, 

John  Estridob,  b.  1782,  m.  first,  Mary 
Skaton,  and  by  her,  who  d.  1772,  had  issue, 

I.  John,  b.  1760,  m.  Eliza  Parson,  and 
d.  1794,  leaving  a  daughter  Eliza,  b. 
1794,  d.  1868. 

II.  Aretas,  b.  1768,  tn.  Ann  Julius  {b. 
1774,  d.  1838) ,  and  d.  1815,  leaving  issue, 

1.  Aretas  William,  b.  1804,  m.  Cath- 
erine Barnstablb,  and  d.  1870, 
having  by  her,  who  was  b.  1816, 
and  d.  1876,  had  issue, 

(a)  Aretas,  d.  «.  p.  1882. 

{b)    John    Julius,    of     Sutton 

Veney,  Warminster,  Wilts,  b. 

1847,  m.  Louisa  Ann  ToR- 

YiLLB    {b.    1866),    and    has 


(1)  John  Julius,  b.  1883. 

(2)  George  Cecil,  b.  1886. 

(3)  Aretas  William.*.  1887. 

(4)  Augustus,  b.  1888. 

(5)  Charles     Heniy,     b. 

(6)  A  son,  b.  1892. 

(7)  A  son,  b.  1893. 
(a)  Gertrude  Ann,  b,   1846,  d. 

unm.  1884. 

2.  John  Julius,  b.  1799,  deceased. 
1.  Anne,  d.  1847. 

I.  Mary,  b,  1759,  m.  Dr.  England,  and 
d.  1782. 
He  m.  secondly,  Susanna  Whatlbt,  and  d, 
1778,  having,  by  her,  who  m.  secondly,  1782, 
Godfrey  Msynell,  who  d.  9.  p.  (see  Landed 
Gentry^  Mbtnbll- Ingram,  of  Ewmt  Cross) , 
had  issue, 

III.  JSdward,  b.  1775,  served  under  the 
Duke  of  York  in  Flanders  in  the  1st 
Boyal  Dragoo:]s. 

rv.  Joseph,  of  whom  we  treat. 
The  youngest  son, 
Joseph  Ebtridgb,  b.  1777,  who  served  in 

Residence — Minety  House,  Minety,  Malmesbur}*,  Wilts ;  and  the  Hill,  Lower  Estridge's 
and  Bramble  estates,  St.  Kitts. 

the  1st  Royal  Dragoons  and  was  wounded  be- 
fore Cateau,  in  Flanders,  in  1794,  and  d.  1814, 
having  by  Ann  Tatlor,  his  wife  {b.  1776,  d, 
1854),  had  issue, 

I.  Joseph,  d.  1802. 

II.  Charles,  of  the  5lBt  Begiment,  i. 
1803,  d.  1851. 

III.  George,  of  whom  presently. 

iv.  Edward,  b.  January,  1808,  d.  May, 

v.  John,  b.  1809,  d.  1829. 
Ti.  Joseph,  Lieutenant-Colonel  Bombay 

Engineers,  b.  1811,  m.  A.  Supplb  (b. 

1820,  d.  1886)  and  d.  1890. 
Tii.  Henry,  b.  1812,  m.  Mary  Lorainb 

(b.  1809,  d.  1869),  and  d.  1852,  leaving 


1.  Henry,  b.  1833,  m.  Miss  Druk- 
MOND  and  d.  1870,  leaving  issue, 

(a)  Henry  Powys,  b.  7th  July, 
1858,  d.  January,  1891. 

(b)  Powys,  d.  an  infant. 
{a)  Marion,  b.  1868. 

2.  Loraine,  b.  1840,  m,  M.  S.  Piars, 
and  has  issue, 

(a)  Samuel,  b,  1878. 

(b)  Geoffrey,  d.  an  infant 

3.  Edward,   b,   1843,  m.  Elizabeth 
Parrt,  and  has  issue, 

(a)  John  Powys,  d.  an  infant, 

{b)  Edward  Powys,  d.  an  infant^ 

(c)  C.  Loraine,  6.  1877. 

(d)  Audrey  R.,  b.  1878. 
(*)  Edward  Wilfred,  b.  1886. 

r)  W.  E.  Parry,  b.  1886. 
9  Mildred,  b.  1872. 

(b)  Mary  Loraine,  b.  1874. 

(c)  Ruth  Margaret,  b.  1880. 

(d)  EUzabeth  Dorothy,  b.  1881. 
(tf)  Hilda,  *.  1882, 

1.  Marianne,  b.  1839. 

2.  Emily,  b.  1837. 

I.  Susannah,  b.  1806,  d.  1807. 
The  third  son, 

George  Estridgb,  m.  first,  Grace  Male, 
and  by  her  had  issue, 

I.  Edward,  b.  1833,  d.  1866. 

II.  George  Tylor,  b.  1836,  served  in  the 
Indian  Mutiny  in  the  Bombay  Ifative 
Infantry,  and  d.  1862. 

III.  Henrt  Whatlbt,  the  subject  of 
this  memoir. 

I.  Anne  Maria,  b.  1834,  d,  1840. 

II.  Grace  Elizabeth,  b,  16th  January, 
1843,  d,  1882. 

Mr.  George  Estridge  m.  secondly,  Margaret 
Anne  Wilson,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

III.  Fannj  Marion,  b.  1845. 
IT.  Susan,  d.  in  infancy. 

VOL.    II. 

2  0 




SAMUEL    SMITH    McDONELL,   of   Toronto,    Canada,   b.  15th  March, 
1838,  w.    19tli   November,  1872,  Mary  Jane,  danghter  of    Alexander 
Fisher,  and  has  issue, 

I.  James  Arthur  Edward,  h.  13th  May,  1886. 

I.  Florence  Mary. 

II.  Leila  Isabella. 

Allaf  Macbonell,  of  Collachie,  a  des- 
cendant of  the  chief  of  Glenpirry,  fought  for 
Prince  Chablbb  Stuart  at  Culloden,  went  to 
America  in  1773,  removed  to  Canada  after 
the  outbreak  of  the  War  of  Independence, 
finally  settled  there  in  1781.  He  was  Captain 
in  the  84th  Boyal  Highland  Emigrant  Regi- 
ment. He  m.  Helen,  daughter  of  the  Mac- 
nab,  and  d.  1792,  having  by  her,  who  d.  1797, 
had  issue, 

I.  Angus,  barrister-at-law,  clerk  of  the 
Legislative  Assembly  of  Uppei  Canada 
in  1792,  M.L.A.  for  Durham,  Simcoe, 
and  the  East  Riding  of  York ;  was 
treasurer  of  the  Law  Society  1801-4. 
Was  drowned  on  Lake  Ontario  7th 
October,  1804,  in  the  "  Speedy,"  which 
was  wrecked,  when  conveying  a  judge 
on  circuit,  with  the  sheriff,  attorney- 
general,  anil  others.     He  d.  unm. 

II.  Albxanper,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  James,  Captain  43rd  Regiment,  d, 
vvm.  in  the  West  Indies. 

I.  Henrietta,  m.  Dr.  MacLban,  surgeon 
in  the  army,  and  had  issue, 

1.  Allan,  Colonel,  m.  Ann  Stows, 
and  had  issue, 

2.  Donald,  d.  t.  p. 

1.  Eleanor,  m.  John  Helliwbll,  of 
Toronto,  barrister  -  at  -  law,  and 
had  issue, 

(1)  Stuart,  living  in  New 

(2)  Clarkson,  d.  *.  p. 

(1)  Jessie,  fit.  the  Iste  John 
Kane,  and  has  issue,  a  son 
and  daughter. 

2.     Caroline,    m.     CoUingwood 

SCHREIBER,    C.M.G.,  C  E.,  of 

Ottawa,  Engineer-in-Chief  of 
t]:e  Government  Railways, 
and  minister  of  Railways  and 
Canals  in  the  Dominion  of 
Canada,  and  has  issue. 

II.  Catherine,  m.  Captain  Miles  Mac- 
done  ll,  but  d.s.p. 

The  second  son, 

The  Hon.  Alexander  Macdonell,  of 
Callachie,  and  afterwards  of  Toronto,  h.  at 
Fort  Augustus,  Glengarry,  Scotland,  1762, 
was  Lieutenant  in  Butler's  Rangem,  in  the 
War  of  Independence ;  was  M.L.A.  for  Glen- 
garry several  times,  and   Speaker  in  1804; 

sheriff  of  the  Home  District,  1792  to  1805 ; 
Colonel  of  Militia  and  deputy  paymaster 
general  in  1812 ;  superintendent  of  Perth 
settlement  for  disbanded  soldiers  after  the 
war  of  1812;  assistant  secretary,  Indian 
Department,  1816 ;  and  member  of  the  Legis- 
lative Council.  He  m.  Anne,  daughter  of 
James  Smith,  and  sister  of  Colonel  the  Hon. 
Samuel  Ssf  ith  (who  was  twice  Administrator 
of  the  Dominion  of  Canada),  and  d.  18th 
March,  1812,  having  by  her,  who  d,  14th 
December,  1858,  had  issue, 

I.  Allan,  barriBt>er-at-Iaw,  sheriff  of 
Gore  district,  b.  5th  November,  1803 
d.  unm.  9th  September.  1888. 

II.  James,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Angus  Duncan,  m.  Pauline  Rosalie, 
daughter  of  John  Petitpont  de  la 
Hate,  and  d.  8th  August,  1894,  having 
had  issue, 

1.  John  de  la  Haye. 

2.  Angus  Claude,  barrister-at-law. 
8.  Archibald     Hayes,     Lieutenant 

Royal    Regiment,     of    Canadian 
4.  Allan  Siuart,  of  Lindsay,  co.  Vic- 
toria, barrister-at-law. 

1.  Henrietta  Aylmer,  m.  William 
Manley  German,  of  Welland, 
barrister-at-law,  member  of  the 
Legislative  Assembly  of  Ontario. 

2.  Helen  Eugenie,  a  nun  in  the 
Loretto  Convent,  Toronto. 

3.  Margaret  Maude,  m.  8th  Septem- 
ber, 1892,  Louis  Martin  Hatbb, 
of  Peterboro*,  barrister-at-law. 

4.  Marie  Pauline. 

IV.  Alexander,  barrister-at-law,  i.  19th 
September,  1820. 

y.  Samuel  Smith,  of  Windsor,  co.  Essex, 
barrister-at-law,  Q.C.,  D.C.L.,  b.  23rd 
February,  1823,  m,  Ellen  Gillii^,  daugh- 
ter of  Coloitel  Daniel  Brodhead,  of 
Brookline,  U.S.A.,  and  Almira Cutlbb, 
his  wife,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Daniel,  d.  in  infancy. 

2.  Archibald  Cameron,  Inspector, 
N.W.M.  Police,  m.  Maude, 
daughter  of  Colonel  Campbell, 
of  Kingston. 

1.  Henrietta  Aylmer,  m,  John 



2.  Cornelia  Brodhead,  m.  Adam 
Weir  As^DBRSON. 

8.  Ellen  Gertrude,  m.  John  Wal- 

I.  Helen  Awn,  b,  June,  181P,  d.  August, 

II.  Henrietta,  m.  Major  Qeorge  Edward 
Aylusb,  of  the  93rd  Highlanders,  and 
d.  3rd  March,  1844,  having  had  issue, 

1.  Charles  William  Brabazon,  cap- 
tain in  the  army,  m.  Marian, 
daughter  of  General  Wasnbs. 

2.  Henrj  George  Bobert  Angus,  d. 
umm.  8th  September,  1865. 

The  second  son, 

Jambs  McDonbll,  of  the  Willows,  Tor- 
Oi  to,  collector  of  inland  revenues,  b.  1810,  m. 
10th  December,  1835,  Margaret  Leah,  daugh- 
ter of  Colonel  Hon.  Samuel  Smith  {»ee  above), 
aud  d,  6th  February,  1865,  having  bj  her, 
who  d.  22nd  November,  1892,  had  issue, 

I.  Alexander,  d.  unm. 

II.  Samuel  Smith,  the  subject  of  this 

III.  John  Greenfield,  d.  unm. 

IT.  James  George,  m.  Anne  Jane,  daugh- 
ter of  Ralph  Walsh,  of  co.  Lancas- 
ter, England,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Alexander  Allan. 

2.  John  George. 

1.  Margaret. 

2.  Jessie. 

3.  Olive. 
T.  Bonald  Duncan,  d,  an  infant. 
I.  Helen,  d.  an  infant. 

Residence — Toronto, 

II.  Emily  Isabella,  m.  Ist  August,  1872, 
William  George  Mo  Williams,  barns- 
ter-at-law,  and  has  had  issue, 

1.  Honald,  b.  23rd   April,  1875,  d. 
September,  1888. 

2.  William  John,  b.  23rd  April,  1876, 
d.  in  infancy. 

3.  James  Douglas. 

4.  William  McDoneU. 

1.  Emily  Margaret  Louisa. 

2.  Jessie  Leah  Isabella. 

III.  Margaret,  m.  3rd  September,  1873, 
John  Beverley  Robinson,  son  of  the 
Hon.  John  Heverley  Robinson,  lieuten- 
ant-governor of  Ontario  (see  Robin- 
son, of  Toronto)  and  d,  13th  February, 
1875,  leaving  a  daughter, 

Margaret  Miry. 
IT.  Jessie  Louisa,  m.  as  his  first  wife, 
Major  Arthur  Bugshaw  Habrison, 
late  10th  Royal  Grenadiers,  son  of 
Rev.  William  Bagshaw  Habbison, 
rector  of  Gavton-le-Marsh,  co.  Lin- 
coln, England,  and  Charlotte  Anne, 
his  wife,  daughter  of  William  Teale 
Welfitt,  of  Manby  Hall,  co.  Lincoln, 
and  grandson  of  Rev.  William  Bagshaw 
Harrison,  of  Gouldhurst,  co.  Kent, 
but  d.  leaving  no  issue  by  him  (who  m. 
secondly,  12th  October,  1892,  Frances 
Anastasia,  daughter  of  the  Hon.  Sir 
Frank  Smith,  Knt.,  of  Toronto,  aud 
has  issue,  Frank  Arthur,  b,  12th  Jan- 
uary, 1894). 



CHARLES  LEWIS  REECE  ALLEN,  of  Welteveden,  Stejnsbtirg,  Cape 
Colony,  South  Africa,  6.  7th  March,  1858,  m.  5th  August,  1880,  Jessie 
Maria  Loyemorb,  and  has  issue, 
L  Graham  Charles,  h.  1881. 
II.  John  Murray  McKillop,  5.  1883. 
in.  Donald  Walter,  h,  1883. 

IV.  Angus  Torrens,  6.  1886. 

V.  Alfred  Peregrine,  h.  1888. 

VI.  Neville  Durant,  h.  1889. 


Thomas  Allek,  of  Gelleswick,  co.  Pem- 
broke, who  is  said  to  hare  served  with 
Cromwell,  in  Ireland,  m.  the  daughter  of 
Band  Patntbb,  and  had  issue, 

I.  William,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Joseph,  of  Dale  Castle,  co.  Pembroke, 
who  built  St.  Ann*s  lighthouses  in 

ni.  Darid,  of  Fobstonp,  m.  Anne,  daugh* 
ter  of  Rowland  liAUOHABNE  (son  of 
Major  General  Rowland  LxroHABNE, 

and  grandson  of  General  Rowland 
Laugh  ARNE,  a  conspicuous  character  in 
the  civil  wars),  and  Theodosia,  his  wife 
(daughter  of  Sir  Christopher  Wray, 
by  Albina,  his  wife,  daughter  of 
Edward  C<;cil,  Viscount  Wimbledon), 
and  by  her,  who  was  co-heiress  of  her 
brother,  John  LAUonARNE,  M.P.,  had 

1.  William,   of  Fobstoue,  m.  Mar- 
garet Bird,  and  had  issue, 

2  o  2 



(1)  Mary,  m.  John  Laugharue 

(2)  Margaret,  t».  Joshua  Allen, 
of  Pembroke. 

2.  John,  m.  Joan,  daughter  of  John 
Raktlrit,  of  Cresselly,  co.  Pem- 
broke, and  had  issue, 
(1)  John  Bartlett,  of  Cresselly, 
m,  1763,  Elizabeth,  only  cliild 
ol  John  HsfrsLKiOH,  of  Pan- 
icague,.  and  had  issue, 

{a)    John     Hensleigh,    of 
Cresselly,  J.  29th  August, 
1769,    J.P.    and    D.L., 
high  sheriff  (180y),M.P. 
lSI9-26,fn.  12thNoTem- 
ier»     1812^     Gertrude, 
youngest     daughter    of 
Loid  Robert  Seymour, 
son     ol     Fvaoeis,    first 
Horqvesa    of    Hertford, 
and   d,  9tfa  April,  1843, 
haying  by   her^  who  d, 
13th  January,  1825,  had 
1.    Seyvioar    Fhillipe, 
of     CresseMy,    J.P. 
and       D.L.,     high 
sheriff  1850,  h.  24th 
May,  1815,  m.  29th 
July,    1843,    Lady 
Catherine  FsL- 

lOWES,  daughter  of 
Newton,     Earl     of 
PVui«raouth,  and  d. 
13th    March,  1861„ 
haying  ^ad  issue, 
a.  Henry    Hugh, 
h,  19tb  Noyem- 
ber,    1845,    d. 
8th  May,  1847. 
h.  Henry        Sey- 
mour, of  Cres- 
•elly,  D.L.  high 
sheriff       1873, 
late     1st    Life 
Guards,  h.  30th 
August,  1847. 
r.  Frederick  Sey- 
mour,     Major 
15th  Regiment, 
h.  23rd  August, 
</.   Francis     Sey- 
mour,      Major 
Regiment,       h. 
29th       March, 
e.     John        Sey- 
mour,  b.    17th 
March,  1855. 
/.  NewtoD      Sey- 
mour,   Captain 
South  Stafford 
Regiment,  b. 
6th        August, 
</.  Qertrude  Cath- 
erine,   m.     6th 

March,  1877, 
Sir  Owen 
Henry  Philipps 



b,  CamiUs  Fran- 
ces Henrietta, 
d,  young  1853. 

2.  Henry  Gheorge,  of 
Parkeston,  oo.  Pem- 
broke, Q.C.,  M.A., 
J.P.,  M.P.  for  Pem- 
broke, 1880-6,  late 
recorder  of  Andoyer, 
b.  29th  July,  1816. 

3.  John  Hensleigh.  b. 
m.  Mi-:8  Snblgab, 
and  d.  s.  p.  1868. 

1.  Gertrude  Elizabeth, 
d.  1824.. 

2.  Isabel  Q^orgina,  m. 
1840,  George  Lort 
Phillips,  M.P.  of 
Lawrenny  Park,  co. 

(b)  Lancelot  Baugh,  some- 
time a  clerk  in  Chancery, 
and  master  of  Dulwich 
.  College,  b.  Ist  January, 
1774,  m.  firit,  13th  May, 
1813,  Caroline,  daughter 
of  Thomas  Peter  Ro- 
uiLLT,  of  Dulwich, 
brother  of  Sir  Peter 
RoMiLLY,  and  by  her, 
who  d,  1830,  had  issue, 

1.  George  Baugh,  of 
Cilrchiw,  00.  Pem- 
broke, D.L.,  M.A., 
b.  23rd  April,  1821, 
m.  19th  May,  1846, 
Dorothea  Hannah, 
daughter  of  Roger 
Eaton,  of  ParcglAs, 
and  has  issue, 

a.  John  Romilly, 
b.  9th  June, 

5.  Wilfred  Baugh, 
tn.  December, 
1888,  Anne 
Sophia,  daugh- 
ter of  Rey. 
Robert  Wedg- 
wood, of  Dum- 
bleton,  CO. 

c,  Joseph  Henry 

d.  Wilmot  Baugh. 

e.  Richard  Baugh. 

a.  Mary  Cathe- 

b.  Annie  Kmma. 

c.  Rachel  Mary. 

2.  Edmund  Edward 
(Rey.),  rector  of 
Portkerry,  b.  1824, 
m.     1848,     Bertha, 



(daughter  of  Roger 
Eaton,  of  PaicgltLs, 
and  has  iosue, 
a.  Edward  Lance- 
lot   Baugh,    b. 
h.  Thomas  Eaton. 

c.  Arthur    Ed- 

d.  WUliam     Ed- 
ward Bomillj. 

e.  Eajmond  Cecil 

a.  Lucy  Oaroline. 

b.  Mary  Jessie. 

c.  Margaret. 

d.  Amy  Bertha. 
Mr.  L.  B.  Allen  m. 
secondly,  July,  1841, 
Qeorgiana  Sarah,  daugh- 
ter of  Charles  Nathaniel 
Bayly,  by  the  Lady 
Sarah,  his  wife,  daughter 
of  George,  fourth  Karl  of 
Jersey,  and  d,  28th 
October,  1845,  baring  by 
her,  who  d.  1859,  had 
further  issue, 

8.  Clement  Frederick 
Bomilly,  b.  1844,  m. 
1877,  Edith  Louisa, 
daughter  of  Rer. 
Rol^rt  Wbdg  WOOD, 
of  Dunbleton,  and 
has  one  son  and  two 
1.  Elizabeth  Jessie 
(a)   Elizabeth,   m.    Josiah 

(6)  Catherine,  m.  Sir  James 

(<•)  Mary,  d,  young, 
(rf)  Caroline,  m.  Ker.  Ed- 
ward   Dbew,  rector    of 
(e)  Jane  Louisa,  m.  John 

(y)  Harriet,  m.  Rev.  Mat- 
thew     SVBTBBS,    M.A., 
prebendary    of    Cantfr- 
Dury    and     Gloucest<'r, 
son  of  Ambrose  durtee?, 
of  Newcastle  and  Headby, 
and    brother-in-law    of 
Lord     Eldon,     and     d, 
(jf)  Jessie,  m.  J.  C.  L.  db 
SiBMONDi,  the  historian, 
and  d.  1845. 
(h)  Emma,  d.  1866. 
(J)  Frances,  d.  May,  1875, 
aged  93. 

(2)  Roger,  m.  Margaret,  daugh- 
ter of  John  Datis,  of  the 
Hays,  and  had  a  son,  James, 
of  Freestone  Hall. 

(3)  Joshua,  m.  his  first  cousin, 
Margaret,  daughter  and  co- 

heiress of  William  Allen, 
of  Fcbstone,  and  had  with 
other  issue, 

(a)  Davis  Bird  (Rev.), 
M.A.,  rector  of  Burton, 
b.  16th  February,  1769, 
«i.  24th  October,  1796, 
Mary  Anne  Harriet, 
daughter  of  Peter  Bar- 
tholomew JCLIAN,  of 
London,  and  d.  81  st 
December,  1831,  havirg 
by  her,  who  d.  28th 
December,  1841,  had 

1.  Joshua  Julian,  of 
Bicton,  J.P.,  b.  25th 
March,  1799,  m.  8th 
July,  182],  Martha, 
only  surviving 
daughter  of  John 
Bbookb,  of  London, 
and  d,  1885,  having 
had  issue, 

a,  Joshua  Bird, 
of  the  Court  of 
Chancery,  A. 
'15th  May,  1823, 
m.  Idth  April, 
1848,  Margar- 
etta  Anne,  only 
daughter  of 
Colonel  Wil- 
liam Mobbison, 
H.E.a8.,  of 
and  <f.e.^.  1880, 
leaving  issue,  a 
son  and  a  dau- 
ghter, William 
Bird,  of  Bicton, 
J.P.,  barrister- 
at-law,  b. 
1851 ;  and  Lucy 

&,  Charles  Jobn, 
b.  2nd  March, 
1832,  m.  1856, 
Augusta  Maria, 
daughter  of 
Eusebius  Ar- 
thur Lloyd, 
and  has  issue. 

«,  Mary  Anne,  d. 
19lh  July,  183?. 

2.  William  (Rev.), 
M  JL.,  rector  of  Bos- 
herstoD,  b.  27th  Sep- 
tember, 1803,  m.  5th 
July,  1881,  his 
cousin,  Frances  Mar- 
garet, eldebt  daugh- 
ter of  James  Allen, 
of  Freestone  Hall, 
and  d.  Oth  April, 
1872,  leaving  issue, 

a.  Robert  James, 
b.    20th    May, 



1832,  m,  Geor- 
girm,  daughter 
of  Major  PooLB, 
and  d,  26th 
1869,  leaving 

h.  Alfred  Bird, 
h.  11th  Nov- 
ember, 1834, 
m.  1852,  Isa- 
beUa,  daughter 
of  Robert  HoFB- 
KIBK,  and  has 

r.  Charles  Stan- 
ley, b,  22nd 
August,  1838, 
m.  Mary,  dau- 
ghter of  James 
Pkble,  and  has 

d,  William  Fred- 
erick, h.  15th 
April,  1840. 

e,  Thomas  Cecil, 
*.  11th  April, 

a.  Elizabeth  Jane, 
m,      Edward 


h.  Frances  Char- 
c.  Jessie  Emily. 

3.  James  {Very  Rev,), 
dean  of  St,  David's, 
M.A.,  and  vicar  of 
Castlemartin,  co. 
Pembroke,  b,  15th 
July,  1802,  m.  28th 
April,  1852,  Isabella 
Dorothea,  daughter 
of  Peter  Rickard 
IIOABB,  of  Kelsey, 

4,  Bird,  Commander 
R.N,,  d.  unm.  at 
Fernando  Po,  on  his 
return  with  Captain 
Trotter  from  the 
Niger  Expedition, 
25th  October,  1841. 

6,  Charles    Allen,   of 
Norton,    J.P,,  high 
sheriff,  1876,  b.  29th 
July,  1808,  m.  11th 
August,  1840,  Mary, 
youngest     daughter 
of  James  Allen,  of 
Freestone  Hall,  and 
d.    4th    November, 
1884,  having  by  her, 
who  d.  25th  Decem- 
ber, 1883,  had  issue, 
a,  Herbert  James, 
of       Norton, 
H.B.M.   consul 
at  Newchwang, 
China,   h.  18ih 
N  o  vember,  ^ 

1841,  m.  3rd 
AprU,  1877, 
daughter  of 
William  James 


of  Clifton,  and 

has  issue, 
C  harles 
b.      18th 

b,  Jeffery  Julian, 
telegraph  de- 
partment, In- 
dia, b,  5th 
August,  1846, 
HI.  Annie,  dau- 
ghter of  James 
Bowles  Svu- 
II  BBS,  of  Rose 
Moor,  and  has 

Jeffery  Hugh 

Barbara  Mary 

c,  Charles  Fran- 
cis Egerton, 
d.  14th  October, 

d.  William  Os- 
born  Bird 
(Re*r.),  b.  29th 
March,  1849,  fit. 
Frances  Elea- 
nora,  daughter 
of  Edward 
Bourchier    Sa- 


e.  David  Bird, 
Bengal  C.S.,  b. 
6th  May,  1850, 
ffi.  Frances  Ada, 
daughter  of 
Rev.  George 
Hunting  DOW, 
rector  of  Tenby, 
and  has  issue, 

Charles  Bird. 



Edith  Beat- 
/.Walter  Griffith, 
C.E.,  India,  b, 
2ad  July,  1851, 
fn,  Florence, 
daughter  of 
William  James 
GooDBTB,  and 
has  i^sue, 








Mab(  1  Lydia. 
6.    Jolm     (VeD.)'     of 
IJormead,  co.  Ilert- 
foid,     M.A,,     arch- 
deacon    of     Salop, 
chaplain   of   King  a 
College,  London,  and 
an      iopector      of 
Bcliools,      b.      25th 
May,  3811,  «.   8rd 
Julj,     1834,     Har- 
riet,     daughter    of 
J.  W.  BiGOiNfl,  and 
d,  December,  3881, 
leaving  ^rith  several 
daughters,  a  son, 
John  Higgins. 
(1)  Margaret,  m.  A.  Leach. 
Tlie  eldest  son, 

William  Alien,  of  Gelleswiek,  co.  Pem- 
broke, high  sheriff,  1742,  m.  the  daugliter  of 
FowLBB,  of  Roboton,  co,  Jembroke,  and  d. 
(will  proved  at  Caimarthen,  2nd  Julj,  1744), 
leaving  with  other  issue, 

Joseph  Allen,  of  Gelleswiek,  m.  8rd 
September,  1751,  Ann,  only  daughter  of 
Cliarles  Philipps,  of  St.  Brides  Uill,  of  the 
family  of  Philipps  of  Pidon  Castle^  and  oo- 
heiress  of  her  broU)er,  who  d.  1798,  and  by 
her  bed  with  four  daughters,  three  sons, 

I.  John,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  William. 

III.  Charles,  who  assumed  the  surname 
and  arms  of  Philii  ps  by  sign  manual, 
about  1799,  on  inheriting  the  St. 
Bride's  Hill  estate,  and  served  as 
high  sheriff  of  Pembrokeshire ;   he  m. 

Cecilia,  daughter  of Philipps  of 

Lampeter,  and  left  a  son, 

William  Charles  (Allen -Philipps). 
Cecilia,  m.  Gilbert  Uabbis,  of  Llan- 

Henrietta,  m.  14th  July,  1835,  Sir 
Arthur  Grey  Hazlbbigo,  Bart., 
and  d.\Zih  December,  1883,  having 
by  him,  who  d.  11th  May,  1890, 
had  issue  {see  Bubkb's  Peerage  and 
Baronetaget  B  azlbbiq^,  Bart.) 
The  eldest  son, 

John  Allen,  of  Gelleswiek,  m.  2eth 
Oc  ober,  1798,  Maiy  Bowen,  and  d.  4th 
December,  1808,  having  by  her,  who  d  2nd 
September,  1827,  had  issue,  a  son, 

Chablbs  Bowen  Allen,  of  Rickeston 
Hall,  CO.  Pembroke,  m.  20th  May,  1824, 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  John  Bowsn,  and  d, 
1  Ith  April,  1847,  havmg  by  her,  who  rf.  30th 
October,  1849,  had  issue, 

John  Bo  wen,  of  whom  presently. 


Armt — Ptr  bend  rompu  arg.  and  4a,  six  martlets  covnterchanged. 

Crest — A  dove  holding  in  the  beak  an  olive  branch  all  ppr. 

Motto — Amicitxa  sinefraude. 

i?M/€fMce— Steyneburg,  Cape  Colony,  South  Africa. 

II.  William  Bowen,  b.  26th  May,  1880, 
and  d.  vnm.  Slst  August,  1853. 

III.  Chailes  Hugh,  of  Reston  Hall,  co. 
Pembroke,  J.P.,  b.  30th  December, 
1831,  m.  18th  Kovember,  1856,  Mary, 
daughter  of  the  late  Thomas  Richard 
Saniebs.  of  Clifton,  co.  Gloucester, 
formerly  of  Hanbury,  co.  Worcester, 
und  has  issue, 

1.  Alhu  Charles,  b.  24th  October, 

2.  Hugh    William,    b.    5th    June, 

8.  Ernest  Ince,  b.  22nd  May,  18G6, 
m.  24th  January,  1889,  Hel^ne, 
youngest  daughttT  of  the  late 
Colonel  Lewis  William  Pbnn, 
C.B.,  A.D.C.,  R.A. 
1.  Edith  Mary,  m.  24th  March, 
1885,  Richard  Poyer  Lewis  Penn, 
J. P.  of  Camrose,  co.  Pembroke, 
eldest  son  of  Colonel  Lewis 
William  Pbnn,  aforesaid,  and 
has  issue. 
I.  Mary  Bowen,  d,  tinm.  28th  October, 

IT.  Emma    Elizabeth,    d.    young,    23rd 
October,  1828. 

III.  Elizabeth  Bowen,  m.  81st  May, 
1853,  William  John  RidgwaySANDEBS, 
of  Clilton,  CO.  Gloucester,  formerly  of 
Hanburv,  co.  Worc*e*ter,  who  d.  in 
Paris,  29th  May,  1873. 

IV.  Catherine  Bowen,  <f,  young,  7th 
November,  1836. 

T.  Catherine  Luther  Ann,  m.  2nd  June, 
1859,  Thomas  Ince  Webb  Bowen,  of 
Camrose,  co.  Pembroke,  and  d.  17tb 
January,  1867,  leaving  iseue. 
The  eldest  son, 

John  Bowen  Allen,  of  Ricktrston,  co. 
Pembroke,  b.  1825,  m.  1st  April,  1856,  Jano 
Euphemia,  daughter  of  General  John 
MuBBAY,  and  widow  of  Captam  George 
Russell  Deabe,  and  d.  3l8t  December,  18t9, 
having  by  her,  who  d.  12th  November  in  that 
year,  had  issue, 

I.  Chables  Lewis  Reece,  the  subject 
of  this  memoir. 

II.  John  Hutch  ins  Bowen. 

III.  Harvey  Graham,  m.  Ellen  Shobes. 

I.  Elizabeth  Murray,  m,  Arthur  Edmund 

II.  Ada  Blanche,  fit.  John  Douglas 
M^BTiN,  and  has  issue  a  daughter. 

III.  1^'lorence  Ellen,  m.  William  J. 
Tench,  and  has  issue,  one  son  and  tw  o 

IT.  Euphemia  Stepney,  d.  unm. 
y.  Catherine  Euphemia. 




THE  HON.  JAMES  HENRY  YOUNG,  of  Devonia,  Balmain,  New 
South  Wales,  h.  15fch  May,  1834,  m.  2l8fc  July,  1859,  Ellen,  daughter 
of  Major  Kemp,  of  H.M.  80th  Regiment,  by  his  wife,  Maria  Susan  Blackistone, 
and  has  issue, 

I.  Henry  Augustus,  b,  24th  September,  1865. 

II.  Hadden  Hamilton,  b.  23rd  June,  1878. 

I.  Alice  Maria. 

II.  Ellen  Blackiston,  m.  Frederick  William  Hawkins,  and  d.  leaving  two 


III.  Harriette  Mary  Frances. 
lY.  Adeline  Isabel. 

V.  Emily  May  Lucy. 

VI.  Edith  Amy  Clara, 
vii.  Eva  Minnie. 

Mr.  Young  in  1848  entered  the  service  of  the  Peninsular  and  Oriental 
Company,  and  after  four  years  in  India  and  China,  went  to  New  South  Wales, 
to  which  colony  his  father  and  the  rest  of  the  family  had  recently  emigrated; 
like  all  Australians  of  that  period  he  tried  gold  digging  in  1853,  but 
returning  to  a  sea- faring  life  became  chief  officer  of  a  steamer  on  the  colonial 
coast.  In  1855  he  finally  left  the  sea  for  commercial  pursuits,  and  entered 
political  life  in  1880,  when  he  was  elected  to  represent  the  Hastings  and 
Manning  District  in  Parliament.  Since  then  the  same  constitaency  has  elected 
him  five  times,  and  he  now  sits  as  member  for  ^'  The  Manning,"  a  new 
electoral  district,  formed  from  a  division  of  the  Hastings  and  Manning. 
Mr.  Young  was  minister  for  Public  Instruction  in  1885,  speaker  of  the 
Assembly  from  March,  1887,  to  October,  1891,  minister  for  Public  Works 
in  1891  and  again  in  1894,  and  still  holds  that  position.  He  was  authorised 
by  the  Queen  to  retain  for  life  the  title  of  "  Honourable  '*  in  the  same  year. 


William  Youno,  of  Moorcourfc,  near 
Bomsey,  Hants,  m.  25th  October,  1792, 
Sarah  Jbkeins,  and  d,  1833,  leaving  bj  her 
(who  d.  about  1850)  a  son, 

Jamxs  Youno,  of  Moorcourt,  near  Eom- 
sey,  Hants,  who  emigrated  to  New  South 
Wales  in  1850,  and  resided  at  Hamilton, 
Port  Macquarie,  m.  20th  September,  1825, 
at  Mitcbelmersb,  Hants,  Maria  Dbuob,  and 
by  her  bad  issue, 

I.  William,  m.  Miss  Dbbw,  and  had 
ten  children,  and  is  now  deceased. 

II.  John,  m.  first,  Miss  Eowley,  and 
had  issue,  one  daughter ;  and  secondly. 
Miss  Davidbok,  and  has  issue,  se^en 

III.  Thomas,  m.  Miss  Mbabubn,  and 
has  issue,  six  children. 

IT.  Jahbs  Hbnby,  of  Balmain,  the  sub- 
ject of  this  memoir. 


y.  George  Frederick  m.  Miss  Galb,  and 
has  issue,  six  chUdren. 

I.  Sarah  Anne,  m.  George  Stbwabt. 

II.  Mary,  tn.  James  Aldcobn,  and  has 
issue,  one  son. 

iir.  Maria  Druce,  m.  Montague  CkMby 

IV.  Martha,  m,  William  Gore  Bbett, 
and  d.  learing  four  children. 

T.  Isabella  Jane,  m.  Rev.  Joseph 
MoNAHAN,  and  has  issue,  four  child- 

VI.  Alice,  deceased. 

VII.  Frances  Jenkins,  m.  Major  John 

VIII.  OctaTia  Helen,  m.  William  Giore 
Bbett,  and  has  if  sue,  seven  children. 

James  Young  d.    1859,  at  Fort  Mac- 

quarie, New  South  Wales 

Sesidence — ^Devonia,  Balmain,  New  South  Wales. 



HARRY  NEWTON  PHILLIPS  WOLL ASTON,  of  Toorak,  Melbonme, 
h.  in  Western  Australia,  17th  January,  1846,  m.  12tli  May,  1868, 
Mary  Annie,  daughter  of  John  £La.eker,  of  Pateley  Bridge,  Yorkshire,  and 
Mary  Ramsden,  his  wife,  and  niece  of  the  late  Hon.  Greorge  Harker,  treasurer 
of  Victoria,  and  of  W.  Harker,  of  Harefield,  Yorks,  formerly  M.P.  for  the 
West  Riding  of  that  county,  and  by  her  has  issue, 

I.  Henry  Newton  Spencer,  6.  in  Williamstown,  Victoria,  12th  October, 

I.  Winifred  Mary. 

II.  Susannah  Ramsden. 

III.  Dorothea. 

Dr.  H.  N.  P.  Wollaston  entered  the  Civil  Service  of  the  colony,  after 
passing  the  examination,  on  Ist  July,  1863,  promoted  to  the  fourth  class 
1st  January,  1867  ;  to  the  third  in  1882 ;  to  the  second  in  1888  ;  to  the  first 
in  1890;  and  in  1891,  to  the  Ist  division  of  the  Public  Service  as  the 
Permanent  Head  of  the  Department  of  Trade  and  Customs.  He  is  a 
justice  of  the  peace,  a  baj:rister-at-law  (1885),  LL.B.  (with  honours) 
Melbourne  University  (1884),  LL.M.  (1886)  LL.D.  (1890).  Dr.  Wollastou 
is  standincr  counsel  to  the  Marine  Board  of  Victoria. 


An  interesting  account  of  this  ancient 
family  was  written  in  October,  1753,  by 
William  Wollaston,  of  Finborough.  The 
document,  still  in  the  possession  of  the 
family,  states  : — "  It  appears  by  a  very  great 
number  of  deeds  that  the  family  of  Wollas- 
ton were  numerous  before,  and  in  the  reign 
of  Edwabd  III,  at  Wollaston,  in  StaffoM- 
shire.  They  were  then  lords  of  the  manor, 
and  were  called  Henry,  William,  Thomas  de 
Wollaston.  In  all  these  deeds  or  most  of 
them,  the  name  is  spelt  as  we  now  spell  our 
name.  In  1327,  the  family  were  settled  at 
Wollaston  in  Staffordshire.  In  1377,  they 
sold  the  Manor  of  Wollaston*  to  the  Aston 
family,  and  then  dispersed  about  the  country ; 
some  went  to  Trescott,  some  to  Perton,  in  tne 
parish  of  Tettenhall,  in  Staffordshire,  of 
which  last  we  are  descended.  A  gift  of 
loares  of  bread  eyery  Sunday  to  the  poor  of 
that  parish,  is  still  giyen  bj  William  Wollas- 
ton, of  Shenton.  Now  I  suppose  they  were 
no  longer  called  *de  Wollaston,'  but 
*  Wollaston,*  without  the  *  de.'  They  were 
gentlemen  always  Hying  upon  their  estates, 
seemingly  with  the  same  disposition  and  char- 
acter as  at  present,  without  ambition,  so  as  to 
make  much  noise  in  the  world,  or  to  much 
enlarge  their  fortunes,  until  the  beginning  of 
Qiieen  Elizabeth's  reign,  155S,  when  Henry 

Wollaston,  one  of  the  younger  brothers  of 
the  family,  the  great  grandfather  of  William 
Wollaston,  at  Perton,  was  sent  to  London, 
and  there,  by  the  woollen  trade,  and  liying  to 
the  age  of  93,  he  became  yery  rich.  His 
money  he  laid  out  in  the  purchase  of  the 
very  estates  which  are  now  in  the  family, 
first  in  Staffordshire,  the  county  in  which  he 
was  bom,  and  in  which  his  ancestors  had 
always  liyed,  by  purchasing  Oncott  Hall, 
where  he  resided ;  then  in  the  b(  ginning  of 
Jambs  I's  time,  1603,  he  re-purcha)ed  the 
manor  and  estate  of  Wollaston,  of  Sir 
Edward  Aston,  in  whose  family  it  had  been 
eyer  since  the  sale  in  Richard  II  (1377), 
which  estate  with  the  others  in  Staff oi^hire, 
Leicestershire,!  and  Derbyshire,  purchased 
likewise  about  the  same  time,  and  those  in 
Suffolk,  purchased  since,  are  now  in  William 
Wollaston,  of  St.  James*  Square,  the  heir 
male  of  the  first  purchaser,  and  I  belieye  of 
the  family  in  general.  Sir  John  Wollaston, 
well  known  in  the  Civil  Wars,  being  then  Lord 
Mayor  of  London,  was  the  said  Henry's 
younger  brother's  son," 

Thomas  WoLLASToy,  of  Perton  in  Staf- 
fordshire, a  person  of  rank  and  influence,  in 
the  reign  of  Henry  VII,  had  a  grant  from 
the  crown  of  the  office  of  Keeper  of  the  Out- 
woods  of  Lyodridge,  which  beheld  until  1623. 

•  The  Manor  of  Wollaston,  when  sold  to  Lord  Aston,  1377,  was  yalued  at  £51  2*.  8rf. 
t  In  1625,  Willian  Wollaston,  of  Oncott,  bought  Shenton  of  Sir  Eichard  Molyneux. 
The  house  was  built  in  1629. 



He  left  iflnue, 

I.  John,  of  Perton  Hall,  co.  Stafford, 
-whose  son,  Thomas,  of  Walshall,  co. 
Stafford,  h.  in  June,  1515,  fit.  13th 
June,  1541,  Joane,  daughter  of  John 
H  AWB,  of  Walshall,  gentleman,  and  was 
ancestor  of  the  Wollasi  oks,  of  WcU- 
sall  (iee  Vuitation  of  Staffordshire, 

II.  William,  of  whom  we  treat* 
The  younger  son, 

William  Woliaston,  of  Trcscot  Green, 
CO.  Stafford,  m.  a  daughter  of  John  Babnb- 
IXt,  of  Tiysall,  of  a  Worcestershire  family, 
and  left  with  other  issue, 

I.  William,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Henry,  of  Perton,  ancestor  of  the 
Wollabtons,  of  Shenion,  co.  Leices- 
ter {tee  Bvbkb's  Landed  Gentry), 

The  elder  son, 

William  Wollastojt,  of  Perton,  and  of 
Trescot  Grange,  Over  Penne,  co.  Stafford,  wi. 
Jane,  daughter  of  Jvbdak,  and  d,  7th  Jan- 
uary, 1603,  having  by  her  (who  was  buried 
in  May,  1591)  had  issue, 

I.  Hugh,  of  Trescot  Grange,  h.  1553,  m. 
1593,  Jane,  daughter  of  John  Bachb, 
of  Oken,  Consall,  co.  Stafford,  and  d. 
3610,  having  by  her  (who  was  buried 
1st  December,  16G6)  had  issue, 

1.  Edward,  of  Trescot  Grange,  bap- 
tised 2nd  July,  1598,  sold  that 

2.  Bichard,  of  the  city  of  London, 
baptised  8th  November,  1600,  ffi. 
Hanah,  daughter  of  Peter 
Hazabd,  and  d,  10th  January, 
1649,  leaving  issue,  a  son  John, 
who  was  living  in  Spain  22nd 
July,  1669,  and  was  legatee  in 
1658,  of  Sir  John  Wollastok. 

II.  Thomas,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Alice,  m.  first, Smith  and  second- 
ly, her  cousin,  Henry  Wollaston,  of 
Warlies,  Essex,  and  of  the  city  of 
London,  and  had  issue. 

II.  Elizabeth,  m.  her  cousin,  Edward 
Wollaston,  of  Pciton,  brother  of 
Heniy  aforesaid,  and  d,  before  1616, 
leaving  iasue. 

The  second  son, 

Thomas  Wollaston,  of  the  Grange,  h, 
about  1567,  was  buried  2nd  June,  1600,  and 
Anne  his  wife,  was  buried  12th  January,  1599. 

Walteb  Wollaston,  of  Bishop's  Castle, 
CO.  Salop  (supposed  to  be  a  son  of  the  last 
mentioned  Thomas  Wollaston),  bailiff  26th 
September,  1618,  m.  first,  10th  August,  1612, 
Elizabeth  Williamson,  and  by  her  (who  was 
buried  12th  December,  1619)  had  issue, 

I.  Edwabd,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Richard,  baptised  8th  August,  1619. 
I.  Jane,  baptised  81st  December,  1615. 

He  m.  secondly,  19th  July,  It 20,  Ann 
FiiMBB,  and  by  her  (who  was  buried  2nd 
Biptemler,  1640)  had  issue, 

III.  Walter,  baptised  18th  February, 

IT.  Thomas,  baptised  18th  Novemler, 
1627,  left  issue  by  Anne  his  wife. 

II.  Judith,  baptised  6th  January,  1622. 

III.  Elizabeth,  baptised  30th  June,  1630. 
The  eldest  son, 

Edwabd  Wollaston,  of  Bishop's  Castle, 
baptised  13th  July,  1617,  d.  1686-7  (will 
proved  in  London,  11th  February,  168&-7), 
leaving  by  Anne  his  wife, 

I.  Henry,  buried  23rd  May,  1702. 

II.  Edward,  who  left  issue  by  Eliiabeth 
his  wife. 

III.  Walter,  churchwarden  1682,  left 
issue,  by  Hanah  his  first  wife,  who 
was  buried,  19th  February,  1687,  and 
a]so  by  Judith  his  second  wife,  who 
was  buried  26th  December,  1699. 

IT.  RiCHABD,  of  whom  presently. 
V.  Samuel,   who  was  buried  2nd  July, 
1726,  leaving  issue  by  Mary  his  wife. 

I.  Anne,  m.  and  left  issue. 

II.  Elizabeth,  m.  16th  October,  1683, 
Jonathan  Wilson. 

The  fourth  son, 

RiCHABD  Wollaston,  of  Bishop's  CastV, 
m.  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Richard  Wollas- 
ton, and  by  her  (who  was  buried  12th 
April,  1693)  had  issue, 

I.  William,  baptised  24th  May,  1686. 

II.  Richard,  ot  Styche  near  Shrewsbuiy, 
receiver  of  taxes  for  Salop,  bailiff 
13th  July,  1728,  m.  Ann,  daughter  of 
Robert  Clite,  of  Styclie,  aunt  of  the 
first  Lord  Clitb,  and  d.  s.  p,  January, 

III.  John,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Elizabeth,  m.  24th  January,  1709, 
Rev.  John  Giffobd,  vicar  of  Main- 
stone,  CO.  Salop,  who  was  buried  16th 
March,  1763. 

II.  Letitia,  tn,  9th  May,  1710,  John 

The  youDgest  eon, 

John  Wollaston,  surgeon  of  Bishop's 
Castle,  bailiff  28th  September,  1780,  baptisetl 
9th  September,  1691 ;  m,  fc'arah  Wbatkb 
(who  was  buried  11th  January,  1739),  and 
was  buried  10th  March,  1742,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Richard,  siirgeon  at  Bishop's  Castle, 
bailiff  28th  September,  1737,  baptised 
15th  September,  1716;  m.  Maiy, 
daughter  of  John  Acton,  of  the  Isle, 
Salop,  and  was  buried  26th  August, 
1786,  leaving  issue. 

II.  John,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  William,  surgeon  in  the  Guards, 
baptised  11th  October,  1723. 

I.  Mary,  m.  William  Fabmeb,  and  had 

II.  Letitia,  «i.  —  Hbinbigh. 

HI.  Sarah,   ffi.   81st    May,   1752,    John 
Thomas,  of  Castlewright,  co.  Mont- 
gomery, and  had  iasue. 
The  second  son, 

John  Wollaston,  surgeon  at  Bishop's 
Castle,  baptised  3rd  March,  1719,  «.  Eliza- 
beth BASiiEBriLLB,  of  Wcobly,  co.  Hereford, 
and  had  issue, 

I.  RiCHABD,  a  surgeon,  baptised  2ndDe- 
cember,1744,(^.  in  Jamaica,  West  Indies. 

II.  William,  M.D.,  of  Bishop's  Castle, 
baptised  9th  November,  1746;  m.  2l8t 



September,  1773,  Elizabeth  Kbynolds, 
of  Kerry,  co.  Montgomerv,  and  was 
buried  2oUi  October,  1830,  leavlDg 

1.  Edward,  of  Broughton,  near 
Bishop's  Castle,  baptised  drd 
January,  1779,  m.  Hannah 
COBBBTT,  and  rf.  28rd  December, 
1838,  haying  by  her  (who  d.  6th 
BCay,  1854)  had  issue, 

(a)  Acton  Corbett,  b.  1798 ;  m. 
4th  November,  1830,  Mary 
Lloyd,  and  d,  3rd  Septem- 
ber, 1831. 
(h)  Edward,  baptised  Sid  Feb- 
ruary, 1801 ;  d.  in  London. 

(c)  William,  baptised  15th 
July,  1804,  «.  25th  May, 
1837,  Mary  Pidduck,  and  d. 
18th  April,  1841. 

(d)  John,  baptised  5th  Decem- 
ber, 1807,  d.  July,  1837. 

(e)  Charles,  who  went  to 
Australia,  baptised  14th  Feb- 
ruary, 1810,  living  1876. 

(/)  Thomas,  baptised  26th 
March,  1812,  d,  17th  June, 
1841,  at  Dorrington,  Salop. 

(^)  Bichard,  baptised  8th 
March,  1830,  d.  1852. 

(o)  Elizabeth,  m.  26th  June, 
1829,  John  JoNXS,   of  Dol- 

Slly,  Wales,    and    d.    14th 
arch,  1844. 
(5)  Mary  Ann,  d,  young,  8rd 

July,  1833. 
{e)  Ann,  d.  young,  2nd  AprD, 

(d)  Jessie,  *».    1847,  William 
Hickman,    of    Manchester, 
and  was  buried  16th  Febru- 
ary, 1870. 
1.  Elizabeth,  m,  B.  Jackson,  M.D., 
of  London. 
III.  Thomas,  baptised  27th  March,  1751. 
IT.  Edwabd,  of  whom  presently. 
y.  Benjamin,  d.  in  infancy,  1756. 
I.  Elizabeth,  baptised  Ist  March,  1747. 
u.  Mary,    m.   11th    June,    1775,    John 
BowAN,    of    the    Bank's    Head,    co. 
The  fourth  son. 

Bit.  Edwabd  Wollastok,  rector  of 
Balsham,  co.  Cambridge,  M.A.  Oxford,  1779 
(Worcester  College),  schoolmaster  of  the 
Charterhouse,  baptised  17th  June,  1753 ;  m. 
24th  August,  1784,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of 
Dr.  Bamsdbn,  master  of  the  Charterhouse 
and  rector  of  Balsham,  and  d.  9th  March, 
1838,  having  by  her  (who  d,  5th  October, 
1835)  had  issue, 

I.  John  Bahsdbn,  of  whom  presentlv. 
n.  Edward,  h.  1794,  d.  13th  September, 

III.  William,  b.  30th  December,  1796, 
d.  13th  April,  1797. 

IV.  Bichard,  of  Dovers,  Beigate,  Surrey, 
and  Old  Broad  Street,  London,  b.  15th 
April,  1798,  iw.  13th  June,  1829,  Emily, 

second  daughter  of  John  Tblfobd,  of 
Esk  Beverley,  Yorks,  and  d.  2nd 
December,  1868,  baring  by  her  (who 
d.  15th  July,  1843)  had  issue, 

1.  Bichard  Telford,  of  Castle  Bank, 
Beigate,  and  Old  Broad  Street, 
London,  b.  10th  April,  1830  j  m. 
14th  October,  1869,  Susan  Kins- 
man, eldest  daughter  of  James 
BuRYN,  of  Aigburtb. 

2.  Tbelwall  (Bev.),  b.  18th  Novem- 
ber, 1835,  rf.  unm,  2nd  October, 

3.  Francis  Tullie,  of  Dovers,  Bei- 
gate, b,  12th  June,  1840. 

1.  Emily  Bamsden,  b,  19th  Decem- 
ber, 1832. 

2.  Julia  Sarah,  d.  in  infancy  18th 
January,  1839. 

I.  Elizabeth,  m,  13th  December,  180P, 
BeF.  C.  B.  Pritcbbtt,  rector  of 
Balshom,  and  d.  3rd  August,  1812. 

II.  Agnes,  m.  24th  April,  1806,  Tullie 
Joseph  CoBNTHWAiTB,  SOU  of  the  Bev. 
J.  CoBNTHWAiTB,  rector  of  Hackney, 
Middlesex,  and  d.  1849. 

III.  Mary,  m.  Bev.  William  Chapman, 
and  d.  24th  June,  1818. 

The  eldest  son, 

Tdb  \bn.  Abchdbacon  John  Bahsdbn 
WoLLASTON,  M.A.  Cambridge  (Christ 
CoUege),  ricar  of  West  Wickhsm,  co.  Cam- 
bridge, and  afterwards  Archdescon  of 
Western  Australia,  being  the  first  clergyman 
who  landed  and  settled  in  that  colony,  b,  25th 
March,  1792,  tn.  13th  May,  1819,  Mary 
Amelia,  daugliter  of  Colonel  George  Glbd- 
8TANB8  of  the  Bojal  Horse  Guard?,  and  d, 
at  King  George's  Sound,  Albany,  West 
Australia,  3rd  May,  1866,  having  by  her, 
who  d.  at  Gambria  Town,  South  Australin, 
15th  March,  1874,  had  issue, 

I.  John  Bamsden,  of  New  South  Wales, 
*.  at  Wrotham,  co.  Kent,  England, 
15th  March,  1830,  (/.  «nw.  August,  1875. 

II.  William  Edward,  of  Victoria,  d.  25th 
March,  1821,  at  Stoneheath,  Cam- 
bridgeshire, m.  at  Sandhurst,  Victoria, 
26th  March,  1856,  Fanny  Muephy. 

III.  Hbnby  Nbwton,  of  whom  presently. 
IT.  George       Gledstanes,       of      South 

Australia,  b.  at  Stoneheatli,  Cambridge- 
shire, 4th  February,  1824;  m.  at 
Adelaide,  South  Australia,  3rd  Decem- 
ber, 1856,  Mary  Glover,  daughter  of  the 
Bev.  James  McGowan,  and  has  issue, 

1.  George  Edward,  b.  10th  October, 
1857,  m.  1879,  and  is  deceased. 

2.  John  Bamsden,  *.  1859. 

8.  Tullie  Comthwaife,  b.  1868. 

4.  Albert  Henry,  b.  1867. 

5.  William  Gledstanes,  b.  1869. 

6.  Herbert  Charles,  b.  1871. 

1.  Mary  Amelia,  b.  1861. 

2.  Florence  Edith,  b.  1865. 

V.  Edward  Chapman,  b.  at  West  Wick- 
ham,  Cambridgeshire,  September, 
1825,  d.  at  Melbourne,  Victoj-ia, 
December,  1853. 

I.  Mary     Agnes,     m,     first     in     West 



Australia,  1846,  Charles  Strain  ;  and 

secondly,  in  India,  William  Talbot, 

and  has  issue. 
n.  Sophia    Charlotte,  m.    at  Adelaide, 

South  Australia,  1861,  Gilbert  Mason, 

and  has  issue. 
The  third  son, 

Bkv.  Hbnst  Newton  Wollaston,  in- 
cumbent of  Trinity  Church,  Melbourne,  Vic- 
toria,   b.   14th    December,  1822,   emigrated 

to  Australia  in  1843,  remoTcd  to  New 
ZeaUnd,  with  his  family,  in  1854,  and  was 
ordained  priest  by  Bishop  Sblwtn.  He 
returned  to  Australia  and  settled  at 
Melbourne.  He  m.  8th  February,  1845, 
Susannah,  daughter  of  John  Sbwbll,  of 
Avely,  Essex,  and  rf.  29th  December,  1891, 
Icaying  an  only  son,  Hbnbt  Nbwton  Phut 
LIP6,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

Arms-^Arg,  three  mullets  pierced  sa. 

Creet — Out  of  a  mural  crown  or  a  demi  griffin  segreant  org,  holding  a  mullet  pierced  ea. 

Reridence — Toorak,  Melbourue. 

Club  -Melbourne. 


JOHN  CHATFIELD  TYLER  of  Clendon,  Toorak,  Melbourne,  late 
assistant  commissioner  of  Castoms,  h,  24th  January,  1831,  m.  10th 
August,  1861,  Fanny  M*ry,  second  daughter  of  tb6  late  William  Hamilton 
Hart,  of  Melbourne,  by  Fanny  Lloyd,  his  wife,  and  has  issue, 

I.  John  Chatfield,  solicitor,  of  Rockhampton,  Queensland,  h.  3rd  June, 

I.  Amelia  Fanny,  6.  21st   September,  1862;  w.  20th  December,  1892, 

George  H.  Armytage,  of  Como,  South  YaiTa. 

II.  Camilla  Charlotte,  6.  18th  February,  1867. 

III.  Josephine  May,  6.  81st  May,  1871. 

Mr.  J.  C.  Tyler  arrived  in  Victoria  in  February,  1853,  and  shortly  after 
entered  the  Government  service,  first  in  the  Audit  office,  and  subsequently 
was  transferred  to  the  Castoms  Department,  in  which  he  remained,  becoming 
collector  of  Customs,  immigration  agent,  and  assistant  commissioner  of 
Customs ;  from  which  he  retired  in  September,  1880. 


John  Chatfield  Ttlbe,  D.L.  of  the  Fore- 
lands, Bromsgpove,  eo.  Worcester,  the  son  of 
John  Tylbb,  of  Redland,  near  Bristol,  was  b. 
28th  August,  1787,  m.  March,  1828,  Amelia 

{b.  16th  June,  1800),  daughter  of What- 

LBT,  and  d.  15th  October,  1851,  having  by  her, 
who  d.  16th  January,  1887,  had  issue, 

I.  Henry  Whatley  (Sir),  M.P.  for  Har- 
wich, 1880-6,  and  for  Great  Yarmouth 
1885-92,  formerly  Captain  R.E.,  was 
chief  inspector  of  railways.  Board  of 
Trade ;  is  president  of  the  Grand 
Trunk  Bailway  of  Canada,  b.  7th 
March,  1827,  m.  8th  September,  1852, 
Margaret,  daughter  of  General  Sir 
Charles  Paslby,  K.C.B.,  R.E.,  and  has 
issue,  nine  sons  and  three  daughters. 

II.  John  Chatfibld,  the  subject  of  this 

III.  Charles  James,  Major-General  late 
B.A.,  b,  14th  April,  1884,  m.  Mina 
Charlotte,  daughter  of  the  late  Sir 
Charles  Dablino,  E.C.B.,  and  has 
issue,  four  sons  and  four  daughters. 

IT.  Edwai*d  Saumarez,  Captain  B.E.,  m, 
Annie  CockrafV,  and  d.  leaying  issue,  a 

V.  Frederick  Joseph,  d.  unm, 

I.  Josephine  Martha,  m.  the  late  Dr. 
J.  D.  CoLLis,  and  d,  s.  p, 

II.  Charlotte  Augusta,  m.  first,  Isaac 
Spooner  ;  and  secondly,  M.  H.  Blak- 
ISTON,  and  has  issue,  two  sons  and 
one  daughter. 

in.  Lucy  Susanna,  m.  Bev.  B.  St.  John 
Pabbt,  and  -has  issue,  eight  sons  and 
four  daughters. 

Seeidenee^Clendorij  Toorak,  near  Melbourne,  Victoria. 
Club — Melbourne. 



EDWARD  STAGE  SYMONDS,  G.M.G.,  of  Tatelo,  Kew,  Melbourne. 
Victoria,  formerly  under- treasurer  of  the  colony  of  Victoria,  h,  at 
Gosport,  CO.  Southampton,  I5th  July,  1816 ;  m.  first,  1838,  Emily,  daughter 
of  the  late  John  Mudie  Wilson,  of  Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  and  by  her 
has  issue, 

I.  Edward   Chater,  J.P.  for  Victoria  (since  March,  1888),  comptroller 

of  the  money  order  and  savings  bank  branch  of  the  Victorian 
postal  department,  to  which  office  he  was  appointed  in  September, 
1888,  having  entered  the  service  of  the  Government  of  Victoria 
in  the  Audit  office  in  February,  1852 ;  appointed  receiver  and  pay- 
master of  the  Treasury  in  Melbourne,  1893  ;  5.  in  Sydney,  New 
South  Wales,  1838;  m.  1863,  Martha  Hoddinot,  who  d,  leaving 
issue,  three  sous  and  three  daughters. 

II.  Charles  Arthur,  h.  1848 ;  m.  1876,  Alice  Weetman,  and  has  issue,  one 


III.  Samuol,  h,  1850 ;  m.  1878,  Jane  Hartrick,  and  has  issue,  four  sons 
and  one  daughter. 

IV.  James  Melville,  h.  1854 ;    m.  first,  1879,  Caroline  Weetman,  and  has 

issue,  two  sons ;  he  m.  secondly,  Blanche  Rossiter. 

I.  Mftry  White,  h.  1841. 

II.  Frances  Eowena,  6.  1844 ;  m,  1881,  Henry  J.  Leplastrier,  and  has 

issue,  a  daughter. 

III.  Eliza  BeU,  h.  1852. 

IV.  Elizabeth  Stace,  h.  1857. 

V.  Emily  Suzette,  6.  1858,  d.  unm. 

Mr.  Symouds  m.  secondly,  1879,  Annie  Augasta,  daughter  of  the  late 
Mansell  Allez,  of  Guernsey,  and  by  her  has  had  issue,  a  daughter, 

VI.  Elsie  Grace,  d.  unm. 

He  m.  thirdly,  16th  February,  1882,  Edith,  daughter  of  the  late  John 
BiCKARDS,  of  Sydney.  He  went  to  Australia  in  1836,  and  arrived  in  Sydney 
in  December  of  that  year.  Entering  the  service  of  the  Government  of 
Victoria  in  1852,  he  became  in  the  same  year  commissioner  of  Crown  lands  ; 
and  was  subsequently  appointed  senior  commissioner  in  charge  of  financial 
operations  at  the  goldfields,  1853;  was  gold-receiver  at  Melbourne  from 
1855  to  1857;  and  under- treasurer  of  Victoria,  from  1857  to  1887,  when  he 
retired  on  a  pension,  having  been  created  C.M.G.  in  1886. 


Sahfbl  Stmoicds,  surgeon  R.N.,  who 
resided  at  BucldaDd,  Dover,  co.  Kent,  m.  1808, 
and  d.  1818  (his  wife,  Marr,  sarviTing  till 
1872),  having  had  issue, 

I.  Samuel,  h.  1811,  d.  1821. 

II.  James  White,  Commander  K.N.,  b. 
1814,  m.  12th  June,  1848,  Elizabeth 
Samuel,  daughter  of  Sauiuel  Ebll, 
and  d.  3rd  April,  1875,  KaviDg  issue, 

1.  Elizabeth  Bell,  h.  1849,  deceased. 

2.  Mar^  Eliza,  b.  1852. 

8.  Louisa  Frankland,  b.  1855. 
in.    Edwabd   Stacb,  C.M.0.,  of  Tu- 

telo,  Kew,  Melbourne,  the  subject  of 

this  memoir. 
IV.  Charles  Hunt,  commissioner  of  audit, 

Victoria,  ft.  lvS18,  f».  first,  1844,  EUeu 

Pbice,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 



1.  Charles  Edward. 

2.  James  WiUiam. 
8.  Frank  Alexander. 
4.  Herbert.. 

6.  Beginald,  deceased. 

1.  Marj  Ellen. 

2.  Catherine  Isabella. 

He  m.  secondly,  1877,  Henrietta  Jose- 
phine LBPL4STBISB,  and  bj  her  has 
further  issue, 

6.  Stanley  Leplastrier. 
8.  Marguerite. 

.  Eliza  Grace,  5.  1803;  m.  184i,  Alex- 
ander Melville  Bbll,  professor  of 
elocution,  and  has  had  issue, 

1.  Melviile  Alexander,  b.  18  i5,  de- 

2.  Alexander  Graham,  professor,  in- 
ventor of  the  telephone,  b.  1847,  m, 
Mabel,  daughter  of  the  Hon.  Gar- 
diner G.  Hubbard,  of  Washington, 
U.S.A.,  and  has  isiue,  two  daugh- 

8.  Edward  Charles,  b.  1848,  de- 

AmuSa.,  a  dolphin  embowed  org*  a  crescent  for  diff. 

Crett — A  dolphin  as  in  the  arms. 

Motto — Dum  spiro  spero. 

jBmrf«ik?«— Tutelo,  Glenfenic  road,  Kew,  Melbonme,  Victoria. 

Jfam  tre  g)alt«. 

HON.  LEOPOLD  FABIUS  FANE  DE  SALTS,  of  Tharwa,  New  South 
Wales,  aud  Strath  more,  Qaeensland,  a  member  of  the  Le^slative 
Council,  New  South  Wales,  &.  26th  April,  1816 ;  m.  Charlotte,  daughter  of 
Captain  George  Macdonald,  68fch  Regiment,  of  Morar,  co.  Inyemesa,  and  by 
her,  who  d.  February,  1878,  has  had  issue, 

I.  Leopold  William  Jerome,   M.L.A.,  of    New    South  Wales,  h,  June, 

IT.  Rodolph  John  Charles,  6.  November,  1846,  d,  June,  1876. 
III.  Greorge  Arthur  Charles,  M.L.A.,  of  New  South  Wales,  6.  November, 

1852 ;   m,    Febraary,    1878,  Mary  St.  Lawrence  Irwing,  daughter 

of  the  Rev.  Pierce  Smith,  of  Canberra,  New  South  Wales,  and  has 

had  issue, 

1.  Arthur  Rodolph,  deceased. 

2.  Rodolph  Leopold  Pierce,  fe.  August,  1886. 
8.  George  William  Irwing,  6.  February,  1889. 
4.  Charles  Eric  Fabius,  fe.  May,  1891. 

1.  Charlotte,  h.  February,  1880. 

2.  Mary,  h,  December,  1881. 

3.  Nina  Emily  Violet,  6.  May,  1883. 

4.  Emily  Henrietta  Georgina,  h.  May,  1885. 

iv.  Henry  Gubert  Macdonald,  6.  October,  1858 ;  m.  November,  1884,  his 
cousin,  Charlotte  Maude,  daughter  of  Robert  Stair  Graham 
Macdonald,  of  Balanagowan,  Rockbampton,  Queensland,  and  has 

1.  Leopold  Henry  Graham,  h.  September,  1885. 

2.  Gubert  William  Leslie,  &.  July,  1887. 

3.  Arthur  Rodolph  Neville,  h,  November,  1890. 

I.  Henrietta  Sarah  Nina  Sophia,  6.  April,  1849 ;  m.  September,  1882, 
William  James  Farrer,  B.A.  of  Pembroke  College,  Cambridge,  and 
Lambrigg,  New  South  Wales. 




This  family  is  amongst  the  most  ancient 
of  Ghermanj.  So  far  back  as  the  9t:i 
centarj,  it.  is  stated  to  hare  been  settled  at 
GastelMar  (the  Roman  CtuMum  Murum), 
a  stronghold  of  feudal  times,  situated  in  the 
Tallej  of  the  Maira,  on  the  Italian  frontier  of 
the  republic  of  the  Orisons. 

Pbteb  db  Salis  came  over  to  England  in 
the  year  1709,  as  envoy  and  minister  pleni- 
potentiary from  Joseph  I,  Emperor  of 
Germany,  to  Queen  Anns  ;  and  on  the  12th 
March,  1748,  he  was  created  by  the  Emperor 
Francis,  a  count  of  the  Germanic  or  Holy 
Boman  Empire,  with  renxainder  to  his  issue 
male.  He  d,  in  1749,  leaving  an  only  son  and 

JisoMR,  Ck>uirT  DB  Salis,  who  was  natura- 
lized by  Act  of  Parliament,  80th  March,  1734. 
He  m.  in  Jamu^ry,  1735,  the  Hon.  Mary 
Fane,  eldest  daughter  of  Charles,  Viscount 
Fakb,  and  had, 

Charles,  M.P.  for  the  borough  of  Bead- 
ing, 1760;  d,9,p.\m, 
Pbtbb,  eventual  heir  to  his  father  and 

Heniy  Jerome,  in  holy  orders,  D.D.  of 
Queen's   College,  Oxford,  one  of  the 
chaplains  in   ordinary  to    the  king, 
vicar  of  Wing,  co.  Bucks,  and  rector 
of  St.  Antholin's,  London  ;  d,  issueless 
in  May,  1809.    - 
On  the  decease,  without  issue,   of  Charles, 
first  Viscount  Fane,  in  1772,  his  sister,  Mary, 
Countess  de  Salis,  inherited  the  extensive 
estates    in    Ireland    of    the    Favb    family 
(derived  from  Bachael,  Countess  of  Bath). 
She  d.  in  1784,  and  was  t,  by  her  elder  sur- 
viving son, 

Pbtbb,  Coukt  de  Salts,  captain  in  the 
Coldstream  G-uards,  justice  of  the  peace,  and 
deputy-lieutenant  for  the  co.  of  Middlesex. 
During  a  residence  of  some  years  abroad. 
Count  de  Salis  filled  the  office  of  president  of 
the  G-risons,    and  was  eaptain -general  and 
governor  of    the  Valteline  and  Cliiavenna. 
He  m.  Anne  DB  Salis  ;  and  dying  20th  No- 
vember, 1807,  left  issue, 
Jbeomb.  his  successor. 
John,  Cuunt  de  Salis,  a  lord  of  the  bed- 
chamber, and  member  of  the  Austrian 
privy  council,  at  one  time  president  of 
the  canton  of  the  Orisons,  and  subse- 
quently minister  of  state  to  his  Im- 
perial Highness,  Francis,  Archduke  of 
Modena.    His  excellency  m,  in  1836 
Eliza,    eldeitt    daughter    of    General 
Count  F.  S.  de  Salis,  first  lady  of  the 
bedchamber  to  the  Arch-Duchess  of 
Modena,  but  had  no  issue. 
The  elder  son, 

Jbeoue,  CouirT  de  Salis,  justice  of  the 
peace  and  deputy-lieutenant  for  the  coo.  of 
Armagh  and  Middlesex,  obtained  in  Decem- 
ber, 1835,  a  royal  licence,  permitting  him  to 
assume  the  name  of  Fane  in  addition  to  that 
of  DE  Salis,  as  the  inheritor  of  the  estate, 
and  being  tlie  next  representative  of  Charlep, 
last  Viscount  Fane.    Count  de  Salis  m.  first, 

in  June,  1797,  Sophia,  second  daughter  and 
eventually  heiress,  of  Admiral  Francis  Wil- 
liam Dbake,  of  Buckland  Abbey,  Devon, 
brother  of  Sir  F.  H.  Drake,  Bart.,  and  by  that 
lady  (who  d.  in  1803)  had  issue, 

I.  Peter  John,  his  heir.  Count  de  Salis, 
kniffht  of  Malta  and  of  the  order  of  the 
Bed  Eagle  of  Prussia ;  a  deputy  lieu- 
tenant for  the  CO.  of  Armagh,  and  a 
magistrate  for  Middlesex  and  West- 
minster ;  h.  26th  February,  1799 ;  m, 
first,  19th  February,  1821,  Henrietta 
de  St.  Denis  de  Gbavct,  second 
daughter  of  the  Comte  de  Ghuncy,  a 
general  in  the  French  service,  but  by 
her  had  no  issue ;  and  secondly,  19(n 
July,  18:f4,  Cecilia  Henrietta  Mar. 
garet,  daughter  of  David  Bors- 
OEOis,  of  the  city  of  Neufch&tel, 
and  nieoe  to  the  Comte  db  Mbubok, 
Prussian  Ambassador  at  the  court  of 
Denmark,  and  had  issue, 

1.  John  Francis  William,  Count  de 
Salis,  i.  25th  August,  1825; 
attach^  to  the  legation  at  Turin, 
from  4th  October,  1845,  to  De- 
cember, 1^49,  M.  11th  February, 
1862,  Amelia  Frances  Harriet, 
eldest  daughter  of  Christopher 
Toweb,  of  Huntsmore  Park, 
Bucks,  by  Lady  Sophia,  his  wife, 
and  d.  7th  August,  1871,  having 
by  her,  who  d.  8th  January,  1885, 
had  issue, 

(1)  John  Francis  Charles  Fane, 
present  Count  de  Salis,  third 
secretary  diplomatic  service, 
J.P.  and  D.L.,  co.  Limerick, 
J.P.  CO.  Armagh,  h.  19th 
July,  1864 ;  m.  1890,  Hel^ne 
Marie  de  Biqnet,  daughter 
of  Prince  Eugene  db 
Cabaman-Chimat,  and  has 

John  Eugene,  b.  4th  Octo- 
ber, 1891. 

(2)  Henry  Bodolph,  A.M.I.C.E., 
5.30th  June,1866 ;  m,  9th  May, 
1 893,  AUceMary, eldest  daugh- 
ter of  Captain  Bobert  Lam- 
BEBT,of  Weston,  Thames  Dit- 
ton,  Surrey,  late  of  the  48rd 
Light  Infantry. 

(1)  Catharine  Sophia,  h,  1863. 

2.  Peter,  h.  22nd  November,  1827 ; 
late  of  the  Austi*ian  service;  m, 
19th  November,  1874,  Agnes 
Louisa,  eldest  daughter  of  Charles 
Joseph  la  Tbobe,  C.B.,  first 
governor  of  Victoria,  and  baa 

3.  George  Aloys,  h.  1st  December, 
1829  ;  captain,  Austrian  service, 
d.  22nd  October,  1866. 

4.  Bobert  John  Drake,  h.  13th 
February,  1837;  m,  187C,  Elise, 
daughter  of  J.  B.  DB  Tschabkbb, 
and  has  issue. 



1.  Anna  Sophia  Elizabeth,  m.  to  the 

Baron  Qaudence  db  Salts,  senior 

member    of    federal    council    of 


Count    Peter    John  de    Salis   was  a 

lieut-enant-colonel  in    the  capitulated 

service  of  Switzerland,  and  served  in 

the    Swiss    Guards    of   the  King  of 

France.     He  d.  24th  December,  1870. 

Count  Jerome  de  fealis  m.  secondly,  Penelope, 

daughter  of  B.  Fhbeman,  M.D.,  of  Uxbridge, 

by  which  lady  (who  d.  in  1807)  the  Count 

had  one  daughter  only, 

I.  Sophia  Juliana,  «t.  to  William  FiL- 
OATB,  of  Lissrenney,  co.  Louth,  and 
had  issue. 

The  Count  m.  thirdly,  Henrietta,  daughter  of 
William  Fosteb,  D'I).,  Bishop  of  Kilmore, 
and  niece  of  the  Right  Hon.  John  Foster,  last 
Speaker  of  the  House  of  Commons  in  Ireland, 
created  LoBD  Obibl.  By  this  lady  (who  d. 
his  widow,  27th  October,  1856)  he  had  issue, 

II.  Rudolph  Leslie,  Lieutenant- General, 
Colonel  8th  Hussars,  C.B.,  h.  9th  May, 
1811 ;  m.8th  November,  1875,  Augusta, 
widow  of  General  Debyillb,  H.H. 
Indian  Army,  and  d.  18th  March, 

III.  William,  of  Dawley  Court, Middlesex, 
and  Teffont  Manor,  Wilts,  J.P.,  b. 
27th  October,  1812,  M.  A.  Oriel  College, 
Oxford,  barrister-at-law,  m.  7th  March, 
1859,  Emily  Harriette,  eldest  daughter 
of  the  late  J.  T.  Mayne,  of  TefFont 

IV.  Leopold  Fabius  (Hon.),  the  subject 
of  this  memoir. 

y.  John  Henry,  h.  10th  December,  1818; 
m.  1848,  Julia  Stanley  Palmer,  dau- 
ghter of  John  Shum,  H.E.I.C.S.,  and 
by  her  (who  d.  September,  1890)  has 

1.  Henry  Jerome  Richard,  h.  18th 
September,  1851  j  d.  9th  Septem- 
ber, 1890. 

2.  Arthur  Leopold  (deceased). 

1.  Georgina  Henrietta,  m.  1867, 
to  Lieutenant- Colonel  John  Ar- 
thur Thomas  Gabatt,  Grenadier 
Guards,  of  Bishop's  Court,  Devon, 
and  has  issue. 

2.  Eva  Letitia  Marv,  h.  1857. 

VI.  Charles  Lewis,  h.  4th  January,  1821 ; 
Captain  Scots  Fusilier  Guards;  d.  in 

Tii.  Henry  Jerome  Augustine  Fane 
M.A.  Oxon,  in  holy  orders,  of  Port- 
nail  Park,  CO.  Surrey,  J.P.,  b.  16th 
February,  1828;  «.  29th  March,  1853, 
Grace  Elizabeth,  third  daughter  of 
Right  Hon.  J.  W.  Hbnlet,  D.C.L., 
M.P.,  of  Waterpery,  Oxfordshire,  and 
has  issue, 

1.  Rodolpli,  M.I.C.E.,  B.A.,  Trinity 
Hall,  Cambridge,*.  1854 ;  m.  27th 
June,  1878,  Edith  Louisa  Cather- 
ine, eldest  daughter  of  Edward 
Rousby,  of  Cottesford  House^ 
Oxon,  and  has  issue. 

2.  Cecil  Fane,  B: A.,  barrister-at  law, 
b.  1857  ;  m.  8id  September,  1889, 
Rachael  Elizabeth  Frances,  only 
child  of  Edmund  Wallbb,  of  Far- 
mington  Lodge,  co.  Gloucester, 
and  hns  issue,  Henrv  Edmund 
Challoner,  b.  17th  July,  1891, 
and  a  daughter,  b.  16th  October, 

3.  William,  Lieutenant  R.N.,  b. 
1858 ;  m.  14th  May,  1889,  Eliza, 
eldest  daughter  of  William  Jesser 
CooPB,  late  Captain  Royal  Fusi- 
liers, of  Rouw  Koup  House,  Ron- 
debosch.  Cape  Colony,  and  has 
issue,  Rodolph  Henry,  6  25th  May, 
1890;  Ursula  Eva,  b.  21st  March, 

4.  Charies  (Rev.),  M.A.,  b,  1860, 
vicar  of  St.  Michael's,  Milverton, 
and  rural  dean  of  Wellington, 

1.  Georgiana,    b.    1861;     m.    19th 
January,  1888,  Rev.  Robert  Aber- 
cromby  Hamilton,  M.A.,  vicar  of 
Cranboume,  Berks. 
Mr.  H.  J.  A.  Fane   de    Salis    «.    to 
Portnall  Park,  1872,  under  the  will  of 
his    brother-in-law,   Colonel   Thomas 
Challoner  Bissb-Challoneb. 
II.  Catherina  Barbara,  m.   in   1832,  to 
George,  second  Lord  db  Tablby,  and 
d.  20th  February,  1869.     He  d.  19th 
October,  1887. 
in.  Henrietta  Emma,  m.  6th  Januaxy, 
1859,  to  Colonel-  Bisbb-Challonbb,  of 
Portnall  Park,   Surrey,  and  d,   16th 
August,  1863.     {See  Bubkb*8  Landed 
Count  Jerome  de  Salis  d.  2nd  October,  1836, 
and  was  s,  by  his  eldest  son. 

Arfiu — Quarterly  first  and  fourth  grand  quarters,  quarterly,  first  and  fourth.  Or  an  eagle 
displayed  sa.  ducally  crooned  of  the  field ;  second  and  third,  Az.  three  bendlets  sinister  wavy 
arg.  a  lion  rampant  and  ducally  crowned  or  brandishing  in  the  right  paw  a  sword  ppr. 
pommel  and  hilt  gold,  over  all  in  pretence  an  inescutcheon  per  fess,  the  upper  part  or  a  salix 
(or  willoyr  tree)  eradicated  ppr.,  the  lower  part  paly  of  six  arg.  and  gu. :  second  and  third 
grand  quarters :  Az.  three  dexter  gauntlets  backs  affronted  or  {for  Fane). 

Crests—  1.  On  a  ducal  coronet  an  eagle  displayed  sa.  crowned  or  as  in  the  arms.  2.  Out 
of  a  foreign  ducal  coronet  a  demi  woman  without  arms  ppr.  ducally  crowned  or  hair  flowing 
down  the  back,  winged  in  place  of  arms  arg.  3.  Out  of  a  ducal  coronet  a  demi  Hon 
double  queued  and  ducally  crowned  or  brandishing  a  sword  as  in  the  arms,  the  lion  between 
two  tilting  spears  in  bend  sinister  gold,  from  each  a  banner  paly  of  six  arg.  and  gu.  fringed 
also  gold.    4.  Out  of  a  ducal  coronet  or  a  pied  bull's  head  charged  on  the  neck  with  a  rose  gu. 

Svpporiers—  Dexter :  a  leopard  cowed  and  guardant  or.  Sinister :  a  griffin  cowed  reguar- 
dant  or. 



Mottoes — Saliz  flectitur  sed  non  frangitur :  also  Pro  Deo,  rege,  et  patria. 
Retidencet — Therwa,  Lanyon,  Sydney  ;  and  Strafchmore,  Bowen,  QaeenBland. 
CTk4— Sydney. 

NoTB. — ^The  members  of  this  family  are  hereditary  knights  of  the  order  of  the  G-olden 
Spur,  and  enjoy  the  dignity  of  Counts  Palatine  of  the  Palaoe  of  the  Lateran,  confirmed  by 
Pope  Paul  lY,  anno  1556. 


HON.  ALEXANDER  RTRIE,  of  Micalago,  Michelago,  and  of  Amprior, 
Braidwood,  New  South  Wales,  member  of  the  Legislative  Coancil 
and  jastice  of  the  peace,  New  South  Wales,  h.  17th  December,  1827 ;  m.  5th 
July,  1860,  Charlotte,  elder  daughter  of  the  late  Captain  Alured  Tasker 
Faunce,  of  the  4th  (King's  Own)  Regiment,  now  King's  Own  Royal 
Lancaster  Regiment  (by  Elizabeth,  his  wife,  daughter  of  Lieutonant- 
Colonel  John  Kenneth  Mackenzie,  of  the  same  regiment,  who  served  all 
through  the  Peninsular  war,  and  afterwards  in  America,  where  he  was 
severely  wounded  at  the  battle  of  Bladensburg,  afterwards  settling  in 
New  South  Wales,  where  he  arrived  iu  command  of  his  regiment  in  1832), 
who  was  son  of  General  Alured  Dodsworth  Faunce,  C.B.,  aide-de-camp  to 
the  King,  and  grandson  of  Major  Thomas  Faunce  (jsee  Burke's  Landed 
Gentry^  Faunce  of  Skarsted)^  and  has  issue, 

I.  Cassels  Campbell,  h.  4th  May,  1861. 

II.  Granville  De  Laune,  6.  1st  July,  1865. 

III.  Alison  Faunce,  b.  30th  August,  1867;   m.  26th  October,  1891,  Eva 
M.  Gibson. 

IV.  William  Moodie,  h.  20th  October,  1869. 

V.  Vincent  Wallace,  h.  23rd  July,  1871. 

VI.  Stanley  Stewart,  b.  lOfch  September,  1873. 

I.  Edith,  6.  7th  September,  1862. 

II.  Evelyn,  6.  11th  July,  1875. 


Stewabt  Btbib,  of  Sydney,  and  of  Am- 
prior, Braidwood,  New  South  Wales,  was 
one  of  tweWe  brothers  b.  at  Caithness, 
Scotland.  He  was  in  the  commissariat 
department,  in  which  he  served  throughout 
the  Peninsular  war  and  at  Waterloo, 
receiving  from  General  Picton  the  field- 
glass  he  used  during  the  battle  with  its 
donor's  name  engraved  on  it.  He  arrived 
in  Sydney  as  deputy  commissary-general, 
in  1825.  He  m.  twice;  firstly,  Anne 
Stbwabt,  of  Si  rath  Caithness -shire,  sister 
of  Qeneral  Stewart,  of  the  3rd  Regiment 
(The  Buffs),  who  was  acting  governor  of 
New  South  Wales  from  1st  December  to  19th 
December,  1825,  and  resided  at  The  Mount, 
Bathurst.  By  this  lady  Mr.  Ryrie  had 

I.  WUliam,  m.  Marianne,  daughter  of 
John  CA88BL8,  of  Amprior,  near 
Stirling,  Scotland,  and  d,  leaving 
issue,  onp  son  and  two  daughters. 

VOL.   II. 

II.  James,  d.  unm. 

III.  Donald,  m.  Jane,  daughter  of  the 
Rev.  J.  Salmon,  and  d.  leaving  issue, 
three  sons  and  four  daughters. 

IV.  Stewart,  of  Coodra  Vale,  Tass, 
New  South  Wales,  m.  Janet,  second 
daughter  of  Lieutenant-Colonel  John 
Kenneth  Mackekzib,  of  the  4th 
(Kinff's  Own)  Regiment,  before-men- 
tioned, and  d.  leaving  issue,  three 
sons  and  four  daughters. 

I.  Elizabeth,  m.  William  Moodib,  an 
ofiicer  in  the  commissariat  department, 
and  d.  s.p. 

II.  Jane,  m.  Francis  Lascelles  Wallacb, 
M.D.,  of  Sydney,  and  d.  leaving  issue, 
one  son  and  one  daughter. 

Mr.  Ryiio  m.  secondly  at  Amprior,  near 
Stirling,  Scotland,  1825,  Isabella,  third 
diughlor  of  John  Cassbls,  of  Arnprior, 
before-mentioned,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 

9.      D 


y.  John  CasselSjOf  Buddabadah,  Cathim- 
dril  and  Woemabah,  all  in  the  dis- 
trict of  Dubbo,  New  South  Wales,  m. 
Mary,  daughter  of  the  Rey.  John 
Salmon,  and  has  issue,  four  sons  and 
four  daughters. 

yi.  Albxandbb  (Hon.),  M.L.C.,  J.P., 
the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

yii.  David,  of  Coolringdon,  Maneroo, 
New  South  Wales,  m.  Ellen  Eliza, 
younger  daughter  of  the  late  Captain 
Alured  Tasker  Fafnce  (by  Elizabeth, 
his  wife,  daughter  of  Lieutenant- 
Colonel  John  Kenneth  Maokbnzib), 
before-mentioned,  and  has  issue,  five 
sons  and  five  daughters . 

Residences — Micalago,  Michelago ;  and  Amprior,  Braidwood,  New  South  Wales. 
Club — Union. 

JAMES  ORR,  o£  New  Westminster  and  Vancouver,  British  Colnmbia, 
Dominion  of  Canada,  who  represented  the  district  of  New  Westminster 
in  the  Provincial  Parliament,  and  has  been  a  representatiye  since  1863,  and  a 
resident  in  British  Columbia  for  thirty-six  years,  was  6.  in  Liverpool, 
England,  23rd  April,  1826.  Mr.  James  Orr  was  in  Canada  dnrin^:  the 
Rebellion  of  1837-8.  He  was  a  member  of  the  first  Mining  Board  of 
Carreboo,  B.C.,  in  1863,  and  was  elected  to  i-epresent  the  district  of 
Carreboo  in  the  first  Legislative  Connoil,  in  that  year  when  British 
Columbia  was  a  Crown  colony.  He  made  the  first  exploration  from  the 
Pacific  Coast  to  the  Rocky  Mountains  in  1865,  and  was  the  first  to  report 
on  the  practicability  of  a  trans- continental  road  by  the  Fraser  River  and 
North  Thompson  River,  across  the  Rocky  Mountains  through  the  Yellow 
Head  pass.  He  represented  the  district  of  New  Westminster,  in  which 
was  included  the  city  of  Vancouver  for  eight  years.  He  was  engaged  on 
the  most  important  surveys  for  the  Canadian  Pacific  Railway  north  of 
Burrard  Inlet,  and  spent  one  year  in  the  Selkirk  Mountains  1865-6,  near 
the  head  waters  of  the  Columbia  River,  and  two  years  on  the  head  waters 
of  the  Findley  branch  of  the  Peace  River,  1871-2. 


The  Rbv.  Dban  Obb,  whose  father  was 
also  a  dean  in  the  Church  of  England,  left 
three  sons, 

John  Habgbbaves,  of  whom  presently. 
William,  of  co.  Down,  Ireland. 
Alexander,  also  of  co.  Down. 
The  son, 
JoHK  Habobbavbs  Obb,  was  a  merchant 

of  Lirerpool,  England ;  and  d,  1831,  leaving 

James,  the  suhject  of  this  memoir. 
John   Hargreaves,  of   Rhodes   Arenae, 

Chicago,  U.SA.,  rf.  aged  81  years. 
Alexander    Barrington,    of     Stratford, 
Ontario,  Canada,  who  was  a  warden 
of  CO.  Perth,  Ontario,  d.  aged  71  years. 

Residence— Y^ncoMyoT,  British  Columbia,  Dominion  of  Canada. 


Matthias,  Omaha,  Nebraska,  6.  in  Cobourg,  Ontario,  Canada,  18th 
Jane,  1850 ;  m.  1877,  Mary  Gwladys,  the  talented  anthoress  of  several 
volumes  of  travel  sketches  and  stories  for  young  people,  daughter  of  the 
late.  Rev.  Thomas  Griffith,  D.C.L.,  sometime  chaplain  to  the  British  Forces 
on  the  Gambia.     The  Rev.  A.  W.  Macnab  received  holy  orders  1873,  and 



was  licenced  to  the  curacy  of  St.  George's  Church,  St.  Catharine's,  was 
employed  from  1876  to  1879  as  a  preacher  and  lecturer  in  England  and 
Switzerland  hy  the  Ven.  Society  for  the  Propagntion  of  the  Gospel.  He 
was  that  society's  chaplain  at  Murren  and  at  Campfer,  and  for  a  hrief 
period  was  assistant  to  the  British  Chaplain  at  Rome.  In  1879,  he  returned 
to  Canada  and  became  rector  of  St.  Barnabas,  St.  Catharine's,  Niagara 
Diocese.  In  1884,  on  account  of  ill  health,  he  obtained  a  year's  leave  of 
absence  and  took  charge  of  the  mission  parish  of  Pasadena,  South 
California.  During  his  incumbency,  All  Saints,  the  first  church,  was  built. 
Haying  returned  to  St.  Catharine's  in  1885,  he  was  transferred  in  1891  to 
the  rectorate  of  St.  Matthias. 


Dr.  Jakbs  Macnab,  of  Virginia,  was 
militarj  surgeon  to  the  Loyalist  forces  in  the 
ReTolutionary  war  in  America,  receiTed 
grants  of  land  in  Canada,  where  he  settled 
and  d.  at  Machiche,  Lower  Canada,  in  the  be- 
ginning of  1780,  tearing  four  sons, 

I.  Colin,  collector  of  customs  at  Niagara, 
d.  1810,  leaving  a  daughter, 

Maria,  m.  Colonel  G-eorge  Phtll- 
POTT8,  R.E.,  A.D.C.  to  Sir  John 
Colborne,  lieutonant-goTemor  of 
Upper  Canada,  son  of  John  Phill- 
POTTS  of  Gloucester,  and  brother 
of  the  bishop  of  Exeter,  and  by 
him  (who  d.  1810)  had  issue,  six 
sons  and  four  daughters. 

II.  James,  of  Belleville,  served  in  the 
Commissariat  Department  in  1 812,  was 
member  of  the  Legislative  Assembly 
for  CO.  Hastings,  and  d.  at  York, 
Canada,  1820,  leaving  a  son, 

James,  captain  of  Militia,  who  was 
accidentally  killed  while  on  duty 
in  1837.    He  left  issue, 
(1)  James,  deceased, 
(aj  Alexander,  C.E.,  who  held 
important    positions    in    the 
maritime  provinces,  and  was 
subsequently    employed    on 
the  Manchester  Ship  Canal; 
he     m.     Elizabeth     G-ilpin, 
daughter  of  Benjamin  Smith, 
banker,  of    St.    John,   Now 
Brunswick,  and  d.  4th  Jan- 
uary, 1891,  leaving  issue, 
(a)  Allan   James,  h.  17th 
August,    1864,    sureeon 
captain   Indian  Medical 
(5)  Arthur         Alexander, 
solicitor  of  the  Supreme 
Court,  in  England, 
(c)  Colin  Lawrence,  Lieu- 
tenant     1st     Battalion 
Border  Begiment,  b.  2nd 
December,  1870. 
(a)  Mary  Winifred. 

III.  Alexander,  clerk  to  the  Executive 
C'ouncil  of  Upper  Canada  in  1707, 
Captain 80th  Regiment  of  Foot  (1809), 

served  with  distinction  in  the  Penin- 
sular war,  and  was  A.D.C.  to  G-eneral 
Picton  at  Waterloo,  18th  June,  1815, 
where  he  was  killed.  A  monument  to 
his  memory  was  erected  m  St.  Paul's 
Cathedral,  London,  in  1876,  being  the 
first  honour  of  the  kind  accorded  to  a 
IT.  Simon  F&askb,  of  whom  we  treat. 
The  youngest  son, 

Lieutenant-Colonel  Simon  Fbabbb 
Magnab,  collector  of  customs  ;  registrar  and 
commissioner  of  the  Court  of  Bequests  at 
Belleville ;  served  as  captain  in  the  Hastings 
Militia  in  1812,  and  d.  182  L,  leaving  an  only 

Rby.  Albxandbb  Maonab,  D.D.,  canon  of 
St.  Alban's  Cathedral,  Toronto,  and  for  forty 
years  rector  of  Darlington,  Bowmauville.  He 
bad  been  for  some  six  years  president  of  the 
University  of  Victoria  College,  Cobourg,  and 
chief  superinlendent  of  education  for  Canada 
West.  He  was  a  founder  ( I  H«8)  and  one  of 
the  fellows  of  the  Boyal  Colonial  Institute, 
London.  He  was  h.  1810,  m.  Eliza  Ann, 
daughter  of  James  Douoall,  of  Picton,  co. 
Prince  Edward,  and  d.  1891,  hsving  had 

I.  Allan  Napier  (Rev.),  B.A.  Trinity 
College,  Toronto,  and  curate  of  Christ 
Church  Cathedral,  Hamilton,  h.  1817, 
</.  unm.  1872,  accidentally  drowned  at 

II.  Alezandbb  Wblueslbt,  the  subject 
of  this  memoir. 

I.  Mary,  m.  Frederick  Roche,  of  Rock- 
hampton,  Queensland,  Australia,  and 
d.  1870,  leaving  issue, 

1.  Henry. 

2.  Alfred. 

d.  Allan  Stuart. 
4.  George. 

1.  Eugenia  Mary  Robinson. 

2.  Olivia  Caroline. 

II.  Matilda,  m.  John  Cabtbb,  of  Toronto, 
and  has  had  issue, 

1.  Henry  John,  d.  an  infant. 

2.  George  Alexander,  d.  an  infant. 

3.  John    (Rev.),  of    Pusej   House, 
Oxford,  M.A.  Oxon,  and  Trinity 

2  p  2 



College,  Toronto,  chaplain  of 
Exeter  College,  Oxford,  b.  1861. 

4.  William  (Rev.),  M.A.  Trinity 
College,  Toronto,  curate  at  Buck- 
ingham, England,  now  assistant 
rector  at  the  Cathedral  of  St. 
Vincent,  "West  Indies. 

6.  Henry,  d.  young. 

6.  Charles,  of  Toronto,  M.D.,  b. 

7.  Arthur,  d.  an  infant. 

8.  Harold,  b.  1878. 

1.  G^eorgina,  m.  Yen.  Joseph  Francis 
White,  archdeacon  and  rector 
of  St.  Vincent,  West  Indies,  son 
of  Ephraim  White,  of  Whitby, 
CO.  Ontario,  and  has  issue,  1.  John 
Francis  ;  1.  Frances  Emily ;  2. 
Bertha ;  and  3.  Edith  Gvorgina. 

2.  Anne,  d,  young. 
8.  Hilda. 

4.  Bertha. 

5.  Ethel,  d.  an  infant. 

6.  Alice. 

Arnu — Sa.  on  a  chevron  arg,  three  eretcenta  vert  in  base  an  open  boat  oars  in  action  in  a 
sea  ppr. 

Crest — A  savage'' s  head  erased  ppr. 

Motto— Timor  otnnis  abesto. 

Residence— Si.  Mathias'  Bectory,  Omaha,  Nebraska. 

HON.  SIR  JOSEPH  GEORGE  LONG  INNES,  Knt.,  of  Winslow, 
Darling  Point,  Sydney,  and  of  Clover  Hill,  Sutton  Forest,  New 
South  Wales,  puisne  judge  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  New  South  Wales,  b, 
in  Sydney,  16th  October,  1834;  m.  6th  July,  1865,  Emily  Janet,  eldest 
daughter  of  the  Hon.  John  Smith,  M.L.C,  J.P.,  of  Llanartb,  Bathuret, 
New  South  Wales  (see  Smith  of  Bathurst  aiid  Gamhoola,  vol.  i,  p.  341),  and 
has  had  issue, 

I.  George    Massey   Long,   M.A.  Cambridge  (Trinity  College),  h,  27th 
March,  1866,  barrister-at-law  of  Lincoln's  Inn,  and  of  the  bar  of 
New  South  Wales, 
n.  Edward  Cecil  Long,  h.  20th  April,  1868,  grazier. 

III.  Reginald  Heath  Long,  B.A.,  B.C.L.  (New  College,  Oxon),  h.  17th 
November,  1869,  barrister-at-law  of  Lincoln's  Inn,  and  of  the  bar 
of  New  South  Wales, 

IV.  Clive  Selwyn  Long,  b,  16th  July,  1871,  student  at  the  Royal  School 

of  Mines,  South  Kensington,  London. 

V.  Percival  Selwyn  Long,  6.  16th  March,  1879,  student  at  Eton. 

VI.  John  Erskine  Long,  b.  19th  May,  1884,  d.  4th  December,  following. 

I.  Mary  Ethel  Long,  b,  2nd  January,  1873. 

II.  Eleanor  Clara  Long,  b.  26th  February,  1874,  d.  8th  March,  1877. 

Sir  George  Innes  was  educated  at  King's  School,  Parramatta;  was 
called  to  the  bar,  at  Lincoln's  Inn,  17th  November,  1859  (first  certificate 
of  honour,  May,  1859),  and  admitted  to  the  New  South  Wales  bar,  28th 
February,  1863 ;  district  judge  of  Queensland,  1865-9 ;  elected  a  member 
of  the  Legislative  Assembly  of  New  South  Walep,  March,  1872,  and  in 
October  following  was  called  to  the  Legislative  Council,  where  he 
represented  the  Government,  and  on  the  Parkes  administration  leaving 
office  in  February,  1875,  he  was  elected  chairman  of  committees  of  the 
Legislative  Council,  to  which  position  he  was  continuously  re-elected  until 
his  acceptance  of  the  office  of  minister  of  justice  in  1880.  He  was  solicitor- 
general  of  New  South  Wales,  1872-3 ;  attorney-general,  1873-5 ;  minister 
of  justice,  1880-1 ;  and  was  appointed  puisne  judge  of  the  Supreme  Court 



of  New  South  Wales,  14th  October,  1881,  being  now  second  puisne  judge.  He 
is  a  trustee  of  the  Sydney  Free  Public  Library,  and  the  National  Art  Grallery 
of  New  South  Wales.  For  his  services  in  connexion  with  the  annexation  of 
Fiji,  he  received  the  honour  of  knighthood  in  January,  1875. 


Ma  JOB  BoBBBT  Long  Iknbs,  H.M.  army, 
of  CloTcr  Hill,  CO.  Leitrim,  Ireland,  m. 
Susannah  Lawpbb,  and  had  a  son, 

Captain  Josbph  Long  Innbs,  of  ILM. 
89th  Regiment,  b.  19th  November,  1806 ;  m. 
at  Sjdnej,  New  South  Wales,  5th  May,  1829, 
Elizaheth  Anne  Bsibbt  (who  d.  19th  April, 
1870),  and  d.  29th  May,  1886,  haying  had 

I.  JosBPH  Gbobgb  JjOTXQ  (Hon.  Sir), 
puisne  judge  of  the  bupreme  Court  of 
New  South  Wales,  the  subject  of  this 

II.  Herbert  Munro  Long,  late  of  H.M.'s 
4th  Begiment,  b.  5th  October,  1839  ; 
m.  Anne,  daughter  of  Robert  Lbbdt, 
and  has  six  children. 

III.  Reginald  Gipps  Long  (Rev.),  M.A. 
Emmanuel  College,  Cambridge,  yic-ar 
of  Whitton,  Hounslow,  co.  Middlesex, 
b,  5th  March,  1844;  tn.  9th  June, 
1874,  Emma  Grace,  fifth  daughter  of 
Edward  Coopbb,  by  MaMda  Ann,  his 
wife,  and  d.  15th  July,  1890,  having 
had  issue, 

1.  Reginald  Wilberforce  Long,  R.N., 
b.  23rd  May,  1877. 

2.  Selwyn  Long,  b.  21st  June,  1878. 

1.  North  Clara  Long,  b.  27th 
January,  1876. 

2.  Grace  Barbara  Long,  b.  16th 
November,  1879. 

I.  Elizabeth  Jane  Long,  m,  9th  February^ 
1860,  Commander  George  Poynter 
Hbath,  B.N.,  of  Hanworth,  Brisbane, 
Queensland,  and  of  10,  Barkston 
Gardens,  London,  S.W.,  formerly 
chairman  of  the  marine  board  and  port 
master  of  Queensland,  and  by  him  has 
nine  children  {see  Hbath  of  Brisbane). 

n.  Celia  Long,  m.  1851,  Lieutenant- 
Genenil  Edward  Lawes  Pym  ,  R.M.L.I., 
third  son  of  Richard  Elswortby  Ptm, 
R.N.  (who  entered  the  navy,  20th 
June,  1809).  Lieutenant-General 
Pym,  d.  7th  April,  1892,  having  had 

1.  Edward  Alfred  Innes,  Caplain, 
late  of  the  Worcestershire  Regi- 
ment, b,  2nd  February,  1868 ;  w. 
Eliza  Clara,  only  daughter  of 
Colonel  Wood  house,  I.S.C. 

2.  Erskine  Travers,  of  the  Chinese 

1.  Elizabeth  Mary,  m.  1876,  Captain 
Arms — Arff.  three  stars  of  six  points  az. 
Crest — A  star  of  six  points  az. 
Motto— Fortis  et  Fidelis. 
Mesidences — Winslow,  BarUng  Point,  Sydney  ; 

Club  «  Australian. 

Henry  Phineas  Riall  Sankbt^ 
R.E.,  eldest  son  of  General  Wil- 
liam Sankby,  of  the  9th  Regi- 
ment, and  has  issue  one  son  and 
three  daughters,  viz.,  1.  Crofton ; 
1.  Celia;  2.  Margaret;  3.  Joyce. 

2.  Clara  Eatherine. 

3.  Ethel  Frances  Celia. 

4.  Cecil  Janet  Innes. 
III.  Mary  Susannah  Long,  b.  18th  June, 

1842 ;  m.  John  Abmstbono,  barrister- 
at-law    (who  was  b.  2nd  September, 
1838),  and  has  issue, 
1.  John. 

1.  Christian,    6.    16th    November, 

2.  Mary,  b.  21st  April,  1873. 
8.  Frances, 
4,  Kathleen. 
6.  Eileen. 

IT.  Clara  Long,  «i,  16th  January,  1872, 
the  Right  Rev.  John  Richardson  Sbl- 
WTN,  1).D.,  formerly  Bishop  of 
Melanesia  (second  son  of  the  late  Right 
Rev.  George  Augustus  Sblwtn,  D.I)., 
1).C.L.,  sometime  Bishop  of  New 
Zealand,  and  afterwards  Bishop  of 
Lichfield,  by  Sarah  Harriet,  his  wife, 
daughter  of  Sir  John  Richabdson, 
Knt.),  who  was  b.  at  Waimate,  New 
Zealand,  20th  May,  1844;  educated  at 
Eton,  and  at  Trinity  College,  Cam- 
bridge, third  class  classical  tripos, 
B.A,  1866,  M.A.  1869,  D.D.  1885; 
ordained  deacon  1869,  priest  1870, 
curate  of  Aire  was,  co.  Stafford,  1869- 
70,  curate  of  St.  George's,  Wolver- 
hampton, 1871,  and  vicar  thereof  1871, 
joined  Melanesian  Mission,  1873 ;  con- 
secrated second  Bishop  of  Melanesia, 
17th  February,  1877  j  resigned  through 
illness,  Ist  January,  1892.  She  d.  30th 
December,  1877,  leaving  issue, 
1.  Stephen  John. 

1.  Margaret  Elizabeth. 

2.  Rebie  Sarah. 

3.  Clara  Violet,  deceased. 
(Bishop  Selwyn  m.  secondly,  11th 
August,  1885,  Annie  Catherine,  daugh- 
ter of  Thomas  Siitcliffe  MoBT,  of 
Greenoakes,  Sydney,  New  South 
Wales,  and  by  her  has  issue,  1. 
Dorothy  Theresa,  and  2.  Mary 

Clover  Hill,  Sutton  Forest,  New  South 



THE  RIOHT  HON.  SIR  GEORGE  GREY,  P.O.,  K.O.B.,  D.C.L.,  LL.D., 
M.L.R.  of  Auckland,  New  Zealand,  b,  at  Lisbon,  14th  April,  1812 ; 
m.  at  King  George's  Sound,  "Western  Australia,  2nd  November,  1839, 
Eliza  Lucy  (6.  1822),  daughter  of  Admiral  Sir  Robert  Spencice,  R.N., 
K.C.H.,  sometime  government  resident  at  Albany,  Western  Australia. 
Sir  George  Grey  was  born  at  Lisbon  during  the  Peninsular  wttr,  in 
which  his  father  played  a  distinguished  part,  and  was  educated  at  the  Royal 
Military  College.  He  was  gazetted  Ensign  in  the  83rd  Regiment  in  1829, 
from  which  he  retired  as  captain  in  1839.  He  is  the  eldest  surviving 
officer  ol  that  regiment.  He  was  employed  with  Lieutenant  Lnshington 
in  1837  to  explore  the  country  to  the  north-west  of  Australia,  and  landed 
at  Port  George  2nd  December,  1837,  and  underwent  many  perilous 
adventures  in  this  expedition,  which  he  described  in  that  most  interesting 
work,  The  Journals  of  Discovery,  published  in  1841.  He  was  sometime 
resident  magistrate  at  Albany,  Western  Australia,  and  in  December,  1840, 
he  was  appointed  Governor  of  South  Australia  in  succession  to  Lieutenant- 
Colonel  George  Gawler,  K.H.,  at  a  time  of  severe  financial  crisis.  During 
his  residence  at  Adelaide  the  Burra  and  Kapunda  mines  were  discovered, 
and  the  colony  became  self-supporting.  Owing  to  his  success  in  that  colony, 
Captain  Grey  was  appointed  18th  November,  1845,  Governor  of  New 
Zealand,  at  a  most  difficult  period,  when  the  war  was  raging.  This  he 
succeeded  in  quelling.  He  issued  "  the  ordinance  to  provide  for  the  establish- 
ment of  Provincial  Legislative  Councils "  on  29th  November,  1848,  to 
which  the  royal  assent  was  given  22nd  December,  1849,  and  which  led  to 
much  dissatisfaction  and  agitation  among  certain  sections  in  the  colony. 
In  May,  1852,  six  provinces,  viz ,  Auckland,  Wellington,  Nelsoo,  Canter- 
bury, Otago,  and  New  Plymouth,  were  created  by  Act  of  Parliament,  and 
Sir  George  proclaimed  the  new  constitution  17th  January,  1863,  and  defined 
the  boundaries  of  the  provinces.  In  January,  1854,  he  was  appointed 
Governor  of  Cape  Colony,  where  he  prevented  a  rising  of  the  Kaffirs  by 
bis  diplomatic  skill.  On  the  breaking  out  of  the  mutiny  in  India,  Lord 
Elphinstone,  Governor  of  Bombay,  asked  for  assistance,  and  Sir  George 
Grey  promptly  and  on  his  own  responsibility  sent  troops  from  the  Cape  with 
cavalry  and  artillery  fully  horsed,  and  £60,000  in  specie,  which  enabled 
Lord  Elphinstone  to  hold  the  mutineers  in  check  in  Bombay,  and  Sir  Colin 
Campbell  to  go  to  the  relief  of  Lucknow  on  17th  November,  1857.  Sir 
George  was  once  more  specially  chosen,  on  account  of  his  intimate  know- 
ledge of  the  people  and  the  country,  for  the  Governorship  of  New  Zealand, 
to  which  he  was  reappointed  in  May,  1861,  in  order  to  cope  with  the  native 
troubles  that  had  arisen  in  the  colony.  The  Maori  war  had  then  commenced, 
and  was  eventually  quelled,  and  Sir  George  left  the  colony  in  a  state  of 
tranquillity  and  returning  prosperity.  There  had  been  considerable  friction 
however,  between  the  governor  and  the  general  officer  commanding  the 
troops,  and  Sir  George  was  recalled  27th  August,  1807,  to  the  unanimous 
disapproval  of   the  colonists,  and  amid    widespread   expressions   of    lespect 



for  the  firoYernor  and  regret  at  his  recall.  The  incident  ended  in  a  spirited 
letter  of  remonstrance  by  Sir  George  Grey  to  the  Home  Authorities,  in 
vindication  of  his  administration.  In  1872,  he  was  retired  on  a  pension. 
Sir  George  returned  to  New  Zealand  and  settled  in  Kawau,  and  in  1875  was 
elected  a  member  of  the  Hoase  of  Representatives  for  Auckland  Citj  West, 
and  was  appointed  saperintendent  of  the  province  of  Auckland.  On  13th 
October,  1877,  he  became  premier  of  the  colony,  of  which  he  had  been 
governor  ten  years  before.  Sir  George  resided  office  in  October,  1879, 
bnt  remains  a  member  of  the  Legislature.  He  had  been  created  K.C.B. 
in  1848,  and  was  made  Hon.  D.C.L.  by  the  University  of  Oxford  in  1854. 
He  was  one  of  the  delegates  of  New  Zealand  to  the  Federation  Convention 
in  Sydney  in  1891.  This  distinguished  statesman  is  author  of  Journals  of  Two 
Ea^editions  of  Discovery  in  North  West  and  Western  Australia  during  1837-8-9, 
already  mentioned,  and  Polynesian  Mythology^  and  other  works. 

Jpamflp  of  Fignoles. 

This  ancidit  family  is  descended  from 
Stxpbbn  db  Yiqnoli'B,  better  known  as  De 
la  Hire,  a  French  captain,  who  d.  in  1447,  in 
the  vars  of  Charles  Vll.  They  were  Lords 
de  Prades,  in  the  Proyince  of  Lanquedoc. 
A  descendant, 

Stephen  db  Vigkoubb,  Lord  of  Prades, 
proTed  his  title  of  nobiliiy  15th  December, 
1549.     He  had  issue,  a  son, 

John  db  Yigkoleb,  m.  18th  September, 
1559,  Gauside  db  Ibasez,  and  had  isFue, 
fbuT  fons,  Petbb,  of  whom  prefcently;  John; 
Paul :  and  James.     The  son, 

Petib  db  ViGKCiEs,  Lord  of  Prades,  m. 
80th  October,  16C0,  Gabrielle  db  Viliagb, 
and  had  issue, 

I.  Louis,  d.  young. 
u.  Jambs,  of  whom  presently. 
III.  ChaJ-les. 
The  son. 

Jambs  de  Yigkolbs,  Lord  of  Pradep,  m. 
24th  February,  1657,  Louisa  db  Babchi 
d'Aubaib,  and  had  i»sue, 

I.  Louis,  m.  19th  August,  1674,  his 
coufiin,  Louise  db  Babchi,  and  had 
•with  several  daughters,  two  son?,  who 
d.  joung,  and  d.  at  Lausanne,  Ist 
>li>rch,  1693. 

II.  Chabubs,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Edward,  d.  1680. 

IV.  Louis,  d.  1689. 

V.  Alphonso,  h,  1649,  was  a  learned 
Protestant  DiTine,  an  able  chronol- 
ogist,  who,  at  the  Berocation  of  the 
Edict  of  Nantes,  in  1686,  took 
sanctuary  in  Biandenburg,  near  Berlin, 
and  was  made  in  1701,  a  member  of 
the  Academy  of  ficienccB,  at  Berlin, 
to  which  place  he  was  invited  by  the 
Eing  of  Prussia  in  1703,  and  was 
elected  a  director  in  1727.  He  d. 
there  24th  July,  1744,  in  the  95th 
year  of  his  sge. 

I.  France?,    b.    1643;    m,    Jacques    de 

BoiLBAV,  Lord  of  Castleneau,  and  d, 
at  Geneva,  141  h  January,  1700. 
II.  Margaret,  h.  1652;  m.  1683,  Peter 
Bichard,  Lord  of  \'endargues,  and  d, 
in  Ireland  1780,  leaving  a  daughter 
Louisa,  m.  —  FoBBBSiBB,  and  had  a 
SOP,  Alexander. 
The  second  son, 

Captain  Chablbb  db  "Vignoies,  Lord  of 
Prades,  h.  1645,  emigrated  to  Ireland  on  the 
Bevocation  of  the  Edict  of  Nantee,  m.  first^^ 
2nd  March,  1684,  Martha  de  Bonneaax 
DrBOUSB,  and  had  isfue,  three  daughters,  of 
Tihom  Margaret,  h.  1692  ;  m.  Scipio  Luboubb. 
He  «».  secondly,  Gabrielle  db  SFBSO^DIBUX, 
and  d.  in  Dubhn,  1725,  aged  80,  having  by 
her  (who  <;.  there  1721,  aged  58)  had,  with 
other  issue, 

I.  Charles,  h.  1701,  settled  at  Southamp- 
ton, entered  the  army  and  was  gazetted 
9th  May,  1758,  Lieutenant-Colonel  of 
the  70th  Ee(|iment.  He  m.  Marie 
GiNOUZ,  and  had  issue, 

1.  Isaac,  h.  1751,  d.  in  infancy. 

1.  Marie,  h,  1747,  d.  unm.  ]810. 

2.  Charlotte,  h.  1764,  d.  in  infancy. 

3.  Anne,  h.  1756,  d.  unm.  1823. 

II.  Jambs  Louis,  of  whom  we  treat. 
The  younger  son. 

Jambs  Louis  db  Vignoies,  ft.  1702;  m. 
first,  ^nne  Lioonieb,  and  had  ipsue  one  son, 
John,  of  whom  presently.  He  m.  secondly, 
Marianne  JBonyiu-BTTB,  who  d.8,p.  The 
only  son, 

John  db  Tigncibs,  served  at  the  siege  of 
Gibraltar,  1782,  with  the  rank  of  Major, 
subeequently  lecame  Lieutenant-Colonel  of 
the  89th  Bcgiment.  He  retired  to  Portar- 
hngtrn.  Queen's  co.,  Ireland,  and  was 
ordained  a  minister,  and  ofEciated  for  the 
French  Protestants  settled  theie.  He  m.  13th 
January,  1784,  Anna  Honoria,  only  child  of 
the  Bev.  Dr.  Low,  of  >'ew  lorest,  and 
Comahir,  co.  Westmeath,  and  had  issue, 



I.  Charles  (Rey.),  rector  of  Newtown, 
CO.  Weetmeath,  afterwards  dean  of 
the  Chapel  Boyal,  Dublin,  and  sub- 
sequentlj  dean  of  0^8ory,  b.  26th 
July,  1789;  m.  at  Southampton,  July, 
1811,  Eliza,  daughter  of  —  Dubbll, 
and  bad  issue, 

1.  John,  stipendiary  magistrate  in 
Ireland,  m.  the  eldest  daughter  of 
Thomas  Fbathebstonhauoh,  of 
CO.  Westmeath,  and  was  buried 
in  St.  Mary's  churchyard,  South- 
hampton, leaving  issue  a  son, 

2.  Charles  (Rev.). 

3.  Francis,  Captain  late  28th  Regi- 

4.  Thomas,  deceased. 
6.  Samuel,  d.  185'4. 

II.  John,  Captain  R.N.,  served  in  the 
West  Indies,  and  was  present  at  the 
attack  on  Washington,  h.  18th  October, 
1790;  m.  1831,  Cecil  Mary,  second 
daughter  of  the  Rev.  Thomas  Pbm- 
BBBTON  (of  the  family  of  Fbmbebton, 
of  Thrumpington,  co.  Cambridge),  and 
vridow  of  —  HODGSOW. 

III.  Francis,  b.  11th  July,  1793,  entered 
the  Navy,  and  d.  at  sea,  1815. 

IT.  Samuel,  b.  23rd  April,  1796,  educated 
at  Woolwich,  and  entered  the  army, 
m.  Louisa,  youngest  daughter  of 
Major  Macnahaba,  of  co.  Clare,  and 
d.  10th  April,  1890,  leaving  issue, 

1.  WeUesley,  deceased. 

2.  CeciL 

1.  Susannah,  deceased. 

2.  Honoria. 

3.  Louisa. 

I.  Elizabeth  Akkb,  b.  at  Portarlington, 
Queen's    co.,     Ireland,    m.    first     (tu 


G-UBT,  and  had  issue  (see  below)  ;  and 
secondly,  10th  March,  1817,  Rev.  Sir 
John  Godfrey  Thomas,  Bart.,  and  d. 
6th  May,  1854,  having  by  him,  who  d. 
at  Bodiam,  7th  May,  1841,  had  further 
issue  (see  Bubee's  Feerage  and  Bar- 

II.  Letitia,  b.  12th  July,  1786,  #». 
William  Philip  Bbabazok,  son  of 
Philip  Bbabazon,  of  Carstown,  co. 
Meath,  and  by  him  (who  d,  1854)  had 
issue,  six  sons  and  six  daughters. 

III.  Julia,  b.  31st  August,  1787,  d.  in 

IT.  Julia  Margaret,  b.  22nd  April,  1792 ; 
m.  20th  Se])tember,  1819,  Jamts 
Mabtin,  third  son  of  James  Mabtik, 
of  Overbury  Court,  co.  Worcester, 
M.P.  for  Tewkesbury,  and  Penelope, 
his  wife,  daughter  of  John  Seipp, 
of  Upper  Hall,  Ledbury,  co.  Here- 

y.  Margaret,  b.  19th  July,  1797,  «. 
Sherlock  Willis,  of  Cheltenham,  and 
d.  8.  p.  at  Leghorn,  1828. 

jpamfiB  of  Greg. 

This  family  claims  descent  from  the  Gbbys 
of  Qroby^  progenitors  of  the  Marquesses  of 
fiorset,the  I)uke  of  Suffolk,  Lady  Jane  Grey, 
and  the  Earls  of  Stamforth.  Lobd  Leokabd 
Gbet,  who  was  second  son  of  Thomas,  first 
Marquess  of  Dorset,  by  his  second  wife, 
Cecilia,  daughter  and  heir  of  William,  Lord 
Bonville  and  Harrington,  was  marshal  and 
lieutenant  of  the  army  in  Ireland,  and  was 
created  Viscount  Gbanby  in  the  Peerage  of 
Ireland,  2nd  January,  1535,  but  in  five  years 
afterwards,  on  the  28th  July,  1541,  he  vas 
beheaded  and  attainted  and  the  title  fell  under 
forfeiture.  He  is  said  to  have  had  a  son  by 
his  wife,  the  daughter  of  the  rebel  O'Neil, 
who  was  brought  up  by  that  family  in  the 
north  of  Ireland,  but  became  a  staunch  sup- 
porter of  the  Crown,  receiving  large  grants  of 
land,  including  Grey  field  and  James  Town. 
From  him  it  is  said  descended, 

John  Gbay  (or  Gbet),  of  Greyfield,  co. 
Boscommon,  who  was  living  in  1719,  and 
left  a  son, 

Eev.  John  Gbet,  of  Greyfield  and  James- 
town, CO.  Koscommon,  b.  1740,  m.  the  daugh- 
ter Qf Wynne,  of  Hazlewood,  and  by  her 

had  issue,  two  sons, 

I.  Owen  Wynne,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  John,  of  Sligo,  d.  s.  p. 
The  elder  son. 

Captain  Owen  Wynne  Gbey,  of  the  6th 
Dragoons  (Carbineers),  w.  Elizabeth, daughter 
of  CtKeil,  of  CO.  Wexford,  by  whom  he  had 

several  sons  and  daughters.  He  appears  to 
have  m.  twice.  His  only  two  surviving  sons, 
by  the  first  marriage, 

I.  Gbobob,  of  whom  presently, 

II.  William  O'Neil,  Captain  *30th  Regi- 
ment, b.  1782,  m.  1806,  Barbara  Eliza, 
eldest  daughter  of  Thomas  Blaee,  third 
son  of  Sir  Walter  Blake,  of  Menlo 
Castle,  by  Barbara,  his  wife,  daughter 
of  Myles  Bubeb,  of  Ower,  co.  Galway, 
and  d.  1841,  having  by  her  who  d.  I860, 
had  issue, 

1.  Owen  Wynne,  an  officer  in  41st 
Begiment,  b,  1810,  d.  of  cholera  in 
Madras,  India,  1840. 

2.  William  Bobert,  Major  late  44th 
Begiment,  b.  1826,  m.  1863,  Amy, 
adopted  daughter  of  Bev.  Jolin 
Habe,  and  has  issue, 

1.  William  G-eorge,  Lieutenant 
Indian  Staff  Corps,  b.  12th 
October,  1866. 

2.  Bobert  Campbell,  in  the 
Civil  Service  of  the  Straits 
Settlements,  b.  1868. 

1.  Ada  Barbara  Muriel,  £?.  young. 

2.  Kntherine  Bertha  Constance. 
8.  Alice  Maud  Mary. 

1.  Eliza,  b.  1808,  d.  1815. 

2.  Catherine,  b.  1811,  m.  first,  Colin 
Caufbell,  of  the  West  Indies,  and 

secondly ,  Andebson,  and  d. 




8.  Susan  Elixa,  b.  1812,  m.  first, 

&08B,    and     second Ij,     Uer.    J. 
EcKbll,  and  d,  1894. 
4.  Anna  Mafchilda,  b.  1825,  m.  first, 
John   Habbaoait,  and  secondly, 


6.  Adelaide  Susan  Theresa,  b.  1830, 
«t.  Colonel  John  McCandy  Camp. 
BELL,  RA.  (deceased). 
The  eldest  son, 


the  30th  Regiment,  who  distinguished  himself 
in  the  Egyptian  campaign  and  in  the  Penin- 
sular war,  where  he  was  killed  at  the  storm- 
ing of  Badajos,  in  command  of  bis  regiment, 
which  was  attached  t>o  the  fifth  divisioD,  cm 
the  6th  April,  1812,  in  the  thirty-third  year 
of  his  age.  He  was  b.  1779,  m.  Elizabeth 
Anne,  daughter  of  the  Ber.  John  Yignolbs, 
of  Portarlington  {tee  family  of  Vionoleb 
obove)^  and   by  her  (who  «t.  secondly,  10th 

March,  1817,  the  Bey.  Sir  John  GK)dfrey 
Thomas,  Bart.,  and  d,  5th  May,  1854,  leaying 
i^sue,  by  both  marriages)  Lieutenant- Colonel 
Grey  had  one  son  and  two  daughtets, 

I.  Gbobgb  (Sir),  the  subject  of  this  me- 

I.  Anne  Elizabeth,  b.  at  Comahir,  co. 
Meatb,  24th  October,  1809,  m.  at  Bod- 
iam,  Sussex,  26th  March,  1832,  the 
Rev.  G^eorge  Vignb,  of  Tillingham, 
Essex,  and  by  him  (who  was  b.  2nd 
Sepl ember,  1806,  and  d.  15th  June, 
1852)  had  issue, 

1.  Sibella  Elizabeth,  b,  at  Great 
East  on,  Leicestershire,  18th 
March,  1833,  d.  unm. 

2.  Julia  Maria,  b.  at  Tillingham,  1st 
September,  1834. 

II.  Eliza,  b,  at  Gibraltar  1810,  d.  at 
Lisbon,  August,  1811. 

Arms — Barry  of  ttix  arg.  and  az.  in  chief  three  pellets  and  label  of  three  points  erm. 
Crest — An  unicorn  passant  erm,  armed,  maned,  tufted  and  unguled  or,  in  front  of  a  sun  in 

Motto —  Stabilis, 

Residence — Auckland,  New  Zealand. 

Clubs — Athenffium,  and  Junior  United  Service)  London, 

l^AIRNE  GUTHRIE  ELDER,  of  Kurrnc-a-Ruc  and  The  Meadows, 
JAI  Rokewood,  Victoi-ia,  J.P.  since  1869,  6.  19th  July,  1837;  m.  3rd 
Marcli,  1863,  Jessie,  daughter  of  John  McCflAW,  of  Edinburgh,  Scotland, 
merchant,  and  has  had  issue, 

I.  John    Nairne,  6.  1st  January,  1865 ;    m.  at  St.  Kilda  Presbyterian 

Church,  3rd  April,  1889,  Helen  Somerville,  second  daughter  of  Robert 
Gillespie,  of  Corny,  Brighton  Road,  St.  Kilda. 

II.  William,  h.  23rd  September,  1866. 

III.  Naime  Guthrie,  6.  11th  November,  1869. 
lY.  David  Aitchison,  h.  16th  March,  1878. 

I.  Annie  Love,  6.  14th  December,  1863  ;  m.  at  The  Meadow,  Rokewood, 

27th    August,   1890,   Rev.    Joseph  Ringland    Andemon,   M.A.,  of 
Penshurst,  Victoria. 

II.  Mary,  6.  3rd  March,  1875 ;  d.  5th  May,  1882. 

III.  Jessie  Victoria,  6.  lOfch  December,  1882. 


This  family  is  of  Scottish  origin. 

William  £ldbb,  by  Elizabeth  Kaibnb, 
his  wife,  had  a  son, 

John  Eldbr,  of  Kurrac-a-Ruo,  Bokewood, 
Tictoria,     m.    at    Edinburgh,    1832,    Mary 

Aitchison,  who  rf.  August,  1875.    He  d, 
Februarj,  1870,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Naibne  G-uthbie,  of  whom  we  treat. 

I.  Mary  (Mrs.  Butch abt). 

II.  Margaret  (Mrs.  Scott). 

III.  Elizabeth  Aitchison  (Mrs.  Mobton). 

Crest — A  naked  arm  couped  at  the  elbow  grasping  a  twig  slipped  ppr. 
Motto — Virtute  duce. 

Residences — Kurruc-a-Buc,  and  The  Mradowp,  Rokewood,  Victoria. 
Club — Strathnainei  St.  Kilda,  near  Melbourne. 




EDWARD  MARION  CHADWICK,  of  Toronto,  barrister-at-law,  Major 
in  the  active  Militia  of  Canada,  h,  22nd  September,  1840 ;  m.  firsf ,  28th 
Jnne,  1864,  Ellen  Byrne,  daughter  of  James  Beattt,  of  Toronto,  who  d,  s,  p. 
10th  February,  1865.  He  m.  secondly,  20th  February,  1868,  Maria  Martha, 
daughter  of  Alexander  Fisher,  of  Toronto,  and  Mary,  his  wife,  daughter 
of  William  Bbogdin,  of  Port  Hope,  co.  Durham,  and  has  issue, 

I.  William  Craven  Yaux,  Lieutenant  10th  Royal  Grenadiers,  in  the  actiye 

Militia  of  Canada,  h.  6th  December,  1868. 
n.  Edward  Alister  Eade,  6.  13th  February,  1871. 

III.  George  Darcy  Austin,  6.  22nd  February,  1880. 

IV.  Richard  EUard  Carden,  h.  16th  February,  1885. 

V.  Bryan  Damer  Seymour,  24th  June,  1888. 

I.  Fanny  Marion,  h.  10th  January,  1873. 

II.  Louisa  Mary  Caroline,  h.  7th  December,  1876. 

Mr.  E.  M.  Chadwick  is  a  barrister-at-law  and  solicitor  of  Toronto,  and 
has  been  lay  delegate  to  the  Synod  of  the  Diocese  of  Toronto  on  several 
occasions,  and  is  a  member  of  the  chapter  of  St.  Al ban's  Cathedral.  He 
was  gazetted  Ensign  2nd  Battalion  Queen's  Own  Rifles,  active  Militia, 
30th  November,  1866 ;  lieutenant,  31st  July,  1868 ;  captain,  4th  June, 
1870;  major,  29th  January,  1876,  and  is  now  retired  with  that  rank.  He  is 
the  author  of  a  valuable  genealogical  work  on  the  Ontarian  Families,  and  a 
copious  history  of  his  own  family. 


This  familj  is  a  cadet  branch  of  the  Chad- 
wicks  of  BaUinard  {see  BrBKE's  Landed 
Qeniry^  Cooper-Chadwick  of  Ballinard). 
Family  tradition  derives  this  lamily  from  co. 
Tork,  and  the  first  ancestor  in  Ireland  is  sup- 

e>8ed  to  hare  been  an  ofBcer  in  Cromwell's 
rngoons.  An  ancient  record  of  arms  -which 
apparently  belonged  to  him,  states  that  "He 
is  krown  by  the  name  of  Clmdwick,  a  very 
antient  and  worthy  family  out  of  Yorkshire 
in  England."     The  first  eettler  in  Ireland, 

WiiLTAM  (?)  Chabwick,  w.  (it  is  sup- 
posed) G-race  Goooin,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Richard,  of  BaUinard,  b.  circa  1662-4  ; 
m.  Mary  Bakeb,  but  d.  s.  p.  in  1720, 
and  was  s.  by  his  nephew,  William. 

II.  William,  of  whom  we  treat. 
The  second  son, 

William  Chadwice,  m.  Elizabeth,  daugh- 
ter of  William  Gabbbtt,  of  Caherline,  co. 
Limerick,  and  Alicia,  his  wife,  daughter  of 
Richard  Ekolamd,  of  LifPord,  co.  Clare,  and 
had  issne, 

I.  William,  of  whom  presently. 
I.  Gracf,  m.  Clement  Sadlbib,  and  had 
The  son, 

William  Ciiadwick,  of  Ballinard  and 
Gurlhakilieen,  m.  Jane  Gbbens,  of  the  family 

of  Gbeene,  of  Kilmanahan,  co.  Waterford, 
and  d.  1748,  having  by  her,  who  d,  in  Sept- 
ember, 1779,  had  issue, 

I.  RiCHABD,  of  whom  presently. 

ir.  William,  of  Tipperary,  living  172C, 
left  by  Mary,  his  wife, 

1.  Richard,    a    counsellor,  m.    the 

daughter    of    Butlbr,    of 

Ballybue,  co.  Claiv,  and  had  issue, 

(1)  William,    captain    in    the 

(1)  Anne,  m. Gbifpith. 

2.  Thomas,  rf.  s.p.  May,  1826. 

3.  Michael,  major  in  the  army. 

4.  Nicholas. 

6.  Rodolph,  killed  at  Ballinard  by  a 
fall  from  his  horse. 

1.  Jane,  m.  first,  Adams,   of 

Cork, and  had  issue;  and  secondly, 
Philip  CoBEBT,  of  High  Park,  and 
Tipperary,  and  had  issue. 

2.  ElizR,  m,  the  Rer.  Frederick 
Mbliqan  (or  Nbligan),  and  had 

III.  Rodolph,  living  1720. 

IV.  Michael,  living  1720,  m.  and  had  a 

daughter,  m. Leckey,  and  had  a 

daughter,  m.  to Dbspabd. 

I.  Eathariue  (supposed  to  be  a  daughter) 



m.  1743,  Vere  Hrnr,  of  Curragh,  co. 
Limerick  (who  m.  secondly,  29th  May, 
17t0,  Anne,  daughter  of  Edmund 
Bbowitb,  of  New  GFrove,  oo.  Clare,  and 
was  ancestor  of  the  Db  Ybbbb, 
Boronete,  see  Bubkb'b  Peerage  and 
The  eldest  son, 

RiOHABJ>  Chadwick,  of  Ballinard,  m.  first, 
1738,  Bebecca,  daughter  of  James  EiXABD, 
of  JFairrfield,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

I.  William,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Bichard  (Bey.),  rector  of  Doonc,  co. 
Tipperary,  and  Kilvemon,  h.  1751 ;  m. 
Margaret,  daughter  of  Nicholas 
Sadlbib,  and  d.  May,  1817,  learing 

.  Bicbard,  h.  1774,  commanded  a 
company  of  Volunteers  in  1798, 
had  issue  by  his  first  wife, 

(1)  Bichard,  murdered  at  Holy 
Cross,  June,  1829. 

(2)  John,   attorney  in  Dublin, 

«.  Bbibco,   and   had, 

with  ot  her  issue, 

Charles,  M.D.,  of  Broad- 
water, CO.  Down. 

(3)  Samuel,  in  the  Spanish 
military  service,  d.  ttnm.  in 

(4)  Thomas,  h.  1812,  d,  unm, 
February,  1838. 

(6)  William,  of  Arravale,  m. 
and  d.  1874,  leaving  issue, 

(a)  Edward,  Captain  16th 
Lancers,  m.  18th  Oct- 
ober, 1877,  Maiy  Forbes, 
second  daughter  of  John 
George  Chancellob,  of 
ShieldhiU,  co.  Lanark, 

{b)  Charles,  of  Arravale. 

(6)  Nicholas,  settled  in  Aus- 
tralia, and  d.  unm. 

(7)  James,  of  Cashel,  High 
Constable,  of  co.  Tipperary, 
m.  Wilhelmina  (or  Ghrace) 
Whitb,  of  Springmount,  and 
d,  1875,  leaving  issue. 

(1)  Margaret,  m,  Shobt, 

and  had  issue. 

(2)  Catharine,  m,  28th  April, 
1824,  James  Bob,  of  Bioes- 
boroiigh,  CO.  Tipperary,  M.P., 
and  had  issue. 


Alicia,    m,    John    Massy, 
J.P.,  of  Kingswell,  co.  Tip- 
perary, and  d.   22nd  June, 
1874,  leaving  issue. 
He  m.  secondly,  Margaret,  daugh- 
ter of Odblx,  and  widow  of 

Charles  Masst,  and  d.  July,  1836, 
having  by  her,  who  d.  May,  1854, 
had  no  issue. 
2.  Jamee,  major  in  the  army,  m. 
Anne  Isabella,  daughter  of  Hev. 
George  Mabkham,  Dean  of  York 
(she  d.  1870),  and  had  i>sue, 

(1)  Edward,    colonel    in    the 

(2^  Bichard,  d.  in  Lidia. 

il)  Josephine. 
2)  Margaret,  m.  Shbp- 


f3)  Ellen,  w. Hbytok. 

(4)  Alicia,  m.  —  Bogbbs. 

(5)  Isabella. 

3.  William,  major  in  the  army,  5. 
1782,  d,  June,  1855. 

4.  Thomas,  h.  1788,  d,  December, 

5.  Nicholas,  d.  a.  p, 

1.  Anne,  m,  Joseph  Bbabdish,  and 
had  itaue. 

2.  Eliza,  m.  first,  William  Eissanb, 
and  secoudly,  Bev.  Bobert  Abm- 
8TBO^o,  and  had  issue. 

8.  Bebecca,  w.  27th  April,  1798, 
William  Coofbb,  of  Eillenure,  co. 

4.  Alicia,  m.  1803,  William  SiDiBiB 
and  d,  t,  />.  1835. 

6.  Ellen,  m.  Bev.  William  ScOTT, 
and  had  issue. 

6.  Margaret,  d.  unm.  May,  18{i0. 
III.  Thomas,  of  Bamascounce,  h.  1752; 
m.    Sarah   Logbwood,   and   d.  July, 
1812,  having  by  her,  ythod.  February, 
1828,  had  issue, 

1.  Bichard,  in  the  army,  d.  uxm,  in 

2.  Thomas,  Colonel  Bengal  En- 
gineers, had  a  daughter,  Susan, 
m.  her  cousin,  Thomas  Chadwick 

3.  William,  Captain  66th  Begiment, 
m.  twice,  and  left  issue. 

4.  Michael,  killed  by  a  fall  from  his 

1.  Mary  Anne,  m.  Captain  Francis 
Bichard  Dickson,  JLN.,  and  had 

2.  Bebecca,     m.     Habfbb, 

surgeon  in   the   army,   of   Man- 

8.  Jane,  m.  Major  Macdonald, 
35th  Begiment,  of  Holy  Island, 
by  Beal,  co.  Northumberland, 
and  had  issue. 

4.  Elizabeth,  m.  Colonel  Bobert 
Blackball,  Bengal  Army,  and 
had  issue. 

5.  Arabella,  m. Boyd. 

6.  Sophia,  «. Bbll. 

7.  Sarah,  «.  first,  Major  George 
Cabbubnt,  and  secondly,  James 
Gbaham,  surgeon  in  the  Bengal 
Army,  and  had  issue. 

8.  Adelaide. 

IV.  James,  an  ofllcer  in  the  army,  f».  the 
daughter  of  a  Pennsylvanian  planter, 
and  had  issue, 

1 .  Peter,  who  had  a  son,  Peter. 

2.  Richard,  of  Birr,  m.  and  htid  issue. 

3.  Bobert,  d.  »,  p. 

4.  Thomas,  m.  the  daughter  of 

Massy,  and  had  issue. 

6.  William. 



1.  A  daughter,  m. Waglan,  of 


V.  Frederick,  of  Littleton  and  CuUen,  m. 
Susannah  Minchin,  and  had  issue, 

1.  Eichard,  m. Cohnwall,  and 

had  issue. 

1.  Gatlierine,  m. Ellasd,  but 

d.  s.  p. 

2.  Eebecca,  w. Boylb. 

3.  Clarinda,   m,  Hohan,  and 

had  issue. 

4.  Aliciu,  m.  Rev.   John   (or   Wil- 
liam) Bag  NELL,  and  had  issue. 

I.  A  daughter,  m.  William  Minchin,  of 
Greenhills,  and  had  issue,  a  daughter. 
Mr.  Richard  Chad  wick  m.  secondly,  Jane, 
daughter  of  Nicholas  Sadleib,  of  Kings  well, 
or  Sadleir's  Wells,  and  by  her  (who  m. 
secondly,  Anthony  Asmbtbono)  had  issue, 

VI.  Nicholas,  h.  1771,  and  d.  January, 
1854,  having  by  his  wife,  who  d.  May, 
1826,  had  issue, 

1.  William. 

2.  Michael,  living  in  Tipperary  1879, 
aged  75. 

VII.  Michael,  of  Jersey,  m,  and  had 

The  eldest  son, 

William  Chadwick,  of  Ballinard,  h. 
1741 ;  m.  first,  1768,  Christiana,  sister  of  Sir 
John  Craven  Car  den,  first  Bart.,  and  daugh- 
ter of  John  Cablen,  of  Tempi emore  (».y 
Elizabeth,  his  wife,  daughter  of  the  Rev. 
Robert  Cbavbn,  and  Rose  Otway,  his  wife), 
and  by  her,  who  d.  February,  1782,  had  issue, 

I.  Richard,  d.  untn.  v.  p. 

II.  John  Cbaven,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Rebecca,  m.  Ussber  Beeb,  and  d.  ».  p. 

II.  Clarinda,  m.  Major  Collins,  and 
d.  8.  p, 

III.  Elizabeth,  m.  15th  November,  1796, 
Edmond  PoWEB,  of  Tipperary,  and 
had  issue. 

IV.  Charlotte,  m.  10th  August,  1797, 
John  HouBCHiEB)  of  Bagotstown,  and 
had  issue  {see  Bcbkb's  Landed 

V.  Harriet,  d.  unm.  March,  1782. 

VI.  Isabella,  h.  February,  1782,  d.  in 

He  m.  secondly,  Sophia,  daughter  of  Nicholas 
Cabden,  of  Bamane  (see  Bubsb's  Landed 
Gentry) y  and  d.  March,  1825,  having  by  her, 
who  d.  in  September  of  that  year  aged  82, 
had  no  issue.    The  only  surviving  son, 

John  Cbaten  Chadwick,  of  Ballinard,  h. 
1778;  m.  1799,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of 
Samuel  CoorBB,  of  Killenure  Castle  {see 
Bubeb's  Landed  Gentry),  by  Frances,  his 
wife,  daughter  of  David  Butlbb,  of  Q-arran-  | 
leagh,  CO.  Tipperary,  and  d.  March,  1851, 
having  by  her,  who  d,  3rd  April,  1831,  had 

I.  Williom,  of  Ballinard,  h.  1800;  m. 
first,  Wilhelmina,  daughter  of  the 
Rev.  John  Sbtmoub,  rector  of 
Shronell,  co.  Tipperary,  and  by  her, 
who  d.  December,  1836,  had  issue, 
1.  Catherine,  m.  6th  February,  1855, 
Richard  Austin  Coopbb  (second 

son  of  Samuel  Cooper,  of  Kil- 
lenure Castle,  see  Bubkb*8  Landed 
Gentry)^  who  assumed  by  royal 
licence  in  that  year  the  additional 
name  and  arms   of   Chadwick. 
She    d,    12th    December,     L855, 
having  by  him  (who  m.  secondly, 
1863,     Charlotte     Sophia,     only 
daughter  of  John  Boitbchibb,  of 
Bagotstown,       son       of       John 
Bourchier  and  Charlotte,  his  wife, 
above-named,    and    has    further 
issue,  see  Bubeb's  Landed  Gentry^ 
CooPBR-CnAJ>wiCK,  of  Ballinard) 
had  issue  a  son, 
William,    b.    14th    November, 
1855,      Captain      Tipperary 
Artillery    Militia,    m.   1886, 
Annie,    daughter    of    John 
Lanolet,    of    Xnockanure, 
CO.  Tipperary,  J.P.,  and  has 

Frances  Violet. 

2.  Elizabeth,  d.  April,  1839,  aged  5. 

3.  Fanny,  d.  unm. 

Mr.  William  Chadwick  m.  secondly, 
Charlotte,  daughter  of  John  BouB- 
CHii^B,  of  Bagotstown,  by  Charlotte 
Chadwick,  his  wife  {see  above).  She 
d.  s.  p.  17th  January,  1874. 

II.  Samuel  Cooper,  of  Dunmore,  co. 
Waterford,  6.  January,  1801  ;  m. 
Letitia,  daughter  of  Thomas  Hall,  of 
Tipperary,  son  of  the  Rev.  Leak  Hall, 
of  IVim,  and  d.  s.  p.  15th  June,  1890. 
She  d.  1886. 

III.  Austin  Cooper,  of  Damerville,  co. 
Tipperary,  m.  Anne,  daughter  of  Dr. 
Millet,  of  Cove,  co.  Cork,  and  d. 
April,  1846,  leaving  issue, 

1.  Wilham,  settled  in  Australia,  m. 
and  has  issue. 

3i  John  Craven,  a  settler  in  Aus- 

3.  Edward,  in  Australia. 

4.  Austin,  of  Colman  and  Damer- 
ville, CO.  Tipperary,  formerly  of 

5.  Henry,  of  Damerville. 

1.  Anne  Maria,  m. Pbatt,  and 

has  issue. 

2.  Elizabeth,  m.  Thomas  Taylob, 
of  Australia. 

8.  Fanny. 

IV.  John  Cbaven,  of  whom  presently. 

V.  Richard,  baptised  8th  April,  1813, 
d.  unm. 

VI.  Frederick,  of  Foxboro*,  near  Clon- 
lougfalan,  CO.  Tipperary,  has  by  his 
wife,  who  d.  1880,  had  issue,  six 

VII.  Edward  Butler,  barrister-at-law, 
baptised  24th  October,  1817,  d.  nnm. 
13th  April,  1859. 

I.  Frances,  m.  Rev.  John  Seymoub, 
of  Clonloughlan,  tiear  Cloughjordan, 
son  of  the  Rev.  John  Sbtmoub, 
rector  of  Shronell,  and  d.  1879,  leav- 
ing issue. 

II.  Christiana  Rosetta,   m.   30th    June, 



1832,  Bichard  M.  Fobsatbth,  M.D. 
(whom  she  Buryi^ed),  and  d.  1871, 
leaving  isAue.  I 

III.  Elizabeth,  m.  3rd  July,  1827,  Bev. 
William  Bbtax,  and  had  issue. 

IV.  Caroline  Darner,  tn.  the  late  Bev. 
Joseph  Cooke  Abmstbong,  and  d.  t.p. 

The  fourth  son, 

JoHK  Cbaten  Chadwick,  of  Guelph,  co. 
Wellineton,  Ontario,  and  formerly  of 
CniTendale,  near  Ancaster,  co.  Wentworth, 
Ontario,  served  on  tlie  Niagara  Frontier,  in 
the  rebellion  of  1837-8,  as  a  volunteer,  was 
gazetted  lieutenant  in  the  1st  Begiment  Gore 
Militia,  27th  November,  1838,  and  settled  at 
Cravendald,  from  which  he  removed  in  1849 
to  Guelph,  and  was  twice  named  in  the 
Commission  of  the  Peace,  for  co.  Wellington. 
Ue  was  a  delegate  in  the  Diocesan  Sjnod  of 
Toronto  on  several  occasions,  and  was 
nominated  a  member  of  the  corporation  of 
Trinity  College,  Toronto,  by  the  Bishop  of 
Niagara,  in  1875.  He  was  b.  6th  April,  | 
1811,  and  m.  first,  3rd  January,  1836,  Louisa, 
daughter  of  Jonathan  Bbll,  of  Kensington, 
CO.  Middlesex,  a  London  merchant  (by  Maria, 
his  wife,  daughter  of  Edward  Vaux),  and 
grand-daughter  of  Daniel  Bbll,  of  Boyston, 
CO.  Hertford,  by  Catherine  his  wife,  daughter 
of  David  Babclay  (see  Bubkb's  Landed 
Gentry,  Babclay  of  IFrie)^  and  by  her,  who 
d.  1844,  had  issue, 

I.  John  Craven,  was  an  officer  of  the  Ist 
Battalion  Wellington  Militia,  h.  12th 
February,  1837,  m.  first,  21st  June, 
1860,  Elinor  Tonee,  daughter  of 
Leslie  Battbrsby,  Lieutenant  B.N., 
of  Guelph,  and  grand-daughter  of  the 
Bev.  Leslie  Battbbsby,  of  Skreene,  co. 
Sligo,  and  by  her,  who  d.  9th  January, 
1868,  had  issue, 

1 .  Craven  Bell,  of  Gait,  co.  Waterloo, 
h.  2nd  April,  1863,  m.  Flora 
Jennie,  daughter  of  Balph  Hinds, 
of  Puslinch,  co.  Wellington,  and 
widow  of  Alexander  Cabboll 
(who  d.  29th  August,  1884),  and 
has  issue, 

(1)  Alexander  Joseph,  h.  12th 
November,  1886,  d,  80th 
December,  1887. 

(2)  William  Francis,  h.  9th 
January,  1889. 

2.  L^'slie  Charles  Edward,  5,  8th 
January,  d.  27  th  September, 

3.  Francis  Henry,  ft.  11th  August, 
1866,  sometime  of  Dakota,  U.S.A., 
and  afterwards  of  California. 

1.  Catharine  Caroline,  b.  5th  June, 
1861,  d.  4th  March,  1868. 
He  m.  secondly,  April,  1870,  Sybella 
Annie,  daughter  of  William  Mocklbb, 
of  Durham,  co.  Grey,  Ontario,  for- 
merly of  Fermoy,  co.  Cork,  and  Ann, 

his  wife,  daughter  of Atkinson, 

of   Iliiddersfield,  co.    York,  England, 
apd  d.  Hth  April,  1890,  having  by  ber, 

who   d,   22nd   February,    1891,    bad 

4.  William  Herbert  Austin,  living  in 
Manitoba,  h.  27th  January,  1871. 

5.  Bichard  Frederick,  b.  18th  April, 

6.  Ethelred  James  Mockler,  ft.  15th 
October,  1875. 

7.  Edwin  Percy,  ft.  18th  April,  d. 
9th  December,  1880. 

8.  Beginald    Beatty    Atkinson^    ft. 
10th  December,  1883. 

2.  Sybella    Bade    Nicola,   ft.   19th 
December,  1872. 

3.  Norah  Annie,  ft.  2nd  January, 

II.  Frederick  Jasper,  of  Guelph,  co. 
Wellington,  ft.  19th  November,  1838, 
was  Provincial  Land  Surveyor  and  for 
some  time  proprietor  of  the  Guelph 
Herald  newspaper;  was  Captain  in 
CO.  Wellington  Militia :  served  in  the 
County  Council,  co.  Wellington,  and 
the  Town  Council  of  Guelph,  and  was 
mayor  of  that  place  in  1877.  He 
m.  3rd  September,  1861,  Elisabeth, 
daughter  of  Bev.  Edward  Michael 
Stbwabt,  of  Guelph,  co.  Wellington, 
and  Cloony,  co.  Derry,  Ireland,  and 
grand-daughter  of  Henry  Stbwabt, 
of  Tyrcallen,  by  the  Hon.  J^lizabeth 
Pakenham  (sister  of  Catherine,  wife 
of  the  Great  Duke  of  Wellington), 
his  wife,  daughter  of  Edward  Michael, 
second  Baron  Longford  and  great 
grand-daughter  of  William  Stbwabt, 
of  Killynioon,  co.  Tyrone,  and  Eleanor, 
his  wife,  daughter  of  Sir  Hcnrv  Kino, 
Bart.,  and  d,  20th  June,  189l'  having 
by  her,  who  d.  3rd  August,  1894,  had 

1.  Jasper  William,  ft.  10th  November 

2.  Edward    Ernest  Yaux,    ft.  27th 
February,  d.  4th  September,  1868. 

3.  Frederick   Austin   Pakenham,  ft. 
9th  June,  1873, 

4.  John  Craven  Eade,  ft.  22nd  June, 

1.  Louisa  Caroline  Stewart,  ft.  8th 
June,  1862. 

2.  Charlotte  Bose,  ft.  6th  July,  1864. 

3.  Kathleen    Christiana    Maria,   ft. 
25th  December,  1870. 

III.  Fdwabd  Mabion,  the  subject  of  this 

IV.  Austin  Coopbb  (His  Hon.),  of 
Guelph,  CO.  Wellington  {see  next 

Mr.  John  Craven  Chadwick  m.  secondly, 
15th  December,  1847,  Caroline,  daughter  of 
Joseph  Eadb,  of  Newington,  co.  Middlesex, 
and  Hitchin,  co.  Hertford,  by  Elizn,  his  wife, 
daughter  of  Edward  Vaux.  She  d.  s.p.  5th 
September,  1874.  He  m.  thirdly,  4th  May, 
1 876,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  James  Bbattt, 
merchant,  of  Toronto,  and  Ann,  his  wife, 
daughter  of  James  McKowbn,  of  Dublin,  and 
d  10th  November,  18i>l). 



Armt — Per  pale  gu.  and  sa.  within  an  orle  of  eight  martlets  on  an  inescnlheon  arg.  a  cross 
'  of  the  first  charged  in  the  first  quarter  with  a  crescent  of  the  second  for  difference. 

CreH — ^A  maHlet  arg.  bearing  in  bis  bill  a  white  lily  fessewise  slipped  and  leared  proper. 
Mottoea — {over  the  crest)  In  candore  Decus ;  and  (under  the  arma)  Toojours  pr6t. 
Jfesidenee — ^Toronto,  Canada. 


HIS  HON.  AUSTIN  COOPER  CHADWICK,of  Guelph,  co.  Wellington, 
Ontario,  Canada,  h.  18tli  November,  1842,  barrister-at-law,  1864» 
appointed  junior  county  judge,  lOth  January,  1873 ;  local  judge  of  the  High 
Court  of  Justice  1882 ;  and  senior  county  judge,  8tli  December,  1891 ;  m. 
19th  December,  1867,  Caroline  Christie,  daughter  of  Ralph  Charles  Nicholson, 
of  Toronto,  Canada,  and  Lewes,  Sussex,  and  Elizabeth  Rot,  his  wife,  and  has 

Henry  Austin,  h.  15th  April,  1883. 

Caroline  Gladys  May,  h.  30th  November,  1885. 
Judge  Chadwick  is  the  youngest  son  of  John  Craven  Chadwick,  of  Guelph, 
CO.  Wellington,  Ontario,  Canada,  by  Louisa,  his  first  wife,  daughter  of 
Jonathan  Bell,  of  Kensington,  co.  Middlesex  (by  Maria  his  wife,  daughter 
of  Edward  Vaux),  and  grand-daughter  of  Daniel  Bell,  of  Royst-on,  co.  Hert- 
ford, by  Catherine  his  wife,  daughter  of  David  Barclay.  The  lineage  of  the 
Chadwick  family  is  given  fully  in  the  preceding  memoir  (which  see). 

Lineage,  Armn^  i^c.  {see  preceding  memoir). 
Residence — Q-uelph,  co.  Wellington,  Ontario,  Canada. 


THE   HON.   ROBERT   EDWIN  BUSH,  of  Clifton  Downs,  Gascoyne, 
Western  Australia,  J. P.,  and  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Council,  h, 
at  Redland,  Bristol,  England,  11th  October,  1855. 


The  family  of  Bush  were  resident  in 
Bristol  in  the  I7th  century. 

Gbosoe  Bush,  m.  Miss  Wsigbt,  and  cf. 
leaving  with  other  issue,  a  second  son, 

BoBBBT    Birsa,  of    Clifton,  h,  1769,   m. 

first,  a    daughter  of  Stbatton,  and 

secondly,  a  daughter  of  General  Tobin, 
and  d.  1829,  haring  by  her  had  issue, 

I.  George. 

II.  RoBBBT,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  James  Tobin. 
IT.  John. 

T.  Charles. 
The  second  son, 

RoBBBT  Brsu,  of  Clifton,  co.  Gloucester, 

late  Major  96th  Begiment,  h.  1809,  m.  at 
St.  John's,  Launceston,  Tasmania,  18th 
October,  1843,  Emily  Adria,  daughter  of 
Lieutenant  -  Colonel  Gbipfith,  Wje  96th 
Begiment,  and  d.  5th  August,  1877,  learing 

I.  Henry  Frederick  Tobin,  merchant,  of 
Clifton,  h,  at  Launceston,  Tasmania, 
25th  Au crust,  1845,  m.  14th  May, 
1872,  Edith  Isabelle,  daughter  of 
Jesse  GouLDBMiTH,  of  Clifton,  and 
has  issue, 

Emily    Irene,    h,    12th    Februarr, 

II.  Alfred  George  de   Lisle,  of  Spring- 



foit,  Stoke  Bishop,  Q-loucestershire,  b. 
at  Forth,  Western  Australia,  7th 
March,  1847,  m.  5th  June,  1890, 
Florence,  daughter  of  John  LrsAaaT, 
of  Hengraye  Hall,  Suffolk,  and  has 

1.  Hugh  Godfrey  de  Lisle,  h,  1st 

April,  1892. 

1.  Vera  Gwyndoline,  6. 9tli  February, 


III.  James  Arthur,  of  Clifton,  merchant, 

b.  at  Gawnpore,  India,  7th  December, 

1848,    m.    30th     June,     1880,    LUlie 

Oldham,  daughter  of Bobbbtboit, 

of  Melbourne,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Reginald  Arthur,  b.  30th  April, 
lY.  BoBBBT  Edwik,  the  subject  of  this 

T.  James  Paul,  surgeon,  of  Vyyyan 
House,  Clifton  Park,  Clifton,  Bristol, 
England,  b.  30th  June,  1857,  m.  20th 
September,  1887,  Lanra  Annie,  eldest 
daughter  of  the  late  John  Robebtson, 
of  Colac,  near  Melbourne,  and  has 

1.  Athelstan  Paul,  b.  11th    June, 

1.  Yvonne  Marjorie,  b.  81st  August, 
Yl.  John  Ernest,  Captain  Durham  Light 

Infantry,  b.  3 1st  December,  1858. 
I.  Mary  Ann  Eliza  (Minnie),  6.  at  Perth, 
W.  Australia,  7th  December,  1848,  tn. 

Mr.   R. 


2l8t  October,  1873,  Henry  Seymour, 
second  sou  of  William  Weight,  of 
Clifton,  and  hai  istue,  five  daughters, 

1.  Adria    Harriet    Oraoe,   b.  22nd 
July,  1874. 

2.  Minnie  Marion,  b,  1 1th  February, 

3.  Ethel  Mary,  b.  9th  July,  1877. 

4.  Mildred  Seymour,  6.  9th  March, 

6.  Effie  Beryl,  b.  13th  June,  1882. 

II.  Emily  Ellen,  b.  27th  June,  1852,  d. 

III.  Elia  Fanny,  b.  19th  January,  1854, 
d.  1858. 

ly.  Emily  Eliza  Fanny,  b.  Slst 
December,  1858,  m.  2nd  July,  1889, 
Arthur  Ireland,  third  son  of  William 
Wbight,  of  Clifton. 

y.  Adria  Georgina,  b.  14th  June,  1861. 

Yi.  Euphemia  Sullivan,  b.  30th  Januair, 
1863,  m.  17th  February,  18S5,  Captam 
John  Drought  Maunsbll,  of  the 
Army  Pay  Department,  son  of  John 
Mafnsbll,  of  EUinglase,  Dublin,  and 
has  issue, 

1.  John  Edmund  Bush,  b.  2ad  July, 

2.  Edwin  Richard  Lloyd,   b.   19th 
JJfovember,  1891. 

Bush   d.  at   Clifton,  5th    August, 

Armt — Argent  on  afetsa  gu.  between  three  boars  passant  sable  a  fieur  de  lis  between  two 
eagles  displayed  or. 

Crest — A  goaCs  head  arg.  armed  az. 

Motto — Nolo  dissimulare. 

^Residence — Clifton  Downe,  Gascoyne,  Eastern  Australia. 


HON".  JAMES  WILLSON  AGNBW,  M.D.,  Glasgow,  M.R.C.S.  England, 
of  Hobart,  Tasmania,  member  of  the  Executive  Conncil,  formerly 
member  of  the  Legislative  Council,  Chief  Secretary  and  Premier,  6.  at  Bally- 
clare,  co.  Antrim,  Ireland,  2Qd  October,  1815 ;  m.  first,  27th  April,  1846, 
Louisa  Mary,  second  daughter  of  Major  Fraseb,  formerly  of  the  78th  High- 
landers, and  by  her  (who  d,  10th  March,  1868)  had  issue, 

I.  Charles  Stewart  Arnold  Errington  Vere,  h,  19th  September,  1848,  d, 

25th  January,  1852. 

II.  Louis  Stewart,  h,  8th  July,  1854,  d,  6th  September,  1878. 
m.  Gerald  Fraser,  h,  I8th  January,  1856,  d.  31st  August,  1858. 

IV.  Charles  Stewart,  of  Waverley,  Oatlands,  Tasmania,  J. P.  since  28th 
April,  1884,  only  surviving  son,  6.  20th  April,  1859 ;  m.  4th  Decem- 
ber, 1883,  Lucy  Emmeline,  second  daughter  of  Alexander  Reid,  of 
Ratho,  Bothwell,  Tasmania,  J.P.  (see  Reid  of  Batho),  and  by  her 
has  issue, 

1.  James  Stewart,  h.  14th  November,  1884. 

2.  Charles  Eric  Andrew,  6.  1st  February,  1886. 



3.  Rupert,  b.  20tli  May,  1889. 

4.  Louis  Lempriere,  h.  28th  Augast,  1890. 

6.  Ivo  Cumberland  Eraser,  h.  17th  Februaiy,  1893. 
1.  Kathleen  Louisa,  b.  23rd  November,  1888. 

I.  Florence  Stewart,  &.  l]th  April,  1850,  d.  22nd  September,  1853. 

II.  Evelyn    Robina,  b.  10th    March.  1866,  m.  at  All   Saints*    Church, 

Hobart,  22nd  March,  1890,  Robert  Buxton   Heine  key,  son  of  R. 
Heinekey,  of  Streatham,  co.  Surrey,  England,  and  has  issue, 

Guy  Agnew,  b.  15th  November,  1893. 
Phyllis  Evelyn,  5.  28th  January,  1892. 

The  Hon.  J.  W.  Agnew  m.  secondly,  19th  November,  1878,  Blanche,  eldest 
daughter  of  William  Legge,  of  Tipperary,  Ireland,  formerly  a  Lieutenant  in 
the  King's  Own  Royal  Staffordshire  Militia,  of  a  branch  of  the  family  of 
the  Earl  of  Dartmouth,  but  by  her,  who  d,  16th  December,  1891,  had  no 
issue.  Mr.  J.  W.  Agnew  was  educated,  professionally,  at  London,  Paris,  and 
Glasgow,  and  graduated  in  1839  at  the  latter  University,  as  his  father, 
grandfather,  and  great-grandfather  had  done  before  him.  He  emigrated  soon 
afterwards,  and  after  a  short  stay  in  the  interior  of  Victoria  was  attracted  to 
Hobart  by  the  offer  of  the  private  secretaryship  to  Sir  John  Franklin,  then 
Governor  of  Tasmania,  That  position  having  been  filled  up  before  his 
arrival,  a  professional  appointment  was  given  him  instead.  After  holding 
this  for  a  few  years,  he  entered  on  private  practice  in  Hobart.  On  securing 
a  competency,  he  retired  from  professional  life,  and  was  soon  afterwards 
elected  to  the  Legislative  Council  as  one  of  the  members  for  Hobart.  He  held 
office  without  portfolio  in  the  Ministry  1877-8,  and  again  in  1881.  In  the 
latter  year  he  resigned  his  position  and  proceeded  on  a  long  visit  to  Europe. 
On  his  return  he  was  elected  again  as  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Council 
for  a  country  district,  he  became  Premier  and  Chief  Secretary  in  1886,  and 
retired  from  public  life  in  1887.  In  the  following  year  a  vote  of  thanks  was 
accorded  to  him  by  both  Houses  of  Parliament  for  the  introduction  of  salmon 
ova  for  acclimatisation  purposes.  Mr.  Agnew  has  taken  an  active  part  for 
many  years  in  the  work  of  various  societies,  chiefly  in  reference  to  art, 
literature,  and  the  natural  history  of  the  colony. 


This  is  an  Irish  branch  of  the  very  ancient 
family  of  which  Sib  Andrbw  Nobl  Aonew, 
Barfc.,  of  Lochnaw,  Stranraer,  Wigtownshire, 
Scotland,  is  the  head.  Omitting  earlier 
records  which  extend  back  for  four  genera- 
tions, the  first  member  of  whom  detailed 
information  exists  was, 

Jambs  Agkbw,  of  Donegore,  barony  of 
Upper  Antrim,  co.  Antrim,  who  d.  26th 
February,  1758,  nged  60.  By  his  wife, 
Elizabeth  Adaib  (who  d.  6th  February,  1772, 
aged  61),  he  left  issue,  a  son, 

James  Agnew,  of  Ballyclare,  co.  Antrim 
M.D.  of  G-'asgow  UniTcrBity,  and  an  officer 
in  the  Militia,  b.   1754 ;  tn.  first,  Margaret 

Leb,  and  by  her  (who  d.  27th  May,  1804) 
had  issue, 

I.  James,  who  d.  5th  July,  1782,  aged 
11  months. 

II.  John,  d.  an  infant. 

III.  James    William,    of    whom   pre- 

I.  Elizabeth,   d.    17th    January,   1786, 
aged  7  months. 

II.  Ann,  b.  1790 ;  d.  mm.  2lttt  May,  1840, 
aged  60. 

Mr.  Agnew  «.  secondly,  the  widow  of 

HoKSEMAN,    and    d.    at    Ballyclare,    11th 
December,  1843,  aged  89.     His  third  son, 
James  William  Agnew,  of  Ballyclare, 



M.D.  of  Glasgow  TTniyersity,  an  officer  in 
the  Yeomanry  Cavalry,  b.  1787 ;  m.  in  1814, 
Ellen  Stewart,  of  the  Curran,  near  Lame, 
CO.  Antrim,  daughter  of  Charles  Dawson 
Stewart,  and  Mary,  his  wife;  and  by  her 
(who  d.  at  Balljclare,  19th  February. 
1826,  aged  33,  and  was  buried  at  Lame) 
had  i^siie, 

I.  James  Willson  (Hon.),  the  subject 
of  iliis  memoir. 

II.  Robert  Stewart,  m.  September,  1842, 
Elizabeth  Greknpibld,  who  d.  14th 

September,  1805.     Fe  d.  10th  June, 
1872,  haying  had  issue, 

1.  Robert  Stewart,  (2. 1898. 

2.  Charles  James,  d.  7th  October, 

1.  Annie,  m.  IGtli  November,  1881, 
W.  J.  Ferguson,  of  Wrafton 
House,   Wrafton,   North   Devon, 

Mr.  James  William  Agnfw^d.v.p.  at  Ballyclare, 
CO.  Antrim,  20tli  August,  1823,  aged  86,  and 
was  buried  in  Donegore  G-rareyard. 

ArtM — Gu.  on  a  chevron  between  in  chief  two  cinquefoils  and  in  base  a  saltire  coupcd 
argent  a  trefoil  slipped  vert. 

Crest — An  eagle  issuant  rising  and  reguardant  proper  charged  on  the  breast  with  a  trefoil 
as  in  the  arms. 

Motto — Cousilio  non  impetu. 

^ejtidence — Macquarie  Street,  Hobart,  Tasmania. 


HAROLD  STEPHEN  ROBERT  WRIGHT,  of  The  Grove,  Glenorchy, 
near  Hobart,  Tasmania,  J.P.,  5.  2l8t  September,  1851 ;  m.  1st  October, 
1884,  Katharine  Maria,  daughter  of  the  Hon.  Thomas  Daniel  Chapman,  of 
Sunnjside,  Hobart,  Tasmania,  by  Catherine  his  wife,  and  has  issae, 
Esmond  Stephen  Kennard,  h.  20th  September,  1885. 
Kate  lone  Howard,  h.  14th  June,  1890. 


Stbphiit  Wbight,  of  Spring  Gardens,  in 
the  parish  of  St.  Martin-in-the-Fields,  and 
of  Hammersmith,  co.  Middlesex,  m.  Louisa 
Dixon  (who  d.  1809),  and  d.  1797,  having 
had  issue, 

I.  Stsfhen  Am  and,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Charlotte,  m.  James  Stow. 

II.  Mary,  m.  William  Walter  Gebtton. 

III.  Eliaa,  m.  Alexander  Cabson. 
IT.  Louisa. 

T.  Caroline,  m. 

Ti.  Amelia,  m.  £dward  lb  Mesitbibb. 
Tlie  only  son, 

Stephen  Amand  Weight,  m.  1793,  Miss 
TOMKINS  (who  d.  1854),  and  d.  1857,  having 
had  issue, 

I.  SiEPHBN  Peltbo  Hbnby,  of  whom 

II.  Edward  Amand,  m.  Lucy  Windsob. 

III.  Edmund  W.,  m.  Agnes  Stttckbt. 
IV    Arthur  James,  m.  Isabel  Windsoe. 
T.  Frederick,  m.  Frances  Jane,  daughter 

of  Major  Thomas  Shuldham  O'Hal- 
loban,  of  Lizard  Lodge,  South  Aus- 
tralia (see  that  family). 

IT.  Nora  Elizabeth. 

I.  Lucy,  «i.  Peter  D.  Peankbbd. 

II.  Amelia,  m.  Richard  Hicks. 
The  eldest  son, 

Stephen  Peltbo  Henbt  Weight,  b, 
1819;  m.  at  the  parish  church  of  King 
Curran,  near  Kinsale,  co.  Cork,  Ireland,  12th 
September,  184-5,  Elizabeth  Jane  Bowaed 
(who  d.  13th  April,  1884),  and  d.  15th 
September,  1886,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Howard  Edward,  m.  October,  1888, 
Maude  Florence  Bogebs,  but  has  no 

II.  Habold  Stephen  Robbbt,  of  Glen- 
orchy,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

III.  Ernest  Charles,  m.  June,  1889,Kathe- 
rine  Amelia  Butlbb,  but  has  no  issue. 

IV.  Bernard  Howard. 

I.  Marian  Lucy. 

II.  Mona  Jane,  m.  5th  August,  1874, 
Henry  Dunkin  O'Halloban,  but  has 
no  issue  (see  that  family), 

III.  Eva  Dorinda,  m.  16th  January,  1883, 
Winchester  Munn  Bisdbe,  and  has 
issue,  three  sons  and  one  daughter. 

Arms — Or  a  /esse  chequy  arg.  and  az.  between  three  eagles*  heads  erased  of  the  third 

Crest — A  unicorn  passant  reguardant  quarterly  arg.  and  a«.  armed  and  orined  or. 

Motto— 'Mens  conscia  recti. 

Besidence — The  Grove,  Glenorchy,  near  Hobart,  Tasmauia. 

CUtb — Tasmanian,  in  Hobart. 

VOL.    II.  2    Q 




THE  MOST  REV.  ANDREW  BURN  SUTER,  D.D.,  M,A.  (Camb.),  of 
Church  Hill  House,  Nelson,  New  Zealand,  formerly  Bishop  of  Nelson, 
h.  30th  November,  1830;  m.  7th  August,  1860,  Amelia  Damaris,  fourth 
daughter  of  the  Rev.  Thomas  Harrison,  M.A.,  incumbent  of  Womenswold, 
CO.  Kent,  hut  has  no  issue.  Bishop  Snter,  who  is  the  son  of  the  late  Richard 
SuTER,  of  Castle  Hill,  Maidenhead,  co.  Berks  (d.  1883),  by  Rath  Anne,  his 
wife  (d.  1854),  daughter  of  Major-General  Andrew  Burn,  was  educated  at 
St.  Paul's  School,  London,  and  at  Trinity  College,  Cambridge;  was  curate  of 
St.  Dunstan's-in-the-West,  Fleet  Street,  London,  from  1856  to  1859 ;  incum- 
bent of  All  Saints',  Spitalfields,  from  1859  to  1866;  on  the  24th  August, 
1866,  was  consecrated  Bishop  of  Nielsen,  New  Zealand,  and  resigned  Slst 
December,  1891. 

Betidence — Church  Hill  House,  Nelson,  New  2#ealaDd. 

THE  LATE  FREDERIC  CHARLES  ROWAN,  of  Melbourne,  Victoria, 
formerly  Consul- General  for  Denmark  (resigned  1890) ;  served  with 
distinction  in  the  43rd  Light  Infantry  in  the  New  Zealand  War,  and  also  in 
the  New  Zealand  Armed  Constabulary  (resigned  1877),  h,  28th  August, 
1844,  m.  23rd  October,  1874,  Marian  Ellis,  eldest  daughter  of  Charles  Ryan, 
of  Derriweit,  Mount  Macedon,  by  Marian  Cotton,  his  wife,  and  d.  11th 
December,  1892,  leaving  an  only  son, 

Frederic  Charles  Eric  Eliot,  6.  13th  July,  1876. 


The  family  of  Rowan  is  of  Scotch  descent 
and  derives  from, 

John  Rowan,  of  Greenhead,  in  the  parish 
of  Govan.  co.  Lanark,  N.B.,  b.  1548,  who 
acquired  these  lands  with  his  first  wife, 
tbe  daughter  and  heiress  of  John  Gibson, 
of  Greenhead.     His  only  son  bj  this  lady, 

John  Rowan,  of  Greenhead,  d.  1614, 
leaving  by  Agnes  Shanks,  his  wife,  an  eider 
son  and  heir, 

John  Rowan,  of  Greenhead,  «.  Janet 
Anderson,  of  Go  van,  co.  Lanark,  and  d. 
1689,  having  had  with  other  issue,  an  eldest 

Rev.  Andbew  Rowan,  who  went  to 
Ireland  and  was  inducted  to  the  rectory 
of  Dunagby,  diocese  of  Connor,  co.  Antrim, 
.18th  September,  1661,  and  resided  at  Old- 
stone  alicts  Clough,  co.  Antrim.  He  m. 
first,  about  1660,  a  daughter  of  Captain 
William  MacPhedeis,  of  CamgJass,  in  the 
same  county,  and  by  her  had,  with  two 
daughters,  two  son 8, 

I.  William  (Captain),  of  Dcrry,  attainted 

with  his  father,   by  the  Parliament 

held  by  Ring  James  II,  at  Dublin  in 

1689;    m.    Mildred    Thompson,  and 

left  an  elder  son, 

William,  of  Richmond,  Surrey,  m. 

Elizabeth,  daughter   of    Edward 

Eyre,  of  co.  Galway,  and  left 

at  bis  decease  an  only  daughter 

and    heir,    Jane,    who    m.    first, 

Tichborne  Aston,  and  secondly, 

Gawen  Hamilton,  of  Killyleagh 

{»ee     Landed     Gentry ^    RoWAN- 

Hamilton,  of  Killyleagh). 

II.  John,  of  whose  line  we  treat. 

He  m.  secondly,  Alice  Dunlop,  and  by  her 

had  with  two  daughters,  three  sons,  Robert, 

Archibald,    and    George,    of    Maghera,    co. 

Down,    ancestor    of    the    Kerry    family   of 

Rowan.     Rev.  Andrew  Rowan  d.  1717.    His 

second  son, 

Rev.  John  Rowan,  of  BaUinagapog,  co. 
Down,  m.  Margaret  Stewart,  of  co.  Down, 
and  had  issue.     The  seventh  son, 

Rev.   RoJiEiiT    Rowan,  of    Mullans,    co. 



Antrim,  Chancellor  of  the  diocese  of  Connor, 
m.  Letitia,  daughter  and  §ole  heir  of  John 
Stbwabt,  of  Garry  (by  his  wife,  a  daughter 
and  co-heir  of  Redmond,  of  Blairis,  co. 
I>owb),  and  liad  an  eldest  son  and  heir, 

JOHK  BowAif,  of  Mullans  and  Garry, 
b.  18th  February,  1733,  high  sheriff  co. 
Antrim  1755,  m.  3rd  February,  1763,  Rose, 
daughter  of  Captain  Charles' St bwaet,  of 
Lisbum,  00.  Antrim,  and  of  Clunie,  N.B., 
by  Ro*e,  his  wife,  daughter  of  Roger  Hall, 
of  Narrow  Water,  co.  Down,  and  by  her 
(who  m.  secondly,  Captain  Phillips)  had 
issue.     The  eldest  son  and  heu-, 

Robert  Rowak,  of  Mullans,  Gariy,  and 
Belleisle,  co.  Antrim,  ft.  9th  August,  1754  j 
«.  6th  April,  1777,  Eliza,  daughter  of  Hill 
WfLLSOK,  of  Purdysburn,  co.  Down,  and  by 
her  (who  d.  1817)  had  issue, 

I.  John,  of  Garry  and  Ahoghill,  J.P. 
and  D.L.,  high  sheriff,  1814,  Major 
Antrim  Militia,  b.  30th  March,  1778 ; 
m.  first,  25th  May,  1809,  Eliza  Hon- 
oria,  eldest  daughter  of  Lieutenant- 
Colonel  Alexander  Maomanus,  of 
Mount  Dayys,  co.  Antrim,  high 
sheriff,  1782,  by  Hester  Henrietta, 
liis  wife,  second  daughter  of  Mark 
Kerr  O'Neill,  of  Flowerfield,  co. 
Londonderry,  cadet  of  O'Neill,  of 
Shanes  Castle,  and  by  her  (who  d. 
18th  May,  1810)  had  issue, 

Robert  Willson    (Rev.),  of  Mount 
Davys,   CO.  Antrim,  J. P.,  b.  9th 
March,  1810;  OT.  30th  September, 
1834,  Anna,  second  daughter  of 
Joshua  MiNNiTT,   of  Anaghbeg, 
CO.  Tipperary,  and  d.  Slst  January, 
1886,  leaving  issue, 
1.    John    Joshua,    of    Mount 
Davys,     CO.     Antrim,     J.P., 
Lieutenant- Colonel  4th  Bat- 
talion    Koyal     Irish     Rifles, 
and    served    in    the    62nd 
Regiment,  b.  12th  December, 
1838;    m.    first,   1866,   May 
Amelia,  eldest   daughter    of 
George    Weight,   sometime 
colonial  treasurer  of  Prince 
Edward  Island,  which   lady 
d.  s.p.  1879.    He  m.  secondly, 
1881,  Ellen  Augusta,  daughter 
of  Rev.  Edward  W.  Vaughan, 
rector  of  Llantwit  Major,  co. 
2«  Alexander  Macmanus,  Lieu- 
tenant   13th    Foot,   b.    24th 
April,  1841,  deceased. 
3.  Robert  Kerr  O'Neill,  b.  17th 

January,  1849. 
1.  Eliza  Hester,  b.  24th   Feb- 
ruary,    1843;     m.     Captain 
T.  L.  Stack,  and  has  issue, 
Charles  Rob  rt. 

2.  Mary  Stuart,   b.   14th   De- 
cember, 18 4 i,  deceased. 

3.  Anna  Villiers,  b.  7th  March, 

Mr.  John  Rowan  m.  secondlv,  28th 
October,  1823,  Dorothea  Shaw  Ogilvie, 
relict  of  James  Blaie,  of  Merville, 
CO.  Antrim.  He  d.  19th  December, 

II.  Hill  Willson,  m.  Eliza,  sister  to  Mr. 
Justice  Jackson. 

III.  RoBEET,  of  whom  presently. 

IV.  Jamis,  m.  Rose  Bbiston,  both  de- 

V.  Charles  (Sir),  K.C.B.,  Commissioner 
of  Metropolitan  Police,  Assistant  Ad- 
jutant-General Light  Division,  in  the 
Peninsular  war,  d.  #.  p. 

VI.  Frederick,  m.  Sarah  pROir,  of 
Norway,  and  had  two  daughters  Eliza 
and  Frederick,  both  deceased. 

VII.  Edward,  Captain,  R.N.,  m.  Elizabeth 
LsaoE,  deceased. 

VIII.  William  (Sir),  G.C.B.,  Field 
Marshal,  and  Colonel  52nd  Foot,  a 
distinguished  officer  who  served  in 
Sicily,  Portugal,  France,  and  Belgium 
(at  Waterloo),  commanded  the  forces 
in  Canada  from  1849  to  1855,  b.  1789  j 
m.  1811,  Martha,  daughter  of  Joseph 
Spoxg,  of  Mill  Hall,  Kent,  and  d.  *.  p, 

I.  Eliza,  d.  unm. 

II.  Elinor,  m.  John  J.  Hey  wood,  Deemp- 
ster  of  the  Isle  of  Man,  and  is  do- 

Robert  Rowan  served  as  high  sheriff,  co. 
Antrim  1779,  and  d,  12th  September,  1832. 
His  third  son, 

RoBBBT  Rowan,  w.  6rst,  Martha  Rainbt, 
relict  of  Q-eorge  Stbwabt,  and  by  her  had 

I.  Charles,  deceased. 

II.  John,  deceased. 

III.  Arthur,  deceased. 

IV.  Henry,  lieutenant-general,  C.B., 

V.  Feedbbick  Jambs,  of  whom  pre- 

I.  Harriet,  deceased. 
He  m.  secondly,  Harriet  Fulton,  deceased ; 
and  thirdly,  Henrietta  Mubphy,   deceased. 
His  only  surviving  son, 

Fbedebice  James  Rowan,  m.  2nd  August, 
1842,  Mary  Wickett  Bbttb,  and  by  her,  who 
d.  1876,  had  issue, 

I.  William  Robert,  h.  2Uh  July,  1843. 

II.  Fbederick  Chables,  the  subject  of 
th  s  memoir. 

III.  Henry  Bailey,  b.  2ud  August,  1845. 

IV.  Arthur  Hill,  b.  17th  Seprember, 

Mi*.  F.  J.  Rowan  d.  18S4. 

Arms — Vert,  a  fesso  chequy  or  and  gules  between  a  trefoil  slipped  in  chief  and  three 
crosses  crosslct  fitch6e  issuant  from  as  many  crescents  in  base  of  the  second. 
Crest  —A  naked  arm  couped  at  the  elbow,  grasping  a  dagger  proper. 
Motto — Cresco  per  crucem. 

Re*id^nce  (of  the  late  Frederick  Charles  Rowan)— Melbourne,  Sydney. 
C/n&t- Melbourne  Club,  Union  Club,  Sydney,  and  Yorrick  Club,  Melbourne. 

2  Q  2 


rriHOMAS  MUST,  of  Prospect,  Portland,  Victoria,  J.P.,  h.  30th  January, 
-L  1815;  emigrated  to  Australia,  at  the  age  of  17,  sailing  on  the  8th 
Augnst,  1832,  in  a  small  harqae  of  203  tons  register  (Captain  Sinclair),  and 
arriving  at  Sydney  in  January,  1833.  He  m.  25th  Augast,  1812,  Anne, 
eldest  daughter  of  Z.  T.  Wilcox,  of  Sydney,  by  Catherine,  his  wife,  and  by 
her,  who  d,  12th  March,  1894,  aged  70,  has  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas  Beilby,  6.  at  Portland,  Victoria,  16th  July,  1857  ;  d,  unm.  8th 

July,  1890. 

II.  Philip  William,  of  Ballai-at,  Victoi-ia,  solicitor^  h.  at  Portland  29th 

May,  1859. 

III.  Francis,  h.  at  Portland,  14th  December,  1865. 

IV.  Charles  Edward,  h.  at  Portland,  2nd  June,  1867. 

I.  Anne,  b.  at  Sydney,  New  South  Wales,  1st  May,  1815;  m.  20th  April, 

1865,  Joseph  McMulleu  Dargaville,  of  Dargaville,  Auckland,  New 
Zealand,  and  has  issue  two  sons  and  five  daughters. 

II.  Frances  Ellen,  h.  at  Portland,  8th  December,  1847. 

HI.  Emily  Kat^,  h.  at  Portland,  9th  November,  1849;  m.  16th  July, 
1879,  Robert  Anderson  Dargaville,  of  Latrobe,  Tasmania,  and  has 
issue  two  sons. 

IV.  Amelia,   h.    at   Portland,  6th  January,  1852  ;    m.  18th  June,  1878, 

Henry  Hawthorn,  of  Melbourne,  merchant,  and  has  issue  one  son 
and  one  daughter. 

V.  Marion,  b.  at  Portland,  13th  December,  1853 ;  m.  4th  February,  1882, 

Charles  T.  Qatward,  of  Melbourne,  surveyor,  and  has  issue  one  son 
and  three  daughters. 

VI.  Clara,  &.  at  Portland,  13th  September,  1855. 

VII.  Edith,  fc.  at  Portland,  27th  July,  1861. 

VIII.  Alice  Meta,  b,  at  Portland,  6th  July,  1863  ;  m.  23rd  December,  1884, 
William  Hay  Rose,  manager  of  the  Union  Bank»  Portland,  and  has 
issue  two  daughters. 

Thomas  Must  (whose  father  m.  at  Bures,  i.  Thomas,  now  of  Portland,  the  sabjeci 
CO.  Suffolk,  Mary  Robebts  )  was   b.  in  the   i  of  this  memoir, 

parish   of  All  Saints,  Sudbury,   co.   Suffolk,   |  i.  Hannah,  b.  in  London  ;  d,  young. 

18th  January,  1773,  and  d.  in  London,  27th   j  ii.  Mary,  m.  and  now  decedsea. 

December,  18  J2,  having  had,  by  Mary,  his  iii.  Amelia,    now   living   a  widow,   in 
wife,  one  son  and  three  daughters,  viz.,  her  84th  year,  *.  p. 

Itesidence — Prospect,  Portland,  Victoria. 


ARTHUR  SEPTIMUS  KING,  of  Madford,  Kew,  Victoria,  I.  at  Parra- 
matta,  New  South  Wales,  9th  February,  1827,  m.  15th  July,  1857, 
Elizabeth  Margaret,  second   daughter  of   Robert  Copeland  Lethbeidoe,    of 


Werrington,  Penrith,  New  South  Wales  {see  Lethbridge,  of  Homehusli)^  and  has 

r.  Arthur,  h.  at  Dunheved,  New  South  Wales,  25th  September,  1858.' 

II.  Baron  Albert,  &.  21st  March,  18G4,  m.  13th  September,  1892,  Annie 


III.  Henry  James,  5.  26th  March,  1865. 

IV.  Alfred  Coombe,  b.  22nd  June,  1867. 

V.  Allan  Cunningham  Septimus,  h,  ]st  Aogasf,  1869. 

VI.  Ernest  Edward  Lethbridge,  6.  18th  September,  1873. 

I.  Mary  Alexandra,  h.  22nd  March,  1863,  m.  Henrj  Alexander  Donn. 

II.  Harriet  Maud  Gidley,  b.  4ith  March,  1866,  m.  William  Butler  Walsh, 


III.  Emma  Parry,  6.  4th  October,  1870. 

IV.  Elizabeth,  6.  22nd  October,  1874. 

Mr.  A,  S.  King  is  the  seventh  son  of  the  late  Rear- Admiral  Phillip  Parker 
King,  F.R.S.,  F.L.S.,  R.N.,  by  Harriet,  his  wife,  second  daughter  of  Christo- 
pher Lethbridge,  of  Madford,  Launceston,  co.  Cornwall  (see  Lethbridge  of 
Hitnehush),  and  grandson  of  Captain  Philip  Gidley  Kino,  the  third  Governor 
of  New  South  Wales  {see  King  of  Double  Bay,  8fG.)  Mr.  A.  S.  King,  in 
March,  1844,  at  the  age  of  17  joined  his  brother,  John  King,  of  Nambrok 
{see  King,  of  Nambrok  and  Mairburn\  in  forming  |t  squatting  station  in  the 
newly  discovered  county  of  Gippsland,  where  he  remained  until  1857,  when 
he  commenced  business  in  Melbourne.  In  1874,  he  was  appointed  to  the 
Board  of  Directors,  in  Melbourne,  of  the  Australian  Mutual  Provident 
Society,  of  which  he  is  now  chairman.  He  has  also  been  on  the  Board  of 
Directors  of  the  National  Bank  of  Australia  for  many  years. 

LiNBAGB — (See  Xing,  of  Double  Bai/,  &c.,  vol.  i,  p.  185.) 

Beridence — Madford,  Kew,  Victoria. 

Clubs —  Melbourne,  and  Australian,  Melbourne,  Yictoria. 


STANLEY  GRANTHAM  GRANTHAM-HILL,  late  of  Rockhampton, 
Queensland,  and  now  of  Forest  Lodge,  Branksome  Park,  Bournemouth, 
Hants,  England,  b.  at  Douglas,  Isle  of  Man,  29th  August,  1843,  m.  first,  at 
Brisbane,  Queensland,  10th  May,  1870,  Marietta,  daughter  of  Frederick 
Charles  Noll,  of  Frankfort-on-Maine,  Germany,  and  by  her,  wbo  d  at  sea  off 
Ceylon,  March,  1889,  has  issue, 

I.  Wilfred  St.  George,  6.    at  Maryborough,   Queensland,   19th   March, 

I.  Minnie  Marietta,  5.  at  Maryborough,  Queensland,  28tli  August,  1873 ; 

m.  6th  April,  1892,  J.  Denham  Smith,  of  Harestock,  Winchester, 
Hants,  England. 

II.  Kuby,  Z>.  1881,  d,  1882. 

Mr.  S.  G.  Hillm.  secondly,  10th  September,  1889,  Charlotte  Augusta,  daughter 



of  Thomas  Barker,  J.P.  and  D.L.  of  Albrighton,  near  Wolverhampion,  and 
bj  her  has  issue, 

II.  Clermont  Grantham,  6.  at  Mil  ford -on- Sea,  Hants,  30th  April,  1891. 
Mr.  S.  G.  Grantham-Hill  went  to  sea  as  a  midshipman  at  14  years 
of  age,  and  was  wrecked  three  times.  He  went  to  Queensland  in  1862,  and 
started  life  with  one  pound  in  his  pocket  and  no  friends  in  the  colony  ;  was  a 
stockrider  for  two  years,  and  was  appointed  to  the  Civil  Service  in  1864,  from 
which  he  retired  in  1888,  having  been  the  registrar  of  the  District  Courts 
and  clerk  of  Petty  Sessions  at  Rockhampton.  He  speculated  successfully  in 
the  celebrated  Mount  Morgan  Gold  Mines,  near  Rockhampton,  and  returning 
home,  settled  in  Hampshire,  where  he  now  resides.  He  assumed  the 
additional  name  of  Grantham,  26th  April,  1893. 



John  Grant  ham,  descended  it  is  said 
from  the  an  ient  family  of  Grantham,  of 
Goltlio,  CO.  Lincoln,  m.  Selina,  daughter 
and  heiress  of  Sir  Thomas  de  Bubgh,  and 
had  with  oth»'t  issue,  an  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Gramham,  who  tn.  the  daughter 
of  John  Bennett,  of  Lincoln,  and  left  a 

TnoMAS  Brnnett  Grantham,  Captain 
15th  Regiment,  m.  Margaret,  daughter  of 
CnptAin  Thomas  Wbbbbr,  R.Nm  by  Margaret 
Robertson,  hij  wife,  and  d.  at  Ketton 
G  rantie,  the  residence  of  his  second  son,  in 
1816,  luvving  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Charles,  of  Ketton  Grange,  co.  Rut- 
land, Capttiin  R.N.,  high  sheriff  184^, 
b.  4th  December,  1790,  m.  25th  July, 
1811,  Emily  Grace,  youngest  daughter 
of  the  lute  Right  Hon.  James  Fortes- 
cub,  M.P.  of  Ravensdale  Park,  co. 
Louth,  and  sister  to  the  late  Viscount 

III.  Arthur,  of  the  Royal  Navy,  m.  1840, 
8usan,  daughter  of  T.  HEALE,and  had 
a  sou  and  daughter. 


I.  Anne,  m.  Colonel  Willium  Suortt. 

II.  Margaret,  d,  u»m. 

The  eldest  son, 

Major-G-eneral  Thomas,  of 
the  Royal  Artillery,  served  in  the  Peninsular 
campaign,  and  afterwards  commanded  at 
Jersey,  and  in  the  Island  of  Ceylon.  He 
wus  b.  1788,  OT.  1808,  Anne,  daughter  of 
£dward  Stanley,  descended  from  Jamei, 
seventli  Earl  of  Derby,  and  d.  1859,  Iiaving 
by  her,  who  d.  1845,  had  issue, 

I.  Tliomas,  d.  1851. 

II.  Edward,  d.  1851. 

III.  Charles  Caldwell,  Colonel  98th 
Regiment,  m.  Adeline,  daughter  and 
heiress  of  Colonel  Johnson,  5th 
Fusiliers,  and  had  issue, 


IV.  William  Fortescue,  rf.  1860. 

I.  Charlotie,  m.  Major  Fclford,  R.A. 

II.  Emily,  m.  as  bdow.  Captain  Fred- 
erick William  Hill. 

I^ill  §^\Xi\\iBi. 

This  family  claims  descent  from  the  Hills 
of  Spaxton  and  Houndsfard,  in  co.  Somerset, 
whose  pedigree  is  very  amply  given  in  the 
Heralds  Visitation  of  that  shire. 

Dr.  John  Hill,  an  eminent  physician  to 
the  Courts  of  George  11  and  George  III, 
was  b.  1716,  and  m.  Wilhelmina,  second 
daughter  of  Charles  Jones  (by  Elizabeth, 
liis  wife,  daughter  of  Jumes  Dofqlas,  J.P. 
of  Haddington,  Scotland),  and  sister  of 
Charles,  fourth  Viscount  Ranelegh,  and  d. 
at  his  residence  in  Canon  bur  \,  t)th  February, 
1789,  leaving  issue  by  her,  who  survived 

I.  Thomas,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  John,  of  Frcemantle  Park,  Southamp- 

1*  Frances,  m.  Clement  Swanston. 

The  elder  son, 

Cai'tain  Thomas  Hill,  of  Holly  House, 
Twickenham,  of  the  Royal  Navy,  served 
under  Vice-Admiral  Parker,  at  the  action  off 
Dogeer  Bank  in  1781,  in  H.M.S.  "Princese 
Anielia,*'  and  was  dangerously  wounded; 
he  was  afterwards  in  command  of  H.M.S. 
"Firebrand."  He  m.  the  daughter  of 
Thomas  Sparkman,  and  d.  at  Holly  House, 
in  October,  1791,  leaving  issue, 

I.   Swann,   Colonel  in  the   First  Boyal 

IL  John,  Captain  2nd  Dragoon  Guards, 

and  afterwards  in  holy  orders  of  the 

Church  of  Rome.     He  d.  a  missionary 

bishop,  in  South  America. 

III.  Frkderick,  of  whom  presently. 

IV.  Edward,  Commander  R.N. 



I.  Martlia,  «m.  Rey.  Thomas  Chitfbb. 

II.  Amelia,  Ladj  Abbess  of  the  ConTent 
deft  dames  nobles,  at  Bruges. 

The  third  son, 

Fbedb]^ick  Hill,  of  the  Elms,  near 
Southampton,  h.  at  Holly  House,  Twicken- 
ham, 10th  Maj,  1782  ;  joined  the  armj  as 
ensign  18th  Foot,  20th  December,  1798,  was 
Captain  2l8t  October,  1805,  and  Captain  Ist 
Life  Guards,  20th  June,  1810,  and  retired 
from  the  8erTice26th  September,  1811.  He 
served  with  the  18th  Begiment  in  the 
campaign  in  Egypt  in  1801  (medals).  He 
«.  hth  November,  1806,  Sarah,  daughter  and 
co-heircss  of  William  Bichard  Hatnbs,  of 
Lonesome  Lodge,  Surrey,  by  Sarah,  his  wife, 
daughter  and  heiress  of  Davis  Fsakko,  and 
had  issue, 

I.  FsEDEBiCK  William,  of  whom  pres- 

II.  John,  d.  at  Caen,  in  Normandy,  1820. 

III.  Alfred   Bligh   (Rev),  rector  of  St. 
Paul's,  Tiverton,  DcTon. 

I.  Martha   Amelia,  m.  her  cousin,  Har- 
court  Hill. 

II.  Frederics,  d.  at  Caen,  1820. 

III.  Sarah,  m.  Edmund  Dawson. 

IV.  Catherine,  m.  H.  Dallas,  Lieutenant 
38rd  Madras  Native  Infantry. 

T.  Albertina,  m.  Lieutenant- General  A. 

VI.   Emily  Georgina,  m.  80th  October, 
1844,   Bev.  Thomas  McCalmont,   of 
High6eld,  Hants,  who  d.  16th  March, 
1872  :  she  d,  1871,  leaving  issue. 
The  eldest  son, 

Captaik  Feedbeick  William  Hill,  late 
of  the  10th  Begiment,  b.  4th  March,  1810,  m. 
at  Corfu,  9th  February,  1836,  Emily,  daugh- 
ter of  Major-General  Thomas  Geaktham, 
B.A.  (see  lineage  of  OtKLSTB.A.M  family  <ibave) , 
and  had  issue-, 

I.  Frederick  Haynes,  b.  1836,  d.  at  sea, 

II.  Stanley  Gbantham,  the  subject  of 
this  memoir. 

III.  Cecil  Fulford,  b,  January,  1843, 
served  as  an  officer  in  the  Queensland 
native  Mounted  Police,  and  was  kiUed 
by  the  blacks  on  Dawson  Biver  in 

IV.  William  Bichard,  b,  December,  1848, 
police  magistrate,  Queensland  Civil 

V.  Denham  Chesterton,  b.  1850,  d.  1851. 

I.  Amelia  Charlotte,  b.  1838,  d.  1843. 

II.  Georgina,  b.  1839,  m.  Charles  Edbk, 
late  Lieutenant  B.N. 

III.  Alice  Emily,  b.  1844,  m.  Charles 
BiCH,  bite  of  H.M.'s  76th  Begiment, 
and  now  of  the  Queensland  Civil 

BiCH,  Indian  Army. 

J^erufeitce— Forest  Lodge,  Branksome  Park,  Bournemouth. 

Cfuit — St.  Stephen's,  Westminster,  S.W.,  and  Bournemouth,  Hants,  England ;  and  Union, 
Sydney,  K.S.W. 


HON.  GEORGE  SELTH  COPPIN,  of  Pine  Grove,  Richmond  Hill, 
near  Melbourne,  and  of  the  Anchorage,  Sorrento-on-the-Sea,  Victoria, 
M.L.C.,  J.P.,  h,  at  Steyning,  co.  Sussex,  England,  8th  April,  1819,  m.  first  at 
Melbourne,  1855,  Harriet  Brat,  and  by  her  (who  d.  2nd  September,  1859,  aged 
39  years,  and  was  buried  in  Melbourne  Cemetery)  has  had  issue, 

I.  Polly  Bishop,  b.  26th  May,  1856  ;  d.  2l8t  February,  1858. 

II.  Blanche  Brooko,  6.  19th  January,  1858 ;  m.  George  Ashton,  of  Rich- 

mond, Victoria. 

III.  Amy  Maude,  h.  27th  August,  1859. 

He  m.  secondly,  at  Melbourne,  1861,  Lucy  Hilsden,  of  Cambridge,  England, 
and  by  her  has  had  issue, 

I.  Georgb  Selth,  of    Sydney,   New   South  Wales,  h.  25th  November, 


II.  Frederick  Hilsden,  of  Kyneton,  Victoria,  6.  6th  April,  1869. 

IV.  Constance  Ada  Lucy,  h,  5th  January,  1862,  w.  1884,  R.  C.  Anderson, 

and  d.  1886. 

V.  Georgina  Harriet  Dora,  6.  25th  July,  1864. 

VI.  Emma  Edith,  h,  30th  October,  1870. 
vii.  Lucy  May,  h.  6th  October,  1873. 
VIII.  Daisie  Eva,  6. 1st  June,  1875. 


Mr.  Coppia  was  the  first  actor  of  any  Rtanding  at  home  to  play  in  the 
Australian  colonies.  He  arrived  in  the  ship  "Templar,"  at  Sydney,  10th 
March,  1843,  where  his  first  appearance  at  the  Victoria  Theatre  took  place, 
and  after  a  successful  engagement  in  Hobart  Town,  went  to  Launceston  3rd 
March,  1845,  and  became  actor-manager  at  the  Queen's  Theatre,  Melbonme, 
2l8t  June  of  that  year.  He  commenced  his  management  at  Adelaide,  South 
Australia,  where  he  had  built  a  theatre,  2nd  November,  1846.  The  large 
fortune  he  had  accumulated  was  lost  in  speculation  in  copper  mining.  After 
appearing  in  Geelong  in  1852,  he  left  for  England  in  1854,  and  acted  with 
great  success  at  the  Royal  Haymarket  Theatre,  London,  and  after  a  tour  in 
Birmingham,  Manchester,  Edinburgh,  and  Dublin,  he  returned  to  Melbourne 
with  his  company,  and  act«d  at  the  Queen's  Theatre  there.  He  purchased 
the  Old  Theatre  Royal,  and  the  freehold  of  Creraorne  Gardens,  which  he 
opened  3rd  November,  1856,  in  which  year  he  commenced  the  first  grand 
opera  season  ever  given  in  the  colonies,  in  the  Theatre  Royal.  He  built  the 
Pantheon  Theatre  and  the  Haymarket  Theatre,  and  the  present  Theatra 
Royal.  He  engaged  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Charles  Kean,  and  played  them  in  Victoria, 
Sydney,  and  California,  and  returned  to  Melboui*ne  18th  January,  1866.  He 
was  twice  elected  chairman  of  the  Richmond  Municipality,  acted  for  two 
years  as  chairman  of  the  magistrates  there,  and  was  appointed  territorial 
justice  of  the  peace.  He  was  elected  to  the  Legislative  Council  for  the  South- 
western Province  in  1858,  was  member  of  the  Legislative  Assembly  for  East 
Melbourne  from  1874  to  1889,  in  which  year  he  was  returned  to  the  Upper 
House  without  opposition  for  Melbourne  province.  The  two  most  important 
measures  when  first  elected  to  the  Legislative  Council  were  **  The  Transfer  of 
Real  Property"  and  the  English  "Post  Office  Savings  Bank,"  which  have 
proved  of  great  advantage  to  the  colony.  Mr.  Coppin  was  the  founder  of 
the  Victorian  Post  Office  Savings  Bank,  the  Old  Colonists'  Association,  the 
Victorian  Humane  Society,  and  the  Dramatic  and  Musical  Association, 
and  has  long  been  a  director  of  the  Commercial  Bank,  as  well  as  of  many 
financial  companies. 


William  Coppin,  of  the  Isle  of  Wight, 
was  father  of  William  Coppin,  of  Wotton. 
(H>.  Norfolk,  who  m.  Susanna,  daughter  of 
William  Scbitenbb,  of  Shottishara,  co.  Nor- 
folk, and  by  her  left  isjue,  a  son  and  heir, 
the  Rbv.  William  Coppin,  of  Wotton,  co. 
Norfolk,  who  attested  his  pedigree  at  the 
Visitation  of  Norfolk  in  1664.  He  m.  Eliza- 
beth, daughter  of  Thomas  Stone,  of  Bed- 
dingham,  co.  Norfolk,  and  ftom  him,  it  is 
claimed,  descended, 

Eet.  Selth  Coppin,  of  Norwich,  co.  Nor- 
folk (whose  brother,  James  Coppin,  who  d.  at 
Norwich,  1836,  held  considerable  property  in 
that  city,  which,  after  dcsoendiug  to  his 
brother  Selth,  his  nephew  George  Selth,  and 
the  present  Hon.  George  Selth  Coppin,  was 

pui-chased  for  city  improrements),  d.  there 
3rd  November,  1831,  aged  50  years,  leaving 
by  Anna,  his  wife  (who  d.  lOth  February, 
1826,  aged  51  years),  two  sons, 

I.  George  Selth,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  James,  d.  at  Colchester,  co.  Essex. 
The  elder  son, 

George  Selth  Coppin,  of  Norwich,  co. 
Norfolk,  who  first  practised  as  a  doctor  in 
London,  but  disliking  that  profession,  took  to 
the  stage  and  entered  into  management,  m. 
Mrs.  Elizabeth  Jane  Jackson,  of  London 
(who  d.  1869,  aged  80  years),  by  whom  he 
left,  at  his  decease  in  1854,  aged  60  years,  a 

George  Selth,  of  whom  we  treat. 

ArtM — Per  pale  az.  and  (ju.  three  boars'  heads  couped  or. 

Crest — Out  of  a  ducal  coronet  or  a  demi  griffin  azure  beaked  and  legged  of  the  first. 
Motto — JEsse  quam  videri. 

Sesidences  —  (Town.)     Pine  Grove,  Richmond  Hill,  near  Melbourne.     (Country.)    The 
Anchorage,  Sorrento-on-t he-Sea,  Victoria. 




THE  HON.  SEPTIMUS  BURT,  M.L.A.,  Q.C.,  of  Sfcrawberrj  Hill,  Perth, 
Western  Australia,  b.  at  St.  Kitts,  West  Indies,  25fch  October,  1847, 
m.  I3th  Julj,  1872,  Louisa  Fanny,  third  daughtar  of  Gustavus  Edwa  d 
Cockbum  Hark,  of  Kircnllon,  co.  Gal  way,  Ireland,  and  aftorw.irds  Govern- 
ment Resident  of  Albany,  W.A.,  by  Anne  Wkioht,  his  wife,  and  has 

I.  Archibald  Francis  Gustavus,  6.  22nd  March,  1875. 

II.  Frederick  Julius  Augustas,  h.  6th  December,  1877. 

III.  Reginald  George  Edward,  h.  17th  October,  1879. 

IV.  George  Henry,  b.  18th  December,  1883. 

V.  Francis  Sinclair,  b.  15  uh  February,  1886. 

VI.  Theodore  Charles  Arthur,  6.  12th  June,  18:3. 

I.  Annie  Louisa,  b.  6th  April,  1873. 

II.  Laura  Georgiana,  b,  3rd  December,  1876. 
in.  Hilda  Maud,  b.  14th  June,  1882. 

IV.  Olive  Mina,  b.  21st  Jane,  1888. 
The  Hon.  Septimus  Burt,  who  was  educated  at  Shaw  House,  Melksham, 
Wilts,  England,  and  at  Bishop's  School,  Perth,  Western  Australia,  was  called 
to  ihe  colonial  Bar,  1870.  He  was  member  of  the  Legislative  Council  1874-90, 
and  of  the  Legislative  Assembly  since  that  year.  He  was  acting  attorney- 
general  in  1886,  and  member  of  the  Executive  Council,  and,  in  the 
Forrest  Ministiy,  was  the  first  attorney -general  of  Western  Australia  under 
responsible  government,  fi-om  December,  1890,  and  still  holds  that  office.  In 
1887  ho  was  made  a  Q.C-  He  was  one  of  the  two  representatives  of  Western 
Australia  at  the  Colonial  Conference  in  London  in  1887.  He  is  senior  p.irtuer 
in  the  finu  of  Stone  and  Bart. 


Mr.  Burt  m.  a  Miss  Mits&ravb,  and  had 
two  children, 

Gbor^jB  HByRY,  of  whom  presently. 
Bebekab,    m.     Samuel     Fiqubxit,    an 
officer  of  the  British  Navj,  and  had 
The  son, 

How.  Gborob  Hbxbt  Burt  went  from 
England  to  the  Island  of  Montsorrat,  and 
from  there  to  St.  Xitts,  and  was  for  many 
years  Speaker  of  the  House  of  Assembly 
of  the  Island  of  St.  Christapher,  West  Indies, 
and  proprietor  of  Brotherson's  estate  there  ; 
he  m.  1808,  Eliza  Anne  McTair,  and  d.  10th 
October,  1852,  baring  by  her,  who  d.  22nd 
May,  1835,  had  issue  a  son, 

Sib  Archibald  Pafll  Burt,  chief  justice 
of  Western  Australia,  formerly  of  the  Glen, 
Basseterre,  St.  Kitts,  Wesl.  Indie.^,  and  later  of 
Strawberry  Hill,  Perth,  Western  Australia,  h. 
1810,  educated  at  Richmond,  called  to  the 
bar  of  the  Middle  Temple,  1845,  was  attorney- 
general  of  the  IsUnd  of  St.  Christopher,  1840- 
tiO,  and  ■ometime  acting  chief  justice.    He 

wa8  Speaker  of  the  House  of  Aasambly  in 
that  Island,  a  member  of  the  Legislative  and 
Executive  Council  there,  and  a  member  of  the 
administrative  committee,  and  chancellor  of 
the  diocese  of  Antigua  and  the  Leeward 
Islands.  He  was  commissioner  of  the  civil 
court  in  Western  Australia,  and  chairman  of 
Quarter  Sessions  from  18W-1,  and  chief 
justice  of  Western  Australia,  1861-79.  He 
was  knighted  in  1878.  He  m.  4th  June, 
1836,  Louisa  Emily,  daughter  of  John  Bryan, 
M.D.  of  St.  Kitts,  West  Indies,  and  d.  21st 
November,  1879,  having  by  her,  who  d.  20th 
September,  1870,  had  issue, 

I.  George  Henry,  m.  30th  November, 
1859,  Ellen  Jump,  of  Jamaica,  and 
has  surviving  issue,  two  sons  and 
three  daughters,  of  whom, 

1.  Mary  Louisa. 

2.  Alice  Eliza. 

II.  Archibald  Piquenit,  m.  22nd  A.pril, 
1862,  Laura' Lou MAQUB,  of  Guada- 
loupe,  and  ha^  i^sue, 

1.  Archibald  Edmund. 



2.  Edmund  Alfred. 

8.  Frederick  Augustus. 

1.  Ad^le  Laura. 
III.  Frederick  Augustus,  of  Belmont 
estate,  St.  Kitts,  West  Indies,  6.  lOtli 
Auj^u£t,  1840,  m.  17th  December, 
1868,  Alice,  daughter  of  Thomas 
Probjn  Bbrbidoe,  and  Maria  Louisa, 
his  wife,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Probyn  Berridge,  b.  26th  Decem- 
ber, 1872. 

2.  Frederick    Archibald,     h,     2nd 
October,  1874. 

8.  Edmund  Alfred,  h.  16th  October, 

1.  Alice  Louisa. 

2.  Ingeborg  Mabel,  m.  6th  August, 
1891,  Woodley  Douglas  Gobdon. 

8.  Helena  Maud. 
Nora  Sinclair. 
Emily  Hamilton. 
Lilian  Mary. 
Adeline  Hamilton. 
IT.  Edwatd  Musgravp,  d.  in  infancy. 

V.  John  Musgrave,  d.  in  infancy. 

VI.  Edmund  Wigley,  m.  Clara  Harriet 
CooKB,  of  Henley-on-Thames,  and  has 

1.  Edna  Clara  Amethyst. 



2.  Buby. 

3.  Pearl. 

Tii.  Septimus  (Hon.),  the  subject  of  this 

VIII.  OctariuB,  who  was  clerk  in  the 
Go7emor*s  office,  Western  Australia, 
1872,  clerk  to  the  executive  council, 
and  priyate  secretary  to  Governor 
Weld,  1874,  to  Sir  William  Bobinson; 
chief  clerk  and  keeper  of  records  in 
Sur7ey  Office  1887,  and  assistant 
colonial  secretary  in  that  year.  He 
was  acting  colonial  secretary  1880-90, 
and  under  secretary  since  the  intro- 
duction of  responsible  government. 
He  m.  Esther  Mary,  daug))t«r  of  Gus- 
tavus  Edward  Cockbum  Hahb  afore- 
said, and  has  issue, 

1.  Maud  Georgiana. 

2.  Frances  Anne. 

IX.  Alfred  Earlo,  m.  Ethel  Marian  Gull, 
of  Perth,  W.A.,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Jsla. 

2.  Ethel. 

X.  Francis  Sinclair,  d.  February,  1872. 

I.  Louisa  Emily,  tn.  George  Lbakb,  and 
has  issue,  four  sons  and  one  daughter. 

II.  Mina  Eliza,  m.  Malcolm  A.  Clement 

Armt — Ardent  on  a  chevron  gvles  between  three  bufflehorne  eable,  etringed  of  the  tecond, 
as  many  crosses  crosslet  fitche  or. 

Crest — A  buglehom,  as  in  the  arms. 

Motto — All  for  the  better. 

Residence — Strawberry  Hill,  Perth,  Western  Australia. 

«k6— Weld,  Perth. 


Melbourne,  Victoria,  Archdeacon  of  Melbourne  and  Geelong,  5.  11th 
February,  1817 ;  m,  3rd  Febrnaiy,  1842,  Martha,  daughter  of  John  and  Eliza- 
beth Butler,  of  Worcester,  England,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Theodore,  I,  3rd  January,  1845 ;  m.  1873. 

II.  Samuel,  h.  September,  1846 ;  m,  1877. 

I.  Elizabeth,  m,  22nd  April,  1863,  William  Thomas  Rowe,  of  Glenfine, 

Cape  Clear,  Grenville,  co.  Victoria,  J.P.,  and  has  issue  {see  Rowe  of 

II.  Martha,  m.  firstly,  1869,  Henry  Rowe,  son  of  William  Rowe,  and 

brother  of  the  aforementioned  William  Thomas  Rowe,  of  Glenfine. 
Mr.  Henry  Rowe  d.  at  Rome,  December,  1874,  leaving  issue  {see  RowE 
of  Oleiifine),     She  m.  secondly,  Rev.  John  Herbert  Gregoet. 

III.  Mary  Sophia. 

The  Ven.  Archdeacon  Stretch  was  edncated  at  Worcester  College,  Oxford, 
vhere  he  giaduated  B.A.  1841,  and  M.A.  1844,  and  took  holy  orders  1841. 
In  England  he  held  successively  the  curacies  of  Wishaw  (1841-2)  and 
Harborough  Magna  (1842-4),  both  co.  Warwick,  and  was  vicar  of  Potters- 
pury,  CO.  Northampton,  1844  to  1851.  He  arrived  in  Victoria  in  July,  1852, 
and  was  incumbent  of  Christ  Church,  Geelong,  1852-4,  and  of  St.  Paul's, 



Geelong,  1854-63.  He  was  appointed  Archdeacon  of  Geelong  1854i;  was 
incumbent  and  Archdeacon  of  Sale,  Gippsland,  1863-6 ;  and  first  Arch- 
deacon of  Ballarat  and  Hamilton  1866-75.  He  was  incumbent  of  Holy 
Trinity,  Balaclava,  1876-9 ;  administrator  and  assistant  to  the  Archdeacon  of 
Melbourne  1877,  in  which  year  he  became  Raral  Dean ;  was  Canon  of  Mel- 
bonme  1879,  and  Archdeacon  of  Melbourne  and  Geelong  from  1887  to  1894, 
when  ho  resigned. 

MendencB — Melbourne,  Yiotoria. 


npHE  HON.  WILLIAM  ROLLESTON,  of  Kapunatiki,  Rangitata,  Oan- 
X  terbury,  New  Zealand,  6.  19th  September,  1831,  tn.  24th  May,  1865, 
Elizabeth  Mary,  daughter  of  Joseph  Brittan,  of  Linwood,  Canterbury,  New 
Zealand,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Arthur  Cecil,  6.  Ig67. 

II.  Lancelot  William,  &.  1869. 

III.  George  Hector  Fitzgerald,  6.  1871. 

IV.  Francis  Joseph,  6.  1873. 

V.  John  Christopher,  h,  1877. 

I.  Rosamund  Mary,  6.  1866. 

II.  Dorothy  Josephine,  h.  1874. 

III.  Margai-et  Florence,  6.  1881. 

IV.  Helen  Mary,  6.  1889. 

Mr.  RoUeston  who  was  edacated  at  Elossall  School,  Lancashire,  and 
Emmanuel  College,  Cambridge,  emigrated  to  New  Zealand  in  1858.  He  was 
saperintendent  of  the  province  of  Canterbury  from  the  year  1868  till  the  aboli- 
tion of  the  provinces  in  1876.  He  was  a  member  of  the  General  Assembly  of 
the  colony  from  1868  to  1893  with  the  exception  of  the  Parliament  of  1887-1890. 
He  was  a  minister  of  the  Crown  during  that  period  for  five  years,  holding 
at  different  times  the  portfolios  of  lands,  education,  mines,  justice,  and 
(temporarily)  native  affairs.  He  is  a  member  of  the  Senate  of  the  University 
of  New  Zealand. 


This  10  a  branch  of  the  ancient  and 
knigbtiy  family  of  Rollbstok  of  Sollestony 
CO.  StaiEord,  and  springs  more  immediately 
from  the  Bollestons  of  Watnally  in  co. 
Nottingham.  The  Herald's  Visitations  of 
both  these  counties  give  yery  full  pedi- 
grees of  these  families,  "which  trace  their 
common  lineage  to  the  time  of  the  Conquest. 
A  writ  Btili  exists  in  which  WiUiam  de 
Peverel,  brother  of  William  the  Conqueror, 
makes  a  grant  of  land  to  William  db 
BoLLBSTON  and  Amabel  his  wife.  This 
William  de  BoUeston  d.  1070,  and  was  s.  by 
Malgbos  db  Bollbston,  one  of  the  bene- 
factors of  the  Bufford  Monastery  {see  British 
Museum^  MSS.),  who  d.  1140,  from  whom, 
fourth  in  descent,  was 

Sib  Hbnbt  db  Bollbston,  Knt.,  temp, 
Hbnbt  II,  with  whom  the  Staffordshire  Visita- 
tion of  1614,  begins.  He  enriched  the  Abbey  of 
Newstead,  and  left  issue,  i.  William,  who  left 
no  issue  by  Alice,  his  wife  j  and  ii.  Balph,  of 
whom  we  treat.    The  second  son, 

Sib  Balph  Bollbston,  Knt.,of  Tutbury  and 
BoUeston,  co.  Stafford,  m.  Elizabeth  (who  m. 
secondly,  John  WiBLBr),  and  by  her  had  issue, 
with  two  other  sons,  Nicholas  and  William, 
Thomas,  ancestor  of  the  Bollbstonb  of 
Bol lesion,  and  of  the  Bollbstons  of 
Ffranckfort      Castle     {see    Lcbke'b 
Landed  Oentrif), 
John,  of  whom  we  treat. 
The  younger  son, 
John    Bollbston,  of   Lea,  or  Ley,  co. 



Derby,  left  bj  Alice  Mbtnbll  his  wife,  a 

RiCHABD  RoLLBSTON,  of  Lea,  or  Ley, 
whose  son, 

William  Rollbston,  of  Ley,  m.  Joan, 
daughter  of  SirR.  Wikg field,  temp.  Edwabd 
II,  and  left  a  son  and  heir, 

John  Rolleston,  of  Ley,  who  m.  a 
daughter  of  —  Savile,  and  was  father  of 

William  Rolleston,  of  Ley,  who  had 
issue  a  son, 

Jambs  Rolleston,  of  Ley  (with  whom 
the  Nottinghamshire  Visitation  begins)  ;  hem. 
Anne,  daughter  of  John  Babington,  of 
Dethick,  eo.  Derby,  and  liad  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  of  the  Ley. 

II.  Ralph,  of  whom  we  treat. 

III.  Henry. 

IV.  William,  a  priest. 
The  youngest  son, 

Ralph  Rolleston,  m.  temp.  Queen  Eliza- 
BBTH,  to  Margaret,  elder  daughter  and  co- 
heir of  Sir  Richard  Binoham,  of  W^atnall,  CO.  Nottingham,  by  Anne,  his  wife, 
sister  and  co-heir  of  Sir  Nicholas  Shelley, 
of  Linby,  co.  Nottingham.  Ralph  Rolleston 
thus  came  into  possession  of  the  manor  of 
Whatnall  Chawort-h,  which  has  ever  feince 
continued  to  be  the  seat  of  this  branch  of 
the  Rolleston  family.     He  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  his  heir. 

II.  Robert. 

III.  James. 
The  eldest,  son, 

Thomas  Rolleston,  of  Watnall  Cha- 
w  orth,  CO.  Nottingham,  married  a  lady  named 
AsHB,  and  by  her  had  (with  other  elder 
children,  whose  issue  became  extinct,  on  the 
death  *.  p.  of  Lancelot  Rolleston,  of 
Watnall)  a  younger  son, 

Philip  Rolleston,  who  m,  Frances 
riEBBBPOiNT,  daughter  of  Robert,  Eabl  of 
Kingston,  and  by  her  had  is&ue,  a  son, 

Edwabd  Rolleston,  of  Toynton,  co. 
Lincoln,  who  8.  his  cousin  Launcelot  Rolles- 
ton,* of  Watnall,  and  thus  united  the 
Lincolnshire  and  Nottinghamshire  properties, 
»till  in  the  possession  of  his  descendant.  His 

Chbistopher  Rolleston,  of  Watnall,  m. 
Hannah,  daughter  of  Samuel  Holden,  of 
Aston,  CO.  Derby,  and  d.  2l8t  March,  1736, 
having  by  her,  who  d.  29th  Apiil,  1725,  had 

I.  Tauncelot,  of  Watnall,  high  sheriff, 
CO.  Nottingham,  1743,  m.  as  his  second 
wife,  Rosamond,  daughter  and  co-heir 
of  Daniel  Greenwood,  M.D.  of 
Northampton,  but  d.  s.  p.  27th  April, 

II.  John,   who  9.  his  brother,    and   of 
whom  we  treat. 
The  second  son, 

Rbv.  John  Rolleston,  of  WatnaU,  who 
was  for  upwards  of  thirty  yean  rector  of 
Aston,  CO.  Derby,  m.  Dorothy,  youngest 
daughter  of  Sir  Robert  Bubdbtt,  of  Fore- 
mark,  CO.  Derby,  and  d.  30th  June,  1770, 
haying  by  her,  who  d.  30th  October,  1794, 
had  with  other  issue, 

I.  Lancelot,  of  Watnall,  who  was  high 
sheriff,  1781,  and  d.  unm,  25th  April, 

II.  Christopher,  of  Watnall,  was  high 
sheriff,  1805 ;  m.  Anne,  daughter  of 
Captain  Nicholas,  R.N.,  and  d.  3rd 
April,  1807,  having  by  her,  who  d. 
14th  February,  1809,  had  issue, 

I.  Launcelot,  of  Watnall,  Colonel  of 
the  Royal  Sbsrwood  Foresters,  or 
CO.  Nottingham  Militia,  J.P.  and 
D.L.,  M.P.  for  Notts,  I837-4!»,  b. 
20th  July,  1785;  m.  first,  17th 
November,  1808,  Caroline,  only 
daughter  of  Sir  George  Chbt- 
WYND,  Bart.,  of  Grendon  Hall,  co. 
Warwick,  and  by  her,  who  e?.  lOlh 
March,  1844,  had  issue, 

(1)  Lancelot,  d.  March,  1826. 

(1)  Caroline  Jane,  m.  first, 
Lieutenant-Colonel  J.  Han- 
cox,  7th  D.  Or. ;  and  secondly, 
1849,  Sir  Richard  Leyinoe, 
Bart.,  M.P.  of  Knockdrin 
Castle,  CO.  Westmeath,  and  d. 
5th  May,  1858. 

(2)  Louisa  Mary,w. — Bbbbns. 

(3)  Charlotte  Fninces  Anne,  m. 
first,  Edward  Hbneagb,  late 
M.P.  for  Grimsby;  and 
secondly,  H.  Bromiby. 

Colonel  Lancelot  Rolleston  m. 
secondly,  Eleanor  Charlotte,  only 
surviving  daughter  of  Robert 
Eraser,  of  Torbreck,  co.  Inver- 
ness, and  d.  May,  1862,  leaving 
further  issue, 

(2)  Lancelot,  now  of  Watnall, 
and  Toynton,  the  head  of  the 
family,  J. P.,  high  sherifF, 
1877,  *.  1847;  «.  25th 
Februarj,  1882,  Lady  Char- 
lotte Emma  Maud  Dalzbll, 
sister  of  Robert,  15th  Earl 
OF  Cabnwath. 

(3)  Robert  Svdney,  Lieutenant 
R.N.,  6.  1849. 

(4)  Henry  Edward,  h.  1851. 
(4)  Eleanor  Anne,  h.  1853,  m. 

15th  November,  1878,  John 

•  The  following  monumental  inscription  is  interesting  hi  reference  to  these  two 
cousins:— "In  memory  of  Lancelot  Rolleston,  of  Watnall,  in  co.  Nottingham,  Esq.,  he 
was  one  of  the  branches  of  the  family  of  Rolleston,  of  Rolleston,  in  Staffordshire.  He  «. 
the  daughter  of  George  Poole,  of  Haye,  in  co.  Derby,  Esq.,  with  whom  he  lived  very  happily 
many } ears  until  her  death;  and  for  his  honour  and  steady  loyalty  to  his  prince,  he  was 
made  the  sherifF  of  thij»  county  in  the  year  1682.  .  .  .  He  rf.  in  the  year  1685,  in  the 
35th  year  of  his  age,  n  aking  his  loving  cousin,  Kdward  Rolleston,  of  Taunton,  Lincolnshire, 
his  executor,  who  erected  this  monument." 



Kobert  Tbnnant  {»ee  Landed 
2.  ChriBtopher,  d.  untn.  20th  October, 

3  John  (Bev.),  ricar  of  Barton 
Joyce,  CO.  Nottingham,  m.  Eliza- 
beth, daughter  of  Eer.  Philip 
8mblt,  and  d.  iTth  NoTember, 
1862,  having  by  her,  who  d.  9tli 
April,  1861,  had  with  other  iBsue, 
a  son, 

Cbriitopher,  C.M,G-.,of  Sydney, 
New  South  Wales,  auditor- 
general  of  tbat  colony,  b. 
1817;  m.  1854,  Catherine, 
daughter  of  William  Leslie, 
of  Warthill,  co.  Aberdeen, 
and  d.  9th  April,  1888, 
leaving  issue. 

1.  Dorothy,  m.  Rev.  William 
Tiffin,  rector  of  Mattersea,  co. 

2.  Annr,  d.  unm.  11th  February, 

TIT.  BoBBBT,  of  whom  presently. 
T.  Dorothy,  m.  Eev,  William  Chambbbs, 
D.D.,  rector  of    Achester,  co.  North- 
The  third  son, 

Robbbt  Rollbston,  m.  Margaret,  daughter 

of  Thomas  Thobnhill,  of  Stanton,  co. 
Derby,  and  d.  1826,  aged  79,  having  by  her, 
who  d.  1791,  had  issue,  a  son, 

Rev,  Oboboe  Rollbstok,  vicar  of 
Mai  thy  and  Stainton,  Yorkshire,  b,  1791,  m. 
14th  May,  1818,  Anne,  daughter  of  John 
Nettlbship,  of  Gainsborough,  co.  Lincoln, 
and  d.  18H8,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Robert  (Kev.),  rector  of  Stanford 
Rivers,  Essex,  b.  1820,  B.A.  Oxon. 

II.  George,  M.D.,  F.R.S.,  late  Linacre 
Professor  of  Physiology  in  Oxford,  b. 
1829 ;  m.  Grace,  daughter  of  John 
Davy,  M.D.,  and  niece  of  Sir 
H'  mphry  Davy,  and  d.  1881,  leaving 
with  other  issue,  a  son, 

Humphry     Davy,    Fellow    of    St. 
John's  College,  Cambridge. 

III.  William  (Hon.),  the  subject  of 
this  memoir. 

I.  Marianne. 

II.  Anne,  «n.  Rev.  J.  W.  Bbbbyman,  late 
rector  of  Newion,  Wisbeach,  Cam- 
bridgeshire, and  has  issue. 

III.  Rosamond,  d.  unm.  1886. 

IV.  Charlotte  Maria,  d.  unm.  1872. 

V.  Margaret  Frances. 

Ti.  Jane,  m.  Rev.  John  Eablb,  rector 
of  Swans  wick,  Bath,  and  Professor  of 
Anglo-Saxon  in  Oxford  University. 

AriM — Arg.  a  cinquefoil  sable  on  a  chief  gu.  a  lion  passant  guardant  or  a  crescent  for 
difference ;  quartering  VTinofibld,  Bingham,  Chabnell,  WoLLAToy,  Shbllby,  &c.  («m 
VUitation  of  Nottingham,  1614). 

Crest — An  eagle's  head  erased  proper  beaked  or  with  a  crescent  for  difference. 

Jfo^fo— Ainsi  et  pent  estre  meilleur. 

Residence — Kapunatiki,  Rangitata,  Canterbury,  New  Zealand, 

C/tf  6  — Christ  church  New  Zealand. 


WILLIAM  JOHN  MANBEY,  of  Oak  Lake,  co.  Dennis.  Manitoba, 
Canada,  6.  at  Guildford,  Surrey,  England,  23rd  October,  1853, 
settled  in  Manitoba  in  1880,  elected  Warden  of  the  United  Counties  of  Minne* 
dosaand  Riding  Mountain,  in  1884,  and  a  member  of  the  Western  Judicial 
District  Board  of  Manitoba,  in  the  same  year.  Mr.  Manbey  m.  1880,  May 
Elizabeth  (6.  at  Myrtleford,  Victoria,  Australia),  eldest  daugbter  and  co-heir 
of  Francis  William  Breach,  of  Shanklin,  Isle  of  Wight,  and  Los  Alamos, 
Province  of  Sonora,  in  the  Republic  of  Mexico,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Wilfred  Nigel  Barnwell  de  Grandville,  h.  at  Oak  Lake,  Manitoba,  28th 
November,  1891. 

I.  Edith  Mary  Donne  Harper,  h,  at  Minnedosa,  Manitoba. 

II.  Muriel  Dorothy  More  Harper,  6.  at  Rapid  City,  Manitoba. 

Mrs.  W.  J.  Manbey's  great-grandfather  was  Thomas  Breach,  who  m. 
Mary  Anne,  daughter  of  William  Donne,  of  Colts  Hall,  co.  Norfolk,  by  Anna 
Maria,  his  wife,  daughter  of  Charles  Barnwell,  of  Mileham,  co.  Norfolk,  and 
is  thus  descended  from  Dr.  Donne,  the  Dean  of  St.  Paul's  temp,  James  I, 
and  from  the  sister  of  Thomas  More,  the  Martyr,  who  m.  Chief  Justice 



Jpamilg  of  'StOrB* 

John  Tidy,  of  Staindrop  co.  Durham,  in- 
herited on  the  decease  of  his  brother, 
Thomas  Holmes  Tidt,  certain  freehold 
estates  at  Arundel,  Horsham,  Eastbourne  and 
Pulborough,  all  in  co.  Sussex.  He  left  with 
other  issue, 

I.  Thomas  Holmes  (Bev.),  of  Kedmar- 
shall,  CO.  Durham,  m.  Henrietta, 
daughter  of  the  Bev.  John  ShELLT, 
and  the  Lady  Elizabeth,  his  wife, 
daughter  of  Alexander,  Duke  of  Gor- 
don, and  had  issue  {see  Burke's  Peer- 
age^ Hhntlt,  M.;. 

II.  Emerson,  of  whom  we  treat. 
The  younger  son, 

Embrson  Tidy,  of  the  P/ecinct  of  St. 
Katharine,  co.  Middlesex,  m.  Jane,  daughter 
and  (with  her  sister  Christian,  wife  of  John  St. 
Barbe,  fmBtTRKE's  Commoners)  erentual  co- 
heiress of  William  Man  bey,  of  St.  Anne, 
Limehouse,  co.  Middlesex,  and  d.  1808,  leav- 
ing with  other  issue,  a  son, 

William  Tidy,  who  assumed  by  royal 
licence,  in  1821,  the  surname  and  arms  of 
Man  BEY,  having  s.  to  the  estates  of  that 
family  on  the  death,  without  issue,  of  his 
cousin,  William  Man  bey.  Mr.  Manbey 
(formerly  Tidy)  m.  Sarah,  daughter  of 
Edmond  Jacklyn,  of  St.  Marylebone,  co. 
Middlesex,  and  left  numerous  issue,  of  whom 
all  the  sons  are  now  deceased  without  issue, 

George  Manbey,  formerly  of  Drummond- 
ville,  in  the  province  of  Quebec,  J.P.,  but  now 
of  Acton,  CO.  Middlesex.  He  m.  Georgianna, 
daughter  and  eventual  co-heirof  Bear- Admiral 
John  Harper,  C.B.,  Knt.  of  Leopold  of  Aus- 
tria, of  Toldwynds,  co.  Surrey,  and  has  issue, 
wit  h  a  daughter, 

I.  William  John,  the  subject  of  this 

II.  George  Henley  (Rev.),  MA.,  vicar 
of  St.  Alban,  Acton,  co.  Middlesex,  who 
is  m.  and  hap  issue. 

JFamflg  of  ittanbeg. 

This  family,  originally  of  Manby,  co.  Lin- 
coln, and  afterwards  of  Elsham  and  Warlaby 
in  the  same  county,  removed  temp.  Henry 
VII,  to  Cirencester,  co.  Gloucester,  and  sub- 
sequently to  the  city  of  London,  and  were 
included  in  the  last  Herald's  Visitation  of  that 
place.  The  family  does  not  derive  its  name 
from,  but  conferred  it  oa  the  place  called 
Manby.  It  is  a  cadet  of  the  baronial  house 
of  Estoteville,  wliich  descends  from  Robert, 
Count  of  Evreux,  a  son  of  Richard  I,  Duke 
of  Normandy,  by  his  second  wife,  Gunnor,  of 

James  Manbey,  of  Stratford  Langthorne, 
CO.  Essex,  high  sheriff  of  that  co.,  d,  in  1778, 
learing  an  only  child. 

Christian,  m,  Alexander  St.  Babbb   {see 

Burke's  Commoners,  St.  Babbb,  toL 

ii,  p.  460). 
Jambs  Manbey' s  grand-nephew, 

William  Manbey,  the  son  of  William 
Manbey,  who  d.  1762,  and  grandson  of  Wil- 
liam Manbey,  of  St.  Anne,  Limehouse,  who 
d.  in  1759,  s,  to  the  Essex  estates  of  his  great 
uncle,  and  m.  Isabel,  daughter  and  co-heir  of 
George  Crosby,  of  Wakhamstow,  co.  Essex. 
Mr,  Manbey,  who  was  a  deputy -lieut'Ciiant 
for  his  CO.,  d.  s.  p.  in  1821,  havmg  devised 
his  manors  of  Great  Doddinghurst  and  Frim- 
nels  or  Trem  Hall,  and  all  his  lands  in  West- 
ham,  South  Weald  and  elsewhere  in  co.  Essex, 
to  his  cousin,  William  Tidy  (son  of  his 
aunt  Jane  Manbey,  who  «t.,  a«  mentioned 
above,  Embrson  Tipy),  provided  he  should 
take  the  name  and  arms  of  Manbey. 

Arms — Erminois  a  lion  rampant  resting  the  forepaws  on  an  anchor  erect  so.  within  an  orle 
of  eight  escallops  gu. 

Crest — In  front  of  an  anchor  in  bend  sa,  an  arm  in  armour  erect  couped  at  the  elbow 
ppr.,  charged  with  an  escallop  gu.,  and  holding  in  the  hand  a  dagger  in  bend  sinister  also  ppr. 

Rendence — Oak  Lake,  co.  Dennis,  Manitoba,  Canada. 


THE  LATE  CHARLES  HENRY  LEAKE,  of  Rosedale,  Campbelltown, 
Tasmania,  &.  in  Hamburg  12th  November,  1819,  was  member  of  Upper 
House  of  Parliament  from  1882,  trustee  for  Campbelltown  Hospital,  and  chair- 
man of  Campbelltown  Waterworks  Co.  Through  this  gentleman's  energy  a 
large  lake  was  drained  and  made  a  reservoir,  called  "  Lake  Leake.*'  He  will 
be  long  remembered  in  the  colony  for  his  integrity,  ability,  and  benevolence. 
To  him  and  to  his  father  the  town  is  indebted  for  the  State  School  and  the 
English  Church,  which  they  almost  entirely  endowed.  He  m.,13th  February, 
1869,  Clara  Jane,  third  daughter  of  Edward  Beli,,  of  a  Yorkshire  family. 



and  Anne  Bond,  his  wife,  and  d,  at   Rosedale,   11th  June,    1889,   leaving 

I.  Sarah  Elizabeth  Clara,  m.  23rd  March,  1892,  John  Dowbiggan  Foster, 

second  son  of  the  late  John  Foster,  of  Hobart. 

II.  Marj  Rose  Alice. 

III.  Helea  Letitia  Constance. 


BoBKBT  Leaks,  of  a  Yorkshire  family,  d.  at 
IIuU,  let  December,  1816,  learing  by  Sarah, 
his  wife,  a  son, 

John  Leake,  one  of  the  earliest  settlers  in 
Tasmania,  where  he  arrived  in  1823,  and  one 
of  the  first  magistrates  there,  and  member  of 
the  Upper  House  ior  a  number  of  years,  was 
the  promoter  of  many  public  works ;  he  was 
b.  at  Ellington,  near  Rarasgate,  England,  5th 
December,  1780,  m.  at  Holy  Trinity  Church, 
Hull,  3rd  October,  1805,  Elizabeth  {b.  at 
Hull,  17th  May,  1786),  daughter  of 
William  and  Jane  Bblx.,  and  d.  6th  January, 
1864,  haying  by  her,  who  d.  at  Rosedale  16th 
Jane,  1852,  had  issue, 

I.  William  Bell,  b,  at  Hull,  7th   May, 
18C6,  d.  unm,  7th  September,  1886. 

II.  John  Trayis,  b.  at  Hull,  9th  January, 
1810,  d.  August,  1880. 

III.  Robert  Rowland,  b.  at  Hull  1811,  m. 
but  d.  8.  p. 

IT.  Edward  John,  I.  at  Hull,  1812, 
and  d.  1867,  leaving  one  daughter  and 
heiress  Letitia  Sarah,  m.  1891,  Charles 
Bell YABD, who  took  the  name  of  Lease 
in  addition  to  his  own. 

T.  Arthur,  b.  at  Hull,  1815,  m.  Mary, 

widow  of TuBNBULL,  but  d,  s.  p, 

28th  April,  1890. 

VI.  CHAHLE8  Henby,  the  subject  of  this 

I.  Eliza,  b.  at  Hull,  8th  October,  1807,  d, 

II.  Sarah  Elizabeth,  b.  in  Altona,  Hoi- 
stein,  Denmark,  1816,  d,  in  1880. 

Eeridence — Rosedale,  Campbelltown,  Tasmania. 


THE  LATE  HON.  JEDEDIAH  SLASON  CARVELL,  of  Charlottetown, 
Prince  Edward  Island,  Lientenant- Governor  of  Prince  Edward  Island, 
h.  at  Newcastle,  New  Brunswick,  16th  March,  1832,  m.  19th  June,  1861, 
Alice  CaroHne,  second  daughter  of  Thomas  Han  ford,  of  St.  John,  New 
Brunswick,  hy  Caroline  Jones,  his  wife,  and  d.  14th  February,  1894,  having 
had  issue, 

I.  William  Frederick  HarrisoD,  h.  1st  May,  1862,  m.  10th  September, 
1889,  Alice  Isabel,  daughter  of  the  late  John  Haws,  and  has 

Mary,  6.  6th  January,  1892. 
u.  Frank,  h.  30th  August,  1863,  d.  18th  February,  1879. 
HI.  Frederick  Parker,  6. 10th  June,  1865,  w.  11th  June,  1890,  Alexandra 
Matilda  Harriet,  second  daughter  of  the  late  Lieutenaut  Edward 
Caret,  R.N. 
Mr.  J.  S.  Carvell  was  educated  at  St.  John  and  at  the  Collegiate  School 
at  Predericktou,  New  Brunswick.     In  early  life  he  went  to  Australia,  whence 
he  retnmed  in  1855.     In  1860,  he  removed  to  Charlottetown,  where  he  com- 
menced business  as  a  merchant.      A  staunch  supporter  of  Sir  John  Macdonald, 
he  took  an  active  interest  in  the  Confederation  of  the  several  provinces  into 
the  present  dominion  of  Canada,  and  assisted  largely  in  the  establishment  of 
a  railway  system  throughout  Prince  Edward  Island.     In  1877  he  was  elected 
Mayor  of  the  city  of  Charlottetown,  and  in  1879  was  called  to  the  Senate  of 
Canada,  which  position  he  continued  to  hold  until  September,  1889,  when  he 



resigned  to  accept  the  appointment  of  Lie atenant- Governor  of  Prince  Edward 
Island,  and  died  while  holding  that  office. 


The  Cabvklls  of  New  Brunswick  are  of  an 
old  family  of  Dutch  extraction^  long  resident 
in  England.  In  the  beginning  of  the  18th 
centurj  thej  were  proprietors  of  considerable 
landed  estate  at  Goose  Creek,  near  the  Eiver 
Delaware,  not  far  from  the  present  city  of 
Trenton,  in  New  Jersey.  The  Dutch  family 
from  whom  they  sprang  was  one  of  Wealth 
find  consideration.  Between  the  dates  of 
•their  departure  from  Holland  and  their 
arrival  in  America,  they  resided  in  Yorkshire, 
Engknd,  and  afterwards  in  Wales.  Sib 
John  Cab  yell  is  mentioned  as  a  lord  of  the 
manor  of  Meaforth  or  Meirort,  temp.  Hevby 
VIIT.  He  was  master  of  ordnance  to  that 

Lewis  Cabtell,  of  Goose  Creek,  near 
Trenton,  New  Jersey,  b.  1719 ;  left  issue, 
with  two  other  sons  and  a  daughter,  a  son, 

Jacob  Cabtell,  b.  in  the  province  of  New 
Jersey,  1749 ;  m,  first,  1770,  in  New  Jersey. 
Nancy  Stabkb,  and  by  her  had  a  daughter 
Nancy ;  he  m.  secondly,  1784,  at  Frederickton, 
Mrs.  HowABD  (widow),  and  by  her  had  a  son, 
Lewis ;  he  m.  thirdly,  at  Frederickton,  1790, 
Lavinia  Sla80N,  of  a  well-known  loyalist 
family,  and  by  her  had  further  issue, 

II.  Isiiac. 

III.  Henry. 

IV.  Jacob,  of  whom  presently, 
y.  Jedediah. 

Ti.  John. 

VII.  Gilbert. 
Mr.  Jacob  Carvell,  at  the  commencement  of 
the  revolutionary  war,  was  noted  fcr  his 
staunch  adherence  to  the  Crown,  and  on  this 
account  was  obnoxious  to  the  revolutionary 
party.  In  the  winter  of  1774-75,  he  was 
arrested  by  the  rebels  and  thrown  into 
prison,  where  he  was  kept  for  a  long  time, 
during  which  he  was  cruelly  treated,  but 
finally  escaping,  he  joined  the  2nd  battalion 
of  the  New  Jersey  Volunteers,  famous  in 
loyalist  annals.  He  served  with  honour 
during  the  war,  and  was  wounded  towards  its 
close  at  the  battle  of  Bunker's  Hill,  a  bullet 
passing  through  both  cheeks.  At  the  peace  he 
embarked  at  New  York,  with  a  large  party  of 
lojalists,  who  were  leaving  their  homes  to  settle 
in  what  is  now  the  province  of  New  Bruns- 
wick, and  landed  on  the  site  of  the  present 
city  of  St.  John  in  that  province,  18th  May, 
1788.  Sometime  later  his  property  on  the 
St,  John  River,  above  Frederickton,  was 
swept  away  by  a  flood  from  which  he  and  his 
family  narrowly  escaped  with  their  lives. 
Afterwards  he  acquired  a  large  tract  of  land 
in  the  wilderness  of  the  North  Western  New 
Brunswick,  now  known  as  Northampton,  in 
Carleton  co.,  where  he  lived  until  his  death 
in  1821.     His  fourth  son, 

Jacob  Cabtell,  of  St.  John,  New  Bruns- 
wick, b.  12ih  April,  1793  ;  m.  at  Frederickton, 

New  Brunswick,  1818,  Isabella  Hbndebsok 
(who  was  b.  29th  March,  1800,  and  d.  lOth 
March,  1852),  and  had  issue, 

I.  John,  b.  25th  August,  1823  ;  m.  1846, 
Hannah  Hoyt  Rupebt,  of  St.  John, 
New  Brunswick,  and  d.  17th  April, 
1887,  leaving  isstfe, 

1.  Louis  Kossuth.     * 

2.  George. 

1.  Isabella  Caroline  Victoria. 

II.  Lewis,  b.  15th  June,  1«28;  m.  2nd 
November,  1848,  Hannah  Gerow 
Mbbcxb,  and  had  issue, 

1.  George,  b.  1849 ;  d.  in  infancy. 

2.  Leonard  Tilley,  b.  12th  January, 

3.  Harold  Herbert,  b.  6th  June  ,1866. 

4.  Thomas  Hanford,  b.  18th  Octo- 
ber, 1860. 

1.  Emilv   Christina   Queen,  b.  5th 
October,  1854. 

2.  Carri    Winifred     Treyelyan,    *. 
27th  January,  1867. 

III.  Jedediah  Slason,  of  Cliarlottetown, 
the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

IT.  Jacob,  b.  24th  July,  1837  ;  m.  1866, 
Hester  Eetseb,  of  Virginia,  and  had 

1.  Percy,  ft.  1872. 

1.  Hessie,  ft.  1876. 

2.  Ruth;  ft.  1884. 

T.  Albert.,  ft.  19th  July,  1840 ;  m.  6th 
May,  1861,  Mary  Mai  lock,  of  Illinois, 
and  had  i^sue, 

1.  Jedediah,  ft.  1864. 

2.  Arthur,  ft.  1866. 

3.  Charles,  ft.  1878,  d.  1884. 

4.  George,  ft.  1882. 

TI.  Stephen,  ft.  17t]i  March,  1843. 

I.  Louisa,  ft.  1819,  d.  in  infancy. 

II.  Lavinia,  ft.  1820,  d.  in  1826. 

III.  Isabella,  ft.  11th  May,  1822 ;  m.  first, 
1837,  James  Gough,  of  Frederickton, 
New  Brunswick,  mho  d.  1847,  leaving 
four  children,  Jacob  Carvell;  James 
Albert;  James;  and  Caroline  Re- 
becca, all  deceased,  except  Jacob 
Carvell.  She  m.  secondly,  Hon.  Peter 
Mitchell,  of  New  Castle,  New 
Brunswick,  by  whom  she  has  one 
daughter,  Blanche  Gertrude,  ft.  22nd 
April,  1854. 

IT.  Caroline  Rebecca,  ft.  26th  August, 
1825;  in.  28th  May,  1848,  John 
Haws,  of  St.  John,  New  Brunswick, 
and  had  issue, 

1.  William  Harris,  ft.  8th  August, 
d.  10th  April,  1862. 

1.  Caroline  Ame'ia,  ft.  5th  Septem- 
ber, 1850.  d.  10th  April,  1851. 

2.  Alice  Isabel,  ft.  2l6t  May,  185?. 

3.  Clara  Calista,  ft.  13th  Julv,  1854, 
rf.  22nd  October,  1877. 






v^  ll^^  ^^ 







9.  Emily  Gertrude,   b.   19th  July, 
1866,  d.  13th  May,  1877. 

V.  Maryaniie,  b.  1830,  d,  in  infancy. 

VI.  Victoria,  b.  28th  December,  1837,  m. 
1863,  Robert  Thomas  Archibald  Scott, 
of  St.  John,  New  Brunswick,  and  had 

William   Archibald     Frederick,   b. 

20th  March,  1867. 
Ethel    Florence     Quain,    b,    11th 
July,  1874. 
Mr.  Jacob  Carvell  d.  10th  August,  1847. 

Arms— On.  a  chevron  between  three  leopards'  facee  or» 
Residence — Charlottetown,  Prince  Edward  Island. 

4.  Julia  Caroline,  b.  24tb  January, 
1856,  d.  20th  October,  1876. 

6.  Emma  Adelaide,  b.  Bth  February, 
1867,  d,  6th  February,  1876. 

6.  Helen    Kate,    b,    8th    August, 

7.  Annie    Josephine,  b.  23rd  Feb- 
ruary, 1868. 

8.  Sarah  Alberta,   b.  28th   March, 


JOHN  SMALL,  of  the  city  of  Toronto,  Dominion  of  Canada,  elected  to  the 
House  of  Commons,  for  East  Toronto,  1882,  re-elected  1887;  was 
previouslj  Taxing  Officer,  Court  of  Queen's  Bench,  for  twenty-seven  years ; 
b.  in  the  city  of  Toronto,  8th  October,  1831 ;  m.  there  15th  May,  1856,  Susan 
Margaret,  daughter  of  James  Boulton,  of  the  city  of  Toronto. 


John  Small,  of  Cirencester,  co.  Gloucester, 
England,  went  to  the  Canadian  colonies  in 
1792,  with  Oovernor  Simcoe,  and  was  clerk  of 
the  Crown  and  Pleas,  of  Upper  Canada,  and 
clerk  of  the  Executiye  Council.  He  m.  Eliza 
Goldsmith,  of  Broadstairs,  Ker.t,  England, 
and  had  issue, 

I.  James  Edward. 

II.  John. 

III.  Chablbs   Coxwell,  of   whom    we 
The  youngest  son, 

Chablbs  Coxwell  Small,  b.  at  Toronto 
Slst  December,  1800  ;  m.  in  London,  Frances 
Elizabeth  Iknes  (who  was  b.  in  Scotknd,  and 
rf.  Februarj,  1858),  and  d.  17th  March,  1864, 
leaving  a  son,  John  Small,  the  subject  of  this 

Arms — Sa.  on  a  bend  arg,  three  roses  gv,  barbed  and  seeded  ppr.^  in  the  sinister  chitf 
point  a  chessrook  of  the  second. 

Crest — On  a  chessrook  arg.  a  wren  ppr. 
Residence — Citj  of  Toronto,  Dominion  of  Canada. 


ROBERT  WILSON  RONALD,  of  Nap  Nap,  Hay,  New  South  Wales, 
J.P.  for  that  colony,  h.  at  Geelong,  Victoria,  30th  October,  1856  ; 
educated  at  Rugbj  School,  England ;  m.  at  Sefton,  co.  Lancaster,  6th 
November,  1882,  his  coasin,  Veronica  Jane,  only  daughter  of  the  late 
Thomas  McGeorge,  of  Waterloo,  Liverpool,  England,  and  Jean,  his  wife, 
fourth  daughter  of  John  Gardener,  of  Liverpool,  and  by  her  has  issue, 
I.  Robert  Bruce,  6.  at  Elstemwick,  Victoria,  5th  May,  1888. 
I.  Jean  Gardener,   6.    at   Windsor,  New   Seuth    Wales,    17th  January, 

IT.  Voronica  Wilson,  h.  at  Hay,  Now  South  Wales,  3l8t  May,  1^92. 

VOL.  II.  2   r 




Hugh  Ronald,  of  Bennals,  Ayrshire,  N.B. 
(only  son  of  William  Ronald,  of  Bennals, 
and  his  wife  Isbel  Mahoul.  of  Bennals),  m. 
1795,  Janet,  eldest  daughter  and  co-heir  of 
Robert  Wilson  (d.  1801),  of  Loans,  or 
Robert's  Loan,  Ayrshire  (which  estate  had 
been  in  the  Wilson  family  from  1314  to  1837, 
in  which  year  it  was  eold  to  the  Duke  of  Port- 
land), by  Anne  Dunlop,  his  wife  (who  was  b. 
in  1756,  m.  in  1773,  and  d.  1849),  and  rf. 
1820,  having  by  her  (who  d.  1838)  had  issue. 
His  second  son, 

RoBEBT  Wilson  Ronald,  of  Elms  House, 
and  Farkfield  Rood,  Liverpool,  co.  Lancaster, 
with  the  politics  and  commerce  of  which  city 
he  was  closely  connected  for  upwards  of  sixty 
years,  was  b,  near  Ayr,  N.B.,  1800.  H!e 
settled  in  Liverpool  in  1821,  and  founded 
there  the  firm  of  Hughes  and  Ronald,  which 
in  1850  became  R.  W.  Ronald  and  Son,  and 
more  recently  Ronald,  Sons,  and  Co.  In  1840 
he  became  one  of  the  earliest  directors  of  the 
Mechanics'  Institution  (now  the  Liverpool 
Institute),  and  retained  the  post  for  about 
twenty  years ;  was  a  member  of  the  Anti- 
Mouopolj  Association,  and  later  of  the  Liver- 
pool branch  of  the  Anti-Corn  Law  League; 
joined  the  Fmancial  Reform  Association,  in 
1848,  and  continued  on  its  council  until  1878, 
having  preceded  Mr.  E.  K.  Muspratt  in  the 
presidential  chair  of  that  body.  Mr.  Ronald 
m.  24th  November,  1827,  his  cousin,  Isabel 
Bruce,  eldest  daughter  of  John  Gabdeneb, 
of  Liverpool,  and  Euphemia,  his  wife, 
daughter  of  Alexander  Bbuce,  of  Shaw,  Ayr- 
shire, N.B.     He  d,  at  his  residence  in  Park- 

field  Road,  Liverpool,  Isfc  D*.»cember,  1887, 
aged  87  years,  and  was  buried  at  the  Necro- 
polis, West  Derby  Road,  Liverpool.  His 
eldest  son, 

Robebt  Bbucb  Ronald,  of  Pembury 
Q-range,  near  Tunbridge  Wells,  co.  Kent, 
England  {Clubs— Meiboume,  in  Melbourne, 
and  Conservative,  in  London),  b.  2nd  August, 
1831;  emigrated  to  Melbourne  in  1852,  and 
m.  there,  29th  August,  1854,  Fanny,  eldest 
daughter  of  Edwin  Fowlbb,  of  Marlton,  St. 
Kilda,  Melbourne,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Robebt  Wilson,  of  Nap  Nap,  Hay, 
New  South  Wales,  the  subject  of  this 

II.  Arthur  Edwin,  b.  24th  March,  1863; 
m.  Mary  Jane  Grange,  fourth  and 
yoimgest  daughter  of  Thomas  Mc- 
Kbllab,  of  Lerags,  Oban,  Argyleshire, 
Scotland,  formerly  a  member  of  the 
Legislative  Council  of  Victoria  (see 
McKellab  of  JStrathkeUar,  Craxion^ 
and  Lerags^  vol.  i,  p.  14). 

II.  Angus  Cameron,  b.  6th  May,  1865. 
IV.  Byron  Gordon,  b.  7th  June,  1872. 
y.  Douglas,  i.  11th  May,  1874. 

VI.  James  McBain,  b.  26th  April,  1876. 

VII.  Alan  Bruce,  6. 19th  May,  1878. 

I.  Fanny  Bruce. 

II.  Isabel  Amy. 

III.  Margaret  Miller,  m.  Gborge  Hardinge 


IV.  Janet  Gardener,  m.  Dr.  William 
Atkinson  Wood. 

V.  Mary  Leome. 

Residence — Nap  Nap,  Hay,  New  South  Wales. 

Clubs — Melbourne  in  Melbourne,  Victoria  ;  Waradgery,  in  Hay,  New  South  Wales, 


THE  HON.  SIR  JOHN  MADDEN,  Knt.,  LL.D.,  of  Cloyne,  St.  Kilda, 
Victoria,  and  Yamala,  Frankston,  Victoria,  h,  16th  May,  1844,  m.  27th 
August,  1872,  Gertrade  Frances,  daughter  of  Francis  John  Sydney  Stephkn, 
and  has  issue, 

1.  Guy  Ross,  h.  25th  September,  1878. 

I.  Amy  Marguerite  Fanny. 

II.  Sylvia  Beatrice  Alice. 

III.  Ruby  Constance. 

IV.  Chrystal  Leslie. 

V.  Beatrice  Maie  St.  John. 

Sir  John  went  to  Victoria  10th  January,  1857.  He  was  educated  at 
Beauchamp,  France,  at  St.  Patrick's  College,  Melbourne,  and  at  Melbourne 
University,  B.A.  1864  and  LL.B.  1865.  He  was  admitted  LL.D.  in  1869, 
being  the  first  member  of  the  university  who  passed  the  course  prescribed  for 
that  degree.  In  1874  he  represented  West  Bourke,  in  the  Victorian  Legislative 
Assembly,  and  in  1875  was  Minister  of  Justice  in  the  McCuUoch  administra* 



tion,  aud  again  in  1879,  in  the  Service  administration.  He  has  been  Yice- 
Chancellor  of  Melbonrne  University  since  1888,  having  previously  been 
Warden,  1876-81,  Executive  Councillor  for  Victoria,  and  was  appointed  Chief 
Jnsfcice  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  Victoria  1893.  Sir  John  administered  the 
Government  of  Victoria  from  February  to  May,  1393, 


David  Madden,  of  Fountain  Villa,  parish 
of  Caherduggan,  oo.  Cork,  m.  and  had  a  son, 

John  Maddbn,  of  co.  Cork,  solicitor,  m. 
12th  October,  1842,  Margaret  Heloise,  and  by 
her,  who  d.  10th  September,  1876.  had  issue, 

I.  David,  m.  Harriet  Le  G-ay  Holthousb, 
and  d.  leaving  issue,  Wilfred,  Maurice 
Le  Gay  and  Doris. 

II.  John  (Sir),  tbe  subject  of  this 

III.  Frank,  m.  Anne  GooduU  Fbancis, 

and  has  issue,  James  Goodall  Francis ; 
Lyall  Mary  Q-oodall  j  Nancy  Goodall ; 
Minona  ;  and  Vera. 

IV.  Walter. 

V.  Frederick. 

vr.  William  Henry,  d.  unm. 

VII.  Henry,  m,  Cecilia  Mary  Maud  Hbn- 

DEBSON,  and  has  issue,  GeoHrey,  and 

Kileen  Mary. 
I.  Mary  Agues. 

Cre»t — Out  of  a  ducal  crowH^  a  falcon  rising  holding  in  the  beak  a  cross  hotonng. 
Motto — Proprid  virtuie  audax. 

£eside»ce9 — Cloyne,  Chapel  Street,  St.  Kilda,  Victoria ;  Yamala,  Frankston,  Victoria. 
Club — ^Melbourne. 


CHARLES  CARGILL  KETTLE,  of  Wanganui,  New   Zealand,   District 
Judge,  b.  at  Littleboarne  House,  Daoedin,  4tli  June,  1850,  m.  29th 
March,    1880,  Emma    Clarence,  daughter   of    Frank  Fosbery,  of   Curragh 
Bridge,  CO.  Limerick  (see  Bdrke's  Landed  Oentry),  and  has  issue, 
1.  Desmond  Fosbery,  6.  25th  April,  1881. 

I.  Olive  Clarence,  b.  5th  June,  1883. 

II.  Cicely  Constance,  b.  28th  March,  1889. 

Mr.  C.  C.  Kettle  was  educated  at  Otago  High  School  and  Nelson  Col- 
lege, New  Zealand,  and  was  for  two  years  employed  by  the  firm  of  Messrs. 
Cargill,  McLean,  and  Co.,  merchants  in  Danedin,  N.Z.  He  was  admitted 
a  barrister  and  solicitor  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  New  Zealand  on  14th 
July,  1873,  apd  was  partner  with  his  brother-in-law,  the  well-known  New 
Zealand  barrister,  Mr.  James  Macassey,  until  the  latter's  death  in  1880,  and 
with  Mr:  J.  F.  Woodhonse  till  1890.  On  the  2 1st  February  of  that  year,  he 
was  appointed  a  judge  of  the  District  Coart.  He  was  also  a  magistrate, 
registrar  of  the  Supreme  Court,  coroner.  Native  Trust  commissioner,  and 
recorder  under  "The  Native  Land  Acts."  Mr.  Kettle  is  the  first  New 
Zealand  born  person  who  has  been  appointed  to  the  office  of  judge. 


Chablbb  Hbitsy  Kbttle,  C.E.,  of  a 
Kentish  family,  b.  at  Kelbam,  co.  Kent,  6th 
April,  1821,  m.  10th  September,  1845, 
Amelia  Ovbb,  of  a  family  settled  in  the 
same  county.  He  went  to  Otago  in  1839, 
and  in  1847  was  appointed  engineer  1o  the 
New  Zealand  companj  formed  in  London  in 
1845  by  the  late  Captain  Cabgill,  who  was 
the  first  superintendent  of  Otago.  Mr.  C.  H. 
Kettle,  who  was  a  member  of  the  House  of 

KepresentatiTes,  d.  3rd  June,  18C3,  leaving 

I.  Ohablbs  Cabgill,  the  subject  of  this 

II.  Nathaniel,  b.  30th  January,  1854. 

III.  Henry  Gordclier,  b.  28th  November, 

IV.  John  Omer,  b.  2nd  September,  1859. 
Y.  Frank,  b.  28th  June,  1861. 

I.    Elizabeth,   b.   Srd  March,   1847,   m. 

2   R  2 



16th  Bfaj,   1867,  James    Macassbt, 
barrbter-at-law,  of  Nevr  Zealand. 
II.  Louisa  Jane,  b.   8th  August,   1848, 
m.  2Hth  January,  1870,  John  Robbbts, 
C.M.G.  (gee  Bobkbts  of  Littlebourne). 

Jtesidence — Wanganoi,  New  Zealand, 

III.  Amelia,  h,  2nd  March,  1852,  m.  11th 

June,  1874,  T.  S.  Gbaham. 
IT.  Mary  Hooper,   b.  28th   NoTember, 

1855,  m.  Charles  Hops. 


THE  HON.  THOMAS  MAYNE  DALY,  P.O.,  Q.C.,  of  Brandon,  Mani- 
toba, Canada,  represents  the  Electoral  District  of  Selkirk,  Province 
of  Manitoba,  in  the  Honse  of  Commons  of  Canada^  and  was  first  mayor  of 
the  city  of  Brandon  1882  and  1884;  6.  at  Stratford,  Ontario,  Canada,  16th 
August,  1852;  edacated  at  Upper  Canada  College,  Toronto;  called  to  the 
Bar  1876 ;  appointed  Q.C.  1890,  and  sworn  in  as  minister  of  the  Interior 
of  Canada  17th  October,  1892  ;  m.  at  Stratford,  Ontario,  4th  Jane,  1879, 
Margaret  Ann-.bella,  eldest  daughter  of  P.  R.  Jarvis,  of  Stratford,  Ontario, 
J.P.,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Hirold  Mayne,  h.  23rd  April,  1880. 

II.  Kenneth  Robinson,  h,  26th  Februai-y,  1883. 


Mr.  Thomas  Mayne  Daly's  great  grand- 
father held  property  at  Bally  hay,  co.  Mona- 
ghan,  Ireland.  He  was  an  officer  in  the 
Navy,  and  d.  in  South  Africa,  where  he  was 
buried  at  Oape  Coast  Castle,  leaving  issue,  an 
only  son, 

John  Cobby  Wilson  Daly,  b.  in  Liver- 
pool, CO.  Lancaster,  England,  in  1796 ;  went 
to  Bally  hay,  Ireland,  when  a  young  man, 
where  he  tn.  Leonora  Miynb,  of  Ccatehill, 
who  d.  in  1839.  In  1823,  having  sold  out  all 
his  interest  in  the  estate  left  him  hy  his 
father,  he  went  to  America,  settling  first  at 
Niagara,  Canada,  and  suhsequently  at  Hamil- 
ton, in  that  dominion.  He  held  the  positions 
of  agent  of  the  Canada  Company,  and  agent 

Ontario,  where  he  settled  in  1830,  and  was 
at  the  date  of  his  death,  the  oldest  coroner, 
magistrate  and  Lieutenant-Colonel  of  Militia 
in  the  western  part  of  Ontario.  He  d.  1st 
April,  1878,  leaving  an  only  son, 

Thomas  Maynb  Daly,  M.P.  for  North 
Perth  in  the  Canadian  House  of  Commons, 
b.  at  Hamilton,  Ontario,  March,  1837  ;  m. 
Helen,  daughter  of  Peter  McLaren  Fbr- 
ousoN,  of  CrieflF,  Scotland,  architect,  who 
went  to  Canada  about  1843.  She  waa  b.  at 
Crieff,  Scotland,  February,  1834,  and  d.  at 
Stratford,  Ontario,  29th  July,  1892.  He  d. 
at  Stratford,  Ontario,  4th '  March,  1885, 
leaving  issue,  the  Hon.  Thouab  Matxb 
Daly,  the  subject  of  this  memoir. 

of  the  Bank  of  Upper  Canada  at  Stratford, 

Arms — Ferfesie  arg.  and  or  a  lion  ramp,  per  f esse  sa.  and  gu.  in  chief  two  dexter  hands 
couped  at  the  wrists  of  the  last. 

Crest — In  front  of  an  oak  tree  ppr.f meted  or  a  greyhound  courant  sa. 

Motto — Deofidelis  et  regi. 

Residences —OiiB.yt2i,y  and  Brandon,  Manitoba,  Canada. 

C/k6*— Rideau,  Ottawa,  and  Manitoba,  Winnipeg,  Canada. 

Estate — In  Stratford,  Ontario,  Canada. 


GEORGE  ALERKD  BROUGHTON,  of  Kont  Norien,  Harrow,  Victoria, 
h.  9th  October,  1847,  m.  Isfc  June,  1872,  Emily  Oakley  Bancroft,  and 
has  issue, 

I.  Arthur  Richard. 

II.  George  Edward, 
in.  Herbert  Bancroft. 

I.  Mabel  Elizabeth. 

II.  E  Jith  Emily. 




RiCHABD  Bbofohton,  of  Stoclcland,  co. 
PeTon,  bj  Elizabeth  his  wife,  had  issue, 

I.  Daniel,  b.  15th  August,  1799,  baptised 
at  Stocklaud,  1st  January,  1806. 

II.  Richard    Bbowx,    of    whom  pre- 

The  younger  son, 

RicuASD  Bkoww  Bboughton,  of  Kout 
Norien  Station,  Harrow,  Victoria,  b.  Ist  June, 
1805,  at  Stockland,  co.  Devon,  England, 
baptised  there  1st  January,  1806.  Mr.  R.  U. 
Broughton  arrived  in  Victoria  in  1811,  and 
proceeded  to  the  Goulburn  River,  where  he 
took  charge  of  a  sheep  station  belonging  to 
Mr.  Donaldson  ;  from  thence  he  went  to  the 
Olenelg  River  undar  the  same  employer,  and 
had  charge  of  a  Jarge  tract  cf  country  for 
some  years.  About  1849,  he  travelled  eighty 
miles  further  north,  and  took  up  a  small 
station,  and  rented  Ballarook  Station  between 
Horsham  and  Adelaide  from  Mr.  G-eorge 
Urquhart  for  a  term  of  five  years.  He  was 
there  assisted  by  his  two  sons  John  and 
Edmund,  and  had  to  contend  with  many 
difficulties.  In  1855,  he  purchased  the  Kout